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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  January 3, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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they're desperately flailing hoping that one of these two men will make something of themselves. >> dana: chris hahn, next time i'll give you the last word. >> nor worries. >> dana: thank for joining us. see you on "the five." >> trace: all new this hour, we know more about the attacks that a top iranian killer was planning that led to the u.s. air strike to blow that general to shreds. a state department official said the iranian commander was planning attacks on u.s. troops and diplomats that could have killed hundreds. that state department official says the intelligence was strong and they could be running out of time to take him out. >> our intelligence community the last many days has been receiving very solid intelligence that soleimani was planning attacks against american diplomats and american soldiers that could have resulted in the deaths of
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hundreds of americans. so our action was taken to prevent the imminent loss of u.s. lives. >> trace: meantime, a new show of force from the united states toward iran. 3,000 more american troops heading to the middle east. according to u.s. defense officials. iran vowing harsh revenge for a u.s. air strike that wiped out a top iranian general, qassim soleimani. one of the regime's most powerful men. the general's convoy blown to shreds at the airport in baghdad. the president personally ordered the strike and soleimani was planning attacks on u.s. diplomats and service members in iraq and throughout the region. >> president trump made the decision, a serious decision that was necessary. there was an imminent attack that orchestrate. the primary motivator was qassim soleimani. he has hundreds of american lives blood on his hands. what was sitting before us is
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his travels throughout the region, his efforts to make a significant strike against americans there would is be many muslims and iraqis killed as well. >> trace: the strike tore the general's body to pieces. a senior iraqi politician told the associated press, his remains had to be identify by one of the gaudy rings that he liked to wear. congressional democrats said they were kept in the dark and blasting president trump for not consulting congress before the attack. >> this action may well have brought our nation closer to another endless war. exactly the kind of endless war the president promised he would not drag us into. >> before the air strike, president trump accused orchestrating violent protests at the u.s. embassy in iraq and said tehran would pay a big price. team fox coverage.
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first to trey yingst reporting live from jordan. trey? >> reaction pouring in from across the region to the death of qassim soleimani killed last night in a u.s. drone strikeout side of baghdad's international airport. an additional seven other people were killed along with him including other members of iran's revolutionary guard. some of the reaction pouring in today, big threats towards the united states from senior iranian officials including the president, rouhani, that called this a heinous crime committed by the united states. iran's supreme leader implementing a three-day period of mourning for civilians in iran leading up to a funeral for soleimani on sunday. we did hear today from a number of other regional players including the iraqis, a country where soleimani was assassinated by the united states last night. the prime minister saying he's calling an emergency session of
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parliament to reevaluate the u.s. invitation allowing u.s. troops to be stationed in iraq. right now more than 5,000 troops helping in the fight against the islamic state. the concern for the region today is that potential iranian reaction. we did hear from the foreign minister. take a listen to what he had to say. >> america's action without any doubt is an act of state terrorism and violation of iraq's sovereignty, which is murdering persons that dedicated their entire lives to fighting tyranny, oppression, terror and extremism. >> the israelis responding today and taking presentative action moving troops to their northern border with lebanon. concerns that the iranian backed group hezbollah could retaliate. benjamin netanyahu said today that the united states has the right to defend itself. trace? >> trace: trey yingst live in
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the middle east. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. jen? >> trace, the u.s. has had opportunities to keep general qassim soleimani many times in the past. he's been the head of the quds force for 22 years and has a lot of american blood on his hands according to u.s. defense officials. he felt secure enough to travel openly to baghdad, beirut, moscow. the pentagon believes that soleimani is responsible for killing more than 500 american troops, wounding an additional 2,000 since 2003. qassim soleimani has been on the u.s. radar for a long time. the decision to strike i'm told was not taken lightly by the president. a senior u.s. defense official tells me that what changed were recent indications of an imminent campaign of attacks directly targeting americans across the middle east. soleimani was directing an coordinating that campaign according to the pentagon. iran has been ramping up its military response to the u.s.
