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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪ >> president trump unleashing fury on house democrats suggesting he may sue them as they ramp up impeachment inquiry, but this comes as the top administration diplomat this coming week may add to charge that the president to exchange foreign aid in ukraine to help his election. hello, welcome to brand new hour of america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. >> and i'm arthel neville. the president defending his call with ukrainian president, meanwhile house democrats are preparing for a new series of depositions this week and for the first time former vp joe biden son hunter is publicly defending his work in ukraine, his attorney also says hunter
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will step down from the board of a chinese-owned private equity firm. >> a lot of development to tell you about, team fox coverage on all of this, mollie hemingway in bureau but kevin corke at usual spot, north lawn of the white house with the very latest reaction from there. hey, kevin. >> sean, good to be with you, obviously the impeachment storm continues to swirl over on capitol hill, here at the white house, steady calm is the order of the day in support of attorney and close friend that of course, rudy giuliani, the president back not backing off in support, he called the former new york city mayor a great prosecutor and denied any firsthand knowledge of possible investigation into his dealings in ukraine nor did he say if he knew anything about a possible federal probe and what that might have to do with giuliani's association with two men, who
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were suddenly arrested last week in washington on suspicion of violating campaign finance laws, so as for the president, steady she is goes as far as support for giuliani is concerned. >> i stand behind rudy giuliani, absolutely, one of the greatest mayors in the history of new york, he was a fantastic prosecutor, i know nothing about him being under investigation. >> now as you heard arthel mentioned over on capitol hill hill march toward impeachment continues and baited with more interviews from former administration officials to take place behind closed doors this coming week including some that are still working, practice that's drawing fire from senior officials here at the white house who blame california congressman adam schiff. >> i want adam schiff under oath every time he talks from now on because he does what liars and cheaters do, they don't have facts on their side, he lies to the american people, 100 republicans have called for
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censure. >> should the two men decide to take to social media to talk about it, for now back to you. eric: the mayor wears yankees world series ring proudly so that's expected. arthel: house democrats like the intelligence committee chairman adam schiff are defending their probe as they gear up for more testimony on capitol hill. molly has more on that. >> hi, arthel, they want them to be able to proud, for example, written answers to questions. republicans don't want it all kept in secret, here is the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee on that.
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>> the republicans would like nothing better because they view roles defending the president, being the president's lawyers, if witnesses could cater testimony to other witnesses, they would love for one twoness be able to hear so that they can know what they can give away and what they can't give away. there's a reason why investigations and grand jury proceedings, for example, i think this is grand jury proceeding are down out of public view initially. >> republicans say it's time to let a little sun shrine into this impeachment inquiry. >> if adam schiff wants to it behind closed doors, my job is to pick the up, look at what has been happening here, look at the lies that have been told, look at the hearings and nothing came from it, because you don't like the results, you take it behind closed doors. >> meanwhile hunter biden, the son of the former vice president joe biden will step down from bhr, shanghai bank equity fund management company.
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that's according to a statement today from lawyer, moreover if hunter biden's father were to win the presidency, quote, hunter will agree not to serve on boards of or work on behalf of foreign-owned companies. as for bhr says hunter at this point have not received any compensation for being on bhr's board of directors, however, republicans including president trump and senior adviser kelly ann conway have said biden's business dealings with china and ukraine when dad was vice president, should be investigated, conway called them, quote, sweetheart deals. >> mollie hemingway, thank you. eric: president trump's quid pro quo defense or none in the ukraine matter could face new test on thursday, un embassador to the european union to defy this, he will testify before congress about that september text message exchange with
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another diplomat, some will tell law makers that the president himself told him there was no quid pro quo, but they cannot say whether or not that was really true, so gabi, is the feeling, what is the feeling with testimony support or undermine the president's defense? >> well, that's a good question, a number of people in the white house somewhat skeptical of what ambassador plans to tell house democrats next week, one of the things that he is going to say that there was no quid pro quo as you just mentioned but one of the reasons he feels he can go for congress is that he has assurance of the president, he doesn't have a paper trail to back up that claim, he doesn't have other individuals so far who are willing to testify under oath that there was no quid pro quo arrangement between president trump and ukrainian government, but -- but he's willing to say that before house democrats and one of the things that we can expect to see from
