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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 16, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> i will sit down now. i did not know we were coming back. i wanted you to join me january 25th. get tickets at the website. all right, -- >> bill: all right, announcement. setting the stage for the trial of president trump, only the third impeachment trial in our nations history as we say good morning. >> he is still here. >> bill: is warming up in the bullpen. i think he is a right-hander. >> it is great to still have you here this morning. the house of voting yesterday to formally send over the articles of impeachment to the senate with top democrats holding a signing ceremony shortly afterwards. the full impeachment trial will likely kick off early next week. >> the senators will take an oath of office. they will take a special oath of
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office to do impartial justice and do impartial justice according to the constitution. and the laws. well, here's to first dates! let's hope that they uphold. you look amazing. that oath that they take and you look amazingly comfortable. tomorrow. >> we are confident this and it will conduct a fair trial. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that means we will give the house managers an opportunity to that's when you know, it's half-washed. present their case, but that we are going to do something at the try downy fabric conditioner. house didn't do. we are going to give unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching president trump a full opportunity to defend himself. by conditioning and smoothing fibers, >> bill: today is another busy day on the hill. so clothes look newer, longer. the house meet in a moment, at 9:00 a.m. eastern. downy and it's done. the senate takes up a new trade agreement of mexico and canada later this morning. we will also hear from house leadership with both parties holding weekly news conferences starting next hour. >> sandra: the impeachment action will continue on into the afternoon when the seven impeachment managers go to this and that to read the articles aloud. after that, chief justice john roberts is sworn in. and he will swear in the senators as jurors.
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>> bill: reaction and moments live from the hill. washington with new developments involved with one of rudy giuliani's associates. we start with mike emanuel as we get ready there. good morning. >> together, we are righting the >> good morning to you. wrongs of the past. it will formally shift to the senate today heading toward the american workers, farmers, impeachment trial at noon. how sergeant at arms will lock families. >> bill: president trump the seven impeachment managers telling the first phase of the historic trade deal between the over to the senate chambers. u.s. and china. at 2:00 p.m., john roberts will the moneyman, charles payne, swear in -- be sworn in. breaks down the numbers. hello, sir. he will then elsewhere in the u.s. senators. the substance of the trial >> it is an amazing feat. expected to start tuesday. we had a bit of a preview last bottom line. night with a impeachment and no one really has talked managers walking over a message to the senate. about it because all of the today with there will be a experts two years ago said it procession to the senate chamber wouldn't work, that a trade war would crash our economy. for an exhibition of the how many guests came on your articles of impeachment. show two years ago and uttered and lead manager adam schiff this phrase? will read the articles of let's be honest. impeachment. a key republican senator says no one thought it would work. this is all politics. everyone thought it would be economic catastrophe.
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>> i think it speaks to the instead, we have china at the table. bigger point about just how you can quibble over this deal. partisan the house has acted over the last work out months in >> sandra: they say that they pursuing the president for at want to criticize the president least the third -- may be the for touting the big win, it is fourth time depending on how you not all it is cracked up to be. define it to impeach him which >> i think it is our gargantuan started on the very first day he was sworn into office. win. it is a win because no matter ultimately, no matter what the what we got, it would have been allegations are, they are impeaching the president for the a win. same unforgivable sin, beating the path that we were on was hillary clinton in 2016. ridiculous. we were giving away everything. >> after signing the articles last night, speaker nancy pelosi we were giving it away for a hands that case off to her seven cheap plastic stuff. impeachment managers to prosecute in the senate. we were giving that away as a nation. jerry nadler called out the >> sandra: how do we know that lawmakers who will hear the ca china is going to follow case. through? >> we don't. >> if the senate doesn't permit that is why the president has the introduction of all relevant measures to go, but things that witnesses and of all documents will allow us to gauge it. that the house wants to i have put in mechanisms thater. introduce -- because the house was the prosecutor here. then the senate is engaging in an unconstitutional and he was involved with disgusting cover-up. the question is, the senate is ronald reagan, when he went to japan for something very
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similar. on trial as well as the not on this monumental scale. president. >> senate republicans are absolutely brilliant. driven by president trump, who expected to pass a resolution to really pushed it. proceed in terms of how this trial will proceed. it was just a remarkable thing. a decision on witnesses is expected to be delayed several >> bill: we watched of this weeks into the trial. the president was saying canada, >> bill: thank you. back with you next hour as we get the filaments they are. japan. but never a deal with china. >> sandra: the justice department pushing back against and now you have for the first those claims made by rudy giuliani associate. time the structure -- >> we had arrangements. i believe we have had implicating president trump and attorney general bill barr into arrangements with them. the effort to pressure you gain we have asked them to stop things. we have the world trade into opening an investigation into the bidens. organization. the world trade organization has no ability to enforce its >> president trump knew exactly what was going on. rulings. it is like they can find china he was aware of all of my guilty over and over and over movements. and over again, which by the i wouldn't do anything without way, they did. consent of rudy giuliani or the so proponents are saying we won president. >> sandra: we are aware of in the world trade organization. jenkinson movements. if china doesn't change its good morning. >> good morning, sandra. approach, we won zero. that's not the only explosive it is a joke. an unmitigated joke. here is the beautiful thing. accusation. barr was part of the team those who say that president trump should wait for
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the rest of the world, they pressuring the charge the justice department is would never have come to the table. wholeheartedly denying, saying what did they do this week? it is "100% false." the european union and japan joined with the united states, and they are formally going to in that same interview, he is the world changed dominic trade pouring cold water on claims that former ambassador in which he was surveilled by the backer organization, so that you can no longer put entire organizations like steel out of business. of the president named robert hyde. the european steel mills, the >> i think he was either drunk, japanese steel mills. >> sandra: we move on to or he was trying to make himself elizabeth warren, all time high bigger than it was. the wake of this trade deal. i didn't take it seriously. does that rally continue? >> i have never seen him not it is record-breaking. to speak out absolutely, it drunk. continues. it is 100% not the trade deal. >> this information coming to it is this economy. light parnas indicted on a let me tell you the corporate earnings i came out this week. conspiracy to provide materials related to impeachment including his communications with giuliani jpmorgan, goldman sachs. united health care. third most popular spot on the and the administration. parnas is continuing to speak dell. out claiming that vice president although semiconductors. this morning, retail sales pence were all in the loop and should be heard from him. numbers. watch gdp estimates go higher. he willing to testify. mortgage applications to buy my homes in this country, about
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>> i think bolton is a very important witness. 39%. it is at the highest level -- between me and bolton, we could >> sandra: is it going to fit in all the dots. he was on the ground they are, continue? and i was over here. >> jobless claims. >> sandra: elizabeth warren >> you would be willing to wants you forgive student debt. she says we could do this, testify? >> i will be very willing to testify. bypass congress. >> this to say earlier. it's because she is tripping. i imagine this. >> the president did nothing you are going to forgive student wrong. the phone call and the transcript says everything there loans for people making $250,000 is to it. this is a man who is under per year. at the end of 2017, if you have indictment and is out on bail. this is a man who owns a company less than a college degree, your called fraud incorporated. average income is $520. >> only time will tell. if you have a doctorate, almost $2,000 per week. someone making $700 a week is as to whether he will called new witnesses or allowed new evidence. going to pay off the student debt of someone who is making >> sandra: thanks. >> bill: last spring in wyoming cemetery from the hill. $2,000 per week? is she an bizarro world? senator, thank you for your if you want to college, you're time. we will see how much we can get probably doing better than the through. thank you in the next 4 minutes person who didn't. time pit what happens today? pay your college loans college were you there yesterday? loans. >> sandra: she says they want if she is going to get elected. what is your sense of the >> you know, it is great for her moment? >> it is interesting, bill. college buddies and these college towns that she is out it will be split screen. we will pass usmca, this
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at. it is not great for the average wonderful trade agreement that american worker. >> sandra: thank you. president trump has put i al live look at capitol hill now as we await nancy pelosi's together. it is an america first trade weekly press conference a as a t agreement. shortly thereafter, the chief it gears up to formally read justice of the supreme court will swear us in as jurors for those articles of impeachment against the president. the impeachment trial. every moment we spend on impeachment is time we are not doing the work of the american people. in terms of working to lower drug cost in terms of working to build infrastructure, highways, bridges, there's lots of work to be done. i want to get through this trial and get to justice. >> bill: it continues today. it has been written up in "the new york times" and elsewhere. >> the house impeachment managers will be able to present any case they want. i assume this is something they will present as well. what this shows us how to rush the process was in the house. they could have taken their time, gotten all the information they wanted, and then put together the case. what they chose to do claiming
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urgency is doing a very rustic sloppy fashion putting together what i believe is a very weak case. it is clearly partisan, clearly rushed. and now, they are going to decide what they're going to present. we will hear if the evidence that they choose to present. >> bill: he has an interesting idea. she thinks four senators should recuse themselves. here's what she said. >> their day job as a senator. they are not job is going out and running for president. so they should recuse themselves. there is precedent for individuals seeking to be recused or should have been recused. this came up in 1868 in the andrew johnson impeachment. i think this is something that should be considered by the bo body. >> bill: your position on that
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is what? >> a number of those senators have actually said that they have already made the decision that the president ought to be removed from office. they are not going to be sitting and listening as impartial jurors. they have already made their predetermined answer without ever hearing at the events from the white house. remember, in the house, the white house -- the president wasn't able to present a defen defense. it was no due process for the president. held meetings behind closed doors in the basement of the capital. that is why only 1 of 3 americans believed what the house did was fair and evenhanded. i think the same thing we're going to see is coming from the democrats in the senate. >> bill: did any senator recuse themselves in 1868? >> no idea. >> bill: did that happen? >> sandra: don't know. >> bill: i will look for an answer and get back to you on that. here is what is possible now. mick mulvaney, john bolton, michael duffy, robert blair.
