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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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what you would imagine. of course, it is. [laughter] that is it for us tonight. we will be back tomorrow night at 8:00. >> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and tonight, welcome to "hannity." i am live in washington to see the swarm, the sewer broadcasting outside of the white house were just moments ago i had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the president of the united states. the entire hour, you will hear with the president has to say about pelosi come about adam schiff, biden, the corrupt media mob and what took place with his call with ukraine. we cover a wide range of issues with the democrats ongoing secret soviet style, what i call impeachment attempt to the situation in the middle east.
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no topic was off limits so without further ado, here is part 1 of my interview with the president. mr. president, thank you so mu much. i bet you have done a lot over the years. i am going to do something to my will read the transcript because everybody talks about whistle-blowers, not whistle-blowers. it says, i would like you to do it's a paper. you are first talking about congratulations come out like you are doing us a favor. because our country has been through a lot. ukraine knows a lot about it. i would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine. and i guess you have one of your wealthy people, they say ukraine has it come a lot of things went on, the whole situation. you say, i think you are surrounding yourself with some of the same people. i would like to have the attorney general call you or your people, and i would like to get to the bottom of it. >> president trump: by the way, just so you understand, we
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are looking at the 2016 election, which was a disaster. we went through hell, my administration. people destroyed, their lives destroyed, not one person colluded. they found no collusion, no nothing, and they went through hell. there was the dnc server that had never went to the fbi. the fbi didn't take it. it was taken by somebody i guess i'll strike, that's what i have heard. that is not an election going into the future. that is for a past election that was a catastrophe. and it was a very unfair situation. after two and a half years of two years, they found no collusion, no nothing. >> sean: four investigations. the house intel bipartisan. >> president trump: that is right, many, many investigations. that is all they have done is investigations and yet one of the most successful investigations in the last two
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and half years. the first two and a half years of the administration. so when you look at what is going on, and then you see all of this horrible stuff, and then you hear about ukraine. you have been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier. was it out it out of ukraine? all of the things that happened. and i assume the attorney general, i would like the attorney general to find out what is going on. because you know what, we are investigating corruption. and i actually heard gregg jarrett in numerous people say come i have an obligation to do. that is not a question, can i do it or don't i do it? we have an obligation to investigate cooperate -- corruption. in my opinion, that is what it was corruption and if ukraine would know something about the 2016 election, you have to give that information. i hope they would give the information and everybody agrees with me 100%. but when i look at experts on
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your show and other experts, they are all sin you have an obligation to do that. so i think i have a friend a -- read a conversation taken down d transcribed a perfect conversation. >> sean: you know people -- >> president trump: he actually said this. did you know this was going to be a document analyzed? i said, no, but you have to understand, you assume are many people that it's either being taped or they have stenographers or tapes and i think they don't like to tape world leaders. i can understand that. so they have stenographers and people to take the transcribers, a perfect transcription of a perfect conversation. the other thing is, when i'm talking to somebody world leaders, almost anybody, i assume that state departments come i think mom dominic mike pompeo, many, many people. do you think i will say
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something wrong 25 or 30 or two or ten or something, but a lot of people. so i think some listen for educational reasons and some because members of the state department but there are many people listening to us. and to think they took that call now, the big thing i did with that call, sean, the biggest thing, released it. because the whistle-blowers said horrible things about this call. i think they said there were eight, seven or eight quid pro quo's. it was really a terrible call, all these terrible things about this call. i said, that wasn't a bad a call at all. what else happened? the president of ukraine so that was perfectly fine call, there was no pressure, there was no anything. one of his top people, i guess, one of his heads of states came out and said this was a perfect call. there was no pressure. they didn't even know what we were talking about. to think that they are using that. now they don't talk about that
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anymore. because that level was so good. they don't talk about anymore, sean. the reason they don't talk about it, there is nothing to talk about. spent the reason, the next thing you say though, i think, makes your point. you say as you saw yesterday, ththe whole nonsense ended witha poor performance by a man named robert mueller, incompetent performance but they say a lot of it started with ukraine. whatever you do, it is important. >> president trump: and it did, it ended with a poor performance and this is after two years of an investigation whether $45 million or something like that, they had 2,500 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, all because probably hillary clinton said just like she did with tulsi gabbard, just like she did with jill stein, she said "jill stein is a russian asset. now come i don't know jill stein. i know a environmentalist and probably a good woman but the lesson she has a russian asset.
