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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 15, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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brutality, cops shooting a professor in the middle of the street and clothing them. >> melissa: i think we solved that! we will be back here tomorrow. thanks to chris bedford. here's harris. >> harris: to begin with breaking news. this is felicity huffman, actress. she has reporting today for sentencing to the federal correctional institution of dublin, california. so she is about to do her 14 day stint for the admission scandal that she was part of, and the charges she was found guilty of. she's prepared to serve the term of imprisonment that the judge ordered, as part of the punishment she imposed for huffman's action. she will be serving the remainder of her sentence, with conditions including 1250 hours of community service, once she is released from prison. this is happening now, and as you know there are many other parents caught up in that. we are seeing those other cases
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adjudicated. as they breaking news, will bring it to prager and i one of biggest games tonic names in the scandal, felicity huffman, begins her 14-day sentence. this fox news alert, new reaction from president trump as hunter biden has broken his silence. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the former vice president's son has addressed the controversy over his foreign business dealings, including serving on the board of the ukraine oil company, burisma, while his father was vice president. hunter today insisting that he did nothing wrong but says he did not anticipate his work could be used to attack his father. watch. >> you know what? i'm human. you know what? did i mistake? maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. but did i make a mistake based upon some unethical labs? absolutely not. >> harris: joe biden is continuing his offensive over scrutiny over his son's business ties, treating last night, "president trump is the most corrupt president in modern
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american history." this, as president trump today is doubling down on his attacks, treating this. "hunter biden was really bad on gma. now sleepy joe has real problems. reminds me of cooking hillary and her 33,000 deleted emails. not recoverable." republican congress in jim jordan says not a good look. >> we just know that this stuff smells. the whole arrangement with china, the billion dollars from a subsidiary of the bank of china, this arrangement with burisma, this company in the ukraine were hunter biden had no experience going to know the language, no experience in the energy sector, not experience on ukraine. they sell this for what it is, they know it smells, they know it's wrong, and that's the fact. >> harris: the power panel slides in early. marie harf, fox news contributor. david avella, gopac chairman. david, i want to come to you first. the defense of "i'm human." does that work? >> let's keep in mind, harris, a
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presidential candidate has lost because of their sibling where their child. in this particular case, joe biden is going to take care of them, take care of all of this himself, in losing the democratic nomination. we will see his numbers continuo go down. elizabeth warren as a candidate with momentum right now. pete buttigieg is starting to put some impressive numbers together for iowa. certainly, hunter biden gets a lot of headlines. he's not going to cause his dade nomination. the question that should be asked night in the debate, vice president biden, how did your son serving on these boards affect the advice you give to president obama as he did with foreign leaders?" >> harris: interesting question. he came out with his ethics plan to hold others accountable moving forward. interesting timing on that and timing on hunter biden, the day of the debate.
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>> harris, every indication is that joe biden followed every ethics pool donna grew on the books and he was vice president. he was pursuing obama administration, plus all of our european allies. their policy in ukraine when it comes to getting this prosecutor removed. under biden's story -- i actually agree with david that i don't think hunter biden's stort joe biden's viability in the primary, certainly. when it comes to the question of impeachment, hunter biden's interesting human story paid he seemed very genuine in his interview, i think. but he's a sideshow. it isn't about what hunter biden did or didn't do, it's about what donald trump did or didn't do. >> harris: why do it? forgive me, david, i'm going to double down a little bit with marie. why do this out of the debate? that's got to be some strategy, right? >> is an interesting strategic discussion, harris. we've seen some allies of joe biden say they don't think
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hunter should have done this interview today. i err on the side of transparency. he went out there, he seemed pretty genuine, he seemed to be telling the truth. >> harris: is that what be got con transparency? he just exited that board in china where he paid $420,000 to get 10% of a chinese company. i don't know, marie. if he trying to show himself as a better person? is he trying to help out his da dad? >> i think he's trying to answer questions. he has answered more questions about his dealings overseas than children of many other leading politicians, including president trump. at the end of the day, this isn't about hunter biden and whether he was on the board or not. it's about donald trump's actions and using his position to try and get dirt on a political opponent. >> harris: you can say that, but it does have some traction. david, i will come to you in a second. i want to hear from hunter biden, as he weighed in. this has been the thing -- access and privilege.
