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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 23, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> good morning. it is thursday january 20 third. happening at 4 am on the east coast of fox news alert, tragedy in australia, three us firefighters killed overnight, the water tanker plane crashing while fighting massive brushfires, what we know about the horrific crash that killed american heroes. >> this misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won. >> if's show them. democrats had impeachment manager accusing donald trump of
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cheating during opening arguments but the white house defense team says his for our speech only helps their case. we are live on capitol hill. growing petition telling the duke and duchess to keep their hands off taxpayer dollars. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. thank you very much for starting the day with us. we begin with a fox news alert come a three americans are dead after a firefighting plane crashes in australia overnight. water tanker went down on its way to battle a new fire. witnesses say there was a large fireball on impact, no word on what caused the crash.
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>> the firefighting fraternity is a fairly small family and the crew on board were well-known. our hearts out to those who were suffering. the loss of 3 remarkable, well-respected crew. >> canberra's are borders shutdown the smoke from the new flames blankets the runway. not clear when flights will resume and we are continuing to get more information on the story, we will bring it to you. back at home amendment intensifying overnight after a deadly shooting in downtown seattle. one woman is dead 7 people injured including a 9-year-old boy. police say the shooting stemmed from some sort of flight outside mcdonald's sending people running for their lives during rush hour. >> we heard all these shots like
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firecrackers or am 80s going off, i counted 20, 30, 40 shot in quick succession, we turned around and saw these people running towards the mcdonald's and around the corner. >> police believe the victims were all innocent bystanders. at least two suspects are on the run. congressman adam schiff kicking off donald trump's impeachment trial with a nearly three our opening statements. the california democrat being slammed for dragging arguments against the president. >> they knew what it was like to live under a desperate and they risked their lives to be free of it. for a man who believe the constitution gave him the right to do anything he wanted, a man who believes he was above the law and beholden to no one, would be a king. >> griff jenkins live in washington with highlights, maybe some low lights depending on what you think. 4 hours or 3 hours regardless is a long time. >> for eight hours for house managers came out of the gate
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swinging out evidence making the case you abuse the power of his office by putting his personal interests at of the country's and using his personal attorneys to do so. >> giuliani is not the secretary of state. is not an ambassador. is not a member of the diplomatic corps. rudy giuliani is a cold-blooded political operative for donald trump's reelection campaign. >> both sides will get 24 hours over three days, look for house managers to dive deeper into the law and constitution, the president's defense team already addressing that before their moment comes on the senate floor. >> this is not impeachable. these policy disputes are not what the founders had in mind when it came to the seriousness
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of an article of impeachment. >> every american knows instantly about fairness and that comes from the bill of rights and the fact of the matter is the house managers have to prove their case, the president doesn't have to do anything. >> there's still the question of whether witnesses mail to really be called a mistrial. there were reports that there was a trade in the works, trading hunter biden for john bolton to appear but chuck schumer says that is a nonstarter. >> that is off the table. the republicans have the right to bring in any witness they want, they haven't wanted to and that trade is not on the table. >> cell house managers resume today at 1:00 pm through friday evening presumably. on saturday the white house starts their turn and after their three days you will get 16 hours of questions from the senators. >> we will see, thank you so much.
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as the trial is in full swing, attorney generals from 21 states are urging the senate to reject impeachment. republicans claim the oracles have legal and factual problems. democrats case set to dangerous historical precedent reading and part even an unsuccessful effort to impeach the president undermines the integrity of the 2020 presidential election because it weapon eyes is a process that should only be initiated in exceedingly rare circumstances and should never be used for partisan purposes. now to a fox news alert, the deadly corona virus can soon be declared a global health emergency the will take center stage in the world health organization meeting. the mysterious outbreak killing 17 people, sickening more than 570 in eight countries. aishah hasnie joined us in studio as more us airports start
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screening passengers. >> reporter: that's right, china is making an unprecedented move to quarantine an entire city. the country just shut down all public transport that includes planes, trains, ferries in and out of the epicenter of this outbreak. it will be a tall order considering rouhani is home to 11 million people bigger than new york city. a busy holiday weekend for travels anyone leaving the city is being screened for a fever. officials are not convinced those efforts will actually work. >> trying to contain the city of 11 million people is new. it has not been tried before as a public health measure. we cannot at this stage say it will or will not work.