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this hearing is house democrats to go after him substantially over his position as a political ally of this president, ambassador contributed significant to president trump's 2016 campaign, he has seen more as political ally than a career diplomat which would be nonpartisan and independent in a matter like this, expect this to be quite a lengthy hearing and one in which democrats are grilling him on details on own interactions with the president as well as interactions those in the president's close circle like rudy giuliani, supporters of the president were pointing to that text in which he said there was no pro quo. four plus hours later, gordon replies, bill, i believe you're
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incorrect, the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quos of any kind, the president is trying to evaluate whether have transparency, i suggest we stop back and forth by text, if you still have concerns i recommend you give call to discuss them directly thanks, a lot of speculation reported, 4-hour time period, that's when he had the phone call with the president and the president told him, there was no quid pro quo. but the democrats are going to hammer on this, you can't prove it, he's saying according to the washington post that that's what the president told him, that's the true but he does not know if that's the true if there was or was not a quid pro quo. >> of course, we don't have the details what the president may have said. it was a phone call that lasted
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5 minutes, it was rather brief. confidently tell fellow diplomats that the president is not pursuing any quid pro quo arrangement. expect democrats to want to have answers of the context of that phone call, they haven't requested or a transcript but they will be asking ambassador to describe what exactly the president told him that made him so confident about the arrangement. eric: do we know about the transcripts made with foreign leaders, could there be a transcript or do they transcribe. >> there's no way every single phone call the president makes is recorded or transcribed. >> meanwhile second official to basically defy the state department request not to testify but defense secretary says that the pentagon will cooperate with the investigation as much as they can he says but
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they can't reach the deadline of october 15th to get the material that the congress wants, here is what the defense secretary said about that. >> we will do everything we can to respond to inquiry. >> you're not making a firm commitment you will meet the deadline? >> i don't know the status of what that document preparation is, i don't know what restrictions we may have internally with regard to releasing them, the white house has a say on release of document as well, there are a number of things that play into this. >> we will likely learn more about the hold nancy pelosi the ukrainian military aid, supporters of the president point out that that president zelenski didn't know that the military aid was being held up, there was no quid pro quo according to them. >> one of the recent developments saying he's willing to work with house democrats to cooperate as much as he can, is significant in terms of learning what the pentagon may have been aware of in terms of ukrainian aid that the president might
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have been holding back for political reasons, but i do think that the reason the secretary was so careful with the language there is because he realizes number 1, that the white house sent a letter just last week to house democrats calling this investigation, impeachment inquiry completely illegitimate and unworthy of cooperation and number 2, by saying, you know, we will help as we can, as much as we can, he realizes and admits that there are ways that the white house counsel's office, those working with the president on his defense will perhaps restrain some of the documents that the pentagon can or cannot make available to congress. eric: big week on capitol hill week this coming up. gabi, thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you. >> of course, arthel. arthel: busy, busy weekend on the campaign trail, several top tier democrats courting the union vote in iowa, speaking at the united food and commercial
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workers international's union candidate, vice president biden speaking right now and ellison barber is live where it's all happening and tell us what you can, ellison. >> yes, we heard from biden second candidate, we have heard from so far today, the event started with mayor pete buttigieg and when vice president joe biden to begin his speech he thanked pete buttigieg for standing up for him and his family and thanked him, thanked him for defending him and his family against the lying and outrageous lies from the president of the united states, president trump, of course, won the white house in 2016 in large part thanks to the support of blue-collar union voters, vice president joe biden has historically done very well with that group if he were to face trump in a general election in 2020, then he could potentially take back a significant portion of that voting block, right now
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the vice president, the former vice president is addressing workers with the largest private sector union and trying to convince them that he should be in the oval office. we do expect him to take questions from the press after he finishes speaking to the crowd, surely get questions about impeachment and now the latest news that son resigned from the board of chinese company, 6 candidates are participating in today's forum, pete buttigieg, biden, bullock, harris and sanders. sanders to appear via skype. arthel: ellison barber, thank you very much. eric: two people were killed in collapse of hard rock hotel under construction in new orleans, up next the same for the one person that they say is 24 hours later trapped in that rubble.
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arthel: second person has died after the partial collapse of a hotel under construction in new orleans, 6 floors to have hard rock hotel suddenly fell into the street yesterday morning, rescue crews are still searching for one person missing in the rubble, jacqui heinrich live in new york city's news room with more.