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i don't know tulsi gabbard but i know when think she is not an asset of russia. these people are sick. there was something wrong with them. >> sean: i want to show you this and we will put it up on the screen for people at home. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire. this was january 11, 2017. you were inaugurated. this article talks about how ukraine worked with hillary to influence the elections. they give chapter and verse how they did it. now, as the president, do you feel there was -- you spent two and half years with russian collusion and ignore the dossier in ukraine admitting that they helped hillary. >> president trump: the dossier was a disgrace. the dossier was totally fake. now it has been proven to be fake. people, you know how that was done. you have a track record now and you know as well as everybody they are doing an investigation, but i think before you do the
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investigation, so they do a fake dossier on me. they tried to release it before the election to affect the election. i don't know how they did. it's the only thing i respect about the process is they refused to put it in before the election because it could have had a little impact. maybe it could have had a little more than the impact. they do a fake dossier that was probably meant to get out before the election so that they could affect the elections. and look at the people that wrote it. look at where they came from. and look at the wife of the man who works, i won't even mention names, at the department of justice. and she's on the payroll of the company that robert mueller never heard of during his testimony. think of it, never heard of it, the company. do you know collusion gps? i didn't know what was going on here. after spending 45 -- >> sean: you didn't know hillary clinton's attorney at the clinton foundation was on his team? >> president trump: look, the
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whole thing was a disgrace. they destroyed a lot of people. they ruined their lives. and what was going on was absolutely corrupt. let's see what else happens. >> sean: they should never happen to the country. >> president trump: let me tell you, sean for should never happen to our country again and that should never happen to a president again. listen, "the washington post" which is a fake deal, "the washington post" has a story on inauguration day if you are is after the inauguration day. essentially saying now the impeachment begins. so this was the whole thing. but one of the worst things, even before mueller was peter strzok and lisa page, the two lepers where he said or she said come i guess that going to win 100 million to one, she's going to win but if she doesn't we go to the insurance policy. when he said an insurance policy, that means right now is the insurance policy, okay? i thought it was over after the
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first ridiculous thing with mueller, but you know what, it is a disgrace. when "the washington post" comes out and says, now it begins the impeachment and you see every article, no matter what you do, no matter how good you are doing it, nobody is with the best economy, the best employment numbers, we have the best of everything. we rebuilt the military. with all of the things that we have done, regulation cuts, the biggest tax cut in history, so many things, our energy, energy independent now, that is why you don't see our books blown up. there are so many things. but they won't give you a decent article no matter what you do come it doesn't matter. it's a fix. these are dishonest people. when they say the impeachment albicans, sean, this was the day of the inauguration. >> sean: have you seen a montage for television on the show, two days after you were
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elected. and all throughout 2017, all throughout 2018 and here we are here. meanwhile, this collusion with the government, the political article said ukrainian american operative who was consulting for the dnc met with top officials in the ukrainian embassy in washington in an effort to expose ties between trump and top campaign aide paul manafort and russia. this was before, that happen interference. >> president trump: sure it happen. if you look at the fbi, they were doing work on me from before the election ever took place. very early on. sean, long before the november 8th election, they were doing work on me. and now, with other senators or other people in high office, they would say, by the way come i think you have a chinese spy working for you. you know we are talking about dianne feinstein had a chauffeur for many, many years worked for her and they went up to her and said, listen he may be a chinese