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watch. >> if your last name was not biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of burisma? >> i don't know. probably not. i don't think there's a lot of things that would've happened in my life, if my last name was not biden. this is what becomes a distraction, i have to sit here and answer these questions. that's why i've committed that i want serve on any boards or work directly for any foreign entities when my dad becomes president. >> harris: david? >> he didn't feel that way when has that was vice president, but now that he's running for president, now he's going to swear off boards. for many americans, that will seem like somewhat of a convenient path to go now that he has been taken to task for i it. his past actions. let me jump in for a second on your last question to mary. biden has never been known to run good campaigns. >> harris: well, he has lost twice. >> he has. what does bring this out this morning do?
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it almost forces the debate moderators to ask biden about it. so what does he get the do now? he gets to come out and attack president trump. to the extent he's trying to get attention, this is the best way he can get attention from the others, because they don't have a role in this. the one that's really interesting. i will double down to you, david, to make it fair here. i'm looking at joe biden's unveiling of a plan for how is it administration, if you were to enact for president, would prioritize ethics should he be elected. to ensure that no future president can ever again abused office for personal gain. >> timing his somewhat questionable. he didn't decide to make this his first policy rollout, not until his son causes this kerfuffle, does he decide "oh, we need an ethics policy put out." to reiterate what i've been saying, joe biden is not going to be the democratic party nominating , and if you're putting this
quote quote
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race and a handicapping spot, someone has to figure out how they stop the momentum elizabeth warren has right now. and joe biden hasn't been up to it in the past, and his campaign so far isn't up to it this time, either. >> harris: marie harf, david avella, thank you for kicking off the show. i appreciate it. the reaction to president trump's sanctions on turkey as its attacks in northern syria continue. house speaker nancy pelosi said a statement, "his announcement of the package falls very short of reversing that humanitarian " meanwhile, the president has already spoken to turkish president again. it happened yesterday, we are getting word that vice president mike pence will travel to turkey within the next 24 hours. here he is on that phone call. >> president trump communicated to him very clearly that the united states of america wants turkey to stop the invasion. to implement an immediate cease-fire, and to begin to negotiate with kurdish forces in
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syria to bring an end to the violence. >> harris: lucas tomlinson's life at the pentagon with more. lucas >> harris, i'm told he could take up to a month to get 1,000 u.s. troops and their heavy equipment out of northeast syria, a small number of trips will remain in southern syria. the u.s. military spokesperson says american forces have not pulled out of the city of menbi menbij, and russian and syrian forces have taken over an abandoned u.s.-based. here is the significance, that base now under the effective control of the assad regime. kurds captured the city for my sins, whose fighters use it to funnel foreign fighters in and out of turkey and smuggled artifacts to fund their insurgency. vice president mike pence was tapped last night to lead a delegation to turkey to end what u.s. military officials privately described as "ethnic cleansing." recently retired army general malcolm frost says it's too late. speak of the deed has been done. what has happened is we have already lost their reputation, we have abandoned that ally, and
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thirdly, those isis prisoners ae going to escape. >> many already have. u.s. officials tell me turkish artillery units are intentionally firing on curtis curtis run prisons and blaming president erdogan for an unnecessary invasion, mark esper says turkeys was possible for any isis resurgence. in a statement, expert accused turkish president speethirteen of committing war crimes that have "resulted in the release of many dangerous isis detainees." in turkey's vice presidents of the u.s. has been backing terrorists in the syrian kurds and says that they are linked to an insurgent group, and turkey, responsible for thousands of deaths since the mid-'80s. >> if u.s. and british or any other country around the world ally with the terrorists, we hope that they do have a misunderstanding of who they are. >> nato
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allies keep in mind, u.s. military keeps about 50 nuclear weapons in turkey, harris. >> harris: katy perry lucas, thank you very much house democrats impeachment inquiry heating up, as the testimony of one form or aided drugs form a national security advisor john bolton into the mix. and there is this. >> it was okay. it was just one easy quick flip, put it down, and yes, i will see you at the daytona 500, mom. sorry. >> harris: did you catch this dramatic crash in talladega? whoa! the man behind the wheel managed to walk away with no injuries. i will talk with him live later in the hour. ♪ when you move homes, you move more than just yourself.
