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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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united states. that i can tell you. >> tucker: th the president speaking tonight in wildwood, new jersey. we are out of time. back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the show that's the swarm and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity takes it away. >> fiery speech. welcome aboard. i want you to listen very closely to this monologue. this schumer sham schiff show is over and i'm going to tell you why it's over. i listen closely to every detail of the presidents defense, including the actions of quid and pro and quo joe and zero experience hunter and how joe shut down the country of ukraine. everyone looked at what hunter and joe did and were doing and said don't do this. hunter has zero experience in ukraine. no experience in oil. no experience in gas. no experience in energy.
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hunter biden got a whopping $84,000 a month. did you know pam bondi told us the average american family of four makes less than $54,000 in a year. everyone knew. everyone knows now. everyone saw this at the time for what this was. and then you have joe biden. we just passed the two-year anniversary. joe biden on tape admitting to the shakedown. either way, at a minimum, everyone sees what this is. we can identify it. we have identified several potential serious violations of the law, felony. look at this on your screen. the foreign corrupt practices act. 15 usc 78, "it's illegal for a u.s. person to coerce," you are not getting the billion unless you fire. or influence through bribery or extortion. if you fire him, you get the
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into taking action that might financially benefit that person, hunter, or business. that's not all. whoever corruptly gives offers or promises anything of value to a public official to influence an official act is guilty of bribery. not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor paying my zero experience on 83 grand a month. millions and millions of dolla dollars. oh, we found out the law. the gratuities act. 18 usc two oh 1b. giving offering, promising anything of value to a public official in exchange for any official act. in the hobbs act. 18 usc 1951. a threat to a foreign official in order to obtain an official benefit affecting interstate,
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foreign commerce would constitute extortion. never forget, it's the president of president of the united states' duty, his sworn duty, to faithfully execute the laws of the land. tonight the country now needs to make a transition. this b.s. witch hunt is over. it has to be over. the president will rightly be acquitted and vindicated for good reason and i'll explain. go back to the trump-zelensky call that the president released freely. during the call, what was the president worried about? he was worried about ukrainian corruption. he was concerned, remember zelensky was working with some of the same bad actors in the previous ukrainian administration. and he worried ukraine had interfered in the 2016 election separate and apart from russian interferes that devin nunes
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warned us all about. a court have determined government officials interfered in our election. january 2017. january 11 to be exact. investigative report from politico detailed ukrainian interference. we have described in detail. after, by the way, three years, never ending, nonstop, lying, hysteria about foreign election and the parents. it would've been a dereliction of duty, would it not, for president trump to not rightly address the issue. do us a favor. my country's been through all of this. can we get to the bottom of it? he never mentioned aid or a quid or a pro or a quo like joe. on the call in question, not a penny ever mentioned. there are weak republicans in this country, so-called moderate democrats in the u.s. senate, thinking about getting validation to this schumer schiff sham show with new
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witnesses and investigations. to all of you thinking about it, you're not only ripping the country apart, you are speaking in the face of every law-abiding american. this president was looking out for their money, your constituents. simultaneously trampling on and treading the constitution of the united states because of what, a shameful political stunt because you can't wait 280 days knowing you're likely going to, well, losing the next election. how stupid and dangerous do you want to be? the b.s. running bolton is just the latest manufactured crisis. i've known john bolton for i think two decades, thereabouts. i have a message for john bolton tonight. used to be a colleague here at the fox news channel. i remember when john was first up for the job of the national security advisor. i had heard through many sources john was calling everyone that would listen in, asking them to
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put in a good word for him with president trump. he wanted this job badly. i spoke on an occasion to john bolton, and i asked him what he wanted the job and i also remember asking him, you know, donald trump foreign policy positions a very different than your foreign policy positions. would you be willing to serve his agenda, not yours? again, i've known him for two decades. i'm not today recognizing the guy that i thought i knew because john bolton john bolton, i say to you tonight, you have something to say, john, come here. you worked here. this is your old home. come on the show. have your say on this show. we've invited you repeatedly. radio and tv. over the past number of weeks. nobody i think truly knows what's in his book except for whatever manuscript he might've set to ever seen it. i have no idea if any of these reports are true. but let's assume for a second
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that they are true. here's the bottom line. jim jordan has reminded us four facts never change. this case is over. why? because they trump-zelensky transcripts, they show zero linkage between u.s. aid in any investigation. one fact witness in the house said when he asked the president what do you want, nothing. absolutely nothing. no quid pro quo or quo. trump and zelensky have denied repeated that any aid was conditional. never any pressure whatsoever. zelensky even going so far as what are you talking about, what are you doing? at the time of the initial call, ukrainian officials never knew that the u.s. aid was temporarily paused. don't forget, this is critical. even if donald trump may be said they'd better do this or i'm not giving them any aid, let's assume he might've even said
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that, doesn't matter, doesn't? the four fact the never changesd in one case earlier with zero strings attached. that means i got the aid. they never did anything. they never said they would do anything. they never called for an investigation. they never said they would call for an investigation. and they have sent all of that repeatedly. i add one fifth, well, if you will, fact that will never change. there were five separate subsequent high-level meetings. in the meetings with zelensky. all those audition witnesses, hearsay opinion witnesses, have all said the same thing. aid was never discussed. linkage was never brought up. so you have here an anonymous source telling, what, a liberal hack for "the new york times" that hates donald trump that john bolton and the manuscript, well, is claiming the president wanted ukraine to investigate the bidens and may be election interference. okay, let's assume that's true.
