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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

8:00 pm so be sure to subscribe. that's all the time we have tonight. thanks for watching this special edition of "the ingraham angle." have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on monday. >> this is a fox news alert. quite a conspiracy theory being floated not by a blogger but by the democrats 2016 presidential name knee hillary clinton who says russia is working to back one of the 2020 contenders for a third party run. it sounds like she's implying gabbard. tonight the senate is gearing up for an impeachment trial as democrats deep in over mulvaney's comments just moments ago. president trump calls -- later, despite the agreement and cease-fire, trump is tweeting
8:01 pm
think of how many lives we've saved by getting a cease-fire yesterday. we'll be joined by a syrian american who thinks president trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his efforts in the middle east and an american who was imprisoned in turkey for more than two years joins us live. we start with chief breaking news trace gallagher and the conspiracy theory being pedaled by hillary clinton. >> good evening, she never mentioned gabbard by name but there are only five women currently running for president and only one has been accused of being boosted by russia. during a podcast with david plouffe the former secretary of state ratcheted up the russia talk. watch. >> i think they have got their eye on somebody that's currently in the democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and
8:02 pm
bots and other ways of supporting her so far. >> when clinton says russian sites and bots she's referring to tulsi gabbard's substantial support on social media. she was the most searched name on the internet after the first and second debates. she responded tonight. >> hillary clinton and her proxies, the war mongering war establishment, who are conducting this coordinated smear campaign, and now we know exactly why. it's because i'm standing up and speaking out strongly against the hillary clinton legacy, the war among gehring legacy. >> other democrats have also repeatedly accused gabbard of being a puppet for the russian government and she's repeatedly knocked it down. she was major in the hawaiian national guard and is also an anti-war activist who has accused the u.s. of waging a regime change war in syria and has been criticized for meeting with syrian president assad who
8:03 pm
has been accuse -- accused of atrocities against his own people. the hawaii congressman has already ruled it out. you might recall hillary clinton also accused 2012 and 2016 green party candidate joe stein of being a russian asset. stein has now responded to clinton's new allegation, quoting, it's a shame hrc is pedaling conspiracy theories to justify her failure instead of reflecting on real reasons democrats lost in 2016. of course, democrats fear third-party candidates can siphon off democratic votes and help donald trump in his re-election. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you. take a look at these pictures, one, speaker pelosi, you've seen her pointing the finger at that now famous white house meeting about syria. the other picture former arizona governor republican january brewer pointing her finger at president obama. governor brewer calling out the
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media for hypocrisy, forvillefying her as a racist while speaker pelosi was hailed as a hero. we're going to get into all of that but first let's get some reaction to hillary clinton's conspiracy theory that seems to be pointed at tulsi gabbard. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> congresswoman gabbard was on with tucker carlson tonight and she said, listen, the message that i'm some type of russian asset because i'm speaking out about what's happening overseas, she says, this is what it means to everyone else. >> they are basically saying, sending this message out to every veteran in this country, every service member, every american, anyone watching at home who is fighting for peace and who is calling for an end to these regime change wars this new cold war and arms race, they are saying you are also a russian asset. that you are also a traitor to this country. >> shannon: governor, what do you make of this? >> it's absolutely outrageous
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that our former first lady and certainly our secretary of state would make an accusation like that. it just absolutely is bizarre to say that about gabbi. i'm not a fan of her, but i'll tell you, it's the strangest thing and it's wrong. i was pleased to see that she came back, she came backswinging, she lit hillary on fire today. it's just bizarre. hillary is out there, in my opinion, trying to reinvent herself and have a forum probably to sell more books, but it's crazy. >> shannon: tulsi gabbard said to her basically in the tweets this afternoon why don't you stop hiding behind other things and come out and run against me. do you think there is any chance that the former first lady gets in? >> i can't believe that she would but again, she's done