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spy. she fired him. nobody told me anything about that. nobody ever told me. what they did is a disgrace. and i will admit, that should never happen to another president. because what happened to people who worked for me, good people, what they had to do, they went bust trying to pay for their legal fees. they came to the washington to do a fantastic job. they were bright eyed bushytailed. they came to washington wanted to do a good job on health care, and all sorts of things. and they left and they were dark people. they left dark. and this was all a phony scam. and then you have hillary clinton saying, two days ago, tulsi gabbard is a russian asset. and that jill stein is a russian agent. and i said, wait a minute to commit took me two and a half years. i wish you would have said that earlier because people would have realize she's crazy, she's
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crazy. but two and a half years, sean, we went through this and it started before the election. and president obama in september was told about russian influence. and he didn't want to do anything about it. he didn't want to do a thing about it because he assumed hillary was going to win. he didn't do a thing about that. nobody brings that up. nobody brings up that statement to the president of russia at the time. nobody brings it up about the dossier and the election. it is a very double standard. it is a sad thing. now, you have a lot of people from clinton and from obama and you also have never trump errors, bush come i can understand the bush is not exactly loving me. because we took on the clinton family, and we beat them both. and i guess you would call them dynasties, right, that's called a dynasty. but we beat them both. and i guess they don't exactly like me, but we are doing a
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great job. with all of the great things going on and out to think it starts up again. it was reputed to her three times. and it starts again. this time, over absolutely perfect phone call with a very nice gentleman. when i read it come i said this is like a perfect conversation. i knew it before hand, but i would have possibly said something, no. so what happens is i immediately release the conversation. okay? so now we have a conversation that is perfect. and is is transcribe and it's done by total professional people, stenographers or whatever you would call them. so we have an exact conversation. i release it. now, you don't hear from the whistle-blower anymore because the whistle-blower was talking about this conversation in phony terms just like adam schiff made up my conversation. he said seven or eight times, think of this, adam schiff,
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shifty adam schiff, seven or eight times, it was terrible, sean, seven or eight times thati paid for quid pro quo. and i said, not only seven or eight times but no times because it wasn't done. it wasn't done. he said, don't make he is a corrupt politician. think about what he is doing based on a very minor conversation with the president of the country who just got elected. a congratulations, the first pages congratulations on your win et cetera, et cetera. it could not have been nicer. i tell you, lindsey graham said when he read it, he said "i never knew that trump was at nice of a person. this is such a nice conversati conversation." no, he said "i never knew he was so nice." i viewed that as a complement in this case but anyway, look it is a disgrace what's going on. in the meantime we are doing a good job running the country. that is what i'm focused on and
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this is an unfair situation. >> sean: look at the double standard hillary and the dossier, ukraine interfering on her behalf and adam schiff for three years telling us lies and then he's connected to the whistle-blower so we can't bring the whistle-blower in. >> president trump: they met with the whistle-blower. nobody knew that. we just found out that they knew. where is the person that gave the whistle-blower the information? is that person a spy? or does that person even exist? i have a feeling that person doesn't exist. i think schiff made it up here it's apparently schiff and joe biden know him. >> president trump: they say the whistle-blower, they don't need whistle-blower anymore. why don't they need the whistle-blower anymore? because it is an account of my conversation that was totally funked. now, they had no idea i would release the conversation. and i'm talking to a foreign leader. i don't want to release it conversation. people don't want to talk to me or any other president.
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but that's what happened, and it is a disgrace. >> sean: i want to go to the double standard again, whether the dossier or ukraine helping and interfering in the elections, there is no quid pro quo. then you can add hunter biden and joe biden on tape bragging about using taxpayer dollars to demand the firing of the ukrainian prosecutor. hunter biden missed no experience ukraine china, no experience private equity. >> president trump: thrown out of the navy, okay. hunter was thrown out of the navy. >> sean: why was he given that money? is it a pay off? >> president trump: in my opinion, it is a payoff. why else would it be? hunter biden with no experience. i hear the numbers are 168 million a month. they got a $3 million payment in all of those. okay? and that is corruption. that is something that has to be investigated.
