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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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special. tune in each night at 8:00 for the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. tucker is back monday. ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of hannity. i'm jason chaffetz and tonight for sean. at this hour, we are inching closer and closer toward a reckoning. fox news is reporting that the durham probe into the origins of the russia witch hunt is a criminal investigation. that means u.s. attorney general john durham has the power to subpoena and filed criminal charges. keep in mind according to reports from the the "washington examiner," four notorious deep state figures are wrapped up in the investigation, including obama's cia chief john brennan, obama's director of
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national intelligence james clapper, fired fbi special agent peter strzok, and the author of hillary clinton's dirty russian dossier christopher steele. last night, one of the potential subjects of the investigation who now works at cnn seems awfully nervous. watch this. >> i found that the timing interesting given the increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry. and so the timing is interesting, i'll just let it go at that. >> jason: clapper can try to spend in any way he wants, but john durham is a serious prosecutor and this is a serious criminal investigation. and james clapper is not the only deep state official who should be an this evening now calling on the intel inspector general to investigate leaks from a 2016 text from
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peter strzok. joining us with more is the author of the definitive book, you need to take a look at this one, "witch hunt," gregg jarrett, along with fox news contributor sara carter who is joining us in washington, d.c. let's start with you. this is another step, durham is a serious investigator. he has upped the people on his staff, but to have it be a criminal probe gives them additional powers. >> it does give them additional powers, jason. think about this. now that it's a criminal probe, he can impanel a grand jury. he can subpoena witnesses, he can subpoena documents. this is very important. it didn't just shift from an administrative review for no reason. i think this is important for our viewers to understand. it shifted to a criminal probe because john durham, a very well-respected prosecutor actually on both sides of the aisle, has actually come across evidence that he believes is criminal.
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and this is the reason why it shifted. we know that william barr, we know that john durham have traveled overseas, there have been reports about his interactions with italian intelligence. remember, the italian intelligence is important because that deals with the professor that attempted to basically lure george papadopoulos with this idea that the russians had these emails on hillary clinton. and now he has given testimony, basically they were able to hear a recording in italy in a very close room, nobody allowed in there, where just submissive explain why his life is in danger and needs constant security. there is also information he was working for western intelligence and this is what wrapped up john brennan as well as others like james clapper into this mess. that is why they have been really running scared for months now, because they know -- the
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heat is not on impeachment. the heat is actually on them. >> jason: that brings a great point. gregg joining me in the studio in new york. clapper is saying they are worried about the impeachment, which one came first? i think it was this investigation, the horwitz report has been in place for more than a year. come on. how do you take this spin from clapper? >> that's all he ever does. he has a long history of deceptions and lies. i recount them in my book in great detail. on top of clapper trying to deflect blame, you've got all of these other anti-trump lawyers, legal analysts who say that this is shocking that the trump administration's department of justice would investigate political opponents from the other administration, the obama administration. completely ignoring hypocritically that it was the obama administration's department of justice that launched the investigation of an
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opposing party candidate donald trump. hypocrisy is endemic in washington. but i guarantee you this. it's full employment in washington right now for criminal defense attorneys, the swamp creatures scrambled to retain lawyers. these guys, and you put the pictures up there, there were other ones, these are people who didn't get a wink of sleep last night. they are probably popping a valium like candy. they are in deep trouble. >> jason: it's time to lawyer up. i want to go back to senators johnson and grassley, they renew their call on the inspector general. i think we have the quote here, but there was this text message from peter strzok, this is to lisa page. this is december 15th, leaking like mad, scorn, word, political. they are kicking into overdrive. this is a very ominous text
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message captured i believe originally by the inspector general, but it is out there now. the senators have asked for the inspector general to look into this. they haven't had any response from them, but the renewing the call now, what you think this is leading, sarah? >> they absolutely need to. they are dealing with the ic inspector general and they want him to investigate these leaks. peter strzok is in this text message, it refers to sisters more than likely what he's referring to is the cia and that's how the fbi seized the cia as the sister agency. if it is the cia than what peter strzok is saying and lisa page is they are kicking and screaming and leaking information. so absolutely 100% of the inspector general atkinson needs to investigate it. and i think that's why senator grassley and the other senators are so upset, because there were a number of leaks of
