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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 24, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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are you serious? >> that could have ended badly but no one was injured. officers say it serves as a reminder to slow down and move over for first responders. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. rob: it is friday january 20 fourth of the us ready to take action against the deadly corona virus with three potential case is being closely watched at home. jillian: is the world on the brink of an international health crisis? how the white house plans to respond. >> donald trump had the motive, the opportunity and the means to commit this abuse of power. >> abuse, betrayal and corruption. >> abuse of power of his office, executed his corrupt scheme. jillian: house impeachment managers hammering donald trump as they wrap up their case later today.
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rob: republicans say they are ready to bring americans the other side of the story. a preview of the president's history making speech at today's march for life. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: guess what. it is friday. we made it. it has been a long weekend it will continue. it is friday. stop it. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning.
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rob: can't get any faster. democrats will wrap up opening arguments in the senate impeachment trial, lead house manager adam schiff getting emotional while making his closing speech. >> if right doesn't matter, we are lost. you can't trust this president to do what is right for this country. you can trust he will do what is right for donald trump. jillian: griff jenkins live on capitol hill with reaction from republicans as there are new calls for the bidens to testify. >> reporter: this will focus on the second article impeachment, obstruction of congress, the final day of argument making the case against the president. and of course you have them taking a final plea the president is not only guilty but
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this reaches the level of impeachment. >> it puts even president nixon to shame. donald trump placed his own personal political interests first. he has placed them above our national security, above our free and fair elections and above our system of checks and balances. this conduct is not america first. it is donald trump first. >> most gop senators seem unconvinced, eager to hear from the other side. >> we are ready for the president's team to put their defense on. the president didn't have a chance to do that in the house. we have heard plenty from the house now. they say they have had overwhelming evidence, they said it 11 times in opening documents, today representative nadler said there is a mountain of evidence. i'm ready to hear from the president's defense.
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>> reporter: the team takes the for tomorrow, they have 24 hours over three days but it is not clear they will use all that time. the final call for witnesses is far from over. >> we are standing by the four witnesses we need and four sets of documents we need. there are no discussions with republicans, we are not trading, we are not whittling down the list. those four are all very important. >> i was surprised they chose to make hunter biden so central to this presentation. if we are going to call witnesses it is clear we must call hunter biden and probably joe biden. >> reporter: as for trading witnesses schumer says that's not on the table but after the white house's defense team makes their case and we get to 16 hours of senator questioning, meanwhile they are all back here at 1:00 pm today and thank god it is friday, that doesn't mean much here. rob: thank you so much.
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jillian: later this hour, sekulow will join us with his response to the house's case. he will preview the defense's first day. >> democrats were finishing their arguments, the doj admitting problems with that surveillance of carter page, newly declassified documents reveal two fisa warrants did not meet the right standards to get approved. that surveillance is a key part of the russia probe based on fox news, another step on the road to recovery for a flawed system. jillian: a neighborhood is evacuated after hundreds of military explosive devices are found inside a california home. >> this phase of the investigation, trying to determine if these devices are live and how they will get out safely. >> investigating the 7-year-old
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homeowner's death, bomb squad is working to remove the devices as police investigate why they were inside that home. >> virginia police officer killed in the line of duty after being dragged from a traffic stop, the suspect in custody taking off with the officer while trying to get outside richmond, virginia. it is the ninth officer to be killed in the line of duty this year. >> the rapid growing coronavirus putting countries in the us on high alert. the world health organization meeting overnight. >> this virus taking center stage on capitol hill. china puts millions of people on lockdown. todd pyro joins us in studio as we learn how this is affecting the united states. >> reporter: the senate health and foreign relations committee sets to hold a briefing for all senators and health officials
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today as china works to contain this deadly virus. 10 cities in china are on lockdown including the epicenter of the outbreak, wuhan. it is bigger than new york city with 11 million people, that the suspending public transportation services and shutting down all public venues like movie theaters. china now building a hospital dedicated to treating patients with the virus in disneyland in shanghai closing its doors overnight. the flulike virus sickening 830 in six and countries including the us. the world health organization says calling is a global health emergency is not off the table. >> make no mistake. this is an emergency in china, but it is not yet become a global health emergency. it may yet become one.
