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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 1, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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see you soon. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." happy new year. buckle up, what a year it will be. for the four hours tonight, we will highlight some of those important monologues from the past few weeks.e first up, my opening monologue from the night of the fisa report was finally released. take a look. >> fisa abuse report is officially out and tonight the deep state, they needed to understand they are all in deep legal jeopardy. premeditated fraud perpetrated repeatedly on the fisa court with all the unverifiable lies from hillary clinton's bought-and-paid-for dirty russian dossier put together by christopher steele who has only one source. yeah, a guy that was an
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egomaniac known to lie.e. nothing but outright lies corruption, abuse of power, a massive political bias. omission on multiple occasions of evidence, it is now, right here in black and white for all to see, 434 pages, 17 identified significant failures and omissions, one a singleag source steel had, even steel said was an unreliable liar and egomaniac. this source says none of this information was meant to be used by anybody, and that everything we on this program with our -- i can't mention everybody -- our ensemble cast, everything we told you about hillary clinton's unverifiable bought-and-paid-for dirty russian dossier is true and it was as we told you without the dossier, without the dirty dossier, no fisa warrant.
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that's all in the report, it was central, it was essential. basically it was almost all of the application, but with three minor other details to get this against, backdoor into all things trump campaign transition, then the trump presidency. deep into the presidency, as we told you, it was one massive coordinated effort by comey's w corrupt fbi. by the way, jim, come on the show. come on the number one show on cable, full hour tomorrow night. wide open for you, three hours on my radio show. 625 stations, come on super patriot i have a lot of questions for you. you are back to any corner on a lot of different lies, you may be so arrogant you don't even know you told them. into all things trump
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candidacy and then presidency. everything we have been reported for years was dead on accurate. we were right every step of the way, according to the attorney general william barr, the reports now makes clear that the fbi launched an investigation of a u.s. presidential campaign of suspicions that, in my view were insufficient to justify the steps taken in the rush to obtain and maintain -- maintain is a keyword in this -- pfizer's surveillance of trump campaign associates, fbi officials knowingly misled the fisa court. they knowingly and purposely omitted critical facts from their filings, they knowingly suppressed or ignored information that gave the reliability of their principal source. only one source, a bad source quote the malfeasance detailed in the inspector general's report reflect a clear abuse of the fisa process. this is just the tip of the iceberg, he does not have the power as we told you to empower
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a grand jury, or conduct warrants or press charges. reach beyond the confines of the doj -- in previous reports we have told you to this before mccain, lying, government information, they all inferred nothing has happened. but as for attorney general barr, they took a very powerful stance today. they both have the power to do all of that, and in this case it is now in their hands. as we speak, the probe into the origins of the russian witch hunt is now ongoing. it is a very rare public statement, franklyer unprecedented, john durham earlier today disagreeing with the fisa reports. one conclusion on criminal intent, this is a preview of coming attractions. quote, i have the utmost respect for the attorney general and the
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comprehensive work that went into the report, key line here however our investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the justice department. in other words, he is saying that horowitz had a very narrow purview with which he could work. our investigation has included h developing information from other person entities, both in the u.s. and outside the u.s. i italy, great britain, australia comes to mind. based on the evidence collected today, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report'se conclusions as to prediction on how the fbi case was opened. well, what is he saying here? clearly he is signaling they have found evidence of criminal conspiracy with the intent
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needed legally to warrant a prosecution. that statement they are, coupled with attorney general barr's statements, coupled with that speech we told you about the attorney general, should send a shiver up the spine of each high-ranking official responsible for this disgusting despicable abuse of power and corruption. john durham is now very strongly hinting the origins of the russia probe weren't just rocked with inaccuracy, but instead just a downright unlawful. let me sum it up even more clearly, if i were jim comey mccabe, page, i'd be a little petrified by the comments of both barr and durham. while we wait the results of the criminal investigation, it is important not to overlook the findings inside of this inspector general fisa report abuse. let us start with the review of the very basis of the fisa
