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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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a prime time really there later tonight. in all likelihood he will hit on all the hits and all the issues that we have been talking about the past three hours so we will have that tonight. space >> sandra: , thank you for watching, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: let's start we are remaining -- awaiting remarks from mike pompeo. who are right now meeting with the president are one of turkey. their goal to broker a cease-fire between the kurds and turkey. the turkish military continues an invasion of northern syria. today's high-stakes meetings comes hours after fox news obtained a letter, president trump wrote to erdogan on the day that turkish began last week. in that letter, the president and blunt language warrants erdogan "don't be a tough guy and don't be a cool." you are watching "outnumbered" i am harris faulkner. here are... melissa francis, lisa boothe and parade johanna maska and in the center seat,
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josh is back josh holmes former chief of staff senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, great to see you. you know what, because of your closeness with mcconnell and we will get to the vp and secretary of state, but i just want to ask you because senator mcconnell has been very vocal as have other republicans about the situation in syria. are you surprised by that? >> no, not surprised by that at all. they very well articulated view of what is happening here and it's been happening for a long time. to be very clear, president trump did not cause this problem. a lot of allegations in the
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media he is paused with what happen here. he didn't but by removing u.s. troops it's put us in a situation the problem has gotten much worse and for senator mcconnell and others doing this for a very long time, they view this like it's not a pickup basketball game. if you don't play and you don't lose them if you don't play here, you do lose but the problem we have is when we evacuate troop we leave a void in the region. you can see sophie's happening all over social media. russian troops are taking america faces, and their influence in region and completely vacating any kind of american. >> can i ask you what he said earlier on the air, that the turks are moving in and announced they are going and the president been blamed had he left the forces they are had they been killed but do you buy that? >> josh: they possibly could be but they've made this threat before. and many administrations previously and a lot of american diplomats look at it, we don't believe frankly that turkey would make that move with american troops in the way. that is a very hostile act and an act of war against the american people. i can't imagine turkey. >> in particular we know we have 60,000 troops in the region so if you can imagine if they had hit one of our guys how quickly we would have responded with on the ground.
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>> josh: that would be a huge problem for turkey. >> harris: of secretary of state and vice president meeting with erdogan. can you force the country to have cease-fire and nato ally to stop fighting? can you do that? >> josh: you can't force them to do anything. >> harris: can you convince them? >> josh: we have are two best on the ground trying to do that. a lot of confidence in secretary pompeo and vice president pence. turkey has a nato ally and someone worked with us in the past. frankly, they have a lot to lose by not having a relationship with him. >> harris: you know, johanna, we talked about this yesterday former president obama called isis jbt, part of our alliance with the kurds, with all about knocking down isis. it gets very complicated. and as josh pointed out this didn't start with president trump and it likely won't end with president trump. like this has been warfare that has been going on for decades.
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but that particular piece is as important as this meeting between erdogan the president of turkey, his military has moved into northern syria. and our leaders, vice president secretary of state, three hours long right now. >> johanna: i wholeheartedly agree this is a problem that has been anticipated. i mean if you look at turkey's moves, the coup, the journalist, you know, a big backlash on the press there. there have been concerns. so i am a little concerned that now is the timing of the meeting, but the question is but should it be a meeting instead of a letter before? and so a question right now. >> harris: why would you question the meeting? before they should absolutely meet but when i look at these pictures, i see two big turkish flags. i'm seeing little american flag in the middle. here is the thing.