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economic and diplomatic pressure which came to a head in may when the trump administration embargoed iran's oil industry. that's when the attacks increased. 13 rocket and mortar attacks. the president keeps hinting that he would like to bring iran to the negotiating table, but it's unlikely hardliners in iran will agree. >> trace: meantime, the u.s. military is preparing to respond to retaliation from iran. >> leaders have promised retaliation after the three days of mourning for soleimani. the 3,000 additional u.s. troops deploying to kuwait in the wake of this attack are part of the 82nd airborne's immediate response force. they will join the 750 paratroopers sent last week. the pentagon is concerned that u.s. embassies could be
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vulnerable to attacks and u.s. bases. there's 60,000 troops in the middle east and the bases are on high alert. the u.s. is concerned that shipping and on oil tankers will be disrupted as they have done in the past. the u.s. is concerned about possible cyber attacks as well, says mike pompeo. >> trace: and oil prices are going back. jennifer griffin, thank you. the president's decision to kill the iranian general is a significant break from his predecessors. presidents obama and bush that rejected the idea fearing it could lead to a war with iran. let's bring in michael o'hanlon from the brookings institute. jennifer griffin talked about the fact that the u.s. has had a number of opportunities to go after soleimani. you said that you reread the article that general stanley mcchrystal wrote a year ago saying that he had a shot at soleimani back in 2007. he opted out of that.
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maybe he's questioning that. i'm quoting here. he said and he's writing, all - >> your thoughts on this kind of back and forth and whether he should have been targeted in the past, michael. >> a great article, trace, by general mcchrystal that affected the ambivalence that a lot of decision makers lad a chance to take a shot at soleimani. as the american of americans that are dead because of weaponry shipped into iraq or elsewhere from the quds force that soleimani headed, as these transgressions mount up in number and the amount of blood spilled got to the point that we felt we couldn't take it any longer. obviously the recent attacks on
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u.s. bases in iraq and the pros respects of more in the future became a tipping point for president trump. i'm not a big fan of president trump's foreign policy but i don't disagree with this decision. there was a logic to it and also the usual ban that we have on assassinations doesn't apply to people that are killing us already. it shouldn't apply when somebody else has already crossed that line. soleimani was a military commander, a field commander. more of admiral yamamoto from world war ii. that is like the analogy i'd invoke here. doesn't mean that we're doing to wind up better off. we have to think hard about the things that can follow especially starting to persuade the iraqi parliament to kick us out of iraq. it won't serve our interests.
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hopefully we can repair that relationship. >> trace: and what do you know about the good intel saying an attack is imminent. what do make of this that we shouldn't make them mad and retaliation? >> retaliation is not really the applicable term when they're already conducting the attacks before any american policy. obviously the united states is not friendly towards iran. we've been squeezing them hard. some call it a form of warfare. it's not lethal though. the last 40 years, iranians have killed more americans than vice versa. so we have shown restraint towards iran. i'm not suggesting that is a bad idea in general, but in this particular case, given what soleimani had done, the danger he posed in the future, even if you don't buy that hundreds of americans were killed in subsequent attacks, that's probably an extreme worst case
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but i expect there were plans being developed for additional lethal attacks against americans. i can't condemn or criticize this decision but we have to worry about next steps starting with the u.s.-iraq relationship. >> trace: thanks, michael. appreciate it. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: on twitter, president trump said soleimani was hated and feared and should have been taken out years ago. now support for the attack is following as you might imagine along party lines. some lawmakers have said key members of congress should have been in the loop. but is that technically the case? that's next. from all the journalists of fox news, this is "fox news reporting." whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> trace: president up from is speaking now. let's listen. >> executed a flawless precision strike that killed a number 1 terrorist anywhere in the world, qassim soleimani. soleimani was plotting imminent and sinister amax on american and diplomatic personnel. but we caught him in the act and terminated him. under my leadership, america's policy is unambiguous to terrorists who harm or intend to harm any american. we will find you, eliminate you
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and always protect our diplomats, service members, all americans and our allies. for years the islamic revolutionary guard corps and its ruthless quds force under soleimani's leadership has targeted injured around murder hundreds of americans and service men. the recent attacks on u.s. targets in iraq including rockets strikes that killed an american and injured four american servicemen very badly as well as a violent assault on our embassy in baghdad were carried out at the direction of soleimani. soleimani made the death of innocent people his sick passion, contributing to terrorist plots as far as way as new delhi and london. today we remember and honor the victims of soleimani's many atrocities and we take comfort in knowing that his reign of terror is over.
