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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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eric 1933 was the last time the nationals went to the world series. arthel: that does it for us. we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. jon: house impeachment investigators conduct a closed door interview with philip reeker. the state department directed him not to appear so the committee issued a subpoena. the rare weekend deposition drawing fierce criticism from republicans saying the democrat investigation has lacked transparency. >> every single hearing they are having down in this secure facility has been announced as unclassified. there is no reason he is having them down in this secure facility except to control the
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information coming out. but he leaves it unclassified. the president currently can't have counsel present. and the defense can call their own witnesses. so this is a sham. >> the state department objected to the sessions urging top department officials to refuse to participate in them. they were asked to skip the sessions adding that there are no attorneys to protect their interests. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovich. rudy giuliani and others argued
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she was undermining the president's agenda so she was recalled. this morning the president tweeted quote ukraine investigation is just as corrupt and fake as all the other garbage that went on before. this has congressional democrats looking for information and documents and testimony of administration officials on their impeachment inquiry. jon: democrats picked up a big win in court. >> on another thrust of this inquiry, this is whether president trump obstructed the special counsel's investigation into russian interference into the 2016 election. a federal judge determined the department of justice must turn over grand jury materials from the special counsel's investigation. jerry nadler says the grand jury
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testimony will be critical to our work. the top republican doug collins said this ruling is dangerous for every american. the grand jury secrecy rules exist to protect people from public his closure of information and hearsay that could unfairly harm them. jon: the justice department investigation into the beginnings of the mueller probe is also evolving. >> a criminal investigation according to justice department officials. ing what became special counsel's inquiry. meaning this is a justice department review of itself. president trump and republican allies charge the mueller probe.
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designed to damage the president and reverse the results of the 2016 election. mark warner says his committee in a three-year bipartisan investigation has found nothing remotely justifying this criminal investigation. he says attorney general bill barr need to appear before congress on this matter to explain himself. jon: in california, 940,000 customers are repairing to live without electricity at least until monday as the state's largest utility company has begun a quote safety shutoff. in southern california the massive fire has prompted widespread mandatory evacuations. christina is in santa clarita
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close to where that fire is burning. reporter: the firefighters told me they have been able to stop it from spreading but not before it caused severe damage like this. all of that burn debris, the roof in some parts completely gone. the tick fire burned 4,600 acres and damaged 18 structures. the evacuation has been lifted for half of those residents. i spoke to a mother of three who evacuated before her house went up in flames. >> some of our neighbors said they got woang up at 2:00 a.m. >> you are very glad you evacuated? >> very glad.
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reporter: in northern california the sonoma county sheriff's office issued a mandatory evacuation order for the kinkade fire. it could affect 50,000 people. they are ordered to evacuate by 4:00 this afternoon. governor gavin newsom announced $75 million to mitigate the impact of the power shutoff. here is what he had to say on twitter. >> these blackouts, the impact to that is unacceptable. we have to hold them accountable and do our best to get through these high-wind events and work through saturday, sunday into monday. get these lights back on. reporter: a transmission power line mal -- mall functioned just
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before the kinkade fire started. but then still investigating. >> things are calm right now with the winds. but we need to evacuate. >> we are in a position where we are reliving something but we are ahead of it. everybody in our community needs to get the heck out of the way of the first responders so they can do their job. reporter: the governor is expected to hold a press conference any moment on the power outages. state officials will continue to monitor these wildfires that have been spreading throughout the state. jon: the diablo winds in northern california and santa ana winds in southern california
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fueling the fires. and they are bracing for what could be the strongest wind storm in years. >> good evening. the red flagging warnings remain in effect for portions of california and nevada. even those winds have been trying to subside, they will be picking back up again saturday through sunday. the accuweather storm max is calling for winds up to 70-90-mile-per-hour. with the next trough year track. they will bring about the cooler temperatures. much-needed relief for the firefighters. the bad news is that's the culprit for the winds to increase. you will notice that late sunday into monday. on top of that, dry air is dominating the southwest region
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as indicated by the low dew point temperatures. the winds will be ramming back up again. by late monday to tuesday we get a brief window of opportunity for some relief. and we still have a lot of dry air in place which is not good. a second trough will be moving on through. we'll get back to the classic santa ana event monday and tuesday night into wednesday. let's just say mother nature is not giving you have the break for that as we go through the work and school week. the winds have been relentless. you can expect more of the this monday. we had wind gusts shy of 90 miles per hour in berrego springs in southern california. and 80-mile-per-hour gusts are
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widespread. the kinkade fire is still not contained and it started october 21. the tick fire started on the 24th in the afternoon. as we go into the next couple of days we'll continue to track those winds and the low dew point temperatures. the only good news is we have cooler air, so we are no longer talking about temperatures in the 90s. so at least all those crews battling the fires will be working with cooler temperatures. but the winds are not going to back down within the next few days. lauren, thank you. turning to eastern syria where the pentagon is preparing to deploy hundreds of troops. 1,000 soldiers are being