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for republicans, joe biden, hunter biden, adam schiff, and the anonymous whistleblower. you think any of that happens? yes or no? >> i would rather not go down that line make those decisions until after we hear from what the democrats say come over with the articles of impeachment, here the defense from the white house, and have them answer our questions. if the senators are going to submit questions in writing to the chief justice. then we will decide if any witnesses at all are needed, or we are ready at that time to say we have heard enough good we are ready to vote. if you start bringing in witnesses, bill, discussed delays getting to the important work of the american people. this could just drag on -- in my opinion, far too long. completely partisan project. >> bill: i have to run. what is your sense about how long this last? is it two weeks? 1.5 months? >> that is the way to look at
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it. >> sandra: brand-new two weeks to make the case. developments in the college admissions scandal, prosecutors and then we will hold a vote. accusing actress lori laughlin do we need to hear more of withholding evidence. information? or are we ready to vote the lisa kuharski, trial attorney final decision about the now joining us. impeachment and at this? what is the latest here? i believe that the president >> they are saying that the prosecution has been withholding will not be removed from office. exculpatory evidence. that is what i would say right i could prove her innocence. now. however, you have to bear in >> bill: senator, thank you mind that they can already given for your time. >> sandra: a lot more on all of this coming up with today's 1.5 million emails, 5,000 documents. headliner. they would be entitled, certainly, if there was that interview is coming up at exculpatory evidence. the top of the top of the r. it is up to them to define what we will find out what the i would be, and yes, they would have to get that over. president is saying this morning as we walked through a very busy day on capitol hill. but right now, they are saying we don't have any additional evidence additional evidence. >> bill: aiken november 1998 >> sandra: there are also on the house i like the back of my hand. reports that they have not been i cannot recall hardly anything taking this very seriously. from the center trial. >> well, i think they're taking as i get part, because it is it seriously in the reality of long and laborious. paying their lawyers. the one thing you can recall is chief justice rehnquist and the certainly doing everything that they can to extend it. flowing robe and not multicolors however, it is that her own that he brought to the well of case.
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the senate. the judge will set a date, and that is one thing that sticks out. we will see how memorable this it will go to trial. one is or not. i don't believe that there will be the additional exculpatory >> sandra: all of that coming up. evidence. brand-new audio shedding light if they were convicted, they could be reversed on that. on that postdebate exchange between senators elizabeth warren and i think that in a case like this, there has already been so bernie sanders. many additional elements of the >> i think you called me a liar on national tv. case. >> what? we do see emails. we know that there were photos. >> i think you called me a liar so, what an additional piece of evidence be able to actually on national tv. >> sandra: we are learning a prove that they were innocent lot more on that conversation beyond a reasonable doubt? and learn what it means for the state of the the u.s. military >> bill: can you offer it in resuming operations. ten seconds? what do they say? the vote to expel american >> they are fishing. they are looking for this piece forces. >> sandra: just hours from of magnanimous information. now, this event will formally accept those articles of i told them i was giving all of impeachment. this money to the school, which all of this as majority leader is very doubtful. mitch mcconnell it makes the the for acquitting the president. >> bill: thank you so much. in a momentat here, house >> house democrats may have speaker nancy pelosi is out the microphone. descended into pure we will have it. factionalism, but the united states senate must not. this is the only body that can that we've ever offered. consider all factors presented at newday, veterans can refinance their mortgage by the house. with no income verification, no appraisal decide what has or has not been
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and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, >> i think you called me a liar and our premium coins, can help you on national tv. >> of what? preserve your wealth. >> i think you called me on fire call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 on national tv. >> let's not do that right now. you called me a liar. to receive your free rosland guide to gold, that's not do it right now. gold & precious metals ira good, okay. and silver brochures. >> bill: that is no audio with rosland, there are no hassles, no gimmicks, revealing some of the tense moments between senators warren and we have the fastest shipping around. and sanders. dollar down. they go back and forth over gold up. pretty clear. make gold your new standard. sanders told warren in a private call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900. meeting two years ago that a woman could not win michael meadows. 800-630-8900. fox news contributor, how are you doing, james? that's 800-630-8900. just for the sake of our viewers, here is a truncated version of the moment from tuesday night. world is right here. >> fox news alert on a historic >> anybody knows me knows that it is incomprehensible that i day on capitol hill, nancy pelosi set to speak at any would think that a woman could moment now and head of the not be president of the senate officially accepting the
6:17 am
united states. >> senator warren, what'd you articles of impeachment. setting the stage for this historic trial, welcome back to think when senator sanders told you that a woman could not win "america's newsroom" everybody come it is thursday morning here the election? [laughter] >> i disagree. in "america's newsroom" and i'm sandra smith. ernie is my friend. >> i'm bill hemmer, good morning i'm not here to try to fight with bernie. at home as we await the comments >> there is a lot to chew on of the day after speaker pelosi this. signed off on two articles of i guess you could take the moment itself and said that it was booted. impeachment. house prosecutors now less than he was asked the question. an hour away from delivering he denied it and perhaps the question should have gone to those documents to the senate. kellyanne conway at last hour with us said this. senator warren. is it true or not? >> we screwed up this process >> cnn took senator warren's from the beginning. never brought along the public support and never had enough side essentially. you wonder because it's only 11 people that were in this evidence. all the things they promised, conversation in 2018. many of the things, some of it is certainly bad for both of them in terms of raising their witnesses under oath insisted would be included are questions about their character. i think that interaction after simply not there. the debate -- if these were normal people, not allocations this president is just barreling forward as president and as commander in chief. watching that, i think a normal >> sandra: chief congressional person would say, she is telling the truth. because she is the one who's correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with all of this angry. he doesn't seem to want to correct the record. for us. good morning.
6:18 am
during the debates, he gave a >> good morning, it's expected to be ceremonial today as frown and exasperated grin. impeachment shifts to the afterwards, he doesn't want to senate. talk about it. we had a preview last night when he seven impeachment managers walked over a message from the >> bill: are you implying that house to the senate, soon there she was accurate in her account? will be a similar procession >> i think a regional person watching them talk after the through national statuary hall debate would say that she is to the senate for an exhibition telling the truth. of the articles of impeachment. i can't give you the facts on this. back to you in new york, again, it is two people in new york. >> sandra: mike emanuel, we conversation from 2018. will take it from there. speaker of the house but why isn't bernie angry? nancy pelosi we are told is speaking now, let's listen. >> every day we are involved in this impeachment is a sad day and the line of work using, people call you a liar all day for america. yesterday was one but we were long and it washes over him. given no choice to send to the obviously, he is out there senate to articles of saying socialism won't make you impeachment against the miserable. he's used to people saying that president of the united states. he's telling falsehoods. i don't understand why he wasn't more angry. his abuse of power and if she's not telling the truth. obstruction of congress. his actions, which undermined our national security violated >> bill: fair point, the transcript says, i think you called me a liar on national tv. his oath of office to protect he says you called me a liar.
6:19 am
let's not do this right now. and defend the constitution, and the conversation ends. jeopardize the integrity of our let's move past this. let's see how it plays out. elections. every day new incriminating information comes forward, you >> i'm speculating. are well aware of the hearings >> bill: we brought you on to last night i think that only analyze this. speaks very clearly to the need this is not speculation, these for the senate to enter the are your words. anybody wants to be president? documentation into their you say a warren or sanders discussion. presidency would do enormous today, and the government damage to asperity, but the accounting office confirmed that optimistic message is not clear that either one of them wants the president's action at the the job. center of our impeachment articles withholding do any of the leading democratic candidates want the job? congressionally approved military aid from ukraine, was why did you right that? >> the reaction of democrats illegal. these are their words, these are that were not on the stage, the the words of the office. base saying what was that? faithful execution of the law we have six people. does not permit the president to the final candidates -- the substitute his own policy final debate before people begin priorities for those that voting. you didn't have anyone to rise congress has enacted into law. to the occasion. the office of management and budget withheld funds for a they seemed bored. policy reason which is not it wasn't just a stylistic issue of no one really wanting to permitted under the empowerment control act.
6:20 am
compete. they were essentially trying as the withholding was not a hard as they could not to say programmatic delay, therefore we anything. for example, the foreign policy conclude that omb violated the discussion, they had an opportunity after the soleimani empowerment act. strike to sketch out a clear the omb, the white house, the vision on policy. administration broke the law. this kind of troops are okay there, but maybe not this kind of troops. i would do it slightly differently. they say we conclude they similar story on jade. what you saw was six people, violated the empowerment control act. none of whom really showed up to this reinforces again the need compete. for documents and eyewitnesses you wonder, do they really want in the senate. to be president? when i was in grade school there what democrats are wondering, do was a sign on the wall that said they have someone that could rise to the occasion of a national presidential election? i am not saying that you have to what a tangled web we weave when have the trump swagger. we first practice to deceive. >> bill: but a little bit of fire within three weeks. you see this more and more in >> and willing to make a all of this, this tangled web to compelling message. >> bill: why don't we end on deceive that the administration is engaged in. this? >> that will be my moment in journalism. >> bill: i just want to say also in appropriations matters, high mike, america. i am very sad about what
6:21 am
happened in puerto rico, we pray >> thanks, bill. that's kind of what happened for the families that have lost there a little bit. loved ones and injury to others. more or less. >> sandra: the weather giving firefighters a helping hand as the appropriation is they were to put out the raging unacceptable that the bushfires in australia. administration illegally we will have an update on their withheld, for over a year, the efforts next. stunning new accusations. federal assistance that congress appropriated and puerto rico prosecutors are trying to get needs. millions from the disgraced we are concerned that the administration may be looking financiers of state. we will have that for you next. ♪ for excuses to create unnecessary obstacles to the timely flow of assistance based on reports of new restrictions on the aide. we hope that it can be appropriateinterpreted more loo. we have the president will sign a major disaster declaration. he has signed an emergency one, we need the major disaster. our fellow americans and puerto rico, american citizens all come i need assistance now. that's why today the house will release the text of a bill to provide supplemental assistance for earthquake relief to be taken up soon.
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again, we pray for the families of the two americans who died in the disaster related tragedies, we are concerned about those physically and also dramatically by the earthquake and by the uncertainty that we are not there for them. as you know in the election democrats ran on a platform of for the people, we lowered the cost of health care by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, we would increase lower health care costs, bigger paychecks by building the infrastructure of american and a green and resilient way and we would have cleaner government, we passed hr one to do that. in terms of lower health care costs, right before christmas we passed hr three to lower the cost of prescription drugs. it's why the ape positively received across the country. it's very proud. another bill sitting on the desk
6:23 am
of the grim reaper on the senate side. 400 bills we have passed, 375 of them bipartisan sitting in the leader's desk. one of them is about gun violence and passing that bill and having it signed into law would save lives. that's just one of many. in terms of prescription drugs we, they have a bill, we have a pill, they are not only not taking up our bill they are not taking up their bill. increasing paychecks, when we come back that first week we will be rolling out our infrastructure linda just place and come of more than one committee led by the infrastructure transportation committee. it's exciting, and something we talked about during the campaign, it summing the president talked about as a priority during the campaign. we thought we would be able to move in a positive way on this.
