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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 3, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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a little bit of progress. >> great to spend our new year's week with you, but that is it for us. we are going to be back here monday. have a great weekend, everybody. >> last night in my direction from united states military successfully executed a precision strike that killed the number one terrorist anywhere in the world. >> bret: president trump saying he ordered the attack on iran's top general not to start a war but the stop one. the president says he does not seek regime change in tehran. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight kamil u.s. is bracing for what iran is calling harsh retaliation after a drone strike against general qassem soleimani early this morning in iraq. saying he was planning an imminent attack on americans in the region.
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we have fox team coverage tonight, and west palm beach florida, what else the president's sake about the attack. trey yingst is in oman, jordan, what's being said about the world's dangerous neighborhood with some breaking news as well. we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffith at the pentagon with details about this strike. >> members of the 173rd airborne brigade in italy are at high alert ready to deploy to lebanon to protect the u.s. embassy there. the pentagon has ordered 3,000 additional u.s. troops from the 82nd airborne to deploy to kuwait pete bell joined paratroopers sent from north carolina earlier this we week. >> planning a very major attack and we got him. >> qassem soleimani was the second most powerful leader in iran, serving as the right hand leader supreme leader ayatollah, responsible for killing american troops for decades. >> we take comfort in knowing that his reign of terror is ov
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over. soleimani has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years. what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. >> the use of administration content is what triggered the president's decision to strike was new intelligence about pending attacks targeting americans directed by soleimani who had become a fixture in baghdad, directing shiite militias. >> in terms of the short term, the impotent attacks that qassem soleimani was planning, but doing nothing shows weakness, it emboldens iran. >> soleimani went from shadowy commander to making a high-profile visits. an armed american drug was wet for him when he exited his flight from lebanon and his convoy prepared to leave the baghdad airport. he was greeted by the head of the iranian backed shiite
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militias which led the attack on the u.s. embassy this week and fired 31 rockets into a u.s. base, killing american contractor. five others were also killed. defense secretary mark esper foreshadow the attack when he told reporters at the pentagon before the air strike that the game has changed. soleimani perfect the use of explosive for penetrators, killing more than 500 american troops during the iraq war. >> he's absolutely responsible for killing many americans. the last two years i were here, the majority of our caskets came from his surrogates, not seen you or al qaeda. >> also ordered the assassination of saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states, outside of a popular restaurant here in washington in 2011. u.s. authorities awarded the plot. u.s. embassies across the middle east could be targets for iranian retaliation as well as u.s. bases.
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60,000 u.s. troops in the middle east are on the high alert. could also disrupt oil tankers as it's done in the past. u.s. officials are also concerned about iran retaliating about cyber attacks. previously targeted u.s. infrastructure in cyberspace. new york governor bolstered security critical structures today and even places like arlington national security has increased security admits the mounting tension. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. the question is, what's next? a iran's president is calling the attack a heinous crime involving revenge. correspondent trey yingst has the latest tonight. >> twisted metal is all that's left that iranian military commanders qassem soleimani was writing in. soleimani killed what's called a targeted assassination outside
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baghdad's international airport. iran's leader calling for revenge and paying a visit to the family's top general. >> the happiness of americans and zionists will not last long. it will soon turn into morning. >> thousands protested in the streets of tehran, chanting "fight the u.s." iranian proxies throughout the region took action from soleimani morning his death. hezbollah calling soleimani the martyr of resistance. in iraq, miles from where soleimani was killed, rocky by minister of the all the money is calling an emergency parliament session to vote on the future of american troop presence inside rocky territory
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accused president trump with acting only with an iron reelection. u.s. ally israel is applauding the american strike that also killed at least four other revolutionary guard members. analysts warn i in the region tonight it's not a question of if iran will respond, rather when and where, waiting on the edge for that possibility. >> bret: it was about this time less that that we had first indications of the strike at the baghdad airport. now we are getting some indications, some reports about another strike in iraq? >> we are just a few minutes ago report is coming in, the television station and also sky news arabia, they are citing witnesses on the ground that say they had seen the air strike in
