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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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sworn enemy of smugness, lying, and groupthink. the senate has adjourned for the night and we hope you will do after watching sean hannity, who is next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we begin with a fox news alert. a lot happening tonight and moments ago, the senate finally adjourned for the night. the schiff sham part of it is over there the repetitive nonsense, more coming up. also tonight we start with we are at the end of a huge week of massive accomplishments for the trump administration. i doubt the mob and the media will talk about it. a successful trip to the world economic forum in dabo's. but last year it was the big china deal that's going to help farmers, manufacturers, our energy sector, and our car industry. $220 billion in two years. the president returned home to
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washington into the swamp, he delivered a rousing speech at the march for life rally. in doing so, he made history. the first president to speak of the largest pro-life rally in the country. this is part of what we are calling the tale of two americas. while the president is advancing prosperity, every economic record, peace and security command of the caliphate, baghdadi, soleimani, for all americans across town on washington we've been witnessing a pathetic delusional psychotic never ending charade. i regret to inform you that the schumer, schiff sham show we still have 24 hours, 16 hours, and then hopefully it ends. you come of the american people, i know you're busy. you work 12, 13, 14 hours a day. you pay your taxes and obey the laws, you probably have more important things that you're doing every day then watch the compromised corrupt powered congenital liar, adam schiff,
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spewing. it is insufferable. nonstop venom. 24 hours. let me fill you in on what you might've missed today. thankfully, their ratings now bear this out. hardly any americans are watching. by the way, we want to thank you. sincerely from our heart, thank you for making is number one again last night on cable news. now, here's what's interesting. network television abc, nbc, cbs broadcast channels, they've barely got a million viewers. less than 300,000 in the core demo. it's a disaster. unmitigated, unprecedented ratings disaster. i'm not surprised, because over the past 24 hours we have learned nothing new. not one single thing. this has been mindless political theater, that is it. in fact the schumer, schiff sham show, they are still obsessing over the exact same thoroughly
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debunked -- not ukraine, they are advancing still the rush of theories. literally schiff is drooling three years ago. he looks like he's having a mental emotional breakdown at this point. forget ukraine, forget quid pro quo, hunter paid millions and the can investigation. the congenital liar, it's still all about, for three days now, not ukraine, russia. take a look. >> candidate trump urged the russians to hack hillary clinton's emails. >> the russians will do this again. the russians. the russian interference in our election. the russia issue. vladimir putin. i tend to view a lot of what's
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happening through a russia pri prism. >> the pollutants. >> effort to help mr. trump. systematic interference of the russians. >> sean: the great irony as we showed you last night is the only guy caught on tape thinking is talking to a russian was him getting compromise inc. materials what are they? do you have them? has vladimir seen them? colluding with the russians to impact our election. anyway, he is a raging lunatic. they after day, this is three years. over three years this guy has been lying like a maniac. propagating a conspiracy theory. we had four separate investigations. we had the investigation nine-month investigation. we found nothing.
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then of course we had the house until investigation. no evidence. then w we had the bipartisan senate committee and then the ultimate of all ultimate scum of the mueller report. no russia. and yet the sham articles of impeachment, they have nothing to do with russia but he still talking about russia. the term russian collusion is never mentioned in one of these articles. by the way neither is the word quid pro quo, which they kept throwing out time and time again. not a single time. this schumer, schiff sham show, nothing to do with truth or evidence or facts. of course the schumer, schiff sham show has nothing to do with truth. it's all about their undying, never-ending, psychotic, unyielding rage and inability to accept the loss of an election. president trump, shocked the world. lay slats night there he was again, schiff overcome by emotion. he didn't come to terms with his own rampant dishonesty and lies
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and that the investigation proved he was a liar. he wasn't being reflective of the devotees because the country, the lies and conspiracy theories he has pushed, this mere slander, the besmirched men, the excessive compulsion. he wasn't upset about his own botched impeachment proceeding in the house. he doesn't realize, nobody likes this guy. not even democrats think at this point. i think they realize he took them over a cliff. the congenital liar decided to tear up like a baby about republicans not at hearing. we get lectures from them about the truth. lecturing the country about truth and honesty. his over-the-top crocodile tears are almost as cringeworthy as his unprecedented rampant hypocrisy. let's take a look.
