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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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they say they did it for breast business as usual could resume as soon as possible but that just shows the american people cancer, they have been banned and the world that this fight is for life. far from over and while our this wraps up this first hour of "fox & friends first", thank you quiet warriors that do so much so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues now, are there we must be ready to bye, bye. fight. >> critics say this is a reason, this is a big win, this is a reason why we should keep front carley: monday october 28th, fox news alert, isis reportedly print in the middle east because naming a new leader after u.s. you are not going get this kind of information if you're not special forces takes out the most wanted terrorist. there. >> human intelligence which is the most valuable form of >> in concerns for home-grown retaliation for this, democrats intelligence that is available, are demanding to know why this it is real, it is verified and top secret mission was kept a in many ways this is the type of secret from them as well, live intelligence that puts these types of operations forward, it in takes all of the hour intelligence to work together but this is what verifies it and i think that we need this presence to have high-value targets. >> a lot of democrats question president trump, a lot of republicans questioned president trump's plan in syria as he rob: dozens of gunshots. first said he was pulling troops out and now shifting them over
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to eastern part of the country, carley: bernie sanders is forming a socialist party on his let's take a listen to democrats and what they were saying last very own. week. >> doesn't appear to be a plan, rob: "fox & friends first" the president seems to be continues right now. bubbling from one decision to the in the case. >> no question that what mr. trump did was wrong on every level, he had no idea what the mission was. >> the president has no plan. >> so does al-baghdadi's death put criticism that the president has been facing to bed? >> well, i don't think that there's any way to ever put criticism of the president to bed especially not in the times we live in. what it does show is something that i said yesterday unless you are the person sitting in that chair and you're getting those daily briefings, it's hard to know what the plan is, it's hard to know what the strategy is, we ♪ can all be diplomats, i was ♪ rob: so sad for the fans, that paid all the money, jillian is there, you are watching "fox & friends first", i'm rob schmitt. critical as well but i say that from what we know now, that was
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carley: i'm carley shimkus, new something that was already in the works and two different isis ring leader reportedly emerges after president trump operations, conventional troops and special forces and we have announces death of master mind to r al-baghdadi. >> well, certainly does hurt rob: big news, garrett tenney isis's ability to influence or to recruit having figure head live in washington with surrounding the major win for killed doesn't help them at all. the white house, garrett. don, thank you so much p >> hey, good morning, rob and carley, big win for the u.s. and war on terror, top democrats are appreciate it. praising the operation they also >> thank you, good morning. have some concerns about why they weren't told about it carley: now report exposing secret to other cities across beforehand, particularly because at the white house president the country except lawmakers in trump gave a long list of other those states had no idea and countries that were given heads up in the operation in north neither new york city taxpayers who funded it. rob: our next guest says somebody should go to jail, he western syria, fox news has also learned a number of republican describes a shameful practice, lawmakers were told about the coming up next. operation, but democrats including the speaker of the house nancy pelosi were left in the dark in a statement she said the house must be briefed on this raid which the russians -- which the russians but not top congressional leadership will
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will be notified, military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from washington, president trump said - in the last year, there were three victims his team was concerned news of the mission would leak if democrats were informed and vice president mike pence defended that decision on fox news sunday. >> from the time that we -- we got actionable intelligence, the president's total focus here was on a successful mission and the safety of american troops. >> in his adder to the nation president trump shared remarkable detail on how this raid and dangers territory played out including the isis leader's final moment. >> he died like a dog, died like a coward, he was whimpering, screaming and crying and frankly i think it's something that should be brought out. he didn't die a hero, he died a coward, crying, whimpering, screaming. >> the day after al-baghdadi's
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death, the likely successor was also killed in separate mission according to head of kurdish forces who tweeted abu bakr al-baghdadi targeted in village, the mission conducted via coordination of intel and u.s. military apart the ongoing opos to hunt isis leaders, despite those blows to the terrorist's group leadership, newsweek is reporting the islamic state has designated successor and while isis has not confirmed. rob: a lot more coming up on the show, garrett, thank you so much. the operation to take down adam: was named for one one of the vim victims, raid dedicated to mueller, al-baghdadi raped and of cybercrime every second.