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strange things lately. she would get beat. no doubt about that, in my mind but i think it would be crazy if she tried. she's been abocting a little cry so she could. >> she said she would obviously beat president. again, she said after winning the popular vote. stranger things as you've said have happened in politics. in the meantime -- >> she just can't get over that she didn't win. she just can't get over it. she wants to blame everybody but herself, all the time. >> shannon: let's talk about the two pictures, one, i think this is 2012, back where you had this exchange with president obama. my understanding is that y'all were discussing a book in which you shared something about a meeting that the two of you had had. he didn't like the characterization of the meeting. can you tell us what was going on when this photograph was
8:07 pm
taken? >> the bottom line is, we were on the tarmac over here in phoenix and i greeted him, and i hand wrote a letter to him, a personal letter, because i was standing up for the rule of law and i needed my border security. he wouldn't listen to me. i met with him back in the white house, and i thought, well, i'm going to give him this letter and we're going to talk about what we need to get done and i tried to be very nice and polite. he wasn't going to have any part of it and out of nowhere, he comes up with this saying that, he didn't like the way that i had recognized him in my book, that i always felt like i was bending on my knees and learning at his knees, and he responded very badly towards me, and i said i need my border secured and it went on from there and it blew up. i talked with -- i was fighting for my state. i've been fighting for the rule
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of you will and for him to just blow me off constantly and continuously is wrong, and then they want to spin it, that it was a terrible law that we signed, senate bill 1070 and it mirrored federal law so now i'm a racist and a bigot. >> shannon: i remember covering that when it was argued at the supreme court. there were some pretty rowdy crowds and i remember you being escorted through that and obviously emotional on both sides. i want to read something in reaction to who happened back in 2012. bob of cbs evening news said it's just another sign of the growing incivility and vulgarity, your picture there of you talking with president obama. the "new york times" talking about nancy pelosi, democrats saw a powerful woman scolding -- the president. quick final word from you on a comparison between these two.
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>> absolutely. it's hypocritical. double standard. i'm vilified and she's fond over and she's a hero. she's a fighter. well, they can't have it both ways. the democrats are two-faced and they want to have it two ways, and it's wrong. i think the people have seen through it and it's lit up the internet today and i think people see and understand just exactly what the liberal media and the left wing of the democratic party is all about. they just spin, spin, spin. you know, it's wrong and it is -- they are hypocrites. i mean, there is no doubt about it. very plain and very clear. >> shannon: all right. governor jan brewer, good to have you with us tonight. thanks for stopping in. the democrats are wading deeper into their impeachment peach after comments by their right-hand man. david is tracking the latest developments on the story. >> good evening to you. the white house trying to contain the fallout tonight from comments made by the president's
8:10 pm
acting chief-of-staff mulvaney, those comments being interpreted as contradicting the no quid quo pro. >> an off-the-cuff answer to a question at the white house on thursday opened the flood gates of concern and confusion on friday. president trump: i think he clarified it. >> the white house and members of the administration playing down mulvaney's comment. >> there was no quid pro quo in the sense of what those folks out there would like for it to be. we're going to give you this money unless you go and investigate joe biden and his son. >> the president's private attorney handling impeachment matters said in a statement, "the president's legal counsel was not involved and acting chief-of-staff mulvaney's press briefing." on capitol hill democrats pounced on mulvaney. >> was it enough to satisfy your
