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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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wheels on. you told me, you warned me. they've been very nice to me but still it's like being shot out of a cannon. trace gallagher with all the story of the world champion nationals. thanks so much. "your world" with the neil cavuto up next. >> what is at stake in all of this is nothing less then our democracy. >> madame speaker when you look through this resolution, it's one-sided and you see how soviet style it's running. this resolution sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation because no one is above the law. >> this is a sad day, the curtain is coming down on this house because the majority has no idea about process and procedure. they are simply after the president. >> neil: a trick or treat and
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happy halloween, not to. good afternoon everyone, i neil cavuto. some scary stuff going on today, whether it's an impeachment inquiry that still very much on or stocks that are very much off, way off, or china sounding off on trade and at the president on them. north korea firing off still more missiles. today, we have the whole scary bunch of it because we are on top of all of it. democrats and republicans on capitol hill are still going at it. and it john roberts at the white house on how the president is responding to it. >> a closed-door deposition continues at this hour with the senior national security council official on russia. tim morrison testifying behind closed doors has told lawmakers in his opening statement that he was on president trump's call with ukraine president zelensky listening from the white house situation room. in his opening statement, morrison told lawmakers of "i want to be clear. i was not concerned that
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anything illegal was discussed on the trump-zielinski july 25th call. today a leading house republican called the entire process of political circus. >> i want you all to think about something this morning. i was in an impeachment definition but then had to leade that to come t to the floor fora vote on the rules for impeachment. that says it all about the entire process and it is a sad day. it really is for this country. >> the resolution in the house has set the future heading into the impeachment probe and it was 2:30 2-196 and after it was done, the house intelligence chairman talked about next ste steps. >> the resolution today sets out the procedures going forward with that impeachment process. the founding fathers understood
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that a leader might take hold of the oval office who would sacrifice the national security, who would fail to defend the constitution, who would place his personal and political interest above the interest of the country. >> open hearings are expected in the coming weeks but leading republicans say this vote today leaves way too much power in the hands of chairman adam schiff. neil? >> neil: and thank you very much. john roberts in the white house. john roberts didn't waste a nanosecond to slam the impeachment vote today. >> the president is hosting republican members of the house, over here in the white house to talk about next steps, the white house communication team and how they surrogate the conference call to talk about where to go. also the president weighing in on this on u.k. radio with his good friend nigel farage. >> president trump: the democrats are desperate, they have nothing. they have nothing going.
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we really call them the do-nothing democrats and it's really sticking because they are doing nothing and that's the only time they will win the election this way. >> neil: the president appearing to without coordinating, to concur with what mike emanuel has been reporting about the tim emanuel testimony today. listen to what the president said here. >> when you know the line is crowded with people listening, and intelligence agencies and military people, they are all listening. when i say something inappropriate, they even say a very smart person. i don't think i would be doing that. >> the white house continues to insist that the house resolution continues to deny the president due process and the reason for that is because the president and his counsel can't be involved until the third phase of the investigation which is when the intelligence committee
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hands it off to the digits year a committee. even then, the president's participation is subject to the discretion of the committee chair. the white house is talking past democratic members of congress all the way to voters, suggesting that the president is much more focused on the needs of the country than democrats are. listen to the press secretary. >> i keep seeing all these dams on the floor talking about this is the for the good of the country. the president just authorized to kill the founder and leader of isis, that's what's good for the country. the president is good for the country and they we will keep working and they can continue to do their sham. >> some battlegrounds also continue to support the president's position. "the new york times" siena poll including florida, pennsylvania and north carolina. the majority of people, 52% impose impeachment but at the same time 51% of people support the investigation that is going on in congress. so a little confusion there as
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to what these numbers are showing. but i think the bottom line for the president, 52% of people impose impeachment and that is in the key states to decide the next election. >> neil: thank you very much my friend. many did not. even in some districts where the president won handily. could that then on democrats? we have democratic strategists extraordinary. both are splendid i noticed. that goes without saying for my next guests, "the wall street journal"'s jillian melcher. the fact that the process has begun but it is all one way. what do you think? >> this is really irregular. impeachment is a serious thing, overturning the will of the american voter and this is
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happening very close to an election. so i think it puts pressure on or it should to do this in the most transparent, normal, straightforward and bipartisan way. instead i think we are seeing a political impeachment process hyper politicized in the way that they are able to subpoena and call witnesses in a way that republicans aren't. the one this is the same process that was enjoyed by republicans when they went after bill clinton, is it? >> i'm going to push back on one thing you said it. this is not about overturning the last election, this is in fact about the next election. we had the leader of the free world who asked the ukrainian leader to dig up dirt on his first political opponent. today's vote was more about putting guardrails in place and shedding light on the process -- >> why do we need guardrails on the process, is it because it went off the rails already? >> absolutely not.