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held hostage until her death, when a criminal has your personal information, mueller's mother crediting the they can do all sorts of things in your name. president for bringing al-baghdadi to justice, if obama criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware had been as decisive as to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. president trump maybe she would have been. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock carley: the mother of james are now part of one company, foley also thanking president providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you identify theft protection, trump. device security, a vpn for online privacy, and more. grateful for this president for and if you have an identity theft problem, talking al-baghdadi and keeping we'll work to fix it with our million dollar protection package. - there are new cyber threats out there everyday, vigilant. so protecting yourself isn't a one time job, now democrats slow to react to news of al-baghdadi's death. it's an ongoing need. now is the time to make sure that you have the right plan in place. rob: doug collins says it's because they rather remain don't wait. - [announcer] norton 360 with lifelock. silent in his opinion than acknowledge any success for the use promo code get25 to save 25% off your first year and get a free shredder with annual membership. trump white house. call now to start your membership or visit >> they are just focused on one thing, election next november,
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this should be something celebrated by all parties, isis separated themselves, leader rob: all right, welcome back, al-baghdadi separated themselves 2020 hopeful gets new round of out and did not want to squad support, michigan participate in the world as we know it, they we wanted to kill congresswoman endorsing bernie sanders as rally in detroit. everything and be a part -- disrespect for themselves and everything that the civil sized >> i think i'm a bernie win -- world knows, the silence on there, maybe they're upset that for him it was no hesitation, he jumps on board and said what can i do to uplift you guys? impeachment are not headlines this morning, this is a god day for america, good day for the rob: calling sanders amo, the administration and good day for arabic term for uncle, third member of the house squad to everyone. endorse sanders along with aoc carley: several leaders on both sides of the aisle accuse the administration of having no real plans to combat isis following and omar as well. the shift of u.s. troops in hillary clinton thinks she's destined to be president, dick syria. morris, listen. rob: mourning turns into mayhem when gunfires are shot at candle >> my feeling is that she wants to, she feels entitled to do it, light vigil, chaos unfolding after moments a monowas shot she feels compelled to do it. dead at homecoming party in
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texas, aisha as police are searching for the gunman. she realizes the timing was bad. rob: morris thinks hillary will wait to see if joe biden drops out before making any moves. >> people showed up to remember a friend and ran for their lives as dozens of shots rang out. the failed 2016 presidential candidate is tour to go promote her new book with her daughter chelsea, carley. carley: 14% of the nation's homelessness and the big apple is sharing homeless crisis with every corner of america, a new report just exposed the program that's been sending thousands of the city homeless to other parts barry was not a student at the university, he dropped kids and of the country without telling local leaders or the taxpayers sister remembering him at the who are paying for it. here to weigh in, gop strategist joseph, good morning, so we are vigil. police are investigating learning that new york city has spent over 12,000 people to other parts of the country with about a year's rent in their pocket, so many questions come the vigil shooting as they are to mind from is this legal to is still on the massive manhunt for
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this moral to just see shipping the gunman who opened fire at the party where barry was killed people to other parts of the the night before, one of two victims who died when gunman country. >> i mean, without question this is a moral crisis that we are facing here in new york city, they can call the homelessness opened fire, 750 people were relocation program if they want, let's be completely clear about celebrating a&m homecoming and what is happening, we have families that are being sold, police say witnesses haven't out of state for the purposes of been able to get description of saving money and statistics, i the suspect, they are struggling think we don't talk about it in still. such stark terms to see in new carley: more news on the impeachment front, democrats sounds off on the fairness of york city liberalism that we the probe into president trump's like to call it so many times where you have people like aoc and chris wallace questioning and bernie sanders standing congressman eric on his party under a bridge in brooklyn talking about justice while tactic. constituents are being shipped >> the president is entitled to across the nation, if we can't a fair hearing, we are giving him a fair process that he's understand what a terrible, allow today participate on. terrible crisis of moral standing this is, then we are in chris: he's not allowed to participate because you haven't a really terrible place. allowed him to have a counsel president or ask questions of the witnesses. >> if there's a republican mayor and this is happening under his watch, democrats will be up in carley: democrats plan to begin arms over this, to your knowledge have any democratic public hearings soon and they leaders come out and condemned are moving through testimonies.