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that's a big "if," considering it's "the new york times." let's say it's true. doesn't make any difference? well, i would answer absolutely none. the doj and the chief of staff mick mulvaney totally refute bolton's claims. now you have conflicting testimony. at best bolton's testimony would be heavily disputed but again, the facts don't change. even then it doesn't matter one bit. president trump is allowed to talk. he's allowed to exchange ideas with his close advisors. that's not a crime. it's kind of like, well, you tell your friend i want to rob this jewelry store. i want to rob this grocery store, convenience store. oh, i'm going to punch this guy the face. i'm going to rip somebody's face off. but you never do it. you weren't seriously plotting the act. that would not be a crime, would it? we all think about things,
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thoughts flow through our brains costly, at least if you're conservative. when you think about things, that's not a crime. in any way. in the white house, it's certainly not a crime to talk about policy ideas or to vent. if the president did what they said, it would still be so insignificantly meaningless that it would never arise to the level of quid pro quo joe and syria extreme hunter so for you senators, if you're going to validate thought crimes to smear a duly elected president, 280 days before the election when the facts never change. john bolton can say oh, no. the president said there's going to be linkage. but there never was. we will be in big trouble in the country if you legitimize this. john bolton, come on the show. your country wants to hear from you. i would like to hear from you. you have a storage tell the
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country, john, stop playing games. this is not a game when it's the presidency of the united states. it's not a game when you're pushing the boundaries of executive privilege, which george washington used, and every president pretty much in between and since. take a look. >> the trial of the leader of the free world and the duly elected president of the united states, it is not a game of leaks and unsourced manuscripts. that's politics, unfortunately. to be specific, you cannot impeach a president on and unsourced allegation. but to have a removal of the duly elected president based on a policy disagreement, that's not what the framers intended. if you lower the bar that way,
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danger, danger, danger. >> sean: jay is right. what's happening here is dangerous. a small group of republican senators, well, they are the can of caving to the democratic colleagues. maybe they want to be like. maybe they are putting their own election results ahead of the constitution. and what's in the best interests of the country and the principle of executive privilege in the right of a president to get free and fair and open advice from his top advisors. maybe they want the democrats to get all the witnesses they want. maybe they want the spear to go on and on and because of "the new york times" saying in a manuscript that bolton might have said that the presidents had linkage but linkage never happened. i want to address mitt romney. i liked mitt romney. i think he would've been a great president in 2012. he was the better person to be president. i thought i was friends with mitt romney. i don't recognize this guy anymore. another one. he has been a huge
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disappointment. i thought he would've been a better president than obama. we all went all in, wanted him to win, liked his family, wife, kids, wonderful people. this sanctimonious trump hatred is getting old, especially as you watch the president accomplishing everything you said, mitt romney, you wanted to have happened in the country. really? look at the four fact, i will say five, that never change. ukrainians said they never felt pressure. they never, ever did a single thing. they never said they would do a thing and they got all their money. so do you really think that you should take on the role of the u.s. house of representatives, the sole constitutional role to impeach, now you want to put on a whole other case and take on their job? all i see, with all due respect, mitt romney, is your personal hatred for donald trump, and
