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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 27, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> it is friday, december 27th. happening at 4:00 am a fox news alert. 12 people dead and doesn't hurt after a plane crashes second after takeoff. >> a devastating scene, the plane snapped in half, details justin overnight. >> incarceration should not be a response to drug possession. >> a mess or code for any drugs in possession. heather: is 2020 hopefully school with cocaine.
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carley: this is raising eyebrows. >> where the lobby? >> down the hall into the left. carley: donald trump's cameo was cut from the airwaves. todd: "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ my god it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekends ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ ♪ carley: this is coming one of my favorite songs. todd: it is kim kern's favorite
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song. you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. a plane carrying 100 people crashes just after takeoff. a dozen people have been killed. as many as 50 more injured. the flight slams into a building. todd: the plane broke into several pieces. they are considering pilot error and technical failure as causes of the crash. also breaking this morning the coast guard searching for missing helicopter off the coast of hawaii, the search is focusing off the coast of kawai, it is carrying 7 people, 2 of them kids. the chopper hasn't been seen since yesterday, it has an electronic locator but so far authorities have not detected any signals. carley: tragedy at los angeles
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international airport, a young girl is dead after having a heart attack on a plane bound for seattle. the flight turning around shortly after takeoff, landing at lax. first responders were able to revive the girl. her name and exact age have not been released. todd: iran rocked by 5.1 magnitude earthquake shaking the coast 30 miles east from its nuclear plant. it has known ports of entries to the fire which rammed the production following the us withdrawal from the nuclear accord. it was hit by a powerful quake in 2013 that killed 37 people. todd: congress is out of session. democrats are defending their push for witnesses. todd: republicans say it is only helping them, the republicans, ahead of 2020. >> reporter: they say all politics is local and donald
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trump is using that mantra to attack nancy pelosi and ask if she will be challenged in the primaries. he tweeted california leads the nation, by the number of homeless people and the percentage increase in the homeless population, two terrible stats. crazy nancy should focus on that in her very down district and help her incompetent governor with the big homeless problem. the back-and-forth involves negotiations regarding the future impeachment trial in the senate and whether mitch mcconnell will allow witnesses to testify. senate minority leader chuck schumer tried to negotiate with the president via tweet. he wrote donald trump, if you are so confident that you did nothing wrong then why won't you release the emails and let the witnesses testify under oath? democrats witness wish list includes john bolton and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney?
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congresswoman madeleine dean had a message for senate republicans. >> show us the rules of the road and the articles will be coming to you. >> reporter: one republican think the longer this take the more it could help the gop in the polls. >> let nancy pelosi hold the articles of impeachment. the longer this drags out the more swing voters and independents coming to republicans in droves. some people think it is a bold statement but i think we are going to take back the house in 2020 and donald trump will win in 2020. >> reporter: this will drag out for another week and a half. congress is back in session on january 7th. todd: interesting to see how this plays out not only the ultimate election in november 2020 but quite frankly the democratic debate in the democratic primaries. nancy pelosi and other dems continuing to play games with
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the constitution according to the gop as they hold onto articles of impeachment. carley: the left side with our founding fathers when it works in their favor. >> the reflection of a larger ethos on the left and i want the listeners never to forget this. once you get this and tattoo it on your brain everything makes sense. conservatives think liberals are people with generally bad ideas, generally. some liberals are bad people too. people with bad ideas. that is not how liberals feel about you. liberals largely think you are bad people. that is a big distinction. they think you - look now. all of the sudden they are constitutionalists with the impeachment and the second amendment, not that constitution, the other constitution, they think you are bad people.