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>> i can't let you do that. 25% of the republican caucus sat on the committee that was doing the work. you can't say this was done in the dark. that is 47 or 48 members. >> then why wasn't the america public able to listen in? >> of the same reason it didn't happen when republicans were in control. you can't dismiss the fact that we were running the elections. >> neil: help me with this without getting the in the weeds of the process. what i'm asking is where you think it's going. in other words, if it is -- districts where the president one and most of them went along with the vote today. it's not part of the impeachment process. is that something the president should be concerned about? even the ones who should be a little reticent or not? >> i think that -- we are just
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witnesses right now and impeachment as a political process. democrats have shown up to a bare-knuckled political brawl with legal briefs and notepads. you have american people who realize that right now you have a duly elected president who has the will of the people behind him even if democrats want to convince americans that they should hate him for the reasons they hate him, but this has turned into one massive dorian gray conspiracy. >> watergate started with 7 out of 10 americans thinking it was a waste of time. not saying history repeats itself but do you see anything there and one where the democrats have to have something there to justify this? >> i think the caucus has been very clear, my leader jim chapman would not have been able to with the votes he had if there was nothing good about this process. this is about shining light and gathering information. >> neil: doesn't your base want this? >> this is about corruption and
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abuse of power. i think the american people, democrats and republicans want to make the democracy work. and it's not about politics. if it was about politics then we would have never been to this point. >> neil: there is a sense here that it could backfire on democrats and it pushes this vote, if it comes to a vote, around the holidays or slightly thereafter. we are right into the caucuses in the primaries and all the senators are running for president. i think there was six of them. they are a tad distracted. so does it boomerang on them? >> i mean what are they going to do, go out and be campaigning? i think there are some political rest with it. i want to say i think it's the important thing there. >> neil: is their political risk with the republicans and democrats ignoring it? >> i think there is.
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but the american public have to be able to understand what's going on here and be able to have this conducted in a transparent way. >> neil: these things typically don't start out this way because they gather information in the interim, and go behind closed doors. so what i'm saying is, to any of you see, whatever you say about the process, this is about a chelating stuff and secretly, republicans are a little concerned about how this could get away from other stuff. >> i think there has been an exhaustive amount of time spent on whatever the good deeds or misdeeds of this administration would be. the notion that somehow there would be this floodgate of information come forward but somehow tips the tide and i think that is misplaced. but here's what i will say. i understand where you are coming from, saying it's not about politics, but let's be very clear. if you look at right now the fact that we have -- you want to
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talk about polling, let's talk about -- america is about polling and the reality is you can have presidential polls all across the country saying that hillary clinton will be donald trump. while that has nothing to do with swing districts. >> neil: so much ado about nothing? >> if we had gone down this road we had trump's lieutenants testifying about the wrongness he had done. so i'm sorry, you cannot. >> i don't think that we have seen high crimes and misdemeanors, and that's what impeachment is about. >> neil: all right. i won't say anything because -- meanwhile, republicans are slamming today's vote saying it fails to get the president knew process, we got into that. but are they overstating that? we are on. insurance to geico.