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highly classified information that have never been investigated. one of them being michael flynn. and his actual transcript, the conversation with former ambassador sergey kislyak. this is something they need to look into, criminal in nature. michael atkinson so far has not made any statement, has not given any information, exactly the opposite of inspector general michael horowitz. >> jason: this is one of the most sinister and scary things about this, our own government officials are using the power of leaking to the media to drive a political narrative against a newly elected -- at this point a newly elected president. i'm glad senators johnson and grassley are on this. but this really is one of the scariest parts of what this deep state has been doing, greg. getting through 125 weeks, in the first few weeks. one a day by the deep state -- i
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call them the malignant force, holdovers from obama against president trump. of course, mccabe was fired for lying about leaks. here you've got peter strzok. that's actually in my book and the other leaks. the most prolific leaker and damaging leaguer of all was james comey. who stole all government documents and leaked them to the media in order to damage trump and trigger the appointment of his longtime friend, ally, and mentor bob mueller who was actually appointed not based on facts, evidence in law, but in an act of vengeance, as i recount in my book, by rod rosenstein. when rosenstein did it that very day, he was confronted about his abuse of power in violation regulations. he cowers behind his desk and
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bloggers. and get fired, which is consciousness of guilt. he knew what he had done was a violation of regulation. >> jason: i want to thank you both for your expertise. it's unbelievable. i really do appreciate it. let's keep in mind, the inspector general has a ready made referrals to the department of justice on the director, the deputy director, and the deputy assistant director and in the deputy assistant director's case, it's about leaking and here we go again. the senators need to get the answers again. i think you both for joining us. breaking news tonight, and you tonight has dropped his wrongful employment termination lawsuit against the department of justice. we'll have more on that in our next block, but tonight the durham probe is not the only investigation we are tracking. the horwitz report into fisa abuse is finished. and according to the inspector general, it'll be released to the public with only minor redaction's. that's brand-new news, we didn't hear that before but without the
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opposite was going to happen. we thought there would be two different reports. congressman john ratcliffe is saying publicly that the horwitz report and the durum probe are connected. watch this. >> i think these two things are related. the work done by michael horwitz could result in criminal referrals, even though the report hasn't been released. regardless, john's people no one had to let michael horowitz finish this work. i think when people read the impending report it'll be very clear why the durham investigation had moved to a criminal probe which would allow him to impanel a grand jury and bring in witnesses and ultimately perhaps bring in criminal charges. >> jason: that would be justice in america but sadly not everybody wants justice. after two years of hearing
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mueller's witch hunt, jerry nadler and adam schiff are angry that the durham probe is a criminal investigation. "these reports, if true, raises profound concerns that the department of justice under ag barr has lost its independence and become a vehicle for president trump's political revenge." the department of justice may be used as a tool of political repetition or help the president of the political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer irreparable damage. suffer me now is freedom caucus chairman congressman andy biggs and haus minority whip steve scalise. i had a pleasure of serving with both of you previously in congress. i want to go to whip scalise here first. i got to tell you, to hear schiff and nadler pooh-poohing,
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jumping to conclusions, when you see that, steve scalise, how do you react? >> that's a bit rich. what you saw today, this is big news, by the way, a bad sign for all the people politicizing and trying to interfere with the 2016 election, including people at the department of justice and the fbi who were trying to undermine the trump campaign. of course, we've already seen a lot of information about that. you saw both schiff and nadler hit the panic button. they really understand this is bad for them and their case where they are trying to impeach a president based on false information and innuendo in secret behind closed doors and in fact what you look at, both what horwitz is doing and what durham is doing, they've actually been looking at facts, talking to real people, giving things that they've risen to the level of criminal probe. it's a really big deal, bad news for those people who try to undermine the trump campaign
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illegally using their positions in the fbi and other agencies. >> jason: andy biggs, when you see chairman nadler, chairman schiff use their chairman schiffs to belittle, badger, anm politics on attorney general bad mr. horwitz, who by the way unanimously confirmed as an obama appointee by the united states senate, when you see these people's apology is names disparaged and they try to take them down and put a political spin on it, how do you react to that? >> jason, good to be with you and steve too. my first thought is that's consistent with everything they are doing in the impeachment probe that's consistent with the way they approach the mueller report and its consistent with the partisan -- i mean, we are all partisan there, as you know, as both of you know really well. but this is just beyond normal partisanship. they don't care about what justice is, they don't care about what the facts are.
