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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 24, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> covered it up, he is trying to obstruct you and has violated the constitution. okay, he is guilty. >> it is friday january 20 fourth. happening right now 4:00 on the east coast, impeachment insanity, republicans push against abuse of power claims saying democrats haven't introduced any new proof. we are live on capitol hill with scorching testimony from the senate and renewed calls for the bidens to take the stand. race against time, chinese officials shuttering season
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placing millions under warrantee mile the deadly coronavirus spreads across the globe. this morning the us is taking action with several americans feared in text. oil rejection, the internet calling foul after prince charles appears to snub mike pence but there's more to the story than meets the eye. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ everybody working ♪ everybody ♪ julie: good morning, live shot at capitol hill, the lights are on, lots of work as we enter another day of the senate impeachment trial, more on that to come.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning, thank you for starting the day or ending it with us, democrats will wrap up their opening arguments in the senate impeachment trial today. lead house manager adam schiff getting emotional in his closing speech. >> if right doesn't matter we are lost. no constitution can protect us. right doesn't matter anymore. you know you can't trust this president to do what is right for this country. julie: griff jenkins is live on capitol hill with reaction from republicans as new calls for the bidens to testify. >> good morning. house managers will focus on obstruction of congress making their case against the president telling senators the evidence is overwhelming reaching the level
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of impeachment. >> it puts even president nixon to shame. donald trump has placed his own personal, political interests first. he has placed them above our national security, above our free and fair elections and above our system of checks and balances. this conduct is not america first. it is donald trump first. >> most you be senators seem unconvinced, eager to hear from the other side. >> we are ready for the president's team to put their defense on, the president didn't have a chance to do that in the house. we heard plenty from the house. they say they had overwhelming evidence, they said 11 times in their opening documents. representative nadler said there is a mountain of evidence. i'm ready to hear from the president's defense. >> the president's team tech
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support our, they will have 24 hours over three days though it is clear they will use that time. the fight over calling witnesses is far from over. >> we are standing by for witnesses we need and four sets of documents we need. there are no discussions with republicans, not trading, not whittling down the list, those four are all very important. >> i was surprised they chose to make hunter biden so central to this presentation. if we are going to call witnesses it is clear we must call hunter biden and probably joe biden. >> is for talk of a deal to trade witnesses schumer says that is not on the table but after the defense team finishes their argument senators have 16 hours of questions. perhaps it can be revisited at that point. meanwhile the senators are back with only milk and water today. >> can they have chocolate milk
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i was wondering? probably. thank you, we appreciate it. while democrats were finishing their arguments the doj admits new problems with surveillance a former trump advisor carter page, newly declassified documents reveal at least two fisa warrants did not meet the standard to get approved. that surveillance a key part of the russia probe. page tells fox news it is another step on the road to recovery for a flawed system. fox news legal analyst greg jarrett says former trump advisor has a, quote, slamdunk case for millions of dollars. >> this is an admission by our government that these were illegal warrants to spy. the people who signed them are james comey, the acting attorney general, now unbelievably fbi general counsel and the two people who prove the peter principle, rod rosenstein and
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andrew mccabe. they deceived the court, not the 17 major deceptions and errors, 51 of them against donald trump and these illegal warrants were a major component of the entire trump russia investigation that put the nation through three agonizing years over what? over a hoax based on a phony dossier and fabricated evidence. heather: a neighborhood is evacuated after hundreds of military explosive devices are found inside a california home. >> this phase of the investigation is the safety phase trying to determine if these devices are live in figure out how they will get them out of the home safely. heather: they discover those laws while investigating a 70-year-old homeowner's death. he died of natural causes, a
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bomb squad is working to remove the devices as police investigate why they were inside the home. a police manhunt wrapping up for two armed and dangerous men in the deadly shooting in downtown seattle we told you about, court records show they long rap sheets, tolliver arrested at least 44 times. the third shooting suspect who is in custody. police say the gunshots rang out at pike place market, one woman died, 7 others are injured including a 9-year-old boy. fox news health alert, the rapid growing coronavirus putting countries including the us on high alert. the mysterious virus taking center stage on capitol hill today as china puts millions of people on lockdown.
