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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's phenomenal. catch me and make sure that you see where your money is going. meantime, we keep it going here on fox news. "the five" is next. >> dana: i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." president trump reacting to the doj review in the start of the russia problem. it's a criminal investigation. it gives u.s. attorney john durham the power to subpoena witnesses and empanel grand jury and file charges. durham's investigation has expanded because of new evidence. he's very interested in talking to former obama intelligence officials john brennan and james clapper. the president weighed in earlier.
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>> looks like it's becoming serious from what i'm hearing. investigate the investigators. whether it's strzok and page, whether it's slapper and whether it's comey and all of these people, because terrible things went on for our country. and we have a great attorney general, highly prestigious man, a very honorable man and they've been looking at it for a long time. i can't tell you what is happening. i will tell you this. i think you'll see a lot of really bad things. >> dana: geraldo, it's a significant development. the president is giving these hints that he might have been told what's going on. >> geraldo: that is a probability. the substance of the answer is that there's some night sweat epidemics going on in washington right now. people that have been pressing this false narrative for over two years, the whole russia hoax. at some point they had to know
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there was no there there but they carried on. issuing all of these subpoenas, all of these perjury traps, wearing hidden microphones into meetings with the president of the united states and his staffers. creating a climate of terror in the white house. all of this false, the collusion narrative, the hoax for over two years and $45 million we were led down this path. you know, russia, russia, russia. it became a bad joke how the president maintains his sanity throughout this ordeal is a great mystery. i think that the people that engineered this, the people that crafted this hoax, the people that drew the country down this -- into oz will at some point have to pay the piper. i have no doubt. >> dana: wait. did someone wear a wire inside the oval office? >> geraldo: rod rosenstein said it was a joke. >> dana: we're not saying that
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somebody wore a wire -- >> geraldo: how did they get -- >> dana: i don't know. i have never heard that somebody wore a wire in the oval office. >> geraldo: i stand literally corrected but my point is well-made. >> dana: indeed. >> greg: they entrapped people. they did everything. >> dana: rod rosenstein was joking when he said that. >> that's how he get his ruffles together. how about the three of get married but i'm not. rod rosenstein was doing that, but now it's very interesting because i don't think he was trying to engage in any sort of new marital concoction. what i am saying is there were forces working against the president and it's now looking as though some of these things at one point in our very recent path we would call conspiracy theories are bearing out in a way that it's happening so quickly with such depth and breadth. it's hard to wrap your head
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around. you understand the forcefulness with which the president defends himself because he feels like he was unfairly painted into a corner. someone really went after him. i appreciate the tenacity with which geraldo defends him. i feel like i'm next to jesse. >> dana: rod rosenstein is part of the investigation. they want to talk to clapper and brennan from the obama administration. >> greg: do you mind if i bash the media? i don't do it very often. >> dana: for a change. >> greg: i'm going to take a break. okay. i love how the media is saying, this investigation to the russian probe is just another conspiracy theory. they mock the republicans for this conspiracy theory. it's like the real house wives of new jersey calling you trashy. they pick theories more than mike pushes pillows. they know they can't win an election so they're like the stupid kid that is terrified of failing a final. so what does he do?