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>> colonel vindman said right matters. i think there's prior to plenty of evidence of conspiracy in plain sight. >> if right doesn't matter, we are lost. if the truth doesn't matter, we are lost. we have not spoken directly with the whistle-blower. we would like to. right is supposed to matter. it's what's made us the greatest nation on earth. the russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. the russians gave help in the president made full use of that help. the right matters otherwise we are lost. i share the view that there are parts of the dossier that have been corroborated and that seemed credible.
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right doesn't matter anymore. >> sean: sorry, pitch-perfect example of his deranged behavi behavior. like a real-life sociopath in the middle of a meltdown. schiff we know will do or say anything that will benefit him personally. in 1999, big news the congenital liar we have now discovered campaigned heavily against the corrosive politics of impeachment. back then the congenital liar believed lawmakers should be more concerned with real local issues that actually affect the american people. i have not seen the state before. i don't think most of you have. let's roll the tape. >> movie moguls such as steven spielberg are raising money for rogan's challenger. they felt makeup california state senator adam schiff one of the most prodigious fund-raisers among the challenges in the
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2,000 election. >> people want somebody who is top priority is local concerned, not national partisan ideological crusades. >> sean: he can't even open his mouth without vomiting a russian conspiracy theory and of course his cohort, big time hypocrite himself jerry nadler just ran to sam impeachment articles through the house judiciary committee. zero due process that republicans afford to newt encourage afforded bill clinton. just called a president a dictator, that's how desperate he is. take a look. >> this is a determination by president trump that he wants to be all-powerful. he does not have to respect congress. he does not have to respect the representatives of the people. only his wheel goes. he is a dictator. this must not stand and that is why he must be removed from office. >> sean: okay. i'm sleepy.
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you want to sleep by the way? just rerun this, you will fall a sleep. i love mike lindell. i have m my pillow. my pillow coupled with this guaranteed to knock you out for 24 hours. republican senators are not buying this charade. lawmakers are struggling to stay awake. look at this, some are playing tic-tac-toe. some are literally walking around the chambers so they can keep their eyes open. you've got rachel maddow's area 51, the conspiracy channel. they are screaming at the democrats, please i know it's horribly boring but just pretend. act like you are interested. do it for the sake of the country. democrats need 67 votes to convict the president, it's not going to happen. not by a long shot. joni ernst slamming democrats for their hypocrisy. wyoming senator accusing chuck schumer of using impeachment as a political trick to become majority leader. that's with those phony votes on
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day one were. according to an axios report, democrats who need for g.o.p. senator votes and not to lose any from their own party, will struggle to get more than three. let's hope that's true tonight. their last hope to extend the trial is quickly fading. i pray for the sake of the country that this is true. we have 284 days until election according to the report. it now seems like a straight road to trump's acquittal by the end of next week. without extra witnesses, the presidents' impeachment could be over by the end of next week they report that will be good news for we the people. we all know how this will end. witnesses will be subject to court battles on claims of executive privilege and pleading the fifth and weeks and months of legal limbo. ultimately president trump will be acquitted regardless. republican senators need to end this charade. they need not take on the
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constitutional duty of the house of representatives. they have the sole power to impeach. they have impeached, they have made their case, they will have the president's lawyers talk and then we will have 16 hours of questions. then let's vote on the answer here. get back to work for the american people. no matter how long this insufferable schumer, schiff sham show lasts come of this president will remain on offense making history along the way. but what will the democrats run on? what have they done for the people that they are supposed to be public service to servants off? have they created jobs? no. as i sat at the top, this is a tale of two americas. this matters. are they public servants are the are they out for a power grab president trump killed iran's top terrorists. democrats are matter? soleimani slaughtered fellow americans. he led all of the terrorism of the world's number one state
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sponsor of terror. you can't say good job president trump, you just got rid of that guy that slaughtered our fellow americans. president trump makes new trade deals around the world. betsy china, japan, mexico. that means they are pink more. we will use that money for the wall. and if we are energy independent. democrats accused him of economic warfare. president lowers taxes for millions of middle-class americans. democrats complain about that. the economy is on fire by every single solitary measure. democrats a dream, they want to implement a $94 trillion new green deal. we only taken $4 trillion a year. $52 trillion from medicare for all. no free choice on what you might have for health care, we can't afford that. there's no money for defense either in that case. president, he touts the sanctity of life. democrats like virginia governor ralph norman, first we