8:11 pm
concerns? >> -- [inaudible] >> republicans defended him. >> i think nick was very clear in cleaning up his statement that there was no quid pro quo. >> but other republicans can't defend his comments. >> what might have been gray and unclear before is certainly clear right now that the actions were related to getting the ukraine to do some of these things. >> plunge congressman rudy from florida announced friday he has increasing concerns not just about mulvaney but president trump's phone call with ukrainian president. house speaker nancy pelosi and her caucus declined to bring impeachment to the house floor this week although they continue to move forward with the investigation. >> and tonight we're learning that energy sector rick perry who you just saw in the piece, he announced that he's leaving his post at the end of the year. we're learning tonight he'll not comply with house democrats' request for documents in the impeachment investigation into president trump. >> shannon: the only one who
8:12 pm
won't go down that path. >> exactly. >> shannon: it's all headed to the supreme court. we'll cover it. thank you. new information tonight about who is being blamed for hillary clinton's email scandal. the state department delivering a nine-page review to chuck grassley confirming its investigation into the mishandling of classified information on hillary clinton's email server is complete. this is what the review found. 38 people were responsible for 91 security violations. protocols for safe guarding classified materials were violated, another 4997 times. it's unclear if any of these individuals will face repercussions because many of them are no longer working for the government. the supreme court will hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the consumer financial protection bureau whose creation was spearheaded by democratic presidential candidate and senator elizabeth warren. the case was brought by a california-based law firm alleging the structure of the agency, which was established after the 2008 financial crisis
8:13 pm
grants too much power to its director in violation of the constitution's separation of powers. the decision in the case is expected by next june. political, legal, pow is impeachment supposed to play out and is the ukrainian phone call really enough alone to send the president pack something our experts debate after the break. e breaks i can get. line? liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> shannon: with the senate considering the real possibility of an impeachment trial and near all the proceedings behind closed doors does what we know so far amount to high crimes and misdemeanors, or are democrats simply wasting their time? welcome to you both. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: let's have something here, this is first up, a tweet from congressman adam schiff,
8:18 pm
the chair of the house intel committee, seeing this whole thing at this point. he said here are the actual facts. republican members and counsel are present for all committee depositions and hearings and have the same opportunity to ask questions of all the witnesses as they rest assured the public will learn the facts. john what about the process as it is currently unfolding? >> so i think there is a rush to judgment here by the house democrats. i don't see how you could have a careful deliberate investigation with all the protections, not just the ones mentioned by congressman schiff but also the opportunity for the minority to present their on side of the case, i don't see how you can do all that and finish by thanksgiving which is the alleged deadline the house democrats want to pursue. this is greatest constitutional responsibility that the house has, whether to try to undo the results of a national election and remove a president from office. you want the house to do this in the most transparent and careful
8:19 pm
way possible, and so trying to rush through i think it just shows it's going to become a partisan exercise which almost guarantees that the senate will not convict and remove the president. >> shannon: here's what the president tweeted. corrupt congressman adam schiff is angry that ambassadors he thought he would be good for his fraudulent witch-hunt are turning out to be good for me. he's got all meetings locked down, no transparency, only his illegal leaks, a very dishonest sleaze bag. i think maybe the only president and tom agree on and i interviewed him after the debate is they want this to be an open process so the american people can see what's going on. why not open it up, take away that line of criticism and say, okay, we'll put everybody throughout so they can hear them in their own words. >> because you don't want fact witnesses to be able to correlate their stories based on what other people said.