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>> after they introduced a resolution they have another week full of hearings behind closed doors and they schedule another hearing behind closed doors. if this is about transparency, open it up. >> shut off and now -- this lopsided partisan vote in the house. it isn't democrats who are out of line on this one. in this case it's republicans. john, good to have you. could you explain that to me? >> sure. i'm not going to criticize either party but the argument based on due process simply has no legal formation. it always applies at the last stage, when somebody is literally, in the words of the constitution, going to be deprived of liberty and proper
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property. in the criminal proceeding, and went in the case of impeachment, that's when the senate evidence will be presented. if both sides will present their side and both sides will cross-examine. due process is not applied it to the investigatory side. as a practical matter, most congressional investigations of executive wrongdoing or possible wrongdoing are conducted in secret. we don't want one listening and comparing testimony to the other. we want to avoid the usual grandstanding and speechifying that both parties tend to engage in when the greens are televis televised. >> neil: it's was to stop republicans from thinking, all right. and then lead us at least in the subject is mike investigatory process, talk to people that aren't all the people that you are talking to because they argue that by the time he gets to this level, it's a stacked the deck. is it? >> i don't think it's a stack the deck.
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according to the resolution passed today, and by the way no one has pointed this out. the president calls this a hunt for witches. what better way to start it off and do it on halloween. in any event the republicans have been in every hearing, every close hearing that has been so far. so far as i can tell with procedures and protections for the president, in this proceeding, it will be as least as great as those for nixon and clinton. in fact they get one extra one. they get to examine the witnesses. neil, there's a hidden thing in there that nobody else seems to have pointed out and that is it provides that the president unlawfully withholds documents and withholds or prohibits people from testifying. then the chairman particularly of the judiciary committee can punish him. can punish him by cutting off their right, the right of the president's council, to present witnesses and cross-examine.
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that could be a very serious threat hanging over his head. a lot more effective at producing documents and getting witnesses and holding him in contempt of court or threatening him with fines or whatever they have been doing so far. >> neil: if you think about that john, if that gives that kind of power, and he's already make it very clear that he thinks impeachable offenses have already occurred. he is the one who can decide whether republicans can subpoena and if it's a democratic committee, then there is the brakes. if it doesn't happen you can understand the presidents running around and saying, what's going to happen to me? >> i could understand him saying it but that's always how it's been. the majority party does control what has happened in the committee whether it's republicans or democrats. >> neil: let me jump on that.
1:20 pm
when you say republicans want to subpoena this witness or subpoena this individual, and majority rules because that is the majority to say no, go stick a fork in it. >> that's true. i think everybody seems to agree the house is going to impeach. it's very unlikely to have a two-thirds majority to vote the to throw the president out. the voters will finally get a chance to see all this evidence. >> but you are saying very clearly that it will likely end up that way, and at least now and not again and that's exactly what happened in the clinton situation. >> but the bottom line i think is, fairness is in the eye of the beholder like beauty. it will be up to the voters. if they think the procedure is unfair and that the president is
1:21 pm
being railroaded then they will hold against them. on the other hand what if what they think was wrong, and that he wasn't railroaded, the procedure was more or less fair and they are likely to hold it against the president of the republicans in the coming election. everything else is much sound and fury, signifying nothing. >> neil: well said, john. meanwhile, there is this. take my word for it. did china just take a big bite out of our market for the rest of the year? lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? laughs/umm.. and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy?