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>> the cdc posting warning signs in 14 airports urging people to see a doctor if they have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing of the texas and him student is being tested for the virus. the statement saying, quote, officials have described the immediate health risk to the campus community as low. joining with clarification, the washington state man who died, he was hospitalized in isolation units, health officials monitoring 43 people who had close contact with him. amazing how quickly this is taken off. rob: it is certainly scary. jillian: donald trump taking the stage at march for life in dc, the first president to attend the rally. march for life president jeannie mancini joined heather sharing what the president's visit means.
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>> he leaned into this more than any other pro-life president ever and it has been exciting. he has enacted incredible policies protecting life and global health policy. judges, the supreme court and coming to the march for life, this is unprecedented. jillian: the president says it conveys his reelection campaign is set to unveil a new pro-life coalition. kim jong un strange battle between the sooner and golden state. kevin is banning all state-funded travel to california. back in 2018 governor gavin newsom of california band travel to oklahoma over a law blocking same-sex parents from adopting kids. this move is in response to san francisco blocked travel because of oklahoma's strict abortion law. it has been this back and forth. he is proud to be pro-life.
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>> pro janice. when it is 50 degrees. >> we are getting a little rain but imagine if it was below freezing and we were getting rainfall? we could get a lot of snow. rob: we have seen it many times. >> the next two weeks much of the country above average. jillian: and then march comes. >> current temperatures seasonal or around seasonal. we are looking at a messy storm. the east coast dealing with rain, we have cold air on the backside across the great lakes and the midwest. some areas gets no. it is not a blockbuster storm. on saturday we have mainly rain event, 50 degrees at 9:00 pm in new york city. it is crazy.
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mainly rain, snow on the backside of this and here's the forecast, the west coast more rain along the coast and mountain snow. if i could give you a forecast. i need to set my wardrobe up because we are going to the super bowl friday, saturday, the actual game looks really good. >> that is of course next week. >> one thing we know about florida, that forecast. >> to my right, jillian needs to know what she needs to bring. >> i am moving out of my house. >> 11 minutes after the hour, we now know the names of the heroic firefighters who were killed while battling so many wildfires in australia. a report on the american efforts
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to contain these historic fires. jillian: democrats wrap up their testimony, the house managers help to make their case to get the bidens on the stand. our next guest explains that on friday morning.
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uhh, excuse me, is there a problem here? you're in a no parking zone. oh, i... i didn't know. you didn't see the sign? that... that wasn't there when i was here earlier. (whimper) really?
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you know, in italy, they let you park anywhere. have a good day, sir. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (glass shattering) (frustrated yell) (car horn blast) (yelp) >> call for the removal of this prosecutor the official direction of us policy because the prosecutor was widely perceived as corrupt and with the support of all international allies, his actions were therefore supported by the executive branch. jillian: house managers have a few hours to make their case against donald trump. rob: with the defense team on deck and the fight for witnesses still looming republicans say
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democrats own arguments prove the bidens need to testify. jillian: adultoh franco joins us to break it down. do you think the bidens should it testify? i'm specifically referencing hunter and joe and do you think that will happen? >> i will say this. if we have witnesses they absolutely have to testify. i would hope no one would testify only because this is such a charade and has been from the beginning. i quickly have to remind our viewers that this is the third attempt in the last two years to try to remove donald trump from office and it is not donald trump who is the target, the american people are the target. there was a resolution, two resolutions in the house in 2017 the garnered 30% of the
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democratic caucus over the president supporting the american flag because people were kneeling. to answer your question directly on this, in 2006, they are making the case for hunter biden which is what this is about. donald trump had a perfectly normal appropriate telephone call about the 2016 election and about the vice president using his influence in 2016 to put his son into a job for which he was not qualified. that was the genesis of this and what the president said to help as he was referring to the united states, not himself. there is a basis to follow-up but i would prefer not to call any witnesses just because i don't want to legitimizing a legitimate process. rob: i don't think he wants to testify either. let's go to a soundbite from trey gowdy talking about the bidens and more pie in the sky, the idea of having former president obama testify.
