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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 16, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. don't forget to do th dvr the sw if you can figure out how that works. good night from los angeles. sean hannity takes over. >> sean: did you try out in-n-out burger? yes or no? breakfast, lunch, dinner. they are the best. double-double. cheese. welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. get this. james comey, i hope you are sitting down for this. big breaking news, only moments ago, federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating high-level leaks, classified material from the fbi and the super patriot himself, according to reports is likely the target of a criminal probe. remember, only a few months ago in an unrelated case, the doj
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respected -- he lacked candor surrounding his communication with president trump. they will have details, analysis, and more on this major story coming up first, tonight, more manufactured hysteria frome d.c. swamp. let me be clear. there is absolutely nothing significant, nothing meaningful about this charade, this miscarriage of justice on capitol hill. conspiracy theorists, con artists, and liars, the same people that have been doing it for the last three years, they are now dragging this country through the mud. it's all out of psychosis and insanity. i want to begin with this monologue. i want to ask everyone a simple question. answer in your mind's eye, the question. i really want you to think about it. since donald trump was elected in 2016, thank you, what have
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democrats, what have the media, what have you ever done to improve the lives of americans? now, have they done anything to create jobs for our safety, security, peace? on today's cover of "the new york post," perfect representation of what i am talking about. on the one side, you have president trump, signing what many thought could never be done. a really great historic trade deal with china. $220 billion in the next two years alone. this year and next year. that will impact the energy sector, the service sector, manufacturing sector, our farmers benefit greatly. $220 billion. that helps the american economy. it helps american workers. on the other side of the picture, there's nancy pelosi, smiling, signing off on two bogus articles of impeachment, and taking pictures with, yes, nancy's blatant political stunt
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will improve the lives of zero americans. it will add zero jobs to the economy. it does nothing to make us more safe or secure. we all know the outcome. it's going to die in the senate. just a few months ago that they said it must be bipartisan. no republican supported it. then, she ran through articles of impeachment with the supports of only democrats. she also said the impeachment was so dire and so urgent, we've got to pass it in record time. she then refused to send the article to the senate for over a month. a weeklong stall that almost no one can explain. they passed it so quickly before christmas so they could go on vacation for three weeks. don't forget, by the way, nancy pelosi, speaker in name only, constantly reminding "we the people" impeachment was her solemn duty. she was so somber. of course, that, also a lie. take a look. >> this is a very serious matter
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and we take it to heart. and a really solemn way. so sad. so tragic for our country. december 18th, a great day for the constitution of the united states, a sad one for america that the president's reckless activities resuscitated us, are having to introduce articles of impeachment. this is nothing that anybody takes any satisfaction in. it's sad for our country. there is no joy in this. it's sad. we must be somber. we must be prayerful. >> sean: sad, somber, prayerful. do you want a pen? i've got dozens of them. he smiled for the camera. we did it. so pelosi was so somber and prayerful, she gleefully handed the pen to her smiling
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colleagues so they could all take pictures together after signing the articles, all smiles. a political stunt born out of rage from beginning to end. now, the democratic charade continues in the u.s. senate. tonight, they want to introduce charges and material and witnesses that were not part of the case. a member, the sole power of the constitution to impeach is in the house. they passed it already. a few weak republican senators tried to help their democratic colleagues and allowed them to call new witnesses to do the job, the constitutional duty of the house and enter all this new evidence. guess what's going to happen? this actually is a great thing. i want to hear from zero experience, hunter biden who has paid millions of dollars, no experience. while my. what a deal. what company would ever give you millions when you know nothing about the business? and then, of course, we've got quid pro quo joe. let's bring him into testify. you are not getting the billio
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billions. the fake hearsay whistle-blower should be called to testify. but perhaps, my favorite will be calling the compromised corrupt congenital liar, adam schiff. let's put him under oath. senator ten cruise and ron paul senator paul is predicting no republican will convict the president. i tend to agree with him except mitt romney. mitt romney hates donald trump. every second of every day. meanwhile, donald trump is doing everything that romney said he would do if he had got elected president. it makes no sense to me. kentucky senator, rand paul. senator, good to you. that's a long-standing debate we have. >> i'll straighten you out on that tonight. >> sean: this is important, because we really do have. can you think of any company, anywhere in the world, that paid
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millions and millions of dollars to someone who had zero experience? would any business ever do that? >> law, he goes to the heart of the matter. his argument was, well, we were studying corruption and we wanted to know about correction icorruptionin the ukraine. no young man who is the son of a politician gets 50 grand a mon month. >> sean: 83. i think it was 83. >> working for a ukrainian oligarch. for goodness' sakes, it smells to high heaven. it smells like corruption. every day on the mainstream media, they say oh, this has been investigated. those are corruption. i think the american people don't buy it. here's the thing. fair is fair. if they're going to put the president through this, they are going to have to have witnesses on both side. but i will tell you what my fear is. some republicans are going to vote for witnesses. they will get the ones that democrats want.
