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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: no end to it... if you love mark steyn, i'm off tomorrow for an event for one of my kids. mark steyn's poster. >> tucker will be on the dark web! >> tucker: i will return. we'll be back tomorrow night. hannity is next. >> sean: tucker, thank you. we are back with "hannity." breaking news, multiple fronts, "the new york times" has in fact reported and confirmed that barr's department of justice have now shifted the probe into the origins of the russia collusion witch hunt? it is now officially a criminal investigation. this is a major huge development. finally we might get to the truth as we been demanding for quite a while. let me tell you what this means by that means the u.s. attorney john durham who has subpoena power, he has the ability to impanel a ground grand jury and file criminal charges in the case. this is a major development literally breaking in the last few minutes.
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that means the suspect criminal activity, clearly the deep state are in the state of panic tonight. days been desperately trying to get ahead of the story and tonight the deep state, the messengers at "the times" have every reason to panic. barr the attorney general has been getting closer to the truth warranting this development. that's not all. also breaking moments ago we learned the inspector general's report on fisa abuse will soon finally be released to week, the people, the republic, with very few rejections. we have used , huge developments coming up. what i'm going to tell you is not a joke. hillary clinton is considering another run to the white house. one longtime clinton advisor quoted as saying that a third presidential debate is not out of the question and that his former boss would think "long and hard" about entering the race. i think the trump campaign would
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be thrilled for that rematch but wonder if she's going to pay for another russian dossier. also run another secret server. clinton was already invalidated once losing the presidency in an electoral landslide. up then she's come up with a whole bunch of excuses, facebook ads, media coverage, fox news, or emails, james comey, even blaming the flashing videos on the dark web. of course, she blamed the russian collusion. never mind the fact that it was her campaign that actually paid for the dirty russian dossier. by the way, the dnc now know was colluding with ukraine. look at this very politico january 11th 2017. for some reason, hillary clinton has yet to consider the inverters just don't like her. she see russians everywhere apparently. by the way, speaking of which, democratic hopeful tulsi gabbard will join us today on this program and as hillary clinton
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basically accused her of being groomed to be a russian operative, to help russia. she served her country. that's a disgraceful comment. meanwhile, tulsi committed plus, the great one mark levin is on fire. what he'll do tonight you will not see or hear anywhere else on any news channel. in full detail how this is an illegitimate secret soviet style coup attempt is going on in the house. total lawlessness, all produce it and pushed aside, no due process. it should be an affront to every american whether you're liberal, conservative, republican, or democrat. this is about law, and constitutionality. something you would see in the former soviet union or may be venezuela or cuba or any other banana republic. not here in the united states of america. make no mistake, if they can
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formally persecute a president in secret the way they are doing this behind closed doors, nobody is safe. as we reported last night, senator lindsey graham following through today with his resolution condemning the corrupt adam schiff and, of course, his secret coup attempts. already 46 republican senators have signed on to this measure. that is huge in less than 24 hours. it slams the house democrats are violating "basic cornerstone rights detailed in the united states constitution." take a look at your screen. these were the rules during bill clinton's impeachment. this is what happens when newt gingrich was speaker. the house openly debated and held an official vote. the scope of the inquiry was defined. members could see the evidence. imagine voting members could actually see evidence! as it stands now, virtually no one can see anything for the hearings are in secret, the transcript are in secret, not even members of congress are allowed to view the transcript
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unless they serve on the intel committee. by the way, they go over to see it, they can only view the transcripts if one of schiff's minders, his staffers, are present. other rights afforded to clinton, ability to have council president, ability to cross examine, submit evidence, build a case. these are not revolutionary concepts in any way, shape, matter, form. talking about basic rights, basic jurisprudence, due process that supposed to be afforded to every american excused accusedf wrongdoing. apparently that doesn't apply to president trump. why? he beat them in 2016. senator graham took a sledgehammer to the democrats' unconstitutional and illegitimate witch hunt in a fiery press conference. take a look. >> what's going on is a runaround of the impeachment process, creating a secret proceeding behind closed doors that fundamentally is in my view
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denies due process. when you are talking about removing the president of the united states, seems to me you would want to have a process that is consistent with who we are as americans. if you can drive down a president's poll numbers by having proceedings where you selectively lead information where the president who is the subject of all of this is pretty much out, god help future processes. >> sean: joining us with more is lindsey graham's. you now have 46 signatures in less than 24 hours. obviously -- well, you bring up a lot of points here. let's go to this and i wanted to get to this breaking news about this being officially a criminal investigation. that's huge. you are missing mitt romney. you are missing susan collins. i think lamar alexander. who else?