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withdrawn from the turkish border. mark esper says the new plan is to protect oilfield from isis. >> we are taking actions to insure that we can deny isis access to the oil fields. we want to make sure they don't have access to the resources to strike within the region, to strike europe, to strike the united states. reporter: the ceasefire in northern syria has been shaky. we are hearing reports it may well be crumbling. 50 miles west of where we are today turkish militia moved into a kurdish arab town, they used mortar strikes and drones. this all happening as a u.s. army convoy was seen driving south towards the oil fields. it appears this is where
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previous troops headed to. the president said he will send troops in to guard oil fields. today we met with families who fled from this region fighting. they told us how radical islamic fighters, allies with al qaeda are fighting for turkey. they went door to door looking for kurds, kidnapping some, killing some, and burning houses to ought ground. these soldiers described to us the horrible burning sensation they felt after shells landed near them. they tried to rub sand over their bodies. we have been hearing accusations of war crimes in northern syria. turkey denies all of them. that being said, the ceasefire
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is crumbling. there is concern over what can happen the next few days. jon: 63 protesters killed and 7,000 others injured. security forces and iranian-backed militia tried to contain the demonstration. the deadly violence comes two weeks after clashes between protesters and security forces left 109 people dead and thousands wound. 39 people were found dead in a tractor-trailer near london. >> we take all the information we can from that individual. but tattoos, marks, scars, general appearance, these photographs that were taken there. all that information we glean
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from the initial recovery of our victims. >> british police charged a 25-year-old truck driver with manslaughter after 39 bodied were found in a locked and sealed container last wednesday. police arrested a fifth person in connection with the case. this follows the gruesome discovery of 39 bodies in the back of a truck east of london wednesday. the truck crossed over from belgium overnight. the people transported in the locked and sealed container were trying to reach the u.k. illegally. the container was refrigerated which obscured thermal scanning
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devices. the victims were originally thought to be chinese migrants. but their family in vietnam said they received a farewell text from their daughter saying she couldn't breathe and was going to die. the family said their daughter paid traffickers in the hope of pursuing a new life in britain. many vietnamese families are waiting for news of missing loved ones, too, and the government in vietnam is helping police with the investigation. police are trying to track down the wider network behind his people smuggling case. it's the worst incident of this kind in recent years. jon: it's 100 days to the iowa caucuses. but most of of the heavyweights are campaigning in another early voting state. why they are spending their weekend in south carolina.
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jon: seven democratic hopefuls attended a forum at a historically black college. some of them slammed president trump who attended yesterday for comparing the impeachment to a lynching. >> the president compares his impeachment, a constitutional process he brought on himself, to lynching, which to be clear is a pattern of white supremacist terrorism, and claims this gives him insight into the criminal justice system. it means he does not know what
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reform is about. reporter: serve of the democratic candidate spoke at the forum at an historically black college. but none more forcefully than senator kamala harris. >> what do we have in donald trump? someone who dares, dares to use the word lynching. with the blood that has been poured on the soil of south carolina and so many places. and dares to talk about his victimization. reporter: in addition to the lynching comment kamala harris was referring to something president trump said when he spoke at this forum yesterday when he seems to equate the
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unfairness of the ongoing impeachment inquiry with the unfairness some african-americans have had to deal with in the criminal justice system. president trump: we never let up to make sure the justice system is fair for americans. i have my own experience. you see what's going on with the witch hunt. reporter: president trump also received a criminal justice award at this forum, and that was too much for senator kamala harris. she pulled out yesterday and only got back in today after the group was removed as a sponsor. >> the fact of the matter is, donald trump was given an award, he was given a platform. he was unchecked for close teen hour. the bipartisan justice center
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allowed him to create an illusion he had support from hbcu. reporter: joe biden is wrapping up. he's got three more tomorrow. south carolina a heavy focus for all the democratic candidates this weekend. joe biden in particular. that voting is now exactly a hundred days away in iowa. 100 days away. jon: joe biden's campaign says it's dropping its opposition to super pac cash as the campaign struggles to match rivals'
3:24 pm
fundraising. reporter: joe biden has a plan to beat democrats with more money in the bank. >> senator warren has $26 million. how do you compete with that. >> i flat beat them. reporter: he's open to accepting help from an outside super back. >> i sat with bernie and told him you shouldn't accept money from a super pac. >> joe biden didn't have to convince me not to take -- not to start a super pac. i don't need a super pac. i'm not going to be controlled by a handful of wealthy people. i will be controlled by the working people of this country. reporter: he says nothing changes until we defeat donald trump. defeating donald trump is tulsi
3:25 pm
gabbard's only goal. >> i will not be seeking reelection to congress in 2020. and i humbly ask you for your support for my candidacy. reporter: hillary clinton raised gab ashes' profile by accusing her of being a russian asset. and she faces a tough primary challenge for her seat in hawaii. >> do you still consider yourself a frontrunner? >> i know i'm a frontrunner. reporter: we spoke to a vendor who sells candidate shirts and buttons and says the biden merchandise rarely moved. and the only two really selling on the left are warren and pete. jon: the investigation into the