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>> arthel, first responders believe that one missing person may still be alive and until they are found this is still a search and rescue operation. then it will turn to a recovery effort for the bodies of two people also still trapped inside. 30 people were taken to the hospital after the upper 6 to 8 floors of hard rock hotel perhapsed in part of french quarter sending dust in the air and debris below, first responders had to venture to rescue people inside amid fears of 270-foot crane could collapse on the site, more than 100 workers were there on the site at the time and the city had to shut down electricity and gas and evacuating nearby buildings, rescuers and rescue dogs could go in, but they still have not been able to reach the one missing person or the two confirmed dead. >> the families who are very much attached to 3 individuals that remain on site and as we
1:19 pm
told the families yesterday, although we do have confirmed that two have passed on, but there's still a priority their bodies matter. >> there's still no word on what caused the collapse but the hard rock hotel was quick to say they weren't involved in the construction saying builders was on contract for the job, expressed condolences of the people affected and they are investigating what went wrong, city officials say the company had all of the appropriate permits and everyone who was taken to the hospital had been treated and released except for one man who was working on the eighth floor, he had to go surgery under femur, officials have not identified anyone who was killed. arthel: so, so sad, thank you. eric: disturbing police shooting, an african-american woman shot and killed by white police officer while she was inside her own home, this happened in fort worth, texas yesterday and the officer shooting through the window this after a neighbor called to report that that woman's front
1:20 pm
door was open, kristina coleman following the story with west coast news room, kristina. >> eric, officials with the fort worth police department say they are committed to completing thorough investigation into this, fort worth police also released body cam footage from the officer who fired that single gunshot. >> put your hands up. >> you can see an officer walking around the outside of the woman's house with a flashlight in brief video, fort worth police responded for a call to service after neighbor reported front door was opened early saturday morning and officer saw a person standing inside the house near window and according to fort worth police statement it goes onto say perceiving a threat the officer withdrew duty weapon and fired one shot striking the person inside the residence. officers entered the residence located the individual and
1:21 pm
firearm and began providing emergency medical care, the press release also identified the officer as white male who had been with the police department since april of last year, the police department's didn't give further details of firearm located inside the woman's house, also texas is an open-carry state, the woman who died has been identified as 28-year-old tatiana jefferson, a neighbor called the police department's nonemergency number for welfare check because the lights were on and door was opened. >> i didn't say it was a burglary, i didn't say people were fighting, i didn't say anything that would make them think that they needed to have a gun, all they needed to do was knock on the door. >> the police department's major case unit and internal affairs are investigating the shooting, the officer who fired the
1:22 pm
gunshot has been placed on administrative leave because usually standard procedure right after an officer-involved shooting and this officer will remain on lever pending the outcome of this, eric. eric: kristina, thank you. arthel: turkey continuing attack on kurdish forces inside syria as the u.s. pulls out of the region, ahead how should the u.s. respond and should turkey be kicked out of nato? i used to book my hotel room on those travel sites but there was
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>> new developments in northern syria, the president ordering u.s. troops out of the area, about one thousand, this comes as turkey presses forward with defensive against kurdish fighters amid fears of a mass slaughter of our kurdish allies and civilians. now syrian officials are saying that in the wake of that assault hundreds of isis prisoners have escaped.
1:27 pm
trey yangst live in jerusalem with more. >> major developments this weekend in northern syria as turkey does continue its advance on kurdish forces, we are getting breaking news in just now about a deal that has been brokered with the assad regime, kurdish forces are going to partner with the syrian regime of bashar al-assad, this was brokered by the russians in an effort to try to push back against the turkish invasion. here is what we know so far about the deal, it is going to allow assad forces, these are syrian-government forces to take control of the entirety of the border between turkey and syria, this will effectively ensure that u.s. troops cannot return something that has been the goal of both the russians and syrians over the past 2 years, the u.s. takes hands off approach to developments, there's evidence that civilians being targeted and isis fighters escaping prisons. president trump tweeted multiple times this morning ant the situation saying he's dealing with congress about imposing
1:28 pm
sanctions on turkey, turkish president erdogan claims that more than 20 kurdish villages have been taken over by his forces, added that turkey will advance 20 miles into syria to help maintain the territorial integrity. >> we will divide terror corridor 480 kilometers down the middle. >> as turkish air strikes continue to bombard kurdish towns u.s. forces actually came under but troops had to withdraw from the position, the bombings take place syrian democratic forces and isis fighters have escaped and 40 civilian casualties have being reported since the beginning of the operation on the syrian side as well as 18 on the turkish side.
