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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 23, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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is unofficial so far. the toxic culture of profits over safety still exists. >> neil: thanks, michael and nadia. you represent your daughter well. that will do it here. more after this. >> jesse: hello. i'm jesse waters. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." the republicans are fed up with adam schiff's secret impeachment hearings. now they're doing something about it. furious republican congressmen fought back by storming back with the latest witness. republicans also hammering democrats with a total lack of transparency. >> behind those doors they intend to overturn the results of an american presidential election. what is adam schiff trying to hide? >> what is happening here is not fair. >> there's no reason this should
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be down in a tiny room within a reason in the basement of the capitol. that's so adam schiff can control the narrative, drive polling and can get the vote that he wants, which is to impeach the president. >> jesse: all that ishappening while the media eats up the talking points. check out this. the press repeating that the testimony was devastating and clear evidence of a quid pro quo. >> up ahead, more on this devastating day for the trump administration. >> it's devastating testimony. >> really devastating piece of evidence. >> that's why the testimony was so devastating. >> it's devastating. >> devastating from a national security perspective. >> his testimony is devastating. >> sounds like a quid pro quo directed by the president. >> is in fact a quid pro quo. >> to push for a quid pro quo. >> there was in fact a quid pro quo. >> the very clear quid pro quo. >> that is a quid pro quo.
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>> jesse: not so fast. republicans in the room say the diplomat crumbled under questioning and there was no evidence of a quid pro quo. juan, don't you think this would clear everything up if they did it in open? >> right. it would be a legitimate process. >> jesse: why not? >> you don't want to libel somebody. what if they say -- >> jesse: you think it would be illegitimate to hold a public in hear something. >> no. you didn't ask me this. you said this impeachment inquiry is being done in private to allow people confidentiality, make statements and brought forward. by the way, quid pro quo, how can you not -- did you read what bill taylor said? a westpoint grad that served in vietnam, a push appointee and ambassador in afghanistan? you think he's a liar? >> jesse: i read his opening statement. what we didn't hear is him under cross examination. that's what everybody wants to know. if you're going to -- there's no
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evidence of a quid pro quo. guess what? we don't -- we can't even prove that. you don't even have any people asking questions in public. >> here's his statement. you can read it, jesse. in the statement -- >> jesse: anybody can make a statement and anybody can fail to answer a follow up questions which he did. >> you think taylor is a liar and -- >> i don't know what he is. i know i don't know and you don't either. >> the press -- the press is wrong -- >> jesse: i know they're calling people in secret and the democrats are leaking to it "the washington post." >> i can read -- >> jesse: juan, you should be p the united states of america can report on a legitimate distinguished diplomat -- >> jesse: it's all leak >> greg: the thing is the problem with the secret testimony is nobody should believe it. it's after the bat it stinks. the way i look at it, all you need to know is you have to ask yourself a question. you have historically low
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unemployment. 6.4 million new jobs a boom being economy. so far you have peace and it's contagious, juan. so what does the establishment want in a secretly a none muscly driven coup which is egged on by the media. to your point, that's the thing i don't understand. there's one explanation for this. because of the results of trump's white house so far, they realize they can't beat him, so they need to eliminate him. so what they're doing, they're willing to divide and create division among our country as a political weapon to solve their political humiliation. i have one question for libertarians, for leftists, true leftists. you have a president whose primary goal is not spilling anymore blood anywhere. where are you? this is the most progressive foreign policy i've seen in my basically replace him with a hillary pod because they don't like him? after what he's doing?
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that's pretty fricking crazy. >> jesse: dana what do you think? "the washington post" says democracy dies in the darkness. >> dana: the arguing for transparency is usually your best argument with the media. we revere the first amendment. right? so the transparency thing is good. the stunt today of -- the president said i want the republicans to get tougher. they'll win the news cycle on that today. they'll drive the news. but when the majority of the house, democrats, have the gavel, they're not affected by the transparency. they keep rolling down. until they see something in their polling or in their focus groups or the pressure from their constituents gets to a fever pitch on transparency, they're probably not going to change it. the other thing is, i think -- i feel like the goal posts from both sides are moving so much that even if there was -- there was a quid pro quo, i'm sure it would be like oh, okay. fine. >> greg: who cares.
