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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 1, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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its independence, doesn't get annexed to america years later and america's march west does not take root like it did which leads me to why i the book sam houston in the alamo avengers, the texas victory the changed american history. thanks for watching. >> hello. lawrence jones, it is 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. happy new year's eve, big show coming up. fears gun control debate after on security guard takes down the man who opened fire at a texas church, joe biden under pressure to testify at the impeachment trial and that is all coming up.
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of fox news alert, iran backed militia supporters storming the us embassy in the iraqi capital of baghdad and shouting death to america. live from jerusalem the latest on a story that has developed all day. >> attends last day of 2019 in the middle east as hundreds of iraqis storm the us embassy in baghdad prompting iraqi security forces to intervene. those protesters setting f ires across the compound and smashing windows chanting down down usa. the embassy is still on lockdown with american citizens inside. the ambassadors out of town. embassy security forces were seen trying to push back demonstrates mysterious and rubber bullets. mike pompeo spoke on the phone with the iraqi prime minister to reiterate that the us will protect its people. there was a phone call later in the day between the iraqi prime minister and donald trump, the president calling on iraqis to protect the embassy, then the situation was orchestrated by iran which comes after us
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airstrikes on sunday targeted iraqi shia militia group reportedly responsible for rocket attacks that killed one american contractor. has blessed has about to respond against the united states. >> it is flagrant aggression on iraq sovereignty, violation of all norms and values it won't pass unpunished. >> the president a few minutes tweeting that iran will be held responsible for its actions in the middle east particularly against us facilities and personnel. something to keep an eye on in the new year. >> we will be talking to you in the next couple days. now to our top others story, the debate over gun control back in the forefront after on parishioner stop the massacre in texas, beto o'rourke criticizing
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the pro-second amendment state for what happened, so saddened to hear about another church shooting in texas, this one near fort worth. clearly what we are doing in texas when it comes to guns is not working. texas officials are heading back saying their laws save lives. >> open the churches around the country will adopt policies like this and we can start losing so many people. >> a lot of people in this country led by the democrats and the radical left and joe biden who highly criticize our law when we passed it to allow members to conceal carry in church, to allow churches to have their own security. it is idiotic to say to the american public that we want to take your guns and that will make people be better. >> a horrific situation there and thankfully there was an armed person there that was able to stop the shooter. from nearby this area and wants to get your take on this. the new law was just put in place a year ago. >> if you watch the horrific video you see multiple people with guns because of the new law
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that allows congregations to have their volunteer police force which i won't speak on other states but on my home state. if you watch local news you will see the good guy with the gun all-time stop these types of shootings so i think it is kind of idiotic of beto o'rourke who was from the state of texas who sing on the local news, he had to have seen it people prevent this, we could be talking about a mass shooting. it was not because of the new law. no matter where you stand on the politics of this at least say that law saved lives. >> in a way i don't think it is just texas but across the board you see this over and over that if there is something there, someone who as a weapon and is
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able to stop bad actors from places that are soft targets. >> that is why i don't like slapping people down after shooting like this, you want to play straight and don't get political but with the political tweet he is exactly wrong, the opposite what he should be saying, the what they are doing is working. i have been looking at the laws and the changes. we have a second amendment, don't know why you had to change the law to protect people in the first place but that is where we were going, overregulation of guns and they were pulling that back so of course we are glad this guy was able to defend himself and the rest of the congregation. >> one of the things beto o'rourke was thinking about was the man who had begun, the bad actor, the criminal is two ex-wife spoke against him say he was a violent person helped by this church and then turned on the congregants, maybe that is what he's thinking of in terms of that person should not have been allowed to have a gun but
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we are the point that they do have them so should we be able to protect others that don't. >> we talked about this yesterday and i get a lot of credit of this man who had begun and stopped a larger mass shooting. we are all grateful for that but i don't think it's keep us from talking about widespread common sense gun reform. i don't think we want to get to a point that we rely on average citizens that are armed having to protect our church, that's not a solution. i don't want my church to become a free-for-all in the shootout, yes this guy was well-trained but not everyone with a gun is. >> you don't think this is allusion? >> i do not think this is allusion. we are looking ahead in this case but it's not a solution to the epidemic. we can't pass laws to prevent individual situations or anecdotal situations. we need to look at the overall causes of gun violence, some of