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when i see those statements that those guys both signed on to today, i thought, you know what? how interesting that they are more concerned with saying this is a political witch hunt and immediately going to spin when that's exactly what they've been doing for two and a half years. it's just remarkable to me. >> jason: whip scalise, i've got to ask you this question. it runs in parallel because you've heard earlier there is all this key to these people in the trump administration because of impeachment. what i don't understand, i wrote an op-ed for fox news. three times, the democrats tried to bring up impeachment to the floor house and three times it was defeated including july of 2019. how is it that anybody can actually call it an impeachment proceeding when the last floor action that happened was a defeat -- over 137 democrats that voted against proceeding with impeachment. that's the last action on the floor the house.
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>> it is coming jason. in fact if you look at nancy pelosi's actions, she is scared to death having a full book on the house floor or even starting an impeachment inquiry. which by the way is how every other impeachment inquiry, the other three intent previous presidents have done in the history of our country. she is trying to shield the vulnerable members because they can go home and talk about what they've done. they are the party of impeachment and that's all they have to show. they have more subpoenas that this house has issued under pelosi then bills that have gotten signed into law under pelosi. think about that. more subpoenas than bill signed into law under pelosi's house, so it's a failure of leadership. all they want to do is badger the president. investigated him for over two years with the mueller investigation. they thought that would be their ticket. turned out there was nothing that was charged. speedy mueller had full authority whether for obstruction, collusion, and none of it happen. it was schiff leading the charge who says he had more substantial
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evidence of collusion, any kind of collusion with russia and it never existed. instead of moving on to him and they are going behind closed doors trying to fabricate a story when you look at what durham are doing, and it rose to the level of convening a grand jury. that's why you are seeing them panic right now. they know there's real stuff behind what happened in the 2016 election and they are afraid it's going to get uncovered. president trump has been seeking the truth, by the way. the american people deserve the truth. that's ultimately what we need to get. >> jason: congressman bigs, i pat you on the back and applaud you for playing a little bit of offense by the resolution to censure adam schiff. and also trying to be able to see what's going on in these proceedings there. in a transcribed interview or disposition in the intel committee because there is no former impeachment proceedings. but i've got to tell you, what you've heard from others,
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nancy pelosi change the rules in january of 2019 on how this actually works. she changed several of the rules, the rules package voted on january 2019, 1 of them had to do with the rights of the minority and the ability to actually be president and have members present when somebody is going to the transcribed interview. how does this get resolved because they've got a lot of attention to it, but i don't see any movement by nancy pelosi and adam schiff in opening this up to the public and to even members of congress. >> you are right, jason. so matt gaetz and steve helped us get through there, try to force the issue. we want to make it known to the american people. but the rules are normally put in place to protect the minority. because the majority doesn't need the rules, they can change the rules anytime they want to do whatever they want. nancy pelosi is not going to budge here because they don't want the truth to come out. this is absolutely a coup d'etat and it's being done as steve says behind closed doors with
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selective leaks coming out. and also, this is really interesting to me too. mr. schiff has threatened republicans that he's going to bring an ethics complaint against them. that's his complaint against us the other day. he does not want openness and transparency. he's got to be just really queasy when he sees this durham thing going over to the criminal side now. >> jason: i applaud the two of you. you are fighters there in the house. for the life of me, i don't know how adam schiff continues to have a security clearance. it makes no sense to me. that should be revoked somehow someway. we all got to figure that out. thank you for joining me tonig tonight. directly ahead, sidney powell, michael flynn's attorney is making some shocking accusations about prosecutorial misconduct against her client paid she will be here. you will hear it from her own lips. next and later, you will not believe that hillary clinton
