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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 30, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ >> before we go to miami, we have to tell you, if you want to be part of our live audience with your significant other, sign up at fox & for our february 14th valentine's day. >> see you in miami tomorrow, everybody! >> martha: good morning , everyone. the coronavirus now killing at least 170 people. 170 people in china, a number of cases is increasing dramaticall, forcing more airlines now to cancel flights to mainland china as the world health organization is now considering declaring the virus a global health emergency. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: i'm ed henry. china seen more than a thousand new cases every single day, nearly 8,000 cases worldwide. five of them right here in america. >> sandra: in the white house, announcing a task force to monitor the outbreak of the world health organization is weighing next steps on how to deal with a deadly disease. >> we know this is still very
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obviously an active outbreak. it's changing and evolving by the hour. the challenge is great but the response has been massive at the chinese government deserves huge credit for that response and for the transparency with which they have dealt with this. the whole world needs to be on alert. the whole world needs to take action and be ready for any cases that come. either from the original epicenter or from other epicenters. >> sandra: fox team coverage for you this morning, benjamin live in london with the latest on the international developments. we begin with jonathan serrie in atlanta with how the u.s. is responding to all of it. jonathan, good morning. >> good morning to you, sandra. this is being launched at the highest levels in washington. the trump administration announcing the creation of a presidential coronavirus task force. it is being led by health and human services secretary
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alex azar, and it's tasked with leading the u.s. government's response to the outbreak. with 90% of cases still concentrated in china, public health officials in this country say the risk of infection for people in the u.s. remains low. in order to keep it that way, infectious disease experts say it is important the u.s. health care system continues to monitor this virus, especially at international airports receiving passengers from china. >> there could be many more exportation's into other countries, and once the patients are in the other countries, the disease could spread to local people. and then, of course, you would have outbreaks of an infectious disease that requires a lot of hospitalizations and will cause some deaths around the world. >> a team from the centers for disease control and prevention continues to monitor 195 u.s. citizens who arrived aboard a charter flight from wuhan, china. so far none of the passengers
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have showed sign of coronavirus infection. however, officials say all of the passengers are voluntarily remaining in housing at march air reserve base in california to reduce the risk of infection. now, the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of the flu, which is common in every u.s. state this time of year. how do you tell the difference? well, clinicians need to ask their patients about their travel history and asymptomatic patients say they were in china in recent weeks, additional testing may be necessary. speech important information this morning. jonathan serrie, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, the fight is on to contain the coronavirus. benjamin hall is live in london with the global response. >> good morning, ed. he seen a dramatic increase day in and day out. about a thousand new cases every day, and it has led president xi jinping to describe
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this as a "double virus." he has vowed to try and eliminate it as soon as possible. much of china is itself in lockdown, with many places looking like ghost towns. around 60 million chinese are not under some kind of lockdown and travel has been severely restricted in the country. although questions have been raised about transparency there, the chinese, for example, refused u.s. assistance a number of times -- the world health organization has praised china's handling of the outbreak. but the outbreak is now affecting china's economy, with supply chains being severely disrupted. chinese markets are down around 3.5%, hong kong markets down around 5%. now companies like google, ikea, starbucks, and tesla, have close their shops or stopped operations. locals in the epicenter are being told to work from home. a national travel is now being affected. american airlines has suspended flights to and from shanghai and beijing. british airways, lufthansa, austria, swiss, and asian characters, carriers are
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following suit. russia's close its entire line border with china. cases have been so far found in 20 countries, and vietnam, germany, and japan there been cases of human to human transmissions. that's when humans catch the virus from others without having been a china themselves. it's important to remember that the threat to americans, the risk is very low at this point. 99% of cases are in china and hhs and cdc, the deferment of health and human services and the centers for disease control, saying they recognize this back in december. they have continued plans in place and they are working hard to contain it and prevent it coming further to the u.s. >> ed: thank you, benjamin hall. more on this coming up. he just mentioned, hhs, the head of the coronavirus task force, health and human services secretary alex azar is going to be our guest at 9:30 a.m. eastern. we will get a lot more details. >> i want to hunter biden.
