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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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because of the prosecution, the power to subpoena, and power a grand jury, file criminal charges. lastly, yes, we also have the issue of the price reports finally coming. guess what, it's going to explain. laura ingraham is next. let not your heart be troubled. laura? >> laura: first of all, rush rocks. number two, could you get word through an intermediary to john durum and say we want a head shot. we need a different head shot. we has a important work. it's not a good one. >> sean: the mob is going to think we are back channeling to door durham. >> laura: we have no sense of remaining at all on the left. my god. had a great show. huge breaking news, hannity. you take care. i'm laura ingraham, the ingraham
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angle from washington. huge breaking night. origins of the russian probe is now turned into a real criminal investigation. going to take you through everything you need to know and our legal eagles tells us which deep stators need to lawyer up and fast. we first, a former clinton advir reveals a party in collapse. he is here explain why. if you get through hunter biden's troubling association stopped with ukraine and china, boy, were you wrong! we have the details. the only sure that'll bring the details of a tragic case out of texas were a father is fighting for custody of a 7-year-old son after his wife wants the boy to transition, hormonally, et cetera. we have breaking news.
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a huge development, a huge story that has set the internet on storm. but first, focus on the liberal pretenders. that's the first on tonight angle. democrats today are easily offended. they demand that the rest of america bow down at the altar of political per reckless. the rules of which only they determine. now last year, a faint holder when trump and his supporters blasted left-wing activists who were harassing conservatives. one word in particular trickled them. >> you aren't going to use the mob word here. >> republicans are trying to paint democrats as an angry mob. >> call people mobs because they are exercising their constitutional right is just beyond the pale. >> sean: >> laura: beyond the pale? was just beyond the pale, donald? >> a shocking hill today on
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capitol hill, some that some democrats say that it republicans acted like a mob. >> laura: good lord! and anything goes when describing conservatives. the word mob is the least objectionable of the slander. rush referred to it at the end of hannity's show that the left uses it with impunity with republicans. white's premises, xena fors my sergeant white supremacist, xenophobes, misogyny remember, biden fell in line with the language police saying that trump was despicable and abhorrent for using the word. but then this surface. >> even if the president should
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be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan winching. >> laura: groups ! democrats have lost all sense of perspective and even their own memories as they tried to out metal one another in the haight trump olympics. they have to oppose everything trump is for. and everything he does. even if that means contradicting views on talent and key points, key substance. liberals clutch their pearls when conservatives do something. and yet make excuses for democrats when they do the exact same thing. what better example than the blackface controversy? woke liberals would and do condemn as racist anyone who wore an indian headdress as well as blackface. they don't care as two men are still in office.
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democrats could not risk the political fallout in virginia coming up on an election year, trying to ditch ralph northam. heck, obama even endorsed his good friend justin trudeau. there are far more damaging ways in which the democrats' pretzel like opposition to trump has manifested itself. liberals started the free speech movement. a member in california 50 years ago? antiwar demonstrations on college campuses that captivated the nation. it was about more speech, not less. well, i'm actually not happy to report that today the left coast is probably the most inhospitable place for free and unfettered speech in the countr country. and the university speech codes are stifling open and rigorous debate on most campuses. meanwhile, only a handful of real liberals speak out in defense of ideological diversity there. facebook founder mark zuckerberg appeared on capitol hill yesterday and he was mugged by
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the anti-free-speech mob. >> you want to take down lies or you will take down lies? it's a simple yes or no. >> in a democracy, i think people should see for themselves what politicians what they may or may not vote for -- >> so you won't take them down? >> laura: i'd wager that her truth is probably different from your truth. but the bottom line is she wants to ban this stuff that she disagrees with ultimately. very ill liberal. what about the presumption of innocence? it's a key pillar of our legal system. it's a little jarring when a party that can support like groups from the aclu forgets about innocence until proven guilty, especially when it's a juicy political or judicial opponent to be smeared. which is exactly what happens when democrats without evidence tarred brett kavanaugh as a sex
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abuser and even a gang rapist. what is trump's high crime? ape quid pro quo that never happened? it's not the transcript of the zelensky call. we know it. but the democrats have seized on a boneheaded comment that trump's acting key of , chief of staff mick mulvaney made. the party that once believed in openness and transparency? that's totally fine with keeping key witnesses behind closed doors. that way, they control the narrative via selective leaks to their ideological paramore's in the press. >> we have to impeach this president. >> i simple impeachment. >> i do not think this impeachment process will take very long. >> to preserve our constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached. >> the sitting senators, they
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are already saying removal. they didn't see the -- see my point? resumption of innocence? open and fair process? of course, that's very different from the impeachment and are the one the same democrats held back when clinton faced the republicans. >> republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred of president clinton. >> they are telling us that our votes don't count. and that the election must be set aside. >> the american people don't think they have made a mistake by electing bill clinton. wheaton congress had better be very careful before we accept their decision. >> laura: but that is then and this is now. the party that once claimed to be the party of blue-collar workers offers him nothing except socialism. in the trump era, three 5% to the party that that we should renegotiate nafta. obama promised to do that?