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them are mental health. >> these people still get the guns so who protects us if they don't have a gun. >> i want fewer bad guys to get guns and that's done through common sense gun reform that we have to talk about even in this situation. >> in the meantime there are bad actors with guns. >> one of the state senators to cosponsor the bill said it best which is evil people do evil things and legislation will not prevent them from doing so. what you guys are articulating is valid and it is one of prevention versus protection. we have beto o'rourke articulating a preventative approach without an actual piece of legislation. what worked that is the protection legislation codified in texas that enabled churchgoers and congregants to have a security force to train, banning guns in places like that and at this point unless we have identified where we are seeing
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the eradication of it evil people will do evil things so i place my faith in protection legislation. >> talk about people of faith who go to church and we have to see it over and over but texans to come together after something like this. >> it doesn't matter the political party, we rally around each other but it is important to note the difference in texas, the law already allows people going to church to chair carry guns, that's already the state law. was ratified for there to be a police force so there can be organized -- what you saw is an active shooter drill they had already practiced so these -- people want to talk about texas, the wild west.
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a lot of these people go to classes, train with their families and this is important and i will reiterate no cops were there. i respect the law enforcement of this world but there's not enough cops to protect every single one of us. >> we are seeing this as a success story and beto sees this as a failure but there's not a plan, an option to prevent it again because evil people are doing evil things and what you are talking about is the success story aspect that gun safety, gun training and gun handling and in that moment and 6 seconds he was taken down and prevented more than two lives were taken. >> joe biden's answer on who he might pick as his running mate and michael bloomberg gets marked. those stories our next. ♪ $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> 2020 democrats are making serious h >> democrats making some head scratching comments. look at who joe biden might pick as his running mate. >> a lot of joe biden would consider choosing a republican is running mate? >> the answer is i would but i can't think of one right now. there are some decent republicans that are out there is still but here is the problem right now, the well-known ones, they've got to step up. >> michael bloomberg getting october this idea, quote, as president i will turn the east room into an open office where i will sit with our team, some official functions never tweeting but the rest of the time i will be where a leader should be, with the team.
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you like this? >> of all the ideas i have heard during the democratic primary, of all of them and i'm talking the craziest of the crazy i think this might be the worst of the ideas. no one in america, no human like an open floor plan. if you work at the company, we have some open floor plans here but you have to learn to get along with people. you need your space, fences make good neighbors, offices make good colleagues and the east room is for ceremonies, there is a history to the white house and we want to preserve that and you need the oval office for the president to think and to be able to know this is where decisions are being made rather than out on the open floor plan. >> i agree totally. there is something that comes
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with the oval office and the president and the power of that. it is where he or she will do their thinking and when people come info meetings i don't want that to go away. the first question of the biden running mate this is why people like joe biden, part of his appeal to a lot of voters that he says things like this, it uses independent voters i'm not just a partisan hack. i would consider a republican. my problem is his view of the republican party is shaped by using the senate made up of republicans -- this is a different republican party than when joe biden was the senate. the progressive base already distrusts biden so by saying -- like when mccain said he was going to nominate lieberman in the conservative base was what? and he backed off of that. >> i feel like he is pandering,
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trying to come off as moderate joe, i'm the one that will bring everyone together. >> it does speak to the fact that he is archaic, too antiquated. it annoyed everyone, normally liberal democrats who in elizabeth warren a which the fight rhetoric. that is old news and moderate republicans and democrats alike you can't even name one. it seems disingenuous and more like harkening back and about the open floor plan, one of the details i had as a managing attorney in the federal government was part of an open for plan but i was a manager dealing with classified disciplinary reports and it was renders and also probably breaking a lot of tools that i was in that situation so i can't imagine, you dealing with super classified information and what is on tap for today?