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♪ >> neil: well, did china just pull of freddy krueger on trade? see the hollowing theme there? slicing and dicing a long-term deal with the united states. not as big by days end, still largely on concern that things we are getting into and also a little bit antsy on the factory front. be that as it may, tim, what do you think? what was rattling these guys. it has everything to do with china for the time being. >> for the market today, there is a combination of some comments from china, and the s&p is up 5% since october 2nd. so we had some profit-taking today, some of the major averages were pressed right
1:26 pm
against the various resistance levels, and how much investor enthusiasm is going into the last two months of the year. >> neil: we were always scared the month of october, in the 1987 crash. they've been a whole host of problems dealing with amazing contagion, and it's probably nice that october is put to bed now but, how do you think of the way it's coming up? >> i just think today was more of kind of a squaring of the ledger if you will. at some profit-taking and repositioning. we had a good october, up 5% from the lows and about 2% from the beginning of the month. and that is, is facing all the
1:27 pm
headwinds of the tariffs, of brexit, of the economy slowing. the drip drip drip of the bad news keeps coming in. yet with all that with the s&p, it's a half a percent from the all-time highs. we have to look back and say something is going on here, it's just not in the news. >> let me ask about impeachment. i've been told it looks like a knotted and right now in the market has built on expectations of not being surprised and their expectation is, worst-case scenario, the president might get impeached in the house but is not going anywhere in the senate. they are not worried. i always like to say these guys in the markets, they are not red or blue or green. they made a lot of money with this president just like they made a lot of money with the last one that was impeached, bill clinton. and they don't want to see that disrupted and they don't think
1:28 pm
it will be disrupted. >> i definitely agree with you. if the market thought that the impeachment process would result in the worst-case scenario for the president, we would be nowhere near all-time highs. >> neil: they always remind me that we count for their business activity. everything seems to rest with the consumer. that's a good senate indicator. i don't know if it's a good voter indicator but how is the consumer looking? >> i think that it boils down always to three things for the consumer. the value of their home, if they have a job and what they are making. and while all three, especially to have a job part, if you look at the unemployment it's very strong wages that continue to
1:29 pm
creep up. home values have continued to stabilize, especially a lot of people that used to be underwear are not underwater. in fact they are growing great guns in certain parts of the country. so you have to say the consumer right now is feeling pretty go good. and of course that is good for retail and as you point out it will be very good for the economy. >> neil: last year the wife had the burden of carrying the season alone. i can't be just her guys. we will see what happens. in the meantime republican lawmakers are heading to the white house after this impeachment resolution vote. we will have the latest from washington on all of that. after this. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity.
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it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. >> neil: tim orson, the russian advisor on the national security team has left the capitalist. and i don't have more details on that but he's out of there. chad pergram has been watching all these fast-moving developments between those on
1:34 pm
impeachment process and who is talking to home. no one knows it better. what's the latest? >> we were told this afternoon we are not anticipating any witnesses tomorrow. what we learn today with this impeachment process vote in the house of representatives is we got into the mechanics. they might eventually get to that. jerry nadler for the time being is not part of this process as these hearings that they have had maybe in two or three weeks and release these transcribed, right now adam schiff has ball control. listen. >> the resolution that the resolution committee sets out and how we conduct our open hearings. that will also permit me as the
1:35 pm
chair to begin releasing the transcripts of the depositions. and i think you will see when those are released just what equal opportunity members of both parties have had. >> there was unanimity on the republican side of the aisle. and that's important to note those weren't articles of impeachment, but the idea that the republicans mounted a united front, that kind of influence as republican senators. we were at having people exactly jump off the ship to run away from president trump over in the senate but that said, putting up the strong vote probably influences the other body. also look at the two democrats who jump ship. you have jeff van drew, the freshman democrat who flipped the district from red to blue in new jersey and collin peterson, a moderate democrat from the western side of minnesota, one of the more conservative democrats. a very interesting thing about collin peterson, his district was carried by president trump by 31 points in 2016.
1:36 pm
and that was an impeachment inquiry and 1998 with president clinton, collin peterson was one of them. >> very interesting. so republicans are holding tight and unified in all of this. i think you have just wrapped up a meeting with the president. >> how did the meeting go? >> what we are seeing in washington right now is the democrats keeping everything behind closed doors. i'm glad to see that all republicans voted no. today we voted to go back to work and voted to pass usmca. at the democrats are the ones that have been dragging this o
1:37 pm
out. >> one of the things that has been remarkable is the unity among your fellow republicans. should this be a message to senators or should he get to them to be the same way? >> a lot of us were looking at how this impeachment will be handled. it's being handled in secret. >> neil: should it be the exact same way that when you guys were in charge? certainly during the clinton impeachment process, behind closed doors. we were the majority part and that's the way it was. same thing here, no difference. >> there are a lot of differences. no transparency this time around. i'm fortunate and on the foreign affairs committee, but the american people should know what's going on behind closed doors. >> neil: but i was there to cover that at the time and that's how the whole clinton thing started up, behind closed doors. not saying it's a good thing or
1:38 pm
bad thing but there is a precedent to this. >> adam schiff could release the transcripts today if he wanted to. that was the vote on the floor. i would call on him to release the transcripts and make this all open to the public and let the public decide. also members of congress are going to be deciding this method of impeachment and most of the colleagues are not part of these definitions. >> so you think that the power granted to the chairman in this case, to go yea or nay, it's a kangaroo court. i think that is of the president. >> not only is it a kangaroo court but it's soviet asked. why isn't the press involved? why aren't all members of congress being given these transcripts. why aren't they allowed to ask questions?