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northern baghdad against two vehicles, a small vehicle traveling there come a report saying the people inside those vehicles were members of the pmf. this is an iraqi militia book that's backed by that rating regime. one of the commanders were killed along with soleimani along outside of baghdad airport. >> bret: central command not confirming this again, report that we heard last night which led to eventually confirmation of this strike at the baghdad airport. president trump says he's prepared to take whatever action necessary to protect americans but many lawmakers especially on the other side of the aisle are fiercely critical of this move. correspondent kevin corke is outside the capitol tonight. >> bold move by a president determined to protect american life or a reckless time that will make them less safe? as often the case, the viewpoint is dependent on your politics in
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washington. >> we took action last night to stop a war. we did not take action to start a war. >> president trump's bellow was as cautious as cautionary. target americans and you'll pay the ultimate price. >> we are unambiguous to terrorists who intend to harm any american. we will find you. we will eliminate you. >> the president signaled a willingness to make a deal with iran, tweeting that iran has never won a war but never lost negotiation. he accused the iranian terrorist of killing her badly wounding thousands of americans and said he was plotting to kill many more but got caught. the aftermath more than celebrated by the iraqis, dancing in the streets for freedom tweeted mike pompeo, but drew a cascade of democratic dissent risking further
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escalations, saying illinois senator dick durbin. chris murphy called the white house totally unprepared for the consequences. washington's adam smith accuse the president of bringing the country to a brink of another war. house speaker nancy pelosi complained that the action was taken without the consultation of congress. >> the question is why the administration chose this moment, why they made the decision to remove them from the battlefield with other administrations of both parties decided that would escalate the risks. >> they were similar concentration from democrats following the illumination abu bacaro alba dottie. this time, senator lindsey graham was read in before the strike. >> the last of the people you want to talk to about this is democrats in congress, republicans in congress. all the democrats but his eyes to be president, i was aware of what his options were. they were about to unleash holy hell and the president
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decisively took action. >> white house officials say they are aware the resulting fallout from the strike on general soleimani could include terror plots already in motion across the globe, bret. but they insist his demise was long overdue and much, much needed. >> bret: kevin corke live in west palm beach, florida. let's get some insight on the situation with iran pit norman roll is a former iran mission director for norman, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> bret: people who have not been following who soleimani is, how significant is this strike? >> this is a significant body blow to the islamic republic. a man responsible to all their external adventurism has just been eliminated. he'll be difficult to replace as an icon, as a symbol. >> bret: it's important to remember that it wasn't just
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yesterday this started. the timeline for this effort really goes back sometime. >> we should remember for about a year, the administration has been publicly calling for iran to cease its threat to american forces in iraq and the region. there've been public and private state regards. there's been the tabs to deal with the iraqi government. in many ways committee administration has pursued base iran chose badly. >> bret: i asked the secretary of state back in april about this effort to put soleimani on a terrorist list. april of last year take a look. >> the head of the ai rgc, this man qassem soleimani is by all accounts a bad man and lead all kinds of attacks. but are you saying that he now is equated to, let's say, the head of isis, alba
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in u.s. policyperspective? >> he's a terrorist. >> bret: that we as a country have a policy to target him or capture him? >> qassem soleimani that has the blood of americans on his hands, bret, as the force that he leads and america is determined each time we find an organization or individual that has taken the lives of americans, it's our responsibility, indeed president trump's duty. >> bret: the question is what happens now. what does p23 do, you think? >> the easy answer is to make life more difficult for the united states in iraq, threaten our partners in the region, primarily is reality. but the emirates, saudi arabia and kuwait, but for the irradiance, they've got to seek three things simultaneously that punishes the united states and deters further attacks, doesn't bring in the europeans, they
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need the diplomatic support. but most of bartley, doesn't compel the united states to respond in action that could bring about the end of the islamic republic. >> bret: attacking israel is off the case? >> it wouldn't be their first choice because it doesn't allow them to punish the americans were directly as possible for the death of qassem soleimani. >> bret: cyber attacks? >> certainly likely and part of the routine playbook but they like i think the punch that iran would like to undertake. >> what about the sections and what's happening inside iran. do we have a good sense of what the sanctions are doing on the boot of the neck of the country there? >> the administration has provided a lot of information to show that the you they do have an ideawhat's happ. for iran, inevitably that they know the sanctions will produce economic problems that'll bring about the end of the regime. what this means that iran will have to strike out against the
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international community to compel them to push back on washington in this regard. >> bret: there is an iranian journalist who twisted out this. for many, general soleimani was a monster who caused many casualties in syria. unfortunately, western media misses the point by glorifying soleimani. he was the common enemy for the people in iran, lebanon, iraq, and syria. his involvement in a crackdown in the late 1990s was another black mark against him. goes on to say that a lot of people in iran are happy that soleimani was killed. >> bret: there were a number of videos of iranians tearing down pictures of qassem soleimani. he did remain a popular figure in iran and the regime is going to use every tool at his propaganda machine to whip up a frenzy of support in order to