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abuse, as we told you, now foror some time: it was true. grassley graham got it right christopher steele's dirty russian dossier, bought and paid for by hillary clinton according to the report that dossier played a central and essential role in the fisa request against trump campaign associate carter from pages 120 to 130, you will see we don't have the dirty dossier, you didn't get the fisa application and if either warrant. they basically say no dirty dossier, no warrant.ay we have reported steels so-called intelligence was unverifiable garbage. if that is today, steele told the inspector general that this dossier was not a finished product. remember the interrogatory in great britain, he said i have no idea if any of this is true. one single source, a compromised source, a nonreliable source
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with a massive ego apparently like to make things up. it was uncorroborated intelligence, all of it, we now know was unverifiable. but every time, all four of those warrants, three of which jim comey signed, had the top of the fisa application. it says verify. it gets worse, he was not the originating source for any of the so-called factual information that is reported. steel instead relied on a primary sub source for information who used his or her network of sources to gather information. there is only one source, pay attention, this is huge, the fbi ndnducted interviews of that primary sub source, the one source that was in fact used for the dossier. that was in january, march, may of 2017. that raised questions about the
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reliability of the steele selection reporting, the primary and only sub source told the fbi that he she had not seen the report until they became public that month and that he or she made statements indicating that steele misstated or exaggerated the one primary sourcest statements and multiple selections of reporting. the primary sub source felt that the tenor of steele's report was far more conclusive than justified. and they sub source, primary only sub source for the most part, stated he or she never expected steele to put the primary sub sources statement in reports or present as facts. the primary sub source explained that their information gained from, quote, word of mouth and hearsay. here we go again, conversation that he or she had with friends over beers in a bar, and that some of the information such as allegations about -- trumpss activities, two, ritz-carlton moscow, they were statements
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that he or she heard in a bar made in jest. i am not making that up, look at this, the primary sub source said the corroboration information -- comey's fbi merely wrote that they found russia based sub source to be truthful and cooperative, that is a lie. the second and third renewals were outright lies, i would argue so is the first. you can find that on pages 186-190. with this information alone, we have now criminal conspiracy to commit fraud on a fisa court to deny one american carter page -r turns out, actually served his country and worked for the cia and cooperated to help the country, at the type of every
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fisa application is the word -- jim comey pay attention -- ofrd the top it says, verify. we now know that all the information, the vast majority of information was unverifiable. and according to a former deputy, rod rosenstein senior law enforcement official remember he said this? he must swear that the application is true and correct based on evidence and credible witnesses, none of what rodn rosenstein says happened. he signed the third renewal warrant, you have a lot of explaining to do yourself, take a look. >> there's a lot of talk about fisa applications, many people that i see talking about it seem not to recognize what a application is, it's actually a warrant, just like a search warrant in order to get a search
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warrant you need an affidavit signed by a career federal law enforcement officer who swears that the information in the affidavit is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. that's the way we operate, if it's wrong -- sometimes it is -- if you find out anything is incorrect, that person is going to face consequences. >> face consequences, rod, you signed the third renewal. and jim, you signed three of them. super patriot. in october 2016, yep, jim comey signed off on the initial warrant against carter page which denied him hisn constitutional right to his civil liberties. and, by the way, signed off on something that was unverifiable. he knew it wasn't corroborated he knew the primary sub source refuted steele's so-called intelligence, he knew steele had serious credibility issues and they lied about that. he knew steele had sketchy ties
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with russian oligarchs, he knew he was being funded by the rush hillary campaign, right before the judges. they also knew that, and they hit it just as we have been reporting. and call me would have to be a complete and total -- i don't rule that out, by the way -- not to know that steele was leaking his information to the press. the fbi included circular reporting, conspiracy theorists -- they are fed information, they don't corroborate it, they just run with it. great reporting, christopher steele was the lone source for that yahoo news report by michael isikoff. political hack that he is. he was ultimately fired as the source for the fbi for lincoln but he had such great ability. guess what, 2018 here is super
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patriot jim comey calling steele a reliable source. take a look. >> christopher steele, is he considered reliable according to your sources? >> yes. >> what is your assessment of that dossier? >> as it was described to me as ?it came in, it was raw intelligence and a series of reports. from a credible person, with a reliable track record and a known experience and to source network in russia. so it will something to be taken seriously, didn't mean that it was all true but it was to be taken seriously. its core assertion was corroborated by other intelligence, its core assertion being that the russians have a campaign going on to interfere in the american election. >> that was then, and remains today a total lie. one of many for mr. super patriot jim comey, and this isf important, we haven't even discussed the glaring omissions in the fisa applications.