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>> trace: we'll pause for a moment to let our fox stations join us. >> perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for 20 years. what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. a lot of lives would have been saved. recently soleimani led the brutal representation of protesters in iran where more than 1,000 innocent civilians were tortured and killed by their own government. we took action last night to stop a war. we did not take action to start a war. i have deep respect for the iranian people. they are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage and unlimited potential. we do not seek regime change. however, the iranian regime's aggression in the region including use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors
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must end and must end now. the future belongs to the people of iran, those that seek peaceful co existence and cooperation, not the terrorist war lords, that plunder their nation to finance blood shed abroad. the united states has the best military by far anywhere in the world. we have the best intelligence in the world. if americans anywhere are threatened, we have all of those targets already fully identified and i am ready and prepared to take whatever action is necessary. and that in particular refers to iran. under my leadership, we have destroyed the isis territorial caliphate and recently americans special operations forces killed the terrorist leader known as a
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al-baghdadi. the world is a safer place without these monsters. america will always pursue the interests of good people, great people, great souls while seeking peace, harmony and friendship with all of the nation's of the world. thank you, god bless you, god bless our great military and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. >> trace: you can see the president there not answering any questions at all. those are the first public comments that. trump has made since general qassim soleimani, the top iranian general was killed in a drone attack. a u.s. drone attack at the baghdad airport last night.the president said he's not trying to start a war. he did this because he wants to stop a war, talking a little bit about the intelligence that there was an imminent attack at hand. we told you a little bit about that at the top of the broadcast. how intelligence now believes
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there was an attack that was imminent, which is why they went in and they took out qassim soleimani and, as you know, soleimani, of course, the state department says is behind the deaths of numerous and possibly thousands of u.s. troops in iraq from 2003 to 2011. the president again saying that he didn't take this action too start a war. he took it to stop a war. coverage continues now on fox news channel on cable and satellite. more later on your local fox station. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. >> trace: continuing coverage here on fox news channel. lawmakers are reacting to soleimani's death mostly along party lines. democratic house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement saying we cannot put the lives of american service members, diplomats and others further at risk by engaging in provocative
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and disproportionate actions. tonight's air strike risked pro voting further dangerous escalation of violence. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy praised the president's actions saying soleimani was a terrorist and president trump reminded the world that we won't let attacks against americans go unpunished. mark meredith reporting live from washington. mark? >> lawmakers have offered strong reactions to the air strikes. fox learned that house speaker nancy pelosi had a chance to speak with mark esper after the air strikes happened and since then, a number of other lawmakers have been briefed as well, a few moments ago, we heard from the chairman of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff. >> i have concerns that we are on a pathway where a u.s. action is met by an iranian reaction which is met by a u.s. reaction with both u.s. and the united
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states and iran contemplating further potential military action. >> most of congress remains out of town until next week. senate staffers including those from the foreign relations committee got briefed today. mitch mcconnell says he anticipates all senators will be getting a classified briefing at some point next week. we've gotten a number of statements with reaction including from mark warner. he calls the former iranian general an enemy and someone that should not be mourned. he asked the trump administration must act with all due haste to protect u.s. military and diplomatic personnel and other americans in the region. we also heard from ben sasse. this is a statement that he said. he said -- >> now, some senate democrats are calling the president's decision a reckless escalation
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of hostilities. lawmakers say they plan to pressure the president and the administration to give them a better idea on what will happen next. >> trace: mark, some lawmakers arguing the president needed a prove value from congress for this strike in the first place. >> there's some, trace, that argue that president did not have the right to issue the strike in the first place. there's been a number of attempts in the last year or so to place new laws that would not allow the president to launch any military action against iran without congressional approval. that never happened. didn't make it into law. the administration is arguing the strike was necessary to save american lives from future attacks. phrase, you can bet congress will have more to say on this going forward. >> trace: mark meredith live in the nation's capitol. thank you. nations around the world warning the strike could lead to escalated tensions with potentially dire consequences. rich edson reporting live with more. rich? >> good afternoon. this is a significant
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international event. you're getting a response from around the world beyond what iran is saying. there's criticism from where this attack occurred from the iraqi government. remember, the iraqis are caught between american and iranian influence. the response from the iraqi prime minister saying the assassination of a iraqi military commander holding an official position is an act of aggression against iraq and the iraqi people. we requested that parliament hold an emergency session to take actions that preserve the dignity and sovereignty of iraq. mike pompeo says this attack and soleimani's death is a positive for iraq. >> we gave the iraqis a real opportunity. we watched these protests over the last month. the protests weren't against america. they're against a terrible leadership that had come out of iraq the past decade. we watched last night, you saw
12:24 pm
the video of iraqis dancing in the streets. they're happy, too. the absence of qassim soleimani is a boon to this region. >> israel says embassies are on high alert and the government there has bolstered security in what they're calling sensitive sites. the u.s.'s allies have pull out broad statements. this is what england is saying. >> the state department says secretary state mike pompeo has been on the phone for much of the day just a sampling of who the state department says he's spoken to leaders in russia, china, iraq, germany, the u.k., france, afghanistan, pakistan and saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. trace. >> trace: rich, edison. thank you.