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look at my watch this crazy anderson cooper the other day during the debate. i apologize for having to ask the question. and if that were me -- >> sean: he declared his innocence. >> president trump: if that were my son that took this $168 million from a questionable energy company and they knew nothing about energy. he knew nothing about energy and has a bad track record including getting thrown out of the navy, even the way he got into the navy is interesting in his position. if that were a don jr. or eric trump who are very outstanding young men, it would be the biggest story of this entry. >> sean: what does it say about the media? i agree with you. >> president trump: the media is corrupt. not all the media. i know some great people, including you, but i know some great generalist. look, they give blitzer print surprises to people that got it wrong. in all these people from
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"the new york times" which is the fake newspaper, what you don't even want in the white house anymore, and they are fake. but you take a look at "the new york times," and you take a look at the reporting they do and it turned out to be all wrong and after the election, "the new york times" apologized for their coverage because they were covering and so when i won, they actually apologize to their subscribers because they were losing thousands of thousands of subscribers. "the new york times" wrote an apology. you know, will commit wasn't really an apology. it was. the covered me so badly. and i think i said, you know, the good news, we will be covered again. you know what happened to come i got covered worse. i got covered worse. but that's okay. got covered worse. abraham lincoln. i've heard that one person that used to be five or six but now down to one, honest abe lincoln.
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he got the worst press of anybody. i disputed. >> sean: let me ask you, the democrats already jumped out of the plane. can't go back. do you see a scenario where they will impeach you. there will be a trial and then the people get to speak. would that be the ultimate revenge, which is your reelection at the people speak? >> president trump: everybody tell me it will be great for us as a republican party if they actually impeach me because the 40 seats and there are many more than the 42, 40, 45 seeds where i won or did really well or ver. those people will get hammered. meaning running in congress. so i don't know if that is true or not. i do say this and i can see it because, i mean, look at the fund-raising. money has never come in like this. look at my phone numbers have been the highest. i was in dallas the other night. we set a record in the stadium. i don't know, it's got to be an arena that is 20 years old.
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we have a record. we have thousands of people outside watching on big screens. they've never seen anything like that, but it's everyplace. dallas, which we love, that was great. they did a great job, great place but it's that way every place. look at louisiana, louisiana the other night, the governor at route 66, we couldn't get 50% but now a really great republican candidate. look at north carolina, a great state, great people. two races that will be lost. i went in and made a speech, let everybody know i respect these two guys and they will be great. they both won. they both won. by good margins. they both won. so i think the public is seeing it, actually. >> sean: all right, we will be back with more of my exclusive interview with president trump at the white house. ♪ woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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>> sean: live from the headquarters trace gallagher, the u.s. with troops in syria and after all president trump wd them all removed, asked him to keep some american troops behind. the bulk of the roughly 1,000 u.s. troops will shift to a
6:26 pm
rack. speaking earlier today pentagon chief mark esper said he considers leaving conditional contingent to help kurdish fighters combat ices. a republican effort in the house can intelligence committee adam schiff failing tonight. all democrats voted against the resolution while all republicans voted in favor. the republicans have taken issue with his handling of the impeachment inquiry sparked by president trump's july phone call with ukrainian president saul alinsky. while a nail-biter in canada, justin trudeau two hold onto power and all polls shortly but a tight race against conservative leader andrew scheer appear that is partly due to recent scandals including a series of old photos showing justin trudeau in blackface. the death toll is rising after severe storms tore through several southern states late last night. three people are confirmed dead in oklahoma while one person died in arkansas. a tornado causing severe damage
6:27 pm
but no deaths in the dallas area. if news breaks out, we will break in. i'm trace gallagher and now back to sean hannity. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" reporting tonight from the white house. we now continue with my exclusive interview with president trump. let me ask you, 2020 is here come all right? you said publicly you don't think joe makes it. and elizabeth warren, hers to lose. you have bernie, mayor pete, whatever. then you look at their positions, top marginal tax rates 70%. >> president trump: much higher. >> sean: 90% corporate tax rate, the new crane deal had a $6 trillion, medicare for all, no private options. in running against one of those? do you think of this? >> president trump: i don't want to talk about this because last time i took on elizabeth warren i thought she was gone.