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>> a number of sick people jumped over china alone. 17 people are dead. the virus is in twee 7 other countries including the us and screenings are officially underway at airports in atlanta and chicago, a patient visiting china returned to washington state before airport screenings took effect. and you this morning, 3-year-old girl hospitalized in california, this one is not the same strain causing the outbreak but is more common strain. it looks like the corona virus spreads through human to human contact and through the are. the symptoms include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough and in more severe cases pneumonia and death. the world health organization
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not yet declared a public health emergency but leaders say this is an evolving situation and they are meeting again today. shannon: a huge story today. >> the pentagon finalizing plans to send anti-missile systems to iraq after the attack on american troops by iran earlier this month. it is not clear when the patriot system will be deployed. a dozen servicemembers are being treated for concussion-like symptoms. the base attack was revenge for the killing of general soleimani. mike pence arriving in israel overnight to speak at the fifth annual holocaust for him. remembering the 70 fifth liberation anniversary of auschwitz concentration camp. the vice president will head to the us embassy in jerusalem to discuss iran with benjamin
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netanyahu. donald trump will become the first us president to attend the march for life. he confirmed the announcement on twitter writing see you on friday. 100,000 activists are expected to hear the president speak in washington. he has been a staunch supporter for like policies like ending federal funding for organizations that perform abortions. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. adam schiff calling the president a cheater. >> trump withheld military aid to a strategic partner to secure foreign help with his reelection. in other words to cheat. >> did he make his case or make a mess of the democrats argument, robert charles says there is no evidence of a crime and he joined us up next.
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>> trump withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in misery into a strategic partner to secure foreign help with his reelection. in other words to cheat. the president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won. >> adam schiff attacking donald trump right off the bat during opening arguments, democratic house manager accusing the
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president of cheating for 2020 reelection but the democrats uninterrupted hours of the senate floor make a case for impeachment. former assistant secretary of state for george w. bush robert charles joins me now with his indictment. what did you think about what adam schiff had to say yesterday over and over and over again, do they make their case at all? >> in and impeachment is in litigation you can use a work of fiction is your theory of the case filling in gaps with presumptions against the president. in my view, in my opinion it was a week presentation. it was self-indulgent with lots of poetic pauses but ultimately he didn't deliver the goods and that is what most americans will take away. a lot of senators were standing behind their chairs just to stay awake for his 2-hour presentation that tells you something. shannon: this isn't the first time or the last he has been
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accused of fudging the details, is he going to get away with that continuously? >> he has the prerogative, he can say whatever he wants but the weight is received is very important and one of the things you are seeing, both of these articles are inherently we, neither of them state a crime even though we have a federal code with thousands of crimes you can choose from nevermind a high crime or and impeachable crime in both of these articles are week. the first is for abuse of power. you have to dig down and say what would happen in terms of witnesses. of hunter biden were call this thing would collapse like a house of cards. of a vice president takes his son to a foreign country, two foreign countries that individual then comes away with a multimillion dollar contract and the vice president makes an admission against interest that he tried to get fired and did
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get fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son then you have what amounts to a colorful framework and the corrupt practices act. you cannot use your public office in order to create a financial advantage for a relative. the first one falls away. shannon: let's listen to the argument in reference to that. >> a legitimate concern that the reason the end the bidens were engaged in clear as day corruption. >> he wasn't in the white house, he doesn't work for this president, he wasn't involved in those conversations, he's not relevant witness. >> this began when he was in the white house. >> i was just going to say it is completely relevant because if the president was entitled to make the inquiry under the us ukraine 2001 treaty against public corruption which
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encourages you to seek information on a crime. if he was entitled to do that than the first article falls away. as to the second article, the second medical obstruction of congress, there is no instruction of congress in history books. it's a made up term and it was made up because obstruction of justice was undermined by the mueller reports. >> we are almost out of time. while biden was vice president in the office, the obama administration also withheld aid not only to ukraine, $1 billion but threatened to move from pakistan to the philippines, egypt, the list goes down from there, all the circumstances for these incidents were different but still this is when biden was in office. >> i will add on the second article which he spent 10 minutes on he said an individual who resists a congressional subpoena and we did them all the time when i was working on the oversight committee is somehow should be arrested and detained and that is not true. everybody can seek to quash a subpoena and the president can do it on executive privilege or national security reasons which
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is what he is doing. >> and they are making an argument for that right now. thank you for joining us, appreciate it this morning, 18 after the top of the hour and got milk? these senators certainly do, the drink of choice during the impeachment trial getting a lot of attention. carly shimkus joins us with wild social media reaction. when you move mes, you move more than just yourself.