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it's clearly clouding your judgment. do you really think americans are too stupid to choose their president? mitt romney, senator, we have an election in 280 days. why don't you go out and campaign for quid or pro or quo joe. i haven't heard you talk about quid pro quo or zero experience hunter and i haven't heard you ask them to be called as witnesses. really? you are not putting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor that's investigating my zero experience on. you don't want him as a witness? do you not think that the resident knowingness is saying wow. that seems really bad. and mitch, i was sent to your office tomorrow all the applicable laws in the case of quid pro quo joe and zero experience hunter. by the way, the media that is loving you now, they were the same people that were out there saying you are misogynist, you are a racist, you cut some kids here in grade school. they were the one saying
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everything and anything about you to destroy you. do you think they like you? do you think they are going to like you? never. this goes for you other republican senators. do you really believe the very same democrats i've accused that innocent man, justice kavanaugh, of being a serial gang rapist and put the country through all of that mess, are you going to believe the same congenital liars that push the russian hoax conspiracy theories for over three years? never touched hillary clinton's dirty russian dossier. never touched premeditated fraud on the fisa abuse, spying on a presidential campaign, transition team and a presidency. you want to trust those guys? the hacks live in plotting impeachment since 2016, all through 2017, 18, 19. this bolton hysteria manufactured crisis, to use a term, is just the latest example in what is, let's see, they media mob, state run media for the democratic radical socialist party and they are phony
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selective moral outrage. it is the latest so-called bombshell. everything is a bombshell. destroying this administration. this is it, we've got it. it's a bombshell. bombshell, bombshell. take a look. >> bombshell, former national security advisor john bolton ready to turn on the president. news leaks from his explosive new book. >> bolton dropped the bombshell in an unpublished manuscript for his forthcoming book. an explosive new account from former national security advisor john bolton. >> john bolton's book, which is as explosive as expected. >> bombshell report upending the impeachment trial of president trump. >> bolton bombshell. >> bolton bombshell. >> the new book by john bolton is called "the room where it happened," and it could be a bombshell. >> sean: tonight, by the way, we just learned that in fact we have, oh, that to get that in fact, oh, it was chucky schumer who we learn chuck schumer give
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a ticket to tomorrow's impeachment hearing to lev parnas, the guy indicted by the southern district of new york. i think they are serious people, also campaign finance reform and also say he took a million dollars from russia and didn't want to reported. here with reaction, senator ted cruz. by the way, there's a nightly podcast, called verdict. alan dershowitz, a liberal, says you were one of his best students ever at harvard law school. let's go over what i have just discuss. the constitutionality of this. do you agree with my analysis and professor dershowitz's analysis? >> i do. i think professor dershowitz's argument that he presented to this end it was powerful and compelling. that the constitution requires high crimes or misdemeanors, that the test for impeachment is treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. the house democrats, they haven't alleged any crime whatsoever. it utterly fails the constitutional standard.
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but sean, i listen to your opening monologue and the four and five points that you made and they are right. but let me boil it down to one. one point that explains why the president is innocent and he should be acquitted and why he will be acquitted. quid pro quo doesn't matter. it's a red herring. it doesn't matter if there was a quid pro quo or not. the reason is, a president is always justified and in fact has a responsibility to investigate credible evidence of corruption. the democrats built their entire case on the proposition that it was baseless and a sham and phony to investigate corruption, to investigate burisma and the bidens. you have done a good job of walking through the reality which is, there was a mountain of evidence. do i know for a fact joe biden was corrupt? no. but there was more than enough for the president to say we ought to investigate him, when this guy's son is getting paid a million bucks a year, when he's bragging about forcing ukraine to fire the prosecutor.