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he calls in a bomb threat. this is their bomb threat. their way of not facing the music. good news here, i think. i think the tide is turning against the democrats because the process is so out of proportion to the infraction. there's so much effort to produce so little. reminds me of the oscars. starts out interesting. like you watch the oscars the first half an hour is great. when it's over, when the oscars are over, you only remember one thing. how it went on too long, how bloated and grow -- grotesque it was. the longer it goes on, the more likely the american public will detest it. you treat it like the oscars, get it over. >> dana: and go to commercial break. not yet. >> the dems have a problem. they're teeing up -- the doj has lost their independence. they're saying this is political revenge. and when i look at it, they're
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against the good old boy system. i don't mean to bash government workers. jonathan durham is not one of those guys. durham is a guy that has investigated them before. investigated the cia before. this is a guy that was good enough for holder, good enough for trump as well. a guy that has bipartisan support. but has staked his career after going after corruption. >> dana: and on the cia, he declined -- >> and the c.i.a. has lawyered up. >> dana: yeah. the previous administration found no criminal wrong doing. we have something else. a battle over impeachment is still raging. republicans are demanding that the whistle-blower testify. now democrats are reportedly claim that hearing from the whistle-blower is no longer necessary. comes as the left and the media continue to mock and attack the gop after they stormed the closed-door hearing this week. >> this looked like a klan group
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outside of a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in so they can deliver their own justice against somebody inside. it's not a good look for our democracy or for the republican party. iaoc is joining in, calling it a little flash mob or entitlement of privilege. greg, they did a stunt, trying to make a point. they won the news cycle for the day. did it look like the klan? >> greg: how can it be a klan if there's no democrats? it's all republicans. i seem to remember the klan was made up of democrats. what kills me -- >> this was racist. this was a racist -- that man was a racist comment. >> greg: it is. i agreed. what i find interesting geraldo and -- when faced with real mobs, chasing people out of restaurants, hitting trump supporters, if you called them the mob, the media called you racist.
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you weren't supposed to use the m word. that was two months ago. now guys and women, politicians, lawmakers go to a meeting and they call it a mop of white people. the klan. so you're right. i agree with you. you agree with me. let's get a drink. >> geraldo: republicans should be more diverse. you get what the point is. the point is there's a lot of republicans that feel this process is grotesquely unfair. you know, i -- they say it's about process. it is about process. due process. the president gets due process. you can't do it in private. you didn't do it in private in 98 or in 74 and they can't do it in private now. i say the president should do nothing to cooperate unless and until they open the hearings. >> greg: you should be his later. >> geraldo: i feel strongly about this. to kennedy's point that i sound like jesse waters, we should all be offended that we sang this russia dance for 2 1/2 years and spent this money for nothing.
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what? the steele dossier? golden chair? what did they base this on in. >> dana: oh, boy. i don't know what you're talking about. >> greg: what's that? >> dana: like the golden corral. it's a wonderful buffet. my sister loves that restaurant so much. >> so does any grandmother. >> dana: they're going to have public hearings in november. >> this is a time for americans and lawmakers to reevaluate their past decisions. everybody loved the fisa court for so long. republicans and democrats rallied around for the fisa court and libertarians said don't trust it. >> dana: yes. >> me and you disagree on that. there's no due process. so now we have instances where americans are spied on and a sham investigation and they say at least we go a warrant from a fisa court. >> dana: and michael horowitz, the inspector general, says it's within the next couple weeks or so that we'll have his report that focuses only on the fbi's role. >> but now it's very interesting.
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there's republicans that are conveniently talking about things like the deep state and talking about the surveillance apparatus in a way that they're offended by but they are the oned that allowed the state to get this bloated. and they realize people in power, all you have to do is set a couple of traps in secret -- this is opaque. we have no idea how this court works. we really don't know how the application process works. what kind of oversight they have once an application is okayed and you can -- >> dana: maybe they'll change policies -- >> libertarians have been begging to do that for years. >> dana: we don't know what the results are. maybe there was a problem with this particular one. i don't think that means that the entire fisa court process of which has been very useful in terms of protecting national security should be thrown out. >> open it up -- >> and where is the fisa judge? >> geraldo: if the judge was