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will let the baby be born and then we will make the baby comfortable it and then we will let the mother decide. supporting infanticide or what he referred to as in labor, during labor, or post birth abortion? that would be infanticide. another word that comes to mind, murder. 284 days, you will choose between the two americas. will you choose the radical extreme socialist group of political hacks who have done nothing for we the people the last three years except hate the president you elected and not accept the result of you the people? or will you choose peace, prosperity, more security. 284 days you get the power to shock the world. jordan secular was with us. okay. so part one is done, here is a question i was thinking about because i thought the repetition, going back and showing the hearings of
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witnesses that are opinion witnesses that believe the donald trump should be impeached because he wants to weeded out the words lake and news. that was interesting. then going back to the mueller report come and then hit rewind and replay everything they said 400,000 times already, most of which is untrue. i was wondering today, will the president's defense, are they going to spend 24 hours doing this? >> you know we are not going to play video tapes of ourselves, i won't be plank my interviews about adam schiff from two months ago. were going to be confronting them. what you saw was adam schiff playing adam schefter videos and making adam schiff's come his last comment of the night was telling because he had to make up something again. he did it to the republican senate and they don't put up with us. he said your heads are going to be on a and they literally all said no one told us that if we oppose the president. who would believe that when you've got senator rand paul and mike leake, they question the president. go to the media and openly
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question the president unlike the other side, they have no issues with that. i feel like that's the adam schiff that they forget when they come over to the u.s. senate and they go on the floor and they tell those 53 republicans with a guy told last night was about actually their head or the president is a dictator or it's about make ukraine great again and all of those ukrainians we can learn so much from. the truth is, sean, it's wonderful to have allies and is nothing against ukraine. we don't want to ever be like ukraine. i don't want to be dependent on other countries for my security or be debated around like this. it was absurd for our country, the idea of propping up intelligence service. they have made the case for them. we have been there, we will make the president's case. we are going to take the time -- it's not just about rebutting. the president deserves for the first time an active offensive argument as well.
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>> sean: jordan sekulow, thank you. will it go longer than 24 or less? last question. >> two days, through this, were going to take the time we need. >> sean: thank you. it's meant no secret the media mob has been rooting for the impeachment since the moment he was elected. still, some are tend to be nonpartisan journalists. it's a lie, it's a facade. let's take for example abc. they say news men commit george stephanopoulos, he was bill clinton's top political hit men for decades. now we are supposed to believe he's had a magical change of heart and he's nonpartisan. yesterday caught in the act desperately trying to dip out jordan jay sekulow come his father by the way press conference by the way. get out of this, can we hear from somebody else? let's watch. >> our position as you still
6:18 pm
have to meet basic fundamental constitutional obligations, and they haven't. >> that is jay sekulow right there. >> sean: i just -- in fairness by the way. not a good look for the nonpartisan "abc news." a lot goes on during a live program. i would give jordan the benefit of the doubt and i would admit, i'm going to be honest here. for five different reasons all go like this, don't end this early. stretch give me a little more time. there's ways to communicate. i don't do shut off the liberal. i don't do that a party. george is a clinton hack masquerading as a nonpartisan journalist, he has not. despicable. but all too common. it is all dishonest. as part of the reason journalism is dead and buried. joining us now author of guilt by accusation, harvard law
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professor alan dershowitz. i watched a clip, i don't watch these sunday shows, but i did see a clip of your appearance on that guys show. all he did the whole time was try to trap you. you were being gracious because you could've gone in and said george, we all know you are a clinton sycophant, stop playing like you are fair. why didn't you do do that? >> i think george is generally fared to his guests. he's given me an opportunity always to make my point, unlike some other guests down the coast on similar channels. i have been doing this 55 years representing very controversial defendants. i've never experienced the kind of mccarthyism that i am getting from left-wing lawyers and others attacking me, attacking my motives, attacking can my family, attacking every aspect of my life because i had the gall to stand up to the
6:20 pm
