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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and loved ones with the message from grave. hello? hello? >> that's all the time we have tonight. he was dying to make them laugh at the very end. the fox news at night team take it all from here. that's totally something my dad would shannon: that is totally something my dad would have done. i can appreciate the fact that she was quite the prankster. >> i thought it was classic. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. growing criticism of democrats closed-door tactics as they brought me impeachment inquiry, some morning adam schiff and others they really helping make the president's case that it is nothing but a rigged game. and joe biden's son stepping
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down from the chinese company and he will not work with foreign companies of his father becomes president. the former gets president asked about his business dealings it tomorrow's debate? how is the media reporting the new developments? the president announcing heavy sanctions on turkey while critics say he created the situation in syria he is now condemning. where trump joins us in minutes to answer those charges. we begin with a biden family controversy as the 2020 presidential hopeful enters a new phase of his campaign and it begins with his son under biden is answering questions about his business dealings in china. trace gallagher has the latest. >> under biden is very aware his business dealings have placed a lot of scrutiny on his father's presidential campaign so the younger biden is the defending his work and trying to clean the slate. as for his position on the board of the ukrainian natural gas
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company burisma a spokesman says despite scrutiny at no time has any law enforcement agency domestic or foreign alleged hunter engaged in wrongdoing at any point during his 5-year term. in other words botnets reported $50,000 a month salary may not sit well with some but it was not illegal. biden also said at the end of this month he will step down from the board of the chinese private equity firm he joined just weeks after he and his father who was vice president at the time visited china. biden is looking to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest while his father is running for president. donald trump reacted to the news on twitter, quote, hunter biden is being forced to leave the chinese company, now watch the fake news wrap their greasy and protective arms around him, only softball questions please and hunter biden did sit down with an interview to talk about his
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foreign business dealings. details concerning the interview are very thin. joe biden made this promise should he be elected president. >> no one in my family will have an office in the white house, will sit in meetings as if they are cabinet members, will have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation a foreign country. period. >> biden also said he didn't want the media to take their focus of what he calls the real problem, the line president. a former credit company got biden worked for which in the 90s reportedly patent or biden $100,000 a year as a consultant. at the same time then senator joe biden work to pass legislation to make it harder for consumers to get bankruptcy protection in court and mbna also contributed to biden's senate campaign.
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>> thank you very much. lawmakers trickling back to the sears democrats ramp up their impeachment inquiry, one of the president's former top experts on russia spend hours telling a story behind closed doors on capitol hill today. with more witnesses set to give testimony in secret during that is scheduled to be a busy week. jillian is here to fill us in. >> reporter: breaking tonight fiona hill wrapping up her deposition behind closed doors, hell is donald trump's former top advisor at the white house on russia and europe, today she talked to the committees investigating donald trump. hill is a prominent witness in the democrats's impeachment inquiry and her deposition went for nearly 11 hours. sources telling fox news hill spent time praising the former
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ambassador to ukraine marie yavanovitch who slammed donald trump and her own testimony, members are staying tightlipped about what hill told them today. republican leaves ellen who was inside the deposition says it was a circus. >> on the process and substance, there is so much that is so wrong about this entire clown show. >> reporter: a democrat says he's sick of his republican colleagues whining. >> is what i believe, they are lucky these weren't public. >> things got off to a rocky start when hill's attorney announced she had been subpoenaed. then florida republican matt gates, member of the house judiciary committee showed up and was promptly told to leave. today's deposition is limited to members of the house foreign affairs intelligence and oversight committee only, a restriction that is irking some key republicans. >> mister schiff wants closed-door session so much that he wouldn't even let one of our colleagues in the judiciary committee which there were some
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articles that they have to deal with so that was unfortunate. >> shifts that yesterday the democrats have all the evidence they need and are interested or started in talking to the whistleblower about the now infamous phone call between donald trump and volodymyr zelinsky. fiona hill had left her white house job on time a took place on july 25th so while she wasn't a participant, she did work hand in glove with two diplomats now at the center of the impeachment probe. marie yavanovitch and gordon who is slated to appear in hell thursday. breaking tonight fox news confirms fiona hill said today white house officials were so alarmed about donald trump's push to have ukraine investigate the bidens that they raise their concerns directly with lawyers at the national security council. shannon: thank you for tracking that down. the press continues to hold