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and then when you have the votes on bringing witnesses or letting the president trues his witnesses, i think those will fail. not only because of -- they may not allow the whistle-blower. may not allow biden, because they served with him. it turns out, the republican base sees that i guarantee that the republican base will punish those people who have set up that kind of scenario. >> sean: 100%. i can't support any republican that does that. i can tell you right now. i can't. >> the republican base is going to be very unhappy. this is not an ordinary vote. everyone in the country is watching. there was not one republican that supported impeachment in the house. i don't think it will be in the senate but if people play games with the witnesses and all of the sudden we have one side and we have john bolton, but we don't let the president call witnesses he wishes to call, i
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think all is going to break loose. the republican electorate is going to boot out anyone who allows this to be a one sided episode. it's the got to applaud you. good for you. good for ted cruz. this is important. you are not getting the billion taxpayer dollars. it is breathtaking hypocrisy where we are here. you are calling it out and we will watch very closely. i hope your prediction is right in the end. senator, thank you for being with us. now, the left's latest desperate attempt to smear president trump, keep his impeachment charade alive. it's insane. adam schiff, he attached an addendum to the articles of impeachment. he's got no evidence. filled with random documents from any ukrainia a ukrainian. what is he accused of?
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orchestrating a massive campaign finance fraud scream. oh, and hiding, you can't make this up, a million-dollar payment from where? russia. this guy is apparently the -- they are making him their hero. he's accused of hiding it from russia. these are the same people, especially on fake news cnn and area 51, rachel maddow's conspiracy channel. they put out -- last i heard, he is in jail facing a ton of charges. good luck to him.
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naturally, he is making the rounds in the media mob, including an appearance last night on conspiracy tv. rachel maddow's program, this is basically a hoax filled dumpster fire of never ending fake news. never ending conspiracy theories directed by the democratic party dressed up as an intellectual new show. while, it's pathetic how wrong they have been over there the last three years. ever get an apology? no apologies. no accountability. nothing. whoops. wrong again. now, let's move onto the the next lying anti-trump a narrative and new shady guest like avenatti and new conspiracy theories. don't be fooled. it's garbage. they hype up the ante trump basis of the left wing. but, we got him this time.
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last night's interview, no exception. now, we are talking about a guy that got paid, apparently, according to prosecutors in the southern district of new york, millions of dollars were rushed over. now, accusing president trump and pretty much everyone in his administration of pretty much everything he can think of. now, when you face a possible jail term and you think you say something that might either eliminate the jail term or might lower the jail term, most people would pretty much say anything. that's how much credibility i put in the sky. the president was clear today that he doesn't know the guy. but there are pictures of him and the president. i've done a lot. i've actually seen pictures online. i have no idea who these people are. the president doesn't remember the sky. he said so repeatedly today. the doj says that his claims are 100% false. his claims are full of glaring holes and contradictions. whoops he daisy
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they felt compelled to speak out and say don't trust the sky. >> he's spoken to key officials within president zelensky's circle. since you were one of those and you were when it happened, did you get that message from him? >> it's all ukrainian media as well, and strangely enough -- again, i don't trust any word he is now saying. >> sean: no quid pro quo. remember, there were five separate high-level meetings after the phone call. all those five medians, they never mentioned him. that's going to be a big point that the feds or the president is going to make. let's get this straight, the
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ukrainian government tell my president is one in all of us. he is charged with getting paid by the country of russia. but according to the mob, we must all believe all of his breathtaking allegations. wow. i thought they didn't like people that colluded with russia. take a look. >> i'm trying to remember the last time that an interview revealed as much as rachel maddow's interview. it was breathtaking. >> sean: joe, your change of heart to be on tv is also breathtaking, liberal joe. maybe you're just dumb, or maybe
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you're just lying. after all the con artists and the media mob, they've been lying for years. they spread one hoax, one conspiracy theory after another, after another, after another. last night, they told us that the president was a russian op. claiming the russian dossier was totally legit. everyone claiming that the president colluded with russian. we are about to show you that that is false. they've never been held accountable. they've never apologized. we were right on this program. simultaneously, they missed premeditated fraud on a fisa court. no, we did all that. take a look. >> multiple u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the briefing. classified documents on russian interference in the 2016 election.