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it is entirely staged. no, they are entirely staged. i've been part of these things, and you go in and say "no, i want an american flag here and a turkish flag here" in fact potent team has that photo a russian flag and the turkish flag. >> harris: . we should not be in this region, turkey is an ally with nato and we should not be rolled but we should be leading the discussions. we should have been there in the first place not sending a letter. >> harris: lisa. >> lisa: there is no doubt this is a political mess for president trump but i would say now there seems to be alignment with the administration pushing sanctions and as well as congress pushing sanctions as well. that is a positive for the country. i think we lost leverage, i would imagine, the military operations underway. >> harris: the visual of what johanna is saying. what are you saying? >> lisa: i would assume we have leverage since turkey and
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dated. it would have been more vladimir putin and to get an agreement prior to the invasion happening. so i certainly, i think we all hope better or world to be some sort of agreement. >> harris: i want to add some color to things that have gone on unexpected. first of all as harris mentioned, this meeting is ongoing and a lot longer than anyone expected. there was a press conference to happen a while ago that didn't start because they came out of the meeting and been invited their teams to come in and go on even longer, so not only the leaders in both countries but now they are teams they are negotiating as well. we also got the whole or that when he got the letter from president trump, he said he threw it into the trash can. does that add color to the idea that erdogan's head i'm going in either way with a you are there or not? and there are reports that he may be even didn't think it was real. >> josh: i don't know. >> harris: we were in the
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room. >> josh: whether he physically threw it in the trash or not he did not listen to them. he went forward they were immediately after. what i would say that they would go in any way, that is why we have american troops there. that is what they were doing in the first place was making sure that they are troops didn't go in and the kurdish allies in the area were not being invaded by turkey. that is why we were there. we pulled them out and obviously a lot easier to go forward and do it. i'm betting that they would not have done it had our troops maintain their positions. but you know what, that is all in the past and we have to figure out what mike pence and pompeii were trying to do. >> harris: you know someone well, senator mitch mcconnell and you have a senator lindsey graham. yeah, you will have a bipartisan resolution on sanctions, but what else are these leaders looking to do at this point? it is hard, first of all, people have already been fighting. >> josh: totally. there is no good answers in this region but here is the thing we have to remember. the further and further we get
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from 9/11, the easier it is to forget these lessons. radical islamic terrorism has been that were with the united states since early 1980s. whether the ferric bombings, whether it was the northern african embassy bombings, the first bombing of the world trade center or 9/11 for heaven sakes. the only difference after 9/11 is we recognize the work back on them. so here we are 19, 18 years removed but we do need to remember engagement in that region is not in this war but prevented war and preventing war in america. >> harris: all right, real quickly, fox news, senator mcconnell fast tracking house measure for senate consideration, even though he doesn't like the base house bill. it can be amended/altered by the senate. your reaction. >> josh: yeah, i haven't sent the statement but will come he's at a very clear articulate a policy with respect to syria as to a lot of senate republicans. i think most senate republicans
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are of one mind the exception of the senator ran a poll of kentucky. but i wouldn't be surprised to say if they actually would toughen the language. >> harris: do people listen to senator rand paul on issues like this? because he does have a divergent view and maybe a joke with the american people are saying. we want to get out of these endless wars. he is not wrong about that, but is he someone that is part of this overarching conversation about what to do now? >> josh: well, look he's very clear. absolutely zero hypocrisy in rand paul and absolutely crystal clear on where he stands with foreign policy. >> harris: johanna is nodding. >> josh: i don't think there is an awful lot to see the world the same way. >> you can have the viewpoint you don't want endless wars in the nation in the past has not worked alternatively i feel like this was not the most organized moved on the united states that has led to subsequent problems. >> harris: we make mistakes in
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that region, you are right. it didn't start with this president. the poll out of iraq and president obama. no easy answers. the one how many want to fight for the kurds? >> josh: tremendously unpopular all the time. and that is why politically difficult decision. >> harris: joe biden pushing back on the labeling 2020 rifle with elizabeth warren as the company front runner. she doesn't like it. what the show down means for democrats trying to get to the white house. plus the grow war of words with president trump and speaker pelosi after democrats walked out of the white house meeting on syria. each political side accusing each of a political meltdown. the reaction. >> what it did do is cause a melt down on the part of the president because he was unhappy with the closed questions. ♪ u drive safely.