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that is a big deal too. on multiple occasions, comey's fbi withheld information fromor the fisa court. the omitted carter page who previously assisted a u.s. government agent, in fact an fbi attorney actually altered an email so that it stated the opposite about carter page. that page was not a source for a government agency when in fact he was, they admitted damning information that determined steele sub source -- again -- they ommitted to statements that he spent two weeks in jail. when he was being surveilled saying outright no interference they kept that out. with the trump campaign and russia, one omission after another, one lie after another. why lie about the sub source against trump? why lie about the true status of
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carter page apparently helped undercover risking his life to help the cia and was fully cooperative at all points to get trump? why lie about unverified a single source, clinton bought and paid for that dirty dossier from russia? course, to get trump. coming up on the special edition, my monologue on the congenital liar, yes the compromised, corrupt adam schiff. congenital liar, yes the compromised corrupt adam schiff
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with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. >> live from america's headquarters, -- following two days of unrest. they stormed to the embassy on tuesday, upset over u.s. air strikes that killed 25 militants. the state department says they will continue to monitor this ongoing situation in iraq. a story of fires are raging on with no end in sight across the continent. more than a dozen people have died. in south wales loan more than 900 homes destroyed.
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us is lending firefighting assistance. many blaming climate change for the disaster making a worse. now back to hannity. >> welcome back to hannity, a compromise, the corrupt, the congenital liar adam schiff has been pushing his information on the trump russia solution for years. here is my monologue exposingor the schiff show and all their lives. >> it was also a powerful rebuke of the compromise, corrupt coward, congenital liar, that guy right there adam schiff. now the schiff show, they couldn't have gotten this more wrong. as usual. congressman devin nunes, the freedom caucus could not have been more right. let's compare schiff's life filled 2018 memo to what the ig michael horowitz uncovered which confirmed and vindicated every thing devon nunez, the freedom
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caucus we have been telling you on the show. for example, fbi, doj did not abuse the fisa process, or subverts this vital tool to spy on the trump campaign. horowitz found the exact opposite, we've identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the carter page fisa application and many additional errors in the woods procedures. liar. and it gets even more embarrassing for the congenital liar schiff, they actually wrote that the doj made only narrow use of information from steele's sources about his specific activities in 2017. they didn't rely on salaciouss allegations, again, the exact opposite is true. from the report, and i quote, we concluded the crossfire hurricane teams were steele's election reporting on 2016 played a central andye
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essential role in the decision by the fbi to support the request for steele fisa's schift also wrote the court approved surveillance of page allowed fbi to collect valuable intelligence and as horowitz lays out on page 476, mr. congenital liar, the fbi was not able to gather any intelligence, was not able to corroborate anything, clinton bought-and-paid-for russian dossier. let's read it, the team has not corroborated any of the specific subset of allegations against carter page contained in the election reporting and relied on the fisa applications or any other evidence implicating page. the congenital liar wrote, "the
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applications also reviewed steel's multiyear history of credible reporting including in criminal proceedings." that was a lie by the congenital liar, because the ig found that the fbi omitted his past contributions to the fbi's criminal program "had only been minimally corroborated." again, this was all withheld from the fisa court and it's hard to even put into words just how wrong and how regularly the adam schiff lies. why would he ever let facts or reality get in the way of his next witch hunt? because he is now justifyingng impeachment by suggesting that the president is going to cheatm in 2020. i guess he has the congenital liar crystal ball, i will say he is a liar, i will say he cheated even before it happens, take a look.