6:28 pm
bernie, pocahontas. there is only one. it is not her. so what happens. and she rose from the ashes and i give her credit for that. but i don't like to talk about it. as far as i'm concerned the green new deal, fine. all of it is fine. paying 96% in texas is all fine. i want them to keep talking about it. and when it's time to run, i will run. but i don't want to talk them out of it, sean. it is too early to talk about. and not only that, can you believe it? right in the corner of that beautiful building. i was in the first night with the first lady. i'm standing in an area where abe lincoln was, all of them were, and that is the way it was. i'm standing here and i say while matt, four years as a long time. here we are almost coming up with tremendous support. we have cut taxes, we have cut regulations, great stock markets and we have over 100 days.
6:29 pm
that is in a fairly short period of time with the stock market much more than 100 days. hitting an all-time high and it's about to hit it again. we are doing great. and we are beating everybody. all over the world. china is not doing well. china is having the worst year in 57 years. and we just made a deal for farmers, $40 billion to $50 billion of agricultural products be bought by china. and we will start before they start the agreement. we have done things nobody else has done. to go through this on a perfect conversation you will be impeached, to make him impeached as a very ugly word. it means a high crime misdemeanor. that letter is a perfect conversation with a man, congratulations on your win and two mph, i don't like that. they don't mention the letter anymore. and they don't mention the whistle-blowers or any of these people anymore.
6:30 pm
>> sean: the secrecy though. i want you to react newt gingrich 1998 did impeachment. and they were due process. the president's attorneys, kevin mccarthy spelled it out, and white house counsel wrote a strong letter about how this inquiry is unconstitutional without due process and its undoing 2016 and influencing 2020. >> president trump: so what they are doing now is something never done before. and they don't want the facts to come out. by the way, from everything, i don't know most of these people and if i do my met them quickly or i know them very little, but ambassadors and some others, i don't even know. most of them i've never even heard of their names come okay? they are bringing them in and turning out to be better for us. but we have no lawyers, no republicans. because it is the minority. we have no lawyers. we can't question, we can't do a thing. they can even go in the room. >> sean: you and the republicans have been talking.
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>> president trump: look at the democrats are not good politicians. i think they are lousy policy, they have a policy of open borders and sanctuary cities, crime, all of this crime it brings drugs, and i think that allows the politicians with horrible policy. but you don't have the met romney's of the world. you don't have people that will go against the party. you had better stick together. i respect that. the other thing is they are vicious. there are much more vicious. we would never do a thing like this. they could have impeached in obama for the irs scandal, they could have impeached him for the console over the place and people getting killed with the guns fast and furious. they could have impeached him for many different things. they didn't impeach him. then never even thought of impeaching him. here, think of this. i've gone through the impeachment now since the beginning.
6:32 pm
on russia come on mueller, on all the stuff, okay? and then they come up with this crazy concept of a perfect conversation. i'm serious. a very good lawyer said "you must have known this would be a public document because you spoke so nicely." we are talking about impeachment. to me, the word impeachment is a dirty, disgusting word. i didn't do anything for a reason to impeach. the only reason they are impeaching, they look at the polls and rudy said under oath, trump wins easily. >> sean: 351 electoral votes. >> president trump: they see what's going on. the level of popularity, and they look at minnesota. minneapolis was incredible. when they look at dallas, when they look at louisiana, when they look at north carolina at the two seats if you just picked up. they see what is going on. that is why they are doing it. congressman, a democrat said we have to impeach him.