6:24 am
so far they have not come on board, we decided we will have to go forward and we do believe hey. hey. with the passage of the you must be steven's phone. u.s.-mexico canada agreement they might be interested in cooperating in other ways. on that score, the senate is going to be taking up the bill now you can take control of your home wifi this morning and i think it will be passed and we will sign it and get a notification the instant and send it over. someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. legislators will sign it and download the xfi app today. send it over to the president. what's amazing to me is that the leader over there was saying if she doesn't send me the articles of impeachment, i'm going to pass the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. okay, that's good news for all of us because we do that as a job. i will commend our eight members who are part of our task force to make sure we change the bill they sent us we could never have supported the treaty they sent
6:25 am
us. what we sent back to them in terms of enforcement, >> bill: down under in enforcement come enforcement. australia, authorities hope that thunderstorms will help turn the enforcement of labor rights and environmental protection and eliminating their giveaway to tide against the historic pharma that was in the bill, bushfires. among other improvements that we might get as much as 3 inches of made on the bill. rain. there are concerns about flash we had a big strong voice in the flooding. the fires have killed at least house, and glad that because we 28 people and it destroyed 2,000 didn't send over come it gave homes. ♪ them enough time to bring it up this morning because the chief >> at the conduct of jeffrey epstein and his associates justice won't be able to be shocked the conscience. there until this afternoon. and betrays the deepest when we talk about health care, principle and laws of the u.s. i mentioned yesterday, we had a virgin islands. beautiful ceremony yesterday i don't know if any of you saw it. focuses on conduct that happened here in the u.s. virgin islands. giving a gold medal to stephen gleason, former nfl the new >> sandra: prosecutors in the u.s. virgin islands announcing a lawsuit against the estate of orleansd saints star. jeffrey epstein accusing him of trafficking and abusing victims he has been diagnosed with als of his property. in the now late stages of it, but in the course of meeting his
6:26 am
brian joining us now. >> stunning new details and a civil lawsuit against jeffrey challenge. epstein's estate claiming flight laws and other evidence to show that from 2001 through 2018, it was a beautiful thing. it points out that all of us are jeffrey epstein traffic to dozens of women and girls as young as 11 and 12 years old to one diagnosis, our families are the u.s. virgin islands where he kept them captive at his private one diagnosis, one phone call, one accident away from needing island home as he sexually abused and raped them. quality health care. we needed every day, but this when a 15-year-old victim attempted to escape my swimming has an effect that is so very off their private island, important. we are particularly proud of the "epstein and others organized our church party that located her and kept her captive by progress we have made. what we are up against is up among other things confiscating against the president on every front is trying to do the her passport." affordable care act, the patient prosecutors say kept a computerized database of protection and affordable care underage girls who were in or act. right and we close out and says close to the virgin islands they he's the protector, where is it could easily be transported to him. the suit say that he coerced again? them promising modeling opportunities. but once on the island, epstein
6:27 am
stripped them of their phones, >> you're listening to threatened to physically restrain them and threatened nancy pelosi is speaking on violence if they didn't do sex capitol hill, let's bring in bret baier anchor of special report. she's moved on to a host of acts. other issues, even referring to mitch mcconnell in the senate "six llc or less, shell at one point does the grim reaper, as she has before, companies intended to hide his assets and khalil his criminal . taking on what she says it is installing in the senate with through those llcs, purchased some of those bills. what you just heard from nancy pelosi as we are about to for $6 million little st. james islands where he had his home see this day unfold, your and later neighboring great gre, thoughts? >> she's quoting what a tangled web we weave, sing the administration has a lot to explain and that pushing again for witnesses and documents in the senate trial that will start great st. james islands to ensure privacy. the only way to his home was next week. private boat or helicopter in st. thomas. the government is now seeking to today's development that the seize these properties. >> the government of the government accountability virgin islands seeks to office, the gao, found the trump extinguish -- any and all financial and other administration broke the law when it withheld aide that was benefits that flow to epstein and his associates as a result approved by congress to ukraine adds another element to this and of their operations in the adds ammunition for democrats virgin islands. >> the lawsuit claims epstein who are calling for witnesses in that senate trial. transferred hundreds of millions of dollars into a trust in the days before his suicide in an at that to lev parnas, the associate of rudy giuliani who
6:28 am
attempt to protect his money to has been indicted on multiple hide his money from his accuse indict mentz but telling his accusers. >> sandra: that story is far from over. stories how he believes the thank you. president knew about all the >> bill: this and it is getting ready to accept the activities that were ongoing by articles of impeachment. him and his associate in it will happen a few hours i get ukraine. you can take them on face value, trump. does either side really want to but you add that to the gao and hear from witnesses? we will talk on that and get an it gives the democrat another analysis of the moment after this. talking point ahead of that vote on witnesses in the senate. >> i'm hoping this can be done >> sandra: we had the house in about a week and predicting bipartisan acquittal of vote in the signing ceremony president trump. yesterday, you will have the "1917" has been nominated for ten academy awards. senators sworn in after the articles of impeachment are walked over, brad, set this up but we are going to see in the coming hours. >> the house managers officially come over and are sworn in and including best director, best original screenplay... they are welcomed as far as a part of this trial. there's only one way this ends. then you have the swearing in of and best picture of the year. last man standing. the chief justice, john roberts. he will be crucial in this trial in that once the opening arguments are made at the beginning of the trial, then there will be questions asked by senators.
6:29 am
they are not asked vocally by senators, they are actually asked and then read by the chief justice. it's interesting, chief justice william rehnquist was deep inside her over the clinton impeachment trial. interestingly john roberts clerked for william rehnquist, so he knows that role while as he steps into it this afternoon. speed two we are listening for nancy pelosi did they questions from reporters there. if that happens we will go back to her. bret, meanwhile we don't know if there will be witnesses called. that is certainly setting up for the next big debate and all of this. >> i think this is where this is going to come down. i think republicans are going to argue ted cruz and others, that if you allow witnesses that it is one for one, one republican and one democrat witness. these are republicans like during other and others americans come to yesterday pushing back on the to compare and prospect of hunter biden save on loans, credit cards and more! but with the new lending testifying. of course you have the tree app you can see your full whistle-blower, who could be
6:30 am
financial health, monitor your credit score, see your cash flow called to testify by republicans and find out how you can cut as well. this will be the knock-down, your monthly bills. download it now to see how much you can drag-out battle but we won't get save. there for a number of days after this trial starts. the real question is how long does it last? two weeks? five? six weeks? this could be quite a process. >> sandra: i want to read from you from "the wall street journal" headline this morning, this is an editorial piece, and that "the wall street journal" writes having failed to have made an adequate case to remove mr. trump, democrats are trying to drag out impeachment to further tarnishes and pete reputation and mouth dropped senate republicans running for reelection. she demands what she calls a fair trial after preventing a fair impeachment to probe in the house. this is an abuse of the impeachment power. you're going to hear a lot of talk about that as we go forwa forward. bret, excuse me for a minute
6:31 am
nancy pelosi is taking questions now. >> because it wasn't included in the house investigation? >> they are afraid of the truth. the american people have seen the allegations and we need to see more evidence which would be contained in the documentation. so this is just another avoiding of the facts and the truth on their part. they don't want to see documents, they don't want to hear from eyewitnesses, they want to ignore anything new that comes up. we saw a strong case and undeniable case for impeachment of the president. 's >> we will decide if any no future president would ever witnesses at all or needed or if think that she or he could get we are ready at that time to away with what president trump say, we have heard enough. we are ready to vote. has been getting away with in if you start bringing in his view. any further evidence should not witnesses bill, this just delays be avoided. getting to the important work of
6:32 am
the american people. now the ball is in the court of this could just drag on in my the senate. a public opinion will have a lot to do with this, since we passed opinion far too long. >> that was senator john hours and sent it over, public barrasso at the top of the hour on this program as he gets set opinion has grown enormously. the same witnesses, eyewitnesses to visually receive those articles of impeachment. and documentation, they'll just that is happening later today. in priors joins us now. have to contend with the public on that. >> think you you madam speaker, en, good morning to you. a lot of breaking news expected a question on the role of facebook if i may come in a new today. we have the reading of the "new york times" editorial view, articles. you've also got the swearing in made peter but a judge has of the senators. this will indeed be a busy day. questioned mark zuckerberg, now tickets for the next couple of facebook is in your days and on into next week as congressional district if i'm this trial gets underway. not mistaken, do you similarly what do you see? feel that mr. zuckerberg or other tech executives have too >> if we operate under the much power? premise that this will be a >> i think they are different, 2-week trial it goes on to next the facebook business model is strictly to make money. tuesday. we don't know who is going to go they don't care about the first. impacts on children, they don't probably, it will be the care about truth, they don't democrats will go first and present their case. and then the trump team will go care about where this is all coming from. they have said even though if after that. they know it is not true they they make it into the presentation of the case. will print it. in the clinton impeachment i think they have been very trial, each side had 24 hours to present their case.
6:33 am
abusive of the great opportunity that technology has given them. 24 hours over the course of time. my thought about them is they after they are done presenting don't want to come all they want their cases, senators will get are there tax cuts and no to ask questions. they are written questions if we go by what happened under clinton. antitrust action against them. they don't want the grandstanding and a delay they schmooze this et cetera. and then finally, once we get through the questions, they take administration in that regard because so far that's what they a vote. they take a vote on do we need have received. to hear from more witnesses? if the vote is no, then it goes they have said very blatantly, very clearly. into final deliberations and ultimately votes. that should take about two week unless they decide that we need to hear from more witnesses and they didn't even check on them ultimately, that vote goes the money from rush on the last election and everyone thought direction. who knows how long it goes? they should. >> sandra: in that battle royal of witnesses or no witnesses, already starting to take shape with democrats claiming cover-up if the g.o.p. does not allow additional actually facebook spans the peninsula but they do have an witnesses to be called. office in my district and i think their behavior is shamef senator lindsey graham who is predicting a bipartisan acquittal of the president shoots down those claims here. here's the senator. shameful. >> chuck schumer is not seeking
6:34 am
the truth. if you think chuck schumer is >> reporter: senator collins trying to find out what happened says the timeline of the documents was suspect for her. here, you are missing a lot. he's trying to make the argument, if you don't call a can you say why these are coming witness, you are trying to cover now? up for the president. >> they are released now because the truth of the matter is, that that's when they are obtained. chuck schumer is willing to he's going further into public interviews on that is very destroy executive privilege. i can only imagine what he would be saying if this was a compelling. again, why would they not want to find out under other democratic president. >> what does this tell you, ian, about this battle over witnesses getting called? circumstances if someone like >> i will get to the witnesses parnas came forward and there is and a second. evidence, there was reason to i think this does bring up a important point. this is not about believe that some of that wasn't factual, there would be a #defendourdemocracy this is special prosecutor appointed. about appeasing their bays and does anybody think the rogue attorney general is going to fund-raising before their election. i think that is a very dangerous support, appoint a special territory for democrats to be prosecutor? in. there are essentially saying no. because he is implicated in all that we need witnesses or else there is a cover-up. of this. this is an example of all of the i don't think they actually want witnesses. presidents henchmen and i hope if you open up that pandora's box -- if you get lev the senators do not become part of the presidents henchmen.