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>> here's the point i'm trying to make. the senate is in the process of sending a message to the house. we believe that what you are doing in the house is devoid of due process, it's outside the norm regarding past impeachment proceedings, but you are shutting the person out from being able to defend himself, your basic accusations on anonymous sources, no right to confrontation, and this is basically at its core un-american, dangerous to the presidency. they took an impeachment inquiry both and 300 people, i believe it was, voted against opening up a formal impeachment inquiry. they lost. now they are trying to runaround transparency. they are going through a backdoor process and it should scare every american. this is not about donald trump anymore. this is about the future of the presidency. this is about who we are as a nation for the sake of the presidency and due process in
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america, i hope we can tell the housetop, do not continue what you are doing. it is dangerous. >> sean: you know as you come on the air, this just came minutes before we came on air, the justice department has now, their investigation into origins of the russian investigation began as an administrative review. it is now officially a criminal investigation. even "the new york times" acknowledges what this means. that means that we know in this case john durham, gives him the ability as prosecutor the power to subpoena, the powerful witnesses, testimony, documents to impanel a grand jury, file criminal charges. we know about mr. durham's reputation, widely respected. this is "the new york times," a veteran prosecutor who has investigated cia torture, broke up my few rings, could help insulate the remaining -- the deep state wants to go after him at "the new york times," they'd
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be doing the president's betting. looks like the rule of law is looking to slowly grind to a conclusion? >> i have a lot a confidence in bill barr to be fair to everybody including the subject of investigation. john durham with the probe. why is a so important? we can't live in a world where the rule of law only applies to democrats, not republicans. can you imagine if we were trying to impeach a democratic president with this process in the house? bottom line here, if you have two fbi doj lawyers who wanted to be a to win, clinton toulouse, all the stuff would be front page news. if the republican party went to go get dirt on hillary clinton, it would be all over the place. what did we learn? when it comes to america media, doesn't matter how you get trump as long as you get trapped. they are yelling at me rather than yelling at the house democrats were using a process that you could not get a parking ticket for. >> sean: you have your letter
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being signed on by 46 senators less than 24 hours. we have the breaking news of the justice department investigation that the origins of this witch hunt has taken a dramatic level of seriousness with the real subpoena power and real ability to charge people. we also have just breaking again in the last hour, the inspector general report, letter from the inspector general michael horowitz on fisa abuse will now soon be released to the public with very few rejections. your committee will be in charge of this, senator. your reaction to all of this? >> i'll let him go to this report, tell us what happened with the fisa warrant application, was the counterintelligence investigation properly open the couple there wrongdoing by the doj or the fbi. but here's what you can't fix. you can't unring the bell. what's happened to president trump and the house has done a lot of damage. they selectively leak
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information from behind closed door testimony, damaging the president, no rights to confrontation. they are making him look guilty in that process that no american should tolerate for any other american. so the political damage has been done. they have done this on purpose where they couldn't get the impeachment inquiry through the house so they created a sham process to destroy the president politically. the one thing i feel so bad about is that president trump seems it never is enough, you can't live in a country where everybody has rights except donald trump. i fear the damage that has been done will be hard to correct. but we need to end that sham in the house and tell them to do it the right way and what they are doing is not the right way. >> sean: notice that you had the corrupt coward, biggest liar in congress adam schiff, we have to talk to the whistle-blower until we found that that he is a witness in the case, having had contact that he lied about and am a material fact witness.