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>> the argument, why don't you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election? why not let him cheat just one more time? why not let him have foreign help just one more time? that is what that argument amounts to. >> up next, my monologue on the democrats impeachment obsession. straight ahead. the democrats impeachment obsession. straight a
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hannity, so the democratic anti-trump raid sink to new depths of depravity during the impeachment hearings just a few weeks ago. it's a disastrous display, just desperation, psychosis. then they democrats rolled out their ivory tower, law professors one of which wanted to impeach trump for tweeting the words "fake news." take a look. >> total b.s., if you want to call it impeachment hearing on capitol hill, your blood should be boiling but you have the answer in 335 days. now instead of presenting actual evidence, democrats thought we -- the stupid, smelly, trump supporting, walmart shoppers
10:30 pm
that believe in god -- of america need to be educated on the virtues of impeachment. so to educate, we the people the masses of people, they hauled in three hyperpartisan far left, holier-than-thou sanctimonious, self-righteous ivory tower, law school professors to teach us about the constitution. the good news tonight, is to their credit, republicans were united, they fought back in a big and effective wayma congressman collins, jordan, and matt gaetz rock stars today among others. the g.o.p.'s sole witness constitutionaltn scholar jonathn turley. a democrat didn't vote for trump, voted for obama, also voted for the clintons. ran circles around the liberal professors sitting next to him that's because his judgment wasn't clouded by as he discussed, rage, hate and hysteria. the democrats three witnesses on the other hand, they were
10:31 pm
clearly suffering from stage four case of massive trump derangement syndrome disconnected from truth and reality, unc law professor at the sky michael gerhart worked for the clintons and their administration, al gore's campaign, a month ago he authored a piece in the atlantic praising the schiff show, and his witnesses, he has been looking for ways to impeach trump since 2017. just a few weeks after the president was sworn in, that guy argued that trump could be impeached for his use of the term fake news. i kid you not, there it is. the perfect ivory tower law professor, seemingly hating free speech, due process, presumption of innocence, and certainly cannot be counted on to seek truth and days later, he countered that the president could be impeached because of an ad for mar-a-lago in march of 2017 -- not to be outdone -- he wrote that he could be impeached over his
10:32 pm
tweets about wiretapping. believe it or not, feldman's deranged anti-trump bias justap pales in comparison to the democrats. yes, ivory tower stanford law professor pamela karlan. a devout liberal, too extreme for even the obama administration under eric holder, donated thousands of dollars to hillary clinton barack obama, and in june, whoon is she supporting for president? $1,000 to that socialist, yes $94 trillion green deal $52 trillion elizabeth warren. she once appeared on a podcast called versus trump where she trashed conservatives. her insane rage against all things trump is so extreme, she refuses to even walk on the sama side of the street, not making this up, as the trump hotel. we have thep, videotape, let's o to it. >> i came in from the airport yesterday and i got off the bus from dulles down at the plaza, i
10:33 pm
walked and as i was walking past what used to be the old building and is now the trump hotel, i had to cross the street of course. >>are you staying there? >> god no. never. >> another great witness imagine carrying around that much hate, that much resentment and anger every day of your life. pretty sad, pretty pathetic. not good for the country, and frankly house democrats they look really, really stupid. i didn't think you could outdo the schiff show, but they did. that psychotic individual before congress, case in point. at today's hearing, she made a pretty disgusting, repulsive joke. about the president and melania trump's 13-year-old son. watch this. >> what comparisons can we make between claims that the framers were afraid of and the president's conduct today? >> kings could do no wrong because the king's word was law.