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♪ >> he couldn't handle it. he just couldn't handle it. to the one republican who voted to oppose what he was doing in syria. he just couldn't handle the engaged meltdown. it was very sad, it was very sad to. >> harris: very sad. tensions between president trump and democrats reaching a boiling point. during a white house meeting yesterday on syria, top democrats walked out of the meeting saying the president called speaker pelosi a third rate politician. each side accusing the other of having a meltdown. the white house think this has been a pattern with speaker pelosi. >> i have seen nancy pelosi act this way multiple times and
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multiple meetings. she takes the opportunity when she is invited to the white house to have a simple conversation, but serious ones come about what we are doing at the southern border, for example, what we are doing in sa for example. she takes the opportunity to stand up and actually dictate or tried to to the president of the united states to push her agenda. we won speaker pelosi this morning added what went down in that meeting saying only that it would be interesting to such meetings were recorded. she also continued her criticism of president trump strategy in syria. josh, i will start with you. so any lawyer -- steny hoyer held hostage next to speaker pelosi. we also heard, the the democrat stayed behind but the meeting after that was a good one. what do you think about all that? >> josh: no serious lawmaker would leave a meeting like that. the things you are talking about literally united states soldiers
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become interest around the world and we have a whole lot of important things to discuss. >> harris: but it can be really obtrusive, we know that. >> josh: sure, what is the difference. you have to show up and do your job particularly when you want the house of representatives a duty to the american people to try to sit there and express your point of view. i think 100% right, this over funding battles, and we have seen this in the context with syria and by the way, trying to impeach the president of the united states. not exactly like a good actor when it comes to actually trying to figure out a way to come together and solve these big problems. >> harris: you know what my just real quickly went to back up. the impeachment process and how that plays a role to get things done on capitol hill could have been on full display yesterday. that is particularly sad. all democrats continue to say, johanna, i haven't heard you say it but a few people say it, they can walk and chew gum at the same time. can they? is it getting in the way? no matter what when you accuse somebody of having a melt down
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either direction comeau what is a meltdown? i mean, who cares? and i don't care, just get it done. >> josh: the last thing you need is more theatrics. you have big things, hanging out with a trade deal update. >> harris: which nancy pelosi indicated by maybe the middle of -- does this mean nothing else gets done because of the inquiry? at think it is fair do you want to hold a full vote and put everything up against the republicans at this point? >> josh: you have to ask the questions and should by divided no opportunity to do anything other than impeach the president. >> harris: johanna, does she? >> johanna: a couple of things, i did not like when people would walk out on president obama and not meet respectfully with president obama. >> harris: i'm curious becaus because -- before and it did happen. and that is one thing i would say, i don't like the idea of anyone walking out on a meeting with the president of the
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united states of america. so i wish that we could have a sitdown meeting where the two sites could actually meet and have cordial conversations. it doesn't sound like the president of the united states is being as cordial. >> harris: whose head cordial, it is productive. >> johanna: it is both. you cannot belittle the person you invited to your house and expect them to come. >> harris: but that's the way he operates. so if you want to do something with him. >> johanna: but the question is operating for the united states. >> harris: he is the president of the united states. it doesn't matter if he's acting like it or not. this is the way he acts and he is the president. >> johanna: a 7-year-old. >> harris: don't go to the kid plays. >> johanna: it is tiring. >> harris: i just want to >> johanna: you wouldn't let your child behave this way. be one and my child is not the president of the united states. go ahead.
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>> johanna: but this is how he behaves and he is the president of the united states. as josh said to come if you want to get something done, do you power through that and just do it? you do. i think the democrat leaders actually look like children, he called me a third rate -- and we don't know if it was third rate or third grade. but they were leaving and acting in this manner. if you are president trump you have a right to have deep, deep distrust and democrat leaders because they are trying to impeach him. they have been calling him illegitimate from day one. nancy pelosi's daughter leading the charge and if you want to talk about undermining america's faith and institution, literally telling voters that their vote is completely irrelevant. which is what nancy pelosi starter to do. you also have democrats to go after his family, ruin them and dragged him through the russian investigation as well. so if you're president trump i 100% agree if you are him how do you have trust whatsoever in
9:21 am
democrat leadership? >> harris: that talk about copeople branches of government the legislative and executive. it does not mean coequal people. she is the speaker of the house and he is the president of the united states. so if he is having a moment, you are going to tell another president president, they cuss into all sorts of things. >> johanna: they are not meeting at church, right? >> josh: i remember being in meetings and phone calls with president trump and he would lecture endlessly about what it is that he believed how bad it was. he took offense to that but you would never get anything done. >> a lot of republicans were wishing they had someone with president obama. >> that's not true. >> may be mitt romney. not obama. he's holding a meeting. >> harris: you can talk and do whatever. anytime you want, but you don't care. >> there is nothing new about that. it is about getting stuff done.
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>> making a big election endorsement. >> harris: but he has yet to back his number 2 joe biden at home. what is to make of that on the endorsement? plus, a key figure in ukraine testimony, they impeachment inquiry and the latest testimony what it could mean for the entire investigation. >> we haven't seen anything that supports the unfortunate move and what i would consider a stampede towards impeachment. ♪ $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now.