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they won't pass the usmca only because it means a victory for trump. the party that was antiwar rattled against trump bringing our troops home, diplomas that were supposed to last for months, not three years. the democrats are just only too happy to force their core issues and beliefs. if they believe it or bring down donald trump. but the mask is finally slipping, and the masquerade officially ends november 2020. that's the angle. joining us now, we are delighted. ed henry, chaffin's matt schlapp, and richard goodstein. look, everyone's a hypocrite. no one is a perfect person. but this goes beyond that. we are talking about not just the blackface controversy, not just the lynching word they are
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outraged about one minute. they said 5 minutes ago. this is about a fundamental contradiction and core beliefs on key issues like trade, even china. even deporting criminals in the united states. one needs to be in favor of. they all flipped. the party moves left, but more so in office because trump is in office. >> a great angle which i completely agree with what you said. the other thing is can you imagine liberals using the cia and the intelligence community -- >> laura: another thing. >> can you imagine liberals running a thermal impeachment process that doesn't give the president any rights -- richard nick sandmann got more rights and he committed dozens of wrongdoings. this hypocrisy goes right to the moment as well. >> laura: the left rightly was very suspicious of government institutions spying on american americans.
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yet we find that there have been an uptick of surveillance during the obama years. and we have individuals surveilled who are american citizens based on shady foreign contacts -- talking about carter page and what they did with george papadopoulos. that's what our intel agencies are all about? >> i think we are trying to obfuscate something, you are referring to the mueller investigation and its roots. paul manafort's lawyers said in papers that he met with a russian spy in manhattan gave them secret polling data that would enable them to actually decide how to affect the election. that has nothing to do with the fake news or anything else. that's what man manafort's lawyers said. this whole transparency notion, i will see you all your complaints as long as you can see what lindsey graham said in 1998 that richard nixon's stiff arming a subpoena was basis of
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arc impeachment when trey gowdy when they were in power defended the right to have depositions in private. if you will concede that, i'll concede some of the things you are saying too. >> laura: is the analysis and the comparison to nixon top-tier, matt? >> nixon got more in the process, they got more when bill clinton didn't agree to that subpoena, both sides have the ability to have dual subpoena power. we have a process where the president had absolutely zero rights! >> there's one difference and let me just make it. in this case, there was a special prosecutor who had tons of people -- >> laura: but you are okay with this? we just had that. >> no, we didn't.
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mueller predated the guy blowing the whistle. he said he didn't want to be part of a drug deal -- >> i'm glad we now know that democrats are in favor of impeaching a president with most proceedings held behind closed doors. they are going to cherry pick that. they are doing it so they can cherry pick the one little point, two little points, three little points. if there is information in the classification, and there's no reason not to have it out in the public. from lynching to blackface to trade issues to nafta, the democrat party doesn't know what it is today because 5 minutes ago you guys were -- >> in the fox news poll, elizabeth warren beats donald trump by five points. >> laura: why is hillary trying to get in? why are they begging hilary?
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>> this is fox's own pole. >> laura: you should be able to have it in the open. john durham's investigation is now a criminal investigation. "the new york times" reporting with this subtle had met, here it is. opening with accusations that he is trying to deliver a political victory for president trump. ed, this is unbelievable! they are trying to pin this. john durham with impeccable background, not a political bone in his body, has revenge of a legitimate investigation into durham. >> example letting opinion get ahead of fax but why not let john durham get the facts and figure out the rest of the russia probe as you were just debating back and forth with
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richard and matt. fox has two sources familiar with the investigation that confirming that the man john doerr of the attorney from connecticut now has opened a criminal investigation that started as a broad probe. didn't have a grand jury, didn't have subpoenas, all the rest, he does. this is a formal criminal pole down obama officials under a microscope in terms of their behavior in all the things you've been talking about, laur laura. >> laura: there are a lot of people watching this, ed, who is most nervous given what we know. john brennan has been on television a lot lately and throwing up pixie ducks in the air about all of this. this is all a big scam, ridiculous, casting barr was another henchman for donald trump. this kind of has been what has been done for sometime.