6:33 pm
because he is going to win. this is what i'm up against. who would do this? who would play a dirty game like this? >> sean: well, obviously, he said we better impeach him. because we are not going to be able to beat him. that was a phrase. >> president trump: nobody believed this segment but by the way -- when you do a poll command very democrats will say we want to win. impeach him, go ahead. it would be a terrible thing for the country, because then if you have a democrat president and someday you will have this combination, i guess, if you have a democrat, hopefully a long time but that's okay. you have a democrat president. so wait a minute. let's tell them we are running for 16 years. but listen, sean, if you have a democrat as president and a republican house and a speaker that is tough, crazy, like pelosi, she's crazy. if you have somebody like that,
6:34 pm
what happens is very simple, they will say let's impeach the president. let's check his phone calls, oh, gee hey, put in the wrong location. it is to be for high crimes and misdemeanors. and i can't believe this would not be a lawsuit. how can you take a president and they don't like to talk about the phone call. they don't like to talk about the whistle-blower. adam schiff doesn't want the whistle-blower anymore. you know why? he might have given the whistle-blower things to say. >> sean: he would have to answer questions about schiff and biden. let me ask you about 2020. since 1969, when you ran, you said, what do you have to lose? when you would speak to minorities. now you have a record low employment. >> president trump: historic. >> sean: hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, what is your message to minorities in 2020? your base look strong and you see at the rallies. what do you say to the people
6:35 pm
who maybe didn't vote for you last time? >> president trump: african-american, hispanic, asian, american have all set records, the lowest unemployment in the history of the country, not just 50 years. we have 51 years for the country, and we will end up topping that number pretty soon. that will be historic very soon if we keep going the way we are doing and i think we will. the household income is so incredible and medium household income. but if you look at african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans command the history of the country, they have the best unemployment numbers and they have the best employment numbers. today it was announced that we have the most people working in the history of the country almost 160 million. how do you beat me in a debate on those numbers? okay, the best numbers. poverty numbers are the best right now to almost all of the poverty numbers meaning -- >> seanthe best numbers and they of the country.
6:36 pm
there is another number that just came out and it came out i guess with the report saying i would win easily. the moody's report was very interesting. median household income under eight years of obama was up $975. that is eight years. under eight years of president bush, president obama, 975. president bush, eight years, eight years, $400, $975. me, two and half years, it is up $7,000, $5,000 plus $2,000 for the tax cuts that everybody caught. so you have the $2,000 you add to the $5,000 and you have a thousand, 975,000 but that is over eight years each one. i'm only here to and a half years. and i beat them by many times in two and half years. that percentage proportionately.
6:37 pm
so it is up $5,000 plus it is up $7,000, medium household income. that is a record appear there's never been anything like that. then i say, oh let's impeach the president. give me a break, sean. i don't think the people will stand for it. i really don't. i don't think the people will stand for it. >> sean: the last word, the year you are running. >> president trump: it's supposed to be high crimes and misdemeanors. >> sean: what would you want mitch mcconnell, who said i would have to do this. six weeks on trial for what? >> president trump: i can't imagine, i can't imagine that they would do it. i can't imagine it. it would be very bad for 40, 45 people, that are democrats in the district when i ran i won substantially in many cases to my won by a lot. i don't think most people want to see this. it is one thing if you commit a real crime. this was not even a big deal. this is a conversation.