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close to hearings with former and current trump administration officials, the editorial board warning house until chairman adam schiff by doing things this way he is lending credibility to the president's argument that it is a rigged game. the house democrat justified his impeachment see greasy as if he is running a criminal trial. brit hume breaks it down. byron york writing about this. he talks about how they were transcribed interviews. the last couple have been depositions which means no one is allowed to talk about them. adam schiff can decide if the transit are released even lawmakers are getting a chance to look at them. he talks about the former ambassador yavanovitch saying as the yavanovitch interview began her statement quickly lakes, democrats and yavanovitch got their side of the story out without any revolt from republicans. >> republicans are afraid that the democrats on the committee will do to them or one of them what they did to devon nunez
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which is want to charge that he mishandled classified information. it was a baseless charge but he had to step down from the committee or felt he had to while the inquiry was done into that. they are afraid of that little bit, but this game is so transparent what is going on here, they hold the questioning session in secret, then the democrats week to the media whatever portions they think are advantageous to their side of the republicans are afraid to do the same thing so that is how the game -- i don't think democrats can sustain this, having these interviews in secret much longer because as you know impeachment is a legal process but it is a political process so it is a peculiar blend. they are entitled to do this any
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way they choose. they control the place and they can impeach for whatever reason they want basically but if it is perceived as unfair by the people around the country, as 1-sided, unfair, in secret and all that and trump will howl at the moon about that forever, then, i think they have a problem because democrats in the house are reluctant to vote for impeachment will embolden republicans in the house and in the senate who will ultimately have to pass on this if it comes to them so there's a lot of risk in doing it the way they are doing it. shannon: let's talk about the development of hunter biden estimate down from the board of the chinese company thing he's done nothing wrong but doesn't want to cause problems for his father. jonathan turley, a law professor
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talked about how this has been fully investigated and there's nothing there although i don't know a lot of people who have been investigating it. he outlines what has and hasn't happened and says there's no reason the media cannot pursue allegations against the trumps and the bidens. but that would counter their narrative there's nothing wrong with hunter biden's dealings and it is all a, quote, lie it is best to ignore. you saw the letters morning certain media outlets about tacking about it or stop booking certain people. we talked about that. >> the problem is there's an obvious conflict of interest on its face that deals with what hunter biden was doing while his father is vice president was point man on foreign policy matters affecting countries who stood to be affected by hunter biden's interest so there is a conflict there and you don't have to do anything wrong exactly or illegal in order for that to be a problem because it creates an appearance problem and makes people suspicious the foreign policies we are conducting are not on the upper the. that is where we are and i don't think that is properly
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addressed. shannon: do you think will be addressed in a debate tomorrow night? the boston herald writes the democrat candidates, only one unifying platform, they eat trump but when it comes to ignoring quote quote joe as they are calling it do they hate trump more than they want to win? >> i think that comes down to a question of if you are democratic candidate biden still has a big chunk of that vote. he is on shaky ground in some ways but there he is. what are you going to do about it? you going to attack him on this stuff, take him on in some way? or are you going to, knowing the majority of voters are not going to prove of it because it might help trump are you going to shy away. my guess is they will shy way but who knows? there are some hail mary pass is being thrown in that field although most particularly by
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beto o'rourke, all kinds of stuff that couldn't possibly attract the majority of the phone and now driving democrats crazy he's doing that because it attaches to them in some way so it will be fun to see what they do. shannon: we will have post debate special coverage, join us for that. california governor gavin newsom demanding pg in the give every residential customer who had power cut off last week a $100 rebate, the utility company shut off fire during the wildfire, saying it was the right decision to keep customers and communities safe. it affected 700,000 customers statewide. officials know the origin of the brush fire that broke out on the edge of los angeles, the blaze started under a high-voltage transmission tower owned by southern california edison, the power line on a the city's neighborhood.
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they know the location where they are investigating the cause of the fire, 12 mi. . donald trump announces tough economic sanctions on turkey following its move against the kurds and that is not all. we take you to northern syria for the latest. what are you doing back there, junior?