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>> we been picking up reports that john durham has been wanting to talk to john brennan. also james clapper was the head of the director of the national intelligence who would be involved in some of this. not saying that we have evidence -- again, we shouldn't -- >> laura: we shouldn't. >> we should figure out what happened and let the chips fall where they may. but i'll give you another important piece of information we are picking up tonight. there was a letter signed by michael horowitz last few hours to congressional leaders and what not saying that he is closing in finally getting that inspector general report about fisa report abuse out there, he'll have it largely unredacte unredacted. we'll see lots and lots of pages, james comey's behavior, he's another one. another one under the microscope. officials familiar with the durham report that they'll use it as a road map for this
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criminal probe. the inspector general cannot rescue people, can only suggest here's what happened. here's what may have been wrongdoing but can't actually plus get anybody. can recommend prosecution but can't actually do it. now john durham has a subpoena power, has a grand jury, can potentially push criminal charges. >> laura: ron johnson sent a letter to the intel community's inspector general and they contained previously unreleased emails. lots of stuff happened today! maybe they knew the world series was tomorrow night. in emails and texts between strozk and page, there is a reference to a crescendo of leaks. it was sent the day before jim comey testified in 2017 after he was fired. how much of this deep state animus towards trump stems from the firing of being
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comey here? >> your question to ed, who has the most to lose? in the end, this is a review of barack obama's administration in some of the worst abuse of powers we have ever seen emanating from the oval office. who has the most to lose, barack obama who keeps walking out of the speeches saying none of my guys got in trouble, and my guys did any wrongdoing. i'd like to see somebody punished for what happened in 2016. 2020, i hate to see it, it's going to be about the lessons we now need to learn from 2016. >> laura: richard? >> i'm glad durham has the ability to get to the bottom of this just like the state appointments finally did. i was waiting for a segment on the fact that the state department concluded that the hillary clinton thing, this whole email thing was a big nothing. >> laura: 42 people -- >> people at the state department basically
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said -- >> laura: internal review. i believe that. yeah. >> this is donald trump's own state department. >> we don't control the state department! >> laura: 77,000 employees work for the state department. i think we have established it pretty clearly on the show, going back to the reagan administration that the state department sometimes isn't the biggest friend of conservative policies. this is, like, in the complaint that republicans have. >> i agree the secretary should stand up for his ambassadors, which when this is not. >> laura: if an ambassador does not like a president's policy or principles, you have a duty to quit. instead, they burrowed in to be little state department spies. sorry. >> we won the election. >> talked the john bolton. >> i do frequently. >> i'm waiting for him the company shall and why he said it was a drone deal, mulvaney, he
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wanted no part of. >> laura: now liberals like john bolton. >> he's a smart guy. >> laura: any never trumperers trumperers, warmongers, now erudite people. great to have you on in our legal eagles are here next. a lot to dissect. plus the got insight with how democrats are breaking the impeachment processes.