10:34 pm
contrary to what president trump has said, article two does not give him the power to do anything he wants. it all just give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is the constitution says there can be no title of nobility. so while the president can name his son baron, he can't make hio a baron. >> shortly after the professor's disgraceful remarks, the first lady melania trump rightfully responded with this powerful statement. "a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics." you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering and using a child to do it. during the hearing, congressman matt gaetz on his game also rebuked the democrat star witness right to her face. great moment for him, take a look. >> when you talk about how liberals want to be around each other and conservatives don't want to be around each other so they have to spread out, you may
10:35 pm
not see this from the ivory towers of your law school, but it makes actual people in this country -- you'll get to interrupt me. now let me also suggest that when you invoke the president's son's name here, when you try to make a little joke out of referencing barron trump, that does not lend credibility to your it makes you look mean, makes you look like you are attacking a family. the minor child of the president of the united states. >> keyword minor child, and the professor issued a half-hearted phony apology but make no mistake that it was an hemitigated disaster for the democrats. this was worse than the schiff show, how stupid do they think we are? they are bringing three liberal trump hating professors who live and work in their ivory towers all trying to convince us that the president's alleged wrongdoing with no evidence, not only do they have a clear established political bias and hatred, but they witness nothing. the only fact witness in this entire charade we have only had
10:36 pm
one -- testified that when he asked president trump what he wanted from ukraine, nothing. no quid pro quo, just be honorable. that's it, those professor's opinions, they don't matter. conjecture, that doesn't matter. opinion witnesses? that doesn't matter. none of this testimony matters because the facts changed. the facts are that not on thet democrat side or the mom or the media side. take a look. >> cut the chase. the reason it has been unfair is because the facts are not on their side, the facts are on thf president's side. the facts will not change, will never change. we have the transcript, there was no quid pro quo on the transcript. the ukrainians didn't know that the aide was held up at the top of the phone call and forth and most important, ukrainians never started, never promised to
10:37 pm
start, never announced an investigation and the time that the aide was caused. never once. >>those four facts as congressman jordan always says they never change. irrefutable facts on the trump ukraine phone call in question aide was never once discussed. to add to that, five subsequent high level meetings including one with the vice president of the united states and the president of the ukraine, this is after the phone call, aide was never tied to anything. not at any of the five meetings never brought up in any way. so what does ukraine do before trump released the money? nothing. they still got the money. that would be no quid pro orp quo like joe, don't forget the transcripts of the phone call with -- this talks about, i want you to do us a favor. us plural. do us a favor, he is talking about both countries.
10:38 pm
2016 election interference by ukraine had nothing to do with the bidens, conservatives believe ukraine was responsible for election interference in 2016 and not russia, it is a conspiracy theory. no, i have never said that, we have pointed out many times russia is the hostile regime led by a hostile act or m vladimir putin who we are not going to have more flexibility with ever. i have zero doubt they meddled in the 2016 election, i am certainly did. devin nunes was warning obama that it would happen but they did nothing. by the way, look at the dirty russian dossier that bought and paid for. yes, russia interfered and our 2016 elections, they have done it before, they will try to do it again. every indication is also though separate that ukraine interfered as well.
10:39 pm
i have no doubt others. january 11, 2017, political reports in detail ukrainian court also ruled that their country interfered in our 2016 election to help hillary. it is not mutually exclusive how many countries acted on hillary's server? they probably interfered also. look at this, and the same phone call the president expects concerned that the new president of ukraine will surrounding himself with some of the same corrupt officials at the last one. that is not smart, you better not do that. the president has reiterated many times he doesn't want to give away hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars without't knowing who it is going to and how it is going to be used. that would be called due diligence, it is the president's sworn p by the way, also executed the laws, finding out did the interfere that is good to knoww so we can prevent it in the future. if they were actually on a
10:40 pm
fact-finding mission, they wouldn't have invited three known anti-trump, left wing ivory tower lunatics to give their biased opinions. the judiciary committee's ranking member doug collins summed it up, he was on his game today. he should have been announced as next senator from georgia, he wasn't, thanks, governor kemp. >> we are scared of the elections next we are scared that we will lose again, so we have to do this now. the clock on the calendar are what is routing impeachment, no the facts. two in some ways insinuate, that the founding fathers would have found president trump guilty is just simply malpractice with these facts. that is just simply pandering to a camera, that is simply just not right. this is not an impeachment, this is just a simple railroad job. and it is a waste of time. this is where we are at, i
10:41 pm
close today with this -- it didn't start with phone calls it started with tears in brooklyn. in november 20162016. >> great point, because of these facts and the complete lack of evidence, no testimony constitutional scholar jonathan turley who is no supporter of president trump made clear he didn't vote for trump here it he made the compelling argument against the democrats impeachment attempt to -- >> i voted against him, my personal views of president trump are as irrelevant to my impeachment testimony that they should be to your impeachment vote. this would be the firstyo impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate -- in my view, not i compelling evidence -- of the commission of a crime.e. the abbreviated period of this investigation, which is problematic and puzzling.
