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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 18, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> we begin with breaking news from buckingham palace as we learn prince harry and meghan markle will no longer be working members of the royal family. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric sean. it is the latest in the royal riff, beginning with the couple stepping back from royal role as senior royals. kitty logan has been following this astounding news from london. kitty, are they fired, did the queen fire them or what does this exactly mean? >> reporter: this is an agreement that was made between the royal family and harry and meghan. there are two statements, one from the queen, a personal statement effective wishing the
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duke and duchess of sus e sex sl in their future plans. the titles, touche an duke and f cycle, they will be no more. they will give up their titles. they're confirming they're going to step back from all their royal duties including military appointments. they will no longer receive public funds. this is very important. this is taxpayer money from the british public that goes into the royal family. there was a lot of concern, i think, that the couple would try to keep some level of funding. that has been made very clear in this statement that they will be independent financially. also, interesting to note, that they will repay the renovation costs for their home in windsor, that was another criticism that had been given by the british public. all in all, it seems like this is a fairly amicable settlement. we will now see, we understand,
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that harry and meghan will take up residence in canada. what happens with them from now on privately, that he remains to be seen. eric: maybe their not fired, but they're retired, echos of king edward's abdication in the 1930s. what's the reaction on the streets of london to this news? >> reporter: thing this is much of what the british public would have wanted in this statement. this is some of the criticism that was leveled at them since the original announcement came from harry and meghan. there was concern that they would try to if you like make the best of both worlds and have public funding, yet carry on their private life. this really i think puts a lot of those concerns to rest, particularly the agreement to repay the renovation cost for the u.k. property, also the fact that they're giving up the titles, there's no concern ethel try and market or find financial leverage from those titles. i think a lot of those concerns have been put to rest.
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obviously, this is a momentous decision for the royal family. prince harry was very popular here and he objectl -- obviousle a loss to the queen and the royal family. i think many people here will wish them well although i think many members of the public are puzzled by the decision. eric: thanks so much for the latest from london. arthel: joining us by phone right now is charlie lang stonee ton, the editor of the daily are you in london right now? >> i'm actually in new york. i've had a lot of text messages from people in london. this is as you guys said a bombshell announcement. arthel: why don't you share if you could, you don't have to tell us who unless it's pertinent to the story and we would love to hear a it but tell us about the text messages you've been receiving.
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>> a i think a lot of people are very surprised. as was said, this is an agreement the public would have wanted, a lot of people did not want harry and meghan to continue receiving money from the royal family and the government in the u.k. but i don't think that anyone foresaw really them losing their titles. really, we had understood that they would keep them, as just kind of an opportunity to represent the royal family. and this is a really big indication that they are not getting everything that they wanted. the two of them said in their original statement that they wish to keep representing the queen. that has been made very clear will not happen and i think many people are surprised that the queens has taken such a hard line. arthel: did the queen have a choice, charlie, because, because of public outcry, saying listen they're either royals, they're in or they're out and we don't want to as taxpayers keep funding their way of life as royals. if they were the to keep -- have kept their royal titles, then there would have been some of the moneys pulled from the royal
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bank, if you will. >> absolutely. and i think people would have been very upset and very a angry, have that continue to happen. the fact the two of them are losing their royal titles does signify this is a clean break and i think there will be a lot of upset in the u.k. because as was said, harry is a beloved member of the royal family, he's extremely popular and so to see him walk away from this royal life in this way is quite sad a. arthel: do you think meghan and harry thought that they would be stripped of their royal titles? >> you know, i think that this represents the fact that the two of them are incredibly okay to walk away. i'm sure they would have loved more of a compromise, to continue being the duke and duchess of sussex and to continue representing the queen in different engagements and different responsibilities but this indicates to me that the two of them were so eager to walk away, that they took everything that was offered to them by the royal family.