1:29 pm
to give you an idea of the situation on the ground, today we are getting reports that turkish forces and turkish backed rebels have taken over key roads in this region, in one instance prominent kurdish politician was reportedly dragged out of her car and executed on the spot. the worst of humanity is unfolding today in syria as president trump tweets, congress considers sanction that is would be put into place until a later date and the world watches, arthel. arthel: trey, let me confirm, so you're saying that kurdish forces are combining with assad government forces but not -- too the exclusion of u.s.-backed kurds? >> so, what we are going to see a lot of the kurdish force who is were previously backed by the united states taking over towns that u.s. special forces actually fought along side these kurds to take back from the islamic state, those kurdish forces in north eastern syria are now going to work with the
1:30 pm
russians and the regime of bashar al-assad. this is a major development because this is exactly what western president vladimir putin has been trying to do in syria over a long period of time, ultimately get u.s. forces out of the region and then help the assad regime regain control of this area, what this is going to do is basically vanish the entire kurdish portion of syria, they had previously been almost a sovereign part of syria allowing them to operate within their own governments and the such, but what we are seeing moving forward with this deal that's been brokered with the help of the russian government is the regime of bashar al-assad which is previously thought many of the kurdish forces they will be combining and pushing back against the turkish invasion trying to secure the border between syria and turkey. arthel: russia has stood by assad the entire time, trey yngst thank you. eric: defending president trump's decision to pull those troops out of the northern region amid bipartisan outrage
1:31 pm
over that decision. says top priority is protecting our service members and u.s. forces will be trapped between the turkish army that's moving south and russian-backed fighters moving north. garrett tenney has more from washington. >> last night president trump ordered all u.s. troops to be removed from northern syria this after ordered u.s. forces to pull out of specific areas of the region which opened the door for turkish offensive without the protection of american troops u.s. officials say the kurdish fighters in the area are cutting a deal with the russian-backed syrian government forces to help push back turkey and prevent mass slaughter, on fox news sunday defense secretary mark defended president trump's decision. >> what we are facing u.s. forces trapped between a syrian russian army moving north to take on the turkish army moving south, puts us in a terrible
1:32 pm
position and the protection safety of our service members comes first to me. >> the president has received a lot of criticism for abandoning the kurdish fighters who have been the u.s. allies in the region in the fight against isis but this morning he defended the move in a series of tweets including this one, turkey consider it is pkk the worst terrorist of all, others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other, let them, we are monitoring the situation closely, endless wars. on nbc meet the press, chairman of house foreign affairs committee said there's nothing more disgusting than what the president is allowing to happen to the kurds. >> who would think that it pays for them to align themselves with us? >> the white house has warned turkey if it goes too far they'll be consequences including sanctions of the u.s., so far the president and the administration have not defined exactly what too far looks like, eric.
1:33 pm
eric: thanks so much, arthel. arthel: despite pressure from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill the trump administration has not yet imposed new sanctions on turkey. from we go to a maximum pressure which we have the right to do at a moment's notice the president calls me up and tells me, we will do this, we could shut down all u.s. dollar transactions with the entire government of turkey. >> that's something we may do? >> that's something we may do, absolutely. >> for god's sake, what are we waiting for, people are being killed right now, our syrian-kurdish allies are being killed right now. president trump tweeting that he will destroy their economy, they look ridiculous right now. >> senator and republican colleague lindsey graham announced a bill to push for new sanctions on turkey over invasion by the way, joining me now is retired u.s. naval captain chuck, lots to get to here especially with the breaking news that trey yngst just told us, captain there was
1:34 pm
an agreement to establish safe zone in northern syria, agreement between the u.s. and turkey, the deadline to sign off on the agreement expired last month, why didn't president trump stick with that agreement? >> because erdogan said he was moving on anyway, he was going to do this, we had 50 special force advisers up in the area and the president and the secretary of defense thought it would be best to pull them back because miscalculation always plays in these things and they pulled him back and now with they pulled remaining thousand back, they are not pulling out of syria, they are moving to the south to the get 20-mile corridor that they want to put and things are really heating up as -- as derrick was talking about in the fact that as these forces realign, not the u.s. forces but the various kurdish factions and the other arab