constitution on behalf of. 55 years i never experienced this. not against the o.j. case, not during the tyson case, not during the quest on bulow case. you have the nerve to stand up on behalf of the president. i have been attacked by africa left-wing media in an effort to try and destroy my credibility before i make my presentation. they have set i am not a constitutional lawyer. i've argued want hundreds of constitutional cases. taught for 50 years at harvard. taught a seminar in impeachment, wrote 25 law review articles about the constitution. if i were on the other side, they would be praising me to the heavens as a constitutional scholar. because i picked the wrong side and their point of view, mccarthyism. >> sean: how long do you believe the defense will need? i can't imagine 24 hours but i
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felt there was so much boring repetition here. >> i would like to see it kept shorter. i'm going to be an hour or less to lay out all the constitutional arguments and lay out all the arguments from the cases from the earlier impeachments. i think it will be very scholarly and persuasive. i hope i can make it somewhat interesting. mostly what i want to do is be substantive and persuasive. i think the other members of the team will also tried to keep their comments relatively brief. i don't think we are going to see the kind of marathon that we saw on the other side of repetition. the other thing is there are no objections. about two-thirds of what we heard from democrats would never be admitted in a trial. they were irrelevant, mostly political campaign against president trump. there is an appropriate place for that but not in the senate during an impeachment trial. >> sean: i talked to a judge friend and he said this happened
6:22 pm
in cases you are trying and he goes yes i will go to the jury and says you guys get the point? yes, move along. instead of repeating endlessly. joining us now, congressman andy bigs. he's the head of the freedom caucus and our good friend louie gohmert. good to see you both. louis, your observations and where you see this going and do you think some senate republicans would take on the constitutional role of the house with the sole power to impeach and bringing new witnesses, even though they have a slam-dunk case supposedly. >> i doubt they are going to be bringing in new witnesses because as you talked about, joe biden would be a very critical witness and i've got a lot of criticism when i said previously hunter wood to be a sideshow. he really would've. he doesn't know much but joe knows everything. if he hasn't forgotten it or gotten confused about what city he's in. he would be a critical witness
6:23 pm
more than anybody else i can imagine. what has become clear, and i sat through tuesday and wednesday and what became clear to me sitting there listening was they are not trying to convince these people. you don't call somebody guilty of treachery and cover up and things like that if you are really trying to win their vote. it sounds like they are trying to win over the public using taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes. >> sean: andy, your thoughts? >> i think louie is right. you've got three hours tomorrow and eight hours on monday. we are going to hit hard. what i think so far a as a political campaign speech that they keep giving over and over again. i think the people of america have tuned them out and justifiably so.
6:24 pm
i think we have seen a lot of blatant hypocrisy. we've seen rules that we would consider rules of evidence, those louie that have tried cases. there is no way you could present this case and i would say i am hoping at some point i would normally make a motion to dismiss at some point. >> sean: think you both, we appreciate you being with us. big breaking news tonight. when we come back i might have a big disagreement with lindsey graham. apparently he doesn't think we should call joe or hardened or biden. he will tell is why when we come back. ♪ what the motorcade driver drives, when they're not in the motorcade? ♪ [ car engine revving ] this one drives a volkswagen passat.
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>> sean: if you are just joining us, this friday nine democrats wrapping up their
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opening statement. thank you very much. trump's defense team, they start their arguments tomorrow morning. joining us with more, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham. i read the comments, i don't know if i disagree or don't disagree. i can see both sides of this. you said you don't want to call hunter come you don't want to call joe. you said it's not the proper forum, but you do believe it should be investigated. >> exactly. the best thing for the country is to end of this trial next week, turn to issues that really matter to the american people come and let them pick the next president of the united states, and not the court of impeachment. i really do believe it's important to look at the bidens regarding ukraine because you can't live in a country where the trumps get looked at and the bidens get a pass. why does it matter to the american people as to what happened? the vice president of the united states was told to go to ukraine, straighten up the
6:30 pm
place, investigate corruption, tell them to turn around and do better. how can you send out a message when your own son is working on the board of burisma, the most corrupt guys country in the country. he received $3 million and you don't know about it. i think it's bad foreign policy and how could you not know that john kerry's stepson was also on the board of burisma? it tells me the about obama administration didn't do a very good job of looking for corruption if they couldn't find that hundred biden was on the board of burisma. >> sean: so what would be the proper forum for that? >> oversight. the mueller report is thousands of pages, hundreds of pages long. it took two years. they tell us in the impeachment trial that if this whole thing about the bidens has been looked at and it's phony, there is not a scintilla of evidence. i asked them who did the looking. they said dr. hill committee you think hundred biden did anything wrong?