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investigators becomes a full-fledged criminal case. our guest breaks down the developments in both d.c. probes next. from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. president trump: investigate the investigate yors. whether it's strzok and page or clapper and comey and all these people because terrible things went on for our country. we have a great attorney general, a highly prestigious man, an honorable man, and they have been looking at it for a long time. jon: president trump reacting to the news that the attorney general's probe into the origins of the 2016 investigation has
3:31 pm
turned into a full-flernlged criminal investigation. james clapper and john brennan were obviously top intelligence officials in the obama administration, and we are told that durham wants to talk to both of them. >> news much this comes at an interesting time. it comes from the context of president trump facing testimony about the current ukraine controversy as part of the impeachment probe in the house. president trump on the south lawn when he discussed this probe, he attempted to equate the russia probe and the ukraine investigation saying in both cases he did nothing wrong. so this certainly is a politically useful moment for president trump. there are of course several enduring histories of the
3:32 pm
origins of the russia probe, or conspiracy theories to explain what happened. one of the particularly interesting elements is the fact that the probe started after the discussion by a maltese academic who has since gone mission, joseph mifsud. he told george papadopoulos that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton and that's results in an fbi probe of trump campaign links to russia. attorney general barr went to italy and listened to a secret recording of his maltese academic. where this goes remains to be scene. but certainly good news politically for president trump and illuminating for the origins. jon: this thing has become so political, mark warner democrats on the senate intelligence committee says senate intel is wrapping up a three-year
3:33 pm
investigation and we found nothing remotely warranting this investigation. he says barr needs to come before congress to explain himself. is the attorney general likely to be summoned to capitol hill? >> of course the attorney general testified periodically about various issues in congress' oversight role. but the criminal probe by the u.s. attorney in connecticut is certainly something that is to some degree autonomous from the attorney general. what the u.s. attorney, who uses his power to investigate remains to be seen. shirt as part of the criminal probe he could bring charges. we don't know who night face charges. but andrew mccabe has been accused of lying to james comey and fbi agents repeatedly.
3:34 pm
theoretically he could face charges, though that was about the clinton foundation. but certainly it puts former government officials in the hot seat and it will be interesting to watch where it goes. jon: andrew mccabe did face charges. but he did lie to fbi agents, he lied to his boss. >> we have flown that for a year and there are no criminal charges. it's unclear what the criminal investigation by durham is about. jon: now we know at least a judge has said that the democrats who are investigating, want to impeach president trump should be allowed to see the unredacted portions of the muller report.
3:35 pm
it's likely that decision will be appealed. but if the intel commit eat gets that report unredacted. what are they going to see? >> there are about a thousand redactions in the mueller report. one surprising thing people might not appreciate is all of the redactions aren't necessarily going to damage president trump. one of the reactions i was able to unredact through reporting, it concerns an allegation that the russians intercepted a phone sex conversation of president clinton when he was in office potentially making him vulnerable to blackmail. there may be surprises in there. jon: tom mcclintock says the ruling on the mueller investigation transcripts will be challenges. >> that ruling is not the last word on the subject, it's the
3:36 pm
first word by an obama-appointed judge. this judge's decision flies in the face much the principles enshrined in u.s. v. nixon and it will be appealed. >> you should never guess one court decisions could come down. and this could go on for quite a while. there are various reasons why some of these' redactions were made. it's not like the redactions are justified on one particular pointed. you can imagine striking out for a while. >> there is growing fallout for congresswoman katie hill. the california democrat is facing a house ethics investigation. the "washington examiner"
3:37 pm
reporting the congresswoman's campaign continued to pay that staffer thousands of dollars as a consultant. payments that went well into 2019. hill acknowledged the relationship saying she allowed it to happen against her better judgment. catholics along the amazon region are pushing to have the hope orgain of -- -- ordain married men as priests. he said he would prepare a document on the recommendations from the deacons by the end of the year. rudy giuliani left' a call for
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prescription power. proven to work. jon: rudy giuliani accidentally dialed an nbc news reporter during the night twice. in a 3-minute voicemail he's heard trashing the bide's and discussing his needs for cash. >> an unfortunately case of what seems to be a redial. that reporter had spoken with
3:43 pm
juliany earlier in the evening. he can be heard talking to what sounds like a in the same room as him. it's unclear what the context of the conversation is. but he said a man named charles would have had a hard time with a fraud case. but he hadn't done his work. the reporter says it's not the first time he has gone the a butt dial from the president's lawyer. he spent three minutes disparaging the bidens repeating that joe biden prevented the investigation of ukrainian gas companies because his son was on the board. giuliani has been eager to investigate that claim. in the recording the man with
3:44 pm
giuliani says he has the truth on his side. >> more to come. reporter: biden's campaign said poor rudy is so scared for his boss that he's all about biden mode in his down time. the president tweeted last night. to tim, the button on the iphone was far better than the swipe. he said the accidental call is
3:45 pm
helpful showing that he doesn't do anything dishonest and it's completely unrelated to ukraine or trump. but he didn't say what that money is for. jon: and made it clear what his feeling are about joe biden. jon: two southwest airlines piloted are accused of streaming live bathroom video to the cockpit. she said she took a picture of the ipad where the live stream could be seen. the pilots were allowed to continue on their flight. a crucial world series game coming up later tonight on fox. mark meredith is live at the
3:46 pm
field at nationals park. >> the excitement is building as fans are starting to pour into nationals park. we'll have a preview right after this break on the fox report.