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so they've agreed to this because they do not want to kind of keep following royal regulations and royal rules. however, they were really interested in kind of keeping a toe in the water as it were, and it's been made very clear to them that that is not an opportunity, not a possibility and i think a lot of people will be very pleased to see that the queen has said you're in or you're out. there's no middle ground. arthel: so meghan and harry say they're going to repay the reno fees for their frogmore cottage, $3.1 million. that means that will be their property outright, they can keep that property so when they want to come back to britain they can live there. >> absolutely. arthel: right? go ahead. >> how often had they come back to the u.k. i think is going to be the real question now. this clean break really does mean that should they choose to, they could be in canada full-time. if that's what they want and sources tell us that is what they want, then they can base
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themselves in canada as their full-time home and return to the u.k. when they wish to visit family. this is a big announcement, especially because of their son, archie. this indicates that he may not be brought up ever in the u.k. and when it comes to him getting older and going to school, that's going to raise a lot of big questions. because many people will be asking will he be educated in the u.k., will he be educated in canada, will they move to the us. even though this is a divisive announcement, it raises more questions that need to be answered. arthel: here's a question, what about harry's citizenship, what about harry's inheritance? >> buckingham palace has told us harry will remain in the u.k. and there will be further compensation with the queen -- conversation with the queen on monday. a lot ofs those details will be hammered out, will they get visas to canada, will they be full-time residents in canada, what will happen with the inheritance money he received over to north america.
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a lot of questions still to be answered. arthel: and i'm -- i need to go but give me one of those text messages, give me an idea. i know you said everybody is talking about it, they're surprised. is there one text message you received that just really speaks to this issue at hand? >> i think i'll quote my mother. oh, my goodness, i can't believe it, the queen actually told them they have to go. and that really sums it up for me. arthel: moms always have a way of saying things. charlie langston, editor of i'm sure we'll talk to you later on. eric: we'll be covering this story throughout the rest of the afternoon. the impeachment preparations continue on capitol hill this weekend in washington. the house managers facing the deadline to present evidence in the impeachment trial, they have three hours left, at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. this as the house intelligence committee is releasing new
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records, records from the former associate of rudy giuliani, from lev parnas regarding the devin nunes. lucas tomlinson joins us with side of the story and all of it from capitol hill. >> reporter: we're a few hours away from the deadline when house democrats for mallly make their case against president trump. the white house will have an hour to respond. last night the speaker of the house appeared to be gloating on late night tv. >> there are some people who actually have said that he wanted to be impeached. just for the record, being impeached is a bad thing, right? [ laughter ] >> and you're impeached forever. [ cheering and applause ] >> no matter what the senate does, it can never b be erased. >> reporter: last night house democrats released new documents claiming what they say the trump
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administration wanted -- lev parnas and derek harvey, a former harvey colonel and aide to congressman devin nunes, a leading defendant of the president, showing them working to you arrange interviews with ukraine officials who claim to have dirt on the bidens. lev parnas could be a key conditions for the democrats. eric: it's going to start 1:00 p.m. on tuesday. do we have more information this afternoon on any possible senate witnesses at the trial? >> reporter: that's a possibility. of course, the democrats would love to have john bolton appear of before them and if that happens, republicans want to hear from the former vice president, his son, hunter biden. one republican said, enough with the witnesses. >> there is no need for additional witnesses. we do have to remember that this is going to extend quite a while if you have additional witnesses, s it will go on much
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longer. we've got several senators that would rather be out on the presidental campaign trail. >> reporter: you can bet elizabeth warren and bernie sanders do not want to be here in washington for a long impeachment trial. they would rather be on the campaign trail. eric: thanks so much. arthel: we're going to bring in steph white. will you tell us more about the revelations in the latest lev parnas documents, the text messages released by the house intel committee. >> what these latest documents show us, there seems to be more communication, there was more communication between republicans in the house and with giuliani during the time that they were pushing to have the former ambassador to the ukraine removed which is of course significant that devin nunes would have been connected in some way, that his office would have been communicating with giuliani's team as well. so that's one of the big revelations. this really gives democrats some