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>> jason: welcome to this news edition of "hannity." andrew mccabe dropping a lawsuit against the justice department, the lawsuit was over the freedom of information act request for documents in the investigation into mccabe. still investigation how this is related to all the other breaking deep state news this week. any new you bomb the michael flynn case lays out more about the deep state abuse of power against the former national security advisor. as flynn attorney sidney powell alleges, the fbi's lisa page and
6:24 pm
peter strzok actually manipulated the original flynn 302 to make it appear more damning as it related to flynn's answers with the russian ambassador. now powell also references a purported conversation between former dni director james clapper and "the washington post" reporter where clapper instructs him to take the kill shot on flynn, a claim that clapper denies. joining me now with reaction to these big developments is the attorney for michael flynn, sidney powell. sidney, thank you so much. i want to go back to that point which is made here. in your filing, to say that somebody is taking a "kill shot" is dramatic. in the filing it says the defense has requested the phone records of james clapper to confirm his contact with "washington post" reporter ignatius, especially on january 10th 2017 when clapper
6:25 pm
told ignatius, inwards to the effect of "take the kill shot on flynn." did he actually say take the kill shot on flynn? what do you say "words to the effect of?" >> obviously i wasn't a party to the conversation, so i am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt there. but yes, we requested his phone records to cooperate the timing and everything about that call that we can possibly cooperate. it's very concerning, of course there was a leak of the transcript of the call with kislyak the same time. and two days after that, the ignacio story breaks less than two days actually. >> jason: where's the evidence that conversation and those words are the effect of those words actually took place?
6:26 pm
>> i cannot reveal the source right now but i do have a very good source for that informati information. >> jason: you'd believe the deferment of justice is withholding that information from you? >> i believe the department of justice is withholding a lot of information as it is with mr. clapper, mr. brennan and on the people who purchase paid in the complete set up of general michael flynn. we have found additional text messages that the government suppressed including where agent strozk, the precase for general flynn, they knew there was no logan act violation. they exonerated him completely of being an agent of russia by the end of january and yet mr. comey still runs to the white house on february 14th and conjures up the entire obstruction of justice narrative against the president when flynn has been cleared long before that. also information that these agents did manipulate the 302. it was long and over with the
6:27 pm
liberty of" date which is highly unusual in and of itself. a comparison of the february 10th and february 11th 302 pluralist which shows the addition of substantial claims that were not in there before and not supported by the notes which we also attached. so people can go to the actual document and read it and see it for themselves. it's extremely concerning. it's outrageous government misconduct. the agents deliberately calculated and met to plan and strategize how to ambush and rebuke general flynn without letting him know he was officially under any kind of criminal investigation, to keep them relaxed, and they wanted to be seen as allies when in fact they knew exactly what he had said in the conversations and the intended to create a situation in which anything he said could be used against him later as a false statement without any warnings to that
6:28 pm
effect whatsoever. >> jason: really quickly, i've got to go here. you believe lisa page is the one who edited the so-called 302 which is the summary of the interview with general flynn, correct? >> she admitted making some edits of it. i do not know and we do not know yet until we get the mated data from the fbi who made the major edits to it. >> jason: sidney, thank you for joining us this evening. we appreciate you joining us on "hannity" to go over it. also, new documents obtained by judicial watch review how it reporters for the associated press appears to push the fbi to prosecute paul manafort. joining me now with more reaction of this and much, much more is judicial watch president tom fitton and american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. thank you for joining us. i've got to go to you first. you just put this information out. what did the ap do according to what you been able to see in
6:29 pm
trying to manipulate an investigation into paul manafo paul manafort? >> just before mueller was appointed, they met with andrew weissmann who was a senior justice official and the bottom information including the codes to man up manafort 's storage locker. that was helpful. and they say to them, go back to cyprus and make sure they gave us all the information we need. so you have the ap going in, giving the justice department information to target manafort -- mainly to get trump, obviously. the ap reporters according to this fbi memo of the media meeting with wiseman andrew weissmann,can there be at prosecution? can you tell me whether it can be enforced? they are pushing charges on this american citizen! on what planet is it ethical for generalists to do this?