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but senator, great job. we will continue to update this audience for thank you. as we speak, the most corrupt, the most dishonest politician in the washington swamp, he's leading that top secret behind close doors smoke-filled room, basically his little own trial of president trump. himself a compromise fact witness. asking the american people, just trust his word that the president should be impeached. don't forget, over the past three years, that guy, the corrupt coward adam schiff has been caught lying over and over and over again. we have got the evidence. trump-russia collusion, how many times did he lie about that one issue? "the wall street journal" editorial board just pointing out, the testimony that's going on in this corrupt committee is so damning to trump, why not make it public? the answer to that question is simple, you don't need to be a brain surgeon. because it's not damning as he's claiming. by the way, my sources, they
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have been reinforcing it every single day. there is no there there. you have a lying corrupt coward adam schiff trying to manipulate facts with selective leaking in order to convince the american people that they should support what schiff has wanted since day one. two days after trump's election, they started with impeachment. all 2017, all 2018, all 2019. forget about ever lifting a finger to help the people of this country, to help the employment situation, peace, prosperity, safety, security, they never wants to talk about that. we have a lot to talk about this tonight, mark levin will be here. tonight we have major breaking deep state news, also big development as we been telling you, a pivotal moment now into the doj's investigation into the investigator. "the new york times" reporting the doj tonight has granted john durham subpoena power, the ability to file criminal charges
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in his ongoing investigation into the origins of this rush of witch hunt. they wouldn't do this without reason. make no mistake. this is a very strong signal that criminal charges are likely coming. he can convene a grand jury. i repeat, the horowitz investigation we also learned tonight into whether or not the u.s. tools of intelligence were in fact weaponized is not likely heading towards criminal charges. a big, breaking news development and it's not the only one we are tracking. also, we'll put it on the screen, newly released letter from the inspector general michael horowitz saying that the inspector general's report on the fisa abuse will be releasing with few rejections. it will not be a separate classified version minus few rejections. it'll all be released for we the people, the public to see. buckle up, the first major she was finally about to drop. joining us now with much more, investigative reporter sara carter. lot of news coming out of washington tonight.
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>> this is huge breaking news tonight, sean. let's just start with john doe rum. i talked to a u.s. official that said that this ship, this move from an administrative review to a criminal inquiry is very significant. why? what we know is that attorney general william barr as well as john durham had been traveling overseas. they have been talking to intelligence officials to allies in italy, across the pond in england. there may be development's we don't know about you that caused this shift that moved directly from an investigative group to a criminal inquiry which would give john durham the ability to subpoena, to talk to witnesses, to look at documents, and to impanel a grand jury. so this news is huge. it significant. and we are also going to be looking at right now with michael horowitz, the inspector general, if this report comes out shortly which we expect probably within the next week, after going through all of the classification review
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and markings, because they will be releasing it before with very few rejections, that means it's moving forward. horowitz is moving forward at the same time. we can see the attorney general, the department of justice, that john durham is moving forward with their investigation. this means that somewhere along the lines, we are going to be having investigation playlist that we have not had before and the reason for john durham to open the criminal inquiry. >> sean: let's think of what we do know already. we do know, there was a red red primary against lynn clinton. more importantly, the espionage act, every subsection was broken. even james comey july 2016 admitted there was top-secret information on hillary clinton's survey to server. i don't not think there is any american who get away with the subpoena emails, cleaning the hard drives of acid wash and busting up devices and moving to sim cards. we know there was interference as we know there's intracranial
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ukrainian and a variance. that like michael isikoff and david corn, conspiracy theorist. we know that became the basis for pfizer applications to spy on the page, which back towards them to campaigns from, transition team from, and the trim the bigger issue you talk about doorman bar overseas, big questions. as the russia witch hunt takes on a new level, did they outsource spying to circumvent american laws to impact politics in the country? it would seem tonight that it's a much bigger positively positive ability than anyone thought. >> john durham was actually questioning cia officers as well that were closely connected to this. they are going to look at john brennan, the former cia director