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>> harris: house majority leader's danny hori airplane tribute to the house for a little while ago today. the democrat and chair oversight committee passed away at the age of 68 earlier this morning. his office cited complications from long-standing health issu issues. coming with elected congress in 1996 and the congressional black caucus 2003-2004, his long tenure in the house of representatives has led to outpouring of condolences from every corner, of politics and beyond in washington. josh holmes, your thoughts. >> josh: congressman cummings was an absolute giant. you know, one of the few, old-school sort of politicians who you didn't have to agree with it all from a political perspective to have deep reverence and deep respect for how he came to his views and how he represented his constituents. they don't make a lot of them
9:28 am
like him anymore. yeah, very sad to see him go. i didn't know that he was in such health trauma. a little bit of a shock this morning, but condolences for his family, obviously. >> harris: you work for american first blood president. and who would often give credit to those civil rights icons like elijah cummings and others who marched. what are your thoughts today? >> here is the son of a sharecropper who was such an extraordinary builder of community and got to go represent his community at the largest stage and the most powerful nation in the world. that is the american dream. i just wish that we wouldn't have to wait for someone to pass away to say nice things about one another. because this is exactly what josh you just said, we have to start having conversations with one another.
9:29 am
and we have to start trying to figure out a way to get over this toxic cancer in america where we can't just agree to disagree. >> harris: but we did see some of that. i used to work for congressman mark meadows. we sell that friendship he had with congressman cummings put on full display february 2019 hearing when repeatedly accused meadows of, you know commit pretty disparaging things. cummings came to his defense, no, he spoke to mark's character and meadows character and said no he is one of my closest friends. congressman meadows said he felt the same way about congressman cummings. so i think we saw that in relationship put on full display to the country. i think that was a positive moment for the country. i think a lot of americans, there are these real relationships between people on capitol hill with opposing parties completely different viewpoints who still really have a genuine, loving friendship and it's possible in this country. i choose to focus on things like that in a sense there is that
9:30 am
togetherness and that united front. we just don't see it as much. >> harris: i want to say this real quickly, melissa, there are political differences all over inside the boat way but the president my warmest condolences to the family and friends of elijah cummings. i got to see firsthand the strength, passion, wisdom of highly respected political leader, his voice on so many friends. so it will be hard if not impossible to replace. >> melissa: absolutely. and i hope that one of the legacies that we can hold right now are those genuine relationships. because they seem like they were few and far between, but they are there and they are real. so maybe that is the thing we can keep in mind in the coming days. >> harris: now i will just finish with this come i was not born yet but 1964 the civil rights act with put into place. it has been said many times without elijah cummings relationship has the top advisor, lyndon b. johnson, we might have seen that come to play. i would not be sitting here. all right, we will move on. a central figure in the ukraine
9:31 am
controversy. president trump's ambassador to the e.u. gordon sondland testifying today before house lawmakers and democrats impeachment inquiries. his opening statement says president trump told him there was no quid pro quo regarding the withholdings of military aid to ukraine. josh? >> josh: [laughter] you know commit is funny. it is almost like testimony be darned at this point. we have seen all of these articles about sondland and his central capacity of this entire discussion which, of course, democrats allege a direct quid pro quo. except the testimony says no, there was no quid pro quo which sounds like the testimony we heard yesterday except there is no quid pro quo. we are getting over and over and over again the same from all these people at the center of ukrainian testimony. i'm not sure that congressman schiff will get to that conclusion. i don't think the majority of democrats on the house will get to that conclusion, but when the
9:32 am
american people get what is happening behind closed doors, which, by the way, is happening entirely in secret with all the testimony. no opportunity to question from republicans or anything else. >> harris: there is not even a transcript given. >> josh: right. >> harris: you so that resolution in the house 168 republicans on board with this idea of push against adam schiff and center him. >> josh: will, this is not some make-believe earlier nests and questioning the witnesses. like it is a legal proceeding. this is a political exercise and he's building a political case. >> harris: you know, lisa as we look at this impeachment inquiry nancy pelosi not holding a full vote which means commit is breaking with president. really, in a vision of fairness with america of the side doesn't get to defend the president, put on witnesses, subpoena people. >> lisa: to president trump point it looks like a witch hunt the way the democrats are handling this. i also think if you want to look
9:33 am
at the culpability of the media and going along with the democrats narrative, look at the u.n. ambassador gordon sondland, "the new york times" ran a story yesterday gordon sondland elbowed into ukraine policy and it could cost him. a negative article about their because he is simply the guys think the president trump that there is no quid pro quo because he is saying something that's a part of the president and how he will get the story by the media. that is the way the media operates. mind you, the envoy for ukraine, said the exact same thing as well as the ukrainians and out where money was withheld until political ran an article august 28th. i wonder who leaked that to political we need to get to the bottom of that but johanna, why do you think president obama never move forward with legal aid to ukraine the way president trump has? >> johanna: so i think if we look back at the obama administration, president obama was very thoughtful every time he was -- >> harris: what is not thoughtful? >> johanna: what he did was call for congressional action.