6:35 am
parnas and his incredible story -- i say incredible as noncredible, do you bring in joe biden or hunter biden? does this become a giant circus >> madam speaker, given the that goes on for months, and parnas interviews last night, do you believe that lev parnas will months, and months and ultimately stalls listen to it then distracts from what the american people really care be a witness and will he be about? >> sandra: there are still credible? >> credible relates to the documents on the rest. lots of questions about all of that. "the wall street journal" it certainly raises questions. editorial takes it on in this now i've appointed to the piece this morning. managers, who tracked me who are pelosi's impeachment offenses. they wrote "the senate should they, when are they coming, they vote to convict or acquit the -- are here. they have a responsibility and i'm very confident in how they at hand. will proceed. the senate may not even need to hear from the president's defense team. left the house managers make their case if a majority of there seems to be documentation senators believe the evidence is that would validate what parnas is saying but that all has to be as inadequate as we do -- again, subjected to scrutiny. this is the editorial board. then repudiate this impeachment with the votes to acquit on both he'd be a credible witness if what he is testifying to relates articles. will that happen, ian? to the issue at hand, the >> absolutely. presidents behavior. i think lindsey graham is right. again, there is a process for
6:36 am
it will be a bipartisan acquittal. you can tell not unconfident the how you go forward with democrats are in this case by who they brought in as house witnesses and that's not done in managers. they didn't bring incredible the basement of the congressional visitors center. individuals that haven't really spoken on this, but are very serious minded. they brought in the most among those who are making those decisions about how to go partisan individuals that have been railing against trump and looking for impeachment since forward. i'm so proud of our managers, the day after he was inaugurat our members have been so positive about it and this is inaugurated. this whole thing is a political show. not without risk. at the end of the day, donald trump is going to be able to say that he was acquitted by a bipartisan group of senators in this trial. as an intellectual resort, as patriots gave me a great deal of >> sandra: it becomes very real today with us and it's time of course. excepting those articles of but also they are courageous, impeachment. these articles will be read aloud. you will be following at all on let me just say it that way. the fox news channel. i appreciate your time this morning. >> bill: we will have special coverage of today's impeachment proceedings. i told you i wasn't entering you come you a question yesterday. 11:45 eastern before the presentation on the senate side. we will have it for you a bit
6:37 am
later today. the attorney general was in the meantime, 36 minutes past the hour. implicated and i said this to fox news alert. antimony implicated the rogue attorney general who has been a joint operations with iraqi forces to take that battle back to isis as iran continues to puppet, i don't know who is the threaten the u.s. and europe puppet, trump or the over the nuclear deal of 2015. attorney general. this is not, he says this is my trey has got the story. attorney general. this is my department of justice. really? so in any case it's not a >> good morning. there are new threats from the question of saying proof, at iranian regime as pressure -- saying what allegations have the 2015 nuclear agreement have been made. that has to be subjected, up to decided they will trigger the scrutiny as to how we go disputed mechanism in the agreement. if the iranians are continuing forward. it should not be ignored. to violate the terms of the deal by enriching more uranium than 2015. the israeli military said that iran would have enough uranium for a bomb by the end of the >> do you think it would be up year. it will open the door to new important to delay the state of sanctions on the islamic republic. the union until after the in addition to the already more impeachment trial has been than 1,000 sanctions applied by concluded? >> that's up to the president. the native states. a report overnight said he has some options. he can come that day and we are president trump threaten to prepared to welcome him that
6:38 am
impose a 25% tariff on european day. he can send a printed copy, automobiles if action wasn't taken by the europeans. which was for a long time there tradition the president would iranian foreign minister taking send a copy of his estate of the to twitter this morning saying "it won't work, my friends. union address, or he can ask us you will only whet his appetite. to postpone it if, in fact, he remember, your high school wants to have it after all of bully." this is resolved. there comes a day after iranian president said european soldiers in the middle east are no longer the timing of the investigation safe. of the trial of the president a similar threat he started for obstruction and abuse of making towards the americans after president trump boarded a drone strike to take out power should not be hastened generals before early this month. top e.u. representative address because of a speech he wants to the situation following a meeting with the iranian saying europe is committed to make to congress. thank you all very much. de-escalation and it has communicated that to the islamic >> bill: plaza monument in republic. case they get one more question, >> underlined the continued does not appear to be the case. here is what speaker pelosi is interest of the european union to preserve the nuclear deal and arguing for, witnesses and the the strong interest of the e.u. senate trial and the new to be able to contribute to evidence if it is presented. de-escalation in the region. if that does not happen she is making the case against republicans that they are afraid >> there is concern about action of the truth. with regard to that last point in the region by iranian proxies about the state of the union such as israel yesterday. address, that is scheduled for the 4th of february. we saw iranian proxies in the first tuesday in that month, it
6:39 am
gaza strip firing four rockets into southern israel. is on the calendar. two were intercepted by israeli last hour kellyanne conway said they anticipated it happening then but she gave the opening missile system. there, he could offer his >> bill: thank you. and jerusalem on that. remarks in a written response, which had been the tradition in washington for a long time, or >> sandra: if we were to put up a picture of she suggested there that he the screen, would you be able to could postpone it. i believe, based on the roads in identify him? washington and congress, apparently not, if you're one of speaker pelosi is the one that extends the invitation which was last nights jeopardy contestants. watch this. done about a week and half ago. as of now, the state of the >> 153rd of house delegations is union happens on february 4th, this committee chairman. sandra, a tuesday night in the his name is adam schiff. middle of all of this. >> that could be very interesting and those comments were interesting as well. >> sandra: no one was able to buzz and i get that answer bret baier is joining us now. what'd you think of that because right. [laughter] we do know there are some that is because you're leaving, republicans who are urging the buddy. that really happened. president to delay the state of were you surprised by that? the union amongst all of this? >> bill: a little bit. >> bills right come the >> sandra: we are carrying the hearings all day. invitation comes from the speaker of the house, no invitation that she is changing >> bill: may be that as a sign of us reading cable news in or altering that invitation so right now it stays february 4th. ohio -- there you have it. that is in the middle of this senate trial, likely, and the >> sandra: sorry about the coffee they are. are you all right? >> bill: i'm good, i'm good. night after the iowa caucuses.
6:40 am
that will be a busy week. march forward. making the case for second place a backup candidate could lead to what i found interesting about that press conference is the a big win in iowa. we shall explain. question from "the new york times" reporter about the credibility of lev >> sandra: canada's largest parnas and whether democrats newspaper is not exactly rolling would like to see him testify in out the red carpet for prince harry and meghan markle. ♪ a senate trial. that's a big question. here's a guy facing multiple indictments, he's saying what he ♪ there is no home for you is saying to come the speaker mentioned there is some here ♪ ♪ go away documentation she said that ♪ there is no home for you backs up what he is saying, but here ♪ ♪ there is no home for you you have to vet data. that is a real question for here ♪ ♪ go away i can save you... democrats if they go down this road and this is their main guy that they want to .2 to make ...lots of money with liberty mutual. their case. we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! we saw that happen in a [ grunting ] different case, in the russia investigation with michael cohen before his committee hearing and all that happened around that. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> some other things that we heard from nancy pelosi committee talked about the undeniable evidence that was put forward in the house for impeaching the president. she said any further evidence
6:41 am
should not be avoided, talking about my witnesses and additional evidence. she says republicans want to ignore that and if they do come as she has said before, she called it a cover-up. she said the ball is in the court of the senate and then she started talking about public opinion of all of this. sing the public wants to see more evidence and witnesses. what about that come up bret? >> you can read those pools saying that, sure, but if you ask someone do you want to hear more evidence? would you like to hear from john bolton? most people say sure, okay. but if you ask of the house has a job to make the case against the president, the senate has a different job, how do you see it? or phrase the question differently is my point, pointing to those pools seems a little strange. the speaker does make a case about new things that come up since she held the articles of the end might not be as happy as ayou think.end. impeachment but in reality by
6:42 am
the constitution, the house is after all, 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, essentially the grand jury and the sun it is where the trail their first symptom is a stroke! plays out. we will see what republican but the good news is you can rewrite your ending and get senators decide because them have to go over the side if they screened for stroke and cardiovascular disease. want to change their rules their rules. >> we will see it all happened life line screening is the easy and affordable way to make you this afternoon, you and martha will be covering all of it here aware of undetected health problems before they hurt you. starting at 11:45 a.m. eastern time. we use ultrasound technology to literally look inside your bret baier. >> bill: we have a road map arteries for plaque that builds up as you age- laid out 21 years ago my next guest was there then and he is and increases your risk for stroke and heart disease. here today, bob barr served as a so if you're over 40, call to schedule an appointment for five house manager when the case against bill clinton moved to the senate, how are you certain painless screenings that go beyond annual checkups. good morning to you in the hometown of atlanta, georgia. and if you call us today, you'll >> good morning, a lot going on. only pay $149-an over 50% savings. >> indeed it is, i'm looking at some of the come if you have made about this, you say 21 read it again, papa? sure. i've got plenty of time. years ago there was no dillydallying around in the house side. life line screening. do you see that now and if so, the power of prevention. call now to learn more. characterized that for us. >> we have certainly seen it now in the weeks that have gone by between the house passage of the two articles of impeachment and
6:43 am