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provide improve their own stability. in the region, qassem soleimani had political enemies, competitors, and some of them are happy that he is gone. >> bret: i want to play one more sound bite. this is a common argument we heard today from democratic politicians in particular. >> the same group of warmongering political ideologues told americans that the iraq war would lead to democracy, breaking out in the middle east are telling us today that the irradiance will be celebrating in the streets. the truth is that this action will likely usher in the most militant parliaments in iran we've seen in decades. >> bret: senator chris van hollen. they are saying that essentially soleimani more dangerous now as a martyr in iran? >> i'm not sure that's true. in the short term, the iranian government is going to web of a frenzy of internal support, but the state has provided a
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compelling statement, that the administration has intelligence that americans were to die had they not undertaking this action. that's an important fact. i think it might be a reach to say that iran's next parliament is going to be decided solely on the basis of the american actions. i think iran's going to decide on the basis of their terrible political, social, and environmental problems. >> bret: what are we not thinking about here because a lot of things are being said, but the think we are not thinking about? >> what we need to focus on is this needs to be an international flight. this is not just america's battle. your pester with us in the fight against isis, your posted with us in the fight against al qaeda. europe needs to stand with united states to tell iran that this is a time to de-escalate. the secretary of state has publicly stated, reached out to many partners to say we are interested in avoiding a conflict. free to tell the irradiance that they need to stop this dangerous series of reprisals before this
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can end. >> bret: a nonpartisan voice in the intelligence asset and we appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. >> bret: up next, we'll look at the economic ramifications of the american strike against iran's top general. beyond our borders tonight, what are the largest evacuations in australia's history under way ahead of hot weather and strong winds are forecast to the devastating wildfires that we've been reporting across that country. traffic gridlock today as people fled and firefighters as court convoys evacuees. the death toll from floods in indonesia's capital has risen to 43 as rescuers find more bodies in the receding floodwaters. monsoon rains and rising rivers in the greater jakarta causing landslides in the city's outskirts. a man armed with a knife rampaged through a paris park today attacking passersby seemingly at random. one person was killed.
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>> bret: president from has been speaking to evangelicals in miami, addressing a demographic that helped him win in 2016 and upon which he is heavily counting on this fall. >> together, we are not only defending our constitutional rights, we are also defending religion itself. a society without religion cannot prosper. a nation without faith cannot endure. because justice, goodness, peace cannot prevail without the glory of almighty god. >> bret: more on that with the panel a bit later. the third largest religious denomination in the country is planning to split over the issue of gay marriage. that tonight from the united methodist church saying it will allow traditionalists congregations who oppose same-sex marriage and gay clergy
3:23 pm
to form their own branch. the united methodist church has more than 13 million members in the united states and 80 million worldwide. concerns over instability in the middle east send stocks down today. the dow finished off 234. the s&p 500 lost 23. the nasdaq finished 21. for a week, the dow was down, the s&p 500 was up a sixth, the nasdaq up a six. the price of oil rose up today in response to the strike on the qassem soleimani. joins us now with the ramifications of these actions. good evening, susan. >> good evening, the u.s. market is recovering from much worse levels when the use of the air strike broke. middle east, including iran accounting for more than 60% of the world's oil reserves. as a result, oil surges for months highest, biggest gains for texas oil in four weeks.
3:24 pm
the reaction would be much more severe but iran's oil experts have been crippled by u.s. sanctions the past 18 months, only producing a quarter million barrels per day. shipped lust match and opec of the largest oils exporter, saudi arabia, pubs where than 6 million per day. oil prices are also being capped by the u.s. fracking boom, with the u.s. being a net oil exporter at the end of last year for the very first time in 75 years. warns that u.s. fad stocks are rallying in the session as well as the u.s. sends more troops to the u.s. heightened tensions might require more playing in sales. despite the stock market falling from its record highs on friday, investors seem to be used to the routine where markets quickly bounce back. >> maybe we've just got this
3:25 pm
knee-jerk pavlovian reaction here in the market or any time this thing goes down for any reason whatsoever, people come in and buy this thing. >> investor confidence shaken by the weakest week for u.s. manufacturing in ten years, shrinking for the fifth straight month, struggling through what some have called a manufacturer recession. it's good to keep things in perspective for the federal reserve singling to keep interest rates low, preserving the longest bull market ride in history. >> has been something. susan li live in new york. we come back in the democratic presenter candidates go after president trump for that attack on iran's top general. dawn takes care of tough grease, wherever it shows up. scrub less, save more... with dawn. they work together doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry.