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new ammunition to try to get new witnesses and new documents when as we're going into the t senate trial next week and it's unclear whether republicans are leaning towards this yet. susan collins has said she would consider, that she's likely to vote for some of the witnesses but -- arthel: let me set a couple things up. i know you have a lot of items you want to run down. first of all, we're talking about derek harvey, who is implicated in the e-mail as supposedly in frequent contact with lev parnas and mr. harvey is a top aide to congressman nunes. so in a few hour -- few short he are expecting the house to lay out terms of what the house managers plan to present to the senate as part of the case. considering the uncovering of new claims by lev parnas who is one step removed from president trump by way of rudy giuliani, can we expect house prosecution to compel the -- senate to
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introduce witnesses into the trial and parnas' at that time n aside, would the allegations pique the interest to call witnesses. >> this would show there is significant documents, certainly something they will use to convince republicans in the senate that they do need to hear from new witnesses and consider new documents as they consider whether or not president trump should be removed from office. at this point, we haven't heard, haven't had much indication from republicans that they are willing to go there. we have heard from susan l collins who obviously is facing a tough re-election who says she would be likely to vote to have new witnesses come forward as part of the trial. but beyond that, we haven't seen much movement yet. but again, we still have time to see how these revelations will impact over the next few days, things will probably be moving quickly. arthel: how can the democrats use these allegations by lev
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parnas, by way of interviews and now through new e-mail discovery to support their argument for impeachment and conversely, how might lev parnas' claims and media tour play into the hands of the legal team defending president trump? >> absolutely. so what democrats will likely do is they'll say, look, this points to, again, more communication between people associated with president trump and people who were aware of efforts to ask ukraine to investigate the bidens, we're going to see democrats continue to push the idea that president trump was aware of what was going on and that he used his power as president of the united states to ask a foreign government to come in and interfere with the election. this was the argument the democrats are going to continue to nail down as we see these documents that they produced, as we see their case come together and the most recent documents showing lev parnas' role in this is just another data point for
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them to point to, showing a connection between giuliani and trump and ukrainian officials. arthel: lots of layers still to sift through, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. eric: we'll have a lot more on prince harry and meghan coming up throughout our show and the announcement from the queen that they're being relieved of their royal duties. the houston astros, they could face more scrutiny over the cheating scandal. one member of congress saying now he wants to put the league in the hot seat. sports caster jim gray is on deck, can the franchise restore the damaged reputation and what does this mean. jim will tell us all when america's news headquarters continues. eico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?
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arthel: going to get back to breaking news from buck l ham palace and we learn prince harry and meghan markle will no longer be working members of the royal family. it's the latest in a royal riff beginning with the couple steping back from their roles and senior royals. buckingham palace releasing a statement, reading following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, i am pleased that together we have found a constructive and a supportive way forward for my grandson, this is obviously from the queen herself, and his family. harry, meghan and archie will
11:20 am
always be loved members of my family. i recognize the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life. i want to thank them all for all of their dedicated work across this country, the commonwealth and beyond, and particularly proud, she says she's very proud of how meghan has so quickly become one of the family. it is my whole family's hope that today's agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life. kitty logan from london now. so kitty, this has to be tough. we're looking at this as royals. this is a woman and her grandson that we're talking about. >> reporter: isn't it interesting that the queen obviously here wanted to find an amicable solution and the tone of the statement is very warm towards the couple. she also wanted to find a good
11:21 am
compromise solution that would please all concerned. and what we're seeing also in a separate statement from buckingham palace is a few key points addressed that were of concern to the british public. one of those crucially is that the couple will no longer receive public funds for royal duties, they will be stepping back from any formal engagements including military appointments. one of the interesting points is that the couple has also offered to repay expensive renovation costs for frogmore cottage, the windsor property given to them by the queen, a lot of criticism from the public over how much was paid out for repair costs of the building. they will also importantly no longer have those official royal titles, the duke and duchess of sussex. they will be financially independent. as for security, buckingham palace said they will not comment on those arrangements. that that was another concern.