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as well as james clapper and others. this may be the reason why we saw so many of them scrabbling over the past year. i'm sure they were aware of what was going on to some extents. they knew they were going to be questioned. and now john durham has the power to question all of them. this is very significant and it's going to reveal a lot as to how far, how far they weaponized the intelligence community to go after president trump. >> sean: all right, sara carter, investigative reporter. we will have more breaking developments throughout this highway. yesterday, we did show you this dramatic video of republican lawmakers -- finally action from republicans. usually the guys who have a weak spine, they are afraid of the te hour? this was a defining moment for some of them. should have been all of them but some of them, when they stormed the secret room were the one and only, the corrupt coward adam schiff holding yet another secret soviet style impeachment
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coup hearing. congressman matt gaetz of florida, to his credit, steve scalise to his credit. others demanding transparency, what a critically important proceeding here. that thing things newt gingrich offered bill clinton when he was being impeached, none of that has been offered to president trump. no due process. it is illegitimate. it is unconstitutional. believe it or not, the corrupt media mob, they were not happy. apparently government accountability, transparency only matters in situations where democrats are calling for it. oh, that's how it works when you are nothing but state run media for all things democratic, socialist, new green deal democratic party. take a look. >> day 30 of the infringement inquiry and congressional republicans have taken their obstruction strategy to new heights. >> when you watch republicans storming the capital, they are not trying to open the process, they are trying to shut down the process. >> they ordered pizza. it became this showboating type
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of events. speak of around the president, those who like them, don't like him for whatever reason are getting crazy like he is, getting ready to do things liket stunned today. >> when you are desperate for attention, they don't apply. >> those white guys, those middle-age boring nerdy looking white guys walked down those steps, that was pathetic. >> this looks like a klan group gathered outside the jail to let the sheriff let them ends they could deliver justices someone is inside. >> sean: phenomenal. someone sent me a tweet. if anybody things bill barr and john durham were in the findings will change world history. remember he was impacted by the western intelligence so-called professor ms. hood that was in
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the so-called mueller report when he was western intelligenc intelligence. this is state tv for this radical extreme socialist democratic party. this is their propaganda arm. all things socialist. nothing more. after weeks and weeks of trying to protect the campaign of sleepy creepy joe 30330 will summon the media mob having a hard time playing down the corrupt international biden family business and we've got breaking news on that tonight. it seems that vice president biden, whatever joe biden once, there was his son hunter, close behind. breaking down think we know the shakedown of ukraine breaking down billions of dollars, his son getting billions of dollars, knows nothing about ukraine, oil gas or energy be a great deal if he can get it. in in a sweetheart deal, $1.1 billion from the bank of china minutes after he flew in
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with his dad on air force 2. this from nbc news, details about how hunter biden traveled to romania to meet with a shady real estate tycoon charged with corruption. his father, joe 30330 focus on battling corruption in romania. what a coincidence. hunter gets a big deal at the bank of china, 1.5 billion. he has not taken a penny yet, but his own lawyer says he's got a lot of equity there. and "the daily caller," estimates are around 20 million. let's see. vice president biden, he gets put in charge of ukraine policy. hunter gets a job in ukraine. rakes in millions. no experience in gas or ukraine. hunter gets hired by romania by a corrupt real estate crew. see a pattern? if you replace the name of
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hundred hunter biden with eric trump, the coverage would be breathless, unstoppable. 24 hours. with reaction, the answer to the hypothetical question is eric trump himself. i know your dad wouldn't like the demotion, being vice president, but if it was vice president trump and you are on air force one and you've got a billion and five from china but no experience in private equity, no experience in ukraine or energy, i've a funny feeling they want to put you in jail. >> if i got $0.30 from ukraine or $0.30 from china or remain or anywhere else, i'd be thrown in jail. the funny thing it's not like they were trying to hide the whole thing. it's so blatantly obvious what they are doing. how do they get paid $50,000 to get set on the board of an energy company? he was being paid, sean, to sit on a small ukrainian energy
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company, the board of a small ukrainian energy company, he's been played twice what executives get paid to sit on the board of exxonmobil. let that sink in for a moment. it's corruption at the absolute worse. >> sean: watching adam schiff do his thing, newt gingrich could not have been more clear to bill clinton. that was under the old independent statute, just change because of the democrats. guys like jerrold nadler didn't want it to be made public where they 11 penalties -- he didn't pay $850,000 out of the pavement to paula jones in that case. there was a real evidence in that case. all of those considerations that republicans gave bill clinton, newt gingrich's speaker, every one of them will put them on the screen again, none of them have been given to your father. and it's run by adam schiff who we now know -- he is involved in