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>> bret: president trump and his allies defending the decision to kill iran's top general in a drone strike early today in baghdad. they say it was necessary to perform more attacks on u.s. interest, attacks that were imminent. many democrats working to replace president trump definitely do not see it that way and are saying so on the campaign trail for correspondent peter doocy has reaction tonight from cedar rapids, iowa. >> democrats do not dispute that soleimani is responsible for deaths. >> the deaths of u.s. hands. >> it's just not entirely clear
3:30 pm
what these democrats would do differently. >> if there was intelligence that you can stop in an imminent attack on americans, but you have to do when air strike to take out a terrorist leader, would you pull the trigger? >> we didn't, i think i'm with usama bin laden. >> didn't you tell president obama not to -- >> no... >> he did eight years ago. >> my mr. president, don't go.we haves to see if he's there. >> the other problem is where soleimani worked. >> the matter how rightly reviled he was in the west, he was a senior figure of the iranian document. >> weighing in with their military experience like pete buttigieg. >> taking out a bad guy is not a good idea unless you are ready for what comes next. >> tulsi gabbard too. >> trump talked a lot in his campaign for the presidency and even since he's been in the office about how he wants to end
3:31 pm
forever wars, but his actions totally different story. >> bernie sanders shares her concerns. >> this is a dangerous escalation. >> that's why joe biden is not sure about the wisdom of sending thousands of troops to the region. >> is that an order you would make? >> first of all, i don't know and what you don't know is what is done. have no idea what commitments he's made. we have no idea. just help you have is the plans for a second third iterations of it. >> but biden is not in the middle of a fight with president trump. he's also got a primary fight with bernie sanders on his hands because sanders is calling biden out in a new interview thinking that the former vp has too much baggage. a few minutes ago on his way to the campaign bus, biden things bernie has got the baggage. bret? >> bret: right back at you. peter, thanks. the air strike in iraq has
3:32 pm
pushed impeachment off the exclusive center stage for now, but glands are still being made. accusations traded back and forth. senior capitol hill producer chat program shows us from capitol hill. >> even as they grapple with the fallout from the strike on soleimani to buy the future of a impeachment trial as part of the agenda. senate minority leader chuck schumer realtors and hand calling for witnesses, saying new evidence demands new testimony. >> when leader mccullough suggest both sides call their witnesses and we'll deal with evidence, he's proposing to conduct a whole trial and once the trial is basically over, consider the question of evidence. that makes no sense. that's "alice in wonderland" logic. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell kept to his guns, but there is a working model in place since the clinton impeachment. >> the senate passed a bipartisan resolution 100-0 that
3:33 pm
set up the initial logistics. it stayed silent on trial questions such as witnesses until the trial was underway. >> nancy pelosi continues holding the impeachment articles in her next steps close to the vest. demands the senate first establish what she considers fair grounds for a trial before sending the articles to the senate. the speaker accused mcconnell of doubling down. >> it's fantasy that the speaker of the house will hand the trial proceedings in the senate -- that's obviously a nonstarter. >> mcconnell accused democrats of getting what he called cold feet and flinching when it came to impeaching president trump. but, dared the house to send the articles across the capitol rotunda. >> their turn is over. they done enough damage. it's the senate's turn now. >> despite not having the article of impeachment, josh
3:34 pm
hawley will introduce a motion also classified briefing of the drone strike on the hill tomorrow. >> bret: the fallout now and what comes next. will get reaction from the panel when we come back we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. ho cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. advil multi-symptom cold & flu.