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they presented president obama allegations that russian -- >> a certain dossier of alleged hurts that the russians allegedly say they have on donald trump. >> then candidate, donald trump, knew in advance about the june 2016 meeting in trump tower. >> he paid secret visits, multiple ones to ones to julian sanchez at the embassy in london. >> president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress. >> sean: everything you heard there is a total lie. it wrong. dead wrong.
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they are pushing the psychotic ante trump conspiracy theories. it was happening right before their eyes. we are proud of our investigating team and are reporting here on "hannity," because we got it right. we've been vindicated by the inspector general and we expect further than vindication. fisa abuse, premeditated fraud on a fisa court. yeah, he was spied upon by our own government at the height of an election. we were right about mueller's partisan witch hunt. oh, showing less than candor, lack of candor. meanwhile, the mob, too busy about obsessing over a hoax. they pushed the dirty clinton bought and paid for russian dossier. it's now verifiable. even "the new york times"
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finally came around ed said, yeah, that dirty dossier. that would mean, oh, it sounds like russia put dirt out there to help hillary. they are so upset about trump-russia collusion that never occurred. they don't care. they've learned nothing. all they know is hatred, rage, all things anti-trump. they've lost all touch with basic reason, common sense, intellectual honesty, equal justice and application of our laws. the media is a mob. they are also part of a mob and they are suffering from psychosis. fake news cnn who clearly is promoting schiff is --
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good for her. watch this. >> she made it very clear that she was going to answer that question. the question, whether or not the senate should consider any evidence that has come out as part of the deliberation of the senate considering whether to remove the president from offi office. >> should the senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial? >> you are a liberal hack. i'm not talking here. >> you are not to comment? >> sean: you are a liberal hack. what a great model in dealing with the fake news industry. >> ukraine is telling us not to trust him. democrats, they don't care. radio legend, rush limbaugh predicted months ago that this may have been in the works for months. nothing they do surprises me.
6:20 pm
remembeevery other weekend, theo line up. the boys would line in the halls. they would rape these young women almost every other weekend. well, i never saw justice kavanaugh. it takes a long time to get to the truth. take a look. >> who's next? >> well, i want to throw out a name. and let's see if i'm right. let's just see. the name is lev parnas. lev parnas could well be the next surprise twist, the surprise witness for the democrats. i think this is going to be
6:21 pm
schiff's next guy. this is the next bombshell, meaning the whistle-blower is no longer necessary. his information has been trumped, so to speak by lev parnas. >> sean: good call, rush. here's the reaction. white house chief of staff, former congressman, matt gaetz. doesn't it fit a pattern? through the beginning. doesn't fit the same pattern of what they do, how the act, how wrong they always are? >> yeah, i remember the night of the fake dossier, trying to put that to bed. you hit on something. if you watch the rachel maddow interview last night, when she finished her show and then lawrence o'donnell took over, he was congratulating her about the interview and he said, you must have been working on this for a long time. and she said, i've been working on this interview for months. if you go back, that's what she said. so, in other words, schiff knew,
6:22 pm
pelosi knew, slow walk in the articles of impeachment. they all knew. they were all in on it. so my point has been, as you and i have been talking about a lot lately, she's not treating this as if it's a real trial and not a political operation. this is a new political weapon in our modern political world. 100 years from now, if a president doesn't have the house, that president is going to be impeached. so, it's time to play hardball. i love the phrase "reciprocal witness list." it's exactly right and biden is needed in order for us to test the reasonableness of the president bringing up corrupti corruption. hunter biden is needed to test what this case is all about. >> sean: well-said. matt gaetz, i think this is important. the president said something.