1:39 pm
you know it was so disturbing today, was how giddy the democrats were. this should be something that would be celebrated and have free trade deals lowering the cost of prescription drugs, fixing our roads and bridges, there was so much more that we could be working on but instead we are dealing with this. the american people decide this in a year and instead we are wasting all this time. >> neil: let me ask you. does the president, using his office and influence and stature, to compel a foreign leader, to essentially get dirt on a prospective opponent. it is an impeachable offense to you? >> the president has the obligation to actually investigate corruption. if there was interference in 2016 with elections then the
1:40 pm
president -- for whatever reason he talks to the leader of a sovereign nation, but democrats are telling me that's impeachable and you are saying that's not? >> hold on. the president has the obligation to investigate corruption and interference in our elections and he was looking into what was going on in the ukraine and their interference. >> neil: would he have looked into that if the corruption didn't involve a former vice president running to a potentially challenge him in the next election? >> that i can't speak about but if there was corruption, that should be investigated and if there was interference in our election then we should be looking at this. i just want to clarify, others are saying it might be unpleasant but it isn't impeachable. are you in that camp? >> i think the president had an
1:41 pm
obligation to investigate corruption but we have to remember to that joe biden's son was getting paid $50,000 per month, and had zero experience in oil and gas and zero experience in the ukraine. that needs to be looked at it. wrong. >> neil: north korea testing agf them on halloween.
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
>> neil: how is this for little halloween scare? north korea firing to missiles and to the border of south korea and japan. john, they keep doing this, why? >> hi, neil. this is a bad sign and i do have a sense that with everything else going on between syria and impeachment investigations, we could be now moving toward a new crisis with north korea. kim has been seein is saying sie
1:45 pm
collapse of the hanoi summit in february with president trump that the united states didn't introduce the new flexibility into its negotiating position with respect to easing sanctions on north korea, that north korea was going to take its policy in a new direction, and they are building up toward ending the nearly 2-year-old freeze on testing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles which of course the president has claimed as one of the important successes as one of his foreign policies during the first term. >> neil: is this a violation of promises they have made to the president? >> they are not violations of promises they have made to the president. those only concern the freeze on testing of nuclear weapons and the freeze on testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting the united states. that said --
1:46 pm
>> neil: aren't we splitting hairs here? that's very distinctive granted but it's almost like they are provoking us. >> it there is no question that they are engaged in a system that a systematic campaign of escalation to build pressure on the president. this is the 12th round of testing that they have conducted since may. primarily of shorter range missiles and rockets. earlier this month, a very worrisome medium-range submarine launched missile and these are all violations, neil, of u.n. security council resolutions and they are no doubt that they all represent an increase in the threat of north korea, opposed to not only our best allies in asia, japan and south korea but to all of the u.s. forces deployed across the asia-pacific region. >> neil: all right, john hannah, scary stuff there but hopefully it comes down. calms down. but it never seems to. john hanna in washington.