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visionworks. see the difference. >> we took action last night to stop a war. we did not take action to start a war. >> we have to fully expect there will be arranging retaliation. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous in the short term in terms of the imminent attacks that qassem soleimani was taking. doing nothing shows weakness, it emboldens biden. >> the associated press has that
3:39 pm
iraqi officials in baghdad saying the attack on this convoy is real and that it seems like several cars have been taken out north of baghdad, perhaps another drone strike. trying to get more word from central command at this hour at the same time last night that all of this went down on the qassem soleimani fiddlers bringing our panel. steve hayes, editor of the dispatch but mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist. we've been covering the qassem soleimani for a long time. it's hard to overstate how big of a deal it is, as far as that figure being taken out. >> i think it's hard to overstate both because of the terror, or at least the leadership of the terror that the strike ends but also because of what it portends what's to come. what i think it will be of greater consultation. what's so striking about this it seems to me is a contrast with
3:40 pm
the obama administration position and for eight years you have barack obama and his administration treat iran basically as a would-be ally. some distance with some removed, but the hope is they could with concessions and diplomacy bring iran into a civilized community of nations. many thought it was a fool's errand at the time, many thought diplomacy was successful and that this be 23 deal was working. what they did was so important and in retrospect certainly a mistake was to decouple the nature of the rating regime and its behavior of attacking u.s. interests, attacking u.s. forces harboring al qaeda and the number of other terror groups from its nuclear deal. they only wanted to deal with barr to talk about the nuclear deal but said everything else aside. what the iran administration trumpadministration is saying te iranian regime is fundamental. for the mental how we approach
3:41 pm
in the future and this strikes taking out qassem soleimani who is the most powerful man in iran sends a clear and unmistakable message that that's not going to be a power anymore. a big change. >> bret: mollie, republicans say strength is powerful in this region couple weakness is provocative. this is joe biden and bernie sanders. >> this is and was an enormous escalation. it follows a string of dubious actions that president trump has taken and drastically increases the prospects and the risk of war with iran and danger to americans. >> this is a dangerous escalation that brings us closer to another disastrous war in the middle east. >> bret: i should point out it's not along strict party lines. other republicans like rand paul and others who have problems
3:42 pm
with this action. >> there been many wise people warning about escalation with iran but many to that that summative people who have been wrong who predict war in the trump administration. what he was first elected, people say they would be nuclear war within the first year. when the embassy moved to jerusalem, peoples of this would definitely inflame the entire region. now they are saying this is going to certainly lead to war with iran. this is not necessarily true in this and see there's any reason to believe that is true. it is something that people have to deal with, that weakness can be a provocation typically doubly particular with iran. the 40 plus year of coffee we've had with them, they respond better when you fight with them then be we can allow this killings to continue. >> bret: we don't know the responsible we across the board believe iran will respond back. they'll have to calculate that response too to make sure they come out of it surviving.
3:43 pm
>> they have to do something then for no other reason than they will would say they have to do something. it's very prudent that you are divvying up forces in the region and harboring targets. they do not want to let this thing get out of hand with the united states for their own interest. but yeah, it's a tense time to be an american abroad in that region because you have to believe you are on their target list. i guess i would say that they might strike in europe because they would think perhaps that they can draw some sort of wedge between u.s. and european allies. pointed out that that's an important vulnerability. they have a lot of options. i suspect one thing, they'll at least threaten to do, is step of the enrichment of uranium. maybe scrap of nuclear deal. get out of that completely. but i think they do have to worry that if the president is capable of something like this,
3:44 pm
he's capable of more. the irony is he's shown such restraint previously when the iran attacked the oil facility in saudi arabia, and maybe they got a little cocky. >> bret: they might've gotten flat-footed, steve, it's brazen for soleimani to be at the baghdad airport with the legion of do padding >> since 2014 this is somebody who lived in the shadows since 2014. a different routine for him. he decided he would show his face. essentially going to poke the united states and our allies by being photographed in places like syria and places like iraq. i think it's important at this point that the administration that we not have a discussion on the discussion. most of the discussion has taken place on the assumption that this was the one off, that we took out qassem soleimani and this is done?