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>> harris: congress is back earning that tax money we give them. their session starts today, and house democrats are moving swiftly in their session with impeachment inquiries. lawmakers had a slew of interviews and depositions with administration officials gadget for this week, and yesterday from a russia advisor fee on a that x national security advisor john bolton had concerns about the administration, and trump's attorney rudy giuliani's activities in ukraine. hello reporter lee testified that bolton once said, "giuliani had a hand grenade and is going to blow everybody up." catherine herridge is live on capitol hill. we are certain he meant figuratively. >> well, that's right, harris. good afternoon. rudy giuliani responded to that reporting, and he said if john bolton, "i'm disappointed in john. i'm not sure he realizes i received all this evidence is part of my representation of the president. it was all part of the evidence
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and suppression of evidence regarding ukrainian collusion as well as the origin of some of the false information against the president." meantime, house democrats are defending their impeachment inquiry. as you know, there has not been a full house boat, which would give republicans certain rights to call their own witnesses and issue subpoenas. also, the democrats are holding interviews in a secure facility behind me, harris. here's congressman swalwell. >> we are not going to see evidence that the words "quid pro quo" were used. in the history of quid pro quo, nobody ever says, "hey, i've got a quid pro quo for you." the meeting was not happening, that it was withheld, and the present through rudy giuliani, his personal agent, was saying that for that had to happen, they are dudes on a rush for their role in 2016 election period and investigate the bidens. sounds pretty damn close to a prequote quote to me.
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>> another witness appeared for thousand notice committee, george kent sa household name, he is a state department official who worked very quickly, closer to a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine grade also, based on reporting, kind of got sideways with the giuliani investigation. the ranking republican on the house foreign affairs committee told reporters this morning that he thinks the fact there is not been a full house vote, and republicans don't have some basic rights in this process, that it could torpedo the democrats if this ever gets to the senate. here's congressman mike mccaul mike mccaul. >> if he is impatient house, they look at fairness and how this was done, in terms of whether they can convict and remove in the senate. this is very important, that the democrats hear this message. because if what they are doing today could jeopardize everything they are trying to achieve in the senate, if those rules are not applied.
10:19 am
>> there's also been a procedural change, but has a big impact in terms of what we can learn about these interviews behind closed doors. they are being called "depositions" now, harris. depositions have much more restrictions than a "transcribed interview" here on the hill. democrats are eventually promising that they will release all of the transcripts, but for now that is a promise of transparency and not a commitment with a date, harris. >> harris: by terming it that way they protect any sort of grand jury information. so it means we won't get a true transcript of eventually because those restrictions are now in place with the word "deposition." catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: i want to bring the power panel back. marie harf, david avella. david, as you look at the situation, politics are the focus in this. is this a strategy? >> let's always keep in mind that impeachment is a trial by politicians, not a trial by law.
10:20 am
her question is really the heart of it, which is "what are the politics of this?" does it impact the president's ability to get reelected? i will give you two examples of why it won't. if you look out the results of last saturday in louisiana, where a record turnout, high turnout, is the post of the democrats in these elections. in fact, republicans picked up a super majority, and the incumbent democratic governor was kept from winning reelection out right. secondly, and probably more importantly, is the fact that independent voters and swing voters, regardless of their view of impeachment, would rather see congress focus on the issue that mattered to them. >> harris: interesting. >> every day we talk about impeachment is a day democrats aren't talking about how they make lives better for americans. >> harris: i want to slide something and i will come right to you. marie, the quinnipiac university
10:21 am
poll asks people, "do you think asking a foreign leader to investigate a political rival is reason enough or not to impeach a president and remove them from office?" 44% said it's good enough, 47% say it's not good enough. marie? >> the polling is all going in the direction of impeachment. for example, in the latest fox news poll back that we did here, over 50% of americans -- >> harris: but i want to concentrate on that poll. this isn't a sliding scale. literally -- >> harris, let me answer your question. >> harris: people think it's not enough. >> in that one poll. and every other poll, including the fox news poll mat, people do think it's enough. not just to be impeach but to be removed. so public opinion is overwhelmingly moving in favor of impeachment. i think the reason you see republicans focusing on process and not substance is because the substance isn't very good. fiona hill, who was testifying this week, is a respected authority on russia and ukraine.
