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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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barkley said this tonight. >> first of all, vice president can shut the heck up. >> all american companies are doing business in china. >> laura: you got it? it shut. he is a right to speak as vice president. the left wants to conscript speech everywhere. let the vice president can't speak on chinese-american relations. if that's all we have to nights, big breaking news, i know shannon is going to hit it. "fox news @ night" take it all from here. it shannon. >> shannon: it's one of those nights, laura, thank you very much. again, fox news alert, breaking developments with two applications for the investigation into the investigator. john durham, the investigator of the 2016 russia probe now has witnesses and filed criminal charges. if at this before, we are told that this is a criminal inquiry.
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using the justice department to go after and every thing you need to know you'll hear from both sides, mollie hemingway, john ewell, and when you more. plus, run and pharaoh joins us live, we will catch and kill, he does have a major tv network allegedly conspired to take on a news anchor and influential hollywood mobile. nbc executive, or poorly calling him a terrorist. he will be here alive to respon respond. later, texas judge it really today in the case of a 7-year-old child, divorced parents have been battling placing the boy to a girl and with the judge said today, and how it legally plays into the son's life. a hello and welcome to this speech i'm i'm shannon bream in washington. so viewing it as potentially game changing.
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>> good evening, shannon, were trafficking several moving parts, first of learning the justice department is launching a criminal inquiry into how the russia probe began. back in 2060. multiple sources now telling fox news attorney general bill barr's investigation into how and why the fbi started looking at president trump's campaign has become a criminal probe. sources tell fox news this is a big deal and has some major implications for president trump. of first off, it gives john durham, his prosecutor running the inquiry power to subpoena witnesses and documents. it allows him to charge suspects with such crime. if chairman nadler and adam schiff are now responding with the statement. they say "these reports are true" and under attorney general william barr, they've become a vehicle for president trump's political revenge.
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of that use the tool of political retribution, or to her the election, it will do new and irreparable damage." also, the department of justice, he's finally his report on abuses ahead of the 2016 presidential election. in a letter obtained by fox news, he tells everyone has limited at to reduction. the goal for mice to point us make as much of this report public. i do not know need to know the separate versions of the report. both these breaking developments are adding fuel to the republicans already raging prior and new ammo to push back on the democratic impeachment inquiry. speak out this is just a hatcheb against the president. if they need to get it out in public for everybody to see.
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>> it's un-american, what is going on, it's a runaround the impeachment process. it's creating a secret proceeding behind closed doors that fundamentally, and my view, denies due process. >> democrats are crying foul and pushing the accelerator on the impeachment track. the testimony from national security council, to morrison. he oversees russia policy and is expected to support the explosive claims made earlier this week by bill taylor. looking ahead, "fox news @ night," when the report is made in its entirety it will illuminate the reasons why the justice department probe has now been converted, shannon, into a criminal inquiry. >> shannon: big news, jillian, thank you for the update. in addition to the news it's now a criminal inquiry, we got that
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brand-new doj and expect a general, look into applications. inspector general tonight saying and reporting coming very soon is that the two are connected to. let's turn to the host of the fox news contributor, welcome to you both. mollie hemingway and john u. so, i went to start with the election and what this means now, we have two sources telling fox news that this will mean he can impanel a, can't file criminal charges. >> i think people knew there's investigation taking place but they didn't realize it was a criminal investigation. if they couldn't impanel a jury. this is important, not just, you know, it's good for president trump, it's good for america. if we have such unprecedented spying on what's happened in the 2016 election. if national security letter,
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human informants, intelligence assets these are things that are not something that a normal or typical and of course, the end of the investigation we found out the russia collusion theory was a hoax and there's not a single america who colluded with the russia to steal the 2060 election. to find out that the department of justice came to believe this and what they did to pursue this conspiracy theory is just poor for america. >> shannon: listen, we know were getting a report and were saying to him once you see the horror west report you will understand what the durham investigation has been shifted to a criminal probe. who should be wary tonight? >> i think the president should be worried i think every american should be worried that our justice department has been weaponized by bill barr and the president to go after people who have been critical of him. this is despicable, it's un-american, unprecedented in our history. i don't know what exactly they
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think they're going to prosecute what the law officials. it might be a perjury situation, but this seems to be a overreach by president and attempt to distract from an impeachment inquiry that's resulting in his removal at some point next year. definitely, him not being on the ballot when we are that other pd of we are seeing, we sing the celebration of the impeachment inquiry. they've been asking for it, and what's going on right now is based on the house rules that have been in place since 2015 when the republicans control the house. all this whining and gnashing of the teeth by the right is ridiculous. it needs to stop. once the testimonies come out publicly it's not going to be good for them. >> shannon: listen, both sides are saying that's, what kind of impeachment vote, members of the public need to be informed and yes, everybody needs to see in the witness testimony. >> any sort of impeachment inquiry to have any sort of legitimacy is to be something where you're allowing people to know what's going on in a manner
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other than leaking little snippets of information and coming out of a hearing. one thing to know about justice department probe is that the justice department was weaponized to glance to political opponents. if this is something that happened really roiled the 2016 election, beginning the leaking of information about the investigation and the trump campaign, it came out in september, october of 2016 when donald trump did win the election. it ramped up into a full-blown campaign to undermine, and harm people. that's important. it tell us a little bit why the impeachment inquiry is happening now because a lot of people are scared about how don't like being held accountable for what they did. and they could cause a lot of dust to be thrown up in the air because they know the ig report is coming out and they know that bill barr and durham feel extremely scared and nervous as well. >> shannon: doesn't the same role apply?