9:34 am
so at the time come if you look at what the president would do, president obama would sit down h military leaders and he would ask them for their advice. and i said this yesterday. >> harris: shoot with a advised them not to? >> johanna: when we pulled out of iraq, that was orchestrated such that he called president bush to tell him that he was pulling out of iraq. everyone was ready to move the trip to afghanistan and focus on usama bin laden. he played out what is going to happen if, what is going to happen if, what is going to happen if. i'm not going to say that we are perfect. >> harris: for leaders would say not to move forward with lethal aid. >> johanna: i'm going to say again we are not perfect. but taking action in the middle east, it is never an easy situation. and what you've got to do -- >> harris: you think president trump is getting the same benefit of doubt that you are asking people to have the backing president obama? >> johanna: okay, president trump literally -- >> harris: answer the question. >> johanna: here is what i would say.
9:35 am
president trump announced what he was doing in turkey, what he was going to let happen without reading the pentagon. >> harris: hold on. i want to get josh, you are having a reaction before we move on. >> josh: there is no benefit of the doubt for president trump. >> harris: you did basically say no. >> johanna: i think to the extent that we need to give people benefit of the doubt, i don't think republicans or democrats can give the president benefit of the doubt who has not read in his pentagon with a military strategy. >> josh: dealing with syria the way we are is because of president obama, frankly. the redlines that were not held, the withdrawal from the region, i mean, we were talking about not starting the president trump, it started with president obama. >> johanna: we can point fingers. we can point fingers all we wa want. we went the advice he got was not to supply? >> johanna: it was not in those meetings. >> you're not giving him credit. >> harris: this is what it was
9:36 am
like inside the white house come i don't know. >> johanna: i am not having a meltdown. >> harris: no come i was not pointing at you about all of us. we share. >> johanna: i hope not. >> harris: are you kidding me yes we are americans. elizabeth warren rice in the polls and threatening joe bide joe biden's front runner position but joe biden still would not be underestimating the competition. ♪ you're late. david! what did you think of the book? it's a...masterstroke of... heartache...brutality... ...and redemption. you didn't read it, did you? i didn't...but i will. the lexus nx, modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $349/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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i'm about to capture proof of the ivory billed woodpecker. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo! ♪ >> harris: 2020 contender joe biden says he's only front runner in the democratic primary despite elizabeth warren's recent rise in the polls. last week, elizabeth warren passed biden in real clear average national poll. though he has since reclaimed the top spot.
9:41 am
yesterday, the former vp pushed back at reports calling elizabeth warren a cold front runner. >> i haven't seen any polling showing nationally on average anybody was a front runner. you guys keep talking about that and i think elizabeth warren has run well. she is new, but now as she has moved, and she needs to be taken more seriously. people will ask her about, you know, tell us what you are going to do what you say you are going to do. >> harris: lisa, what do you think? >> lisa: that is so dismissive company front runner she has been up at the quinnipiac poll, and additionally she has been a fan polls in iowa caucus, iowa as well as new hampshire and clearly, she got the front runner treatment during the debate. literally, everyone pete buttigieg, lobo char, beto o'rourke going after her so according to the rest of the field, they see her as the rest of the field and out joe biden. it would be hard for them to take. >> hard forpresident trump, thet
9:42 am
is your cofront runner, but i think a lot rougher than joe biden saying the polls show she is a cofront runner, they have a restrictive diet in the policy, the quinnipiac because i have seen him up in south carolina. other than that, he's been trailing. look, i've been bearish on joe biden all along. i think at some point, someone will like elizabeth warren or bernie sanders and one point mullah all the dome at kamala harris but not any longer would catch him because what hen antiquated message to primary voting democrats today. they are not looking for something to resuscitate the old democratic party. it is a very, very more left democratic party. >> harris: burt fletcher said joe biden, it was like a paper straw, you know, looks good from the outside and then kind of wilts. >> i heard that comment, they played it for me this morning. i wholeheartedly disagree on a couple of things. so number one, i think, i was in
9:43 am
iowa more than a decade ago and i sold polls fluctuate all the time. that is what happens. so when we saw that, we said polls don't matter. until the vote happens, we don't stop. you keep organizing. now is his campaign organized? that is the real question. >> josh: they will run out of money. that is a different problem. >> johanna: he is fourth in the poll so that is interesting. i think our party is not a socialist party. i disagree with you. we are not socialist. >> harris: so acting chief of staff or president trump mick mulvaney just announcing that the 202020 g7 will be held at the trump national resort in miami in june. that won't cause any controversy. what do you think? you are laughing hysterically. >> josh: a lovely location. >> harris: it is beautiful, near the airport in miami.