10:22 am
john bolton, who i agree with him very few things policy wise, i do believe that when he says rudy giuliani is doing something inappropriate and possibly illegal, that he is telling the truth. and john bolton, by the way, should be added to that list of people who get subpoenaed to come up to the hill. every time one of these folks go up there, polling shifts overwhelmingly toward impeachment, not the other way. >> harris: david? >> let's keep in mind that this quote is attributed to "the new york times," which -- i've lost count how many times they've made up stories during the whole mueller investigation, that days later we didn't hear about them anymore. first we ought to make sure the quotes are actually accurate, that "the new york times" reported. one. two, marie can continue to talk about, "oh, the public is moving toward impeachment." there are also very solidly on congress wanting to focus on what matters to them. and every day the democrats talk about impeachment, is a day they
10:23 am
are not focused on what americans want, which is to make their lives safer, easier, and better. and the democrats have yet to put out a proposal that will do that. >> harris: mike mccaul, we so i'm just moments ago. republican from texas. he's calling this a coordinated democrat scheme. i'm going to let both of you go. marie and david, thanks for the twofer today. good to see both. one democrat drops in a queue new poll. we'll look at that ahead of the democratic debate. a preview for you. ♪ fopenear 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now.
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10:28 am
sanders is also expected to separate himself from elizabeth warren as she rises to the top of the pack, certainly for example in iowa. jose aristimuno is former deputy press secretary for the dnc, and founder of now strategies. good to see see you today. >> good to see you. >> harris: at about debate, a couple things. hunter biden give his big interview, whether or not that will help joe biden. the new got this horse race between warren and biden. not even sanders. why? >> first and foremost, i'm glad to see that bernie sanders will be back, and he's feeling better. my own personal opinion, i'm not so sure if he should stay in the race. i think you should focus on his health. >> harris: wow. wait wait, i think you're making news there. you are with the dnc has leadership there. so you think he exits? where it is a support go? who gets it? and the money? >> sure, that's -- >> harris: $25 million! >> it's a lot of money, harris.
10:29 am
i mean this with the utmost respect, he is perfectly qualified to be president of the united states. i don't think is the right choice. but when it comes to the health, the amount of time undone campaigns, many times, the amount of traveling, just talking to voters on a day-to-day basis, having a heart attack two weeks ago, it's a big deal. >> you realize none of your front runners under the age of 70? >> well, that's all right. let's look at the president of the united states. he's over 70 himself. >> harris: right, so it's not just his age. is there something else going on? is a politics? >> no, for me it's a health issue. i'm very concerned for the senator, that's all. >> harris: where do you think elizabeth sanders -- or, elizabeth warren. slip. should go tonight? that she go after biden or bernie sanders? >> if i were in her campaign i would recommend that she talk to voters directly, and try to once
10:30 am
again convince the american people why she should be president. what's going to happen is i know joe biden and elizabeth are very close together. being the front runners not always a good thing. the rest of the crew are going to go and attack her. she should be careful and prepared. i still think joe biden leads national polls when he talked about electability preeti's number one choice. >> harris: there are some big questions over whether it was a good move to have his son, hunter biden, on television just hours before the debate. former dnc chair and top biden surrogate ed rendell says "the daily beast" quote, here it is -- "i wouldn't have put under on the air. there's a danger in playing terms again and you say what? >> i think he did the right thing pretty speaking the truth. he is certainly not hiding like president trump said. >> harris: how does he come across when he says, if you had to do it all over again that he might do differently? that he made a mistake? and he doesn't think he would have gotten that role on that energy company board if it hadn't been for his last name?