finally appointing house managers and conveying the articles over to the senate. that is not something we even considered back in 1998 or 1999. we believed at the time that that the president good procedure required that as soon as the house didn't wait aroundc opinion to shift or for a new evidence to come forward, we went away so that the senate could start its >> sandra: canada's largest newspaper slamming prince harry's and work. meghan markle's plan to move there after stepping back in their senior roles from the elapsed or how long after the royal family. the editorial making the case it impeachment with the articles would disrespect the country's delivered to mr.? >> it was just a few days. history of breaking away from british rule. it says this in part. the only thing that interviewed timewise was the christmas and new year's holidays in between, though canada borrowed from britain, it is in britain, and so we were both houses were in never was. this country long ago took steps recess for a period of time. to make it unmistakably clear. we moved very quickly to move if you are a senior member of the process over to the senate. our royal family, this country >> bill: let me move to a few cannot become your home. more things. i've just got a couple of minutes here but everything you
6:44 am
ouch. well, i guess they are getting the red carpet rolled out of have to say is important because it's the best evidence for a them. >> bill: i think the queen has road map yet, as i stated a done an outstanding job in manning this publicly. moment ago, with regards to the senators then in 1999 he >> sandra: it's not over. believed they had no interest in dealing with this matter? if that was the case then, what >> bill: the polls can be do you think today? confusing. based on the rules of caucus >> it's very similar today. goers second or third choice back in 1999 the senate made might propel a candidate to the very clear to us that they were front of the pack. "wall street journal," this is not interested in handling this at all. there were a number of reasons how it writes. for that which we could go into "major changes in public opinion more detail later, this time before the iowa caucuses, the around there does seem to be race is so closely bunched. more interest on the part of the democrats to extend the trial small changes produce much and the evidence and the bigger outcome than pulse polls witnesses because the house did suggest today." not do its job. it did not present a full robust it is great to have you on. good morning and thank you for your time today. how are you? case, so the democrat senators now realized that they had a better do that and that's why they are pushing so hard for witnesses and additional evidence. >> bill: mitch mcconnell has >> i'm doing great. nice to be with you. not revealed the rules by which >> bill: i have gone through all of your numbers here. i have a few specific questions. the senator will be governing this is what you found the other this process. day. you have sanders at 20%, --
6:45 am
what would you expect him to do? >> by everything i've seen so amy klobuchar act on the at 6%. far they seem to be, or he seems to be moving in the direction of margin of error in poles 3.7%. does this appear to be a mirroring the procedures in 4-weight race or not? 1999, which is to have a bifurcated trial. you have arguments first, some >> sandra: that is only for questions, and then the house, candidates have ever broken into the senate decides if they wanted witnesses. double digits. what i would see as a way out of showing at the top of that race. we had a poll a piece that had this mess, this procedural must come is to do with the permanent each of them leading at one senate rules provide, and at time. this is bernie sanders' first that is to appoint a committee, leave in our poll. he never lived in the last cycle that could be the senate judiciary committee, to handle ahead of 2016. the case itself. because under senate rules, a symbolically, an important poll for bernie sanders. committee of the senate has the >> bill: could you be persuaded on your boat? power to call witnesses and take you find that 40% have their testimony without any additional mind made up 845% could be votes on the part of the senate. that would be a way to shift the persuaded. explain that based on history as venue so we don't take up all of the time of the senate and they to how significant that number don't have to deal with all of might or might not be? >> those numbers are actually the messes involved, transferred to a committee come of the quite common. judiciary committee, and then 40% have the first choice and have that committee have a full
6:46 am
say their mind is made up. and robust hearing and then send the caucus process itself really it back to the senate for a final vote. invites people to keep an open >> bill: maybe they do that this time. the mind. because it could be that their it appears that the rubber is candidate doesn't hit that 15% going to be the road on this threshold at their caucus on when it comes to the issue of caucus night. they are going to need to move witnesses. to a different candidate. do you think that happens? plus, at some point, more than >> sandra: it's a very difficult question. two dozen candidate. iowa evaluates more candidates than at the other state. the idea is to keep on number of i don't think that ultimately they will. candidates ready and have done speaker pelosi's comments today ma'am del mike muddied the your homework so that you know waters further. the best thing she could be where you're going to go. doing is move out of this and let the managers handle it >> bill: the people in iowa do because what she said that i your homework and expect you to show up. come of that is the president you said something there. let's nail it down. broke the law, simply raises is this a new rule with once again the question well, if democrats? if your candidate is not above you the speaker and you the the 50% threshold, you can select another candidate, or you house believed that the president broke the law, why could go home, right? didn't you include in the >> in the olden days, regardless impeachment articles violations of the law? of how things aligned on the the question immediately on the first preference vote, once part of the senators should be welcome if the president broke the law why didn't you charge of
6:47 am
there was realignment, anybody could go anywhere. that and is not a requirement, a now on caucus night, if you are with a candidate that was requisite for an impeachable viable, you stay right there. offense? the waters are still very if you are with a candidate that muddied on what the democrats does not have 50% of the people are trying to do here. in the room, you must move >> bill: thank you for your time today, i'm out of time for somewhere. now but perhaps we get a chance he moved to a viable candidates, or you leave. but once you are not viable on to talk again and figure out the road map i had. caucus night -- this is the new thank you in atlanta, georgia, rule. then you are done. today. >> coming up, the ceremonial >> bill: i want to get to a couple more things. reading of the articles of how do you gauge that as a impeachment, the swearing in of the senators, a lot happening on capitol hill this morning. wild card? stay with us, we will be right >> the caucus is nothing if not full of wild cards. we do our best to take a look at back. where people say they would go verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. on second choice. and what we find of those people newday has extended our call center hours who are supporting candidates so that every veteran in america can take advantage right now who can't get in double-digit in our poll is a of this unexpected drop in interest rates. bit of a benefit in terms of one call can save you $2000 every year. their second choice to joe biden to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to and two pete buttigieg. it is a small advantage, but there is an advantage there.
6:48 am
>> bill: that may be significant in the end and perhaps not. we will see. your poll has biden at 15%. another poll has 24%. i don't want to characterize them as your competition. why would you find a difference between yours and theirs? >> there are many reasons that i can see and what they released from their poll and some that are invisible. you take a look at what we think is happening with the age distribution. our poll looks a little bit younger. theirs looks a little bit older. if you know nothing else about joe biden, you would know that he poll's very well with older people and less well in single digits with younger people. that may be all of the difference that is they are. we also don't know how it is that they qualify people as likely caucus goers. in our poll, we think that we are more restricted. you have to definitely or probably plan to go to caucus. if you're wishy-washy or think that you are somewhat likely,
6:49 am
you don't pass muster ticket in our poll. >> bill: do you have a sense of whether this impeachment trial is underway in washington? if a candidate is not there in the first part of february, will that affect the outcome? what is your feeling on that? >> this is certainly a new challenge in the history of the caucuses. we have not had a situation where the candidates had to leave the trail and to not be there for the high intensity run up to caucus night. i don't know that there is any other time quite like it. you almost feel the ground polls. everybody is going to every last event that they could possibly go to. there is energy. if you don't have the candidates that are driving that energy, that is an unknown. >> bill: in that sense, it is another wild card out there. i hope to talk to you again before it all goes down. you made the call on barack obama in 2008. no one else was there. you've got a track record. thank you for coming back. my best to you.
6:50 am
>> happy to be here. >> sandra: i judge ordering michael avenatti jailed without bond. why prosecutors say he is still breaking the law while behind bars. >> bill: also new questions about the jetliner dumping fuel over lap to do the crew follow procedure? we will let you know what we found out coming up.
6:51 am
>> i'm so proud of our managers. they have been so positive about it. they're going to give a great deal of their intellect, as patriots, a great deal of time. >> bill: speaker pelosi a
6:52 am
moment ago, comments there from the house we now wait to hear from republican counterpart, kevin mccarthy will be at the microphone in a matter of minutes there. the senate now voting to ratify the usmca poised to send the historic deal to the overall office for president trump's signature. mike mccaul back with us, good morning to you in washington, d.c. home state of texas is very much in tune with the nafta process and how that unfolded. how will this be better for the american worker? >> 12 million jobs supported by the usmca and in addition texas is the number one exporter to mexico, number two to canada. this is going to give another jolt of the economy that's already doing quite well. i was also in the white house yesterday when the president signed the china trade deal, he will be in my home state in
6:53 am
austin with my farmers and ranchers. this means $15 billion in products being exported to china, $50 billion in energy, i come from a very big energy state. this is the first president significantly to take china head on with respect to the trade imbalances. china has been ripping us off for decades and i commend the president for taking him head-on to take on this trade imbalance. $200 billion overall in exports to china. we already have a strong economy, bill, but larry said give the usmca coupled with the china trade, coupled with the tax cuts we passed, this economy is going to soar in 2020. >> bill: we saw in the room yesterday before we left that had back to the hill, this is what the president said about forced technology, with regards to china, it's a big deal here. >> are you guys hearing that? you don't have to give up anything anymore.
6:54 am
just be strong. don't let a happen. you don't have to do that. it was a terrible situation going on there. a lot of it was because companies were very weak. they were very weak, you give up things you didn't have to give up. but now legally you don't have to give them up. >> bill: you know this sounds really good on paper, when it comes to verification that's another matter. what your level of confidence that indeed that promised there can be fulfilled for american companies? >> i think the enforcement >> sandra: mitch mcconnell provision is the question here. on the senate floor. the president's right, they've let's listen here. >> nothing says silliness and been stealing our technology, sobriety like handing out intellectual properties, if you souvenirs. want to do business with china, they force these text transfers. as though this were a happy bill this agreement deals with it. signing instead of the greatest what's the leverage? the president didn't take the process in our constitution. tariffs off the table. in fact china is still subjected to these tariffs. this final display greatly he just lowered the morning of distills the house's process amount of tariffs and into one perfect visual. percentages. he knows he's a good dealmaker.