6:30 pm
and the weissmann assigning them to contact the foreign government to get dirt on the president's former campaign manager. that was just a few days before mueller was appointed, after listening to sidney, after seeing what i've seen happened with the manafort abuses, the president should look at seriously pardoning all these folks caught up in mueller's web and the deep state web and the obama web, you name it. the abuse of power, the prosecutorial abuses are he should be freezing the flynn prosecution and investigating what went on there. >> jason: matt, i was lost when talked about the deep state, they would just laugh at you. but now here we are today. all this evidence the mountains of. you have people like nadler and schiff, saying all this is
6:31 pm
political on trump's part. how do you react when you see all of this? >> like you, i've resisted some of this deep state lingo. i think the swamp people had it all wrong. they thought it was like, you know, people pay to play in washington. the problem with the swamp is something that's incredibly serious, which is even when republicans would make the presidency, the left controls the city. they control all the white buildings, they control all the agencies because the place where the federal government recruits from our very blue areas. northern virginia, washington and washington, d.c. you know, i think about paul manafort. i met with somebody who has known that family a long time. when you think about the people like mike flynn and paul manafort who dare to associate themselves with donald trump because he was going to come in like reckitt
6:32 pm
wreck-ittralph and that's why ty the price. if mike flynn had gone to retirement and paul manafort would've never come back to politics they would've had the wonderful retirement. they had the audacity to help donald trump and that was unforgivable to the deep state, the swamp, and these disgusting actors in the obama administration. we have to keep saying it, jason. this all happened under barack obama. i believe barack obama knew what exactly the wrong doing or at least new in a broad sense the wrongdoing that took place to try and stop trump as a candidate and is a new president. and this is disgusting. somebody has to pay or it will happen again t to a future republican president. >> jason: i thank you. i wish i could spend the whole hour just talking to the two of you with your wealth of information. any time can weave in wreck-it
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>> jason: will come back to an mile yesterday when that john durham is now into the origins of the russian probe. watch. >> we been expecting for some time thinking of things get really bad it might come to th this. tonight according to "the new york times," it has come to this. it involves william barr hopping
6:38 pm
around the globe searching for evidence to bolster a right wing conspiracy theory. >> again and again and again, the president and his minions targeting senior law enforcement and intelligence officials. >> this investigation if not born in the sand was born a political taint. >> for the people who have been the targets of what seems like a right wing conspiracy theory, you know, led by sean hannity and donald trump, it's got to be an unnerving experience to know that this is now ratcheted up to that level. >> i found the timing interesting given the increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry. >> i think it's incredibly concerning. i think it's the most concerning development we've seen out of the justice department since donald trump had become president. >> this raises serious questions whether the president is using the justice department to go after his enemies. >> indeed. >> the justice department the opening up a full-blown criminal investigation into its own
6:39 pm
russia investigation. straight ahead, is it a legitimate inquiry or the president 'split of the revenge? >> jason: yes it's an legitimate investigation. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. i want to go to you first, what is your take when you see these talking heads and the other networks talking about the legitimacy of this investigati investigation? >> you know, jason, for two years plus, these people have engaged in what i've become to call grassy knoll tv. there wasn't a conspiracy they couldn't find that they didn't believe in. these were all fairy tales. all they had to do which is something should sean has done every single day is get the facts. he brings on a hardworking journalist like john solomon, sara carter, gregg jarrett, a
6:40 pm
whole host of others, they did, they did, they did, and they get the facts. these folks on the other hand don't want to take the time to do that. they want to sit there and spin granting all style conspiracies and try and sell that and the wonder of the ratings tanked because of them. nobody believes them. >> jason: joe joining me here in new york. the duplicity of how they can give it back and forth is just stunning to me. when you see the montage from you study the media livid. what your reaction to that? >> the mueller report ended up being an investigation search for a crime. that didn't stop for people to a half years engaged in reckless speculation to assume that president trump, candidate trump was guilty and work backwards from there. we always heard for two years, right? let's wait for the mueller report. let's wait to see what's in the mueller report before we draw conclusions. now we have john durham, already a conclusion has been made that this investigation is corrupt, bill barr is running this for