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todd pyro joins us in studio as we learn how it is impacting the us. >> scary stuff, the senate health and foreign relations committee set to hold a briefing for all senators and top us health officials as china works to contain the deadly virus. tent cities in china on lockdown including the epicenter of the outbreak, wuhan, which is owned 11 million people. you might have never heard of it but it is because in new york city. transportation services and shutting down all public venues like movie theaters, malls, china now building a hospital dedicated to treating patients with the virus, disneyland in shanghai temporary closing its doors overnight. the virus killing 26 people and sickening 830 in some countries including in the us. the world health organization says calling the global health emergency is not off the table. >> make no mistake this is an emergency in china. but it has not yet become a
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global health emergency. it may yet become one. >> take a look at this. the cdc posting warning signs in 14 airports across the country urging people to see a doctor if you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, one man in washington state died from the virus after returning from china, a texas a&m student is being tested for the virus, the school showing a statement saying, quote, officials described the immediate health risk to the campus community as several other states are monitoring patients including tennessee, new jersey and wisconsin. definitely something we need to monitor. heather: global to me. another health headline, bayer face before trial over claims that it's popular weedkiller roundup causes cancer.
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four patients diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma set to make their case, the high-stakes proceeding being held where it was headquartered before bayer but it. the lawsuit argues the active ingredient in round of his carcinogenic. they deny all allegations. a fox news exclusive, donald trump's reelection campaign set to unveil a new pro life coalition today, pro-life forces for trump oaks to drive pro-life voters to the polls this year, the coalition comes as donald trump takes the stage at the march for life rally in dc. he is the first president to attend the rally. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and senate republican say house managers help to make their case to get the bidens on the stand. could the testimony stretch to former president obama? he could have some key intel about the former vp's ukraine
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robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. biden called for the removal of a prosecutor at the official direction of us policy because the prosecutor was widely perceived as corrupt and with the support of all international allies his actions were therefore supported by the executive branch. shannon: impeachment managers spending much of their time in the senate for talking about joe biden and ukraine and democrats try to debunk, republican say
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this just showed how crucial it is for the former vp to take the stand but is that just the beginning? former federal prosecutor here with why the president's defense team could call on president obama. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> he went on to see the impeachment manager common sense would tell us the allegation against joe biden is false. what is their strategy? talking about the bidens. >> i think for the house impeachment managers they are trying to shut down any possibility of calling any members of the obama administration or joe biden or hunter biden. when you talk about the democrats calling this a trial which it is not in any way, shape or form does it represent a look like a trial, they are calling it a trial but if it is a trial the president gets to put his defense in context.
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that means what is he thinking. what is his thought process and why does he think ukraine and corruption in the bidens were relevant to his conversation with the president of ukraine? heather: goes to what donald trump tweeted yesterday. democrats don't want a witness trade because shifty shifts, the bidens, the fake whistleblower and releasing the transcripts, the informer and democrat disasters would be a big problem for them. we heard chuck schumer say that is not what we are going to do. we are not going to talk about the possibility of that with republicans. >> that is up your mark of what is so unfair about this. you have chuck schumer saying the president's defense team which thus far has not been able to prevent witnesses as democrats call their witnesses
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in the house. the defense team is not had access to the transcript of the inspector general for the intelligence community, we don't know the identity of the whistleblower or his connection to various democratic officials in context. all these things would be allowed in a normal criminal trial. the defendant would be allowed to present the evidence, from the start of the case to the end of the case. heather: tray gouty agrees with you. >> the vice president, so as president obama because i would want to know if there was authority with the president at the time he made that, no loan guarantees less the prosecutor is fired. heather: quickly on this, what
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about the possibility, zelinski is the only person on the phone call. >> there is no jurisdiction to invite him to testify. he and the president were on the phone call. defendant are allowed to present the context of the crime they are accused of. that involves a whistleblower, bidens and all of it. of the 20 the fisa court saying two of the four obama fisa warrants. what does that mean for the trump administration. >> interesting and significant because what it means as a practical matter the fbi has debunked the steel dossier in january of 2017 and after they did that.
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with the steel dossier sources they knew carter page was not the agent of a foreign power engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of the foreign power and asked for the renewal in the warrant and there is only one reason. getting carter page allowed them to get all the trump campaign officials, anyone who emailed, texted or called carter page, there was be right for the government to rifle through those people's emails, texts -- bill: they need to pay attention from that. not once but twice they did it. thank you so much for joining us. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. an ear full from a father who scrimped and saved to put his daughter through college.
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>> people who didn't save any money and those of us who did the right thing. of course we did. shannon: this war and plan on sitting well with many hard-working americans. how social media is reacting coming up. good morning!
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download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. heather: former president barack obama has stayed silent on the 2020 democratic race but that may change. sources telling foxbusiness he has growing concerns bernie sanders is mentally and politically unfit to take on donald trump and could say so publicly. obama worried about sanders's far left agenda. he has not endorsed a candidate.