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todd: funeral arrangements for the mothers found strangled to death outside of houston home. her hometown of lake charles, louisiana. broussard's infant daughter was reunited with her daughter after being found unharmed at the same house. heidi's close friend is charged with kidnapping and tampering with a corpse. her lawyer releasing the first statement saying there are still, quote, many questions to be answered. todd: a candlelight vigil honoring two men killed in a bar stabbing, one of them is the younger brother of 49ers quarterback and the other high school classmate. >> they were loyal and humble and had a heart for others almost to a fault. >> michael moseley has been charged with homicide, police
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say moseley stabbed a man after making unwanted advances toward their friend. >> a teen detained in connection with the deadly stabbing of tessa majors released without charges. the nypd questioning the 14-year-old before releasing him into the custody of his lawyers. hours later police looking for the boy for two weeks after majors was attacked in a manhattan part. charges can eventually be filed. the 13-year-old is in custody facing murder charges. todd: pete buttigieg releasing a controversial criminal justice reform plan calling to decriminalize position of all drugs. >> democratic candidates look for new ways to stand out weeks before the primary. i can't believe we are already at that time. >> plenty of dems want to legalize marijuana. this is the first time we have
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heard the 2020 contender pledge to decriminalize every single drug out there. >> incarceration should not even be a response to drug position. >> is that across the board? any drugs, incarceration isn't -- >> that's right. >> myth, coke, ecstasy, all of it, he released to bold drug plan that includes reducing sentences for other drug offenses and expunging past convictions. how does this stack up against the other top dems? bernie sanders enemas before and wants to legalize marijuana. joe biden and amy klobuchar wants to decriminalize that as well but let the states decide whether to legalize it. none have expanded their plans to include all drugs. this is a way for buttigieg to stand out and he needs that. a national wall street journal poll has him in fourth place,
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towards the bottom with 9 percentage points. you doing a lot better in iowa with a quarter of democrat caucus goers, just not clear if this particular headline will be good for him or bad for him. carley: we will debate on this channel. todd: out of everybody would think he was getting closer to the center but something like this, wow. time, 10 minutes after the hour, the battle over and impeachment trial heating up after one senator called out mitch mcconnell and his allegiance to the white house but is this another democratic talking point?
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todd: impeachment reaching a boiling point after the gop senator, mitch mcconnell at loyalty to the white house. >> an op-ed says it is another democratic talking point. todd: thanks for being here francey. mitch mcconnell said, quote, he would work in total coordination with the house and is not impartial about this at all. gop senator lisa murkowski said she was disturbed when she heard his comments.
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byron york issued the following op-ed. the senate is not a jury and other misconceptions about impeachment. do you agree with byron york's assessment. >> byron is right. this is a qualified legal proceeding. the big news in history, donald trump was impeached, people call that indictment, we try to equate that to the legal system but that is the most significant point that happened and it will be a historic nose on his record. it is not like an indictment which is generally handed down by a grand jury in secret. there was nothing about this process that represented full and fair fundamental due process we expect under the constitution. this is purely political. mcconnell is coordinating with
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the white house, in the same political party, not a surprise. >> gregory was on cnn and said this about lisa murkowski. take a listen. >> he is going to work hand in hand with the white house, orchestrate the trial with what the white house wants, taking the oath of office. >> during the impeachment inquiry republicans were complaining the republicans weren't there and it will move to the senate and mitch mcconnell working hand-in-hand with the white house so the democrats have a point complaining about the same thing, unfair process? >> i don't think so and i wonder where senator murkowski was when adam schippers conducting proceedings in secret and where are her calls for him to release the final transcript of the inspector general of the
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intelligence community which reportedly contains things favorable to the president and unfavorable to the so-called whistleblower. democrats are crying foul when their own process is shockingly bereft of due process, the president had no presence in intelligence committee hearings, no representation by a lawyer. there was almost no cross-examination, republicans were not allowed to call the witnesses they thought might be relevant to the process so it does seem very hypocritical at this point to me for the democrats to be crying about fairness. >> interesting to see what lisa murkowski says because often times when there's a slight feeling there could be a little bit of a break with the party it is often susan collins or lisa murkowski leading the charge, let's switch gears entirely, pete buttigieg running for president saying there should be no jail time for drug possession
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including meth and cocaine and immigration plan that would decriminalize deportations, a lot of things that would fall under deportation. certainly moderate thousand 20 raise, pete buttigieg and the dems? >> i hope not. i am for law and order. i'm a former prosecutor. i have seen the ravages of meth and cocaine they leave on communities of violence that rises when people become addicted to these substances and are desperate to get them no matter what it takes, burglaries, assaults, murderers. i don't understand anyone who says decriminalizing drugs will lead to a decrease in crime. i feel like the opposite will happen. carley: let's listen to pete buttigieg laying on his plan. >> incarceration should not be a response to drug position. >> meth or coke or any drugs,
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incarceration. >> this is a big deal because he's considered one of the moderate candidates and you look at san francisco that have decriminalized apps possession and things like that you have to wonder why pete buttigieg would think this is a good idea when we see cities like san francisco and the homeless crisis and the drug issue taking place over there. >> if you want to equate it to child exploitation or child pornography do we want to decriminalize possession of that? possessing these substances is no different than possessing child pornography, you are creating the drug trade. without someone to buy or use these substances there is no one
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to traffic in them and wouldn't have the levels of violence we have in the community so it makes no sense to say decriminalization is the answer to anything. carley: 19 after the hour, amazon refused to help police catch a driver who was caught stealing to one florida sheriff lay down the law. how the online retailer is reversing course. todd: what the winning streak means for the president in 2020.