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lied to -- >> bring them back in. >> geraldo: that's what the investigation by the i.g. will uncover. i bet they did wiretap the trump tower. i bet all of the paranoia will come true. >> greg: how convenient is it now to need the whistle-blower anymore? the whistle-blower shows up, blows his whistle. so what they need is the whistle-blower to find the crime. now they have the crime, the whistle-blower can leave. >> dana: he was a fisa judge. >> greg: that's who it is. >> i think it's john bolton and his in cahoots with adam schiff. >> geraldo: i think it's a professional democrat. >> dana: hillary clinton wants in on 2020 but some democrats are saying no, no, not so fast. that's next. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
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♪ >> geraldo: welcome back to the 2020 roundup. senate democrats warning hillary clinton do not do it. senator clinton reportedly considering a rematch with president trump. her own colleagues making it clear that they don't want her to run. they say her time has passed and it would be a big mistake. wouldn't it, dana? >> dana: well, they're trying to be super polite. if you read the quotes from the senators, you know, i think our field is set. maybe we should move on. read between the lines, heck no, lady. please just move on. i talked to one very senior democratic adviser who is not affiliated with a campaign. i said is this true? he says ultimately he doesn't
2:17 pm
think she will run but she's talking to everybody. >> geraldo: what does a young people think about hillary clinton coming back? >> greg: a good question. talk about ages, geraldo. my god. >> that is good. this goes to the point i was getting ready to make. she's going to depress the vote if she goes in. a lot of people that -- even when obama said, black votes. get out there. women, get out there and vote. they didn't show up in large numbers. so her considering this goes back to her bitterness. she really believes she was robbed of the last election. she does. she believes the russians and james comey and everybody was against her. she didn't get a fair shake because she was a woman. all of these forces were going against her. she does not accept that it was the american voters. >> geraldo: she was robbed in the sense. the electoral college robbed her. >> kennedy: the darn constitution. main, we have to play by rules
2:18 pm
now? yes, very inconvenient for her and she should have paid more attention to the midwest like her husband told her to. the horrible trump-voting women. their husbands told them to vote for donald trump. one of the excuses that she listed. so my mom voted for hillary clinton. she's a life-long democrat and she did it holding her nose. she doesn't really like her. how do my mom and other voters feel about hillary getting in the race and elbowing amy klobuchar and liz warren? i would love to see her run because i would love to see her lose. >> geraldo: what was your instant reaction? >> greg: i thought he would get back in because she doesn't want her obituary say "lost to donald trump." but she could do it twice. there's no way the top three are stepping aside for her.
2:19 pm
i believe biden gets the nod. chooses her as v.p. and then he drops out. >> geraldo: new details emerging on hunter biden as his dad takes a shot at the president's family. >> my children won't have offices in the white house. they won't sit in on cabinet meetings. his children are engaged in the day-to-day operations of things that they know nothing about. >> geraldo: i said this on "fox and friends." i visited with ivanka trump and jared kushner in the white house. they work for no money, they're highly skilled. ivanka has a million things going on with women's rights and people of color. jared, talk about that. criminal justice reform. he helped get that through, the whole moving of the embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. they're high functioning people and they were there for their
2:20 pm
dad at a time when he didn't trust anybody with the rats and the snitches and the back stabbers in the west wing. what about kids working for their dads? >> dana: i think joe biden is being completely honest. he said i would never have my kids work in the white house because there's no way that they could make as much money from these sweetheart deals in the ukraine and china and romania and god knows where else in the world. hunter biden has worked everywhere. he could write a tourist brochure of d.c. and the bureaucracies. i'm not saying it's illegal. >> it's shady. the other democrats -- i've talked with voters. all the other candidates supporters care about this issue. it's the biden supporters that don't care about it. the other candidates want to atalk him. if they're going to cumbaya it, he's going to win the nomination. biden is going to win it. they should hammer him on this
2:21 pm
issue. >> geraldo: aren't they? >> they're not. look at the republican primary in 2016. it was a bloodbath. right? there was no playing nice. they went very personal. it took a lot of repairing afterwards. if the democrats really want -- the other people want to have a shot at this nomination, they have to attack him on this issue. >> geraldo: all kids are not created equal. >> greg: thank god for that. if i had -- if i was president and i had kids, i would make them work in the white house as janitors. >> learn the business. >> greg: if you want to undo an election, year going down with the ship. >> all right. thank you. >> geraldo: am i in trouble -- >> greg: where is the swear word in this? >> geraldo: hunter versus i vaca. are they all equal?