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jon: mark meredith is reporting from nationals park from washington, d.c. in what will be a pivotal game for the world series. reporter: the nationals did well in houston, winning the first two games of this series. for fans that have been coming out here, it's been a long time coming for this city. they have not seen a world series played in d.c. since 1933. we caught up with rivera and hoffman. they told us it's unlike what a player has ever seen before.
3:51 pm
>> it's so stressful. you are not used to having a lot of hair. it's so great. you know. you have your opportunity to 5-4, then you come in the 8th or 9th. and thinking about those 3 outs. reporter: so much focus will be on the players. there is also a lot of focus on what's behind the scenes. we had a chance to catch up with the mlb's authenticating team to make sure no one is collecting unauthenticated items. it could be game use bats, baseballs, jerseys, dirt, as long as the authenticator is
3:52 pm
there to witness the items being used, there is no end to it. reporter: president trump is expected to be here for game five tomorrow night. jon: i'm jealous of your assignment. mark meredith. thank you. first pitch will be thrown out shortly after 8:00 p.m. eastern, a little bit more than an hour from now. vice president mike pence calling out the nba over its business relationship with china and earning a typically blunt response from charles barkley. >> the vice president needs to shut the hell up. reporter: charles barkley known for speaking his mind on the offensive with the vice
3:53 pm
president. >> in siding with the chinese communist party and silencing free speech, the nba is acting like a wholly-owned subsidiary of the authoritarian regime. reporter: the nba has had a long and lucrative relationship with china. now the most of popular sport in the most of populated country. when houston's gm daryl morey tweeted support for the protesters, chinese officials applied financial pressure. morey deleted his tweets. the nba said it was regrettable. and nike removed rockets merchandise from stores in china. which brings us back to china. >> nike promotes itself as a
3:54 pm
so-called social justice champion. but when it comes to hong kong it prefers check its social conscience at the door. >> i don't understand why these holier than thou politicians stop all transactions with china. all-american companies do business with china. reporter: the company's dispute with the nba has not been settled and tension between the league and the white house only seem to be heating up. jon: more news in a moment. plus a new episode of. "watters' world." jesse: a masked racist. we'll hit the streets to see if people know about any of these
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jon: the trump organization is considering ringing in luxury downtown property in the market amid conflict of interest allegations. the sons -- presence on the said they have hired a real estate firm with the sale of the trump hotel from the old post office building on pennsylvania avenue between the white house and the capitol building to the listing is likely to be on the high-end but no asking price included.
3:59 pm
watchdog rips claim foreign leaders often stay there to curry favor with the trump administration. an american dream finally comes true and what was once a vast expansive swampland in the garden state. the american dream megamall and entertainment center in east rutherford new jersey opened and the public after two decades of fits and starts in billions of dollars exchanging hands. new jersey governor phil murphy giving it a palms up. >> it's a great line. i don't know how to define it but i know it when i see it. this feels like a success. >> i want to be honest with you a live down the block and i think it's a shock to everyone that it's actually open. it's been a long time. jon: the american dream all is the second-largest second largest in the country with 3 million square feet of real estate dedicated to dozens of attractions including an indoor ski slope, rollercoaster and waterpark. that's how "fox report saturday"
4:00 pm
october 26. i'm john scott. thanks for joining us. i will see you again tomorrow. ♪ mark: hello america i am mark levin and is a "life, liberty and levin." senator ron johnson how are you? >> rate, nice to be here. mark: republican from wisconsin. when the reasons i wanted you here was because two sundays ago when he tried to actually talk and explain yourself for "meet the press" chuck todd kept cutting you off and i thought it would important to bringng you back here on my program to hear what you had have to say but also because of your position in the united states


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