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>> dana: and -- >> greg: that's what people do, dana, correct? >> dana: what? >> greg: like i want you to check out your corruption before we give you all of this money. that's what his job is. >> but greg, the quid pro quo here is something for the president, something of value, dirt on his political opponent. >> greg: the corruption -- no, no, no. you're talking about corruption. 2016 corruption. look into it. >> no, joe biden -- >> jesse: juan, there's no quid pro quo because the ukrainians didn't even know that any of the money was being held. i want to play some sound from the republicans on this and you can react. >> the mainstream media reporting that he provided evidence of a quid pro quo involving military aid is false. neither he or any other witness has provided testimony that the ukrainians were aware that military aid was being withheld. you can't have a quarterback
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with no qou. >> the two minutes, john radcliff destroyed this witness. there's no quid pro quo. >> jesse: dr. sapphire? >> i fined it interesting, we didn't do the time line. they have the phone conversation. trump and zelensky in july. there's reports that the white house is holding back the funds. the funds weren't going to be us yoked till october until zelensky made a public declaration. which never happened. the funds did go there. i have questions when it comes to the quid pro quo. unfortunately the lack of transparency my questions are not being answered. adam schiff is righting a tight ship with the closed door policy that he's allowing the leaks, allowing this narrative to build up like inflated verbiage and it continues to divide the country. that is their number 1 goal, massive division nor 2020 election. i'm tired of this posturing just for election purposes. >> jesse: i think, juan, after a while, if you're going to
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continue to do this in the dark in secret so the country cannot why the president is being impeached, people will be fed up with it. i think this is going to do long-term damage here. >> you don't know why the president is being impeached? >> jesse: you can't have any even seen by republicans. they can't see transcripts. near threatening to withhold checks from people testifying. >> you don't know why the president is being impeached? >> jesse: you want to see the full evidence. you want testimony -- >> it's a legitimate constitutional process that they would hold -- >> jesse: you think it's legitimate to do it behind closed doors? >> absolutely. >> jesse: you think this is legitimate? >> i just told you i do. the second thing that will come out and you'll say oh, my gosh. why are they presenting it this way? this is unfair to the president -- >> jesse: when will it come out? >> in a month or so. it's the senate that should be worrying you. right now the daily call or
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somebody did a poll of all the people in the senate. forget the poll of the american people that think this is legitimate. there were only seven senators that said they're not open to the inquiry, impeaching -- >> jesse: do i look wor worried? dana, where is this going? >> dana: schiff will keep calling the witnesses. each side thinks they're winning. there are republicans that think you impeach donald trump -- impeachment does not mean he won't be president anymore. clinton was impeached and his polling numbers went up. his popularity went up. probably had a chance to run for a third term, who knows who would have happened. i don't know. but there are republicans that believe this is helping him. then there are democrats that think that they have to do this he in order to fight back against their base who is frustrating because they say how are you holding the president accountable? meantime, there's reporting
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today that pelosi's team and the trump white house are still working on their plans, whatever you think about the lowering of the drug prices, their policy proposal, but they're still moving forward on that and the trade deal, the usmca is still on track as well. maybe it's possible that they can get things done and continue with impeachment. >> jesse: are you talking about walking and chewing game at the same time? >> dana: a great cliche'. >> jesse: how close is hillary clinton to a 2020 rematch with trump? that's next. ♪ when you look at the world,
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which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. ♪ >> juan: ready for hillary 2020?