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the former vp could get an endorsement from kamala harris. the new york times reporting harris is considering throwing her support behind joe biden. this comes days after biden said he would consider harris as a potential running mate. harris dropped out of the race last month. in the meantime marianne williamson said she is supporting andrew yang in the iowa caucuses writing and instagram yang's self-confidence, levity and positivity is what america has lost a needs to regain. denials are flying. and mike pence hanging, carly shimkus with fox news headlines serious xm with what you didn't see.
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>> prince doesn't seem like an overly political guy. he did he deny the vice president a handshake because he doesn't like the trump administration? the answer is no and the vice president as press secretary tweeted this photo saying this is not true. vp and prince charles prior to entering the event's floor and after his remarks as well. buckingham palace responded saying prince charles had a long and warm conversation with pence before the ceremony but the social media sleuth, people are talking, steve said that was strange. i doubt he did it on purpose but it looks bad. the twitter user said the prince should keep his own house in order. andy on twitter taking it back to the declaration of independence. we haven't cared with the british thought us since 1776. the royals going viral for a host of reasons.
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heather: this dad who confronted elizabeth warren, watch this. >> people who didn't take any money, those of us who did the right thing. of course we did. >> the man went on to say he has a friend that makes more money than him and rather than pay off his child's student loans he went on expensive vacations and bought the car. who is right? who is wrong? this sums up the democrats platform across the board. susan tweeting he hit the nail on the head doing the responsible thing only gets you vilified by progressive politicians. pretty interesting moment, very uncomfortable for elizabeth
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warren and she will have to answer that question and paying off student loans for people that are wealthy. >> paying for her health care plan, lots of issues, somebody should grab that guy for an interview. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and the president is set to make history at the march for life rally, the head of the event said she has been a champion for the cause and we we hear from her when we return. ngs can plummet you to extreme lows. (crying) lift you to intense highs. (muffled arguing) or, make you feel both at once. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis
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bill: a look at top headlines, the way house democrats will wrap up their opening arguments edison impeachment trial today, the managers slamming donald trump's abuse of power comparing him to richard nixon. arguments will resume this afternoon. today, donald trump will address the nation's mayors as part of
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his winter meeting at the white house, discussions on policies of transforming communities and local economies. 2020 hopeful mike bloomberg and indiana mayor pete buttigieg will be attending that. a fox news exclusive, donald trump's reelection campaign set to unveil a new pro-life coalition, pro-life forces for trump hosted by pro-life voters, the coalition coming as donald trump takes the stage at the march for life rally in dc. what does this mean for the pro-life movement? here with her thought is president of the march for life, jeannie mancini. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> it is a historic first.
1:32 am
the march for life is going to be an amazing moment. i'm excited for the president to have the experience because anybody who has ever come to the march has their hearts strengthened about this issue. the young marchers who are there collectively, over 100,000 are so positive and so enthusiastic. they will be delighted to have the leader of the free world with them. >> here are donald trump's pro-life accomplishments to date because he's putting what he says into practice, he cut planned parenthood tax funding by $60 million, cut us tax dollars from funding overseas abortion, allow states to defund title x fund and continues to appoint pro-life judges. what about the actual accomplishments, things he is getting done? >> it has been amazing. he has put his money where his mouth is so to speak and he
1:33 am
leaned into this issue. a week after the inauguration mike pence came to the march for life in 2017 and that was a historic moment. a person at a lower level from the white house to attend the march for life. to put the administration in such a forward leaning position has been a huge blessing and very exciting. heather: donald trump claim january 20 second is national sanctity of human life day. he is what he said about that. >> this is a tweet, i call on congress to join me in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life including those not yet born. i call them the american people to continue to care for women in unexpected pregnancies and to support adoption and foster care so every child can have a loving home. he's not afraid to speak out about it either. >> it has really been remarkable.