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>> the vice president is relevant as a witness but so is president obama because i would want to know whether or not he had the authority of the president at the time he made that pronouncement that there be no loan guarantees unless the prosecutor was fired. rob: that would never happen, president obama testifying. >> now, but congressman trey gowdy's point is a legitimate one, the political circus in the house, they broke the rules, the president was never given due process in the house of representatives, they never called witnesses in the house as they should have. when you start a political circus this is what you get. the culprits are the democrats. they have fallen into the abyss of rage partisan rage and hate for donald trump as a consequent of afar process they are trying to correct in the senate and this is the consequence. jillian: another topic before we let you go, the administration to crackdown on birth tourism.
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was what this would entail and what you think of it? >> it is quite time. as a naturalized us citizen, us citizenship is earned, it is not something that comes accidentally. it is not something that is contrived through political, criminal schemes that are taking place to bring people into the united states for the purpose of bestowing us citizenship. could you imagine overseas if accidentally an american citizen gave birth and is automatically a citizen of south korea or italy, not an american citizen, of course not, they are registered in us embassies. foreigners coming here, illegal aliens, with the purpose of coming here to give birth should be denied us citizenship. rob: they call it anchor babies. aoc put out a tweet, pregnant women, this administration is targeting pregnant women. when you single out the most vulnerable, the cruelty is the point. this is obviously up scam in most cases.
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what do you make of that week? >> it is outrageous. these are illegal aliens coming here through political schemes organized in china and they are anchor babies. >> a lot is coming from china and they are wealthy families, 80 or 100,$000 for the blue to do this. >> scammed in the first place and secondly putting pregnant women at risk. most importantly on this, citizenship, our founding fathers intended two things, that citizens of americans, automatically are citizens and those who are not in my case have to go through a process. senator mccain was born in panama. is he a panamanian? of course not. his parents registered him a us embassy to foreigners who accidentally or on purpose to
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become citizens. >> thank you for your time, we appreciate it. ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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>> donald trump will address mayors from across the nation in washington dc on issues ranging from climate change to infrastructure. with insights on the biggest issues facing america's communities and what he is hoping to hear later today is jim brain er, it is the town i grew up in. nice to see you again. >> great to see you. rob: one of your biggest agendas, bizarre for conservative, is climate change, something you care deeply about. tell us what you hope to hear
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from the president. >> i'm not sure what the president is going to say but we are interested in building a healthy successful community that can attract people to our city so we can compete and provide quality of life for all our citizens and the environment is part of that. there is a great republican conservative tradition in the environment, it was teddy roosevelt, a republican, who set aside natural parks. president roosevelt satisfy the arctic reserve. richard nixon established environment protection agency, the migratory bird act and it was ronald reagan who went to montréal and worked in antarctica. the word is conserved. republican or democrat, doesn't want their family to drink clean water, breve clean air. it is important as we try to
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develop cities where everyone can flourish. and leave the earth a better place than we found it. rob: what did you think of the announcement from davos the president will engage in the 1 trillion trees act, his way of fighting carbon emissions. >> it is a good thing, trees are great, they do absorb carbon. it is a start. that is a good initiative. rob: let's talk infrastructure. pete buttigieg and michael bloomberg attending this mayoral conference and they are putting out big plans, almost $1 trillion to spend on infrastructure. the president hasn't got infrastructure yet. as your town spent a lot of money on infrastructure. you guys have a lot of money for conservative town into streets and roundabouts. what does the president need to do on that topic?