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you can do that? yeah. and with two-hour service appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. so while moving may still come with its share of headaches... no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> welcome back, the man charged with murdering his estranged wife will appear in court today, he wants to go straight to trial, this comes as the connecticut prosecutor asked the judge to change the terms of his
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relief after dulos was seen removing items from his wife's memorial. her body has never been found was an alarming blog posted by jennifer in 2012 is surfacing. she discusses the struggles of sleeping with a newborn say i know this too shall pass but i fear i may be in a body bag by then. the woman who encouraged her boyfriend's suicide through text messages will be released from prison today. michelle carter is getting out early for good behavior at the corrections facility in massachusetts. she served less than ten months of her 15 month sentence. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter back in 2017, she urged conrad boyd to take his own life when they were teenagers. as prince harry and megan markel settle down in canada some canadians are demanding the
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ex-royals pay for their own security in a viral petition. carly shimkus is here with how social media is responding. to we still call him prince? >> they are the duke and duchess of sussex, he retained his prince title that they are receiving a chilly reception from their new neighbors up north. over 80,000 canadian citizens have signed a petition demanding they pay for their own security. they say canadians are happy to welcome the couples long as they pay their own way but we need to be clear about one thing, canadian taxpayers shouldn't have to cover their bills. the petition was delivered to justin trudeau's office on tuesday. this security could cost upwards of $10 million. a lot of people on social media say they should pay for it. one twitter user says it shouldn't cost us a nickel. they lost their own money. this tweet says it isn't even
1:25 am
fair that is what they expect, nobody should have to pay for the decision of another, larry says are they not seeking financial independence? despite this concern it doesn't seem they want canada or expect them to pay for their own security which is why prince charles might step in and fund their lifestyle for a year because security costs will be high. >> i have a feeling they won't have a problem. >> i think they will be fine. >> twitter freaking out because they drink milk or water and some are drinking milk. >> republican senators break ranks by drinking milk during the impeachment trial. tom cotton had a funny tweet, it is true i had some milk with my chocolate. i guess i could have added a white russian minus the kahlúa
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but congressman schiff would've accused me of collusion was one twitter user says take a pic, it didn't happen. jp tweets i hope he snuck in some chocolate chip cookies too a twitter user said he wasn't even the only one. where is this milk coming from. to answer your question senators have to supply their own milk, it is not taxpayer-funded milk. it was created for senators with ulcers, also medication. >> you have to drink pretty quickly because it will get warm and you don't want to drink warm milk. >> this is horrible, this is awful. why in the world, they are killing off the iconic mister peanut mascot at of the super bowl. watch this. >> no! >> maybe he will be all right. maybe not. >> what did you do?
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you they confirmed the tragic news on twitter saying it is with heavy hearts we confirm mister peanut has died at 104 years old, the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him the most. please pay your starts with ripnuts, some popular brand are morning including skippy peanut butter, a toast to you, or your chiming and help us your 21 gun salute our nuttiest sweet friend and you know dropping a reverse card. i love it when other brands exchange messages on social media. >> they are publishing what they wanted to do. everybody's talking about it. we will all tune into the super bowl. >> their first viral commercial. >> maybe he is not that. we can cross our fingers. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and the trump administration stepping up to
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help cops who risk their lives every single day. we are taking a closer look at what the doj is doing to address police problems. our panel of law enforcement officers joins us to breakdown what should take top priority. good morning, everybody. when we started our business
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1:32 am
they say a shooting stem from a fight outside mcdonald's sending people running for their lives, two suspects are on the run as well. the victims were bystanders. house democratic specter to focus on the legal framework in their attempt to impeach donald from. house managers spending 8 hours arguing their case on wednesday mostly over the abuse of power article, the president's legal team will present their case beginning saturday. . during his time in congress trade gouty led the committee on the benghazi attack and he knows what goes into a congressional investigation. after the first two days of trial proceedings here's his review of adam schiff's case. >> i got a lot of criticism for the years i took trying to get information from the obama administration. that is the way the system works.
1:33 am
it takes time, effort and, what adam schiff decided was i'm not going to call bolton, or mulvaney or pompeo or send the subpoena. i will wait until it gets to the senate and if republican senators are dumb enough to do what i would not do we can all here for the first time whatever this evidence is but adam had three months to do whatever he wants the jury to do. it is the prosecutor's job to build a case presented. >> both sides get 24 hours over three days to present their cases. the president's legal team set to take over saturday. donald trump in the meantime following through on his october promise to address issues impacting law enforcement. >> donald trump is an unwavering supporter of our men and women in blue.