6:31 pm
no. dr. hill, did you even look. where's the outrage of people on the ground in ukraine when they knew the vice president's son, hundred biden, was being paid by the most corrupt country in ukraine, why didn't some to call washington and say this undercuts our message. i want an oversight of the bidens. i'd like it to be outside of politics. if it has to be done by the congress, so be it. i'm not going to live in a country where the trump family can be investigated for years, spend millions of dollars on legal fees, and the democratic vice presidents son takes $3 million from the most corrupt gas company in the ukraine and nobody cares. we are not going to live in that country. >> sean: let me ask you this, i agree with you. the constitution -- we've gone over this whole week. so apollo of impeachment, that lies in the house of representatives. is there power. the power of the senate to try the case.
6:32 pm
i agree with you, they impeached him. they have made their 24-hour case. there will be a defense. there will be 16 hours of questions. why is there even a question that some republican senators would even contemplate bringing in witnesses that they never in the house with the sole power to impeach, ever bothered to bring in themselves. that would be their role. they should have done that. >> this witness request is politically motivated. they openly said that if we had gone to court or let trump go to court to defend the offices of the presidency by act or sizing executive privilege like nixon and clinton, we would run out of time to impeach him before the election. they literally said the reason they did it in 48 days, and they said we gave trump the same rights as nixon and clinton. the nixon case went on for
6:33 pm
years. the clinton case went on for almost five years. they impeach the president in 48 days from the time of authorization to passing the articles. how much due process can anybody get in 48 days? you couldn't get a contested parking ticket in 48 days. i want the senate to end this quickly. i want the senate to tell the house now ever do this again. never start an impeachment of the president of the united states president of the united states, never not allow them to call witnesses and cross-examine people, all the evidence is based on hearsay and do it in 48 days. don't ever do that again because it hurts the country. >> sean: so how do you think -- what do you really believe? you are in the room and people are walking around and leaving the room and playing games and falling asleep. >> here's what i really believe. i believe that our vote is going to say to the house, you say you've got an overwhelming case let's judge based on what you gave us. you say there is not a scintilla of evidence that hundred biden and joe biden did anything
6:34 pm
wrong, that the only reason trump wanted to investigate the bidens was for personal interest, here's when i think. i think people are ready to end of the spirit were going to vote based on the record assembled. when they say the trump administration betrayed you crying i would say it's quite the opposite. when they say that the only reason that president trump wanted anybody to look at the bidens is because of personal political gain i would say go to government dell might demand people look at the bidens. i think the president will be stronger when the trial is over because people think it is unfair and this is going to be a nightmare for joe biden on the campaign trail and eventually every other democratic. when you get a lecture by how the governments are rigged against you, they're going to have to answer the question are you okay with the vice president's son getting $3 million from the most corrupt gas company in ukraine and us do nothing about it? are you willing to let that go? if you are willing to let that go than that tells you a lot about how serious you are about
6:35 pm
making america different. this president had two years of investigation, $25 million, 19 lawyers look at every business deal he's ever done. my democratic colleagues are sweeping the biden event under the rug. what's more of corrupt? asking biden to be investigated or covering of the fact that bidens did bad things in the ukraine. >> sean: senator thank you, we appreciate your time tonight. you have a big announcement coming up tonight at the end of the show, really big announcement actually. next pretty disgusting, the media mob, the hate trump media mob they found a new liberal savior. you're not going to believe what these crazy people on tv are saying. we will check in with larry logan next. and we are going to investigate even further the bidens. five biden family members that got a very rich because of quid pro quo joe.