11:22 am
overall, the royal couple here, prince harry and meghan, who will no longer be formally known as a royal couple, they have given up a lot in the arrangement. they will mostly be living in canada. we've seen that meghan markle has been over there the past couple weeks on her own with baby archie. we would expect prince harry to join her over there. it does appear that the couple ises less likely to spend time in the u.k., more likely to be over in canada and the u.s. arthel: so many questions. can't wait to hear from his brother, prince william, what he has to say, if he's going to support his brother's decision. but it does seem like the queen as you pointed out, kitty, she's trying to make this as amicable as possible while she wants to protect i'm sure the reputation of her grandson and she wants to support his wish as a new father and a new husband. >> reporter: yes, that's right.
11:23 am
also, don't forget, prince harry and meghan markle had been visibly unhappy for some time. they had given those interviews in south africa during that recent royal tour where they expressed their concerns about their treatment in the press, their desire for more privacy. so this is something that perhaps doesn't come out of the blue. it is, though, a real shock to the fans of the royal family and to fans of prince harry. he's a very popular person in the royal family, that he will be stepping down. it's a bigger adjustment perhaps for him than for meghan markle. she is essentially going back to her former life in many ways. she was living in canada before. so it remains to be seen how this will play out in practice, what will they actually do. they say they'll be independent financially but how will that actually work. we don't know that. there are many questions still to come. but obviously a disappointment for some people but proof perhar harry and meghan a relief.
11:24 am
arthel: meghan markle already had a name in the states. she had an acting career and i would imagine she can pull down a bigger fee now. so we'll see. again, so many questions. kitty logan, we'll be speaking with you throughout the afternoon evening. thanks, kitty. eric: back at home, a congressman calling for oversight hearings into the you houston astros' cheating scandal. an illinois democrat, bobby rush, called it an ethical and moral imperative for congress to look into the matter. he went on to say, we must also dearn if there was a -- determine if there was a failure on the part of baseball that a allowed the scandal to occur, and fester. astros' general manager lost his job, along with three others named in the league's investigation which determined the astros illegally stole signs during the 2017 season. carlos beltron was dumped as a manager before he took the
11:25 am
field. jim, how bad is this? do you think the cheating issue will spread? >> i do think it will spread. i think it's very bad and paul taglibu, the former commissioner of the national football league, once said to me, two places we don't want to be, we don't want the government in our business and we don't want to be in the courts. if the government gets involved in this because it has gone on too long and they're not being strict enough with punishments, that's not going to be a good day for baseball. eric: how did manford allow this to go on, others apparently if this was indeed going on as long as you say, why didn't they crack down on this immediately? >> well, i don't think they probably knew the scope of it and they're probably playing catch caplaying-up.-- catch-up. they're going to find it's more widespread. he did not go after the players. he said in his statement that this was player-driven.
11:26 am
he's only taken on those people in management, the bench coaches, the manager, the general manager. all of these players should be punished. they should be punished harshly. he doesn't want to toon the union because the union is so strong. what we're going to have here is players being cheated by other players and that threatens not only the integrity of the game but the fans. the fans are upset. 86% of americans say this is a serious issue and they want the players to be punished. the players. because they're the ones that were using the system. eric: can you imagine being on the field next season when some of those alleged cheaters take the field and you're facing them and everyone knows what was going on. look back in 1919, the black sox scandal when the white sox threw the world series, eight players banned for life, banned for being considered for the hall after fame. are you calling for a similar action? do you think we'll see that eventually, despite the union? >> we won't see that. but really, the title should be
11:27 am
vacated. certainly the as troughs' title. -- astros' title, possibly the red sox. they should be told this title did not take place. it's been vacated. you cheated and we're not going to have that. perhaps the red sox too if it goes that far and they can prove the red sox were involved to this degree. you should tell the players, you've got until spring training to return your rings. if you don't return your rings, and you're going to parade around as a champion, you're not going to be permitted on the field. baseball would have the public, the public's appetite for punishment is strong. they don't want to see these games compromised. they want the games to be real. they don't want teams cheating. look at this poll that espn, the survey that came out. it's overwhelming. 56% feel less favorable about the astros and 53% about the red sox. and 56% of the public says they should be stripped of their titles. the commissioner has to step up. it's a wonderful opportunity for him now to get ahold of this and
11:28 am
to not let this go on any longer. and i think there are probably several other teams who are very, very nervous that they could be implicated in this as well. eric: we want integrity and honesty on and off the field, i guess it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. they apparently were not playing it correctly. >> shouldn't keep sweeping it under the carpet. expose it and move forward. eric: for all of the fans around the country, we don't want this in the game and they've got to take action. jim gray, thank you for your insight. speaking of the breaking news out of buckingham palace, dealing with prince harry and meghan markle, we'll have more on what the queen did and what their future could be when we come back. i don't keep track of regrets.