2:22 pm
>> dana: no. i don't like people's children being used as pawns in there. >> greg: unless it's a chess board. >> dana: that would be fun. it's interesting. joe biden has actually expanded his lead in the last month. because other democrats have not attacked him. trump has done it. actually not working in terms of -- >> geraldo: trump is elevating. >> dana: and the democrats that also i assume they want to win the nomination, they're taking a pass and not going after him on something that is vulnerable. joe biden hasn't done any hardly any interviews at all. this is the first interview he's doing on "60 minutes". usually he's the most newsy sound bite on friday? that's not a lot. >> geraldo: a hefty price tag if elizabeth warren does win the -- beats the odds and wins the nomination and the presidency and enacts her plans like these. >> that's why i support medicare for all.
2:23 pm
i have plans. i have a $2 trillion plan. >> universal child car. cancelling student loan debt. >> and i'm willing to fight for it. >> geraldo: who estimate -- >> dana: yahoo. >> geraldo: yahoo estimating $4.2 trillion a year if elizabeth warren's proposals are enacted into law. that would about double the deficit which already hit the trillion dollars. >> dana: that's just spending. that doesn't touch what will happen to the deficit. >> can we stop calling it a plan? >> geraldo: she has a plan. >> if you don't know how you're going to pay for it, it's not a plan. it's an idea. everyone -- >> greg: it's a nice idea though. >> geraldo: i like the idea of it. it's nice. >> dana: taking care of people is nice. government does a bad job of it. >> greg: in a left ring world, money grows on people and the people are trees.
2:24 pm
a junkie never robs his family and friends at the start. they end there. they run out of their stash and cash. left wing junkies are addicted to our money. they start with the rich and end with the poor. >> geraldo: what about wing junkies that pass taxes that benefit the rich? >> greg: they don't. they benefit everybody. >> geraldo: at the highest income levels? why not. >> dana: go for it. cut away. >> kennedy: trim trim trim. >> giving your money back. >> geraldo: bruce springstine attacking president trump over what it is to be a an american. that's next. ok everyone!
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>> that was president trump knocking celebrity endorsements like bruce springsteen. now the boss is hitting back with this dig at trump. >> we're living in a frightening time. the stewardship of the nation is being thrown away. he doesn't have a clue of what it means. unfortunately we have somebody that doesn't have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an american. >> greg, you were in the celebrity world. >> greg: i am a celebrity. >> do they believe -- >> greg: lawrence, i'm a world class celebrity and i'm insul d insulted -- >> do they believe they have this much power? >> greg: it's had for bruce springsteen because he's a blue collar persona. trump is a folk hero. there's a lot of overlap with springsteen's audience and pro trumpers and driving him crazy. their trump popularity is
2:30 pm
being -- you wondering why doesn't this counter the rise of this noxious enemy? what am i chopped liver? >> dana: no. in the cultural dell couture -- deli, you're not. >> geraldo: bruce springsteen was any neighbor. we were there for 9-11. our community was the most striken in the world. what he did to help that community was really amazing. he's right about -- i think the right generally republicans and president trump losing sight of something very crucially american. i think when the president said he was going to ban all muslim immigrants when he separated immigrant families at the border, those things are
2:31 pm
fundamentally and i agree with bruise springsteen, they're un-american. that's what bruce -- >> greg: and adults -- >> geraldo: what? >> greg: if you have a problem with children traveling with people that are not related to, you have to do some separation. if you don't like the process. i don't make it. obama did the same thing. >> geraldo: these are two black marks on the trump presidency that history will come to regard and bruce is right to point them out. >> let's get you -- a lot of people don't care about his personality. they care what he delivers on. >> kennedy: that's true. and you know the president very well. i would say -- >> geraldo: i love him, too. he's not perfect. >> kennedy: he's not perfect. i -- >> greg: that's where you're different from jesse. he would have said perfect. >> kennedy: right now he's craft ago sculpture of the president. it's beautiful. it's like lionel richie's hello.