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speculation mounting clinton could jump into the race. she's reportedly mulling a rematch with the president after feeling vindicated on her e-mail scandal. it also comes amidst reports against the party's leaders have concerns about the group of democratic contenders. greg, let's start. >> greg: you know i predicted this. i predicted this how many years ago? the problem -- remember, i always said she was -- she was always wanting to change the first line of her obituary, right? doesn't want to be lost to trump. what is missing here, what is missing here is friendship. friendship isn't somebody saying hey, i'm going to support you. friendship says are you nuts. if a person runs, they would say stop, let's go to happy hour, get a day drunk going. i'll call my guy. he will meet us at the airport. forget about this. it's stupid. here's the thing. she cannot enter the race without being number 1.
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she can't return to the world as a third or fourth banana. that would be like brad pitt leaving motion pictures to do the local weather and pick the city of your choice, dana. boise. okay. so the only way for her to do this is to a massive orchestration by the party in which everybody has to stand down, right? she has to be ushered to the front of the line. bernie ain't going to be her vp. that would be little hilarious if joe was and the vp choice would have to be mayor pete. this is worse than the bernie -- the debate thing. this is worse than that. it's not happening. it's going to piss off too many people. >> juan: i asked where is this coming from? i don't see any reality to it. steve bannon has been on fox business promoting this.
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the "new york post" has been promoting this. drudge had a picture of hillary in a halloween witch's hat like the witch is coming back. i think of myself, maybe she's a villain for the republicans, they want to beat up on her. >> dana: i don't know. >> greg: really, juan? >> dana: the thing is, she's been on a book tour with her daughter that coincided with this process and the timing of it. so partly she's out there and commenting -- the book is about successful women in history and all of the great stories. >> greg: which is why she's not in it. >> dana: but besides her obituary, she didn't just lose to trump, she lost to obama and trump. that's unique. not everybody can say that. and she doesn't have people saying stand down. maybe she's whispering that she feels she could beat him. remember, she thinks she did beat him. she thinks that facebook got in her way, russia got in her way.
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there's no personal responsibility. she can't move on. >> juan: jesse, i saw a poll -- did i miss something? >> dana: i think so. >> juan: i agree with you. cnn had a poll today, had biden spiking up now at 34%. warren at 19, sanders at 16. so biden is at his highest number since he entered the race. >> jesse: yeah that is interesting. here's the interesting thing. why are donors so worried about trump winning if all the polls show trump losing to biden and warren and bernie? it just tells me you can't trust these polls over a year out. they had dukakis being reagan. hillary loves they're talking about her. she was wasting away. now people are interested in hillary and excited about the possibility of hillary getting back in. >> juan: am i wrong to say that conservatives -- >> jesse: i would say "the new
2:19 pm
york times" reported that donors are asking about hillary getting into the race because they don't think these guys have what it takes. here's the thing. she did win the popular vote. she could run against trump's record hand she wouldn't have a problem raising money. she's still crooked, she matches up terribly against donald trump and the rest of the party is not behind her. it will be an absolute mess if she jumps in. >> greg: it will be great. >> i have to agree with jesse. shocking. she's still crooked. the state department came out saying no persuasive evidence of systemic deliberate mishandling of classified e-mail. that is just so specific. so what she's ignorant then? they did said there were hundreds of security violations. >> 588. >> either she's ignorant and clueless or a terrible leader and are her underlings do her
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dirty work for her. buttigieg said she lost because we have to -- don't vote for him because he's bad. they're doing the exact same thing over and over again with their impeachment and just trying to discredit everything that president trump does. they're falling into their sam pattern, don't vote for him. only vote for us because it's not him. they're not putting forth anything great. i don't think she's running at all. this is all just silly. she can't endorse the thought of having another woman in the lead. so i think that that is why she continues to try to make herself relevant. she won't run again in my opinion. i think it just kills her that there's so many women in the field right now. >> juan: by the way, the fact that the democrats are saying here's a healthcare plan, trump has none. that doesn't strike you as a democratic agenda going forward? >> everybody has their plan. whether or not it will work in our current society is a
2:21 pm
completely different thing. elizabeth warren has a plan and i think it's nonsense. plans mean nothing. president said it, healthcare is complicated. >> juan: mark zuckerberg takes a hot seat in the nation's capitol. he's facing questioning from democrats in congress over the political ad controversy and claims of bias. that's next here on "the five." ♪ at verizon, we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. that's and other arenas across the country chose verizon as their 5g partner. when fans arrive this season, they'll need 5g with ultra wideband
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♪ >> dana: democrats appear to have a new public enemy. facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg. they want him to police the platform more, start censoring political ads including and especially from president trump that they feel could tip the scales in the next election. democrats going after zuckerberg on the hill.