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listen, everything with up impeachment inquiry has to be out there and everybody has to look at it. what about the durham reports, and people have called the ig a aboveground and he's worked under very different and administration's he's not a partisan. why not wait to see what he has to say and what he respected whether it's positive or negative for some of the player players? >> you know, i have no reason to doubt the integrity of mr. durham, i doubt integrity of bill barr and a donald trump right now. we will see what happens and what could happen is good behind closed doors because the grand jury proceeding. the senate and tell and less time i checked, is controlled by the republicans, it came out with a report it proves that russia was attempting to interfere with the election. with the attorney general's turn to do on behalf of his clients, president trump, he supposed to represent the state and that the president is trying to prove conspiracy theories that right wing have been spreading around
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to the internet for years. when durham comes out with a report, such as a somebody somewhere was some kind of perjury, the right wing is still going to go nuts over it and a president is still going to be in impeached. right now, they're not leaking anything because nothing good is being said about the president. >> shannon: again, -- and they all have said that they have been threatened and their worried about charges being filed against them. >> another not. >> shannon: they say they're going to be frightened. but, molly, as i remember in connection with the mueller investigation who been prosecuted for lying. >> in fact, you look at the special counsel probe, most people where brought up and nobody at the end was found to be colluding with election to steal the election. it's not a question if they do bad things are metal, but the
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allegations that roiled are so long. it was a dangerous and false veneer of treasonous collusion with russia. with impeachment probe, ethical other people see it just a continuation. if i could just send finish. it took the duration of an effort that's been going back three years to overcome back to the 2016 election results and g.o.p. are making decisions of others are going to go along with it with the latest efforts to go on election of the play fighting this latest effort to. >> shannon: ethic we can follow great, let's get the impeachment out there and only witnesses and transcript and get the durham report and let them speak for them subs and people can make the their own to patie. if we end on a moment of agreement? >> i want people to make their own decision. >> shannon: was get the information, chris, molly, think about. the cease-fire between turkish and kurdish is largely holding
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but largely depending on the armored units defending a valuable fields, don't get their hands on the potential revenue stream. with the very latest, leland vittert here. >> ices is getting money from the oil production is a big deal. of to be clear, this possibilitf tanks and u.s. troops is very different from a few days ago. president trump was talking about bringing all u.s. forces in syria, you might remember, home. the mission they're talking about and i would a different one, and they're focusing on areas along the turkish border, u.s. soldiers would guard syrian oilfields. while allowing the kurds to still profit from it. >> i'm in the situation room with president trump, $.5 million a month, secure the oil fields so the money won't go
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our many maze. make sure it goes to our allies in the present has in place and i'm encouraged by what i see. when the russians and trains make a play on the soil like they do, we're going to need it a iron fist from charm. >> but they are hedging their vests in the top general yesterday was talking about thanks to president trump the cease-fire is not necessarily holding. take a look at the tweeter. "and spite of the turks announcement, they continued to violation doe might violate attacks on the eastern front. that general also thanked president putin of russia today which is another head with the turks in the united states a hole hand the general muslim over. were talking about the president of turkey is supposed to be in the united states the middle of next month sending the u.s. tanks ahead of the visit would