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this program? >> the president traveling to chicago today to international >> not, quite the contrary, not association of chiefs of police conference, chicago's top cop eddy johnson says he refuses to seem to go understand that we are literally prepackaging the attend the president's speech. vulnerable to their predators and this is no different, >> as superintendent of police candidate for president for all department and city i have to take into account not just my of 5 minutes running around the country, talking about led and personal feelings about it but our core values as a city. drinking water in flynn, we have lead in drinking water in new york city, if we are not really called racial insults and hatred going to talk about the inherent coming from the oval office. hypocrisy but beyond the carley: turning to sports and political stuff, if we will not the nfl's week 8 packers talk about the fact that we have families in feed, families that quarterback aaron rogers big are on hard times, that have placed their trust in the people road win over the chiefs. of new york city and taking tax dollars to make sure they will have their problems go elsewhere >> second down, 2. and we will not inform local officials of the fact to make sure that these people are not abused by those who love to prey on them, then really what are we even talking about? carley: the department of carley: green bay wins, bill homeland services is defending the program saying that it's cheaper to send homeless people belichick gets 300th win and
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elsewhere than to house them texans win 27-4 over the here and they are doing it to help those people saying any raiders, defensive end jj watt american including any new yorker experiencing homelessness has the right to seek housing is done for the season, the 49 where they can afford it, our city remains committed to using stay undefeat bid clobbering the every tool at our disposal panthers 51-13. include to go relocation and rehousing programs that date back decades, do you think that there were good intentions with this program or as you said before, sort of just de blasio and his administration shipping rob: coming out on top at off new york's problems to other championship. places? >> look, i'm not going to sit here and try to prejudge the hearts of people i haven't met, i don't think people in government service sit down and try to cook up ways to hurt [cheers and applause] people, but i do think that we rob: wow, 82pga tour wins, never just have to be honest about one thing, was that these are not lost the lead in the tournament, people seeking opportunities he shot 19 under par. elsewhere, individual who is came for the city for help and >> there you go, good for him. basically dropped off on doorsteps in the middle of the fox news alert, the world's most night and had proper wanted man dead, defense officials now warning the u.s. could face retaliation, how accommodations never to be heard from again, most of the people, significant is the threat and what's next for isis? we thought it was bad in
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january, we had everyone from, you know, famed reporter to we will ask former naval intelligence officer don next. marsha kramer talking about people being dropped off with just a voucher in their pocket >> going back to houston. but now the notion that they are being shaped to places like hawaii, local officials haven't been told, if we understood that it was a problem, they would carley: big win for houston astros as they put the world have told local officials, they series to game 6. didn't tell local officials, something was happening. jillian mele traveling with them >> 200 families have returned to new york city and some suing the city, seems like the program far from what it intended. we have to leave it there. >> thank you so much. . >> wild story. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. >> fox news alert, the world's most wanted man is dead and the mainstream mettia appears less than impressed with president trump. >> president trump has repeatedly celebrated what he calls the defeat of isis but you know, he hasn't talked much personally about al-baghdadi by name. >> also the kind of thing that americans presidents to
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at the end of the day, we are people helping people. we love smart savers. like yard-sale savers. tee-time savers. and especially med d savers. select a medicare part d plan with walgreens as your preferred pharmacy and get co-pays for as low as zero dollars and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. isn't saving great? save smartly on med d. walgreens. trusted since 1901. rob: back with fox news alert, defense officials warning the united states about possible retaliation after american forces kill isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. carley: joining us to react, former naval intelligence officer, retaliation attacks
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when something like this goes down, how concerned should be the american people that something bad could happen on u.s. soil. >> well, good morning, rob, good morning, carley. they tend to motivate especially those lone wolves who are out there abouting in the shadows, we always had to be vigilant that something like this may carley: we are back with fox news alert, new isis ring leader happen, however, i'd say we have reportedly emerges hours after to be more vigilant, this is president trump announces the death of terror master mind always a threat and once you take off symbolic leader like this that chance always al-baghdadi, former iraqi military officer has taken control of isis, al-baghdadi has increases. rob: a lot of member it was media say that the president's rhetoric following the kill, the said to have nominated successor way he insulted al-baghdadi in in august, kurdish militia the press conference might lend leader says top spokesperson was itself to people being more, you killed sunday in a separate attack, u.s. forces worked with the kurds to carry out the know, more intense intend to go mission, american officials have not confirmed the death, u.s. >> well, you look at at it from defense officials are warning both perspectives, it might about the possibility of encourage it and might motivate retaliation for al-baghdadi's people but may make some people