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11:33 am
no longer be referred to as their royal highnesses, an and l not be an official part of the royal family. joining us now, a british publish affairs official. your reaction on hearing the news that they will no longerrer be part of the royal family, at least officially. >> i think it's not a surprise, actually, that harry and a meghan will no longer be styleized as hrh. that styleization is only given to senior working members of the royal family which they already indicated they longer wanted to be. so that was not shocking to me. but the queen's statement was extremely personal and i think the thing that sticks out the most to me is that it really hits all of the points that we have seen in sort of the more negative press stories in the past few weeks. so meghan doesn't feel like she's part of the family, the
11:34 am
queen says she was impressed how quickly meghan became part of the family. they address frogmore cottage and repaying the financeses there. it tries to set them up for a positive springboard out of the royal family and into their life as private citizens. eric: here's part of the queen's statement, she says they hope for a new constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family, harry, meghan and archie will always be muched loved members of the family. it is the hope that the agreement allows them to start building and happy and peaceful life. one would hope that by building a peaceful and happy life, perhaps it hasn't been peaceful or happy for the young couple. >> it's no secret they have struggled under the spotlight. there's a lot of speculation whether meghan is motivating the move or if it's harry. i'm told harry struggled with the cameras and attention for quite a while.
11:35 am
this seems like this is the happy path forward for them. eric: you would thinks at an official level you could do so much good for charities and the public. you have to remember what harry has gone through personally in his life, with the horrible death of his mother. >> harry is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. i think this makes a powerful stance, showing there's no stigma, if i need to walk away from my life as a royal, that's what i've got to do to take care of myself and my family. eric: do you think that will be a strong statement that he will pursue in that area, mental health, and depression, and anxiety and these type of issues, what he has struggled with. >> absolutely. harry cared very deeply about erasing the stigma around mental health. he's been honest about his own struggles even when he was a member of the royals which was always so striking to me and so now that he will be a private
11:36 am
citizen, i think he'll be able to do so much more good and be so much more da candid and honet on that front. eric: the news hit that they're being bumped from the family, that's not the case at all. they'll still be a dukend a duchess, not hrh, as you point out and harry remains a prince because of his birth. what do you predict their future will be? >> yeah, i mean, that's a absolutely right. i think we're going to see a lot more of harry and meghan now that they aren't senior working members of the royal family, to be quite honest. we're going to see them out and about in a more flashy and glitzy celebrity way. i think that's how they want it. eric: shannon, thank you for the insight and explaining it so well to us commoners across the pond. shannon, thank you. >> thank you, eric. arthel: let's get caught up with what's happening at home. women's marchs are drawing crowds by the thousands, it's the fourth annual event with
11:37 am
marches taking place in major cities. in fact, right here in new york city as well. jacqui heinrich has more. >> reporter: marches were scheduled today in more than 180 cities including two in new york which work to present a united front after splitting into two groups last year amid allegations of anti-semitism within the organization's leadership and criticism that the group was not inclusive enough. this year being an election year, the two sides planned separate marches heading toward one another, one beginning in lower manhattan, the other beginning further uptown. thousands of supporters came out despite snow, wind and temperatures in the 20s. there were also marches in washington, d.c., chicago, denver, philadelphia and los angeles. and allied groups reportedly marching in nigeria, germany, spain, and belgium as well. they are rallying for several causes, including climate, immigration and reproductive rights. they took a poll from supporters and they identified those cause as the ones most important to
11:38 am
them. >> today, we will have many of the women that have been on the front lines when it comes to stopping sexual harassment against women, violence against women, more pay equity for women, we need that. we need people voicing to reform immigrant rights and rights of our brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers in the lgbtq community. >> reporter: although the overall turnout is expected to be lower this year than in years past, organizers say this march serves as a reminder of how important it is to vote in november. arthel. arthel: thank you very much for catching us up on what's happening in our country. when we come back, we're going to go back across the pond with more breaking coverage on the british royals. stick around. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer,