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now to the economic impacts. oil prices have been surging and stocks falling after a u.s. air strike killed an iranian military leader in iraq. the dow is down about 212, 211 points as we get near to the closing bell in about 35 minutes. the fox business network's susan li reporting live with more. >> we've giving back the gains that we had earlier in the session. oil prices probably seeing the biggest impact jumping the most in four weeks. just settling this hour. up 3%. brent crude seeing advances of 3.5%. in the past, we would have seen a bigger impact from the middle east. crippling sanctions has meant iranian oil and the oil exports from iran are not at levels that they used to be. in december, they were supplying a little over 1/4 of a million
12:26 pm
barrels of oil to the markets. compare that to the number 1 opec producer, saudi arabia, which is pumping over six million barrels a day. the u.s. now the largest oil producer in the world. we don't see that much of an impact as we used to on oil prices. the stock markets are down, but not by much. as trend go, stock markets bounce back quickly. listen. >> maybe we got this knee jerk pavlovian reaction. >> another reason the markets are down today, we had a closely-watched manufacturing gauge seeing the weakest read in ten years going back to the global final crisis. maybe this solidifies the fact that we're in a manufacturing recession here in the u.s. trace? >> susan li live. more on the dramatic
12:27 pm
developments with iran ahead. first, lawmakers continuing the debate over a possible impeachment trial. senate leaders arguing their cases. "fox news sunday" chris wallace joins us next. i use it to buy makeup... travel... ...clothes, electronics. to me, rakuten is a great way to get cash back on anything you buy. sign up today and rack it up with rakuten.
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>> trace: top lawmakers weighing in on the air strikes that killed qassim soleimani. mitch mcconnell praised the decision to order the strike. >> iran's master terrorism is dead. for too long this evil man operated without constraint and countless innocence have suffered for it. now his terrorist leadership has been ended. >> trace: democratic minority leader chuck schumer says president should have consulted with congress first.
12:32 pm
he said the strike may further escalate tensions in the region. >> the president's decision may add to an already dangerous and deadly situation in the middle east. the risk of a much longer military engagement in the middle east is acute and immediate. >> trace: of course, we just heard from president trump that said they had to kill soleimani because of an imminent threat that could have killed hundreds of americans. let's bring in chris wallace with more on this. chris, what do you make of the president's arguments saying look, we didn't do this to start a war. we did it to stop a war. >> well, we don't know. we're being told by the administration that there was this plot that could have killed hundreds of american diplomats and soldiers. if that is the case, you have to do it. you have to protect american lives under imminent threat. the question is how imminent was the threat and you know,
12:33 pm
ultimately one of the questions -- nobody will shed a tear for the death of qassim soleimani. he was as mitch mcconnell said an evil man who had the blood of hundreds of americans on his hands over the years. the question is what happens next. how will the iranians respond. and, you know, short of this issue of an imminent plot and trying to stop that and if this was able to do that, i don't think there's any question you do it. there's the question of the possibility of iranian escalation that the situation is bad as it is could get even worse. and then we're not getting out of the middle east as the president had hoped that we would be able to do and promised in the 2016 campaign. we're getting deeper into the middle east. >> trace: its an interesting argument, chris. this morning on fox news general jack keane was making the argument that over the past three years, president trump has shown great restraint when it comes to iran. get your response.