1:35 pm
factions there and the syrian factions, as they realign they are going to have a much broader potent force facing the turks and the turks have a massive kurdish population inside their borders, so they have bit off a lot and this could blow up in their face. arthel: blow up in the turk's face? >> absolutely. arthel: russia, you know, he has always been backing assad in this, he's always wanted power over syria and the entire region, frankly, so does this mean assad rises to power again in the wake of this? >> i think it absolutely does. you know, assad is a survivor and the only reason he survived because the russians and the iranians came in and backed his play to hold onto power and when he did to fight the forces that
1:36 pm
were working against him inside of syria, he withdrew his troops from the kurdish region up in the northeast so that they could fight insurgencies, that left the kurds free to become more powerful which spooked the turks big time because the last thing that the turks want to see is a continuous kurdish region that stretches from all the way on eastern border with iran through iraq and then all the way across that 300-mile border with syria, they do not want to see that happen. arthel: so back to that agreement that i was telling you about that expired last month, safe-zone agreement, this time last week president trump was on the phone with president erdogan and you're saying that president trump, the president of the united states, did not have enough leverage and clout to have -- to make basically erdogan hold off and not start this offensive and then what about other nato allies, why
1:37 pm
couldn't the president get them on the line as well and they all get together to put pressure on erdoga information? >> yeah, nato allies. here is the problem, you know, there's been at least joke about it that nato stood for no action talk only, that's changed over the last decade or so, nato has become more involved, has backed a lot of things that previously they wouldn't have, but at the same token, the forces are really weak -- arthel: i get your point there captain ash, you have people, soldiers being pulled out because i guess they were going to be in harm's way according to what you just told me that the president didn't have a choice in doing so according to what you just told me and that he did not have a choice to -- in signing the agreement because erdogan was going to move forward anyway, so now president trump is threatening to heavily sanction turkey, is the money squeeze
1:38 pm
going to stop erdogan's syrian offense? >> would damage the tushish -- turkish economy, i think that will blow up in their face, they bit off a lot more than they believed they think because the kurdish population inside of the turkish border, 35 million kurds between afghanistan, iraq, iran and syria, not afghanistan, sorry, turkey, iran and iraq and syria and those 35 million people inside of turkey have been fairly okay recently, so the pkk has been that guerrilla force fighting since 1984. this is going to stir them up. arthel: okay, so plainly put you're saying that turkey has now bit off more than they could chew, who is going to fight
1:39 pm
against turkey and how is turkey going to lose that fight and then also the u.s. is sitting around waiting to decide when to impose sanctions, i'm kind of confused because the fighting is going on, 40,000 civilians in northern syria, what's going to happen to them, isis fighters who have escaped already this weekend, 800 of them of the 11,000 have escaped because they were being detained by the kurds? >> here is what erdogan is saying, i need the 20-mile buffer zone so i've got -- i'm hosting right now 3 and a half million syrian refugees, i'm going to put a 20-mile buffer zone so we can get some of the people back into syria and start to get back toward normalcy, what his fatal miscalculation was that when he -- by doing that and basically having the united states put in position, we went over there to get rid of
1:40 pm
isis, where is the caliphate? >> no caliphate, captain ash, but you have 11,000 isis fighters who will be released or escaped in this reboot of the war. 800 this weekend. >> 800, right, we are not talking 11,000. we are talking 800 and there are report that is the united states has already taken the most dangerous of those fighters preemptively, we got them out, we got control of them. so the thing is when -- when the full dynamic of this comes into play which is the kurds aloining with -- aligning with the russians and syrian government and now turkey is no longer fighting multiple things, they are fighting cohesive force, yes, absolutely. arthel: okay, well that's still not good news for the u.s. because then you've got syria and russia together running things over there.
1:41 pm
it's just -- >> it's the way it was, it's the way it was. arthel: so what was the point of all the fighting to get rid of isis caliphate and -- and everything for the past year, several -- >> bingo, bingo, to get rid of the isis caliphate, now that it is done, why are we there. arthel: thank you, for walking me through that and the viewers, i really appreciate that captain. >> my pleasure, arthel. arthel: like wise. eric: from ukraine to controversy on beijing, nba under fire for response to china standoff over a tweet about hong kong by one team's gm. ahead asia analyst gordon chang about what steps the league should take going forward and did they fold under china's pressure?