10:31 am
>> i think what he meant, it's no question that when you look at his resume -- if he is applying for a job, they see the last name "biden," is obvious. but his qualifications -- >> harris: you don't have a problem with that? >> it's not his fault that he is the son of the vice president of the united states. he should be able to work. >> harris: but to have a resume that matches up what he was making, close to $80,000 a month, to do. wouldn't you say? >> are not the one who makes decisions when it comes to the vice president son's salary. what i'm saying is he should he tell mike have the freedom to agree he wants. he should be able to have the same opportunities as everybody else. i would not tolerate even if a democrat used the office of the vice president, his father's power come to try and get a job. that's what president trump does with his family, and that's a different story. >> harris: that is your accusation. we will move on with this fact. the trump campaign is flying a
10:32 am
banner over the democratic debate venue reading, "socialism destroys ohio jobs, pro-trump." you know, in a generic, if a president running of the socialist, he is still up by six points, as of the best method for democrats, don't like to call them things like tim craddick socialists? does this work for the trump campaign? >> i think it's genius from a strategic. i come from venezuela, a socialist country. that's not where i stand up to democrats, and the moderate democrat. i think joe biden represents just that. that's fine. the tea party earlier with the republican party, there's always extreme left of extreme right. that's what makes a democracy democracy. i don't think it's a way we should take this country moving forward. >> harris: it will be interesting. warren, sanders, socialism might come up in some form. good to see you. thank you very much. be sure to tune in tonight for special debate coverage on the
10:33 am
fox report with bret baier. that's tied at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. after the debate, shannon bream will have two hours with special coverage on fox news at night. that starts at 11:00 p.m. again, "special report with bret baier," takes it off, 6:00 p.m. eastern. still ahead, you development in the shooting death of an unarmed woman in her home by a fort worth, texas, police officer. the police department looks to rebuild the community's trust. ♪ ♪
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10:38 am
>> harris: that's fort worth's interim police chief reacting to the death of 28-year-old atatiana jefferson, who was shot and killed in her home on saturday. the former police officer who pulled the trigger has not been charged with murder. 34-year-old aaron dean was arrested yesterday, hours after resigning from the police force. casey stegall life in fort worth with the latest. >> harris, that former officer is out of jail on bond. he only spent a few hours behind bars after being arrested without incident late yesterday afternoon at his attorney's office. we do not know when the 34-year-old will make his first court appearance, but we know that the local district attorney did file the murder charge against aaron dean. the city police chief says because the officer resigned before he was fired they could not force him to give a statement about what happened. meanwhile, the victim's family
10:39 am
says deane's arrest is a major first step in getting justice for 28-year-old atatiana jefferson. but a whole lot more still has to be done. >> there is a lot that has to get fixed. the city failed them. when training is inadequate, you have to fix the training. >> we are also learning new information from the arrest warrant, which was just released. in it, jefferson's 8-year-old nephew who witnessed the shooting told police that his aunt heard noises outside and got her gun, which she legally owned, and in fact it pointed it out the window but the warrant then references this body camera footage, saying that a glare on the window prevented officers from seeing inside. on three different occasions, they never identified themselves
10:40 am
as police officers. this case has been submitted to the fbi for review. that agency will determine whether any civil rights were violated here. a third party is also being called in to review the fort worth police department's training procedures, and its practices, to see if there are any changes that need to be made. harris? >> harris: thank you very much, casey stegall. i want to bring in andrew saltman , andrew stoltmann, thanks for being with me. what is the problem going forward for the fort worth police department? >> well, the fort worth police abutment has a pretty big issue on his hands. any time you have a citizen killed by a police officer, that's an issue. let's just all wait a minute, okay? everybody wants to rush to judgment to convict this police officer. you have someone pointing a gun at a police officer at 2:23 a.m. and a really bad neighborhood. he shoots.