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the most fundamentally lack of knowledge. >> biden is out of touch when he said this about coal miners. >> anyone can go down 3000 feet in a mine can learn to program as well. anyone who can throw cold into a furnace can learn how to program. it takes 15 weeks to learn to do it. you can do it. >> what is he doing? this was supposed to be brilliant? don't want to learn to code. they want to be coal miners. some guy who is 58 years old working his whole life looking forward to retirement saying learn how to code, you can work at google plus or whatever, ridiculous, he should stop doing these open floor plan meetings where he takes questions. every time someone asks the question he gets in trouble.
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>> no politician has figured out how to talk to people about the changing economy. people do need to be trained for new jobs. part of those are education system but hard to figure out how to say that without telling people to go code. >> learn to code is an insult. >> it is say i don't know what i can do for you. >> larger problem is the nest. doesn't seem they have a clear concise message. >> here's how i might have answered the question. i might have said coal is an important part of our energy mix and it will continue as long as it can but let's be very honest. in the free market we have even if you add in support from the government, more deregulation coal mining jobs still continue to decrease and that is because
12:20 am
natural gas is less expensive and cleaner burning and that is where people are going so yes, we want our miners to have good jobs and that might mean we have to do some transitioning but let's not make mistakes, it will not be forever, we have to think about -- >> i don't know if that is a good one if you're running for office. >> i'm not running for office, i'm just telling the truth. >> we need to start figuring out donald trump is on it. he said to the coal miners all your jobs are coming back into your point they are not coming back for a bunch of reasons, not just natural gas, wind, solar, clean energy is increasingly more economical and profitable for companies so people need to figure out how to be honest about the changing economy without promising things that are lies. >> the president said his messages energy independence. >> we are more energy independent. >> coming up disgraced fbi director james comey talks about donald trump, what he has to say
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away. and won't stop complaining about >> james comey won't stop complaining about donald trump, writing a new op-ed describing what it is like to be attacked by the president, quote, it feels as though a strange and slightly settled guy is yelling at you to get off his lawn echoed by younger but now less said people in red hats shouting yeah, get off his lawn. we have to fight through our fatigue and contempt for this trump can was in figure and former fbi agent peter stzrok thinks is texts are protected by the first amendment and is suing the justice department to get his job back. first, he is on his lawn.
12:26 am
he is complaining the president is and get off my lawn but he wrote an anti-trump book, campaigned against the president, he is on the lawn. >> pretty amazing career, he can go and do something else. the book is a success for him. the thing comey could do is ignore the president and move on. what do you teach your kids when someone is like that, walk away. walk away, go do something else. move on and do something besides writing up at the washington post. >> he couldn't resist. i want to know about the civility thing. people like comey constantly talk the president that he is uncivil, that he is a bully, is unpresidential. what is with this trump can withered figure? they are worse. >> that at the red hat comment. this guy that has this high
12:27 am
moral high ground i think people see him as a fake. can we stop pretending democrats like him as well? of his or hillary was president she would've fired him as well. i think this is today and's point he could do something else but he's making a lot of money off of this. being that rallying cry, to protect the institution and he actually damaged the fbi. >> i believe he did and i think most people believe he did and he's not going to get on your good side no matter how hard he tries or how many bookstores he does, you guys are still angry at him for what he did to hillary. >> it is not over yet, still festering. he's right about donald trump's behavior, it is unacceptable. >> he is just as bad. >> he's not because he's not sitting in the oval office tweeting about people who are
12:28 am