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real exactly what kind of leader death in the united states, they or lack of leadership that al-baghdadi was and as they look for him for inspiration, he truly wasn't what they thought avenge al-baghdadi's death he may have been. through acts of violence. rob: on the same topic, much of carley: yeah, they say that isis the mainstream media appeared isn't just a terror group it's an ideology very difficult to unimpressed after the death of kill an idea, how significant is al-baghdadi's death in terms of destroying isis once and for all al-baghdadi. if that's possible? >> also the kind of thing that americans expect presidents to >> al-baghdadi's is extremely important and he's not been the accomplish. rob: the media's take on operation officer for some time, president trump's successfully you know, they say now new auguk ordered special operation mission is justified, turning point usa spokesperson rob smit. rob, great news for them, what did you make of the media's response? >> well, i thought the media's response was typically negative, the best thing, the only thing the mainstream media can do when it comes to covering the
2:17 am
president ignoring when things go well as unemployment, first step act, a lot of different things and down playing when they do go well, so there's something about the death of this terrorist that should not be a partisan thing, we should all be very happy as americans that an isis leading terrorist that was genocidal murdering maniac is dead. this should be a good thing, not something that should be litigated in the media right now and we have people trying to spin this negatively and i think that this is why people do not trust the media anymore. obvious to anybody that says -- rob: media has a hard time celebrating a win for the president, you agree with that? >> rob, if i could say first, i want to say thank you to the special forces that carried this out with such skill, they keep us safe every day and we are grateful. in terms of the criticism of the
2:18 am
president, there are two sides of it, one sort of the trump show that he put on yesterday, the media can't help but react to but more importantly it's the criticism comes from the fact that this operational was successful for the very things that trumpeter doesn't support or disparages and that's that we have the forces on the ground and our intelligence, we had the support of the kurds who we've just abandoned and we had the -- the ability to be there, so our pulling out of syria which has been condemned by national security experts, that doesn't go away, isis is not gone, this is a great day for victory, great victory for the u.s. and for the world, but isis isn't gone and we need to remain vigilant. >> let's move on here and talk about how the washington post covered the story, they had an
2:19 am
obituary. that one seems fairly appropriate, they update that to say religious scholar at helm of islamic state and a lot of people especially on twitter just went nuts wondering why that was the headline, it was back to extremist leader died 48 year's old. it's almost like rob, they are trying to pander to anybody that might be offended by the death of this man? >> i mean, at this point when you look at the headline, i think the washington post thought that they were being too nice to the murderist genocidal rapist terrorist, that's what you see when they did change to the headline, but i think that you'll look at this with the mainstream media, you look back a couple months back when "the new york times" changed their headline, when the president did a speech, trump urges racist
2:20 am
unity versus racism and change to something else because they were upset with the headline. what you see is media beholding to the war -- far left on twitter. rob: religious scholar for al-baghdadi, what do you make of that? >> i heard that adolf hitler is inspiring artist -- [laughter] >> there you go. i don't know. the first headline works, the third headlines works, what happened in the middle, maybe they got hacked, maybe adam schiff wrote it, i have no idea. rob: hey, we are all get ago long, i appreciate that, thank you so much, sasha, one thing we agree on, and rob smith, great name. let's talk weather now, thanks, guys. carley: adam is here with the
2:21 am
weather, i have a feeling we will be honing in on the red areas in california. >> kind of a rough weekend for folks out there, very dry conditions and also very windy conditions, so all of the same areas that we have been seeing, still high risk of wild fire, 50,000 acres burning, northern california but the winds are strong in southern california also, large area where the winds stay high and the conditions dry, the wind forecast and whenever you see the deeper blues, 30, 40 miles an hour that can continue to spread the wild fires, i am going to leave you with dry conditions t -- the browns, the oranges relatively humidity 25 to 10%, the weather turns and helps the situation. rob: 90-miles-per-hour wind gusts. >> intense, little bit less today but still 40 to 50 miles an hour.