3:45 pm
i think this is entirely possible that this is beginning of a longer campaign to do what mike pompeo and others said united states was going to do if iran continued to be provocative. >> it's worth noticing that it's a continuation of how the administration has been since the beginning. what are the first things that trump data is go to saudi arabia, tears up the iran deal, and this is -- if you have been listening to what trump and others have said, they should not be as much of a surprise. >> for the democrats who point to this tweet back in 2011, donald j. trump: in order to get elected, barack obama will start a war with iran. some say this is about turning the focus away from impeachment. you say what? >> i say who knows what makes donald trump taken foreign policy. he had more recently been talking about endless war and we
3:46 pm
have to get out of the middle east. a bunch of sand 7,000 miles away. i think what happened here is that the iranians did cross a redline, he had laid down about killing an american. with the president having held off before they felt they had to go forward. i wish that we could also feel like this president knows how to sustain and manage that kind of campaign steve just talked about, but he has a little problem with that kind of policy management and that's -- the plan b is a big question. >> bret: we'll see. kim jong un could be gulping a little bit tonight as well. next up, the friday lightning round. the president's outreach to evangelicals and winners and losers. r. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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>> it's friday. that means a trip down to candidate casino for next week. we'll talk to the panoply of hundreds of dollars in chips. >> i have 25 on biden, 25 on buttigieg, 15 on sanders, 15 on warren, $5 on yang.
3:51 pm
she seems to be flatlining and losing momentum. fund-raising was poor. she rose to 25 of the national polls and now has settled at 15. doesn't feel like she's going anywhere. >> bret: laser bets, mollie >> it's so hard. biden gets most of my chips. bloomberg seems to be doing well with his buy his way to the white house strategy. buttigieg with five. and somebody not yet running with 25. >> bret: who was that? >> i don't know yet. but they do not want to pick any of these people. >> i'm action narrowing the field. i have 45 on biden. keeps on ticking and keeps on hanging in there. bernie sanders because he's done so well recent days, i'm putting
3:52 pm
in at solid second. i agree, steve, you put a little bit too much on warren. i gave her $10. ten bucks and somebody coming out of the pack. >> bret: this is less than a month from iowa caucuses. there is a lot of chips on these table. winners and losers, when their first. >> my winners are the green bay packers. i haven't made them a winner in more than two years. they earned a bye with their 13-the record under their first year head coach. my loser are the dallas cowboy fans. they've suffered through the jason garrett tenure. he has not yet been fired and it appears he will be but they are living in the sort of football firing purgatory right now. >> bret: winner and loser? >> we saw attacks on religious congregations and the one in texas could've been worse if not for jack wilson who is my winner of the week we talked on the man who killed two innocent men in
3:53 pm
the congregation. my loser of the week is impeachment. it's already not doing so well. and on the week like this with the events of the recent days, it looks particularly petty. mitch mcconnell said that nancy pelosi's attempt to play games with that was not going to pass muster with him and he didn't get the articles over. >> my winner of the week is carlos gohsn the former head of nissan who put off the covert avenue of the century and escape from a consul he house iy from the prosecutors there. and my loser of the week is julian castro, the former housing secretary running for president on the democratic side who had to drop out of the race. somewhat disappointing run for him. >> bret: panel, we made it through. have a good weekend. when we come back i'm a notable quotables when we come back, notable
3:54 pm
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>> bret: it is friday -- i forget today is friday. but it is friday. finally tonight, notable quotables. >> please stand up and stop this hatred. we want to go to our synagogues and feel safe route you want to go to groceries and malls and feel safe. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i see myself doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threats. >> i wonder if joe biden would consider choosing a republican as a running mate. >> the answer is i wanted to, but i can't think of one now. >> let's face it: this year in america has been anything but normal. >> happy new year! >> no doubt in my mind that he runs behind this, we didn't send
3:59 pm
cash to the iranians. we didn't pay for half of this page didn't create a deal which would've given them a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon. >> i am a very good relationship with kim jong un. i hope his present is a pitiful vase. >> nothing says progress like... >> bret: that's one week and covering the news. please join us sunday, "fox news sunday." chris wallace, chris 'special guest will be the secretary state mike pompeo and the latest news after the strike fallout around the world. we'll have continuing coverage on fox news throughout the weekend to see what comes next. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that is it for this
4:00 pm
"special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid bit martha maccallum back for the new year starts right now. we have impeachment trial, drone strikes, oh, iowa caucuses. >> martha: good to see you, bret. breaking right now, gaining more news of u.s. air strikes, additional ones just moments ago and happening north of baghdad. this is according to iraqi officials, the air strikes were targeting two vehicles carrying iran backed shiite militias. said to be a picture from that scene. i want to point out that these are new pieces of information and we are sorting it out as we speak. there are reports of at least five people dead and several others wounded. do not know yet who was traveling in those vehicles, but we are working on the entry will get that to you as soon as we get more information. so all of this 2


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