6:55 am
he knows he needs that as it was transparent partisan leverage to force this agreement performance from beginning to end. that is why they sped through on those terrorists can snap back at any time. inquiry in 12 weeks when what i found most interesting previous presidential impeachments came after months, when i read through the agreement is it's all what china if not years of investigations. has to do and very little about and hearings. what the united states has to do. china is really giving in quite a bit on this deal. satisfied the house cut short their own inquiry, declined to >> bill: so then how about your colleagues? pursue their own subpoenas, and here's a tweet from the president saying privately the it's not the president due new china trade deal is unbelievable, which it is, but process. but now, now, they want the publicly knocks it whenever possible. senate to redo their homework and rerun the investigation. chuck schumer says i'm getting under his skin on china trade because he knows i'm right. that is why our colleagues, the i've been consistent in public democratic leader said that and in private, his new trade whatever happens next, as long as he can weaponize the trial to deal with china is unbelievably hurt republicans in their 2020 bad for american workers and businesses. take that on. election, "it is a win-win" said >> i talked my farmers and ranchers, china is challenging us to come up with $50 billion the democratic leader of the
6:56 am
senate. that is why at the house found in agricultural product to nothing strange about export. celebrating the third tell that to my energy presidential impeachment in american history with souvenirs companies, $50 billion in exports to china. and posed photographs. i don't see how chuck schumer with a straight face can say souvenirs and posed photographs. that's not going to help the united states economy. >> sandra: senator mitch mcconnell again, i commend the president, speaking out on the senate floor every president before this one on capitol hill. we await the impeachment trial has pledged to take china on as today. the ceremonial swearing in of they steal and rip off the the senators and a reading of united states and our economy, the impeachment articles will be this guy has gotten results in happening. all of that is coming up. we will have that for you on the most hyperpartisan time i've ever seen on the hill. fox news channel. continuing coverage at a we are getting stuff done in brand-new hour at the top of the spite of all of this impeachment hour. stuff going on. >> bill: we will get back to >> might sometimes fall prey -- lift you to intense highs. that in due course, as i'm certain you are aware. michael mccaul, thank you for (muffled arguing) your time. >> sandra: fox news alert now or, make you feel both at once. where a moment from now and overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? capitol hill of the senate will formally accept the articles of ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. impeachment which sets in motion the third ever presidential vraylar effectively treats depression, impeachment trial in our nations history. acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. we will have continued live
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credit score, see your cash flow and find out how you can cut your monthly bills. download it now to see how much you can save. >> sandra: fox news alert. a brand-new reaction from speaker nancy pelosi after the house finally delivered its two articles of impeachment to the senate. welcome to our brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning. at noon eastern time, at the senate formally reads and presents the two impeachment article. that will set the stage for an historic trial. the democrats have punched -- >> what they are doing is trying to go outside of a process, a constitutional process that is set forward. they have taken one of the most seriou abscesses and they are politicizing it they have this as a partisan
7:01 am
political impeachment from day 1. >> sandra: a lot going on. chad has more from capitol hill >> bill: coming up at 12 noon for us this morning. they go through it. you're going to have the reading of the articles of the senate >> good morning. and then chief justice roberts the house impeachment managers, arrives at 10:00. the seven, they have been preparing and dividing up lanes >> sandra: you've got the as they get ready to present impeachment going on, the i owe while caucus, the state of the union and the new hampshire their case to the senate next primary. week. this is the key. good time to launch a new show. this is the biggest assignment of their career, and they are >> bill: two of them. eager to present their case. speedo it was good fun, we will see you back here tomorrow morning. we have special fox news >> may it be very clear that coverage of the impeachment proceedings with brett and this president will be held martha, that is going to begin accountable. that no one is above the law, just moments from now. thank you for joining and that no future president bill hemmer and myself here at "america's newsroom." should ever entertain the idea see you tomorrow morning. that's it for us. that article one -- excuse me, article two says that he can do whatever he wants. ♪ >> now does this sentence turn, majority leader mitch mcconnell was displeased >> hello everyone, this is on how process was handled. fox news special coverage of the
7:02 am
impeachment trial of president donald j. trump. the senate preparing for now to >> it is a difficult time for formally accept the two articles of impeachment that we saw sent our country, but this is over from the house yesterday, precisely that kind of time for which the framers created the and that will happen any moment. i martha mckellen in senate. i am confident this body can new york city. >> nine bret baiernued rise above short-termism and coverage and an amazing day as factional fever and serve the this formally starts the senate long-term best interest of our trial and the nation. we can do this, and we must. at the same time, the senate is >> just before noon, we will see going to pass a north american a similar scene to what we saw free trade agreement, the usmca. that split scene, that is late yesterday. paul irving who is the house sergeant at arms will walk the expected to pass and the president will have his the seven impeachment managers. they will process right past biggest bipartisan legislative year and start at noon for the victory today even as the house senate impeachment -- the senate receives the impeachment managers are expected to start the senate trial in this managers from the house of representatives. and then we will hear from the impeachment. senate sergeant of arms. >> we have an all-star panel with us today, anchor of the this is senate rule two that daily briefing and coached deals with impeachment. dana perino, cohost of the five "all persons are committed to keep silence on pain of and fox news political analyst imprisonment while the house of representatives is exhibiting dequan williams and former
7:03 am
articles of impeachment against assistant u.s. attorney in contributor, andy mccarthy. president donald john trump." the next big thing that would were going to go to chad pergram happen if at 2:00, john roberts, live on the hill, good morning the chief justice of the chad. united states will come across the street from the supreme court to the capital. he will be sworn in to preside over the senate trial. i don't know if we have chatted he will swear in the senators with us quite yet, as we see the who will sit in judgment of the president of the united states. hallway heading into we don't know how long this will statuary hall where we watched all this play out yesterday, going to go. he will start in earnest on tuesday. bret, through the rotunda and maybe four or five weeks. now we will see the signature of as we get into an election year, those articles of impeachment as this is the most pivotal event they are received from the senate and then we will eat on election calendar but we begin with the swearing in of don't know how this will go. the senators and of the chief justice to get this process we seem to think that we know the outcome here, but we don't underway. know how this will resonate deep >> martha: we saw that image yesterday with into the future. the articles being walked over. now today the house sergeant and >> sandra: from the field of arms will escort over the house the north lawn of the white house, our headliner this managers. it's very formal and they will morning. be accepted in the senate. back with our panel, dana, your good morning. thank you for being here. it is a pivotal moment as chad thoughts on this day and where said in our country's history. we began as the senate trial we see what is about to unfold
7:04 am
gets underway. in the coming days and weeks. >> i'm looking at the what is the president saying juxtaposition of the story line this morning about the that most americans are dealing impeachment process? with today, and that is they see >> the president is still talking about the monumental the stock market continues to go up and we might have record trade deal. highs today because, as you just the dow jones making history. it was historic but for a mentioned, the free trade different reason. agreement for north america is about to be signed and it's nancy pelosi's fist bumps and going to be a little bit of high fives and commemorative relief to entrepreneurs and pens. employees across the country. it was embarrassing. it was anything but solemn and the china phase one deal happens yesterday and the president also today announcing two measures on bipartisan. i think that she really screwed up this process from a religious freedom and celebrating religious freedom. beginning. never brought along public support for it and enough the business of the country marches on while this evidence -- impeachment happens on bribery, extortion, the mueller capitol hill. the capital and the white house report, the quid pro quo's, all are not that far apart from each of the a promise, many of the things that some of their other geographically on pennsylvania avenue, but they witnesses under oath insisted are worlds apart in terms of would be included are simply not what people are paying attention to. there. today you will see a lot of this president is barreling ceremony. i think that the activity you saw in the house and the pace of forward as president, as it, the frantic mess of the it, the circus atmosphere is lamar
7:05 am
commander-in-chief keeping this economy humming, getting their trade deals with china. alexander called it, you won't see it in the senate. today, the usmca will be voted mitch mcconnell will have a on one hour before the articles very calm, sterile, slow of impeachment. talk about people who are doing process. the people's business and the it's a lot more formal. members who are ignoring the they don't want to have something like the house. people. i think so desperate, to get the last thing i want to mention, bret, is it's also very this president that the democrats and their friends and strange that the house continues allies in the media are propping to deliver new evidence is there impeachment inquiry continues. up and indicted criminals. they never even finished the impeachment inquiry. maybe even nominating the they voted on it and now they socialists were president. are sending it through the get him at the ballot box. senate and even susan collins, they have no idea how to do the senator from maine, said that. they waste their time and their they obviously sent us an incomplete work. money -- >> bill: lets go few things i don't know how that will play quickly. out because i don't imagine that is that a general consensus of any of these senators are going to want to pick up where the the white house? house left off, they just want to take the job they were >> it seems about right for the supposed to do from the house following reason, bill. and do it in the senate. we are not talking about short that will be difficult to do if or long or protracted or brief. full and fair with such an they keep dribbling out new information. let's go over to chad pergram who is standing by on evidence as weak articles, at capitol hill, our correspondent with the latest we can expect these two articles every week.
7:06 am
obstruction of congress coming today. out of the progress of the house hello, chad. >> high there, this is one of but we don't need to have a those whiplash days on capitol hill. the juxtaposition of what's protracted lengthy trial. going on on the senate floor this will be much more familiar right now and what will be going to the american people. on on the senate floor in >> bill: the president will 5 minutes is remarkable. the senate is in the final have four attorneys president. moments of voting to improve the >> yes, he will pity is that right. >> bill: what is their defense usmca, this is one of president trump's biggest strategy? >> i created defense is a great bipartisan policy achievements of his career. at the top of the hour the house offense. meaning that they will be able impeachment managers will walk to do things they couldn't do in the articles of impeachment to the house. the senate and they will start formally the impeachment trial. challenge others and put their comments into the record under that is remarkable, it is whiplash day and capitol hill. oath as to what happened and what didn't happen here. wait a day like this on decembee i think that this will be a much more familiar process to most speaker nancy pelosi announced the formal articles back then and then an hour later announced americans who could really the agreement on usmca. follow along with whatever the i would hold up something here, house was doing and making it up as we go along, getting law these are the 26 senate professors to lecture the rest impeachment rules which will apply once they start at noon. of us as opposed to an actual we are going to hear a lot from trial with which most americans are very familiar. mike stinger, he is the senate i doubt they have first-person storage and data are in the knowledge of the trial system, first thing he says, according or they have seen it in the tv to senate impeachment rule to
7:07 am