dead, about widows, not the same thing. let's be very clear. he's not wrong about donald trump, he's not the right messenger for this and i agree democrats don't like jim comey because of his behavior in the 2016 election. he has no friends. >> his texts are covered by the first amendment. he has a right to free-speech. he got in trouble for what he did in his office and at the time he was can he didn't put up a fight then. he accepted his fate and he wants to turn things around. >> he sued the doj for reinstatement and back pay and damages and the doj filed a motion to dismiss. a procedural motion, this doesn't deserve to be litigated on its merits. he is sort of reasserting what we heard him say in august which
12:29 am
was i acknowledge it was fbi property but just because it can be monitored, just because it was discoverable doesn't make it unprotected and argues you fired me for the content of what i was saying meaning the result of which every mid-level manager having watercooler talk can be fired from now on and disciplinary action, prior history in the fbi and said i should have just been disciplined. 60 days without pay. doesn't rise to the level of termination. it is one more self victimization we are hearing from comey and lisa page who just in to comey saying 1000 times yes. i don't want to hear about so proclaim jesuses. i would rather have an op-ed, not a business owner in virginia and anyone else besides those three anymore. >> all of them destroyed the fbi, credibility of the fbi. they were the leadership of the
12:30 am
fbi and i'm not -- >> horwitz -- he didn't know it was political bias but bias can exist whether it is politics with a didn't like donald trump, they had conversations back and forth of insurance policies. average americans seeing this don't want to be treated that way. >> peter stzrok and lisa page's text messages were selectively picked out at least by the spokesperson for political purposes. i think lisa page and peter stzrok could say your official doj spokesperson took a few that looked bad for us, cherry picked them and gave them to reporters and that is not appropriate. >> kospi gate information - >> next up a 2020 democrat warning the party how
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>> ♪ >> joe biden under pressure to testify about his son hunter during an impeachment trial. he is coming under >> joe biden under pressure to testify about his son hunter in an impeachment trial and he is coming under attack. >> in my administration we will have a high standard around ethics and making sure we do everything we can to prevent even the appearance of a conflict and that is important and that could create a lot of complications even when there is no wrongdoing. >> no evidence of wrongdoing by joe biden or that hunter biden broke any laws at all but it does think that hunter biden got this contract with no expertise in the energy sector and he already said he got that money because of his connection with
12:36 am
his father. >> democrats will do anything to avoid a trial in the senate to protect sleepy joe biden. >> senator susan collins expressing witnesses, lisa murkowski as well. four republicans with witnesses. where do you see it headed. >> i put that off until after the new year. what is mitch mcconnell thinking. >> mcconnell and schumer and pelosi, the leadership of the house and senate have to think about what is in the best interests of their party in order to win as many seats as they can during the presidential election. i know that is very political and we should be talking about
12:37 am
the constitution but we know that is what they are thinking about. schumer thinks he has the responsibility of flipping a few seats from republican to democrat on the senate side. republicans think they have a handle to keep the majority but mcconnell has to be thinking in those terms so i think when they all decide among themselves, the president has weighed in, he wants this altered out and joe biden should have said i will not answer a hypothetical. what he did is open this pandora's box. >> dana mentioned the seats republicans have to hold onto, susan collins is one, cory gardner in colorado, they are starting to hear talk constituents, septic 70% of americans want witnesses and if it's going to be a fair trial we need to hear from people and when bill clinton got impeach the majority and minority leader in the senate figured out a way to do that.
12:38 am
they were not interviewed there in the senate chamber but were interviewed as part of it. can mcconnell and schumer come to agreement? >> i think they can. i think there will not be witnesses. i would prefer the witnesses. it all should be put on the table. i know it will be a war. it's not best for some political parties, the president thinks it will be better drawn out into the election. mcconnell -- schumer thinks it would be beneficial to him to have witnesses testify. i think it is good for the country to put all of this on the table and that then duke it out in a civilized way, probably won't be civilized and the american people want this to be put to bed so i'm for the trial. >> i don't think democrats want a trial. they all know it is a loser. but they couldn't go back, they passed the point of no return.