10:41 am
should he have identified himself to make of course, but they don't have to pay them to make split-second decisions in the moment. i'm not saying he handled it correctly, in the right way, but let's just wait, take a deep breath, fully convict this officer. >> harris: that's a different subject, though. that's going to make its way through the court. what you are talking about is the community relationship with this interim police chief, his officers, and the citizenry. do you think the decisions that have been made so far reflect anything about that? >> it's a new era. right now when you have somebody shot like this it's different, because there are activists out there, the family all wants an immediate conviction, and that is just not how it works. remember, we can both think of multiple cases over the last 20 years where the objects look really bad. the rodney king beating, those officers were found not guilty. we had an officer georgia just last week it was videotaped shooting an african-american
10:42 am
gentleman in the back, videotape, and he was found not guilty. again, he may have done something wrong, but i realize the police chief has to cover the back side of the department. in the same sense, let's all just relax and take a deep breath. >> harris: critics would say this keeps happening. you gave two instances i hadn't thought about in a while, but fort worth, a woman was just found guilty, a police officer come up shooting a man in his home. the question becomes, why is this happening? is a training? what is it? what have you looked at? >> you know what i think it is? i think the biggest problem is the nonstop coverage and criticism of police officers have both decrease the number of candidates we have becoming police officers, and if it's possible, the training has even dissipated and gotten worse. it's amazing how about the reputation of police officers are today versus even ten or 15 years ago. the numbers have gone down, both the quantity as well as the
10:43 am
quality of the candidates paid this officer in fort worth had only been on the job for a year and a half. so maybe he was green, not as knowledgeable as a 20 or 30-year veteran. maybe it's the quality of the candidates. >> harris: former assistant district attorney, yourself. andrew stoltmann talking about this from some interesting ways. we appreciate your time, thank you. a lot to chew on there. >> anytime. >> harris: nbc news' president's going after ronan farrow's new book as a smear and a leaked memo to staf staff. but ronan farrow continues to defend his reporting on what he said were multiple coverups. so what's next for the network? this seems to be in turmoil. mediaite colby hall is stepping up in "overtime" right now. good to see you! >> good to see you, how are you? >> harris: fantastic! biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures
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now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. >> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. after all the questions about his business dealings, hunter biden finally speaks out. the former vice president's son claims he doesn't do anything wrong, even if you made some poor choices. we'll break that down with bret baier. and the new poll shows michelle obama would be the front runner in one of the first states to vote come if she ran come of course. she said there's no chance of that happening. but is it a problem for
10:48 am
democrats if somebody on the sidelines could actually lead the pack? that's all coming up on "the daily briefing" ." >> the reporting in the book speaks for itself. it's meticulously fact-checked, including with nbc fricatives. the responses in the book. they had an opportunity to respond. with the book lays out in an indisputable way, we are very confident in his reporting, and has held up discreetly by multiple outlets now, is that there was indeed a paper trail of settlements at this company. >> harris: ronan farrow's new book, "catch and kill," out today. nbc news president denying a coverup of sexual misconduct allegations against matt lauer, or any hindering of pharaoh's reporting. no oppenheimer wrote this in an speethirteen with as a member to step "the effort to defame nbc news is clearly motivated by and asked a grand predispose on the series of distortions, confused outlines , and outline accuracies." however, nbc host chris hayes
10:49 am
stands behind ronan farrow. >> one thing is undefeatable. he walked out after working on the white scene stories and within two months published in a credible article at the new yorker than only when i get pollutes her but helped trigger a massive social and cultural reckoning that continues to this day. that is the kind of journalism that you want to do as a journalist. >> harris: colby hall is the founding editor of "mediaite." i know you all i covering this there and writing about it. >> he deserves a ton of credit for this generation-defining story, that started the meat too movement. but there's clearly a lot of daylight between what he is reporting in this book and what nbc news is claiming. nbc news doubling down suggests that they are standing by their account that there were no settlements surrounding that
10:50 am