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that stinks and a minimum should be investigated. that in and of itself. >> sean: senator, i have been saying that it's the president's role to faithfully execute the laws of the land. a ukraine court, politico, january 11, 2017, they laid out chapter and verse that ukraine, separate and apart from the russian interference that did occur, that they interfered in our election. can you do us a favor, get to the bottom of it? we spent three years dealing with it. number two, okay, joe biden on tape. you're not getting the billion? until you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero experience son, going to continue to get paid. i am not a lawyer, ted cruz. you are. that sounds like not only faithfully executing but i think even sean hannity can bring that before a jury and get a conviction. >> look, i think that's exactly right. if you look at the democrats' argument and they will say the senate, we have conducted a fair trial. we listened to the house
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democrats for 22 hours. we listened until practically our ears bled. we heard all the evidence, although witness testimony, every argument that they made over and over and over again. you know, they spent about half that time trying to prove that president trump wanted an investigation into joe biden, hunter biden, and burisma. you know what, you and i could've prove that in 30 seconds because the president has set it on national television repeatedly. that is conceded, yes. donald trump wanted the corruption or potential corruption investigated. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. i will tell you something else that's ironic. everything they accused the president up and say the president did wrong, the democrats have done worse. so they accuse the president of withholding aid to ukraine. you and i both know that barack obama refused to give legal aid to ukraine for his entire presidency. donald trump has given javelin missiles, antitank missiles.
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if delaying aid to ukraine is wrong, than obama did it worse. if the investigating a political rival is wrong, then let's pausa investigated a political rival, sentence five, sent in wiretaps, unleash the fbi and doj and investigated the republican nominee. the democrats, it's worth asking them, what exactly are you saying the president did wrong and which part of it has your party not done tenfold worse? >> sean: well said, senator. i'll tell you another thing. i am thankful the president is looking out for our money. you are hanging out with those same guys as your predecessor, that's not a good idea. never mentioned the aid. no quid pro quo. i want nothing. and at the end, four facts remain the same. five subsequent meetings, high-profile with zelensky, aid never discussed, senator cruz. this needs to end and if you're calling on the republican side don't end it, than i've got a
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problem with all of them because they are useless to our constitution and the rule of law in my opinion. >> look, i agree. enough already. move on. on friday, i'm going to vote that we don't need anymore witnesses with 17 witnesses in the house, we've heard all the evidence. the house managers have failed. i hope that motion passes. it's close. all 47 democrats are going to vote for more witnesses because they want a fishing expedition. we may get -- i hope we don't but we might get four wobbly republican standing with them. you mentioned a few minutes ago, the podcast i'm doing. i started on the first day of the trial and every day when the trial is over, i jump in a truck, head to the studio and record a podcast that night. the first one i did at 2:46 in the morning and i share my thoughts. that podcast went from being nonexistent to being the number one podcast in the country, the number one top-ranked podcast and it's the verdict with ted cruz. we are talking about the facts. >> sean: i will put it up on
6:23 pm
my website, i want to hear. senator, if i'm allowed. i have to check the laws. joining is now, he did an amazing job, professor jesuits. professor, i want you to just, this is now dangerous in my vi view. >> this is extremely dangerous. if we allow abuse of power to become a criteria, a criteria that the framers implicitly rejected when they rejected maladministration, which is the same thing as abuse of power. we weaponize impeachment and it becomes normalized and it will be used every time there's a president with an opposing party in congress. i gave a list on the floor of the senate yesterday of over 30 american presidents from george washington, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson who had been accused of abuse of power. none of them was impeached. it shows you how vague and open-ended and selective that criteria is. it can be weaponized and used against anybody or nobody, depending on the whim of
6:24 pm
congress. >> sean: your case was compelling. let me ask you, the issue of witnesses, why would republicans bring in witnesses they didn't even subpoena i in the house? >> first of all, under my constitutional analysis, witnesses would not be proper because this is a case for dismissal. if you accuse somebody, impeach somebody for being say, dishonest. it's not a criteria. doesn't matter how many witnesses you call. doesn't matter how many witnesses you call when you accuse somebody of abuse of power or obstruction of congress. but if they do call witnesses, they have to call witnesses on both sides and hunter biden is obviously a relevant witness to this state of mind of the president which is crucial to impeachment. >> sean: by the way, all the evidence you'd need for a real investigation. was ted cruz -- >> he was a terrific student. he never put his hand down. we disagreed about everything, and he created real arguments in
6:25 pm
class. >> sean: your finest moment. take a bow. standing up for the constitution. senator john kennedy says bolton's testimony is absolutely irrelevant. he will explain next. straight ahead. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old, we want to buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate, answer a few questions, and our techno-wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana.