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♪ >> sean: liberal de nc state media has been unable to contain their breathlessness, they are fawning the compromise corrupt liar. they think schiff was amazing. i don't know what they were watching. take a look. >> it's the house managers who have been telling a story. they've done it very effectively. adam schiff, i think it will go down as one of the great performances. >> i thought it was dazzling. it's persuasive stuff. >> folks will be talking about adam schiff's presentation for a long time. very powerful speech. >> by most accounts it was a
6:41 pm
virtuoso performance. >> like you are clapping and they come out and then they do another song that's even better. >> he was the adult in the room. >> impassioned speech from congressman adam schiff. >> sean: billy joel? okay. no. joining us now with the reaction, the host of lara logan has no agenda on laura logan, fox news contributor. dan bongino. i know you are more about news, not taking sides. fair enough. you identify that. i am a talk show host. i do investigative reporting and i do opinions and i do spoke to us. the super bowl is coming up and i want to talk about it. do you think what they were saying about adam schiff is ne news? >> that's a good question, sean. what do you just played, what we have heard from many different
6:42 pm
people's opinion. it's clearly opinion. you are describing it. at 60 minutes we try to stay and minimize the use of adjectives because by their nature they are infused with opinion and observation and analysis. they are not straight fact. you always tried to be careful about that. pejorative adjective especially because in our job we regarded as giving the audience the opportunity to make up their own mind and not making it up for them. adjectives can push you in one direction or another. that said, it would be one thing if you are offering your opinion, even if it is a glowing opinion, but you also took into account the other side of this. for example the context in which adam schiff is standing there making this speech. for many americans, he has lost credibility because he has lied over and over and over again. nobody actually buys that when he told everyone that he had never met there was a blower and
6:43 pm
had no contact with the whistle-blower that you would later find out that his office meant and coordinated with the whistle-blower. no one believes that his office know about that and didn't tell him. nobody believes that he said he regretted he had been the more clear. there is a credibility here issue with adam schiff. these journalists and news organizations are not acknowledging that. they are not saying -- adam schiff does have issues with many people. perhaps that's why they are trying so hard to convince people that this was historic. usually methinks the lady protest too much it's my opinion now. the section you have is that they are trying too hard. >> sean: let me get dan bongino in. dan is >> you don't have to look very hard. anywhere in america you can find somebody who says adam schiff i've got a problem with him
6:44 pm
because everything he said about the russia investigation pretty much turned out not to be true. then he said this and then he said that. >> sean: lara -- dan come you are like me. what does a talk show host do? we got a lot of investigative reporting vindicated. reduced rate news some nice. we give opinion and we talk sports. i view what we do like a whole newspaper. they claim they are fair balanced and objective, they are not. >> sean, the difference is you and i on the spygate scandal were right. that's just a fact at this point. we've been vindicated even by the democrats own guy, mueller. i wanted to give msnbc or cnn, they are right. adam schiff is a virtuoso. he's a virtuoso bser.
6:45 pm
he is telling a story but the story is false. there are two elements of the stories that have never changed and nothing adam schiff is going to tell anybody in the world will change. the aide was delivered to ukraine before the deadline. a fact. second, there is no victim in this alleged high crime and misdemeanor the president is being impeached for. who is the victim? the ukrainians have said we weren't pressured and even the minister of foreign affairs was on cnn yesterday saying they do this all the time. it's no big deal. nothing adam schiff says will change those two immutable fac facts. >> sean: they did nothing to get the aide and the only fact witness that i asked the president but he said he didn't want anything. they have to ignore the big hypocrisy of joe. thank you both. when we come back a "hannity" investigative report and that relates to five biden family members making a fortune off of
6:46 pm
quid pro quo joe. we have a second case of the coronavirus, which was confirmed in the u.s. we will have a life update. peter schweizer exposes how did all of these biden family members get so rich? in an investigative report as we continue. continue. ♪ ♪most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed
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♪ >> sean: you heard about the dead the coronavirus, which originated in china and is now spread across the world. marianne rafferty joins us live from our west coast newsroom tonight with the latest. you know it's scaring me about this, they are closing movie theaters, there's only two cases in the u.s., i don't want to alarm anybody but it seems like maybe they didn't tell the world the truth which concerns me. >> when you talk about having to
6:51 pm
shut down a city like they are doing in china right now you are talking about a huge undertaking and it's hard to imagine that happening here in the u.s. it's the second case confirmed here, it was a woman in her 60s in illinois who had recently traveled to china. the cdc is confirming that that woman arrived in the u.s. january 13th and a few days later called a doctor to report possible symptoms. lab tests confirmed the 2019 strain of the virus, that's the same one that's already infected more than 1200 and killed 41 in china leading to the complete quarantine of wuhan, that's the city that's home to millions. >> i don't think we possibly could do that in the united states. i don't think this is something get the united states public should be worried or frightened about it but they should know that we are taking this very seriously. >> health officials are saying the u.s. is using a multilevel approach to protect americans.