1:42 pm
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driven each day to pursue bioplife-changing cures...ers. in a country built on fostering innovation. here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... and a new therapy that gives the blind a working gene so they can see again. because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. arthel: i love this, pope
1:46 pm
francis inadvertently tweeting about the new orleans saints, check it out, this is what happens, his tweet on canonization of 5 new saints, they won by faith and now invoke , but the willingo on the pope's tweet, meanwhile the divine intervention seem today work, saints beat jaguars, 13-6. [laughter] >> 1984 are coming to life there. i wish the nba would acknowledge that. >> they talked badly about the united states when they talk about china, they don't want to say nothing bad, i thought it was sad actually.
1:47 pm
what their objective is not to have anyone dare to speak up criticism object their oppression. eric: president trump's secretary of state mike pompeo and senator ted cruz calling out the nba, the president criticize two coaches for their cautious responses to china canceling nba broadcasts, businesses there cutting ties with the league after the houston rocket's gm tweeted support for prodemocracy protests in hong kong, joining us now gordon chang, asian analysts foreign affairs journalist and author of the book the collapse of china. we are talking about sports, global politics. >> nba statement was reprehensible, i'm talking about how it's inappropriate general
1:48 pm
manager to tweet on this. eric: the chinese audience signed apology. >> based on apology they saw much stronger words than the americans did. so, yes, the nba was really bad but this is a way -- >> kowtow to the chinese bureaucracy? >> certainly do. xi jinping, chinese ruler is not only requiring obedience of foreign companies, he's requiring policies not only in china but elsewhere. we are seeing all sorts of behavior on the part of the nba, apple, espn, activevision. >> what does that mean for
1:49 pm
american companies that they sacrifice principles and policies and what we stand for when they do business with beijing? >> i don't think companies have principles, businesses are immoral and, you know, they are there to benefit themselves, for their shareholders and the rest of it. you can't expect them to stand up to the chinese, but that means you can't have in the united states a free marketplace of ideas and take chinese money at the same time, we know this because of espn which actually told its employees to keep quiet of all of this. this is in effect censorship and affects discourse in the united states, forget about china, thinks discourse in the united states so we have a choice. >> wow, chinese tentacles and censorship because of them right here on our soil, wow, gordon, we are talking china trade deal and what's next, stay with us, gordon will be right back with
1:50 pm
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>> we will continue to press china on the forced technology transfer and obviously intellectual property theft, we will continue to get the great deal for farmers but monday, excuse me, friday was a big step forward.
1:54 pm
eric: counselor to the president kellyanne conway, the president asked on friday but more work needs to be done, gordon chang stays with us, this has been portrayed as a big win, is it? >> as of now, it was a win for the chinese not for us. the reason -- eric: really? >> the only thing that was agreed on friday was that the united states on tuesday would not go through with scheduled increase in additional tariffs and the chinese, they said sort of like we are buying more agricultural products. news agency which is official came out with the press release afterwards and said, well, details have got to be worked out which basically in chinese speak is we didn't agree to anything. eric: oh, man. when you hear details have to be worked out, this is going to go on? >> this could go on. good news is president trump, though, can turn around and say i'm increasing tariffs any time he wants, he can do that to force the chinese to actually agree --
1:55 pm
to follow through on what he believes they agreed to but we have to remember that at the end of april beginning of may the chinese return the draft trade agreement which included none of the concessions that they had made to the united states and president trump and people in the administration were really upset as reported by everybody, so we should be going through the same thing again. eric: gordon, any farmers that are watching or anybody that works on assembly line that china buys the stuff, can you give any encouragement to folks watching right now in terms of china trade that we we will get through this or -- >> well, i think in the short term they'll be increase of purchases of agricultural products, whether it's what president trump talked on friday, i don't think so, i just doesn't know. so we will have to work it out day by day, but, you know, in the short term i think they'll be some benefit and that's great for president trump was able to do that, but in terms of the big
1:56 pm
issues, you know, intellectual property theft, subsidies, industrial policies in china, violations of world trade obligations, there's a lot there. eric: you see potential breakthrough potentially? >> i think it's going to happen. we are great, that's great news especially for the folks out in midwest and those watches, gordon, always good to have your insight, thank you. >> thanks, eric. arthel: thank you so much, gordon, thank you for joining us, we will see you here next weekend and in the meantime the greg gutfeld show is coming up next. enjoy the rest of your sunday. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver
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that made it so real for me, it wasn't just a story anymore. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at i am. >> maria bartiromo and the great lou dobbs and many more, how about greg you say. >> i go by one name. i am the madonna of fox news. [laughter] fund show. the impeachment is getting a new boost. get this, it incde


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