1:34 am
he recognizes this commission is much-needed to support law enforcement. it is to be sure long overdue. law enforcement faces more and greater challenges than ever before. >> reporter: launching the presidential commission on law enforcement and the administration of justice. here to weigh in on the biggest issues they should be addressing for nypd officer and deputy inspector andrew costello and blue lives matter founder, appreciate it. what issues should the doj be addressing? >> one of the first things as technological innovation. this is paramount when we look at law enforcement. we look at the parity with the civilian population and cell phones and things to that effect. it is necessary the police department have the necessary
1:35 am
resources in connection with matching up the crimes that are being committed. this is going at an optimum level, law-enforcement needs to stay with current codes and techniques. shannon: doctor? >> general bar hit it on the head about a training campaign for these types of crimes and identity theft related issues. most law enforcement is prepared to deal with them and prosecutors able to handle them. you are talking identity theft. no one wants to own it but for example you could live in manhattan, the crime could occur at a server outside the country. the proceeds of the stolen items or whatever could be delivered to another place or another state. no one seems to want to take ownership of this. we have a simple solution was wherever the victim lives is the jurisdiction.
1:36 am
>> donald trump and mike pence have been supporters since day one and always tried to enhance quality of life of wall street, one nationwide for the city's morale and third is no one could be the next officer darren wilson. they want to not be afraid when they put handcuffs on the they will go on the other side of the law. they want to help the public, not be the next headline. shannon: since you brought it up, more officers died from suicide than in the line of duty last year. 128 suicide, 134 died in the line of duty and i want to bring this up as well because you were referencing this. the trust in police at a low point, 29% of americans have a great deal of confidence in the police. what are your thoughts?
1:37 am
how do we change those numbers? >> my grandfather said if you want to be loved to be a fireman. it is always going to be pushed back. taking away someone's rights, the biggest superpower police have is the ability to make an arrest and take away their freedom and it is a big deal and no matter what people will go against the grain. >> times of changed with police agencies to disseminate information out immediately even if it is imperfect or not accurate. i'm not saying to put out false situations but they need to react faster and put information utterly and react to information that is disingenuous meaning technically accurate but leads to wrong conclusions. shannon: and not be afraid of reacting and more engagement in the community. >> these would be the police and
1:38 am
community partnership, both entities need to understand we need to coexist as one and when the community understands they are part of the police mission that makes for more fluid situation and that is the focus when we look at that relationship between police and community moving forward. >> this is a promise donald trump is keeping. from the beginning he has been very pro-law enforcement, pro-first responders, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service, great to have you back, 20 minutes until the top of the air and an american mom goes missing while vacationing in paradise. the family fears she won't be found alive. 2020 contender tells together looking to make hillary clinton pay for calling her russian asset. details on the new lawsuit next.
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shannon: welcome back. a brand-new 20/20 paul has bernie sanders and joe biden. the cnn national survey shows the vermont senator leading the pack with 27% support, biden slightly trailing at 24% which is within the margin of arabic biden is still on top in a new monmouth university paul, 30% support, 7 points ahead of standers. long time to go. democratic dual happening on the campaign trail, tulsi gabbard filing a $50 million defamation lawsuit against hillary clinton but she accuses clinton of the liberally spreading lies after she called her a russian asset in interview last year. clinton did not name tulsi gabbard but strongly implied she was referring to the hawaii congresswoman.
1:43 am
the spokesman called the lawsuit, quote, ridiculous. we will hear from gabbard live in the 7:00 hour of "fox and friends". and now to foxbusiness alert, two of our biggest rivals pulling off a massive database. china and iran launching hacks to steal our business. tracy carrasco is here with the new warning from america's top cybersecurity diplomat. >> robert strayer, one of the us's top cybersecurity diplomats made comments saying china is dealing massive amounts of data from western companies and iran is stealing data and research from some 200 universities. he did say this type of thing happens on a regular basis. listen to how he said these types of data breaches, how it happens. >> they compromise the largest of the global service providers
1:44 am
the past couple years as china did it used that to gain access to the corporate databases of major large companies and took the data, in some cases gave it to private industry. >> strayer made his comments trying to urge them not to use huawei because of the security risk. >> we haven't passing along these warnings. what about this? emotional support animals, everything from peacocks, small horses, they could be banned from flights. >> the department of transportation is trying to limit which animals would be able to fly as an emotional support animal. we have seen all sorts of things but by putting these new rules on animals it would allow only dogs specially trained as a service animal to fly under that
1:45 am