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carley: we are back with an extreme weather alert, a major winter storm paralyzing roads in southern california, the rare blast of snow forcing some major highways to be close, snow and
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ice covered roads stranding cars and big rigs for hours. an unfamiliar site in joshua tree national park, the area known for its dry desert landscape into a winter wonderland heading towards the plane states and upper midwest. the trump administration slamming california's housing crisis, ben carson critical of the way the state has responded. >> i have not found the same urgency that i hoped to find, let's put it that way. carley: california's homeless rate has risen by 16%, donald trump has warned gavin newsom they use the feds to intervene.
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>> offices releasing, and 9 leaders in southern county. >> they put ms 13 on the run. did they recalibrate that. >> authorities gained access to wiretaps, 200 phones. they found cocaine, fentanyl, and $2000 cash. amazon apologizing after the company refused to track down a delivery driver accused of stealing a package he delivered. charging with burglary and theft, appeared to catch them in the act, amazon saying we work regularly and closely with law enforcement across the country and are working to understand what occurred here to make it right. the sheriff at the center of it all reacts on "fox and friends".
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>> a compulsive gambler suing a casino for letting him play. caesar's casino, and gambling addiction and past banishment in other casinos and stopped him, and at the casino he is demanding that back. $381,000 in damages. listen to this, and ugly ending to eastern michigan, and hitting a ref in the face. >> keep flying over glass and glass throws a punch and the glass is ejected from this game. carley: the statement of a century.
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todd: following a hard tackle, no one was seriously hurt. it was upsetting, less god and my family down. i never understand the top process of punching somebody when they have a helmet on. or in this case the ref. carley: more football players be like you. mind powers. todd: is bernie back in the lead for the 2020 nomination? democratic insiders say don't count him out. a southern surge of support. >> where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. carley: donald from weighing in after his cameo was cut from canadian tv, a look at the christmas movie controversy.
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>> a plane carrying 100 people crashes in an. the plane went down 20 seconds after takeoff and broke into several pieces. carley: dozens of family and friends honoring two young men killed in a bar stabbing. one of the victims is the younger brother of 49ers cornerback cj becker and the other high school classmate, michael moseley has been charged with homicide, moseley stabbed the men making unwanted advances. >> major gridlock inroads in southern california, cars being buried in snow.
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and the suv out of the jam. >> the missile launch causing widespread panic across japan and south korea. rob: the us and other parts of the world remain on edge, part of the world's so-called christmas threat. >> reporter: for some japanese citizens after midnight cause panic for fear of missiles flown over their country and north korea. 20 minutes later, us officials confirmed no missile launch. because of the missile warning in hawaii two years ago that also proved false but not before alarming thousands. over christmas the us military was not taking chances. rc 35 found missions in the
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korean peninsula from usual military activity and spy on their communications. the flights were, provocative. north korea's christmas gift has been silenced. that could change in 2020. north korean leader kim jong un met with military brass and another briefing is likely. we will listen to what kim has to say in a new year's day address. kim said north korea was in the final stages of watching its first intercontinental ballistic missile. by the end of the year he was three times, including when it flew 2700 miles in space. he now has roughly 30 nuclear warheads in his arsenal according to intelligence estimates that north korea is yet to demonstrate a koreans reward in space in one piece, launch a ballistic missile from a submarine, successfully hit a target and launch long-range missiles. defense secretary mark esper
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warned about the danger of putting solid fuel on a long-range missile. >> this provides a degree of efficiency and mobility and less warning than liquid fuel rockets. rob: the final stronghold of us backed rebels in italy, the president tweeting russia, syria and iran are killing are on their way to killing thousands of innocent civilians. their working hard to stop this carnage. the fight against displacing civilians in that area, the president withdrew us troops saying regional powers to play a bigger role. the search for missing hiker taking a turn as police take on new items or clues that they won't say what they found in connection to the disappearance of allison waterson who was afforded missing went hiking in the woods 18 miles from
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portland, they are pleading for any information. >> thank you, this community, a very special person. i will do anything to get her home. rob: benjamin garland says he has since been arrested on unrelated charges. a series of small brawls in connecticut, the aftermath from one of the fight last night in west hartford. we go there all the time, minors interested in connection to that incident, and of all and 6 others taken into custody with two of the shopping centers. a foxbusiness alert, markets will open in a matter of hours on the heels of historic post christmas gain. the nasdaq sitting in the record closing of 9000 for the first time ever and one of the biggest
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winners with amazon. stock jumped 4% after reporting its best holiday sales. carley: are democrats feeling the burn? far left candidate bernie sanders has piqued the interest of democratic insiders but does he stand a chance of the nomination? here to debate kevin walling and republican strategist joseph opinion. thank you for joining me. real clear politics average has bernie real clear politics avers bernie sanders in 2nd pl. bernie sanders has staying power after that heart attack and a little bit of a threat from elizabeth warren. do you think he could be the eventual nominee? >> a great question. who in american politics can survive a heart attack on the campaign trail, come back and see his poll numbers go up?