6:41 pm
partisan reasons, that we shouldn't believe any outcome because this is being dictated by the president and he's running the doj is a complete and total 180 from what we saw from may of 2017 to april 2019, jason. >> jason: jeffrey, the truth is made more interesting than the stuff they seem to make up on some of these other networks. how does the public actually sort this out and digest all of this that's being bombarded to them because they left and the media, they seem to be in sync in every message they have. >> i can tell you, jason, i do get out and i go out and give talks and i get stopped and people talk to me. they are furious with this. they name the networks that they are not going to watch anymore because they believe these people are truly obsessed with the president, they can't get over the fact that he won the election, and bottom line see that the president is a stand-in for them, they have such, the
6:42 pm
left this state media who have such content for people down the contempt for people out in pennsylvania, this will prove to be a real asset for president trump in his reelection campaign. >> jason: joe, i tell you, i have a really queasy feeling when i see some people who were in the intelligence community, brennan, clapper, the app fbi director, but specifically brennan and clapper. these people have security clearances -- >> never does, and they tend to use that to say to everybody that i get to see stuff that you don't get t to c. they have spewed lies the last three years and i wonder if there should be something, to immediately become a talking head on television? i don't know what to do with it but it doesn't sit right. >> that may also lead some
6:43 pm
people at home to believe those people were there talking brennan or clapper or comey, they may have been sources from the very networks that hired them. talk about quid pro quo, give us some information all those years? even though a lot of it was wrong? okay, you can be one of our intelligence analysts. all of them are proving one thing, jason. whether talking clapper, talking comey, talking brennan, they are all partisan, jason, in one direction vigorously: against the president in the most provocative of terms. they were supposed to be apolitical. in all of their positions but did they suddenly become partisan or were they like that when they held these jobs all those years and therefore conducted business the way they shouldn't have and they'll johns between one is going to get to the bottom of that. >> jason: will have the horwitz report coming out. don't disparage michael horowitz, this guy was appointed by president obama.
6:44 pm
he has the utmost ribs reputation and he will bring us closer to the truth. you want to see someone who is panicky? we'll see people taking down the horwitz report now because when it does come out i believe it'll be the most definitive work. gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight. we really do appreciate it. coming up, hillary clinton is reportedly mulling a third run for the white house! up next, we'll weigh in on the last ditch effort to remain relevant. stay with us. too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> jason: welcome back to the "hannity" special, the deep state and panic. hillary clinton will just not go
6:49 pm
away. today she use the funeral of congressman elijah cummings, a civil rights legend, a friend of mine, to take a thinly veiled shot at president trump. watch. >> elijah cummings shared a name with an old testament prophet. like that old testament prophet, he stood against corrupt leaderships of king ahab and queen jezebel. >> jason: bad form. joining us for reaction, fox news contributor's tammy bruce and charlie hurt, as well as women for trump national cochaired gina loudon. i do not want this to devolve into what happened at this funeral because i have too much respect for elijah cummings. disrespected disagreed with him everythingpom nothing but the best for his family and me him rest in peace. it's not just us at fox news is talking about her running, it's
6:50 pm
her talking about her running into at least alluding to it and fully brains one of her closest advisors came on the network and talked about it. what is she thinking. >> this is a desperate attempt to remain somewhat relevant. it may be a desperate attempt to escape whatever it is she knows, that barr knows, the reason to reopen the investigation. she can't think she can win. she ran on a smear campaign of donald trump saying all the horrible things he do to women yet we know that donald trump has been the quintessential president for women. he has lowered unemployment to record lows for women, he has doubled the child tax cut, he created 3 million jobs just for women in this country. he's been the women's president. couldn't run on -- she knows that he knows and she has to run to keep yourself safe.