9:44 am
do you think may be haven't the g7 at his own resort might get a little incoming on the democrats on that one? >> josh: honestly president trump does this because he knows it drives his critics crazy. >> harris: he will say durell resort 6,000 times. >> josh: the resort is equipped and qualified no matter what, but, i think the selection, he knows that they will go absolutely crazy. he loves that, he changes that all the time with this kind of thing. and that is a perfect example. >> harris: harris, the master marketer at work. he is. but i wonder because you talk about some pushback that he might get. so that boundary of running a business and being president. do you think there is a problem at all? >> josh: know, the object is this president has never been concerned about what your conventional wisdom reaction would be to this thing.
9:45 am
he just isn't, right? would i be concerned, yeah. i wouldn't want that. because of the optics of having your name on the door and some kind of an official business is tough. i mean commit is a difficult thing to do. to his point, which i think it's a good one, let's just blow through all of this media because that's all we get no matter what. >> harris: he is the exception to some of the rules i would imagine. i don't know. i didn't write them, but he's got his name on a lot of stuff. i mean, if you look around the world, turkey is one place as an example, okay, licensing to put his name on things. it makes them want to -- let's listen to mick mulvaney. >> mick: there is one difference as you look at the trump family and the biden family, trump family made their money before they went into politics. that is a big difference. sir. >> do you have any idea how much money you are looking at and also, do you want to remain g7? >> mick: i don't have the
9:46 am
numbers in terms of cost, but one of the numbers, half as much and i don't want to butcher than enough numbers but millions of dollars cheaper than it was another facility, 50% savings but as to the g7/g8 that discussion is ongoing. the president has been candid about whether or not he wants russia to join the g7 again. it used to be members of that organization. and i think he's been fairly straightforward, not only to you folks but other leaders around the world, which as we go to the g7 and white dominate so for the discussion don't make discussion russia, russia energy russian military policy, russia economy and dominates a lot of the discussion. would it be better to have him inside as part of those conversations? i think that decision will be made later and we will continue to review it, yes, ma'am. >> you said, how do you know
9:47 am
this is the best place to hold it? surely there were other places. you can't make the argument the president will not profit because we cannot know how much he might profit in the future, right? >> mick: yeah, to your first poin my think he is not making any money off at this just like not making money from working here. if you think it will help his brand, that is great, but i would suggest he doesn't need much help promoting his brand. so we will deal with the perfect place. he was here for the last time, camp david? was that the perfect place? infect those who participated and hated it and miserable to have the g7 way to small my understanding the media didn't like it because you had to drive an hour on a bus either way. >> i think your point but the g7 summit i attended to, g7 summit. how can the white house be arguing this is the only place for the g7 summit? >> mick: it's not the only place, it is the best place and those are two different things.