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i want joe biden. if we get everybody you want, we will be here for a very long time. >> the unmitigated temerity to what witnesses in a trial, we will make you pay for it." that's the argument. "how dare the house assume there will be witnesses in a trial." >> one thing that seems to be sure in washington is what goes around comes around. it'll get worse and worse and there will be more and more. every person will be impeached. speech both sides taking questions from senators yesterday as president trump weighs in on some newly resurfaced videos, throwing the credibility of both john bolton and adam schiff into question in an interview last august bolton makes no claa prudquidpro quo when speaking at president trump's phone call with the ukrainian president. >> the president called to congratulate president zelensky on his election and his success in the parliament to election. they were very warm and cordial
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calls. the success of ukraine, maintaining its freedom, its system of representative government, a free market economy, free of corruption, and dealing with the problems of the donbass and crimea are high priorities here, but i priorities for the united states, as well. >> sandra: joining us a son david perdue. thank you for being here. how has the resurfacing of the video changed things? >> it really doesn't. neither did it last weekend when it came up to start with. sandra, this is a flawed process. the articles that were sent to us from the house are nothing more than fruit promote poison tree the process in the house was illegitimate, they denied due process. frankly, right now the democrats have come over to the senate, they've harassed us, called us coconspirators in a cover-up. they called the defense team liars. what they want us to do now is what they should have done
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during their investigation. they should have called these witnesses back when they have the responsibility. >> sandra: but senator, looking back and heading into this process, i did see you were open to witnesses if there was the need to hear from additional witnesses. so, what have you seen play out in that impeachment trial that has led you to believe that no witnesses are needed? >> well, let's clarify that. what i said is any witnesses that are already in the record -- there are 17 witnesses that the house called -- they haven't even requested any of those witnesses. so my view is, if you wanted to clarify something from an existing witness, that's fine. they've already done depositions and so forth. what i'm saying is we can't go outside the scope of what we've been given. our charge in the senate is to rule on the articles that have been brought to us. these two articles, as you've heard over and over again this week after eight scintillating days here, is that the articles aren't impeachable. more than that, the house managers have not proven their case. >> sandra: so when it comes to
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the votes needed to block calling additional witnesses in this trail, do you believe republicans have that? >> well, i'm optimistic. it's the right thing to do. it's a bad precedent, because what happens if we fall into that pandora's box, sandra, we shoulcould set a precedent where impeachments are initiated in the house with very little investigation. they are sent over to the senate in a rushed form like they have been here, and we are required to call witnesses over. there is the reason the founders didn't want that. they wanted the investigation to be done in the house because they could do it in committee without shutting the house down. in the senate, under an impeachment process, as you can see from the last eight days, we can't do anything else. it totally shuts the senate down. that's what this is about. chuck schumer wants to shut the center down because this is about the senate majority in getting the white house in 2020. >> sandra: we will hear from chuck schumer a couple hours from now, he will be holding a press conference. so we will see what he is saying this morning. meanwhile, it wasn't just that john bolton. there's also an adam schiff
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video, who is lead impeachment manager now. as a video from may 2005, and after it resurfaced, the president is now claiming "game over." let's listen to that together. >> particularly given the history, where we had the politicization of intelligence over wmd. while we would pick someone who the very same issue has been raised repeatedly, and that is john bolton's politicization of the intelligence he got in cuba and on other issues, why would we want somebody with that lack of credibility? i can't understand. >> sandra: so that it was a lack of credibility, and now he is declaring him that only a believable and important, extremely relevant witness in this trial. >> that's an example of the total hypocrisy we hear from the house. we have an overwhelming case, no we need witnesses because you can't prove our case. the hypocrisy. by the way, they are the democratic managers. this is not a house manager