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>> laura: we have to continue this breaking news tonight. fox news is now confirming that john durham's review of the origins into the russia probe has turned into a criminal
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inquiry. "the new york times" noting that some cia officials have attained criminal lawyers in anticipation of being interviewed. i'm joined by a fantastic legal panel. can't think of better folks to break this all down. robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel, robert driscoll, former doj official, and harvey dillon, attorney and trump 2020 advisory board member. robert, cia officials are smartly lawyering up for "the new york times." who is sweating most tonight? >> i think you already identified some of them. brennan, klapper, comey, and the wild card is i don't know who had knowledge within the justice department at the supervisory level necessary to improve this, but if anybody is in that loop that knew of the origins of the steele dossier and political connections and made the
7:26 pm
decision who was complicit in the decision to not disclose that information to the fisa court, i think what we are anticipating is that folks have potential criminal liability, yes. >> this is when people start getting nervous. as we saw in the situation with paul manafort, the screws are turned on individuals and it happens a lot. i represented people, it happened to them. and people start coughing up details to avoid jail time, correct? >> that's correct. the way this typically works is you go at the lower-level people and asked them to provide evidence on the supervisors. not going to start with having the screws on that doj officials may have including fisa warrants, but the lower level people who have more to lose, they don't have that top level political exposure, so that's how this is going to go. for all we know, that's already
7:27 pm
begun, laura, by the time we are talking about it here today. >> laura: we hear about the house and the impeachment inquiry, subpoenas, bringing witnesses up to capitol hill, we've so dissected that. here, durham can impanel a grand jury, the process starts, it's a brutal and often times limitless process. what can we expect here? >> it's going to be a long time but not as quick as people want. a grand jury process, they are going to lawyer up, they will dig in, they'll go witness by witness and document by document. when the grand jury process has been around for a long time, we will find out. >> laura: not always fair, but it's what we have. >> him we'll this objective scrutiny at some level, and if people are indicted they'll be able to tell themselves. it's less secret than the house,
7:28 pm
for example. what's really coming to me key this cia angle, post mixing, the intelligence community was really put in a box to not be involved in domestic politics at all. these investigations in essence thrown out over the wall from the intestines community intelligence community and out to people and the fbi -- >> laura: we called it the police state before we did it. what was done, papadopoulos was a set up, you had christopher steele, you had hillary's people, didn't put in a phis application, a material fact that goes into impartiality, to survey all in american citizen and the civil libertarians on the left are like, that's fine! i've never seen anything like this. >> it's not fine and the one
7:29 pm
thing out there that rises to the level of severity that was raised during the nixon impeachment and the involvement of the cia during watergate. anybody who equates anything else with regard to the trump administration is apparently the flavor of the month not to say this is as bad as watergate or worse than watergate. that's flat out wrong. the president is right about the deep state. this one should be of concern to every american. this is a real problem. >> laura: we had a duly elected president of the united states and because he's -- he is revolutionary in the way he approaches issues but he doesn't worry about protocol that all the old elites use but he doesn't care about how much they love china, how much they love making money and all the endless wars. he believes, i think it's right, it's detrimental to american security. his views -- we don't talk about
7:30 pm
this enough. his views represented an existential threat to the old guard. intel, defensive establishment, all of it. they didn't like someone coming into their playground. they want to keep them out of the playground and somehow he won the election, then they really had to kick it up in high gear. that's what went down here. i'm sorry. that's my instinct. too many disturbing facts came out as a result of what we know just now. >> absolutely, laura. there is no if about whether the intelligence establishment was involved. i think it's pretty established and you are seeing those same state department officials marching into this pseudo-grand jury and the basement of congress and doing the same thing. they are protecting themselves and protecting their way of life, really, because as you said earlier on your show, since the reagan administration it's been in the state department had its own little rules, the cia has its own little system. they are allied against the president and all he stands for.
7:31 pm
>> laura: despicable. we call it the deep state department. it's the deep state department. there are too many people in there who think they were elected president. >> i think when people miss and i see this in the media all the time is that the bureaucracy is not a check on the president. the bureaucracy is supposed to be working in service of the president. the executive branch supports the president, there is no independent body of career employments. >> laura: right! they are like the fourth branch of government. >> there is nobody who gets the push back against the executive who they don't like. you get the choice, you want to make policy? quit your job and run for office. guess what? if you're going to live when washington in washington, there will be presidents you don't like once in a while. >> laura: i thought this working in the education department under bill bennett. i thought this when i was working in the trepidation tran
7:32 pm
department under elizabeth dole. these people, they do not know what they are doing! there are just thousands and thousands of people in the bureaucracy, doesn't want to change but they certainly don't want to pare down. i think people have to burrow into that. what was deep state intel, this is kind of a married web of interwoven alliances against trump and we are going to see i think a lot more in the coming weeks and months what was really going on after trump -- before trump got elected, but in those months trump got elected. >> it's only because of the intestinal fortitude, quite frankly, of the president, and the attorney general that we are going to get access ultimately be able to find out substantially what happened here. the second thing i'll say are the attempts already starting to undermine yet again the
7:33 pm
integrity of the attorney general. it's starting here in new york city. this week they called for his recusal in connection -- >> laura: we actually have breaking news. adam schiff and nadler just came out with a statement basically saying this is just retribution, that barr has lost all independence, barr has lost all independence, durham i guess is part of the kabbalah. none of them are legitimate now because the mask is being slowly ripped off. >> nice try on that one. john durham enjoys a bipartisan reputation for being a fine public servant and career prosecutor. he has the independence to conduct this investigation so any -- he frankly stepped this up in the appropriate way to provide a sitting u.s. attorney
7:34 pm
for official latitude to get to the bottom of this in a bipartisan light. >> laura: >> i completely agreee breaking news story from "the new york times," the second paragraph on the attorney general, that's all they have. they have no facts, no witnesses who are not corrupt or tied to the deep state, they have no independence, all they can do is call names. that's what he did to the prior attorney general. it's what they do now, nothing new here, laura. >> laura: really quick, is it going to work? >> pour john durham is going to be a mother hat wearing >> laura: in moments a desperate texas father trying to stop his ex-wife and letting his 7-year-old son transition. we have breaking news. this is the gender, you know, gender transition story that's been tearing up the internet and
7:35 pm
we have new information. stay there.