8:20 pm
we just saw that with ambassador sondland because of what had leaked out from prior testimony, from taylor, from volker and the others, as we learned more of the details as to how the president was funneling his foreign policy not through the state department, but there was a personal lawyer. he was having everybody interact with rudy giuliani, this they wanted to get things unthey had to coordinate it with his personal lawyer. if they wanted the official meeting between the ukrainian president and president trump they had to get what rudy wanted which was this public announcement about an investigation into barisma, which has a connection to hunter biden. that's why they had the initial hearings behind doors. >> shannon: but they -- that happened and they didn't get the aid. >> if this were a criminal proceeding it wouldn't matter. you can still bring the charge. the president can't be charged in a criminal context. that's why we have impeachment
8:21 pm
where we're not restricted to the contour of the federal criminal law. the house decides what is and is not a high crime and misdemeanor. >> shannon: what we know so far, the president released the official summary, is that in and of itself something that would satisfy the constitutional requirement of high crimes and misdemeanors? it's a rather vague bit of terminology that does give congress, the house, a lot of leeway. >> first of all, i don't think it's the case that high crimes and misdemeanors is whatever the house thinks it is or the senate. it's true that the courts aren't going to review whatever the house and senate do but it's still a constitutional phrase and they have to give it some real meaning. it cannot just be we don't like trump, we want to remove i am because we hate him. there has to be some kind of act, federalist papers, the framers called it, an offense against the body public. it's not just a criminal trial. it's not just a criminal charge so i would say, look, if a
8:22 pm
president really tried to abuse the powers of his office for only his personal, political, or financial gain that would be kind of like the offense the founders had in mind for impeachment. but that's a totally separate question from do we think, with one year left towards an election that this one phone call is enough to remove a president from office when the american people are going to have the opportunity, in just a year to decide whether they want to keep trump or not anyway? in that case i think founders would have said let it go until the election. this is not enough, this one phone call, unless it's part of a pattern and practice, widespread abuse of power by the president. >> shannon: we've got to go but -- >> and -- >> shannon: do you think thanksgiving timeline will actually happen? >> i think it's still going to happen. i think that's what they are getting into, john in terms of depositions behind closed doors. they are trying to flesh out to what extent it was more than just one phone call. they are trying to decide to what extent it was a pattern of
8:23 pm
practice. there will be ultimate hearings. this won't be a secret decision. there will be public hearings and a public vote. >> shannon: okay. we'll be locked in covering it wall-to-wall if and when it happens. thank you both. streets remain locked down after an operation to capture a drug lord's son turned deadly. mexican security forces wound up boarding an attempt to capture the son of guzman. because police found themselves outgunned in a ferocious shoot-out with the drug cartel. eight people were killed, more than 20 wounded. actually, it would haven't worse. >> the situation became very difficult, and many citizens, many people, many human beings, were at risk, and it was decided to protect people's lives. i agreed with that because we don't do massacres. that's over. >> it was the third bloodiest shoot-out in less than a week between security forces raising
8:24 pm
questions about the mexican's policy of the avoid of use of force and instead focus on social ills. administration officials are confident that the cease-fire in syria will be implemented and will hold despite today's breaches. president trump tweeting about the thousands of lives saved. >> if the president had changed his policy to begin with and tonight it increasingly difficult to find republicans willing to defend the president's decisions on turkey or agree with his version of what's happening on the ground. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell writing in the "washington post," in an op ed headline, withdrawing from syria is a grave mistake. we saw the islamic state flourish in iraq. we'll see this in syria and afghanistan if we abandon our partners before the war is won.
8:25 pm
the war will be endless only if america refuses to win them. take note in that entire ed, if you read it the majority leader mentions president obama by name three times but the word trump is not in the piece. but with his usual defenders now attacking his policies, the president is taking his message to twitter. here's the tweet that he was talking about. think of how many lives we saved in syria and turkey by getting the cease-fire yesterday. thousands and thousands and maybe many more. just spoke to president erdogan of turkey. he said there was mortar fire eliminated. he very much wants a cease-fire or pause, didn't word there, to work. that's a very different picture than reporting from the ground, witnessing turkish shelling and the kurds who used to be our allies, are saying this. >> we don't believe it's going to stop. i mean, there is no trust, because when a state carries out genocide, massacres people and
8:26 pm
kills children, what sin did the children, the elderly and the women commit to be bombed by air strikes? how? how can we believe them? everyone knows that there is no way we can trust the turkish state. >> and now comes the issue of the isis fighters who were held by the kurds. the turks claim a number of them have been recaptured and the president appears to be taking the turks at their word on this and a lot of other things although as we've reported at the beginning trusting the turks, shannon, is a lonely position on both sides of the aisle going into this weekend. >> shannon: we'll be watching it closely. more closed door testimony on the hill and this time it could spell bad news for the bidens. that's next. t off road station wagon, eh? you know it's an suv! your family is duckin' and rollin'... while we stowin' and goin' but that's cool, i know for a fact your suv does not suck. and why is that? it aint got that vacuum in the back, whoo! sucking stuff up! what else are we gonna find? we got to go. vacuum in the back, hallelujah!