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>> sean: is the schumer-schiff show moves to 16 hours of questions, there are still some weak republicans unwilling to stand up to the schumer-schiff sham show. it's pathetic. as senator john kennedy rightly points out, if we go down this road, this trial could drag on into the spring. here with more to explain, senator john kennedy. i have a message for in this particular case all the republicans, really? what did the president do wrong? what are they going to learn? why, i would like to know.
6:30 pm
john bolton has something to say. john bolton, come out and say it. nobody is stopping him. >> well, there's a lot of hysteria about mr. bolton's testimony. >> sean: not here. >> frankly i think his testimony will be redundant. i speak just for me, sean, but i'm willing to stipulate that mr. bolton will likely testify that the president paused aid to ukraine while asking ukraine to investigate vice president biden. my response to that is, your point is what? that doesn't tell us anything. why do the president asked for an investigation of joe biden? he didn't ask for investigation of elizabeth warren. or bernie sanders or amy klobuchar. he didn't get joe biden's name
6:31 pm
out of a phone book. he asked for an investigation of vice president biden because he was investigating corruption. how do we know that? four words: hunter biden and burisma. now, we know for a fact -- i'm not accusing anyone of anything, sean, but the ukrainian government is historically and organically corrupt. vice -- rather, president obama placed vice president biden in charge of the foreign affairs of two countries, ukraine and china. in both cases, in both cases, mr. hunter biden, his son, walked away with millions and in some cases billions of dollars of contracts. you know the message that was sent to the rest of the world? dead americans foreign
6:32 pm
policy that americans foreign policy can be bought like a sack of potatoes. i think the president's lawyers have proven clearly and convincingly that the president was not investigating joe biden because it was a political rival. he was asking for investigation of corruption, possible corruption, by the vice president and his son. that's a perfectly legitimate thing for a president to do. >> sean: that's extraordinarily well laid out. the word aid was never discussed. corruption was. you're hanging out with the same guises your predecessor. that concerns me. we know the ukrainian court said there was election interference. politico, january 112017, election interference by ukraine. when you hear joe biden bragging on tape, i told them then not getting the billion. i will give you the billing but you've got to first fire the
6:33 pm
prosecutor. investigating my zero experience on being paid millions. i don't know. i grew up in new york. maybe i'm a little more cynical than other people. but to me, where i come from, that's a shakedown, senator. >> yes. >> sean: that needed to be investigated. i also read in school at some point in time that the president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. sounds to me like the president was looking into what is obviously something that needs to be investigated. >> let me say another word about mr. bolton and i don't mean any disrespect to mr. bolton. but if you think senator schumer is going to be satisfied with one additional witness, mr. bolton, you also believe in bigfoot. we have seen senator schumer the last few days. he is like a 5-year-old in a batman costume. he's going to this camera and that camera and this camera. all a twitter with anticipation.
6:34 pm
we won't have enough digits to list the number of witnesses senator schumer is going to want to call. that's why i said that if we open this thing up, if we open this thing up, then were going to be here at least through april, may, maybe longer. because senator schumer's strategy is to prolong this as long as possible, throw as much mud as he can. if you throw enough mud. see when they haven't done anything else for the last three years except paints the president. that would be a typical day in the life of the democratic party. senator, well said. great case. you laid out very well. we appreciate it. when we come now, jim jordan, the four facts and never change. mark meadows, his ally, louie gohmert, and oh, what we now know what fake news cnn thinks about you. we, the american people. not very flattering.
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>> sean: the democrats have turned the impeachment sham into a circus and there we have chucky schumer. this is great. he's invited as a special guest, lev parnas. to tomorrow's impeachment. that guy right there. he is the one facing yep, he's been charged, serious charges out on bail, campaign fraud charges and yeah, the southern district of new york said he may have taken a million-dollar payment from russia and tried to hide it. here with reaction, republican congressman mark meadows, jim jordan, louie gohmert. they are called the members and
6:40 pm
leaders of the freedom caucus without which we are all screwed. just saying. jim jordan, four facts never change. and why is that relevant tonight? because let's say john bolton said the president meant it. the president said oh, they better do this or they're not getting any money. the fourth fact is... of your facts, the fourth fact is it doesn't matter, does it? he didn't do it. >> exactly right, sean. someone telling "the new york times" what john bolton's draft manuscript supposedly said doesn't change those facts. it never will. those facts are so solid. i also like what senator kennedy said. he said this it will never be enough for the democrats. they are always going to want something more. understand where were at right now, sean. the witness, right now is 17 to zero. adam schiff subpoenaed all 17 witness and we didn't get to call any of them.