2:26 pm
>> you plan on doing no fact checking on political ads. >> we do not fact check politicians speech. the reason for that is that we believe that in a democracy it is important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying. >> so you won't take down lies or you will take down lies? it's a yes or no. >> russian interferes with u.s. elections. you admit it. that you were caught on your heels. the question is, what has been and what will be done for 2020? >> dana: greg, we talked about it earlier. if you can't beat the president at one thing, then you want to take away his ability to communicate. >> greg: yes. >> dana: republicans have problems with facebook as well. it comes from both sides. but this issue about political speech and who should be in charge of policing out -- >> greg: to that point act the fact there's a lack of
2:27 pm
innovation on that side. what a contrast. you compare facebook to these capitol hill clowns, 90% of these relics need to be briefed on what facebook is. maxine waters thought facebook was an actual book filled with faces. speaking of maxine, she's promoting freedom of speech. this is the extremist that ordered her constituents to mob anybody this might have been sympathetic to trump. facebook is not the danger. the growing intensity of the regressive left is coming from another side. they're beating up people and throwing stuff on politicians or the troll farms. >> dana: the ads on facebook like the fake bots that have been purged and they have new securities in place to make sure that that doesn't happen again. you think it's possible that as things start to shift that
2:28 pm
silicon valley might rethink who they align themselves with? >> jesse: imagine being a genius, dana. >> greg: i don't have to. >> dana: tell what it's like. >> jesse: being stuck in the room with a bunch of idiots. this is what that is like? certified genius and a bunch of idiot politicians with no talent and no brain as greg said berating hem like they have any idea what's going on. they should be thanking mr. zuckerberg. thank you, mr. zuckerberg for letting me stay in touch with my family. thank you for creating millions of jobs, billions of wealth. revolutionizing the way human beings communicate all over the world. instead, they're lying oh, you let republicans lie? we're the only ones that can lie. come on. how absurthat? i think the obama administration was caught flat footed, not
2:29 pm
facebook. >> greg: what is wrong with flat feet? >> i have arches. i found maxine waters to be so snarky with zuckerberg. she said you think you're above the law. to mark zuckerberg, this genius -- i think it's ironic coming from her who had three ethics violations charges dropped on her, subsequently dropped. but i find it despicable the way they treated this man. you have two different issues when it comes to facebook. the market power and his libra cryptocurrency. i have concerns with the monolithic company with a history of security breaches having their own cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency is the future. i'm not there yet. i can barely use my iphone. i would love to see cryptocurrency this big coming
2:30 pm
out of america as opposed to somewhere else. >> dana: juan, you think the democrats will try to push forward to try to make facebook police speech on their platform or maybe do they think enough public pressure can be brought to bare to change their policy? >> zuckerberg said he would like them to do this. my concern when i listen to you, i think goodness, gracious. we know facebook was exploited by the russians. >> greg: they did a terrible job. >> juan: they divide us by race -- >> greg: those are the democrats, not republicans. >> juan: come on, greg. you have no problem with that. or politicians are allowed to put lies out, things like that pelosi video of her appearing to be drunk when we know it was distorted and wrong and nancy pelosi asked them to take it down. they refused. yet you guys are like well, no, he's a genius.