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the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ >> shannon: thi >> fox news alert, there's a new
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leak about close to testimony by fiona who once served as senior director for russian and asian affairs for the trump administration, the neocon supporting national security adviser john bolton was so concerned about possible efforts to pressure ukraine for political help what he told hill to notify the top lawyer for the national security council, he had concerns about rudy giuliani's involvement. he is serving as the president's personal attorney. this is being cited to people our family with hill's testimony behind closed doors today on the hill, donald from delivering on a promise to impose tough economic penalties on turkey over its military campaign against the kurds and syria. the nelson comes complete with bipartisan condemnation of the president's decision to pull us troops from that specific area. mike pence is being dispatched to the middle east saying donald trump is very concerned about instability in the region. the kurds say they have reached a military agreement with syria to get support from the asad regime which could complicate matters in the region. steve harrigan is in northeastern syria tonight. >> began as a military operation against what turkey calls terrorists is now evolved into something much bigger and much more dangerous, a war between turkey, a nato member, and
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syria, a country backed by russia. kurdish officials wasted little time finding a new partner after the withdrawal of us forces which they described as a stab in the back. syrian government troops under bashar assad reached the front lines within hours of the deals a welcome sight to many kurds on the ground. >> thank god for the return of the syrian arab army. >> the fighting is brutal. arab militia backed by turkey have been accused of atrocities, executing kurdish prisoners on the battlefield, pulling a female kurdish political leader from her car and shooting her in the head. a convoy containing armed men, civilians and journalists near the front line was bombed killing 9. dozens of civilians on both sides of the border have been killed by mortar shells exploding into homes. there is a rage here among civilians that no one is doing
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anything to save them. >> where is the united nations? the blood of our children, why don't they show up, the children are gone. our girls are gone and our strength is gone. >> of the world leaders have warned the conflict could lead to a resurgence of the islamic state in the region. the kurds have been in charge of prisons housing isis combatants and family members and syria. for the past 3 days at least two mass escapes have been attempted at these facilities. civilians are also looking for an escape from fighting that has come to their doorstep. more than 130,000 people are now on the move trying to get away from the fighting anyway they can. a number that has grown each day. shannon: the pentagon ask larry plans to get out of syria as this intensifies. some us forces will stay in the region.
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let's turn to daniel hoffman, cia station chief and johnny jones, retired marine corps bomb technician. thank you for being with us tonight. this is obviously a lot of backlash to the president's decision. one of his most vocal critics is senator lindsey graham, republican from south carolina. he met for hours at the white house today and made a statement afterwards. i would urge republican and democratic colleagues to continue to speak out against turkey's incursion into syria and support donald trump's efforts to impose crippling things against turkey. the president's team has a plan and i will support them as strongly as possible and give them reasonable time and space to achieve our mutual goal. what do you think? >> a challenging situation. turkey is a nato ally and one person who is smiling is vladimir putin, one of his strategic goals is to drive a witch between the united states and our nato allies and that is
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what we are seeing over this crisis and syria. shannon: jim hansen says turkey is america's nato ally and if we choose between the kurds and turkey we must lean to the side of turkey. if we abandon efforts to fix our relationship with turkey we will hand russia a strategic ally in a region where we have few friends. >> donald trump, the first thing i want to address is we are painting this as donald trump pulling politicians out and shooting them on the head. more importantly made a decision to not make a decision so i don't think donald trump's bond this by calling up turkey and letting them know if you commit some atrocities go ahead but he had a decision to make because it seems like turkey is going to move forward with this eventually or very soon anyway so donald trump decided not to take military action to try to use diplomacy to convince turkey not to take it this far and now using some sort of economic sanctions, possibly negotiating
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peace but all of that being said this is a rock and a hard place because the outcome right now is not what he wanted. we don't want to leave people high and dry. my problem with this is we want to say we want our troops out of the region. who was left to be on our side to get information to deter isis? things like that. if not the kurds, who is it? turkey will not play that game. so if we are going to say we are doing this to pull troops out of the region to end endless wars we can't send 3000 troops to saudi arabia, tens of thousands of troops still in the region, those numbers don't add up. i don't expect the american people to understand the warrior's perspective when it comes to protecting the current. the warriors in this country want to protect the kurds because they fought with them. i spoke to many of them today but when the american people show up with an opinion about our troops being deployed when
12:24 am