1:37 am
the decline we have are seeing in the polls. >> the thing about bernie sanders, he's a democrat socialist and people wrote them off because he is so far to the left but has the highest favorability rating of all the candidates at 74%. what do you think of this and his staying power? >> bernie sanders is who he thought he was, leading an entire generation of young democrats, policies the never worked in the history of the world. that is what we have to deal with. having said that he has 13 million votes in 2016 and he
1:38 am
will have the ability to salve the way to the convention, democrats are heading to a convention, that is why you see so many candidates jockeying, they know this will be a welcome hall. >> are you worried the slate of candidates is getting too far, pete buttigieg with a progressive plan on decriminalizing certain drugs. how will that play in the general election? >> in the history of presidential candidates in order to be successful they tax toward the middle towards november. i'm not worried about our slate of candidates. there is a strong centrist lean weather with a former vice president or amy klobuchar. surging in the polls in iowa too. she was in the low teens in the latest round of polling.
1:39 am
there is a lien for moderate folks to be successful in november. carley: joe biden or pete buttigieg, do you think that could put donald trump under the gun and could be a tough reelection for him? >> there is a moderate wing of the democrat party but there are many democrats in the democratic primary who reject. people like - an opportunity for somebody like elizabeth warren or bernie sanders who unequivocally said they want to remake america into something it has never been before, attack policies that are the antithesis of what the nation stands on. there is always hope, joe biden is the centrist who can threaten trump in places like pennsylvania. carley: there are a lot of other
1:40 am
candidates, two are billionaires michael bloomberg and tom stier. and kevin, they spent a combined $200 billion on advise so far. how does that factor into the election and could unfairly hurt the chances of somebody like elizabeth warren or bernie sanders who are relying on small dollar donations? >> a great point. tom stier bought his way to the primary stage where you have seen more candidates fall by the wayside. kamala harris was unable to maintain that level of support. we are seeing a massive amount of money. i don't want to see any candidate buying their way to a debate stage come into the hearts and minds of voters. we need to do get out. it will be interesting to see
1:41 am
michael bloomberg's strategy super tuesday. there will be a winner one and not focusing on the four early states as other candidates are. carley: or will it end just like burning a bunch of money. how do you feel about this? should candidates be self funded? the debate over high dollar fundraisers? >> if you have the money and want to spend it you might get it. we are seeing unprecedented amounts of money, michael bloomberg has spent $120 million in three weeks. that is not staffing, food or travel, just advertising, we have people in williamsburg, north carolina 36 times a day. really what he is doing, he's not trying to buy the primary out right. he is trying to buy delegates. and all those places along the black belt, really cheap to advertise and he thinks he can chip away at those moderate
1:42 am
voters. we can bring out by being on tv every day. carley: thanks for joining me, time is 41 minutes after the hour. after this christmas the liberal media wants to know is hallmark fascist propaganda? >> a fresh start. >> that is a beautiful thing is are many things around this town. carley: one outlet is doubling down on his scathing review of the family-friendly channel.
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>> pennsylvania catholic church offering millions of dollars to 6 abuse victims was a landmark grand jury report on catholic clergy abuse forcing twee 7 of the state's tweet diocese to launch victim compensation fund.