6:41 pm
seven teen-0 they wanted to be 18-0 and 19-0. we should stop it now. all the facts are on the president's side, the constitution is on his side and the lack of due process that was not there for him in the house, that argument is also on his side. let's get this over with this week. >> sean: i don't know about you, mark meadows. i've been friends with john bolton or considered him a friend. i don't recognize this guy. i don't recognize this guy being willing to let the country spiral down into this mess. john bolton, i'll say it again. you've got something to say, you've an open invitation. we've been asking you to come on the show. come on the show. come on the show. you are invited on the show. got something to say, say it. it still doesn't impacted by the president that i want to rob a bank, i want to beat up sean hannity, whatever. he doesn't do it. mark meadows. we know, the president, we've got nothing. ukraine did nothing for the aid. they got all the aid. they never made a promise. they never started an
6:42 pm
investigation. where's the crime? where's the impeachment? >> you're exactly right, sean. one of the big things is where trying to look comment on an anonymous leak to "the new york times" about a manuscript none of us have read. here's what i know. if john bolton were to testify, it will not change anything. it will not make president zelensky say he was pressured. it will not make vice president pence say that he actually performed a quid pro quo. it will also not inform the ukrainians that the aid was being withheld any earlier than they found out in the politico article. at the end of august. his testimony doesn't matter. what does matter is 53 republican senators are going to have to make a real hard decision here in a few days. they are going to have to make a decision on whether they're going to let adam schiff continue not only for three years but for all four years of the first term of the presidency, continue to obstruct and not address prescription
6:43 pm
drug prices, not fix our roads and bridges. hopefully they'll make the right decision because it's not going to matter in the end because the president didn't do anything wrong. >> sean: can you figure out, louie gohmert, you've known john bolton for a long time. probably thought highly of him as i have all these years. i am not so sure tonight. his lawyer saying he may have important details in this case but we're not going to tell you what they are. we've got about but we are not going to confirm or deny anything that might or might not be in the book and we are going at all that out there we're going to sell the book and meanwhile first they are going to invoke executive privilege. not now in the senate they're not going to do it. so, can you figure this out? because i can't. >> and i can't either. i have known john bolton on my have liked him for years. felt like he was a great american. he had to know when he submitted that book to the general counsel at the nsc where vindman's
6:44 pm
brother works and others, he had to of been smart enough to know he was going to create problems, at least visually give the democrats something to raise cain about. even though there is no "there" there. tomorrow's going to be a great day. questions will be asked of the house managers and even though the senators agreed they can't object to the content of an answer, if schiff doesn't answer a question, they need to submit it again. if john roberts is going to actually preside as he is supposed to, he should direct the witness to answer the question. i'm hoping we are going to see some good answers tomorrow. >> sean: okay. moving forward, jim jordan. you have four week senate republicans to give into the schumer-schiff sham show and go down this road to take on the constitutional role of the house, they than i guess want to hear from the congenital liar, the congenital liar staff. i want to hear from quid pro quo
6:45 pm
quote joe, zero experienced hunter and the hearsay nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower who was reported last week that it was actually plotting getting rid of trump on weak two with another obama holdover in the trump white house. >> you go down the road, you've got to go all the way down it and they're going to be witnesses, then republicans should get our first witness. we've had zero of our witnesses and i think first and foremost it should be the whistle-blower. whether they will go there or not, i don't know. >> sean: i want joe. speak one of the questions that i want to know is what was the day when the whistle-blower first came in contact with schiff's staff. when did it happen? when did it happen, mr. schiff? >> sean: who would you like, mark meadows? >> if we don't get the whistle-blower, we need hunter biden because we know that he was involved in at least, at best, touting a resume that didn't deserve the job and then he got it because he was the vice president son. i see this all coming to a close hopefully on saturday.