it becomes election season that is when i take issue to this excuse from the administration, these things don't add up. simple math tells you for thousand troops out of syria and sending 3000 to saudi arabia doesn't end endless wars, it shifts things around. and honest answer from the administration, simply to avoid another war, possibly with turkey your response is something that is okay, just be honest about it so we as the american people can go to the ballot box and understand what is happening. shannon: we saw the president was asked why we are sending troops to saudi arabia and they have been a partner with us, they are paying for the cost which caused some lawmakers to say are we sending our troops to the highest bidder. what do you make of that part of the conversation? >> there is a distinct and between endless wars and ongoing presence. we are talking 100,000 troops, they are not building schools, they are detecting, finding the
12:25 am
enemy and eliminating the enemy before those threats can be visited on our shores and the question for the administration is how do we handle that ongoing isis threat? the leader of isis is still there, still tens of thousands of hardened fighters and russia, iran and syria and turkey are not going to be looking after our interest so how do we protect our security going forward? shannon: we have these new sanctions, the president saying tariffs hiking up on goods, sitting down trade talks, he says they are taking serious steps but the biggest warning is you better not let the isis prisoners escape but who can we expect to keep an eye on them in that region? >> that is a good question to ask which the american people should be asking. i don't like the idea of the left-leaning media and establishment conservatives creating this war chant, we've
12:26 am
got to create -- protect the kurds, let's ask questions and find out why we are in this situation, and as a country or elected officials make a decision, create better diplomacy, have a better strategy. i suffered an 8 year war where every election had a different strategy attached. obama wanted to claim victory, bush wanted to claim victory, nobody wanted to have a strategy or be honest about it. got to be prepared for those ieds. let's have troops in the region to be prepared for those threats. you make calculated risks and if it is a few thousand troops that is okay. shannon: you have served our country, and you served and sacrificed for our country, you're willing to go to dangerous places to protect the rest of us so we don't have to think about it 24/7 so thank you for your time tonight and for those sacrifices as well. iran's president says an iranian taker damaged in the red sea
12:27 am
friday was his by two rockets off the saudi coast. saudi arabia is denying involvement. video broadcast by a saudi unsettling news channel shows what appears to be an oil slick behind the ship. the ship's whole punctured just above the waterline. late breaking news on the fate of the texas policeman who allegedly shot and killed an innocent woman in her own home next. next. great weather, great friends. you just saved a bunch of money by switching your boat insurance to geico. it was easy. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? that is an armada of tiny sushi boats. awesome! i forgot to pack lunch. you had one job... chopsticks wasabi and soy! comin' in a little hot. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, the white police officer in fort worth, texas, who shot and killed a black woman through the wind >> breaking tonight, the white police officer in fort worth, texas he shot and killed a black woman to the window of her own home has been booked into jail on a murder charge. garrett tenney is tracking the latest. >> reporter: his former officer, 12 hours after he resigned from his job, he has been identified as 34-year-old aaron dean, you can see him on the right at his graduation before he joined the fort worth police department in april of last year. early saturday morning police were called to do a welfare
12:32 am
check in almost 28-year-old tiana jefferson after a neighbor reported the front door being left open. at the time she was watching her 8-year-old nephew play video games. you can see in this body camera video dean walking on the outside of the home with a flashlight and his gun. he never identified himself and when he gets to a back window and see someone inside he tells them to put their hands up before shooting. she died at the scene and tonight the police department announced dean's arrest and promised to do better. >> the police department would again like to express our deepest condolences to mister for synapse family. we understand that this is a tough and tragic event not only for her family but for the community. we value the trust we've had with our community, we continue to build that trust and we will continue to be as transparent as possible in all police matters. >> activist, the officers arrest
12:33 am
-- and attorney for the jefferson family said they are relieved aaron dean has been arrested and charged with murder and called for a vigorous prosecution and appropriate sentencing while the family continues to process their loss. >> parents were proud to call her a daughter, any sibling would be proud to call her sister. any employer would be proud to call her an employee. in the neighborhood would be proud to have her as a neighbor. >> reporter: the fbi has been called into review the officer's actions for possible civil rights violations. we expect more details on the arrest and investigation at a press conference tomorrow. >> a fake video creating national outcry, donald trump condemning it. is it enough for the critics.
12:34 am
time for the real news roundup. abc apologizing for running images it says were from a battle between turks and kurds but instead of hearing from the gun range in kentucky according to was an examiner representative at the gun range in west point kentucky says the images appeared to be from one of the facility's live fire events abc says he regrets the air. the network and the video sunday night. pro-life advocates in mississippi are suing over a local ordinance requiring them to stay a certain distance from an abortion clinic and restricting noise levels as well. protesters often use bullhorns of the clinic drowns them out with loud music. they say all that commotion was too much subjects and city council passed an ordinance that is set to go into effect october 31st. a deceased irish prankster wanted to pull one last joke on his family and make everyone smile during his funeral so he left a prerecorded message. check this out.