10:42 pm
this is incomplete and inadequate record to impeach a president. >> jonathan turley is very calm he took a sledgehammer to the left's phony narrative. in one of the most powerful moments of the hearing, he flipped the script on the house democrats. i'm sure they didn't like thiscr moment, take a look. >> president trump has gone to congress, to the courts, he is allowed to do that. we have three branches, not two. i can't emphasize this enough and i will say it just one more time, if you impeach a president, if you make a high crime a misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. it is your abuse of power. you are doing precisely what you are criticizing the resident for doing. we have a third branch that deals with conflicts of the other two -- and what comes out of there and what you do with it
10:43 pm
is a very definition of >> the first phase of the democrats' impeachment attempt the schiff show, a disaster. today, even a bigger disaster and it's clear that the circus will not be any better. >> when we come back, crazy uncle joe, his hair on his legs gets blonde in the summertime. he's having a really tough time on the campaign trail, mynd monologue on joe straight ahead.
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live from america's -- iran backed militia men, following to correct days of unrest, they stormed the embass on tuesday upset but for us airstrikes that killed 25 militants. the airstrikes hit targets in iraq and syria in response to the killing of an american contractor last week. president trump is ordered the immediate deployment of an additional 750 troops to that region. the 131 rose parade drew
10:48 pm
thousands of spectators to pasadena colorado both -- has been is boulevard. colorful floats and this years theme was the power of hope. now back to hannity. >> welcome back, as we get closer to the 2020 election there is no denying the democratic party is in complete disarray. here is my monologue from the night joe biden had a meltdown. a voter asked him one simple question about his zero experienced son hunter, called the guy fat, actually attacked him. straight ahead. >> during this disastrous town hall, wow. couldn't believe this, a very agitated joe lost it. he went off on an 83-year-old voter, an unhinged rant. he called the guy fat. then denied it, claiming he's a liar. he belittled this guy, suggesting that the man had a
10:49 pm
low iq, then he challenges him to a push-up contest. so why did joe snap?us because this voter dared to politely ask a question about zero experience hunter, millions of dollars he's making sitting on a board of the corrupt ukrainian oil and gas giant. all while his father, thend vice president of obama administration, on all things ukraine. you have to watch, as he watched biden viciously attacked this voter for asking what the media mob should be asking. a very important question. >> that your son over there. working for a gas company that he has no experience in. >> you're a liar man, that is not true. no one has ever said that. >> i know you do, by the way i am not --
10:50 pm
[indiscernible] >> the reason i am running is because i have been around a long time and i know more than most people know. i get things done, that is why am running. wanna check my shape, let's do push-ups together. let's run. no one has said my son has done anything wrong, i did not on any occasion, no one has ever said it. >> i didn't say he did anything wrong. >> you said my son went to work at an oil company, get your words straight, jack. >> i hear it on msnbc. >> you don't hear that on msnbc. here's the deal -- >> any other questions?
10:51 pm
>> i'm not voting for your. >> i knew you weren't, you are too old to vote for me. >> you want to have a push-up contest, jack? how does this guy, how was even a candidate? voters be warned, you asked joe about his very real ukraine scandal, he might challenge you to a duel or maybe a push-up contest and call you fat. insult your intelligence, fly off the handle, lose it.e, he definitely won't answer your question and if the corrupt media mob ever gets their way he will never have to answer for his very real abuse of power. we all know the evidence is there, creepy, crazy uncle joe was right about one thing. you won't hear about this on msnbc or fake news cnn or anywhere else in the mob media. because they are state run the liberal tv.