2:31 pm
if he's a genius, he brought something in to us that is like a germ that is absolutely damaging to our democracy. >> politicians lie all the time. bernie sanders -- >> juan: let me say so donald trump's campaign spent about $2 million to buy 1,800 ads on facebook in september. got 16 -- what is it? >> greg: how dare he. >> juan: a distorted version of what he did in terms of violating the conversation. why are those lies allowed to go out like that? that's wrong. >> greg: thank god liz warren is not lying. >> dana: yeah, who would police is that? thank you for that. a great discussion. >> greg: was it really great? >> dana: the next time you curse, could land you behind bars. greg has the story next. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help...
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>> greg: one shouldn't take crazy stuff seriously. there's nothing normal about crazy stuff. you don't want to pretend there is. problem is, this is the golden age of crazy. yeah, this in california, this in london, and now in boston, state democratic rep dan hunt introduces a bill that makes using the word let's say used to describe a pregnant dog punishable with six months of jail time. before you dismiss this as tippo, let's not forget it made it this far from a citizen to a governmental body in a large state. crazy is like mold. the longer you look away, the bigger it gets. this is what happens when you pretend crazy is never going to get out of its crazy little box. crazy is out of the box, which was the college campus. and then the california legislature and now it's spread to media, to h.r., to government. when sane people go for shelter,
2:37 pm
the crazy comes out. when socialists run for president, words get banned, secret cabals undermine a duly elected government egged on by the media and they call you crazy? real crazy is on the march. crazy wants to turn mass to jibberish, throws fluid on politicians, mob people at their houses, spits and punches those for wearing hats, keeps the sick and drug addicted on the streets, brands biology a phony construct and now they want to make insults illegal? with them running the asylum, who can say they're wrong? jesse, this crime to say the b word -- i'm doing that for the producers. i would have said it. you're welcome, megan. this crime only needs to be verified by the person being called a b word and a witness. so dana and i can set this up.
2:38 pm
you can say jesse called you a b and i get to sit there. not really. you can -- >> jesse: if you want to switch seats. >> greg: no, you would do to jail -- we should do that tomorrow. you'd go to jail and pay a fine. >> jesse: that's true. a big fine. when the pilgrims landed and they had no food, they said son of a -- we need something to else. and i think bad words were used. john hancock, is that a problem? how about this? the patriots. they're playing the jets. tom brady is talking trash at the defense making the jets defense is. that a problem if that gets picked up on the mic? are they going to fine tom? ridiculous. >> greg: a sound argument. >> jesse: i rest my case.
2:39 pm
>> greg: juan, two students were arrested at uconn for i think they said the n word. we have the tape. but it's -- show the tape. you're not going to hear anything anyway. >> [bleep], [bleep], [bleep]. >> greg: that's good. they got arrested. you have to agree i don't think the first amendment has an exemption for racist speech. >> juan: no, i'm a big proponent of the first amendment. when you you have hate speech like burning a cross -- >> greg: it's an act. >> juan: but it's hate speech. but what you said with tom brady demeaning the defense, that is not what this is about, this is about using the language to intimidate and insult. that's why the woman went to her politician and -- >> greg: this is illegal. what a weak person. >> juan: but to my mind, you do have words that are fighting
2:40 pm
words that can cause public harm. you can't scream fire in a crowd -- >> greg: that's not what this is. by the way, how many people shout fire in a crowded theater? it should be illegal. >> juan: this happened with westboro baptist church. they were allows to hold a protest at the military because they oppose the acceptance of gay people. at some point, the courts did say you know what? you can't interfere. you have to stop. you're demeaning people in the midst of expressing their grief. >> greg: what is interesting about westboro, at least they set a standard. that's like that is so awful. >> dana: obvious. >> greg: yes. >> dana: what is ironic, you have a state like massachusetts where -- it's bipartisan but mostly coming from the left, that you should reduce jail time. now they want to increase jail time for this person. also, you listed the places where this originated and
2:41 pm