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>> hello! hello! let me out! >> that is a deceased veteran of the average defense forces, called out to his family and a prerecorded message as if he was stuck alive in the coffin. his daughter says it was his dying wish to leave that message and have one last prank on his loved ones. more news next. . it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. hurry in before these three are gone again. outback steakhouse. no, just a sec. what would it look like if we listened more? could the right voice, the right set of words, bring us all just a little closer? get us to open up? even push us further? it could, if we took the time to listen.
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♪ >> shannon: counting down to 2020, campaigns are outraged and a graphic video showing a fake likeness of the >> counting dance 2020, campaigns or outrage demographic video showing a fake likeness of the president shooting and stabbing opponents, members of the media played in one of several rooms during the conference of trump supporters at one of the president's resort near miami. organizers say they never proved it, never saw or sanctioned it in any way and noted they hosted
12:40 am
a panel at the event specifically condemning political violence. bernie sanders colin elizabeth lauren. peter doocy has all the news from tomorrow night's democratic debate. >> the pro-trump group american priorities weakens conference including a clip added to show donald trump brutally murdering media critics leading the white house correspondents association to say w hca is horrified, to tweet about the president based on everything he heard he strongly condemns this video. at least one democratic campaign just that with an offensive video of their own, bernie sanders data resigned today for previously producing martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech edited to sound sexually and racially inappropriate. that is a set for his first post heart attack where he may draw a line between himself and elizabeth for an. >> elizabeth considers herself to be a capitalist. i don't. >> but issues like that could take a backseat to impeachment. >> i may be the last guy to
12:41 am
publicly call for impeachment. >> that might not be helping him. biden's favorability rating is hired in sanders or warren but his lowest in 5 years and of the former vp cannot write the ship cnbc reports michael bloomberg might reconsider his decision to stay out of the race and run as a democrat. >> plenty of criticism over that parody video showing the likeness of the present killing members of the media and political opponents, donald trump condemning it but will that be enough for critics who claim the president encourages inappropriate behavior. let's bring in the president's daughter in law lara trump.
12:42 am
>> glad to be back on with you and i will give you an easy response that video. that video was discussing, the president obviously says it was disgusting, condemns it from the campaign perspective we couldn't agree more, never is there space for anything like this anywhere and as republicans we should be better than this, this was not a campaign event by any stretch so it is sad to see somebody put that together but none of us agree with that we have to do better than that. >> let's move on to another topic getting a lot of headlines which is syria. the president announcing have the sanctions on a number of people, former and current politicians in turkey. this is what the new york times says about this and that line trump followed his got on syria, calamity came fast, donald trump's acquiescence to turkey deep inside syrian territory has only in one weeks time turned into blood economy, forced the abandonment of a successful 5-year-old and project to keep the peace on a volatile border and given an unanticipated victory to four american
12:43 am
adversaries, russia, iran, the syrian government and the islamic state? your response? >> we should start with the fact that if you ask the average american out there i think it would have to google who are the kurds and why is america over there fighting this war. we were supposed to be there 30 days and have been there ten years and when the president campaigned in 2016 he was very clear he wanted to stop all of these endless wars, he wanted to bring our troops back home because these really are endless wars and who knows how this will all shake out. he's doing just that. if you saw him at the rally in minneapolis the other night he told a story about the hardest part of his job when our brave men and women come home in caskets and he has to be there to comfort the families. he never wants to see that happen and it should not be happening in a state we don't belong as americans. people don't understand why we were there. he wants to bring our troops back home and put our assets
12:44 am
toward things that help americans directly like securing the southern border. as commander in chief his first priority is to the american people and that is what we need to remember when we look at the situation. shannon: one of the things he celebrated in his first term was the defeat of isis but critical to that operation, the questions arise tonight totally about the kurds left behind, many of them saying they have no defenses, they are being slaughtered after partnering with the us. there are worries other potential allies in the future whether we mean that loosely or more formally will be hesitant to partner with the us because of what they see happening to the kurds. >> the president has always been direct about this. he said from the beginning he wanted us to pull out of syria
12:45 am