6:52 pm
that includes advanced airport screenings for those traveling from china. the only other confirmed case of the virus is in seattle. that patient is still currently in isolation and being treated. health officials are also saying there are 63 possible cases being investigated across 22 states. pretty scary stuff. >> sean: obviously everyone is keeping an eye on it. also tonight more revelations, peter schweizer's new book, the so-called biden five as he calls them. how quid pro quo joe used his political power in the swamp to hand out sweetheart deals to his zero experience son and brothers for years. here to explain more, author, peter schweizer is with us. incredible investigative work. i want to give it to you, it's not too if you are not getting the billion unless you find a prosecutor investigating combined zero experience son,
6:53 pm
hunter being paid millions and millions. why would any vice president -- why would any company paid millions for a zero experience question mike you're telling me tonight this goes way beyond hunter. >> there's a pattern here and it really blossoms during the joe biden's tenure as vice president of the united states. take his brother james for example. we know for a fact that in november of 201 2010, a longtime biden family friend named kevin just as who just set up a construction company visits the biden office in the white house. three weeks after that meeting, james biden, joe biden's brother, becomes executive vice president on this construction company. here's the problem, james biden has no background in construction. in about six months they get a contract to build 100,000 homes in iraq financed by u.s. taxpayers. they go on to sign a series of other contracts.
6:54 pm
this didn't happen before and this didn't happen after he was vice president. it happened during his tenure. it's the same pattern we have seen. these deals involve sometimes taxpayer backed loans, they involve foreign government. the biden family makes money off of these deals, deals they are not qualified to have. >> sean: let me ask you this, peter, he admits why do you think they gave you millions and millions. i don't know. maybe because her dad is the vice president in charge of ukraine. probably. nobody gets that deal. he said he didn't get a penny from the china deals, is that false? >> look, to be blunt about it they have lied about this repeatedly. first, they denied that hunter biden sat on the board of directors of the chinese funded investment firm. then when we showed the website that said he was on the board of directors they changed their tune. then they said he wasn't making any money off of the deal.
6:55 pm
now they admit he has assets but he hasn't cashed out the money yet. that's the problem, they haven't been honest about this from the beginning. >> sean: great work, by the way don't forget to tune into fox news sunday night. mark 11 at 8:00 p.m. his guest will be peter schweizer. set your dvr. up next a big announcement. this is a pretty big one straight ahead. managing lipids like very high triglycerides, can be tough. you diet. exercise.
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♪ >> sean: big programming announcement for this show, very pleased, happy, proud, honored even, super bowl sunday right before the 49ers and chiefs, a great game, i will have an exclusive sitdown interview, one-on-one, with the president, donald trump. super bowl sunday right before the game, that is on the fox broadcast channel and, you know what, i've been here 24 years and i get a shot at this. it will be fun.
7:00 pm
we will make a fun series of questions on the table. we will never be the media mob. always look for the truth. never miss an episode and let not your heart be troubled. why? laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is next. have a great weekend. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." what a show we have for you tonight from washington. our own raymond arroyo spoke with president trump today about lev parnas, impeachment, and his historic address at the march for life. it was a tour de force. the two part exclusive a straight ahead, and we unpack all the impeachment madness. it was groundhog day today. we need bill murray to show up in the house. democrat house managers just wrapped up their case and trump impeachment lawyer, congressman mark meadows, senator david perdue are all here to break it all down. plus 2020 democratic candidate tulsi gabbard is here to tal


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