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send one message and waiting until after the visit would send a very different one. >> shannon: all right, good point. thank you. brand-new book, makes scathing accusations against officials, they are denying them. oh, well, pulitzer prize journalist run and pharaoh joins us live. next. ♪ do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks,
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♪ >> shannon: tonight an unnamed nbc universal exceeded but reportedly pulitzer prize journalist ronan farrow a terrorist. that's a quote from a journalist who said when he asked whether had been no changes in leadership at that executive level, he or she cited, because he behaves like a terrorist. it ronan farrow and he is here
8:19 pm
live. a very complex portrait of power,, and corruption in the media and elites and the powerful. ronan, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, shannon. >> shannon: you would die were talking, i read a lot of books, i get a lot of books, and usually i skim. when i opened on saturday morning, i could not put it down until it was done on sunday nights. if somebody questions, really to scratch the surface here. if the picture that you painted, the version of the events is vey deserving when you talk about a powerful man in a hollywood executive that you put over together months and months, a case that you said you took to nbc with reporting on camera witnesses and statements other people willing to go on camera. nbc said it, was not ready for air, it did not meet standards and you took it somewhere else. how much does the story change? to the sourcing change are the additional information change it
8:20 pm
when he left it with nbc? to taking it to the new yorker where he ended up winning a pulitzer prize a few weeks late later. >> you know, when you hear rhetoric like journalists being called terrorists, were living in a moments where our political also have sometimes using the authoritarian rhetoric to describe the press is the enemy of the people. this is a book about the importance of precise fact-check journals. at the book itself is an example and precise fact-check journalism. if it's two years of investigating reporting. all the denials that you are describing are woven into the book it's an extremely fair book to nbc news, i to my publisher at the "national enquirer" and to some of the private espionage terms described. much described in the press, how much we had described clearly in the book, as my producer laid out we witnessed a shutdown of the story and yes, we had
8:21 pm
multiple name to witness and every draft of the story ended audio recording of harvey weinstein from a police sting operation admitting to not just one sexual assault but a pattern of them. that actually is not the point, but the point here, shannon, we were ordered to stand down. we were never told we want to get more, we were told don't take a single call on this. that's on journalistic. ultimately, it's more important than nbc, more important than rube executives. it's about threat to the free paris the way in which powerful people get protection and lack of accountability for alleged crim. through media organization sometimes. >> shannon: yes, i dig it's very disturbing to read this and to look at the same things that went on to the award-winning not only what you see what's happening at nbc but the way the message was intimidating terrifying people who you talk to them years after the alleged encounters that they
8:22 pm
had with them. they couldn't speak about that and wouldn't at any times. employing private investors, trailing people, checking people's phones, getting to their families, getting to their employers, when you talk about the elite or the powerful being able to somehow scare or buy their way out of very serious allegations. don't >> that's absolutely righ, transparency and the free flow of information is at the heart of maintaining our basic rights and keeping our democracy free. when you see powerful people separating the press and the way that donald trump did with the "national enquirer," a lot of this is about how the "national enquirer" is very story after story donald trump in the way that harvey weinstein said. father nbc news , these are fundamental to the free throw dough micro flow of information in spite of the powerful machine and i'm going to shut them down.