1:34 am
he has leaned into this more than any other pro-life president ever and it has been excited, he enacted incredible policies, protecting life in global health policy, judges, the supreme court, coming to the march for life, this is unprecedented. heather: what does it mean that previous presidents of not attended the march, why do you think that is and what is different with donald trump? >> just to be there in person makes a huge difference. all the logistics involved with getting that together is quite complicated and he is saying he wants to be there in person to see young people to show he is with them on this issue. heather: we will all bewitching -- be watching today. have a busy day. another update you, three american firefighters killed while battling the australian wildfires have now been
1:35 am
identified. six other first responders were reportedly injured after their firetruck rules over. aishah hasnie joins us with the breaking news on the story. >> firefighters who pay the ultimate price were part of a california-based crew. 44-year-old captain from montana was a member of the air national guard. he leaves behind a wife and 3 children. 42-year-old first officer paul hudson of arizona was a decorated marine with 20 years service, he was married and ricky morgan of florida was an air force pilot. he leaves behind two sons. all three died when the water take her they were aboard crash thursday after it left richmond in new south wales for a firebombing mission. it is still not clear what went wrong. search crews were struggling for hours to get through the rugged rural area. california governor gavin newsom
1:36 am
released a statement saying this accident reminds us all of the too high cost of wildfires and sacrifice of first responders from around the world, california and australia united by the deadly threat of wildfires grieve the tragic loss together. the hercules air tanker belonged to colson in the asian, the same tanker we saw at mcclellan air force base during an event with governor newsom last year and was used to battle the kincaid fire in sonoma county last year. all of them were grounded after this crash in australia. this as the guardian reporting 6 more volunteer firefighters were hospitalized suffering serious injuries when their firetruck rolled over.
1:37 am
and in australia, 73 brush fires burning in new south wales, 30 of those are out-of-control. the fight goes on. heather: thank you to all the first responders. thank you. some other headlines, a bail hearing expected today for a suspected serial bank robber new york city. accused of robbing two banks, under new york's controversial bill reform law. he was in jail for allegedly robbing four banks in a night a crime spree. he is behind bars awaiting trial. fotis dulos is order district house arrest. a judge revoking work-release privileges for violating the terms of a $6 million bond, removing items from jennifer dulos's memorial by his connecticut home. he pled not guilty to murder and kidnapping charges. jennifer went missing in may and
1:38 am
her body has never been found. the trump administration facing a new lawsuit over 3-d printed guns. 20 states and washington dc teaming up to block the blueprints from being hosted online. the administration released new rules putting 3-d printed guns under the commerce department's watch. in november a separate judge blocked the administration from publishing plans under the state department, that would lead to untraceable ghost guns nationwide. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, team trump hard at work to let you keep more of your money. >> the president feels we need to incentivize the middle class, taxes have been too high stoically. >> what we know about a second round of tax cuts on the way to boost your bottom line.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". why was the pensacola gunmen allowed in the us? marco rubio, rick scott and ron johnson asking the department of homeland security to explain how the shooter was approved for a visa. the saudi national opens fire at the pensacola air station last month, three people died. we could soon hear the trump administration's plan to end the arab-israeli conflict. donald trump revealing it will be released before tuesday's meeting with benjamin netanyahu and his rival at the white house. netanyahu personally inviting gantz despite the two facing each other in his relapse third national election in a year.
1:43 am
back at home you could soon be getting another tax cut. a new round of cuts for the middle class is underway. tracy carrasco is here with the details. >> speaking to cnbc and davos, switzerland, steve mnuchin said donald trump has asked him to work on tax cuts 2.oh, additional tax cuts could be coming. listen to what he had to say. >> there will be tax cuts for the middle class and looking at other incentives. the president feels that we need to continue to incentivize the middle class, their taxes have been too high historically. >> they can stimulate economic growth, this comes amid a growing budget deficit that did pass $1 trillion in the 2019 calendar year. also government debt recently passed $23 trillion but steve
1:44 am
mnuchin did maintain these tax cuts would pay for themselves. >> speaking of money there is a new scary email scam going after people's banking information. >> it looks pretty legit and some people are falling for it, this was discovered by the malware hunter teammate, they said this email looks so legit that people are giving all sorts of personal information that it pretends to be from citibank. it is used at with fake security certificate so it looks very real but it gets all your information, your name, your birthdate, your email address, your social security number and debit and credit card information and while you are entering into this fake website the hackers on the other side take that information and use it to get to the real citibank website and take any information they can so be on the lookout. the website is
1:45 am
do not give your personal information. heather: it is getting difficult to tell what is real. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and an army of top prosecutors across the us and a firm message to the senate, reject impeachment or push forward at your own peril. attorney general alan wilson says this trial will come to hunt the democrats and he is live up next. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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>> we want to make a brief correction. we told you a washington state man had died from the corona virus. have asked check that man was hospitalized in an isolation
1:49 am
unit. health officials monitoring 40 people who had close contact with him. we apologize for the confusion. still a big story to be concerned about. protesters in puerto rico taking guillotines to the governor's mention after relief supplies for hurricane maria were found untouched. [crowd chanting] heather: demonstrators demanding the governor redesign as police fire tear gas at unruly protesters. residents want thousands of cases of water, food and other supplies in a warehouse last we can. the supplies had been there since hurricane maria hit the island in 2017 killing nearly 3000 people. cracking down on birthright citizenship starting today. the trump administration is imposing some new rule aimed at restricting birth tourism.