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the case! he's compromised in case. >> cannot tell you why? is very simple. look what happened to kavanaugh. look what happened the embarrassment that was the democrat a party during the kavanaugh hearings. look what happened in the mueller hearings. that poster child went out there and he looked like an absolute buffoon. didn't put together a sentence, very clear he didn't write the report, very clear he was getting marched around by the democrats. the problem is adam schiff has already been embarrassed twice already. he is 0-2 in terms of the congressional hearings. what do they do? they march these people in the little cave, they leak to their friends in the media who will publish anything they want them to say. they've been embarrassed, burned twice already, sean, been taken down twice, haven't worked during these hearings. the republicans got the best of them because quite frankly they are that's why they are doing these little secret meetings. the difference between gingrich
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and adam schiff? gingrich is a good guy, he understands things, he's a good guy. schiff has been trying to impeach my father since he took the oath of office. literally. >> sean: eric, i honestly think at this point they have shown that they have done nothing, not one thing for the american people. we have been through 30 years of this. you look at the transcript, there is nothing there. >> isn't that sad? look at the usmca, look at all of these things that can be done whether it be health care, metairie, veterans, economy, more tax cuts, all these other things my father wants to put through. do you know what the congress has done? 12 post offices. it's an absolute joke, sean. they are so caught up. i say this to you all the time, they know they can't win. they see the crowds in dallas and minneapolis and all these places, in pennsylvania today -- they know they can't win, sean,
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that's why they do this. this is a description. they know barr is going to get these guys because there was a real distraction there. doing anything they can to create any smoke and mirror the possibly can because they know they can't win. joe doesn't have it, elizabeth doesn't have it, bernie sanders looks crazy. >> sean: bring it on. they don't have to have their venezuela, cuba closed-door meetings when newt gingrich did every single concession for due process and go through this properly. that was given to bill clinton. eric, i've got to let you go. >> sean, it's their hail mary. you have that football at the end of your show? it's their hail mary. >> sean: eric trump, thank you. the great one mark levin, he's got a lot to say denied. also tonight, 2020 democratic candidate hawaii congressman tulsi gabbard continuing to fight back after enduring a
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vicious slander, smear, libel from hillary clinton and her associates actually suggesting that she is a united states veteran being groomed to be an agent of russia. an allocation there is zero evidence, none whatsoever. zero basis in reality. but listen to this. >> i think they are going to be two parts and it's going to be 2016. don't vote for the other guy. don't vote for the other guy, or i'm going to show you in the flashing videos that appear and disappear and they are on the dark web and nobody can find them. you are going to see them and you're going to see that person do horrible things. they are also going to do third-party again. i'm not making any predictions. but i think they've got their eye on somebody currently in the democratic primary. and our grooming her to be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of
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supporting her thus far. >> sean: responded in the recent video calling out clinton's repeated lies on for some policy , foreign policy failures. >> hillary clinton, your foreign policy has been a disaster for our country in the world. resulted in the death and injury of so many of my brothers and sisters in uniform, devastated entire countries, millions of lives lost. yet despite this damage you have done to our country and the world, you want to continue your failed policy directly or indirectly through the democratic nominee. it is time for you to acknowledge the damage you caused, and it's long past time for you to step down from your throne so the democratic party can lead with a new foreign policy, which will actually be in the interest of and benefit to the american people and the world. >> sean: joining us that with the reaction, congresswoman, 2020 candidate, war veteran herself tulsi gabbard.
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congresswoman, first, thank you for serving your country. we appreciate you being here. and a lot of your fellow democrats, they may be a little afraid of me. i don't know why. i'm a nice guy. but thank you for coming in. she's basically accusing you of being a traitor. saying you are being groomed to be the agent of the soviet union with no evidence. i always complain republicans are called racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, they were dirty air and water. slander is a big deal to me. your reaction? >> first of all, i'm proud to wear the uniform of this country. i have served as a soldier for 16 years, still serve as a major in the army national guard today and have deployed it twice to the middle east serving in combat and like every other combat veteran has seen firsthand the terribly high human cost of war. my job in iraq in 25 dowling
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zero five, the very first thing i did every single day was a heart-wrenching task of going th name by name every list of amern casualty and injury that occurred in the previous 24 hours. those of us who have seen this terribly high human cost of war, we fight for peace. we are not pacifists. we know unfortunately war is necessary to fight our country. we see that war should be a last resort. what is so concerning that what hillary clinton is doing here in case she is not only calling me a traitor, she is not only trying to smear my character, she's sending a warning out to every veteran, every single american, anyone who stands up the warmongering foreign policies that really are her legacy, that have been so destructive and costly to my brothers and sisters in uniform, because the american people trillions of dollars, and because of so much damage in the war. this is what's so dangerous.