9:48 am
the dates -- the only good place to hold a large event no question about it. there are of limitation and we wanted early in june so that limits it a little bit. there were difficulties with going various places. so places don't have the transportation that you need. there was one place and i won't say where it was where he had to figure out if we will have to have oxygen tanks for the participants because of the altitude appeared so yeah, there is limitations at other places. we thought of the 12 places that we looked at and you recognize the names. we told you what they were but this was by far the best choice. yes, ma'am. >> very quickly, this is a business object. how will the president stand on the debate stage if, in fact, joe biden wins the nomination to try to make an argument that he profited on his vice presidency? >> mick: he will do that extraordinarily well, yes, ma'am. >> so you were talking about how this is the best place, the best place, so is this going to be self-contained, doral resort or other hotel rooms or anywhere
9:49 am
else? >> mick: one of the advantages come i understand the advantages that they came back with doral resort it could be sequestered from the rest of the city and that nearly all or all of the operations could be on that one piece of property. i think the presence of 900 acres there. so it is a huge facility. and we will have a lot of open spaces, three golf courses and a lot of space and available to us. we anticipate the entire thing being on that campus. now -- >> including hotels, hotel rooms, you can get hotels involved in that? >> mick: will, again i'm not sure about when you talk about the delegations come up example when we went to the ritz come i think we were two or three different hotels around te city. that would not be the case here. american delegation would stay on campus. the delegation would stay on campus. the germans would stay on campus. whether or not there will be other folks using the hotel
9:50 am
rooms in miami area, i can't speak to that. >> local authorities, what local authorities have you contacted about this? >> mick: have an aspect of the advance team will do that with each of the groups we work with but i'm not familiar with those, yes, ma'am. >> a video showing last week at that resort actually showed the president killing members of the news media with his political comments. why do you think he has not spoken directly about the sentiment of behind that video? >> mick: have you asked him? but we put out a statement. you had a chance to ask him that question yesterday but you have something else, which is fine. hold on a second, the question is why hasn't been asked? listen, we didn't like that. i think we condemned that. we didn't. we did not. did you think that we would? >> it doesn't sound like a strong comment. >> mick: come on john, it was awful. i've never seen the movie. no, there is no place here. i think we condemned that.
9:51 am
i don't know if he has seen or not, i have, yes, sir. >> before the cameras, are you trying to put in a place you think is the best? >> mick>> mick: yeah. speed to cosave taxpayers money which is important for all of us. but sometimes because of the appearance of impropriety, you don't make that call. can you make at least understand and acknowledge, the impropriety to make this and maybe this is something that you want to reconsider. how is that conversation going alone? >> mick: the president knows that. the president we know the environment we live in. you know the environment we live in. he knows exactly he will get these questions and get that reaction from a lot of people. he simply says, okay, that is fine and willing to take it. the same way he takes other places. he got over that a long time a ago. we absolutely believe this is the best place to have it and we
9:52 am
will have it there and folks that will never get over it as a trump property. we get that, but we will still go there, yes, ma'am. >> aside from what your advance team did to look forward for the perfect place, what role did play including getting the initial ten or 12 places in the first place? >> mick: that is a fair question. we sat around one night in the dining room and going over a couple of the advance team with the list. what about the doral? that is not the craziest of ideas. it makes perfect sense. we are all familiar with it so it's not like, this is what doral is. what about the doral, you know what that is not the craziest idea. we will look at it, yes, sir. >> i want to ask you as it relates to the decision that you have made. as the whole country, couldn't the president simply as the host country invite president putin to represent russia as the country? >> mick: as i understand how the g7 works, there will be
9:53 am
other leaders there anyway. for example i met with scott morris on the prime minister and even though they are not there i assume he came in to invite the president emmanuel macron. but the question i got originally turning it from the g7 into the g8. okay. >> could he simply invite president putin? >> mick: yes, kenny physically do that, yeah, he can. >> and he's president. would he consider doing that? >> mick: knock him up. i think the conversation with her the g7 to the g8, that could be an intermediate step, yes, sir. >> you mentioned the president is willing to take the criticism, but what about the country itself? is there any value to send a message to the world, especially given that all that has happened before and her attempts at sworn interference in this country that this president in this country is not open for self-dealing that happens in other countries? is that not an important message to say when inviting the world to come to the united states?