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8:31 pm
it. heres herridge with what's been uncovered. >> during a closed door meeting, state department official george kent said he was so concerned about hunter biden's board position with the ukrainian company that he went to his father's office but the issue went nowhere. as the obama administration urged ukraine to avoid conflicts of interest, he believed hunter biden's position sent the wrong message saying ukrainian officials probably concluded that working through hunter biden would gain favor with them vice president joe biden, his influential father. president trump called the testimony harsh. president trump: he excoriated the obama administration and joe biden and joe biden's son saying, he has tremendous problems, tremendous problems with joe biden's son and the ukraine. >> fox news also confirmed the former special envoy to the
8:32 pm
ukraine volker told congressional investigators that bar miss ma was notorious for a history of corruption and being investigated for money laundering. asked why the ukraine energy firm would bring in hunter biden, they were looking to spruce up their image. the biden campaign responded, donald trump unprecedentedly's administration is melting down because of a scandal he touched off about trying to get ukraine to lie about joe biden. they made eradicating corruption a centerpiece toward our policy. on tuesday biden told abc news he's done nothing illegal. >> did he make a mistake? maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah, but did i make a mistake based upon some unethical lapse, absolutely not. >> this week was intense with more than 30 hours behind closed doors next week more witnesses are scheduled and in at least one case two witnesses are set to appear on the same day,
8:33 pm
shannon. >> shannon: thank you. the world's first female space walking team made history high above the earth. they were dispatched to fix a bren part of the international space station power's network. the first time in a half century of space walking that a woman floated out without a male crewmate. president trump called them about five hours into the historic space walk. president trump: this is a first step because we're going to the moon and then we're going to mars and i just want to congratulate you both. you're very brave, brilliant women, and you represent this country so well. millions and millions of people are watching you right now, but i'll tell you, what do you is really something very special. >> shannon: the next big first for a woman in space will be when the mission lands the orion capsule on the moon's surface. a female astronaut will finally
8:34 pm
leave her foot print on the moon slated for 2024. we have a fox news exclusive coming up next as well as a syrian doctor who says president trump deserves the nobel prize. unprecedented movement on a major fault in california. scientists say the fault was first identified after july's ridge crust earthquake and capable magnitude eight quake. technology could help. next time there are potentially serious conditions in play. california announcing a new statewide earthquake warning app for your smartphone. it will alert you of a quake of magnitude 4.5 or greater. fox 2 in san francisco reports that its investigation found a big chunk of money earmarked for bay area homeless doesn't funnel down to programs and services that actually get people off the streets. for example, fox 2 investigates says that oakland sets aside nearly $24 million for homelessness issues but only $4 million goes directly to help people get into permanent
8:35 pm
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but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis. >> shannon: time now for a different perspective. joining me now is a syrian american physician who believes the president should get the nobel peace prize. but first let's talk with pastor andrew brunson. y'all remember our coverage of the story. he was imprisoned in turkey after serving as a pastor there for more than two decades. it's been a released since his release. he's got a new book out called "god's hostage." after covering the story for so many years and praying for you and hoping for this release and trying to lobby the government, as the state department and
8:40 pm
white house were trying to help you, it's good to see you in person. i want to give you something tony perkins said, i'm sure you're familiar with him, he's the chairman on the u.s. commission for international freedom, you have muslims who have converted to christianity and openly practicing their faith. they become targets and the concern is a domino effect with the turkish forces focusing on the kurds. it's not just christians but any minority group caught in the region night now. >> we worked with a lot of refugees when they came over from syria into turkey doing some humanitarian aid but also trying to tell them about jesus because that's what we're about. a number of them went back into syria and they are in the areas that have been attacked so it's very distressing for us to see that. >> shannon: how concerned are you? you spent 23 years there leading a church, trying to share with people all this time. are you worried about the folks left in that region now who may have changed their faith which
8:41 pm
is probably one of the most dangerous things they could do within turkey, and in the area there in syria as well. >> we're concerned, and the decisions that were taken, they have been taken and they can't be reversed, even if the president wanted to, so now i as a christian, what i'm fzing on, i'm praying that god in some way would turn this in a different direction and bring something good out of it although it looks hopeless. >> shannon: you've gotten to know the people, so many relationships within turkey. what was that like you coming in as a westerner and trying to build relationships? >> peoples sometimes say why did brunson go over there to cram christianity down the throat of muslims and that's not at all our approach. we don't talk about muhammad or islam. we talk about jesus and to those who are asking questions. so we've had a very good relationship with turks. we love them. we believe god put some of his love for turkey into our hearts.