6:46 pm
>> sean: louis. >> we need adam schiff's staff. >> sean: well said. thank you. these three guys, we need them. when we come back, oh, another confrontation. joe biden telling voters, don't vote for me. we've got it on tape. also, what does cnn fake news really think of we the people? well, i think we'll show you. pretty revealing, sick, kind of ugly to me. we'll let you decide.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
>> sean: it's no secret the media mob is almost always wrong. they hate donald trump and they hate everything he doesn't clearly they also hate everyone who supports him. just like irredeemable, deplorable, bitter americans that cling to their god,
6:51 pm
constitution, bibles and religion. i got the good of worse things. that was obama. here's the latest disgusting example of the mob and the media and what they think of you. >> donald trump couldn't find ukraine on a map if you had the u and a picture of an actual physical crane next week. he knows this is an administration defined by ignorance of the world. and so that's partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience, the credulous boomer room demo that backs donald trump. that wants to think donald trump is the smart one and y'all elitists. >> you elitists with your geography and maps in your spelling. >> your reading. >> your reading in your maps and ukraine. wow. do you want to know something funny? i guess don lemon pretends to be an unbiased journalist. fake news cnn.
6:52 pm
also tonight with under one week to go to the iowa caucuses, quid pro quo joe pointing, touching a guy. not an inner battle with bernie. bernie is pulling ahead and iowa just told and i'll vote her knee doesn't want his vote. seriously. can't make this up. wash his hands in this particular moment. >> i like you and i'm going to support you if you win the nomination. what are you going to do about climate change? you want to replace these gas lines. it's not going to work. we've got to stop building and replacing pipelines. >> thanks so much. thanks so much. thank you. >> i said i would support you in the general. >> sean: dan bongino, geraldo rivera. geraldo, dan. i've been out with both of you guys and someone comes up to
6:53 pm
you, me, we try to be polite. i don't push people. it's not a good thing to do. don't push me, anybody. i don't -- it's instinctive. don't make me do something. i didn't like that. thoughts, the mob, don lemon, cnn, fake news. >> i have a lot of thoughts. my first thought is that i never liked john bolton. john bolton would bomb his neighbor if he didn't trim his hedges. he was bad for the president. he got fired. he said chicken to confront the president in instead he is this sleazy book and he releases that just when he can hurt the president. >> sean: i said are you going to support the president's agenda? it is different than yours. he told me yes. >> yeah, well, he lied. whatever he has to say, if he says what they are saying he said, it's still not an impeachable offense. the president clearly, because hunter biden stunk up ukraine so badly, but president clearly had a good reason to be concerned
6:54 pm
about corruption. the president will not be impeached but we are going to have to go through this agony. in terms of joe biden, i think he is getting desperate. bernie sanders is now the odds-on favorite. i think is going to win back the nomination. he's going to take iowa closely. he's going to win big in new hampshire. bernie is going to run the table. >> sean: we have a minute and a half for dan. in a weird way, this whole impeachment thing really shows biden screwed up. >> he screwed up by not telling -- sorry. >> sean: dan. >> it's all right, geraldo. just step on me. no big deal. >> i didn't mean it. >> sean: we are running out of time. dan, we are running out of time. >> biden is one of the worst retail politicians i've ever seen. when i ran for office, listen,
6:55 pm
can have a hot temper. i think that's kind of obvious. the golden rule of politics, every voter that you treat like crap tells 200 people what a ass you are. biden is going to see. they try this far left thing with mcgovern and michael dukakis and mondale. they got smoked, every slow time. no american and the general is going to vote to get their health care canceled in their wallet empty. >> sean: the president's massive rally in new jersey next. wow, that's... and now the progressive commercial halftime show, featuring smash mouth. ♪ hey now, you're an all star ♪ get your game on, go play thank you! goodnight! [ cheers and applause ] now enjoy the second half of the commercial! even renters can bundle and save!
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or return it for a refund. it's that simple. because at carvana, your car happiness is what makes us happy.
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the president said over 100,000 people wanted to get stadium tonight.
7:00 pm
, the elitists in the swamp in the store, anything can happen. quid pro quo joe helping too, but not your heart be troubled. >> laura: we haven't been able to do the handoff in recent days. >> sean: fox news alert, boom. >> laura: it's a little mysterious but i apparently had something to do with it. >> sean: she doesn't want to talk, she wants a fox news alert. >> laura: there's always a fox news alert, awesome show tonight, and credible. >> sean: do you know what you did great last night? i was very interested in bolton, chief of staff -- if you can explain john bolton, i don't recognize what i'm seeing. >> laura: we have some developments on that tonight. i'm laura ingraham,


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