2:32 pm
>> geraldo: many lemon sorbet. >> kennedy: the president says a lot of things i don't agree with and i don't like that are i think are beneath the presidency. i wouldn't say he doesn't understand america or he's not an american. he does embody the american dream. you know, here's someone that did what he loved for a long time, did very well at it and now he's president of the united states against all odds. when he goes out to these rallies, one of the reasons they're so well-attended, he talks directly to people about his dream and about his aspirations. that resonates. for people that demonize them like bruce springsteen that are so ready to call him a moron, you should operate with more curiosity -- >> geraldo: shouldn't go for the short money. >> kennedy is right. they're average day people. >> dana: entertainers could make a choice. in nashville, in country music, you can imagine, they have a wide audience. a lot of diverse audience.
2:33 pm
they want to keep it. they never talk about politics. they're there to lift and entertain. that's what they do. >> don't go anywhere. the fastest self is coming up on "the five." ♪ you typing in the coordinates? no, i'm paying my brother back before we get going. he scored me a billy big mouth bass. the singing wall fish? for the man cave. i love those things!
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>> kennedy: welcome a back. it's time for the fastest seven. first up, are you frustrated because you've been deleting your e-mails all day? the iphone update has been fuming. they're accidentally deleting critical e-mails. john roberts got ensnared in this new trap. he tweeted who at apple thought this was the best positioning for the trash icon and e-mails? he's really gone through the roof. lawrence? >> lawrence: i'm a forever iphone guy. the new one comes up, i trade it in. i love it.
2:38 pm
the only thing we want is the camera. instead, they keep updating everything. just update the camera and keep the phone the same way and they would make everybody happy. >> kennedy: that's a way of saying i'm as good as steve jobs. >> dana: humans adapt. now i haven't accidentally deleted an e-mail in days. >> kennedy: you know what the fix is? there's a setting that you can go in and have it ask you before you delete them. you probably don't have the update. >> geraldo: i don't. >> greg: probably somebody in a hospital about to get butt surgery and watching us complaint about our icons and throwing crap at the tv. apple, a little notice would have been nice. like you don't change the locks on the house without telling somebody. >> dana: the customer should not be guinea pigs. >> kennedy: i couldn't figure out why i kept deleting e-mails.
2:39 pm
what did i do? did i offend somebody? i don't know where it went. how good is the camera? >> lawrence: it's amazing. i'll show you. >> kennedy: portrait mode? >> lawrence: lets you get far away. >> kennedy: we could be cake toppers. nine and ten employees -- greg have guilty of this. can't wait -- admit coming to work while sick. people say they're worried about the hefty amount of work and they want to save their sick time. that should be called vacation time. we're talking about what it means to be an american. americans work. we trudge through. if there's a difficulty, we will overcome it. you said you like being the infector monkey. >> greg: i do. i like to get seven to eight people sick every week. i'm curious if this happened to you and viewers at home. when you feel really sick and right after you call in sick, you feel better and then you feel guilty about staying at home. this -- or else when you go to
2:40 pm
the doctor and you're in there and none of the symptoms are there and you're likecrap and the symptoms return, what is going on with that? >> kennedy: probably an iphone update. >> geraldo: i got a massage and the guy had the sniffles. >> greg: dripping on my back. >> kennedy: do you work when you're sick? >> dana: yes. >> lawrence: do you shake hands? >> dana: remember when i had pneumonia and you diagnosed it? i was coughing for six weeks. by the time you're full blown sick, you've infected everybody anyway. >> kennedy: greg had an inflammation in the lining of your sternum. feels like a heart attack. >> lawrence: everybody is okay with people being sick. i don't like it. you're worse than the plane people. get on the plane, take your shoes off. >> dana: i don't take my shoes
2:41 pm