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>> sean: i'm tired of politicizing war. we send these kids to go fight, bleed, die, then it is politicized. i want the next generation of weaponry, defensive, offensive, we don't have to send our national treasure, our sons and daughters to fight anymore, because there is no political will to win it, rules of engagement under obama were insane in my view. let me ask you this. we did have something called the russian dossier. okay? it was used, the book information according to the grassley-graham memo, the bulk of information to obtain fisa warrants on carter page. he's cooperated with our intelligence services every time he went abroad. that dossier was full of lies, even if it's an unverifiable dossier. i have no idea if any of it is true. b christopher that would be christopher steele. we have four investigations into
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donald trump. no evidence of trump-russia collusion. what are your thoughts on hillary clinton and the dnc paying for that russian dossier full of lies? >> let me say this. interference in our elections it should be a concern of every american because of the importance of ensuring our democracy remains stable. and that voters have faith in the votes that we cast in our democracy. i've said this over and over again. for those democrats and republicans who may be concerned about interference, let's actually protect our democracy by ensuring we have paper ballots were voter verified paper backups to make sure if anyone comes in and actually try to manipulate the votes we cast in these elections that that can be audited, that we have a paper record of the vote. >> sean: i like that idea. >> i introduced legislation of securing american elections act and those who are saying interference, interference -- do something about that. past my legislation. make sure our votes, the votes
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of every american are protected and we actually our democracy is protected. >> sean: you are watching adam schiff or three years, telling the american people that they have evidence of trap-russia collusion and the mueller report said that's not true. now he's behind closed doors and this secret impeachment hearing. i'm going to read to you and put it up on the screen what newt gingrich forwarded bill clinton, the full house of vote authorizing the entry. every step of the entry this defining scope. we know they granted coequal subpoena power, they also allowed subpoenas to be the subject to level at the request or of the chair the ranking member, they afforded the right of the presidents opposing opposing counsel to sit on all hearings. the president's counsel allowed
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to admit evidence in the case for the president's counsel had the right to cross-examine and recommend the witness list. now are you going to tell me support the secret hearing will republicans can't have access to not even a transcript? or do you think it should be done though a new great cringe newt gingrich did it forward in bill clinton? >> i thought it should be a transparent process but i long expressed my concern about going through impeachment proceedings in a very, very partisan way because it will only further tear apart an already divided country. my interest and concern is for the world being of our country and democracy moving forward. i think there are areas of concern that were raised around the conversations that happen between trump and the ukrainian president, which is why i supported the inquiry. i think that entry needs to be done in a very narrowly focused way, and it must be done transparently. i don't know what's going on in
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those closed doors. we as members of congress do not have access to the information that's being shared. i think the american people deserve to know exactly what the facts are, what the evidence is being presented as this inquiry goes on. >> sean: last question, why do you think ukraine and china would ever give hunter biden who had no experience with either country, a billing and five from china ten days after he flew there with his country. no experience of private equity, no experience in ukraine or oil, gas, energy. why do you think that hunter biden made all of that money? what was the motivation of ukraine and china, congress woman? >> those are questions only hunter biden can answer. >> sean: what do you suspect? sounds like to buy favor. answer those questions. >> hunter biden is a grown man. he can be held accountable for his own actions.
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>> sean: does that concern you that somebody with no experiences, the son of the second most powerful person in the country got millions and had no experience. does that concern you? >> i think there are a lot of different examples -- be when not asking you -- congresswoman, does that concern you he got all of that money with no experience? >> that's for hunter biden to answer -- >> sean: what do you think? >> i don't know hunter biden very well. >> sean: i don't care if you know him. does it meet your smell test? >> that something for him to answer for. that's his answer to be held accountable for. >> sean: gets a little tough occasionally on the show. >> i want to close with one last thought. >> sean: you love my show and watch it all the time? >> i want to say that you and i i'm sure disagree on a lot of things but i think you and i agree on one very important point, and that is that the american people have had enough
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of hillary clinton and her warmongering, so i want to send a message straight to your viewers here today. join me, support me, help me, vote for me, contribute to my campaign to finally bring about an end to hillary clinton's warmongering foreign policy and the influence she's had for so long on the democratic party and democratic candidates for president. >> sean: i will invite you back. tulsi gabbard, thank you for being here with us. for more on the democrats and soviet style secret impeachment to attempt, plus all the breaking news to let about the room, horowitz's probes, the great when mark levin. i first got to ask a question and i'm going to let you go. pfizer reports coming out. but now we have come up the justice department has shifted this review of the russian witch hunt, and that means prosecutor running a john durham has the power for subpoena, for witnesses testimony, documents, he can impanel a grand jury and filed charges. is huge.