8:42 pm
>> shannon: did you find an acceptance of you or of christianity at all in that part of the world? we were talking about during the commercial that essentially it's a 99.9% muslim country. it must have been a tough place at times for you especially when you wound up imprisoned as well. >> it was. if you want to be popular you don't start churches in a muslim country. but we see especially in the last year, a lot of turks are coming into churches and saying, i don't want to be a muslim anymore. and i think it's the difficulties, when there are difficulties, god allows the foundations of the things we trust to be shaken to get our attention and that's happening in turkey right now. >> shannon: i know that you're out with this book that tells much more of your story. it's fascinating and we're so glad you're safe and home, and it's good to see you in person. thanks for coming in. >> shannon: next up, let's talk to a doctor, doctor, i want to talk to you about the fact that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today has said, without mentioning the
8:43 pm
president's name but he worries about what's happening in syria and this piece in the "washington post" says, unless halted our retreat will invite the brutal assad regime in syria and its iran yack backers to extend their influence and we're ignoring russia's efforts to use its position to amass power and implement it throughout the middle east. are you worried about the repercussions of the decisions made in the last couple of weeks, doctor? >> let me introduce myself first. i'm an american of syrian origin. i'm a practicing doctor here in the states. i have families, family members and close friend who is are still living in syria and i am here specifically today to tell the story of the people of -- and i believe, i believe that the president played a significant role in protecting and saving the lives of millions of syrians in adlib, and i want
8:44 pm
to highlight that, hoping that by lighting his role will bring somehow to the millions in syria a bit of a safer life. am i worried? i'm always worried. i've been worried over the last eight years about my family and friends and my homeland. yes. >> shannon: i know you've written a letter. you talked about trying to promote the president as a nobel peace prize winner because of what happened in adlib, fact that he stopped efforts that appeared to be very dangerous and potentially deadly, pushing back on iran, assad, russia, all of those things, that you have praised him for, but are you worried now that this turn of events in any way will send a different message? >> i am not worried about that. i think president trump's heart is in the right place.
8:45 pm
he proved it in adlib a year ago when he saved three million from a looming massive scale disaster and he did it out of his good heart. i was very fortunate to meet him in indiana at the rally, and he gave me the time to explain to him the dire situation in adlib then, and he went back to the white house, he verified the information that i gave him, and he tweeted assad must not recklessly attack adlib and iran and russia should not make a grave humanitarian mistake, and by him doing that tweet, and then speaking to mr. bolton and secretary pompeo, he was able to thwart a massive assault. iran, russia, and the syrian regime were closing in on three million civilians. one million of them are children. and via a tweet and via
8:46 pm
diplomacy and pressure, he was able to thwart that attack. people in adlib do appreciate that. i've had many people from adlib sending me pictures in regards to what happened, thanking president trump for saving their lives. i believe that things have been escalating lately but i believe that he's an innovative man, he'll somehow be able to continue to protect adlib and to continue to protect the rest of northeast syria, not to be delivered to iran and russia. >> shannon: doctor, we know this cease-fire that secretary pompeo worked on, everyone is praying that that will hold and be beneficial. doctor, thank you for joining us as well and for your advocacy for the people of syria. >> thank you very much. >> night court convenes next.