off on a plane. >> lawrence: you come to work sick and get everybody infected. i have a good immune system. >> kennedy: you're lucky. those that are immune compromised -- >> dana: and i learned that viewers don't like to watch it when you're sick. makes them uncomfortable. >> greg: i agree with lawrence. i had plane people. >> lawrence: and you're like them. >> kennedy: stay home. finally, this fat cat boycotting her morning workout. something that we can all relate to. >> you working out? oh, good girl. that's good work. >> kennedy: that sucks. >> dana: that's what i -- if i was a cat and i was in water -- cats don't like water. >> kennedy: they don't. >> dana: water aerobics is the worse. >> kennedy: and they're flagging
2:42 pm
it. >> greg: the guy talking ruins it. that's why i mute all my videos. i want to watch the cat do its thing. i don't need somebody going yeah, baby. >> kennedy: did you bring this to the producers? >> greg: yeah, that's how you do it. the other leg. disgusting. >> kennedy: lawrence, you love working out. >> lawrence: i to. >> kennedy: you walk around with your shirt off a lot. >> lawrence: the ladies love it. >> kennedy: some of the fellows, too. >> lawrence: this is weird though. obviously the cat is in this position because the owner kept feeding it and feeding it instead of a strict diet. now he's in water. i don't like cat but that's pathetic. >> kennedy: the cat was taken away by the vet -- cats don't get fat on their own. they can't drive their miata to the grocery store and load up on twinkies and pork chops. i'm sure they wish they could. they have to be fed to get that enormous. >> lawrence: it's sad. i feel sorry. >> dana: cats are hostages.
2:43 pm
>> geraldo: i think of the commercial with the 70 million years of tiger dna waiting to -- >> kennedy: all right. fan mail friday is next. stay with us. ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the♪lexus es... ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. oh no,... ...a cougher. welcome to flu season, karen. is a regular flu shot strong enough... help prevent flu in someone your age?
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>> greg: some of these work, some don't. this is fan mail. what is the cheapest thing about you? interesting question, dana. >> dana: like things i don't like to spend money on? >> greg: right. >> dana: probably food. >> greg: yeah. >> dana: i'm not frugal. >> greg: you don't even know how much things are, do you? kennedy? >> kennedy: i'm a very, very good bargain shopper for food. my mom was a coupon clipper. i shop at trader joe's religiously. >> geraldo: come to my house. >> kennedy: all right. >> geraldo: i roll up the toothpaste. >> dana: i do, too. >> greg: it's hard to throw away toothpaste in you know there's something in there. >> kennedy: and i love dollar tree. >> lawrence: because i grew up
2:48 pm
poor, i like everything off brand except for clothes. everything else is fair game. clothes and shoes. >> greg: i buy my food off the street, ribs and chicken. i enjoy doing that. this is a fun question from sandra. do any of you remember your first plane ride. >> dana: yes. >> greg: and where were you going? >> dana: washington d.c. i was 7 years old. my dan had a conference. he was in human resources. h.r. was different then. he had to go to washington d.c. that was back in the day when you could take your family with you. my first trip. >> greg: lawrence? >> lawrence: d.c. i'm afraid of planes; you don't -- >> kennedy: and you're afraid -- >> lawrence: i flew three or four times a week. i conquered the fear. >> greg: what do you do? >> lawrence: correspondent work for the network. >> greg: no, what do do on the plane? have a cocktail? >> dana: to get over the
2:49 pm
anxiety. >> lawrence: yeah. >> geraldo: i was flying to my grandparents in puerto rico. i didn't speak spanish. by the time i came home was fluent. >> kennedy: very good. >> greg: kennedy? >> kennedy: if i first trip was to hawaii when i was 5. to go, i had to get rid of my imaginary fannies, the connies. i was racing one of the connie boys one day and got a nail stuck in my kneecap. i told mom i was raising the connie boys. she said is that a neighbor i don't know about? >> greg: my first plane was a seaplane in lake tahoe. i was like six years old. we crashed. i survived. r.i.p., captain stevens. and what do you want to are remembered for? i'm going to geraldo. >> geraldo: obviously the
2:50 pm