8:23 pm
>> shannon: it's in part to make the distinction, you talked about in the "national enquirer" president trump and others, a lot of powerful people in the book and what is alleged in those cases were consensual, alleged consensual relationships versus what you reported with harvey weinstein which is something completely different. if we get to the mat lowercase at nbc. they say you talk about a number of settlements and people that were required by money that they were nbc executives who are aware of allegations about matt lauer prior to his firing. they say that's not the case, they were settlements to people who left where they were severance agreements to people who laughed. none of them were connected to matt's and there is no official reports to management about him. what do you have that proved differently? >> physically or paper trail in the book, i don't like it skewed anymore, where to some i spoke to until dough mike told me this directly. we knew about matt lauer for years. if this is bigger than one pers,
8:24 pm
this is a duck committed pattern of secret settlements that this company which mirrors what we've seen at several media outlets. where sexual assault and rapid issues, you work out an attorney get swept under the renter payout and the elect touched predators stay in power. at the state one thing, mr. sharp distention between locations between donald trump and other powerful pinochle dough mike people, that specifically true in some cases. sure, this is the first example of a reporter looking at the master list of all the stories that the inquiry had about trauma and on trump. if it's the nonconsensual contact of a salt when we talk about trauma, there is allegations other. >> shannon: another one there's nothing to it with material to go with in the case cases. >> not in that particular
8:25 pm
surgery dough mike story, this is an interesting point, the claims are not the ones that that were found to not have sube claim about trump having a love child, a new instance of being a prior seeking to catch and kill a story apparently emma enclosed collaboration with trip associates is dough mike and claims under age sexual assault involving trump and jeffrey epstein. that's when we are not sure if they are there. there were still resources extended to kill the stories. >> shannon: one thing that were talking about, i went to reach from page 343, you're talking about some of these cases the term case in particular. the claims about the love child, the anonymous rate allegation was not backed by convincing evidence. it didn't go anywhere. >> sure, i draw a distinctive between that and say the jill hartke claim which is obviously seems to be more substance. >> shannon: would you go? because nbc takes your book point by point, they hand
8:26 pm
settlements, the allegation about matt lauer and mother matt lauer was keeping them the harvey weinstein knew about it and they deny all of that. where do we go from here? there are two very different sites to the story. clearly, you are doing with harvey weinstein was very important and it won a prize and more importantly it gave voice to these women. he's now faking criminal charges, and a number of growing accounts of very inappropriate, allegedly criminal, against her. would you go next? >> all of those rebuttals are laid low dough mike out clearly. if there's a document or paper trail that the in which these cases, shannon, and more people got hurt as a result. also a broader set of corporate practices. where in fox news, fox news is one of the egregious examples of the first blown wide open secret settlements and harass her in their jobs.
8:27 pm
>> important to note we had a massive change, i was let in leadership and internal policy and reporting in hr and everything. >> for short, receiving, shannon, some other companies resist at that kind of change it's important to note, the change was real at fox but there's multiple women who have gotten in touch with me to say, hey, look, after leadership changes that are still problems. if that's true at cbs i reported on, it's true at fox, there's more work to be done. this not just a nbc problem but we are seeing as we see right now, it saves a lot of tough question from a great journalist there. i think that is correct, i think these are truth seeking reporters were just made and people are potentially curbing that. >> >> shannon: i can say, from the massive cover in leadership change, the policies internally have changed. it's all great news to me, and i think there's more work to be done across america. it's good we ask tough questions internally and externally. we had asked dough mike internal
8:28 pm
conversation and it's way to be an objective look going on. speak out there's a thing, shannon, in the book aware the journalist of nbc news and the best negative units are skeptical. we're not going to do an investigation and the journalists are asking, why don't we do an independent investigation at a certain point and kim harris get set fed up and it's if the press would stop talking about the problem will go away. journalists are the hear of the story, we need to free prize, it's incredibly admirable that people like chris hayes has gotten on air and said, if there is a pattern of secrets in the company and people are getting hurt as a result, coverage is getting distorted as a result, that's a significant problem to look at. >> shannon: it takes a lot of courage to for people to come forward to. i hope that sparks all caps conversation and gives courage for men and women to come
8:29 pm
forward to. we hope it gives courage to everybody to come on have these conversations. thank you so much for joining us life. >> thank you, shannon, for having me having me. >> shannon: breaking news tonight, and the fight over a 7-year-old in texas, his father wants to stop his mother from transitioning the boy to a girl. live a brand-new ruling in the case as the judge said today. ♪ that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. i got snacks! ohhh, i got popcorn, i got caramel corn, i got kettle corn. am i chewing too loud? believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. if ylittle thingsate tcan be a big deal., that's why there's otezla.
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>> shannon: back to our top story, u.s. attorney john durham investigation into the origins of the fbi russia probe has shifted from an administrative review "to a criminal inquiry." brad moss and john yoo, thinking dough mike great see you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: let's start here, reporting about this, they only need a reasonable indication
8:34 pm
that a crime has been committed to open an investigation. however, there must be an objective factual basis and a mere hunch is insufficient. so, what does it say to you tonight and we are told that once you see the horowitz report about the application, you will understand by the durham report and investigation has turned into a criminal. what is a say to you tonight? >> it's a huge change. it's as each a couple he had a investigation for you human resources turned into a criminal investigation. it's equally serious. i think there are two things, to laws that might have been broken here. durham my death uncovered already or was referred to him by mr. horowitz. some surveillance occurred outside the context. it requires him to go to a special federal court to get a warrant so i might be possible that surveillance was done on
8:35 pm
the trump campaign outside the law. if that's true, that the criminal violation and he could go on the show for five years or even if he was used properly, someone lied or testified incorrectly, are used incorrect information to liberty to trick the court and to giving a warrant out for electronic surveillance. that's a criminal violation that's a penalty up to five years in prison. if that's remarkable, if that's true they could confirm some the worst fears of others who worked at the justice department and had people deliberately you misuse the law to start surveillance of a major presidential campaign. >> shannon: we don't know, we have no idea what this is about and what it's going to say. it sounds like the durham investigation now is probably going to be much longer than the timeline. and thought we might get some answers, but now, durham is going to have power to a grand jury, and potentially file criminal charges.