or movies. they know that in a real trial, come is the following. the judge, if you will, is "all persons are commanded to sitting up there. the chairman or committee cannot keep silence on pain of imprisonment while the house of do what adam schiff did representatives is exhibiting to the senate articles of insulting the president of the impeachment against president donald john trump." united states the defendant with nobody able to object. that's the first thing. we will hear the articles and >> sandra: democrats making then we have a low until 2:00. the case for witnesses. a lot of talk about john bolton. that's when the chief justice republicans are making the case, john roberts will come across the street and be sworn in and some foreign against having then he will swear in the senders adds jurors. witnesses. here's the wild card, let's where does the white house stand contrast this to 1999. on that? >> the white house respects this in 1999 there was general and that's role and will vote agreement, a 100-0 vote to set whether or not to have witnesses. we will let them do that. up the rules of engagement for president clinton's impeachment i think what the democrats are trial. trying to do here is backdoor there is no agreement whatsoever their failures in the house. between democrats and republicans on how to proceed this time. the wild card here is maybe they rushed through and set on there could be motions or the articles for a month. potential calls for votes today, it made absolutely no sense. maybe immediately after they receive those articles, may be i think senator said it best in the 2:00 p.m. session, maybe yesterday. it sounded like they did not do a thorough process. some of that waits until monday. you can look at the actual because there is not that you statement that they should have know him committee in 1999, gone and gotten things done there that they failed to do. that's the big question. we don't know how long these why are they trying to backdoor
7:08 am
questions will last at noon and in the senate what the house then onto a clock. fails to do? that should be allowed. the other thing here, i'm looking at this vote on the >> bill: here's a quick sound senate floor, senators sometimes bite from the interview last struggle to the floor and you night at msnbc pete will ask you don't know who is absent. specifically about this comment they might not be able to here. actually start precisely at noon. i'm looking at the time, it's >> president trump knew exactly what was going on. about seven or 8 minutes into he was aware of all of my the top of the hour. moments. i would not do anything without the timing on capitol hill is never swift, so this might not the consent of rudy giuliani or start at noon. the president. i have no intent or reason to >> okay, chad, we will follow speak to any of these officials. the boat on the usmca and also they have no reason to speak to the movement of the house managers. me. >> bill: i saw the statement a lot of pomp and circumstance last night. that i as this gets underway but there is news as well, the i know that he indicated bill government accountability office has determined that the barr and the doj said it is 100% false. what is the white house position administration violated the law on the allegations that he is when it withheld the now pumping? >> people who go on tv are never under oath. $240 million appropriated by the pentagon for security assistance he came forward on his own to ukraine. democrats hopping on that and volition. he was arrested and indicted on some pretty serious charges. saying that is more evidence that witnesses should be used in this senate trial. when you have the vice president chief of staff malay shorts let's bring in andy mccarthy. saying that the democrats owned andy, you add that determination witnesses in the house, and the administration is saying
7:09 am
completely subvert and undercutt basically they are overreaching here and they disagree with the parnas is saying here about the gao, and you add the new vp purity of the attorney general spokespersons say 100% . evidence about lev parnas and what he is saying about what the president did or did not know, i think that speaks for itself. that was the associate of rudy there is a pattern here. giuliani operating in ukraine. they love to improve credibility democrats are hopping on it to say this is the evidence that they need to call for witnesses. and legitimacy on whoever and >> well, bret, that's in the whoever is going to take down last 48 hours and we don't know donald trump. on tv for 250 something times in what will happen in the days to the space of a year. come. i am struck by chad's speaking of indicted or disgraced. juxtaposing the solemnity of the it is michael cohen, now it is occasion and the fact that there parnas. is a lack of unanimity about anyone who is out there who wants to take down president what to do going forward. trump when they are facing problems, they can't reduce the the reason for that is this simply is not ready for trial. glare of the spotlight, they all of a sudden have credibility -- the reason that this is supposed >> bill: i understand what to be such a solemn moment is you're saying. because the lead up to it is are you saying flat out, 100% what he alleges is not true? yes or no? supposed to be a complete investigation where the legitimacy purposes and for due >> speaking of the court of law,
7:10 am
when he said the president knew all of my moves, he gave process purposes, the case has been laboriously gone over so consent -- objection. that the president is on notice you cannot say what someone else knew i thought. you can't do that. of what the allegations are. the american people are on this is a tv -- that was a tv notice about what the child is show, not a court of law. about, and there will not be any this is somebody who -- i guess dispute about what to do going it led to the authorities. forward because we would have they were setting his bail. he has been indicted. our eyes open. i think you should go by what instead what we have here is the president himself has said. this started out. we will find the 70,000 votes still unfolding is still on the and switch the election to hilary clavin's gate at the end precipice of getting other way. we are going to do russian as i said yesterday, this is collusion. they will have two years of a something that would never be allowed to happen in the mueller investigation. legitimate court proceeding. can't find anything there. in a district court the judge the major networks have spent would tell the prosecutors you less than 1% -- come back here when the case is ready to go to trial, but we are >> bill: back on parnas, sorry. is he lying or not, kellyanne? not going to have an attempt to have a trial and at the same >> he is a proven liar. he has been indicted. look, i have never heard the time, inactive grand jury investigation where the prosecutors are not only president mention to me a single time. refining the case, but they are justice the campaign manager for actually publicizing their
7:11 am
findings, which has the effect of prejudicing what goes on in 2016, no one ever said to me, the court. it would never be allowed to you know what? we have a plan b. happen. there is a rip cord we can pull >> martha: when you look at if it's getting really bad and this process in terms of the the polls, we have a secret plan evidence that has come out today and you look at this report and to beat her. it's this russian stuff. i didn't speak to russians. you look at this account at the gal, how does this factor and is in moscow, in the cook county a go forward? michigan, the same thing here. you are saying that in any the idea that you need to normal court room environment investigate the bidens to defeat this can never be allowed, they would send them back. but given this, and i was joe biden. have you seen this man when he tries to put a sentence together listening to bob barr talking to on a debate stage? bill hemmer a moment ago, he was saying potentially you could no one needs any help beating joe biden. everything that you need is move some of this off to the senate judiciary committee and right there when they speak. allow them to sort of take some >> sandra: to just finish on of the sauna in regards to witnesses or new evidence, and make a decision or that point, it is a "yes" or "no" question. recommendation back to the bullpen about whether or not is that statement true or false? they want to go down that road. is that a scenario you can imagine playing out here? >> trump knew what was going on, >> martha i don't know why you how? would struggle to have a novel he said that president knew all of my moves. i wouldn't have done it without way to figure out how to do this consent of the president. when there's a perfectly obvious where did he get consent of the president to do that? way to do it, which is you tell
7:12 am
the president knew what? you heard the call. the house we will hold the charges you've given us in a with president zelenski. there was no call to investigate band or we can dispense them without prejudice to you rebuilding them, and then come the bidens. back when you have a completed "new york times," new yorker, cnn, bayhill, fox news. package and therefore the house does the work it is supposed to everyone was talking about do under the constitution, which hundred bidens dubious business is it is wholly in charge of impeachment and of the senate dealings. they were fair game and would help derail his presidency. does its job which is an impeachment trial. they gao thing is of importance here because it changes the joe biden is seen more as hundred bidens other than equation. up until now what we have been talking is whether the barack obama's vice president. >> sandra: there are still questions there. when it comes to the state of the union and progression of president touted american policy events we are about to see, some in respect to ukraine. now the allegation is different. republicans are urging the now what they are saying is the president to delay the state of the union that is set to happen president violated federal law two weeks after the senate tri and violated his constitutional duty to see that the laws are trial. does the president have any plans -- to be -- where he has faithfully executed. that's like another article of impeachment. again, that's just in the last just been charged of high crimes 24 hours. who knows what happens tomorrow? and misdemeanors? not my decision to make, but i >> juan williams, your thoughts
7:13 am
can see why that might be under on this day. consideration. obviously we are talking about it is the president considering the juxtaposition and things moving that? getting done, the biggest legislative achievement on the >> we have february 4th circled floor being voted on an outcome of the usmca, but also these new on our calendars. if that has not changed as of this morning. developments when it comes to delaying is just because impeachment. >> i think one of the difficulties that we face in this situation is that the president is charged in one nancy pelosi promised 6 of 7 article of obstruction of justice. impeachment managers were for where's in the clinton and preaching the president impeachment back in '99 he before the whistle-blowers. she had picked have already -- testified, he offered a deposition, his associates it is an impeachment process. just because they did that testified, there were documents. when we say the house hasn't completed its work come in fact senate where the president will be acquitted is not reason what we are saying is the enough to delay the state of the president was participating in obstruction and we don't know union. exactly how to deal with that i will leave that decision to the president. given the reality that now the as of right now, we have a meeting with him today about it. articles have been transferred to the senate in the senate would like to say we are going john says he has not allowed to look at this in terms of what this nonsense to stop what he's the house has presented, how are we to go about further doing as commander in chief and as president, the steward of our domestic economy, he is on his investigation of things that are way soon.
7:14 am
we have the usmca being voted on continuing to roll out as we proceed? today. in the clinton case you had 26 the economy has never been better. rules of order for their and today, religious freedom day is a very big day here in the trump impeachment, standard rules involved with negation. quite house. have an oval office now you have a simple majority event at 2:00 p.m. today talking vote in terms of senate on setting those rules and we are about protecting the rights of going to see that come next week students to pray, to express when you actually start to see whatever their religious senator mcconnell, the denomination is in school spirit majority leader on the republican side, face how are we and to make sure our agencies are not discriminating against going to run this impeachment. he has the votes and as we know regulatory the way the last administration did. there is some concern about he barrels forward whether or not you have people like susan collins, the senator from maine, but also the senator from alaska and possibly joined by lamar alexander, the senate from tennessee. end may be made romney of utah to say senator mcconnell, we with us. and a moment, here is some more do think we have to have a ball out of the delta flight resolution about how we proceed crew. here. when we meet the impeachment of an emergency landing. what happened here? managers from the democratic side today, i think it's going did the pilots follow protocol? to be pretty much as dana perino we will look at that in a moment was describing it a formality as coming up. >> sandra: plus, new audio
7:15 am
just released from that exchange they leave these articles of impeachment. what you have to keep in mind as with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> i think you called me a liar they are characters and what is on national tv. going to be a character drama i think you called me a liar on national tv. despite the efforts saying we t. know the outcome is going to be prosaic. were going to meet some interesting she is one of the managers. a freshman. >> bret: let me interrupt you. of these are just some reporters coming out. we are getting ready for them to walk over to the senate side. this is activity happening because the senate just finished its vote on the new north american free-trade agreement. by a vote of 89-10. the usmca has now passed in the senate, which means it goes onto the president. this is the biggest bipartisan legislative achievement for president trump in his term.