designation. the matter with you that could be banned are cats, miniature horses, peacocks, pigs, ducks but the changes would better define which animals are service animals. the department of transportation services to assure safe and successful air travel. they have seen complaint against unruly animals on these planes started to skyrocket over the last few years. >> that video of a peacock on its head walking to the airport. >> it was unreal. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and the supreme court divided over a school choice fight waged by a couple of montana moms. our next guest explains how this landmark case is the tip of the iceberg in a broader battle against anti-christian bias. this fluff ball may be adorable but she is actually a jerk, the brutally honest adoption add that is going viral right now. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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>> welcome back. an american tourist finishing on vacation with her boyfriend. her family is fearing the worst. allison mckenzie went missing during a group trip to a small island off the coast of belize was the arizona mother has not been seen in a week. the island is only 2 acres in size. her family says they are getting nowhere trying to find out where she is. police don't have any suspects. a warning to hundreds of migrants marching to the us border you will not be allowed in. chad wolf claiming they will be sent home. this is amid reports of clashes
1:50 am
with mexican troops at the guatemalan border. will says american safety is the department's top priority. the us supreme court weighing arguments in a landmark case that should make it easier to use public funds to pay for religious schools. >> we are being excluded simply because we are people of religious background or our children want to go to a religious school. is blatant discrimination the way they handle this case in the first place. shannon: what are the implications of religious freedom in this constitutional showdown? here to weigh and is a contributor at eternal world television network, matthew bondman, thank you for joining us. three montana moms, this began in 2015 and that was when montana struck down the entire tax credit program for all private schools. tell us a little more about what
1:51 am
started all this. >> what started it was an effort to provide what was realistically a small scholarship that was opposed based on the exclusion, the blade amendment which traces to the nineteenth century. shannon: let's bring that up, the blade amendment. >> a failed constitutional amendment that would have excluded all central funds from religious schools. the origins of the blade amendment are anti-catholic, really emerged at a time when public schools were very protestant in nature, students would read from the king james bible and there was mounting fear that the rise of catholic school system mainly focused on catholic immigrants was important to a lot of public officials of the blade amendment while it fail this constitutional amendment was picked up by 30 states including
1:52 am
montana and that brings us to this case. shannon: let's take a look at that, 37 states with provisions and laws that bar public funding for schools and churches. did you get a feeling at all from the arguments were heard what the supreme court will decide? the decision coming down this summer. >> probably in july based on oral arguments yesterday. and those oral arguments we heard some compelling statements from brett cavanagh who went to the fact that this has its origins in this blade amendment that he called the grotesque episode in anti-catholic bigotry but more important reference was the 2017 case, trinity lutheran that established certainly in the supreme court's eyes 7-to that public funding can go to religious institutions if there is a general public good and we
1:53 am
go back to the constitution which declares the state has to be neutral towards religion, not necessarily favoring it. we've got from the plane amendment which tried to exclude catholic schools, anti-christian bigotry, all the way now to the fact that blaine amendment in states are being used against all religion. this is moved us squarely into the wider arguments and concerns about religious liberty but large in the country. shannon: we will see what they decide, that decision coming in july this summer. thank you for your insight. have a great day. 8 minutes until the top of the are, game of thrones fanatics getting fired up. >> i promise to fight for the living. i intend to keep that promise.
1:54 am
>> the promise from the book series creates a the fans who hated the story's tv ending. >> that was my daughter right there. >> a dad showing his daughter this, the twisted makeup tutorial that is leaving the internet in stitches. ♪ whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna tray it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! hey guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get it out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. dog, dog, dog.
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>> they are coming. shannon: are you a fan of game of thrones? you can finally get the ending you wanted all along, just won't be on tv. the hit show's finale earned mixed reviews. george r r martin is almost finished with the final book of the series and he says his ending will be different from the show. he also reveals the final season was originally going to be three movies but hbo blocked that idea. do you dread running into people you don't like? >> no! god! now! god, please, no, no! heather: it is the number one
1:59 am
anxiety at parties according to a poll of 2000 american. others, wanting to leave but don't know how and feeling like you are not fitting in. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. butler university debuts it still basket who is melting heart across the country. louis the fourth is an english bulldog. the university of indiana knew he had the biting spirit when he stuck his head out of the incubator at 2 weeks old and watch the basketball team play on tv. the bad, a dad with an online makeup tutorial. >> don't put the same color on. >> got more eyeball. >> my daughter right there. >> it is gone viral with 1 million views.
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the ugly, north carolina animal rescue hopes a caveat will get the feline adopted. they get so far saying, quote, she's just a jerk. there was a long list including kids, children, disney movies and hugs. hopefully she will get adopted. that wraps up this hour, "fox and friends" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: thursday january 20 third and this is a fox news alert, the tragedy in australia heading closer to home after three american firefighters killed battling the brushfires. rob: breaking development justin overnight. now that the virus has reached us shores. jillian: what you need to know is health officials warned we could be on the brink of a global health emergency and adam schiff take center stage in the impeachment trial. republicans say they were bored to sleep. rob: the


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