9:54 am
>> mick: no. what your question? >any last g7 questions? i have one. a couple of things. in the best property for this to take place the first question is why has no other g7 been held there before? >> mick: because they didn't go look at it. why did they have it at camp david? i have talked to the folks at camp david and up they recently come i think it was the g8 back then. 2004? something like that and they said it was a complete disaster. how did that happen and how did that decision get made? >> and you were talking about the president, this video where the president shooting numbers at the media. and played at the doral property. we haven't had the chance to ask him that question which we have here the president has tweeted 45,000 times, 45,000 times. how come the president hasn't used that twitter account more than 60 million followers to condemn the chief of staff? >> mick: the white house put out a statement about it. again, it's not like them and
9:55 am
hides from you folks appear to think he's almost done 100 face-to-face interviews with you. okay come anybody else on the g7? >> is this any president the studding of the g7 of the g7 summit held at a property owned by the president or a president? my second question is as you are looking at the content and what you want to do next year, in florida in june, the climate change will be one of the issues? >> mick: no, i don't know if i president has done it and i don't know if the president has owned a property consider for g7. so i don't know the answer to that question. climate change will not be on the agenda. yes, sir. >> president trump has called for its closure of the whistle-blower on ukraine and the g7 -- >> mick: is that the collective will? i have one gentleman yes or go ahead. >> last question on g7. >> just to show the american people aboveboard to come are you going to share documents how
9:56 am
you arrived at this decision? >> mick: no, but i would imagine we would share dollar figures with you afterwards. >by the way, you will get this answer a lot, okay, i don't talk about how this place runs on the inside. so if you ask us, if you see our paper how we did this, the answer is absolutely not, yes, sir. >> there will almost certainly be a house judiciary committee hearing about this site selection. >> mick: you think so? >> already talked about that. >> mick: do you really think so? is at the time to do that? >> will the administration participate and cooperate with that? >> mick: i have not thought that. this prompted judiciary committee investigation. one hand, and thinking to myself they don't have time to do it because they were too busy doing impeachment, right? and then i think to myself, no, this is entirely consistent how they spent the first 18 months in office, 12 months, i guess it's been a year, right?
9:57 am
yeah they would rather do that than talk about tax polity, talk about drug policy, talk about opioids, talk about health care. so that is a fascinating question but i don't know if there will be judiciary inquiry into this but my guess is there probably will be. and i look forward to participating. these are all g7 questions. now, moving on to something else. so who hasn't asked john carl has not answered mike asked a question yet. >> so clarification on the first statement on the g7. you said five finalists. >> mick: four finalist come i think. we started with 12 on sort of a list with the team visiting the sort of first team visited ten of those. i identified the states. we think of the senior team down and they visited four of which mar-a-lago was one, one in hawaii, two in utah. >> the entire units -- united states came down to four finalist and two were trump?
9:58 am
>> mick: no, one. doral, doral, i'm sorry. no, mar-a-lago was not even close to being sufficient for the g7, i'm sorry. >> thank you for clarifying. >> mick: if i said mar-a-lago, i'm sorry, it was doral. >> to the question of ukraine, can you clarify and trying to get an answer to this, was the president serious when he said that he would also like to see china investigated and fined? and you were directly involved with the decision to withhold funding from ukraine. can you explain to us now definitively why? why? >> mick: lets do with the second one first. look it should come to no surprise to anybody. last time i was up here, i have not done this since chief of staff. last time was for the budget reasons, right? one of the questions you all asked me about the budget is
9:59 am
what are you all doing to the foreign aid budget? we absolutely gutted it, right? president trump is not a big fan of foreign aid. never has been and still doesn't and doesn't like to spend money overseas and especially when it's poorly spent. and that is exactly what drove this decision. i've been in the office a couple of times with him talking about this. look, mick, this is a corrupt place. everybody knows it's a corrupt place. by the way come up with this in context on the heels of what happened in puerto rico when we took a lot of beef for not wanting a bunch to aid to puerto rico and we thought that was corrupt and by the way we were right so put that as your . this is a corrupt place and i don't want to send them money and have them waste it, spend it and line their own pockets. plus i'm not sure that the other european countries are helping them out either. so we actually looked at that. during that time when we cut the money off before the money flowed into the fiscal year. we actually did an analysis of what other countries were doing in terms of supporting ukraine.
10:00 am
what we found out he is come i can't remember if it is zero or near $0 from any european county for lee -- legal aid. meet you for the president say we gave them tanks and they give them pillows. that is absolutely right. as vocal as the europeans are about supporting ukraine, they are really, really stingy when it comes to legal aid. they were not helping ukraine and that is still to this day are not in the president did not like that. i know you are blowing up your question but still going. those were the driving factors. did he also mentioned to me empath the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely, no question about that. but that is why we hold up the money. >> so the demands for an investigation into the democrats was part of the reason to unfold funding to ukraine? >> mick: to look back to what happen in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about incorruption with the nation. that is absolut


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