claim. >> harris: ronan farrow was, from what i'm reading, in line to fill in for some of the top posts. he was someone respected that nbc come under elevating the candle platform. what happen? >> i think he was a star. who knows connect television, like an accretive company, there are always some sort of alliances and politics. there is a lot of reporting that suggests his report on weinstein ruffled a lot of feathers, and i think people pretty much can accept that he was shut down. >> harris: you know what ruffled feathers? >> you know >> what site >> harris: fact. it seems there are some nbc at look at the management and don't think maybe they agree. look at chris hayes, he treats it. he puts it on television. that's not quite. >> that's a fascinating story. in some regard it sort of pains nbc news in a favorable way because they're giving journalist to get up and as to the reporters, their hosts,
10:51 am
their talents. >> harris: do they have a choice? >> there's a clear split between those newsroom who are trained and talented reporters trying to speak truth to power, and nbc news execs who are clearly eager for this to move on and turn the page. >> harris: i've consistently pointed out the fact that l, hollywood, we've had our troubles here at fox news years ago. some would say we kicked off some certain things with what had gone down. we have also learned a lot of lessons. they cut deep enough at the top at nbc? >> not yet, i think beyond the culture it seems like they have been very prescriptive to remedy a culture that was pretty toxic. >> harris: what you mean by that? >> i think they've been on the front foot and worked closely and changing the culture and addressing things firsthand. however --
10:52 am
>> harris: you're talking about with my? accusations come up from a woman, they look at the situation, they let him go within 24 hours. >> right, and they claim they knew nothing about this untoward behavior. the moment they found out, ronan farrow says quite different. therein lies the conflict that will continue to reveal itself. >> harris: before i let you go, the type of sources ronan farrow would need or have at this point? >> he's got a big publishing arm behind him. and talented learners behind them. so, too, does nbc news. there is a conflict brewing and they will probably be some careers ended as a result. >> harris: colby hall, thank you. i love the walk-on, by the way. >> happy to do it. [laughs] >> harris: a wild moment at the talladega super speedway. a multicar crash sent brendan gaughan's cart airborne at 200 miles per hour, and one day later, he is here.
10:53 am
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to help every veteran refinance their mortgage at these near record low rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. >> harris: i was holding my breath, a stunning moment, bigs nascar race at talladega super speedway. fewer thaen 10 laps to go, multi-car crash called brendan gaughan's car to flip over. it landed back on all four wheels. joining me now is nascar driver, brendan gaughan. what were you thinking in that moment? >> miraculously? you are not saying i planned that one? >> harris: you know what, i'm a fan and i got to tell you, when you see something like this, you do know that's miraculous? >> no, one thing fans have to understand, safety innovations have come a long way. one of the nicest things we can
10:58 am
do is flip. we never hit a wall hard, i'm 44, retired. hitting a wall head on hurts worse. when you flip, you don't have as many small impacts, multiple smaller ones. the fact i landed on my wheel, made it easier, one impact from the ground and had to get out of the way of the field. good day for me. my grandfather told me, any news is good news, we are here, got beard oil publicity. i'm here. >> harris: take us inside the car. you are there, making split decisions, what are you doing, you don't know it will land with all four wheel? >> first of all, i had the lead, we battle four times a year, running up front, brad pushed me to the lead, i was excited. let's go. we had a chance. it got airborne and you kept your hands on the wheel. it was a flip, yay, next thing, my god, i'm in front of the
10:59 am
field, 35 cars have to go by me. i figured out my bearings, i turned the wheel and figured out downhill and got off the track, but man, i was still so excited about having a shot for the win, a team like ours, big deal to compete against penske, hendricks and gibbs. we were there, just few laps too early. >> harris: when is your next race? >> daytona 500 next year. i have to get mother and father permission, they are mad at me right now. i'm 44, mom and dad still aren't happy at the moment, we'll see. next year supposed to be daytona 500, same car. the family is a great family, i love racing for them. >> harris: i love your attitude, you have to have that to get back behind the wheel of a car. what you do turns dangerous sometimes, it is great to get your spirit, flavor of what it
11:00 am
is like to be airborne and glad it worked with four wheels on the ground. you are grounded, my friend, good to see you, brendan gaughan. i'm harris, "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino. hunter biden breaking his silence about his business dealings. the former vice president's son saying he's not hiding. >> it's been a lot of misinformation about me, not about my dad. nobody buys that. what i regret is not taking into account that there would be a rudy giuliani and a president of the united states that would be listening to this ridiculous conspiracy idea. >> dana: bret baier weighs in. plus, rudy giuliani responding after reports that john bolton called him a hand grenade over ukraine. lebron, did he foul out with the


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