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11:43 am
interviewed them for a fox nation documentary series, riddell, the search for james hoff fast whoffa. we delve into what happened to the labor leader. the fbi believes he was killed in detroit. multiple sources claim his body was transported from detroit to the garden state by the new jersey mob s'newjersey mobsters. >> i'm the only person who knows the location of his final resting place. they sent him down to us. >> the body you mean. >> yeah, the body was sent down here. >> they said don't take this the wrong way, i've got a lot of respect for him. what he said was they couldn't fit the fat little man in feet first. all right. and he said that, not showing
11:44 am
disrespect for hoffa, they had a lot of respect for hoffa. >> you're saying your father buried jimmy hoffa. >> yes. >> bobby yangee is with us. if the fbi meets with the two men we saw, phil and frank, and they tell their stories, can what they say corroborate what the fbi has or could this take the investigation into another area. >> we have four generations at least of fbi agents that have been looking into this case. they have a copious o of data. the fbi was under a lot of pressure to try to solve it. you can be sure they have a lot of information. the most compelling thing to me is both of the fathers gave essentially a death bed confession to their sons. they would not put their son's in harm's way and the possibility of being criminally convicted for lying to law enforcement and the reason the fathers gave the information is they felt hoffa's body should be
11:45 am
returned to the family and they didn't think what happened was the right thing. i found this to be compelling information. the fbi will look at the information, see if it corroborates other information they have in the files, see if they can verify it with other means, sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury. what father would put their kids in harm's way to be possibly prosecuted. two separate death bed confessions, very compelling evidence. >> frank opello said his father buried jimmy hoffa and phil moskoto, junior, what you said both the fathers telling the sons they wanted the hoffa family to have peace, to finally try to get this resolved, to try to finally get the answers that rings completely true, bob. would they face any cul culpapiy or legal exposure going forward?
11:46 am
>> there's nothing in the days we know right now that implicates the kids in the commission of a crime. one of the sons was there, i think it was frank -- >--eric: he knew about it, he d his father took him to the site, he said the dump in jersey city where he believes the body is. the epa took out toxic barrels. he told me that it was his father, you heard in the sound bite, that buried jimmy hoffa and showed him where it is. >> they have an obligation to come forward with that information and there's no way that the fbi or law enforcement agency is going to in any way pursue some sort of criminal charge when there's witnesses that are giving them extremely valuable data that could solve one of america's most unsolved crimes he. eric: the fbi wants to solve this. part of the statement that the detroit fbi office gave us, they say, from 1975 until today, generations of special agents
11:47 am
worked on mr. hoffa's case and each one of those agents has been dedicated to finding justice for him and his family. we are relying on the consciousness of people who may know something about the disappearance to compel to l come forward with what they know. over the years our office has followed all credible leads we receive from the public. we are aware of recent reports that two individuals who claim to have knowledge about the whereabouts of mr. hoffa, the fbi welcomes the opportunity to speak to those individuals. we would like to solve this case. bob, finally, what would it finally mean to get information that can solve the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa. >> i would be remiss if i didn't say that the reason this is had happening is because of the work that you and dan did. i talked to you behind the scenes about it. it's amazing. you sparked this interest. what it ultimately means to solve it, it is a great day of pride for the fbi, moreover it's a great day of resolution for the hoffa family, prosecutors, we want to give the remains back or the answer as back to the --
11:48 am
victim's family and the union and the american public who has been invested finding out what happened in the disappearance of jimmy hoffa. eric: so well said. bob, thank you. you can catch the second season of ri ddle on fox nation. two seasons, now on our streaming service. can my side be firm?