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>> he needs to help local leaders and state leaders invest in infrastructure. we know we can only compete as a country, as a city, if we invest in our communities. we have known this since the roman empire, you have to move goods and people around efficiently. that is what infrastructure is about and also clean water, processing sewage properly. these are the basics of government. mayors understand this. we need to invest in the country more. in china i was amazed at the transit hours going to infrastructure because they understand the need to compete, we need to compete with them. we need to step it up and make sure infrastructure works, is efficient and works for our communities. rob: something the big cities in this country have forgotten and continues to crumble. thank you for coming on.
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jillian: it is 27 minutes after the hour. climate crusader how gore feeling the heat after comparing climate change to the 9/11 terror attacks. >> this is their monopoly, the battle of the bulge, dunkirk, this is 9/11. we have to rise to this occasion. jillian: our next guest is a first responder who saw the horror of ground 0 firsthand. his message to the former vice president is coming up. ♪ struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> we are learning new details, battling the australian wired fires, six other first responders reportedly injured when the fire truck rolled over. >> aisha hasnie joins us with his tragic developed. >> firefighters who pay the
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ultimate price for part of california-based crew, captain ian mc beth was a member of the air national guard, leaves behind a wife three kids. first officer paul hudson of arizona was a decorated marine with 20 years service. he was married and 43-year-old rick morgan of florida was an air force pilot who leaves behind two sons. all three died when the water pain take her plane they were on board crashed thursday after it left richmond in new south wales for a firebombing mission. they struggle to get to the site because our rugged the area was. california governor gavin newsom released a statement saying this tragic accident reminds us of the high cost of the scourge of wildfires as well as the sacrifice of first responders in the world. california and australia are
2:33 am
united by the deadly threat of wildfires, now grieve the tragic loss together. the c-130 hercules air tanker, the same tanker we saw at mcclellan air force base, also used to battle the kincaid fire insulinoma county. all c-130s were grounded after the crash. this comes as the guardian reports six more volunteer firefighters. and firefighters and personnel are in that country right now. 73 brushfires are still burning in new south wales, 30 of those are out of control.
2:34 am
jillian: how gore is a known climate crusader visit the center series outrage for comparing global warming to the 9/11 terror attacks. >> the burden to act is on the burden of the shoulders of the generation of people alive today is a challenge to our moral imagination. this is thermopylae i, this is the battle of the bulge, this is dunkirk, this is 9/11. we have to rise to this occasion. >> many americans have a lot to say especially those who saw the horrors of that day firsthand. joining me live to share his thoughts, 9/11 first responder, thanks for being here. you were chief with the sheriff's department. when you hear those words, what do you think? >> it is insulting and disrespectful for people who paid the ultimate sacrifice, putting their lives on the line.
2:35 am
something that is unknown when he speaks about climate change is terrible and disrespectful to america and we responded with selfless acts. 3000 people lost their lives that day and numerous people, 60,000 have illnesses related from 9/11. >> what images when you close your eyes? >> when i close my eyes, people losing their lives, officers and firefighters, anyone who needed help. >> this is a girl 17 years old from stockholm, greta thunberg, saying, quote, great to see greta thunberg at the world economic forum. i was struck by her call to action. nobody speaks truth to power as she does. our house is still on fire, you're in action is fueling flames by the hour. she has been out there trying to talk to people about climate change, trying to get people to
2:36 am
change their ideas about it. she's not from the united states but there are a lot of young people who were not around when 9/11 happened who don't know what it was like. they see a young activist voice. what do you think of that? >> they need to talk to people who were there, look at the film, the lives that were lost and talk to the survivors and family members and kids who have never seen their parents. this will help out and we look at the debate on climate change. there is nothing that substantiates it, different models that are being debated. we are talking about the unknown. this for fact, 9/11. i can attest to this. jillian: is it fair to say we can have a conversation and debate about climate change, we can have a conversation and teach the younger generation
2:37 am
what happened on 9/11, we shouldn't be having these things in the same conversation because they don't relate. >> the unknown, 9/11 is a fact, people are dead, people are still ill, people are surviving, and people have 9/11 related illnesses. this is a factor. jillian: thank you for joining us. we are coming right back.