10:52 pm
in fact, during a press conference following his meltdown biden wasn't once challenged as he continued to trash this poor guy. 83 is old, over and over again. take a look.>> >> i didn't lose my temper, what i wanted to do was shut this down. you saw the reaction, you saw the response. so, it was -- what did bother me was he wouldn't give me the microphone back. he kind of pulled it away. what i wanted to make clear to him was that if he gets more out of control this is not appropriate behavior in all. >> he said, no, let him go. there he is, former vice president calling an 83-year-old guy, a stranger of fat, insulting his intelligence. the same town hall biden said he was in ohio, he was in iowa, he also claimed he was the vice president in 1976. can't make this up, but sure joe, that voter is the one out
10:53 pm
of control. this is not a good look for uncle joe or the democratic party. he's starting to crack, voters are understanding the incontrovertible truth, the overwhelming evidence because in 2014 vice president biden was appointed as this country point person for ukraine. short time later, zero experience hunter was hired to serve on the board of burisma holdings, a corrupt oil and gas giant. he was paid millions of dollars zero experience. zero experience and gas, zero experience in energy, zero experience in ukraine. he had 0 for 3. instead of experience, hunter was peddling access. it was a great investment because in 2016 hunter biden and his company they faced a corruption investigation by ukraine's top prosecutor. who came to the rescue? daddy. joe biden, the vice president demanding a prosecutor in the ukraine be fired. why would that ever happen? joe biden actually leveraged and brags about leveraging a billion u.s. tax dollars in aid to get a prosecutor in the ukraine fired.
10:54 pm
why? because he was told by "the new york times" and others that they, that prosecutor, was investigating his zeroig experience on that's being paid millions. remember, vice president biden bragged told the president of ukraine i'm getting on a plane hein six hours, you are not getting a billion dollars. you're not gonna get it. you have six hours. t fire the prosecutor, i will give you a billion dollars. they fired the prosecutor, and hunter is in the clear. that is a quid and a pro" by p. joe, could you imagine the reaction of this was don jr. eric trump or 13-year-old barron trump? that's how low the democrats have sunk. they go after a teenager, that is how repulsive they now are. imagine if it was trump bragging, you are not getting it. unless you've either prosecutor. that was don jr.'s zero experience getting paidr.r. millions, he would be in jail today. the mob and the media has no credibility ever.
10:55 pm
this is, you have to take this in, breathtaking hypocrisy and corruption. the mob media, that is state run democratic tv. and now breaking this week, the judges ruled hunter biden have to turn over his financial files. so soon we might know exactly how much he actually made and oh, yeah, how much was in the i never got a penny from china? how much equity did he get in that deal with the bank of china. his lawyer says he hasn't cashed his equity, technically not a penny yet. the democrats are able to pass impeachment in the house, the bidens will likely be called to testify during the republican-controlled senate trial. this is going to be must-see tv but joe is telling reporters he won't appear voluntarily, that is because quid pro quo joe has a lot to hide. also breaking tonight, this is a big story inin "the wall street journal" by their editorial board, schiff's broad definition of bribery would mean that joe could also easily be impeached.
10:56 pm
on my radio show today, he said that would be a real insurance policy. >> more of the special edition right after this break. these people didn't sleep well last night. these people did, thanks to somnapure. somnapure from force factor helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. don't be a zombie - get somnapure. available at retailers nationwide.
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with your help. please set your dvrs so you'll never miss an episode of "hannity," 9:00 eastern. have a happy new year. ♪ "hannity," 9:00 eastern. have a happy new year. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washington. 2019, what a momentous year in news it was. we began in january with the swearing in of a new congress. democrats regained control of the house. the year has ended, though, with that same democrat majority ramming through articles of impeachment against the president. in between we saw bob mueller'ss highly anticipated russian collusion probe fizzle out. as michael horowitz ig report showed mass, gross abuses of the fisa system.


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