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>> laura: now to a texas father's desperate battle where he's fighting the stop his 7-year-old son from undergoing gender transition, being pushed by the child's mother. today, that boy's father received a small victory in court. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in west because new rooms with all the details. >> this case has stirred a lot of emotions, a lot of debate, and a lot in the middle of a bitter divorce and parents who have very different views of what is best for their child. the seven year old's mother, a pediatrician in dallas, says that child born biologically male is transgender and presents
7:40 pm
as a girl at school, at home, and in public. the mother has accused her ex-husband of emotional abuse of the child and bullying the seven year old regards to gender identity. the father disputes those claims and says the child always present as a boy around him. he is accused the mother of accusing the force the child of going underneath puberty blockers, all of the judge here pointed out that there has never been such an order, and the dallas morning news reports that court documents, the mother in fact wrote that the child "is not yet at the age where treatment with moral expressions, puberty blockers, and/or transgendered reassignment surgery is medically considered." the case attracted political attention with texas governor greg abbott saying it is "being in two by the texas
7:41 pm
attorney general's office and the texas department of family and protective services." and republican to senator ted cruz saying a seven-year-old child doesn't have the maturity to make profound decisions like this. the state of texas should protect this child's rights to choose as an informed, mature person and not be used as a pawn in a left-wing political agenda. it should be pointed out, laura, the publicity surrounding this case has come about largely because the father took to social media to campaign against the mother. and set up a website about the case. part of the reason the judge today while ordering the parents to work together on medical issues also imposed a gag order on the father. laura? >> laura: unbelievable. thanks, jonathan. joining me now, lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick. you have some breaking news on this case tonight.
7:42 pm
what's going on? >> i think johnson brought a great job bringing everyone up-to-date. there have been many reports that the judge has made a decision today that would favor the father. as jonathan hunt said, there is a gag order. we have not seen the legal opinion for the order by the judge yet. but if that is indeed the case, which many believe is the case, that means the father will have say in the psychological care of this child, which he did not have before. so it would be a joint conservatorship on the health care and the mental health care, psychological care of this young boy. there's a a reason, laura, that states don't let 7-year-old smoke. they aren't allowed to. or drink. or drive. or both. this whole issue, laura, people were talking about these -- the progressive left has push this
7:43 pm
issue and his family in a tough position. >> laura: i will say one of the most startling things about this is the individuals who have done the most peer-reviewed research into gender dysphoria, like dr. paul mccue. he's an author of the one at 25 articles at john hopkins. he's the guy, the expert of gender dysphoria. he says it's biologically impossible to change genders and anyone who promotes the idea that is biologically possible is perpetuating a fraud. it further points out at vanderbilt and london portman clinic studies of the extended studies of people who identify as transgender who go get surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than nontransgendered persons, which is a tragic fact. there is a lot that people don't want to talk about because they
7:44 pm
think it's politically explosive. these are peer-reviewed studies that now define science. these are facts. >> and these are young children. adults are making decisions for them. at seven you can't make this decision that will change your life forever. you cannot come back particularly if you make full treatment to the teen years. the reason the governor or attorney general today asked for an investigation by protection services. >> laura: this is child abuse. >> gets into another issue important for all americans and its parental rights. this is what happens when you go outside of the norm and try to change the culture on issue like this. when i talk to schools, i talked 200,000 students, they have four students -- there are active parents pushing this on the students. so this is the progressive left
7:45 pm
trying to push us down the throats of america. >> laura: we've got to do. parents feel helpless. you are not helpless for this is your child. if children can choose this, the next thing is going to be choosing consent for sexual activity. if they can choose this, why can't they make other choices? there's a lot to the story. guys, thanks so much. coming up, we have another entrant into the hillary clinton 2016 excuse sweepstakes. this one takes the cake. stay there. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> may be there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. >> laura: as i said on my angle last night, i kind of want
7:50 pm