12:39 am
they have to act like they still wanted, nobody wanted and if joe biden was smart he would be running around would you call that, whipping senators to vote to cut it off because the big loser will be joe biden because the hunter biden single stay alive as long as impeachment is alive. >> tulsi gabbard is still running for president weighed in on this. we have the sound. >> we all know trump is not going to be found guilty and removed from office by the u.s. senate. the impeachment i believe will increase his support among voters and will make them harder to defeat. furthermore the house impeachment is increased the likelihood republicans will take over the house of representatives. >> i can pick about his saturday night live, i don't know where she shot that video. a weird spoiler in this by trying to warn democrats that
12:40 am
this may be a political loser. you hear from a lot of house members who voted for impeachment in tough races who say it might be, we are not sure but it might be but it was the right thing to do. how do you handicap this politically? not sure we can right now? >> interesting question. the issues she doesn't provide a viable alternative. she's the guy the rest stop who pointed out answers 5 here and take away 15 here and it is an interesting issue about the motion to dismiss and as we discussed the merits of having witnesses, i'm going to wait and hear the evidence and then determine whether my analysis will be augmented by witness testimony and make a decision then and plenty are talking about a motion to dismiss, arguments about as long as this keeps going and they have that optics argument about the hunter biden situation now that we have mayor pete weighing in saying it
12:41 am
seems cloudy even though they say nothing is illegal but haven't had that. >> the big question even the biden campus been able to answer what qualifications did hunter biden have to get that job. >> donald trump impeachment is about the president's behavior, why he did what he did his ancillary. hunter biden is not being impeached. >> that is how it started. democrats and the president was targeting his political opponent so by asking for a legitimate investigation and there's actual evidence to suggest there was something unethical there or illegal, you should bring it out. you get the complete story, democrats just want to say he's -- they don't want to save it was a legitimate investigation about. >> there are ways to investigate people rather than holding back
12:42 am
military aid which is what democrats want to bring out in a trial which we are watching for the new year but up next emily hits at times square as we get ready to ring in the new year. stay with the five for all the fun. ce veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa force factor's alpha kingtime to boosts total testosteroner game. for more lean muscle in the gym, more energy, and more passion and drive so you can rule the bedroom. unleash your potential with alpha king. now available at gnc.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tonight we say good-bye to 2019 and hello to
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>> tonight we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to the roaring 20s. new york city, no better place on earth to ring in the new year. take a look. ♪ >> we are entering a whole new decade. any resolutions for 2020? >> to find a new job. >> to be more healthy. >> improve myself. >> to lose weight. >> to be more motivated for myself. >> more money. >> supporting my favorite tv show, the golden girls. >> thank you for being a friend. >> you came just to see the ball drop? >> we really wanted to have a lifetime experience. on my bucket list. this is the year. >> i have been here since 8:00,
12:47 am
1:00 pm yesterday. >> one, 2, 3, happy new year! >> it was so fun being in times square. you are obviously already ready to celebrate. you have done reporting from times square on new year's eve. >> i don't like celebrating new year's. tomatoes at the end of too many holidays, thanksgiving and christmas which i like but time new year's comes around i don't want to celebrate. we will hang around of the o'briens. >> i love that. >> we don't do a big pouring new year. i didn't even want to wear these glasses but the producers made me. >> they frame your face well. >> remember the vote?
12:48 am
i feel like devo. >> a nice 80s reference. >> but you wore those glasses well. >> friends came all the way from texas to my place and i'm making some cake. check this out. i'm not going to go out and put a diaper on. >> now. >> are there no bathrooms out there? >> no idea. you would think we could figure it out. >> i'm in new york all week which i'm very excited about. and at a vietnamese place everybody is amazing about. >> not the new year's people. >> resolutions and things they left behind like one of the women left cancer behind.
12:49 am
>> the top resolutions for 2020, among them trying something new, eat more of my favorite foods and go to the gym. be more healthy in general, upgrade my technology and stay motivated. >> there is something there. my favorite foods, lose weight, what? >> one of my favorite resolutions was a younger girl, to see bts in concert, as many as possible. >> i wrote a limerick for our five fans. at the end of the year the five is the highest rated show, fox news doing amazingly well. i wrote a limerick dedicated to our fans.