7:16 am
i want to bring back in capitol hill correspondent, talking about the difference here of the success. and then the trail that is officially beginning today, chad. but it is significant that this new nafta, if you will, is finally across the finish line. to speak out again, the fact that people thought that this would be far-reaching, and look at that vote. 89-10. it was interesting just in the moments before the vote was closed that chuck schumer, senate minority leader came out and said that he was going to vote no because of environmental concerns, they got a lot of democrats on board. chuck schumer is somebody who will play both sides of the street on trade. he has applauded the president on certain things, especially china and currency manipulation. here, he votes no. the democrats especially in the house of representatives, they voted yes because they like the enforcement provisions. so they are going to walk these
7:17 am
articles of impeachment over a period they will over. going to receive these articles of impeachment. mitch mcconnell, so this is all pivoting from policy to the senate trail right before our eyes. >> bret: just one thing. the markets, all three indices in record territory right now. as a reaction, perhaps, to this usmca. >> martha: lee saw that yesterday too. i am reminded of some of the conversations when ts
7:18 am
7:19 am
>> bill: some of the audio from a tense moment the other night during the debate in iowa. we turn to the two leading democratic white house candidates. bernie sanders denied elizabeth warren's claims that he told her in 2018 that a woman could not win back the white house. here is the exchange first. roll this. >> i think you called me a liar on national tv. >> let's not do this right now. you want to have this
7:20 am
discussion, you call me. >> bill: okay. donna brazile, fox news contributor. how are you doing this morning? good morning to you. we have not had a chance to talk to you about this yet. >> well, first of all, it is clearly a private conversation that has now gone public. where do i stand? i believe that a woman can win the white house. former secretary of state hillary clinton got more votes in the primary, and more votes in the general election, so there is no question that women can win. put that aside. now let's focus on what is really happening. >> bill: does that sound to you like something that bernie sanders was a question mark >> you know, i know both of them very well. i don't want to get into a private conversation. i was on there. i was in the event a fly on the wall, but let me tell you what i do believe. i believe that they care about women's representation in american politics. i don't know what was said, but i do believe that they are both
7:21 am
champions of equality for all people. >> sandra: but this debate now has become very public. whether it was a private conversation or not, it is out there. what is this doing for the party and of the state of the race? >> we have progressives, and as you well know, we have moderates and conservatives. i don't think this will impact the party. it may impact the two of them, but remember, in the coming days, the voters in iowa i will have to stand up and support one of these candidates. will they support them based on their record, their vision, or will they try to get involved in figure out this somewhat public conversation? >> bill: you heard what joan said the other day. he found it dispiriting. did you find it this way? >> no, not at all, we are very good friends, and i respect his voice. anyone else who believes that this was a boring contest, remember, when you go to the
7:22 am
caucuses, if your candidate cannot claim 15% of the people in the room, you have to caucus with someone else. so why -- i mean, i'm sorry, but wised up on someone else when you might need their support? i cleaned it up, i hope. >> bill: you can't vote for someone else, you have the option to go home under the rules. >> but if you're going to step out of your house on a cold winter day, you are not stepping out because you want a beer, you are stepping out because you want to be like the new episode of the united states. >> sandra: let me read you headline. trump's reelection. he writes that democrats are either going to nominate an unelectable hard-core left-winger, or they are going to nominate a moderate who will be forced onto a wildly left-wing platform to avoid other chaos at the convention in milwaukee as the hard left
7:23 am
rebels. >> you know it? i love the former speaker. i know him very well. it sounds like he is referring back to the 2016 republican nomination, not the upcoming 2020 democratic nomination. i think that the democrats will elect not just the leader of the party but someone who can leave the country as well. we know that it is very difficult to deseed and incumbent candidate. he is underwater with many voters. our focus right now is to prepare for the upcoming caucuses and primaries and to support a candidate who we do believe can leave the united states. >> sandra: donna, it is january 16th. or do you have any idea? >> i haven't fallen in love. valentine's day is still a month away. >> bill: you have been using that for months now. >> i can't go it back somebody who is not running.
7:24 am
>> bill: that is when the sun at trial begins. it is all but i guarantee when the iowa caucus to explain on the 3rd of february that you're going to have several senators who want to be president. how do you gauge the effect of that on behalf of caucus voters? >> looks. there is no question that they will be sworn in today. this is a different type of oath that they will have to take. and i know that they respect the constitution. they respect of oath that they talk to their constituents. that is their first priority. running for president is going to be their second priority. >> bill: that wasn't the question, necessarily. it was the impact on the outcome. >> i don't know, bill, because we haven't been here before. but i do know this. is that in 2000, in the last impeachment, john mccain and several others who decided to run for president, they do their
7:25 am
duty. so i would respect that these members would also do their duty as well. >> sandra: all right. donna brazile. >> bill: i will let you slide on the last one. >> bill, baby, you can have me back next week or any time. you can find a way. this is mlk weekend. so let's respect the fact that we have a champion for democracy and freedom and justice. on monday, i'm going to celebrate martin luther king's birthday, and then i will tune in on tuesday. bless you. >> sandra: breaking news in the case of the mother of five. connecting the disappearance of jennifer jewelers, now revealing, and what we are learning about surveillance video prosecutors think may help prove their case. >> bill: a major player in the u.k. and scandal now says that president trump knew what was going on. what could that mean if it is true?
7:26 am
our a-team is going to take that on. >> it wasn't just military aid. basically, the relationships at that point, the most important one was the announcement of the fight ante investigation. and best picture of the year.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
>> bill: some breaking news out of washington. a report is just crossing the wire that a federal walk dog agencies is not the trump administration violated federal law and withholding security assessments from the ukraine. that freezes out the center of the impeachment issue, so we are watching for more on this. i report just coming out from the general accounting office in washington, d.c. stay tuned on that. >> i think that she really screwed up this process from the beginning. never brought along public support, never had enough evidence. the articles of impeachment. stuff like bribery, extortion, the mueller report, quid pro q
7:31 am
quo. some of their witnesses, things that they insisted would be included are simply not there. >> sandra: that was counselor to the president, kellyanne conway just a few moments ago. let's bring in the atm. kristen soltis anderson, fox news contributor. jason nichols, professor of african-american studies at the university of maryland. and ed rollins, also a fox news contributor. good morning to all of you and welcome. first of all, looking back to you this moment, how you can look back at what we are about to see. >> i was part of the nixon administration. and there were real crimes at that point. 39 people ended up going to jail. obviously, there was a crime. a lying under oath. in this case, they have still not made a case for a crime, so
7:32 am
the differences of the president will now have very significant lawyers to rule on these challenges. so i think you are going to find a shift in those guys. people have heard all of their stories. there could be a fatigue factor. my sense is that it will be quick. to those who want to take trump out. >> if you take a look at the way that upholds have not moved, they are going to pursue impeachment proceedings, it is a little bit bizarre that you had democrats really rush this process then i hang onto the articles of impeachment for a couple of weeks, just waiting to hopefully get a favorable process. now the argument is in the senate of how fast will that go? you have many democratic senators running for president who would much prefer to be on the ground and i want. i don't expect the numbers to move on this a lot unless one side or another just something dramatic in the process. >> bill: what could that be?
7:33 am
>> i don't know at this point. the big debate is whether or not there are two beats when this is broad, and if republicans were to call all blockbuster witness like hunter biden, that i could go in their favor by sort of bringing up again the story of him serving on the board of bereavement, where even voters who may not love the president would still think about was inappropriate behavior. it doesn't look like you are dragging out political candidates son into this? let's move on. >> i disagree. i think number one's, 50% of americans still support impeachment. they want to see some of the documents. again, with some of the things that have been coming down -- >> sandra: youths two different things. supporting impeachment, versus supporting the process. >> rate. 50% support impeachment, and i think people want to see the process. they want to see witnesses, they want documents. they want to make this as
7:34 am
transparent as possible. in the president has not allowed for that to happen. >>ppen. they are going to have to be there as witnesses. it ispen. we still don't know it -- clinton was not out of public hearing. everyone thought it would be this great tv show. we don't know that. we don't know what the rules are. and i can tell you that we know what the house is going to present. we have heard that now four months and months. you have not heard the counter. she is very accomplished lawyers. >> every morning when mitch mcconnell wakes up, what he has for breakfast as confirming more judges. anything that will take their attention away, that is something i don't think he's going to want to want to. he does not want a long trial.
7:35 am
>> sandra: he also published this piece on that it should be postponed until the house finishes investigations. the democratic strategy is becoming clear. they have half-baked impeachment articles, rushed through the investigation, forgoing saline witnesses and evidence because of the political calendar. >> so i think that there is some truth to this as far as the fact that there is more evidence that keeps coming out, more information that keeps presenting itself. i think that democrats took the evidence they had, and they made a very compelling case. we have 17 witnesses. you have people who have a relationship with the president who say that there was quid pro quo. i think that what it was essentially in the inquiry, is a grand jury investigation. you saw that you should have a trial. that is eventually what the grand jury does. so i think that the trial is
7:36 am
justified, and i think that we need to see some of these witnesses on the president and his men did not allow to come forward. >> bill: you want that to happen? and if that happens, then you would go that's for that. are you okay with that? >> we need fact witnesses. not people who are distract witnesses like hunter biden, who knows nothing -- >> bill: you may not get your wish on that. if he is right, your theory about a couple weeks and done won't happen. >> hunter biden is not going to be brought up here for all of the reasons you say, the same way that john bolton -- i was the same level as bolden. of the president had a right to hear my counsel and not have me drag out for a congressional hearing. that is what executive privilege has always been. you are not going to see bolton or anybody else drag up there. the president is going to basically tell him what he can
7:37 am
put in his book. they will not tell him not to go testify. no one knows what he is going to say. he is not the big magic witness that is going to turn everything around. >> it does feel like you're progress, there are hopes that they were as a person out here that will have the magic bullet to take down drum. he had michael avenatti, who is in federal custody. michael cohen, i believe he is still in prison. and now you have him, they think he is going to be that guy. there is this consistent -- this is going to be that way. none of them have turned out quite the way the democrats have hoped. >> i don't think anybody thinks that he is necessarily the most credible person. men lie, women lie. gender nonbinary people live. the documents and timelines may not. this is why we need more documentation.
7:38 am
we want to see what it is that he has to offer. speak to you >> sandra: that goes back to andy mccarthy's case. >> they made a delivery decision. certainly not a two week trial. >> it would take about ten months. >> bill: 15 seconds. cutting a deal for 21 years in jail. do you see mcconnell and schumer cutting a deal? >> absolutely not. >> bill: to say that we will allow these democratic candidates -- >> absolutely not. this is much mcconnell show at this point in time. he is going to win the day here. >> bill: okay. thank you guys. busy day on the hill. bret baier, martha maccallum. they host our special coverage of the impeachment proceedings. you will see it live from the senate. it begins at 11: 45 eastern time. stay tuned for that.
7:39 am
>> sandra: meanwhile, the case of the missing connecticut mother, jennifer dulos. laura ingle is following that for from new york. what are they revealing? >> we are learning more about how investigators have been putting together the case, looking through these pages of search warrants, which police had kept under wraps until yesterday. investigators list evidence of a physical altercation between fotis dulos and his then wife, jennifer. domestic calls to police along with accounts from the couple's nanny, florian. in june of 2017, she stated she ran to the driveway and found jennifer crying. jennifer said that her husband tried to hit her with his vehicle, and she needed to jump out of the way. custody trials were in progress. she was witness to him chasing her through the house, she says. she came running into the
7:40 am
bedroom, jennifer did, and slammed the door close. she braced herself against the door, lorenzen, and her husband kept pounding, trying to open it. she was in the bedroom at this time was one of the children and directly witnessed it. this is coming from police. investigators say that there is surveillance footage in hartford from the night that jennifer dulos managed, showing both fotis dulos and his then girlfriend throwing bags into the dumpster. now, those bags later tested positive, as we know, for jennifer dulos' blood. they had previously told police that she was there that night. she said she didn't know what he was doing. well, a preliminary review of the warrant will lead us to believe that there is nothing that we didn't expect or have heard about. police really have no idea what happened to genera.
7:41 am
this remains an open case in our view. they are both out on bond and are expected to return to court next month. >> sandra: new details reveal their pure laura, thank you. >> bill: 42 million americans. how would that work? we will find out in a moment. speak to how much what i called this? phase one of the china trade deal. so, how big of a win is it? moneyman charles payne. ♪ i suffered with psoriasis for so long. i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. it was kind of a shock after... i started cosentyx. i wasn't covered anymore. four years clear. five years now. i just look and feel better. see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last.
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