her to come back. hillary is the best thing to ensure a second trump term. all the hints and the hype shows the pathetic state of the current 2020 field for the democrats which even the media are starting to admit. >> is very typical of democrats to always be looking for that perfect candidate who may be out there in the distance. this play a large and diverse field that started nearly 30 candidates, impressive fund-raising, voter interest, some democratic donors are grumbling but they don't like the toys are playing with and they want a new one. >> they are littering the firm current field of kennedys. >> laura: joining me now the former advisor of bill clinton and tammy bruce, the host of "get tammy bruce" on fox nation. you say hillary is flirting with entering the race. what does that suggest about the
7:51 pm
space of the democrat party along with the democrat field? >> it suggest that she believes she can win the primary and none of them can in her terms beat donald trump and she for some reason deserves a rematch given the results three and a half years ago. i think none of that is true. i think it's true you said before, laura, that we have a weak field. biden is a weak candidate, warren is forward to left, mayor pete is untested, and bernie is 77 and the socialist. that's not great to beat an incumbent president and at time of prosperity and peace. hillary reflects a larger, i'll use the word, malaise among democratic supporters and elites that this may not be the best, most possible team to beat the
7:52 pm
incumbent. >> laura: tammy, i've got to get the new delivery excuses. a lot of different excuses she likes to deploy, but this new one might be her finest work ye yet. >> i think it's going to be the same as 2016. don't vote for the other guy quits mchugh don't like me, don't vote for the other guy, the other guy did such terrible things. i'm going to show you on these flashing videos and nobody can find them. you're going to see them and see those people do these horrible things. >> laura: was hillary talking about here? >> i think there are 2,000 excuses on why she did not win. there seems to be paranoia on how she views the world. here's what we've got. at some point you got to wonder if you live in the is working for president trump.
7:53 pm
all of this is insulting to the existing field. look, i don't like any of them but they are putting themselves on the line. their lives are disrupted, lives are disruptive, working hard to get on the debates, they been raising money, they bitten facing the media, they've at least been trying. here now with his message, my gosh, none of these are good enough. we see that in the fund-raising. yet this nothing coming in for the candidates that are democrats, but this is why debates matter. the problem already there's a a lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, they are not even into the primaries yet. >> laura: no. >> they have a reason to be concerned. the clintons and obama was
7:54 pm
really destroyed the party. they destroyed the back bench. it's our fault including us wanting to take over. >> laura: i will say that you have hillary clinton brand name and if they really believe that russia stole the election for trump, which they believe, then why wouldn't you want hillary to have a second run at it? if he was robbed, she knows trump, she knows how to do it. she said it, one of her friends was quoted as saying. i know how to run against him, i've run against him. it sounds like there is a tease going on and i do not think it's for book sales. >> i think there may be two people, perhaps three who think hillary and win in one of those people is hillary rodham clinton. laura commission can win. she won't win. i don't think she'll run. >> she has a better chance than
7:55 pm
elizabeth warren and biden! >> i've seen the polls. hillary clinton is unelectable. she doesn't have a better chance. she's political cancer on the democrats and the smile on my friend tammy bruce's face says she knows it too. hillary is finished. i hope she goes away because i'd like to have a real election. not what she was saying which makes no earthly sense. >> what shows you is what happened to the democratic party, is clearly in disarray, have not been able to adapt to a world that the president has created. >> laura: got to go, guys. thank you. awesome segments. when we come back, the last bite. and it is a doozy.
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>> and siding with the chinese communist party, and silencing free speech, the nba is acting like a subsidiary of the authoritarian regime. >> shannon: >> laura: to what s
8:00 pm
barkley said this tonight. >> first of all, vice president can shut the heck up. >> all american companies are doing business in china. >> laura: you got it? it shut. he is a right to speak as vice president. the left wants to conscript speech everywhere. let the vice president can't speak on chinese-american relations. if that's all we have to nights, big breaking news, i know shannon is going to hit it. "fox news @ night" take it all from here. it shannon. >> shannon: it's one of those nights, laura, thank you very much. again, fox news alert, breaking developments with two applications for the investigation into the investigator. john durham, the investigator of the 2016 russia probe now has witnesses and filed criminal charges. if at this before, we are told


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