12:34 pm
>> this president has restrained himself from reacting to all of the iranian provocations to include shooting down a u.s. drone, disrupting the tanker flow and attacking one of the largest oil fields in the world. he drew a red line. it is what it is. don't kill any americans or i will respond. he responded. >> michael o'hanlon saying the stats prove that i ran has killed more americans than americans have killed iranians. >> look, there's no question that the president has shown restraint. in fact, after the american drone was shot down, if you'll remember, the president agreed and authorized a u.s. strike to take outsome of the missile batteries that hit the american drone and called it off. he took criticism at that time that he should have gone ahead and done it. indicated to the iranians that you hit us, we're going to hit you back. of course, remember, how this whole thing began.
12:35 pm
it was last week when iranian backed malitias launched a strike, a rocket strike into an iraqi base in kirkuk and killed an american contractor. the u.s. responded with air strikes that killed about 25 members of that malitia. so we've responded in the past. the only question that people have to ask themselves and again, if there's an imminent plot, you have to react. this is a really dramatic response. it would be yes, they're taking out or people, we're taking out some of theirs. then they take out the chairman of the joint chiefs. that's in effect what qassim soleimani was. the second most powerfulman in iran. perhaps more powerful than hassan rouhani. it's a big escalation, no question. and we'll have to wait and see whether or not iran is going to step back and say boy, this guy trump means business or whether they're going to just respond in kind and then we get into even more of a shooting war with
12:36 pm
iran, which i don't think anyone wants. >> trace: i wanted to get your take on this political back and forth. the democrats are saying the president did this because he's trying to distract from the impeachment thing. i want to go back a few years and put this tweet on the screen. this is from 2011, president trump, donald trump at the time tweeted in order to get elected, barack obama will start a war with iran. two years later, he said remember what i previously said. obama will some day attack iran and in order to show how tough he is. politics always makes its way into these things, chris. >> remember, back in 1998 when bill clinton was under impeachment. he launched a strike against al-quaida territory in afghanistan and there was a movie out at the time called "wag the dog" coo incidentally that raised the politician a president would start a war to distract from his political problems. so this is something that always out there. i think it's frankly i think it
12:37 pm
was wrong in the movie, wrong about donald trump when he was saying about obama, i think it's wrong when people say it now about donald trump. >> trace: stand by if you would. we're going to switch subjects. lawmakers sounding off about the impeachment inquiry for the first time in the new year after returning from a winter recess. neither side backing down. mitch mcconnell accusing house democrats of getting cold feet and flinching as they have yet to hand over articles of impeachment to the senate and his democratic counterpart, chuck schumer demanding democrats be able to call more witnesses to testify in a senate trial. chad pergram reporting live with more on this. chat? >> we're still in this cryogenic freeze over impeachment. a lot of people thought we would start a senate trial in the next couple days. nancy pelosi continues to hold on to those articles only impeachment, renewing to send them across the capitol until she gets the assurances about
12:38 pm
the ground rules. i talked to one senior house democratic congressman that indicated that he thinks that nancy pelosi is really engaged in psychological operations here, renting space in. trump's head.he thought he might have a senate trial and be exonerated by january. that's not the case. here's chuck schumer. >> it may feel like we're no longer -- no closer to establishing the rules for a senate trial than when we last met. >> that's basically the case. they're no closer. there's been no further negotiatio negotiations. it was around this time 21 years ago that the then senate leaders trent lott of mississippi and dom daschle forged an agreement that all 100 senators agreed to and they set up the parameters. mitch mcconnell says send the articles to the senate. he dare the house speaker to do so. listen. >> their turn is over.
12:39 pm
they've cone enough damage. it's the senate's turn now to render sober judgment as the framers envisioned. we can't hold a trial without the articles. the senate's own rules don't provide for that. >> there's some thought that maybe mitch mcconnell could introduce some sort of separate resolution to disagree with what the house had done. that would have no parliamentary bearing on the house's actions. that said on monday, josh holly from missouri said the following. if the prosecution doesn't proceed with the case, it's dismissed. this will expose the democratic circus for a fake impeachment. that's why monday josh holly will introduce a resolution to introduce the impeachment. it's hard to dismiss something that you don't have. back to you. >> thanks, chad. live on capitol hill. let's bring in chris wallace.