6:38 pm
it was so perfect. people say, just like a perfect conversation. speak to lindsey graham. speak to all these people that have read it. impeachment is high crimes and misdemeanors. i think it is a travesty for our country. they are doing such a bad thing to the country. and that is because the democrats are vicious, and they stick together. for instance, when you do a on adam schiff, he made up the conversation. it was fraudulent. he made it sound and he took that conversation and made it sound -- now, he didn't know about that conversation. so he went up and made a phony conversation, read it to congress, read it to the american people, and i released that. that was a real conversation. so he then said "i don't know. it was parody." it was parody. so this is a corrupt politician. he should be impeached. and nancy pelosi should be
6:39 pm
impeached. they should not allow this. without it will help to win the election. they say it will help a lot with respect to winning the house back. but it's not the right thing. >> sean: from the white house, we will continue and up next president trump lays out his vision for american first foreign policy. the trump doctor, don't go anywhere and after i went in to aspen dental sickle my name is robert chackley and my rank for the military was retired sergeant major. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to payments on your timeline not ours. yes to free exam and x-rays for patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started so are we. call or book online at a general dentistry office.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are at the white house as we continue with an exclusive interview with president trump and his plan to avoid more analyst politicized wars. let me ask you about syria, and let me ask you about iran.
6:45 pm
iran drone shot out of the air, tinkers hostage and you mention energy independence. less geopolitically important. >> president trump: we have very few ships because since i came in we are energy independent. so that comment was made the other day but they don't see too many american ships anymore. >> sean: when you have syria, you have gotten criticism and it seems like you and lindsay had an impasse. >> president trump: look, we have the same name. you want to bring the soldiers back home. they were supposed to be there for 30 days. they are there for ten years. and in afghanistan they were there for 20 years. we are reducing those numbers substantially in afghanistan. but they are supposed to be in syria for 30 days. now, one thing about syria, when i took over, isis was all over the place. you know that better than anybody. two and a half years ago. i went in and when i started i got rid of all of those
6:46 pm
prisoners and most, they were captured under trump. we killed many, many isis fighters. you know, you hate to talk about it. >> sean: caliphate. >> president trump: we took 100% of the caliphate. 100%. everybody says it. it's not like oh, gee, obama did it, i did it. but you know what, it is time to bring ourselves -- and it is interesting. that little fight for two days, vicious stuff. i don't know that turkey would have done what they did, like the cease-fire. and i don't know if the kurds would have moved out. but we went through two days and some people thought it was a great analogy. it's like two kids and a playground, they fight and you let them fight minute. it was much easier to make a deal. >> sean: you are willing to because you did two things, number one, your removed rules of engagement that president obama had, two, you
6:47 pm
bombed them and pushed them out and if need be, my guess is that i'm asking about the trump doctrine in a sense, you go back overwhelming force, no rules of engagement which to me is like putting handcuffs on the military. >> president trump: so when i go to dover air force base and i see young men and women coming back in coffins, aiko to the walter reed hospital, and incredible military doctors. what they can do for these young people. and i see people, young, beautiful people, such incredible -- i served there last friday and i got purple hearts, so beautiful people that often times they are missing legs and arms, they are missing both. and i see the parents, and i see the heartbreak. the devastation and the
6:48 pm
heartbreak. i signed letters right here in this office, the oval office my signed letters for parents. >> sean: no two letters of the same. >> president trump: no two letters are ever the same. they have to make them different. they compare them. you know it is interesting even though they may not be the same part of the country, when they die, the parents get together to talk about their sons or daughters killed. amazing, i don't want to read a one letter, make every letter different. it is important to me. >> sean: we start wars. we politicized wars. then we get nervous politically. and then it seems, we put handcuffs on the military. vietnam, iraq, afghanistan, look, everything is politicized. is the next step, maybe the trump doctrine even that the next generation of weaponry, offensive and defensive weapons will we fight them from tampa?
6:49 pm
he spent a lot of money. >> president trump: we are making most sophisticated weapons ever made. where making the greatest missiles, the greatest rockets, and our nuclear is now up to snuff at a level it's never been. we are actually nuclear and building nuclear, not that i want to, but as you know, rush is not playing fair with us with the treaty. we therefore, terminated it. i believe we get together with russia, china, we will work out a nuclear pack so we don't all continue with this craziness. right now, we have the most powerful nuclear force in the world. russia is second and china is third. it is very costly and very dangerous. it is very, very dangerous. and we are discussing with russia and we are discussing with china during the recent trade deal with china, i said, we should all get together and work out something, have a cap, have a cap. we don't need 10,000 weapons. to have cap.