6:51 pm
>> jason: charlie, what your take on equipment what's hillary clinton doing? >> the arrogance of these people knows no bounds, and hillary clinton is always believed that she would be america's first female president, and so the notion that she would have, you know, have the crown knocked from her head not once but twice. the same thing happened in iowa back in 2008 with the rise of barack obama. to go back to the funeral and i agree with you, i don't want to dwell on it either. there really is something beyond despicable when somebody takes an important, a beautiful service like that, and stinks it up with their stupid gross selfish idiotic political -- i don't even know what you call it. but it is so -- i can't think of anything more despicable. and you have to be so imbued
6:52 pm
with the swamp, with politics to think that something like that is acceptable at a reverential, important, beautiful service like them and we saw today. >> jason: tammy, you are what was she thinking? >> she's only thinking of herself. a very good example whether we talk about it was a memorial or her own comments about tulsi gabbard or the nature of other remarks she's making. this remaining obsession. it is what she is always stood. it's what politicians have been running the establishment do. they have been the only ones that have mattered. the american people have not, the nature of their impact on others have not mattered, and she has been genuinely shocked because all of her life she has seen the system work for the next in line, that there is no reason to think that this would be different. and it was. the reason they couldn't think
6:53 pm
that it was different because they have been out of touch with americans as a whole. this needs to be and i believe it to be, president trump's election one single of a long-term reformation, and it's really this pathological refusal to accept that. the american people have accepted it. we are going to have another election which is where we'll be able to make our choices. whether it's the impeachment or hillary's behavior, you are seeing a level of confusion and collapse throughout the system that is really disturbing. >> jason: we've got a hard out, so just a few seconds each. gina, does hillary clinton run again? what odds do you put on it quickly? >> her own party doesn't want her to run. i don't think she should run. i don't know. her ego is so big, tammy is probably right, she just might do it. >> i don't think she runs but, man, i wish he would. it'd be enjoyable to watch her lose a third time.
6:54 pm
>> the republicans are saying she's should. i think she's actually working for trump because she's so awful. but now we have some senate democrats saying, do not do it. she's getting messaging now. to step away. >> jason: tammy, charlie, gina. have a wonderful night. we'll be back with a big update in the college admissions and scandal stay withso us. aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (avo) our nearly invisible hearing aids are just one reason we've been the brand leader for over 70 years. (deborah) when i finally could hear for the first time, i started crying. i could hear everything. (avo) get special anniversary savings and your chance to win a seven day hawaiian cruise. call 1-800-miracle today.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." actress felicity huffman who is charged with the college admission scandal is now out of prison. fox news' chief correspondent breaking news trace gallagher joins us live. >> jason, she was supposed to serve two weeks but 11 days after she walked into the federal prison in dublin, california, she walked back out. the present confirmed that huffman had been released a few
6:59 pm
days early. the 56-year-old actress paid $15,000 to write her daughter's s.a.t. score and now she will go on to serve one year probation and perform 250 hours of community service. at before being sentenced, huffman apologized saying she was deeply ashamed of her behavior and betrayed her bock daughter and husband. as another actress caught up in the cheating scandal, lori laughlin and massimo gia newly decided to fight the charges that they cheated both of their daughters into the university of southern california and that included getting their daughter admitted as athletes for us for that they never played. based on other sentences being handed down it appears that they would be looking at roughly two or three months in prison. a lot less time than they probably thought they might get. >> jason: thank you. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. if you haven't already, if there's ever a timely book for
7:00 pm
what's going on these days, it's my new book "power graph." have a great weekend. sean will be back here on mond monday. laura ingraham is up next. ♪ >> laura: i am not laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. did james claim or coordinate a media head on general michael flynn? a bombshell court filing dropped late last night suggest just that. mollie hemingway and victor davis hanson are here with analysis and reaction. george soros has been quietly working behind the scenes for decades but now he has a new goal. he's financing the campaign of far left prosecutors and this is a story that could affect the safety and security of your community and you don't want to


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