12:40 pm
so there's a standoff clearly on capitol hill, chris. you have chuck schumer saying we want witnesses. you have mitch mcconnell saying no, at least for now. do you see any kind of 1999ish compromise here? >> not where the two guys get together and say, you know, we're going to work this out. we know they won't remove bill clinton. is a let's do three, four-five weeks and move on with our lives. no, not at this point. they're too polarized for that. nancy pelosi is thinking by holding this up and she's given no indication that she's about to send over the articles of impeachment, maybe she can get some republicans. she needs four republicans to jump ship, join with the democrats. that's if all the democrats decide to vote for witnesses for a real trial. that's no certainty. if they were able to hold their 47 and get four republicans, then they could take over the senate in terms of senate trial
12:41 pm
and what the rules would be for that. you've had two senators during this recess, lisa murkowski and susan collins saying they're not comfortable with mitch mcconnell working hand and glove with the white house. saying you're open is different from actually bucking your party leader, mitch mcconnell, siding with the democrats and taking over the senate. so at this point there's a dead lock and i have real doubts whether nancy pelosi is going to be able to somehow squeeze the republicans enough this that they'll end up deciding to cave and give the democrats the trial they want. >> trace: what do you make of mitch mcconnell's argument saying why didn't the house do that? call the witnesses when you had the chance. >> a very good argument. in fact, remember, there were so many times when there was a question of bolten coming up and then going to go to the courts and you heard people like nancy pelosi and adam schiff say that donald trump represents their
12:42 pm
words such a clear and present danger that they can't delay in the house. now they're delaying, they've impeached him but they're delaying for weeks in terms of the senate trial while they try to get a trial in the basis with the frame work that they want, which is basically that they call people like mick mulvaney and john bolton with the hope on the democratic said that they'll say incriminating things about donald trump. >> trace: thanks, chris. >> thank you. >> trace: chris will have more on this on "fox news sunday." he will take with senator chris van holland, democrat of maryland. that's on your local fox station. check the tv listings and the time in your area, "fox news sunday." u.s. officials preparing for possible retaliation after the air strike in iraq and sources tell fox news it could be a high tech attack. plus, some 20 candidates, 2020 candidates, are talking about the deadly strike. their reactions from the
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get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! >> trace: the u.s. air strike that called iran's top military commander causing fears of retaliation. security sources say tehran could strike back in the form of cyber attacks since the country doesn't have the ability to take on the u.s. military. gillian turner reporting live. >> iran has had advanced security capabilities for the past ten years now and still have it. mike pompeo himself warning about the cyber threat from iran this morning. take a listen. >> there's always risk of cyber
12:48 pm
attacks. the iranians have a deep and complex cyber capability for sure. we have considered that risk. your point about risk here in the united states is real, too. >> we reported, trace, in the past about iran's designs on u.s. infrastructure and their goal which is carrying out attacks on the u.s. power grid, u.s. banks and classified government computer systems. cyber warfare has not been limited to the u.s., either. government actors have been linked to attacks on israel, the u.k. and in turkey. now lawmakers both sides of the aisle are also ringing alarm bells about a potential cyber conflict. republicans saying anything that iran can do, the u.s. can do better. >> iran has a very sophisticated cyber capability. so does the united states. the proportionate response, whether it's on any interest in the middle east or in the cyber domain, needs to be definitive and appropriate.