affected all of our places but you forgot the united kingdom. this happens in britain. you can be arrested because -- jesse overheard us talking and now -- then we're marched off of fox news. >> greg: or -- >> dana: and their list is not just the b word. it's anything. >> greg: you mix gender, you're a candidate, too. dr. nicole, swearing is therapeutic. >> it is cathartic. there's small studies that show that it releases endorphins and stress relief. this is encroaching on the first amendment. it's a broad overstretch for disorderly conduct. they need to stay away from first amendment rights. >> jesse: remember when dana cursed on the show? >> dana: truth is a defense. >> i don't trust people that curse -- >> dana: when a guy takes an
2:42 pm
alligator and runs around a store -- he should be called that word. >> jesse: what was that word? >> dana: an a word. >> juan: i don't any he would be intimidated. >> greg: the fastest seven is next. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's either the acertification process.t or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind
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>> time for the fastest seven. first up, liberals have a new plan to save the planet. it's called flight shaming. they want people to promise they won't fly in 2020. juan, i'm going to start with you. 3% of greenhouse emissions are from air travel. this is their big push. this is how they're going to save the world by telling people if you want to support our planet you can't fly? >> i don't think they're saying that. nobody is saying take a train to hawaii. that's crazy. you should be aware -- >> jesse: the green new deal -- >> that's in your fantasy. you try to demean it. but i think that what people -- when i look at these numbers, it's a very small number of travelers that constitute most of the air travelers in the country. they're flying around all the time. in fact, at this table, nicole,
2:47 pm
we made fun of hollywood stars that get on jets and go zipping around. >> they're shaming everybody else for traveling but they're flying private. >> greg: that's the problem with this stuff. we're being told our worth by people that are basically doing everything that they're condemning. these people seek to deprive joy in other people's lives. i did this podcast with ryan streeter about how activists have no friends. this is why. all they -- they seek worth from depriving joy from others. if they were given a free first class flight to tahiti they would be on it in a second but not condemning you for not having an electric car. >> dana: or flying to denver to see your mom. >> that's the problem. >> jesse: for those of you unfamiliar with europe, a lot of travel takes place via train. it's not like going from new york to florida or new york
2:48 pm
to denver. >> greg: they have a chunnel, by the way. >> jesse: across the channel. >> greg: yes. >> jesse: it's easy for them to go on a diet when they can zip across through a train. it's no sacrifice. >> you think this is more of a political stunt? >> dana: it is a little bit and a great way for some green companies to make money. so they'll say you can offset your carbon footprint by paying us. those turns out to be schemes and scams. >> jesse: you get paid not the fly. >> dana: you pay them because you take a flight and you feel guilty about it. i'm going to pay you and i'm going to go plant a tree. that offset it's my carbon footprint. >> nobody is out here to tell me. some of these are off limits. i'm going to live on the wild side. what do you think about this pose here, tina? here on the thunderbird.
2:49 pm
>> oh, no! >> i hit that other car. >> are you kidding? >> nobody is looking. hold on. zoom in here. >> leave your name andnumber object the dashboard. >> so the guy damaged one of the classic cars and the tv station had to apologize. he got fired for this. jesse, tell me, you think this is pure stupidity and warranted being fired? >> jesse: i would never do this. sometimes in the field you have to create drama. i have never been guilty of that. but sometimes you have to gonzo and make the story about yourself. he has no integrity. >> greg: what is so funny, it's -- he says nobody is here to see this in front of camera crew. he's not very bright. i bet they what waiting to to fire him. these kind of cars -- i'm mad at
2:50 pm
the people running the show. because if i'm trusting my car with a guy managing it, it's his job to keep the idiots away from the cars. so it's not his fault. >> jesse: you can't jump on a car like that. >> greg: where is security? >> exactly. i agree. i find it interesting to pick the pink car, the one that he focused on that he liked the most. >> jesse: are you making a diagnosis? >> come on, it was idiotic. delicious chocolate chip cookies, could that be addictive as hardcore drugs? sugar could be stronger than cocaine. i have my doubts but i do love a good chocolate chip cookie. juan? >> jesse: you're looking at a sugar addict. i love chocolate chip cookies, especially if i go to somebody's house -- sugar is addictive.