and almost 3 years into his presidency he is doing it so it shouldn't be a surprise and i don't think people should be hesitant to partner with the united states in any way as a result of this. >> i know so much of the work you do for the campaign is specifically events focused on women's i want to talk about new impeachment polling from quinnipiac. they go through subsets of people but they go by gender too and when they talk about should the president be impeached or removed it is interesting to see this is the overall number, higher numbers say no then yes but when you break it down by gender the men and women are almost a mirror image of each other when you see much greater percentage of women think it is time to impeach or remove this president. how do you make the case to them in a way you hope will change their minds? >> we have to remember, recognize this for what it is, this is witchhunts number 2, the first one was the russia collusion hoax we rested 30 million taxpayer dollars to find out there was no collusion and no instruction with russia on behalf of the president or the campaign and now here we are at round 2, the democrats putting in their last ditch effort here
12:46 am
to get donald trump out of the white house. i would be happy to remind men and women across this country of that, there's nothing impeachable that has happened under this presidency, certainly not the ukrainian phone call the democrats didn't even have the transcript, didn't know what was said before they called for impeachment inquiry. the reality is all their candidates are terrible, they know no one can beat donald trump in 2020 and this is their last-ditch attempt to do it and i always like to remind people too look at your life. is your life better now than it was when donald trump took office and for the majority of americans they say yes, that is the most important thing, that is what you should be voting for in 2020 and why you should keep in mind the democrats have no shot and this is their desperation showing through very clearly. >> we know your life has changed since we talked to you on fox news and i, there is a new baby in your house. we will be back on the campaign
12:47 am
trail. do not forget to tune in tomorrow night from ohio with extended coverage of the fourth democratic presidential debate. we will tell you everything you need to know live until 1:00 am. california mandating public colleges offer some abortions to students for free, one of dozens of new lies in the golden state sparking heated debate. we tackle the next. ♪ head in now for applebee's new pasta & grill combos starting at $9.99. do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back?
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>> shannon: lebron james reacting to the china controversy tonight. the lakers start responding to >> lebron james reacting to the china controversy respondingg t the general managers darrell maurice's tweets. the question is so many times last week. iran saying he was misinformed about china. so many people could have been harmed financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. be careful what we tweet. california will have the largest gun seizure law, banning lunch, shaming and progressive vegan, the first to require public colleges to provide the abortion pill on campus. a lightning around with doug showing and trump 2020 advisory
12:52 am
board member jenna ellis reeves. we start with this. all public colleges are going to have to provide these abortion pills, medication abortion. some at home or in your dorm room but no cost to students. is this using tax dollars? >> the text and they would of the bill so students may be responsible for this, if the state can't cover the cost of the abortion pills been student health fees will increase. i think a lawsuit will happen out of this because pro-life students do not want to participate in that. they will be required to opt in to be funding these abortion pills on their own campus. i don't think pro-life students will do this. >> >> being a leader in reproductive rights --
12:53 am
>> i am pro-choice. i believe in family planning, i believe in access and different options but this goes too far. i'm not sure i want tax dollars being used to mandatorily provide abortion pills that every public college. goes a little farther than i as a moderate process -- pro-choice democrats comfortable with. >> let's start with you. a new law. we know there are red flag laws that they think someone's will be taken away, california will expand so all kinds of people can reporter. even the aclu opposing this saying it poses a significant threat to civil liberties because orders can be stop before gunowners have an opportunity to contest the request. >> i am pro-red flag laws and i
12:54 am
am for the right to have brought an array of people report problems or potential problems as possible but there's got to be due process and due process means the gun owner has a right to quickly, expeditiously confront and try to rebut the allegations and i think that is most important here, not that the problem is with the law. it is with the due process. >> i'm not a fan of red flag laws for exactly that reason. this looks to process on its head because once a person reports to the individual who is trying to prove that they should still have their gun is the problem. they are having to show the court that they are capable of being a gunowners so that is unconstitutional and a violation of the second amendment and both
12:55 am
of these bills, governor jerry brown previously vetoed and you are seeing california goes completely to the left even more than jerry brown. >> the last thing is the owner saying everybody gets the same lunch at school whether you can pay for or not, everybody should get the same thing. >> i agree with this. there is one thing about abortion or guns but lunch, having access to adequate nutrition, that is essential. >> this is the one thing gavin newsom will do right in his entire tenure as governor so we can agree on that note but everything else california -- >> an agreement, thank you very much. today tonight's midnight hero, milwaukee bus driver taking a usual route, noticed a common building in flames, stopped her
12:56 am
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>> the gun is irrelevant. she was in her own home caring for any-year-old nephew. >> tuesday, october 15th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast a police officer charged with murder, the cop accused of shooting and killing a texas woman on her own home is out on bond, the outrage ignited as family members demand answers. taking on, imposing crippling sanctions as the army moves through syria but will be enough to


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