12:49 pm
>> democrats say the cyber conflict is now a very certain bet. >> we need to have a plan. if we're committed to deescalation, we have to have a plan because the cyber attack is inevitable. an attack on an embassy is inevitable and we need to have a plan for how we will respond. >> soleimani's force had been working on increasing their cyber capability since 2010, the year they launched a new campaign to target american and israeli interests. this is in response to brand new u.s. programs aimed at slowing down iran's nuclear programs. ring any bells, trace? >> trace: thanks, jillian. some presidential candidates are reacting to soleimani's killing. peter doocy reporting from dubuque, iowa. peter? >> we caught up with joe biden while he got on his campaign bus to head to another event. i had a chance to ask him about
12:50 pm
what he would have done differently if he had the same information as president trump since we know that as long ago as eight years ago while he was still vp, joe biden used to say he told barack obama to wait on the raid to go and get osama bin laden. here's what he said. >> and to follow your remarks earlier as commander-in-chief, if you were ever handed a piece of intelligence that said you can stop imminent attacks on americans, but you have to use an air strike to take out a terror leader, would you pull the trigger? >> we did. the guy's name is osama bin laden. >> didn't you tell president obama not to go after bin laden that day? >> i didn't. >> and while that is inconsistent with previous comments he has made, biden has called out more offense for a different part of his record. his vote in favor of the iraq war and the person that is talking about that the most, bernie sanders that is now using last night's strike to call out
12:51 pm
president trump for what he warned is a broken campaign promise. >> unfortunately trump ignored the advice of his own security officials, ignored the advice of his own security officials and listened to right-wing extremists, some of whom were exactly the same people who got us in to the war in iraq in the first place. >> so while candidates are focusing on foreign policy today, they're looking at healthcare and the economy because they're running out of time for iowans to back them. caucus day is a month from day. >> trace: thanks, peter. australian's navy rescuing hundreds of people as deadly wild fires continue to rage. and forecasters warning conditions there could get much
12:52 pm
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>> trace: a fox surge, one of the largest evacuations in australia history is under the weight as devastating wildfires burn across the state. people preparing for the worst as forecasters say they expect strong winds and blistering heat over the weekend. cars lined up in gas stations, stores, closed roads and gridlocked. and smoke turning the sky dark red as thousands of people abandon their homes and their vacation rentals. firefighters helping people escape the flames and navy ships even called in to rescue crowds of people stranded on the beaches. speak of the scariest situation i have ever been in. and we came in here, really sticking back. >> trace: more than 200 fires are burning in a new south wales, the risk of
12:57 pm
more fires causing the states to premiere a weeklong state of emergency. the fires have scorched about 12 million acres. imagine that, an area more than twice the size of massachusetts. at least 19 people have died and thousands more are missing. more than 1400 homes destroyed. let's bring in fox news anna kooiman 15 minutes outside sydney. >> hi, trace, after leaving my post at fox & friends, i now live in sydney, australia with my son and toddler and want to show you some of the headlines as we were vacationing ourselves along the south coast, north of where the fires were happening. no food, ne -- no fuel, no powe. there were two young fathers among the dead. one firefighter who died in a fire tornado. and another was a dairy farmer trying to save his dairy farmer,
12:58 pm
leaving behind pregnant widows, heartbreaking stuff going on here in australia. but i want to tell you, there are 205 that you mentioned that are burning, 60 of them remain in came controlled conditions. that's why the united states is helping out, the inner engagement helping with that, this has been a great example, australia and america going hand-in-hand, dealing with more challenging and complex fires. so thousands of people have been defending their homes and businesses all in an attempt to get a void swallowed up by flame. and the residential forces had to the shoreline to seek refuge, thousands on the beach with her family, the military posts are trained to continue with the evacuation effort. >> people getting the places of safety right now is of incredible importance, because in about 24 hours from now or even less the situation will be
12:59 pm
far more dangerous. >> in congested roadways were worsened by folks lining up at gas stations and grocery stores, getting food off the shelves, but the evacuations were needed as the fires are expected to worsen this weekend. >> very likely we will lose homes tomorrow. we will be happy and call it a success if there are no lives lost. that is a single focus tomorrow and we need the community to have the focus as well. speak of the wild video that you are seeing now, the two firefighters that say that they are amazed that they were able to get out of their burning fire truck. during a terrifying attack. a severe drought of extreme heat, the conditions go on and on, and it will get even worse today. expecting 44 degrees celsius, 111 degrees fahrenheit. you cannot imagine what the fire
1:00 pm
crews are going with. one more point, the partnership between the united states and australia is so important, if you remember the fires since 2018. >> trace: best of luck, i am trace gallagher, neil cavuto right now. >> soleimani made the death of innocent people his sick passion, contributing to terrorist plots as far as new delhi and london, we remember the victims of his atrocities and take comfort in knowing that his reign of terror is over. >> neil: that is because soleimani is over, killed in an air strike coordinated by united states forces that took out six others. but now leaving the question of what happens next in the middle east. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto, you are watching "your world." now to the big story that is gripping the world over. what happens now with


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