2:51 pm
do you agree? >> dana: it is. chocolate -- >> greg: stop this. whoa, whoa. if we're going to do this segment and we're saying that chocolate chip cookies are more addictive than cocaine and we bring out the cookies -- >>'s never seen it. >> greg: you've never seen it. come on this. is half the segment. come on. >> we're going to do lines of sugar. >> crush up the crumbs. greg you can cut them up -- >> greg: i don't know what you mean. >> a terrible idea. >> juan: dana has no idea. >> greg: snorting cookies. >> dana: what are you talking about? >> needless to say, if you have to choose one, i highly recommend you choose a chocolate chip cookie. one more thing is next. ♪
2:52 pm
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♪ >> jesse: it is time for "one more thing." to. to dana. a >> dana: i would like to think your assistant johnny for finding on this cute little thi. watch when he proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend. my god. >> are you okay? >> yes. >> dana: on the left-hand side, he gets down to propose to his girlfriend, he has 20 years old, and he trips that little girl, and the little girl scolded her for ruining the moment. they felt bad. it was a cute little movement in texas. congratulations to the love lovely couple. and a new podcast called i tell you what, and i talk about how i thought i had appendicitis, but apparently i don't. >> jesse: what did you have?
2:57 pm
>> dana: a grumbling appendix. >> greg: that's a bad time for the couple, you trip a kid when you are proposing. it's bad karma. it is true, my podcast with ryan streeter, this is a great topic. on the politics of loneliness. why people who are lonely gravitate towards political activism. and it is really, it is eye-opening stuff. all right, let's do this. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great want to be tripping any kids here. i have been a boss and many kinds of places. i hate employees who fake illnesses to get out of work. check out this course. he does not like people riding him, so he always when people get on him, he falls down.
2:58 pm
it is true. he sticks out his tongue and pretends that he is dead. he is a lazy bum, this horse. a lazy, lazy bum of a horse. >> dana: he is smart. >> greg: and that is why, dana, animals are great. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> jesse: that was one of your best animals are great. last night i was at the second annual new york city rescue dogs lockdown, cochaired by trump that rescues dogs in kill shelters and give them out to owners, rescuing 1500 dogs this year. and raising about $50,000 last night. and i almost took this little dog home with me until he told me that it would grow up to be 60 pounds. and then somebody else took it. wednesdays with waters. there he is, everybody.
2:59 pm
one. speed limits be one you heard of pumpkin latte, you heard of pumpkin pie, but have you heard of a pumpkin vote? this is in tennessee, hollowed out a 910-pound pumpkin and made it a vote, he was rolling around when he lost balance, that's like what happened to cinderella's pumpkin carriage at midnight, they are pumpkin regatta races in nova scotia, may be just and will start his own pumpkin paddling contest. >> greg: he is out of his gourd, quan. >> i would like to take a moment to congratulate my friend michael on their new album prepared to lose. i had a child when i was in high school when it felt like the world was crumbling around me, i had this one friend who said that i would still -- that is my son, my one friend michael told me that i would still achieve every goal that i
3:00 pm
wanted, just on a different path. any here him to this day. i just wanted to share a little bit of the album with you today. >> jesse: set your dvr, never missed an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. hey, brett. a >> bret: hey, jesse, president trump announcing a permanent cease-fire between turkey and syrian kurds. storming the capital room where democrats conduct secret impeachment proceedings behind closed doors and away from the public. it turns out president trump is not the only one to have called impeachment a lynching. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i am bret baier. president trump said the u.s. will let somebody else fight over "the long bloodstained sand in the middle east."


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