6:39 pm
>> i will be voting for her, i will be voting for donald trump. just want you to know that. >> sean: me too. >> interesting about this new york "new york times" article. this shifted from an investigation. "the new york times" particularly smears of barr, smear his dorm, smear is a trump. that's what we are going to get from "the new york times" but we are not going to get news. that means they think they found some things, sean. they don't just do that. they won't be under attack or they won't be treated by mueller, they'll be under attack. a very brave attorney general and a brave u.s. attorney, they should keep at it. the rule of law is what matters. i want to spend a little time what they had going over what the house of representatives did when the republicans controlled it in 1998. i think we have some graphics on this project so the american people understand the tyrannical process that's going on with the
6:40 pm
democrats and the house of representatives. what we have is a rogue democrat party in the house represented is that's using the institution of the house and the impeachment clause to interfere with the 2020 election. they are interfering with the 2020 election more than the russians dead, more than ukrainians did, even though that was bad enough and they are using our tax dollars to do it. in the report, october 7th 1998 by the judiciary committee for the full house controlled by the republicans, they said it is the intention of the committee that its investigation will be conducted on all respects on a fair, impartial, and bipartisan and nonpartisan basis. in this spirit, the power to authorize subpoenas and other compulsory process is committed by the resolution in the first instant to the chairman and the ranking minority member acting jointly. it's the other may react alone. there you have an active participation by the minority
6:41 pm
party. it goes on. this was presented to the full house for a vote and it was passed. it goes, the question of impeachment is of most importance the committee realize it must have authorization from the full house before proceeding in any course of action because impeachment is delegated solely to the house of representatives by the constitution. the full house are but senators should be involved in critical decision-making regarding various stages of impeachment. also, a resolution authorizing impeachment inquiry into the conflict of a president consistent with past practice. according to preset ends, the impeachment of president johnson was set in motion by resolution authorized by a general investigation after the execution of the laws. they went on further. then feeds judgment investigation of president nixon was expressly authorized by the full house.
6:42 pm
congressman rodino, the chairman of the judiciary stated we have reached the point that it's important that the house explicitly right. confirm the responsibility. we are asking the house and the judiciary to investigate the conduct of the president of the united states. such a resolution has always been passed by the house. the committee has voted unanimously to recommend the house of rivers and natives adopt this resolution. it's a necessary step if we want to meet our obligation. they went on! so nixon and clinton got treated fairly. trump gets treated worse than a mass murderer. prior to the october 5 committee meeting, some raised concerns about procedural fairness and turns to rules similar to those that talked about the committee in 1974 with nixon which would provide the president with certain procedural rights. after voting on the hide
6:43 pm
resolution, the committee adopted by voice vote a number of protections on the president, the president and his counsel shall be invited to attend all executive open committees. the president's council, the president's council may make objections. the president's council regarding the potency of evidence, the president's should be invited to suggest the committee should receive additional evidence but lastly, the president or the president's counsel shall be invited to respond to the evidence produced by the committee at an appropriate time the provisions will ensure the impeachment inquiry is fair to the president. i hear some of these legal analysts out there going on and on about that's the next stage -- no, i'm afraid not. you didn't have an official vote on impeachment hearing. this entire thing is the democrat party in the house seizing control of the
6:44 pm
instrumentalities of the house, faster ukrainian government officials, january 2017 trying to help hillary clinton and that her trumped by publicly questioning his fitness for office. they also submitted implicating a top trumped trump for a top trump aide and they now the research damaging information on trump and his advisors a political mitigation front. how the clinton campaign, the doc, the obama administration work with a corrupt ukrainian government to elect hillary and run a corrupt campaign for that's why the president wants to know what happened in 2016. we have testimony from william
6:45 pm
teller. who is william taylor? he's the great william taylor because adam schiff has anointed him as such. a longtime state department bureaucrat, the acting ambassador to the ukraine, and he talks among other things the highly irregular conduct, the second channel with rudy giuliani going around the state department because, you know, sean, you can't go around the state department. there was a great piece in the real clear investigation -- george washington had a private party go around jefferson and the state department. bill clinton used jesse jackson and bill richardson to go around the state department. richard nixon used army hammered to go around the state department. woodrow wilson used edward house to go around the state department. warren harding used james logan for jimmy carter news jake paul austin. franklin roosevelt used harry hopkins. he still use harry hopkins to set foreign policy, harry hopkins had a room in the
6:46 pm
white house. he took his bath in the white house! he lived in the white house! and yet they are trying to turn rudy giuliani, this irregular process. when it comes to the president of the united states, it's not terribly regular at all. we have the x advisor, marie -- i can't pronounce her name, laura? the presidents men forced her out of office. the president get to decide. while we are at it, the media. do you remember, sean, when the media circled the wagons when the president of the united states had jim acosta effectively, disrupting his press conference. you aren't allowed here anymore. remember what the media dead? they go into court, the media circled the wagons. look, this guy's a dictator. we, the press can have a right to report them with the president is doing! we have press associations,