8:36 pm
there has been talk in an interview with john as well, where do you think this could dough mike is going? >> either the change is very plausible. if i view this is going along the lines of process crime. if one was committed that one either lied or misled in the information provided it was the court or officials of the chain and the fbi. let's all remember something with john jerome, this not the first time that he take an administrator view and turning it into a criminal one and ultimately not brought charges. if he did the same thing in 2009, when he conducted his review of the cia interrogation techniques that occur during the depression administration. if there's a lot of people angry about the fact in a lot of republicans were angry that they stretch this backup. he was very exhaustive and
8:37 pm
extensive in his inquiry nt -- despite the grand jury, would see where this goes. >> shannon: okay, concerns about this, the opening of the criminal investigation is likely to raise alarms that mr. trump is using the justice department to go after his perceived enemies. we've a statement tonight, from -- i did dough mike i'm going to get around, i know the terminal dough mike chairman nadler is in there john, what about those stories tonight that the president is in some way weaponizing the doj? >> you're referring to the statement with nadler that they put out questioning the integrity of internally dough mike attorney general barr. i think that's utterly wrong. i think attorney general barr is a man of integrity but also
8:38 pm
mr. durham is a u.s. attorney and comes from the same culture and integrity is the justice department for which robert mueller comes from. these are the same people as i was defending robert mueller and saying let robert mueller conduct a probe. of i think he did, and i think s hypocritical if you start questioning the career prosecutors who i believe would resign their office if they thought they were being told to conduct a partisan inquiry. president trump is free to tweak whatever he wants, he's free to say i think these guys committed treason's. if i don't think that durham is going to conduct a treason inquiry i think he came across facts and horowitz came across facts. he said the same prosecute for which he saying critics also thought the attorney general -- i'm sorry, the special counsel
8:39 pm
the investigation, it's being consistent to start yelling about partisanship. >> shannon: cookware to, as its interest income must is coming soon and were told its variable in this and there will not be a big difference between a public mission and a separate private version. it's good be one big thing and a quick word from you on that. >> are we going to see more applications? the president kept a promising that, recently a couple weeks ago, the doj said nothing's changed. let's see what the reports, if we actually see more about the applications or if that was all were going to get to get. >> shannon: all rights, bradley, john, thank you. great to have your expertise. >> thank you, shannon. >> absolutely. >> shannon: a battle over a possible gender transition for a child. next. ♪ ♪
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8:44 pm
court. if you want to start hormone therapy to transition the child. if the judge ruled that the parents will have a joint conservative shift. if last night greg abbott said the state attorney general in the torment of the family and protective services will look into the case. okay, partake of this this here's a nationwide injunction giving a single federal judge anywhere in the country the power to shut down trump administration policies for the entire u.s. tonight we focus on a program launched by the obama administration to block a deportation of people brought to the u.s. illegally as children. federal judges in d.c., california, and newark have blocked a president's efforts from the program. it lands in the super come in just weeks. >> my dream is to become a teacher. of >> daniela is a treat dough mike dreamer. and part of it. it is a proud student in washington, d.c., as president of the dreamers alliance. like her, promoting immigrants
8:45 pm
rights. >> we matter and that we here and were not going to stop fighting. not fighting in the sense that we're angry but fighting in the sense that we need some kind of a solution. >> daniela who asked that we not use her last name, is one of more than 700,000 people enrolled in the deferred action for childhood arrival program. of created by president obama in 2012 under executive order. if it gives people brought to the u.s. illegally as children a renewable two-year period to a production from deportation. if making them eligible for a work permit and a potential path to citizenship. daniela came to the country with her family from el salvador at age three. >> give us a chance to prove ourselves i'm a even though we try to proofing ourselves, give us a chance to be even more amazing. >> early in his administration, president trump voice support for daca, boldly dough mike but
8:46 pm
only if it was tied to illegal immigration and building the border wall. >> i have to do without lot of politicians, and have to convince them what i'm saying is right. >> months later, the president allowed he was terminating daca under his own executive authority. mobbing a flood of protesting. three federal judges, california, new york, and washington, d.c., issued a nationwide injunction meanwhile dough mike, meaning daca remains as w. that created chaos in the court. >> we've had the people in limbo since then, the political process has been dough mike for granted. both sides awaiting a weight on daca. they refuse to intervene on the