6:50 pm
and i will say, china and russia in talking about it are extremely excited about it. >> sean: we have to have trust. >> president trump: 100% we need all of that. i'm the one that terminated the agreement. they didn't terminate it because we found they were doing things they were not supposed to be doing in the agreement. so we had an agreement, you know, a nuclear agreement, and we also had all sorts of limits and we were the only one paying attention to it. that's not fair. but now they know we are a different country. and i think russia would like to make a deal, and i think china would like to make a deal pier that will be a terrific thing. i would love to be a part of that. >> sean: i was surprised you didn't hit iran. >> president trump: we have a lot of good deals. they took down their drones and there was nobody in it. they took down a second round and there was nobody in it. hitting saudi arabia, we sent troops over to saudi arabia. saudi arabia is paying for it. that's never happened before. we said you have to pay and they are paying and they have nothing
6:51 pm
but money, nothing but cash and they are paying. we sent some troops over there. we will give them good protection. we have a lot of good capital. everybody thought when i got elected, hillary clinton used to say, oh, you will have world war iii. phil, and very tempered, actually. a lot of people, i have built up a lot of capital. >> sean: by not getting. >> president trump: by not eating. you understand that. >> sean: the caliphate. >> president trump: i wiped out the caliphate and you saw when i hit 58 rockets, missiles right into the tomahawk's, right into the middle of syria. and knocked out a whole base. which is something, by the way president obama drew the red line in the sand and did not violate the red line. when he didn't do it, that's when everybody else came and including russia. >> sean: last question -- >> president trump: that was a big moment. he said red line in the sand and then what they did was they had
6:52 pm
chemicals and they destroyed 500 babies and children. he didn't do anything about it. that was a very bad moment for our country. but i did something. when i came in, i hit them very hard. >> sean: when we come back from a more "hannity" from the white house. the president answers to my final question that i asked him. that is next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" from the white house. here is the final question i asked president trump today at his answer. i've known you for a long time. you've already given the answer earlier today. we might move to camp david i guess. i've known you for a long time.
6:58 pm
you thrive on a battle. you thrive on fighting. you said to me privately and publicly, you want your promise is fulfilled. i guess that is what reelection can be about. all of this impeach, impeach. do you care? would you care at all what they do as long as you win back in november? doesn't matter to you? >> president trump: we've done a great job, the economy is the best it's ever been. you look again, china has gone way down. if hillary clinton had gotten elected right now china would have the number one economy in the world and right now they're not even close. they're way behind. we picked up trillions of dollars in worth and value and china has gone way, way down by trillions and trillions of dollars. when the head of china spoke to me recently and even the vice-premier just left. just left this office right here last week. he said, congratulations
6:59 pm
mr. president on the incredible job. he said we would have never have expected this to happen. don't forget, china is paying us tens of millions of dollars no in tariffs. it hasn't cost us anything because they've devalued their currency and they poured money. it hasn't cost us anything. they beaten it. they beaten it totally. he said congratulations on the job you've done with the econo economy. had hillary clinton.end, we would be the number two economy in the world. we are so far in front of china that we have smart people sitting right in that chair, right next to us, it will never happen. >> sean: i think you must negotiate everything rate of 90 for a long time. mr. president, i want to kenny moore of your time. thank you. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we will never be the rage, it hate trump media mob. we will always seek the truth. let not your heart be troubled.
7:00 pm
laura ingraham is up next. she's also in the swamp. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" with a pack show from washington tonight. three congressmen instrumental in the republican effort against impeachment. they're all here to respond to my angle and preview their next move for it plus, this is my favorite story of the entire weekend. mid romney has a secret twitter account and he uses it to take aim at fellow republicans and defend himself. what is really going on here? one of the targets of these twitter tirades, former speaker newt gingrich is here to respond. plus, as democrats look to build impeachment around abuse of


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