institutionalization of the developmentally disabled. that's my big crusade. i'm still very active in it. >> greg: i'm against that. >> geraldo: you're against it for the mentally ill. >> greg: got you. how about you, lawrence? >> lawrence: i don't know. being nice. i am. i try to be like a people person. >> greg: kennedy? >> kennedy: i'd love to be remembered for my love of freedom and inspiring other people to embrace and love freedom on their own terms. >> dana: very serious. >> greg: yes. >> dana: i was going to say jasper's mom. >> greg: i thought you were going to say queso. >> dana: that will never die. that's not a good thing to be remembered for. >> kennedy: no. >> lawrence: that's how you makes texas queso. >> greg: i'd like to be remembered for curing aging. so i have maybe about 30 years left to figure it out. if i cure aging, i don't have to
2:51 pm
worry about being remembered. i'll never leave this earth. there's no proof. >> lawrence: you have to be black. black don't crap. that's the secret. figure it out. >> greg: only you can say that none of us can. they say let's tease. teasing is wrong. we're against the bullying here. "one more thing" is up next. ♪
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." >> greg: tomorrow night, 10:0 10:00, we have the great comedian joe mackie, saturday october 26th, 10:00 p.m. eastern. now let's do one of these. ♪ animals are great
2:56 pm
♪ animals are great the scariest halloween costume in history, check out ricoh coming at you. i guess he's chucky -- that's pretty good. that is a great costume for a dog. i wonder if he came up with it himself or did he have help? you know what he is? he's a rescue dog, nobody says pound dogs anymore, i force her tprefer tosay pound of dog. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ >> a woman and her toddler got caught up in the protests in lebanon, watch what happened when she said all the shouting was scaring her son.
2:57 pm
♪ >> dana: now his mom says whenever he watches the video he can't stop laughing. the protesters in lebanon angry about the state of the economy and putting a tax on what's app, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> lawrence: incredible story my home state of texas, a massive tornado destroyed the northway church, the roof was ripped off in much of the building was leveled. except for a wooden cross which remains standing tall amidst the rubble. made when they launched ten years ago, it's a reminder the e cross is still present. you can go to northway
2:58 pm >> dana: that was a big tornado. >> geraldo: i was going to my garage doing a little cleaning and i found my certificate admitted me to the bar to practice of the supreme court of the united states. i was admitted to the bar on the supreme court on the very day that bush v gore was being argued in 2,000. what makes it even more interesting is on the bench, justice thomas notoriously reticent to speak out, clarence thomas, was far more animated everybody said when he saw me in the court being admitted to practice before then he was later deciding who would be the 43rd president of the united states. >> dana: he is like geraldo is here!
2:59 pm
justice thomas beloved by his clerks former and present. >> kennedy: if you are in the mood for key west, they have the best pet costume contest we have several of the entries here. they were guitar players it looks like for cheap trick possibly, the tortoise being ridden by the hair because we always know the hair piggybacks on the tortoise, diana benton dressed her two cats and country artist willie nelson and dolly parton. >> greg: do you think people should dress up their pets? >> kennedy: i dressed up lenny as queen elsa last year, he was not happy. it also includes a headrest ball, and a dance party. >> dana: a couple years ago, i got him a unicorn costume and he hated it so much.
3:00 pm
>> greg: it would still fit me which was great. i wear that at the gym. >> kennedy: that is it for us, we will see you back here on monday, it's going to be a great weekend -- have a good one. >> bret: the justice department probe and the origins of the russia collusion investigation is not a criminal matter and president trump's opponents portray it as a abuse of power. joe biden says he has a plan to beat fellow democrats who have much more campaign funding then he does, and should a mother be allowed to put her 7-year-old son through a gender transition over the objections of a father? this is "special report." ♪ good evening, i'm bret baier. the investigative shoe is on the other foot in the nation's capital, the justice department has turned its review into the beginnings of the russia


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