1:50 am
that is when a foreign pregnant woman travels to the united states to give birth so their children can have us citizenship. that will be denied visas if they can't convince immigration officers that they have another reason for visiting. we have more on that in the second hour. impeachment managers continue to fire their cases against donald trump, 21 state attorneys general are fighting back rebuking the proceedings in a 14 page letter to the senate saying, quote, among other things this impeachment proceeding threatens all future elections and establishes a dangerous historical precedent, it weapon ice is the process that should only be initiated in exceedingly rare circumstances and never for partisan purposes. here with more is the man leading that charge, south carolina attorney general alan wilson. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. the reason behind this letter.
1:51 am
>> first off as the attorneys general of 21 states that are represented we are very concerned about the effort of democrats in a house to overturn the 2016 election while trying to influence the 2020 election but more importantly in protecting the integrity of these elections that citizens of the state participated in we are trying to protect our country from the dangerous precedent this impeachment poses to our fundamental democracy so that is something we are concerned about. i don't want to the house of representatives he need a party having the control, the power of the presidency that this particular congress is seeking to have. heather: it goes for either party. it cannot be a legitimate basis to impeach a president for acting in a legal manner that could be politically advantageous, it would because for the impeachment of virtually every president, past, present and future. comment on that.
1:52 am
>> every president since george washington to donald trump has acted on matters of foreign policy and domestic policy in ways you could put a motive to them because they may have received a political benefit. barack obama in 2000 on a hot mike asking president medvedev to grand forks ability until after the election. receiving a political benefit, you can view a corrupt motive on that comes in with joe biden asking for the firing of the ukrainian prosecutor investigative company his son works for. i'm not saying these are impeachable offenses that you can impugn a correct motive. they never claimed to the articles of impeachment the conduct of donald trump was beyond his constitutional authority. he was allowed to talk to presidents and negotiate, they put a corrupt motive to him. heather: the president of ukraine saying the second person on the actual call that there was no quid pro quo.
1:53 am
what about what the house is done in terms of their investigation, moving forward with the trial and wanting to call more and more witnesses. >> i was a career prosecutor doing this job and one thing i've never that is gone to trial without a full investigation where i that at all the witnesses i could call the defense could call. they rushed to get an indictment before the united states and calling it an indictment when that is what it is in the form of an impeachment without calling the witnesses and they want the united states senate to do their job for them. they are accusing him of obstruction of congress because they are claiming the president prevented them from interviewing people and seeing documents but one thing we do before every trial is you have pretrial motions to determine if the information you have is discoverable or not. they could have had pretrial hearings to sue the president as to whether or not his executive privilege was applicable in this situation and they chose not to
1:54 am
do it, they chose to accuse him of obstructing congress. heather: now they say they want to call additional witnesses, four so far, but only their witnesses once again. nothing from the republicans, no trade or reciprocity, thank you for joining us, we appreciate your time today. have a great day and we will be right back.
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heather: senator richard burr keeping colleagues busy during the impeachment trial, the north carolina republican seen entering the chamber, he brought fidget spinners, he is sitting at his desk with a blue one. he handed them out during the republican lunch. at least we to other senators responded using them at their desk but is that allowed? shakira and jennifer lopez countdown to the super bowl getting fans pumped up for the halftime show. ♪ in the 20 shakira posting this video of throwing a football while her new song plays in the background. j low getting a running start on the football field.
1:59 am
lopez writing and instagram the countdown is on. the two superstars take the stage in miami on february 2nd where the kansas city chiefs take on the san francisco 49ers. it is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. a cookie competition that is out of this world, the first cookie bake off on the international space station. nasa says it took two hours for the cookies to bake in a 0 g of and in case you ever have to do that. the bad, a florida man gets a front row seat to high-speed police chase on tv only to see the suspect's truck outside his window seconds later. the chase ended soon after with police arresting multiple suspects. a heart stopping moment for a texas police officer when a truck collides with his cruiser next. >> watch out! watch out!
2:00 am
are you serious? >> that could have ended badly but no one was injured. officers say it serves as a reminder to slow down and move over for first responders. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: it is friday january 20 fourth of the us ready to take action against the deadly corona virus with three potential case is being closely watched at home. jillian: is the world on the brink of an international health crisis? how the white house plans to respond. >> donald trump had the motive, the opportunity and the means to commit this abuse of power. >> abuse, betrayal and corruption. >> abuse of power of his office, executed his corrupt scheme. jillian: house impeachment managers hammering donald trump as they wrap up their case later today.


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