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>> adam, thanks so much. >> fox news alert for you, california's wild fires exploding, we are there live, look at that. really. 200,000 people are now scrambling to get to safety, coming up next. >> big win for the houston astros, pushing game 6 in the world series, our very own jillian mele there to take it all in, good morning, jillian. >> good morning, carley and rob, most nationals fans have waited an entire lifetime to see a world series game played here in washington, unfortunately they got never to say when, we will give you highlights an fan reaction after the break
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carley: fox news alert, state of emergency declared in california as fast-moving wild fires spread to over 50,000 acres. rob: yeah, the situation is wild, live from sonoma grounds,
2:26 am
santa rosa as officials work to evacuate nearly 200,000 people, claudia. >> well, good morning once again rob and carley, several hundred of those evacuees are here at the sonoma county fairgrounds trying to get another sleep before another long day of waiting it out worrying about their homes and wondering if the fire will get any bigger. california has seen 9 major wild fires in recent days but governor gavin newsom says no doubt where the biggest problem lies. >> the precise fire remain it is most stubborn challenge that we face and immediately of top priority and focus, over 30,000 individuals have working just on the kinkaid fire. >> and he says more resources are being brought in. the fire has burned more than 84 square miles, that's roughly the same size as the city of seattle.
2:27 am
at least 94 structures have been destroyed with gusts clocking in at 100 miles an hour at one point, firefighters lost a little bit of containment down from 10 to 5% and several firefighters were injured battling the flames, 80,000 homes and businesses are still threatened and the sheriffs say there could still be additional evacuation orders. >> we lost 24 people in 2017, there's absolutely no reason today through this fire that we should lose a human life. >> all of this comes amid fire outage to reduce risk of catastrophic fires sparked by downed or damaged power lines, now pg&e has begun restoring power to some parts of northern california, hopes to bring everyone back online either today or tomorrow, rob and carley, we are not out of the woods yet because another strong wind event is expected to roll
2:28 am
in to northern california tomorrow night and wednesday and we could see another round of the plaqueouts this -- blackouts this week, thank you. rob: thank you so much. the houston astros one win away from their second world series title. carley: jillian mele outside of nationals park, disappointed hometown crowd, series of disappointed hometown crowds. jillian: the whole entire series has been, you have that right. let's start off with president trump and melania, first lady being on hand for the game, let's take a look at the video, right around the start of the game and they say for a bulk of the game actually as you can see it, smiling, waving to fans, we did hear boos in the crowd. let's take you to the game itself. highlights of the top of second inning, álvarez with two-run home run, this makes it 2-0
2:29 am
astros, carlos barea, juan soto solos a home run, that gets the nationals on the board, finally, unfortunately the only chance they had to get on the board and this game, top of the ninth, springer 2-run, 7-1 and astros now up 3-2, if they take game 6 then they are your world series champion but hope is not lost for washington fans here. they are staying optimistic, most of them anyway, some of them disappointed. take a listen to the reaction after the night. are you sad? >> yeah. >> disappointed? >> yeah. >> angry? >> yeah. >> i feel it, people are leaving early. >> that's true, that's true. >> everyone loses at home. >> i say we get the next 2.