6:47 pm
still a horrible, horrible thing for there are 200 people reporting what the president has done. here's my question. where are these press organizations today when it comes to adam schiff keeping the press out of the secret testimony, the secret hearings, they don't give a damn anymore, don't they? >> sean: that's why that book on the freedom of press was number one forever. "life, liberty, levin." who's going to be your guest? >> david limbaugh. >> sean: the great david limbaugh. back to breaking news if you just joined us. we have confirmed the durum probe has shifted into an investigation, that's about the origins of the russia witch hunt. also we learned tonight that the report is coming out to him
6:48 pm
a little redaction's. chairman graham of south carolina now has 46 signatures on his resolution that he announced yesterday on his show. in terms of condemning the house over preventatives' closed-door geraldo let me go to your mind. this is a big development as relates to the origins of a witch hunt because durum, durham will be able to file criminal charges. this doesn't happen in a vacuum. you are too smart. >> you can see hand shaking in d.c., and that's what's boring. there are a lot of people in the media establishment. their allies in the department of justice who are trembling this night, it has finally come to this. they salvage this president in a
6:49 pm
very unfair process. they started before he assumed office for they ravaged his inner circle. made every body paranoid and made snitches of all of them. now what has what has been one-way streets, it's all being about president trump. he has defied them all. he has survived in office. it's time for those who falsely accuse him to pay the piper, sean. this is a gigantic development. a beginning of a change, i believe. >> sean: lindsey graham, his resolution is we see the circus run by a compromise chairman, this witch hunt who himself was a material witness in the whole thing. going on with sitting president, that's huge. the storm issue is even bigger. even ad, we'll finally get the
6:50 pm
pfizer report. we've been waiting. >> they need this impeachment right now because john brennan is wearing a pair of adults depends right now. john brennan is on tape, sean, on tape on on the video acknowledging publicly he has not seen the dossier since december. remember that? that's not possible. breach harry reid and the democrats of the hill and the information he briefed them, august, december, august is before december, right? the information pursuant to the briefing by brandon, where is it, sean? that's right, it's only in the dossier that brennan claimed he hadn't seen since december. for the liberals watching again, august comes before december and that's why brennan is freaking out with his adult depends because he is on record of lying the entire time.
6:51 pm
i think he even lied to fbi where he was getting this information from. he constructed a parallel construction operation to get the fbi to investigate a guy he had known law enforcement powers to operate against. the facts are clear as day. even the fbi in sworn testimony to mark meadows answering a question seems floored at the idea that brennan and the cia may have been talking to steele before that. >> one other point on that, sean. remember in the mueller report, this was the most hostile power, legal power, and legal legal power to get every circumstance about the president. mueller found as a matter of fact that no american included with any russian to fix the 2016 election.
6:52 pm
this and that, the central point was that donald trump was basically a spy for the russians. our president-elect a traitor. he was guilty of treason. he was and we know that's not true. it's all going to swing back. >> sean: geraldo, i've got to go. thank you both. when we come back, rush is fired up. him going after never trumpers, you want to see this takedown next. [ tires screech ] mom, you've got to get yourself a new car. the car's fine. [ car horn honks ] i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. got it? yeah. ♪
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>> sean: rush limbaugh coming out swinging against never trumpers on the outrage of the president calling them humans come. take a look.
6:58 pm
>> and many never, ever trumpers, so many in the drive-by media, so distressed, so upset because donald trump happened to say republican never trumperers are a bunch of scum. my god, my god! the president called the republicans of scum. stop and think what trump has been called. stop and think what you have been called. you are called a racist, sexist bigot homophobe for every day for 30 plus years! you been called all kinds of horrible rotten stuff every day by the media! the people you elect, the people you represent, donald trump has been called a traitor, he's been called a pig, he's been called an ogre. he calls people who betray him scum. "my god! the country may not" -- you see, in the normal ebb and
6:59 pm
flow of things, i can understand, i wish he hadn't said scum. but, folks, these are not normal times and i dare say that none of these people telling people how to act and trying to define standards of the quorum for him, i doubt any of them could tolerate over a week what he puts up with. >> sean: great point, rush. i will add one thing. they would help elect elizabeth warren type. good job, guys. mitt romney, where are you? everyone supported you. big news, we now have 46 people signing lindsey graham's resolution condemning the house of representatives, the unfair closed-door impeachment process. we have this big breaking news, in fact, that john durum is now
7:00 pm
because of the prosecution, the power to subpoena, and power a grand jury, file criminal charges. lastly, yes, we also have the issue of the price reports finally coming. guess what, it's going to explain. laura ingraham is next. let not your heart be troubled. laura? >> laura: first of all, rush rocks. number two, could you get word through an intermediary to john durum and say we want a head shot. we need a different head shot. we has a important work. it's not a good one. >> sean: the mob is going to think we are back channeling to door durham. >> laura: we have no sense of remaining at all on the left. my god. had a great show. huge breaking news, hannity. you take


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