12:50 am
>> i can't read that. >> you are joking. this is for the fans. at the end of this interesting your we are so happy you are all here tuning into our station our show is fifth in the nation, thanks to our viewers and cheer. >> fox friendly, amazing. one more thing is up next. ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat.
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♪ ♪ beautiful dreamer ♪ wake unto me ♪ beautiful dreamer awake unto me ♪ there's a booking for every resolution. book yours, at ♪ >> happy new year's eve, it's >> happy new year's eve. time for one more thing. i'm going to go first, my top
12:55 am
five, peter says he never recognized me on tv. down to south carolina to see all our friends, the third was our april fools joke, catching a fish that happened to be a shark on the beach, can't believe he caught a shark and they were so happy for him. lifeforce, jasper in the sidecar, got some dog pajamas and put them on and there he is. >> the shark was just on the beach, he didn't catch him. >> and he dragged it in and did an amazing job. as everyone knows fireworks erupting around the world every day, bidding farewell to a decade that will be remembered for the rise of social media, mommy too movement, donald
12:56 am
trump, who would have guessed that 10 years ago, these are pictures from an amazing celebration in dubai, taiwan, bangkok, istanbul and pyongyang where they ring in the new year, the ball dropping in times square, people across the country -- i almost answered you like it was - but amazing photos. one of the great things about social media is watching it become new year's across the world. >> i like to celebrate british new year's and go to bed. >> happy new year and have a great happy healthy 2020. >> if you don't have your christmas tree up i have a great organization for you to donated 2, jamie willis created central texas 2016, he is an army vet and after he served was completely disabled, unable to
12:57 am
work and said i do this so i don't sit home every day feeling sorry for myself. every christmas tree he takes one day to make into a cane and donates to an army veteran. a great cause. google him. happy new year. >> one woman went missing in florida. how was she found? with her iphone flashlight. a video of this nightvision goggle in black and white and the park rangers were in the helicopter, see her circling around and see this flashlight, aviation noticed after a 911 call sunday, she couldn't find her way out of the trail. her cell phone like pointed her out. she is now safe, home, safe, use
12:58 am
your iphone for of flashlight, like heat vision technology helped a little bit too. >> people turn them on and don't know they are on until they are in your face. what do you have? >> this reminds me of my childhood, 12-year-old boy got this for christmas, offered it to you. >> i saw it. this was my first choice. >> this kid wanted it for science, the science of lighting things on fire. he went to his lawn on a sunny day in texas and started burning the newspaper on his lawn and look at that long, looks like pretty dry grass, the whole lawn went up, ball whole thing on fire, they went outside, through buckets of water, all joined in and had a big christmas memory, the christmas their kid lit the lawn on fire. >> he will dine out on that story for years. >> they are all in matching
12:59 am
pajamas. >> we got to keep an eye on this kid. >> my parents are watching, i did this as a kid and they never knew it. i covered it with rock, set it on fire, covered it with multiple rocks. i was playing around outside and it caught fire and i freaked out. it spread a little bit. i covered it and never found it until now. >> are the rock still there? >> i don't know. my parents don't live in that house anymore. i should tweet that out. >> one more follow-up. what is your biggest hope for the decade? >> more of the same. >> you are the happiest guy i know. your beautiful daughters. are they ready? >> ready for the decade, so excited. >> no drinking and driving,
1:00 am
people. it is a serious thing. use uber or a trailer. >> or stay home and organize your closet. i might do that. that is it for us. have a wonderful new year's eve, catch our show at 5:00 pm eastern. have a great night, everybody. >> it was the year the president returned to his real estate routes. the crown met the crib and people >> the year the president returned to his real estate roots, the crown met the crib and people weren't chicken to fight over a sandwich. here the 10 most exciting, outrageous, fascinating, spectacular, deplorable, significant, absurd stories of the year. who can forget 2019? >> this is going to be good. >> in 2019, there were a lot of democrats running for president.