1:47 pm
right now you are looking at fort dodge, iowa, where joe biden is holding a town hall. john kennedy saying on this very show, democrats are already prepositioning a very nice campaign gift for him and it has to do with this impeachment thing. i will connect, then you decide. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ]
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>> neil: so you think this entire process, and this is kind of machiavelli on your part, meant to help joe biden? >> with the iowa caucuses starting in february, you will have senator warren, senator sanders, senator klobuchar and senator booker. let me go down the list. all of them will be in the senate six days per week, most
1:51 pm
of the day monday through saturday. now you don't have to be mensa material to figure out who that helps. >> neil: republican senator john kenny always a very interesting guy. it's going to be distracting for a lot of the presidential candidates, six of whom are u.s. senators and would have to be back in washington were much of the impeachment trial. lo and behold, the vice president would lead a group of nonworking or regularly working employee to candidates who would be able to take advantage of that by doing nothing but campaigning. i haven't heard it framed that way but, what do you think of that? >> i think the senator is correct but for the wrong reasons. i don't think there was a machiavellian plot especially considering that democrats pushed up the rate meaning it will be cleared hopefully before
1:52 pm
the primaries for those candidates who would have to be on the hill in order to vote. however it clearly does benefit biden because it brings back the electability question who was doubling down on punitive health taxes and the medicare for all bill. so in that way with a focus on trumpet and not on the unpopular democratic agenda, it does help a candidate like biden's only message is that i am delectable and i will continue the obama administration. >> neil: he's also been trying to rein in the more aggressive spending plan for people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, and i'm not, i'm focusing on you. what do you think? >> certainly. if you look at the correct polling for medicare for all,
1:53 pm
even the supposedly moderate mayor pete option plan, that was too much for barack obama. biden has pitched the return to normalcy campaign especially within impeachment memory that puts the focus on biden, with trumps corruption, that's a positive selling line for him in a democratic primary where he has been criticized for not being enough. >> neil: he said it was health care for all and i didn't say medicare for all. thank you very much. meanwhile, is hollowing getting too scary? forget about more expensive, is it so over so over-the-top frightening? ♪ great friends. you just saved a bunch of money by switching your boat insurance to geico. it was easy. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? that is an armada of tiny sushi boats.
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1:57 pm
year. whether nonwithstanding, maybe it's getting a little over-the-top? when i was a kid you just ran out with the bag and ghost all outfit and, that was it. you got candy, it was a great time, now it's getting a little morbid with some super gruesome customs and events and maybe that's just the way of the world and i've got to get with i want to get my perspective, she has her thing on the pulse of america and it's a pulse. it's out of control morbid, what's going on? >> i honestly disagree. i am a misfits fan who threw a funeral for herself last year to celebrate her 30th birthday so i can't really say that i'm really
1:58 pm
ever going to be on the side of the something that has gone too dark. if you don't like the scary decorations, instead of going out maybe you can stay home and roast pumpkin seeds in your footed pajamas and -- >> neil: how did you know i did that? >> i'm not knocking it, that sounds fun to me if you add a little bit of whiskey maybe. >> neil: [laughs] your life has a shorter perspective than mine but i remember back in may be the 1800s, it was a celebration for some fun and some candy. >> did you think it was real when you did it? >> i'm not dead. >> they set memorial on them and some people's children get freaked out. that's neither here nor there. >> this is even worse when i'm
1:59 pm
back i thought. >> some of my friends have kids and i came out of the coffin and they arrived in the hearse. it's all good fun. all the other girls were dressing up like puppies and princesses, i went is wow as a bloodthirsty vampire as i made my mom put blood on her face and insisted on creeping behind all the family photos but guess what, i've dripped grown-up and never sucked anyone's blood, i'm still not a vampire and it's okay to have fun with the scary horror stuff. it's just over-the-top nuts. >> i would do the tennessee haunted house, i completely agree with everyone who has called it a torture chamber. however i don't like that the government is trying to shut it down because although it is a torture chamber, it is a consensual torture chamber and these people agreed to do it. it's supposed to be a free country like that's what you
2:00 pm
want t to do, godspeed. >> neil: i don't know. every time i think you addressed all the issues you fear to, you bring up new ones. happy hollowing nonetheless. i'm dressing as hannity this year, just for fun. we will see what happens. here comes "the five." >> greg: high i'm greg gutfeld, emily compagno, juan williams and dana perino, "the five." the media continues to win the brain-dead olympics, not because of the president but in spite of him. >> not because of the president, but in spite of him. >> perhaps in spite of presidents ineptitude -- >> largely in spite of. >> largely in spite of. >> and not because of. >> not because of


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