6:23 pm
you are surrounding yourself with some of the same people as your predecessors. i don't think that's a good idea. that was revealing, because it showed the president thinking, wait a minute. i don't know if i can trust you. then, we have the whole issue of all of the corruption. you know, the president does have a sworn duty to faithfully execute the laws of our land. they never once talked about it, matt. >> if anything, it proves that the president was entirely correct to be skeptical about ukraine and whether or not corruption would impact u.s. investment in that country. democrats are really scraping the bottom of the barrel if they think that lev parnas is their star witness. we've all successfully smoked out that the steele dossier was a part of a foreign interference campaign against our democracy. it may very well be with these russian payments to lev parnas
6:24 pm
as part of a disinformation campaign. as this moves to the senate and we look at witnesses, sean, one witness i want to see is adam schiff. there should be a motion to disqualify him as an impeachment manager. >> sean: i don't think they have the stomach for it. that bothers me. >> yeah, no doubt about it. guess what, sometimes the best defense is the "so what" defen defense. if everything lev parnas is right, it's still not impeachable. >> sean: great point. the only quid pro quo is joe n0 experience hunter. thank you both. when we come back, senator marsha blackburn. she will be here. coming up. ♪ it's "progressive on ice."
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♪ >> sean: all right, the democrats schiff sham impeachment show is officially headed to the senate. republican senator, marsha blackburn has a good idea. senators are "spending millions of dollars to defeat donald trump and we are supposed to believe they will be impartial during this trial?" senator, it makes total sense to me. >> absolutely. i think that they should take themselves out of this trial and they took an oath that they are going to give the marshall justice. if you are spending those millions of dollars and hundreds of hours, sean, how in the world can you do that? if these guys are out there in
6:30 pm
iowa campaign this weekend, they need to think long and hard about coming back and saying they are going to be an impartial juror in this trial. >> sean: does it take a sworn oath to be fair? >> they took an oath today. you know, the thing is, there is precedence for asking for refusal. when you look at that trial of andrew johnson, there was a request fair for someone who would have seceded president president johnson to recuse themselves from that trial. i think that those who are sitting as a juror, they have been sworn in and they are running for president and would benefit by president trump facing this impeachment, i think that they should recuse themselves from this discussion. >> sean: wire some of your son and colleagues talking about bringing in
6:31 pm
new witnesses? they will now make their case. why do some senate republicans want to bolster their case? speaker you are right about th that. you said something very important. it is the sole responsibility of the house to impeach. it is our responsibility to review the impeachment once it is delivered to us. those two articles and to go outside of that is to go outside of our constitutional duty. so, we should review the articles. we should hear what the managers have to say from the house and the president's team, their position, and then we should ask our questions. of course, i feel that the president will be acquitted. when you look at the partial record and the sloppy work that
6:32 pm
has been done over in the house, and now, they are bringing into us and they are saying, well, you need to expand this. that is not our job. if jerry nadler wants to hear from witnesses, he should be doing work himself. yes. >> sean: all right, senator, thank you. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> sean: also, tonight, the left is ecstatic over the g o -- now, the acting director, he's firing back. he wrote this. "it comes from the same people who say, we couldn't keep national parks open during the shutdown." the administration complied with the law at every step. "the new york times" is reporting that the doj probe into leaks of classified
6:33 pm
material is focused on mr. super patriot himself. that's right, comey. let's start with the legal side. professor. >> well, first of all, the name of my book is "guilt by accusation." 199 on kindle. the cost of a candy bar. here's what they said. the law does not permit the president to substitute his own priorities. it's exactly the opposite. the constitution does not allow congress to substitute its own priorities for the foreign policy of the president. congress dented support the iran deal. president obama imposed the iran deal because the president has exclusive power over foreign policy.