2:30 am
>> you still have a chance. >> i still have faith in them, still waving the flag. >> what do you have to say to players when they go out to houston? >> just win. >> what was it like being in enemy territory? >> nerve racing. >> going back to houston, take it home in front of the fans. >> they are still the best. >> game 6 and 7, easy money. >> all about the home team not winning at home. >> i know. >> they could go there and win 2 games. >> he's going to pull it through. >> live in broadcast, i'm not sure if you saw this moment but he's being called the beer guy, one of the home runs literally bounces off his chest because hands were full, both of them with beer, his name is jeff adams, we were able to catch up with him at the game last night, you will hear from him coming up at 7:00 o'clock. so i will send it back to you, guys, and also don't forget game 6 -- game 6 is tomorrow night in houston, we will have you
2:31 am
coverage on fox. rob: thanks so much, we appreciate, see you tomorrow night, let's check with brian kilmeade and see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> over the next 3 hours we will have a huge show, we will be discussing a lot of what you have been discussing about adam, -- al-baghdadi, and they spent 2 and a half hours there and why they are saying this is much more complicated than even the bin laden raid, live with us secretary of state mike pompeo, he was in kansas but he was included in what was happening and what it means for america from here on end and as well as political fallout and we also told you about michael flynn and legal team, they are accusing the fbi of manipulating the 2017 interview, the takedown was part of the criminal conspiracy to destroy flynn before he joined the president's team that author
2:32 am
with us live, also on deck newt gingrich, karl rove, dan bongino, that's the reason to get dressed and be ready. ♪ the game doesn't end after that insane buzzer beater.
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♪ ♪ ♪ rob: we will show you each day, each day we will show you the last-minute ideas to celebrate halloween. carley: halloween as they say, okay, here to kick it off how to make it yourself is expert, diy costumes, so cute and so
2:36 am
creative. i cannot handle it. >> i went to stores on friday to keep it authentic as possible, super last minute. the first one is a pineapple, yellow t-shirt and a black fabric pin, with block fabric pin i made upside down and took head band, got some leaves and popped it right on. rob: like the party start in 4, 5 second. >> that's creative. >> easy to do. >> this is a gun ball machine. >> okay, gush ball machine, what i've done here is cleaner. >> that's the point of what the segment is. i got these pom-poms. then i took the top of a mason jar, i wrote 25 cents, i got some great -- then this is like
2:37 am
a shipping case. >> yeah. >> i attached one side to the other connected it and put a gun ball in between. carley: you can make must be off the costume. >> collect 25 cents. [laughter] rob: for the baby you have the smarty pants, this is clever. >> did you come up with the idea? >> i saw it online. >> i'm impressed with you. >> i took one of my kids pens, take smarties and attach it with glue gun, plastic glasses and then halloween glasses, i popped out the plastic lenses and cute glasses. carley: here is this solar system hat, i don't want to ruin your hair. >> we are totally going to do it. [laughter] >> there you go, one of my favorite costumes. what i've done here -- so we
2:38 am
will go -- they sell in sets, they are colored and everything, what we did was hot-glue it. the glue gun is what you need for everything. the star that is you normally put on your ceiling and i attached it to black t-shirt. >> unicorn here. >> so most of the head bands will be sold out so, again, i got a head band with a glue gun again, i took some flowers and a horn. >> this is so cute. >> if you look at the -- thank you, you can draw on some lashes and easy to do. rob: looks great. you can glue the glue gun into your ear, thank you so much. we will be right back. carley: we will be right back.
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carley: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a one seven service dogs in change wildfire in california. picking up the dogs and bringing them her home to sacramento after the facility was evacuated. rob: next the bad millennials shelling out $800 billion for social media fame. >> what are you? >> i'm a mouse, duh.
2:43 am
>> according to a number survey 48% millennials buying halloween items just to post on social media. carley: that could be the ugly. astro pitcher world series. some think they were trying to distract him. they have said they did it for breast cancer. >> they were doing it for attention. >> they have been banned from the mlb for life. >> getting attention. >> all right, guys, bye. >> the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader justice. abu abakr al baghdadi is dead. >> baghdadi's demise relengthless pursuit of terrorist leaders and undoing of total defeat of isis and other terrorist organizations. our reach is very long. a brutal killer, one who has
2:44 am
caused so much hardship and death has violently been eliminated. he died like a dog. he died like a
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