8:47 pm
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>> shannon: time for "night court." a class-action lawsuit. luis feels recently he visited
8:51 pm
the park and said he was denied a second soda refill as quickly as he wanteded. he would have to wait 10 minutes between each refill. he claimed he was never informed and that the business practice is deceptive. let's bring in criminal defense attorney and "washington times" -- he said he bought this cup, paid $16.99, refilled it the next day, refilled it $8.99. he said he wouldn't have bought it that it was falsely advertised. >> i have to admit they have an issue that they might want to settle, nowhere advertised does it say you only get one 16-ounce per 10 minutes. however, i do think there might be some health concerns if we have people in there getting,
8:52 pm
drinking 16 ounces in five minutes, that could be, you know, 12 sodas per hour, i think, i would have to be a doctor here instead of a lawyer, he might want to take a seat and give ate rest. >> shannon: does the park have an interest making sure he's not filling it up and handing to it his kids or someone else. should they have to fully disclose all of that? >> i don't think they have to protect anything. the point is they advertised that this guy is able to drink as much soda until he drops dead and in america, you're allowed to soda yourself out. what would have worried me, shannon, when he went to get his new soda a message pops up on the machine that said, hi, you're not quite ready for a fill-up. how dare you tell me i'm not ready for my coca-cola fill-up. it's an outrage. >> shannon: he was ready. >> it is kind of scary, little big brother cup. >> shannon: why, it's got a chip in the cup, it knows how much
8:53 pm
you're filling up. they have a way to track this whole thing. let us move to our second case, which is taco bell, in this case, there was a couple who say they went in to buy these boxes advertised on a commercial, $5 each, i think we have a video of the commercial, $5, they got their boxes of taco bell and it wound up being more than $10 or $12, and they wanted to know what the extra fees were and apparently there is an extra fee in fine print. exhibit b, an attorney says you can't tell someone you're going to charge them $5 in big bold print and take it away with a fine print disclaimer. you can't do that, it's against the law. >> this is a lawsuit for $2.18. it's ridiculous. and the bottom line is, unlike the other case, there was a disclaimer so here's my advice to the public. i'm going to start a niche practice. for all of you soda junkies and
8:54 pm
fast food junkies, if you see a disclaim disclaimer, you should hire a lawyer so you know what you're purchasing and if you're so impeached superintendente -- disgusted -- >> no one is going to stop me from eating taco bell. >> shannon: contribute exhibit c, they are proud to provide -- we'll defend this case vigorously. >> they say the words were there, alex. >> the words might have been there but they were in light gray. they only appeared for less than two seconds in a 30 second ad, it was -- the statute says it has to be clear, the fine print. and it was not. the interesting part, too, the $5, font showed huge on the ad and the fine print was 1/16 that
8:55 pm
size, and again in light gray. >> shannon: all right. we have a lot of delicious drinks and fast food to put to the jury tonight. at home you've made your argument, bob and alex, thank you very much. we'll see what folks at home think. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: on the drinks and the taco bell tweet us. use the hashtag night court and let us know what you decide. >> a lady dedicated her entire life to making a difference in every person she met. a teacher, which is a tough job for 50 years, she inspired and instilled the priceless value of education, and even after retiring, her former students would come to visit. they would introduce their children to their favorite teacher. now, on wednesday, teresa turned 100. we want to honor her service on the front lines of education, so teresa, for all you've done working in the classroom for decades, and pouring into the next couple of generations,
8:56 pm
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[ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special inside the issues addition of a "tucker carlson tonight" we'll take a step back for a deeper look at some of the biggest issues facing the country today. for hillary clinton, the biggest issue has long been the army of secret russian agents she believes are hiding inin americ, perhaps in your closet. just today, she accused congresswoman tulsi gabbard of w being one of those agents working from vladimir putin. she immediately hit back with a devastating response and will join us in just a few minutes. for most people in washington, the biggest issue rem


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