6:34 pm
imagine congress in the future saying, we are going to give aid to cuba. the president says, "no, that's not my foreign policy. "it is unconstitutional for a statute to take away the president's sole authority over foreign policy. the only limitation on is that he can't to declare war. other than that, he can decide who not to give money to. what he did, he never stopped the money from going, but was trying to make sure there was no corruption. completely within his constitutional power and congress has no authority to compromise that. the gao is completely wrong. >> sean: the gao thought that obama broke the law many times. >> yet, multiple times the gao.
6:35 pm
of course, the media never made any pay about it. sean, the thing is so frustrating is that the money flowed. what's the problem here? the money actually went to ukraine. it went before the deadline. thank goodness president trump is doing what he promised to do. he is not just going to simply take hundreds of millions of dollars and throw it into the government without making sure that they are actually going to do things like clean up corruption. that's what the president said he was going to do. that's exactly what president trump has tried to do. and the gao for them to come out with this result is absolutely wrong. it is totally 100% wrong and i totally agree with the profess professor. >> remember, it's a congressional organization. they always side with congress over the president, because they work for congress. even though they are nonpartisan, they work for congress to, not the executive
6:36 pm
branch. >> sean: i paid for a hard copy of this book. if i would have known you could get it for one dollar $0.99. all right, buckle up. you don't want to miss this. the great one. what's really motivating the democrats during this impeachment hopes, charade. later, the war inside the democratic party, reaching a breaking point. we are going to tell you why. we will see if they fight again tonight. straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: last night, "jeopard "jeopardy" contestants were
6:41 pm
stumped. take a look. >> 153rd of california's house delegation is this chairman. his name is adam schiff. >> sean: he hosted the number one show. 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. life, liberty. nationally syndicated radio host and friend of the program. i know you've got a lot to say tonight. i won't even throw a question at you. >> let's start. remember this? anybody remember this? this was the mueller report. hundreds of witnesses. millions of pages of documents. nothing. they still have nothing. i want to tell you how concerned the democrats are about foreign interference in our elections. first of all, obama did nothing to stop the russians from interfering in the 2016 election. in fact, the administration spied on the president of the
6:42 pm
united states when he was a candidate. it was hillary clinton. you know all this. let's talk about the democrats and how serious they are about foreign interference in our elections. i'll go to my book, briefly, if i may. back in the 1990s, we had a president by the name of bill clinton. he was impeached, but he wasn't impeached for what i'm about to talk about. he was running for reelection. the media didn't care about the scandal that broke. the "l.a. times" and a few others did. the chief of china's military intelligence -- form is autocratichung said he s with intelligence and officials who ordered $300,000, deposited into a bank account to subsidize, or according to sources. he spent around a great deal of
6:43 pm
foreign money and bought himself repeated access to the white house. he could have contributed more than $400,000. this is chinese military money. visited the white house no fewer than 50 times and brought numerous chinese associates to events with the president and first lady, hillary clinton. that would have been trump's opponent, you might have remembered i. he raised $1.2 million for the clinton legal defense fund and the dmc. he dropped off a donation of $460,000 at the washington office of the clinton defense fund with some of the money made out in the same handwriting. he visited the white house 22 times. "los angeles times." another longtime friend of president clinton.
6:44 pm
he pleaded guilty. he wasn't involved. the times also noted that former democratic fund-raiser, john, a onetime official, pleaded guilty in the scandal a few years ago. what did he do? he raised more than $1.5 million from illegal foreign source. visited the white house 78 times. there is your democrat party. what did nancy pelosi say? when the red chinese military was spreading millions of dollars around to the clinton c, to the dnc, and all the rest? she didn't say a thing. where was the independent counsel investigation? there was no investigation. where was most of the media? here's another one for you democrats out there. in the 1980s, we had a president called ronald reagan. he was popular. but kennedy wanted to stop his reelection paired what did he do? information in the files.
6:45 pm
it's been reported by the london times. in the finals of the kgb. the lion of the senate, who many on the left wanted to be president of the united states, tried to collaborate with the kgb to defeat ronald reagan. ronald reagan, in his second term. there is your democratic party. what else? oh, the gao comes out. another bureaucracy. donald trump broke the law. it's not what it says. donald trump broke the law, they say. well, if donald trump broke the law, as they point out in media today, well, then so did joe biden. remember that billion dollars that joe biden said, hey, look, you are not getting that billion dollars unless you fire that prosecutor? well, that billion dollars was appropriated by congress in march, 2014 by a vote of 399-19 in the house. 98-2 in the senate.