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rob: protesters gathering for 1 million man march to protest american troops in iraq. massive crowds chanting we want them out. some holding posters reading death to america calling for a full troop withdrawal and end to any security agreements with the united states. today's march comes after protesters stormed the us embassy in baghdad last month.
2:41 am
>> olivia national sentenced to 19 years in the deadly 2012 benghazi attacks, which storms the us compounds. they are guilty of providing material support for terrorists. four americans were killed including christopher stevens. rob: denials flying around look like prince charles just left mike pence hanging. jillian: carly shimkus does some investigative work. here is what you didn't see. what did your investigation uncover. >> the conspiracy theories are out in full force, did prince charles deny the vice president a handshake because he doesn't like the trump administration? according to both camps the answer is no.
2:42 am
this is not true. vp and prince charles book prior to entering the event floor and buckingham palace responded prince charles had a long conversation with pence before the ceremony but this video has been viewed 3 million times on twitter and people are talking about this. one twitter user says that was strange, it looked bad. another twitter user said it he should keep his own house in order and stop the defections. andy going back to the declaration of independence, we haven't cared what the british thought of us since 1776. >> there is video circulating that is getting a lot of mixed opinions. >> am i going to get my money
2:43 am
back? going to pay to people who save money and those of us who did the right thing - jillian: this is about elizabeth warren's plan to cancel student loan debt and that guy goes on to say he has a friend who makes a lot more money than he does, spends it on a car and vacation that he did the right thing. will get his money back? who is right, who is wrong? dan tweets the sums up the democrats platform across the board. this twitter user siding with the guy, not elizabeth warned, hit the nail on the head, doing the responsible thing, only gets vilified by progressive politicians according to susan. and uncomfortable moment for elizabeth warren on the campaign trail. >> killed himself to pay off his student jones and they start giving it away. what happens? let's check in with brian kilmeade.
2:44 am
>> i can't see you but heard my name and recognized it since grade school. over the next three hours as you have been discussing we are done with day 3 of the impeachment trial and the final day for democrats, they will be done. on saturday prime time the defense for donald trump will kick into gear. we will talk to rudy giuliani and talk to dan crenshaw and judge janine will be here. johnny joey jones, something different about today's show. i remember. i brought hundreds of my best friends. they were in the studio. jillian: they are ready to go. we see you in a little bit. coming right back. by the strolle♪s
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rob: former president barack obama has stayed silent on the 2020 democratic race but that may change. sources telling foxbusiness he has growing concerns that bernie sanders is temperamentally and unfit to take on donald trump. he could say so in public. obama worried about his far left agenda. he has not endorsed a candidate for president. jillian: peter buttigieg is helping court black voters in south carolina. >> working cannot be compensated while -- it is not a racial slur.
2:49 am
if you are doing work. >> the 2020 hopefuls discussing criminal justice reform with hip-hop radio host. buttigieg has been struggling to resonate with african-americans who make up a majority of the voting base in the democratic primary. after hours of testimony over two days democrats hammer home the claim that donald trump abused his power. >> today we go through article 1, the constitutional underpinnings of abuse of power. >> we will show abuse of power. >> the president's abuse of power of his office. >> impeachment is justified, serious abuse of power. power. power. power. power. >> impeachment manager set to rather case today is republicans double down on their support of the president. joining us to react, a member of donald trump's team, we
2:50 am
appreciate it. what do you expect on the final day for the prosecution? >> more of the same, hyper-partisan politics, and a form of legalese when speaking to the united states senate so what else would you expect when you had a completely partisan, democrat only impeachment vote. you will hear a mix of somehow why it is an impeachable act to assert executive privilege and utilize the third and one of the coequal branches of government, the executive branch and they will make that argument with the chief justice right behind them presiding over this proceeding. >> a lot of people aren't sitting down day in and day out watching every moment of this so when people get home from work recapping their news you are hearing and seeing a lot of those clips where it's just
2:51 am