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they have paid nearly $84 million to 550 victims. that payout is expected to grow as the compensation fund works through a backlog of claims. alec baldwin getting a small victory in his legal battle over a parking spot. a judge tossing a slander charge against the actor made by the man he allegedly punched. baldwin's claim that he thought the man was going to run over his wife did not rise to the level of defamation. baldwin is facing assault charges over the 2018 incident captured on video obtained by tmc. todd: donald trump says donald trump is more dangerous world peace and kim jong-il and or vladimir putin. donald trump received 41% of the vote when asked to rank the greatest threat to world peace. him came second, iran's ayatollah and putin tied with 8%
1:47 am
and xi jinping lasted 7%, donald trump poking fun at justin trudeau after canadian tv channel cut his cameo in home alone 2. >> where's the lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. >> thank you. todd: i guess justin t doesn't like my making him pay up on nato trade. he then added the movie will never be the came, just kidding. the channel which is publicly funded says the cut was made to make room for more commercials. if you thought that was insanity listen to this. doubling down in a piece that compares hallmark movies to nazi propaganda. >> your name is chris kringle?
1:48 am
>> i got it. >> i go so excited, i know you're going to be there. changes are many things around this town. todd: the article argues the original the case for christmas, really fascist propaganda. this is crazy to say, similar to the anti-semitic work of nazi joseph goebbels, telling "fox and friends" it is important to understand the way false not sell to operate and how it can be used as a weapon to marginalize people like lgbt queue, nonwhites or women with career ambitions. carley: most of you seemed to agree. progressives don't like not sell because it doesn't fit with their agenda.
1:49 am
todd: gretchen on instagram and he rarely if at all watch the hallmark channel. carley: stephen on twitter says i don't think there's any fascist with wholesome entertainment that makes people feel good. hallmark doesn't recruit storm troopers. todd: he has started a lot of hallmark movies that are christmas themes. he will join "fox and friends" in the 8:00 hour, what being compared to joseph goebbels, the nazi propaganda's -- carley: it is kind of funny but also kind of seriously you shouldn't throw that around lately. todd: is your holiday fun cut short by the stress of holiday spending? >> it is bigger than you expected. todd: that is a real movie right there. carley: what is done is done but
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>> they say christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful. overspending could tie you down with have to credit card bills. here with some tips on how to handle the holiday hangover received and financial analyst greg mcbride. what should i do if i spent too much during the holiday season? >> first thing you got to do, get a handle on what you owe and who you owe it to, those credit card balances and any personal loans you might have taken out.
1:54 am
the amount you owe, the minimum payment, the due date and the interest rate. that will help you and once you have that in front of you, prioritize how to attack this debt. it is time to develop a debt repayment game plan. todd: you say there are two strategies you can take was what i them? >> it reduces your interest charges in the middle, pay debts on the highest interest rate to the lowest. the other way around to do this is knock out your smallest balances first. the benefit is this gives use of reinforcement that your efforts are working and knock out a couple debts and then you have more money to attack the larger balances. there is no right or wrong answer. the bottom line is whatever sustains your effort and put some winds in your sails to help you get out of debt as soon as possible is the right strategy. todd: the second strategy shows the psychology involves when it
1:55 am
comes to money and debt. it is such an important point you made. once you get past debt number 2, stop spending. >> absolutely. what is done is done but you have to put the cup are shot on further spending. if that means canceling new year's plans do it. that is money you need to put towards debt repayment. look at 2020. what can you do to accelerate the debt repayment? is there freelance work you can pick up? take on a second job temporarily to get yourself out of debt. not only does it accelerate the time. go of getting out of debt but it is a reminder that these are the consequences of overspending and helps keep you on the straight and narrow. todd: if you have to get a second job maybe you won't get into debt in 2020 and the final is budget for 2020. >> look at what you spent this year, divide by 12, into a dedicated savings account, the
1:56 am
goal is by this time next december you have the money accumulated, you saved it up. you are not in a situation you will do yourself out of a hole. rob: thank you for being with us. 9% of americans pay off last year's holiday debt. appreciate it. carley: a fox news alert, several passengers killed overnight after a plane snapped in half seconds after take off. more on the investigation to what could have gone so wrong. donald trump tells gavin newsom fix the homeless crisis or the feds will step in. the details coming up. you try hard, you eat right... mostly.
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todd: this is a fox news alert, two moment after takeoff. >> we are following the latest as emergency crews try to figure out what went wrong. todd: the impeachment battle back on as the fight over a senate trial reaches a fever pitch. >> that nancy pelosi holy articles of impeachment because the longer this drags out the more swing voters and independentss are coming to republicans in droves.


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