6:46 pm
he tried to blackmail the ukrainians and he tried to threaten withholding of funds. now, we have this guy, left lev parnas. who is he? he is the latest gathered the democrats are going to grab. he has been indicted on multiple felony accounts. he is a foreigner who used foreign money and try to put foreign money into the campaign. now, the democrats want to hear from him and the media call it evidence. evidence? where is michael avenatti today? he's in jail. remember the star, stormy daniels? where is she? where is he? he is in federal prison. now, something funny about these two articles of impeachment. there is no constitutional
6:47 pm
violation. there is no statutory violation. there is no violation of a federal court order. this is why they keep throwing up smoke. and i want to tell these five republicans of the senate, the weak links in the chain, romney, collins, murkowski, gardner, and the other one skips my mind, luckily. alexander. let me tell you something. you have a duty to uphold the constitution. what the house of robert representatives has done here is destroy the constitution. it's your job to stop them. not by calling witnesses that the democrats want. no. no witnesses. no witnesses. this should be dismissed. this is a disgrace. that's it. the one great one. sunday night, 8:00 p.m., right here, fox news. number one show sunday night at 8:00 p.m. spending money in the hopes of hurting the biden campaign.
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♪ >> sean: here to react, fox news correspondent, geraldo rivera, dan. you've got to help me out here. just totally ignoring quid pro quo joe. how does the left do that? >> i don't think that they will be able to, sean. i think that biden is fair game. once that starts unraveling, let me just say in a broader sense that the fact that joe biden is still the front runner is an indication of how weak the democratic field is.
6:53 pm
with all due respect to the former vice president and the gaps and all the rest of it, when you look at that deal, there's no way on earth that they can stand toe-to-toe with the president. when i'm disappointed with, sean, is that you failed to mention when you introduced me the fact that, you know, i have a robust life in terms of liking a drink now and then. i've been sober for a week, because i promised not to have a glass of alcohol until the president is acquitted, because i'm confident he will be. the sooner, the better, so he can get the party back on. >> sean: [laughs] maybe it's a good thing. >> yeah, listen, sean, if this was any other prominent politician on tape like joe biden is on tape threatening
6:54 pm
to have a prosecutor fired who was in fact fired, was investigating his son, who had come as you adequately say, no experience to get this 50 50-$80,000 a month. whatever it was? it's bad either way. it would be an international scandal. the fact that the media has downplayed this now that joe biden is running for president. >> sean: downplayed? they act as though nothing wrong happened. >> what's interesting about this is that they didn't cover it before joe biden started to run. now that joe biden could potentially hurt trump, now, all of a sudden, they want to bury it, which is even worse than never covering it at all. >> now that they've tried to implicate the vice president,
6:55 pm
guess who is president of the united states if they successfully remove the president and the vice president? >> sean: i'm getting the vapors. it is frightening. sean, listen, at some point, they're going to have to produce a victim. they are on camera saying, i don't know what this guy -- [laughter] >> sean: the foreign minister is saying don't believe a word this guy says. all right, when we come back, can't make this up, humpty dumpty, fake news cnn. a documentary of fake news. wow. straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: all right, fake news cnn, humpty dumpty announcing his work with hbo on a documentary about fake news. not a joke. even humpty dumpty's friend, some assistant named oliver that thinks he knows me is tweeting, i may or may not be in this one.
7:00 pm
are they going to talk about cnn settling with nicholas sandmann, or multiple fake news stories about russia collusion? doubt it. if humpty and his wannabe assistant, exposed by his own journalism, what your network. let not your heart be troubled, lauren graham, big show tonight. >> laura: hannity, i know you are very upset about the jim comey developments. i have one of those fruit bouquets on its way to you because i know you are very broken up by the investigation into comey's leaks. why did it take them so long? that's my question. >> sean: yeah, i think we know. lack of candor, government documents, i think i will put all of us in jail. >> laura: those were his personal documents, in the sedan paid for by the u.s. taxpayer. have it mike wright show as always. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. this is going to be the go to
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