abuse of power. what do you need to do if you need to sway any independent minds and independent voters, this is what is being hammered home? >> adam schiff was the house management leader, had a problem with the truth since he has been holding his is hearings on the way back to the mueller report. so we will not -- it is not a rebuttal, what we are going to do is attack, attack all of the misstatements, all of the half played clips that didn't play the entire clip, the entire statement which ends up changing the meaning of what they tried to imply. how many times did you see someone's mouth keep going and the clip stopped. we are going to make sure the american people and all 100 us senators get to see what those democrat witnesses, that is all they were, 17 democrat witnesses, what they had to say
2:52 am
in fool because what they had to say in fool is on our side. rob: we saw a focus on abuse of power, obstruction of congress and a lot of people think that the weakest part of their case and it moves over to the defense's turned to defend the president. at this point a lot of people don't think they have moved the middle too much as far as voting the president out of office and even on witnesses. is there a case gone in your opinion? >> i don't think they had a case to begin with. there is no question the president is not going to be removed from office, 20 republicans will not be joining every single democrat to remove this president for nothing, for two made up articles of impeachment that could have
2:53 am
cited come sign -- some kind of statute. there is a statute from section of congress, but the problem for house managers it includes an element you have to prove, you have to prove intense, corrupt intent and they don't want to prove elements so they didn't include statutes. things like that but we are not just rebutting them, we are going to make the case for the president, why the president was totally within his constitutional rights, article 2 power is president of the united states based on the constitution, supreme court precedent and congressional law, statutes passed by congress and signed by the president, why he was in his rights, why the transcript was perfectly legal and this idea that there need to be 17 witnesses, we are not at that stage yet but they got to cherry pick, picked 17 witnesses, telling everybody they need more witnesses but all they they are playing testimony of their witnesses and what we are going to do is show you what their witnesses actually said while exerting why the president
2:54 am
is within his constitutional rights to act this way. >> but listen to reaction and get your opinion. >> they don't have the facts, they make things up. >> it and abysmal presentation. >> we case hearing democrats talk about their need for additional witnesses. >> they said they had an indisputable case, not only was it flawed but unprepared. >> there is that and earlier in this hour. we had a clip from chuck schumer who said there will be no trading, no whittling down of the list. how is this ultimately going to play out? do you think we will end up hearing from witnesses? >> at this point what we are focusing on is our opening statement, and responding on behalf of the president of the united states, and honor to be there representing the president of the united states whether it is one of the attorney speaking or at the table or in the back rooms working, it is an honor to
2:55 am
represent the president. where we get to that initial vote we will make the case there as well but ultimately once we have presented, this will be the first time not just arguing motions but actual due process orally for the entire u.s. senate. they will see that what democrat house managers demand a hyperpartisan case, they want to drag this out to damage not just the president but the senate and they called senators, the entire body, treacherous, treacherous for not supporting amendments to the rules. my final statement is this, final statement. adam schiff says what is the guard against this democracy, if we don't remove this president? the american people guard our democratic republic, not one party in the house of representatives, not a few
2:56 am
members of congress. rob: thank you for your time, we appreciate it, we will be right back. parked it right there. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! . . cheesesteak back there. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. raccoon: i got the cheesesteak! at walgreens, we love smart savers. like movie savers. tee-time savers. and especially medicare part d savers. so you probably know making walgreens your preferred pharmacy means up to $5 off on copays and 100 rewards points on prescriptions. because you're smart like that.
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even before they need it.need, with esri location technology, you can see what others can't. ♪ rob: welcome back. derek jeter is heading to the baseball hall of fame. but he also made it to the impeachment trial. >> new york congressman hakeem jeffries joking about the one person who didn't vote for the yankees shortstop. >> perhaps we can all agree to subpoena the baseball hall of fame. [laughter] to try to figure out who out
3:00 am
of 397 individuals, one person voted against derek jeter. rob: he makes a good point. got to fill that 24 hours somehow. jeter inducted into coopers town this summer. jillian: got to go. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ you know i'm going to ♪ cowboy [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] ♪ cowboy ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: hey, everybody. live from new york, it's our first 2020 live show. thanks for coming today. [cheers and applause]


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