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arthel: reaction continues to pour in from across the pond, buckingham palace announcing that prince harry and meghan markle will no longer be a working part of the royal family. it means they will no longer use funds provided by the british taxpayers and will now no longer be referred to as their royal highnesses. let's bring in martha mccallum, the host of the story here on fox. martha is on the phone with me. i know you covered the royals for years now and you followed really the unfavorable press on meghan that started almost out the gate, soon after she married prince harry. as the handwriting was on the wall, did you see it playing out quite like this? >> hi, arthel. good to be with you. you know, i think it's really hard to underestimate what an enormous announcement this is. i don't think that anyone anticipated that the royal family, the queen would go as
11:53 am
far as she has here in disassociating them with so many of their privileges. to lose your hrh is a very big deal for royals. princess diana lost hers when they were divorced you could kind of equate it of to almost like a divorce. they're losing their titles, they're losing the royal funding that they received. they're also -- there are also reports that they have to repay the roughly $3 million they spent on frogmore cottage, renovating their home there. they'll get no royal protection, no security protection in canada which is also the situation that princess diana was in. the statement was worded i think as lovingly as possible. but it makes it perfectly clear that the message and the decision here is you simply can not have it both ways. you're either a working member of the royal man family and evee royal family calls the business
11:54 am
"the firm" that they are part of and the reason it's called "the firm," is it's a job and you're part of the company. they expressed they didn't want to be part of the company anymore and this is what happens. this is what comes along with this. harry is going to live a life that he has never experienced before in his life, completely removed from all of those royal attachments thats he's always had and i think it's going to be very interesting to he see how this all plays out in the long run. arthel: absolutely. you're right, they wanted to kind of have one toe in the royal pond, if you will, and a then another toe in the great lakes. but they couldn't have it both ways. and to your point, the queen made it very clear that they are stripped of all things royal. but she did make a real point to show concern for her -- he's her grandson, after all. to your point, martha, about the security issues and then how this is -- how you just said that harry is going to live a life that he has no idea, basically what's coming for him.
11:55 am
i believe that both of them will be well-received here in america, they're going to live a hollywood life, i'm sure. but you know what i'm thinking of right away? i'm thinking about the emotional repercussions. i'm thinking that's going to et set in really quickly. not only for him because he's detached like you said, he's no longer -- he's making himself a commoner on a level. they'll always be american royalty now. but i just think that this couple, this young couple, they've already suffered a lot of pressure. i think that there's going to be some emotional issues that will come up and come up really quickly. >> yeah. you know, i mean, just firstly on the security issue, remember that one of the things that was blamed for what happened to princess diana in paris when she was killed when the paparazzi were chasing her vehicle was that when she lost her hrh she lost her royal protection as well and they weren't able to
11:56 am
keep tabs on her and keep her safe and that was one of the things that was blamed for the tragic accident which no doubt left a very lasting scar on prince harry, as it would on any young person who loses their parent that way. and i think that it's very interesting to sort of see harry kind of evolving much more like his mother, you know, a bit more vulnerable, a bit more emotional and i think all of that is going to bear out in the coming months and years and obviously everyone hopes that they'll be happy in the united states but i think the story is -- there's a lot of play out here. arthel: martha mccallum, thank you for joining us and eric and i will be back one hour from now. you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs.
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>> the house's hour is over, the senate's time is at hand. it's time for this proud body to honor our founding purpose. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, the impeachment of president trump underway in the united states senate after the house of representatives transmitted articles of impeachment on wednesday, house speaker nancy pelosi naming 7 democrats to serve as managers in the trial which is set to begin in ernst next week, what should we expect as democrats es


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