8:47 pm
daca dispute while the issue is litigated but the justice will get the final say with a really expected next june right in the middle of a presidential election. fox news poll in june and found that 73% of registered voters surveyed favor allowing dreamers to stay in the u.s. 34% opposed. if so mike nation's largest colm for immigrant youth freedom the group said the injunction had mixed impact, but also creating legal uncertainty. for young people waiting in hearing, and constantly being on pins and needles of the court hearing. it's very difficult. of >> daniela, who's benefiting because of that single judges who blocked daca's plans to roll back daca has all pinned altered hopes on the u.s. supreme court. >> by the time i graduated i might not be able to be a teacher. it's frustrating for sure. i'm really hoping that something
8:48 pm
can change within the next few months. >> tomorrow we take a look at the politics behind the courtside over the nationwide injunction and have the supreme court, like it or not is being dragged into what many say a partisan fight. for the first step to act, under fire from critics, the defense attorney bipartisan reform bill is accused of murder. they're doing far more good, and we will check that as the president takes the next cap next. ♪ year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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>> its almost mathematical certainty that somebody is going to commit a heinous crime dough mike crime if this bill passes. >> shannon: the second step of criminal justice reported by the bipartisan firsts have act according to this man, joe francisco who is serving a life sentence for draft dough mike drug trafficking. if he no stands accused of murdering amanda october 2nd and was on the run until police caught up with them last saturday. deputy assistant to pay doughdee trumpet, great to have you tonight. how do you entered the people who are alike, that people are going to get out? >> 95% are getting out and the
8:53 pm
fact is though status quo wasn't working. that's why the president under his leadership and a focus on prison reform so that we can lower our rates and the influx of people going back to prison. that's our focus and focused on nonviolent offenders and essentially, having a one size fits all criminal justice system. taking an individualized for dough approach. one of the judges may be taking up cases, may be shared into, others little bit more conservative. if at the end of the date they should look at the mirror of the person's time served and if they deserve the second chance. >> shannon: all of the leeway to make decisions looking at each case and the president is going to sulk telling him he's going to more about what can be done to help people to rebuild r
8:54 pm
lives. there some about him happy coming down and some aren't, and they told on wednesday it could mark the chance for the president to reach out to black voters and electorates of that trumpet struggles to retain. it resembles from associated press and liberatingt african-american dance at 4%. what message will he take with them tomorrow? >> i don't know what the polls are saying, me and my colleagues spent a lot of time on the road in the cities. the truth is, once people learn about the policy that the president has champions it, such as opportunities and such as historical investment and being the leader of criminal justice reform. those tend to change drastically. of we've been facilitating diale with communities directly with committees that oak at interaction the white house.
8:55 pm
we hear a very drastically different opinion. that's what the president ran on. of >> shannon: he says that they shouldn't be here that they don't care about black people or anything so i don't know what he's coming to a hbcu. it will he change his mind's tomorrow? >> just like when we spoke about a month ago, at the hbcus summits, he didn't hear much about that but we had a lot of applause because people have seen the result of the investment. for example there been a beneficiary of reform under president trump's leadership for the finance program that was really hurting the bottom line with financing for the schools. they no longer have the data, they can focus on helping the pipeline to the workforce of the future. you see the president talk a lot about that and evocative a lot of work and were going to continue to partner with institutions. >> shannon: we will be watching the visit and safe travels tomorrow and see how the
8:56 pm
message received. >> amen. >> shannon: great to have you imputed most-watched, most trusted, most cripple. good night from for now from washington. i'm shannon bream. these are: physicaln ststudents have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum. the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? hour 36 in the stakeout.
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thank you very much. that is "the story." tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's all but official, elizabeth warren is now the democratic front runner in a survey released by university in connecticut. she maintained a seven-point lead over joe biden. b other people on television s assured us he will be the nominee. warren is a full 13 points ahead of bernie sanders. keep in mind that both warren and sanders are northeastern socialists. we have polling from essentially the same strain of voters. splitting that vote should dramatically weaken warrens position in the field. she is leading anyway.


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