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situation. this is not a bipartisan effort coming out of the house. the founders warned us about it. alexander hamilton talked about it repeatedly. this needs to be an extreme case, he needs to be bipartisan. the house has just not done it. >> sandra: your colleague, senator van hollen, chris van hollen, he believes that it's impossible not to summon john bolton to testify in this trial. and he put this tweet out. i will get a reaction. "on friday i plan to offer a motion that would require chief justice john roberts two, one, subpoena witnesses and documents if he determines their relevant, two, rule and any claims of executive privilege to expedite the trial." to that you say what? >> the judge is not going to do that. more importantly, it's another attempt to confuse the process. this is very simple, they have brought over serious accusations. neither rise to the level of impeachment. even with that, they didn't prove the case. therefore, our job now is to
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adjudicate that. we don't need anymore information to make a ruling on the two articles of impeachment that have been brought to us, period. >> sandra: senator barrasso says he's ready to vote on final judgment. do you think republicans will move to vote on the articles of impeachment as soon as tomorrow? final thoughts. >> i sure hope so. we are working hard to make it that way. this is shutting the senate down. we've heard all the evidence. it's become very repetitive, as you've seen last night. it's time to move on a vote of acquittal as soon as possible. >> sandra: senator david perdue of georgia, we appreciate your time. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> sandra: we will have a lot more on the impeachment trial coming up as a resumes this afternoon. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley is our ad litem. i mentioned senator rick scott, democratic senator bob casey will join us later. press conferences will be happening from both sides. stay with us, a lot of life
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events. >> ed: takes you back to tuesday night when the word leaked that my, that meeting with public senators. now it's to put pressure on folks. you got cory gardner, pat toomey, they were on the fence. they don't want witnesses. the momentum is now on mcconnell's side. firefighters pulling a woman dominic as we learned about a critical safety schism the building simply does not have. >> sandra: authorities unveiling where they believed to be the largest drug tunnel under the border between mexico and the u.s. wait until you hear public that is. >> ed: counting down to my days i will caucuses. why the biden campaign's report of the reaching out to his rivals. maybe a little help from his friends. >> we have such great people representing iowa and iowa voters. i'm just really proud of us all right now. it's been an exciting time here. pay for what you need.
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6:18 am
the heads of those iowa caucus-goers. one of the wonderful things about elections and caucuses is that you are unable to know what people are thinking. >> sandra: [laughs] >> unless i tell you. that's one of the interesting things about the caucuses. it's not like just going to a voting booth and walking out and saying how you voted for. these people debate among themselves, to some horsetrading, and we get kind of a sense as we get closer who could be emerging as the front runner. >> sandra: and he was spending some big money. bernie sanders, tom steyer. with everything on that front? >> we are seeing bernie sanders and tom steyer spent a lot of money on television advertising. as is mike bloomberg. i like mike bloomberg, because we are going to find out how far you can get by spending money on tv. i think it matters a lot. you put your face in front of people, you become aware to voters, caucus-goers. as we know, in the iowa caucus, if you do not get 15%, you have to start doing deals with some of the front runners like bernie or joe biden, and move your
6:19 am
candidate over to support them. >> sandra: that's the political headline this morning. biden rivals privately pitching caucus night deals. here it is, "biden's campaign has approached at least two rebel campaigns, seeking to broker agreements that of the caucuses." what's happening there? >> whether they get 15%, you're in the game or you're out of the game. i think the one thing to keep in mind in this iowa caucus is you got all these candidates, people talking about -- andrew yang, pete buttigieg. the one thing democrats want to do is beat donald j. trump. and the big thing in their mind is, which of these seven or eight candidates are going to be able to do that? is that joe biden, who seems like the safe choice? or is it bernie sanders, who has mystical support? and people can always say he can beat donald trump, he can stand up to him. i think it's possible that amy klobuchar could do much better and iowa than people think, just because there's a
6:20 am
little bit of doubts about joe biden and whether he's going to be able to pull it off. then there's the fight between bernie sanders' supporters and elizabeth warren. the progressive base. they have to make up their minds. it can't be both of them, it has to be one. how are they going to switch between those choices? >> sandra: giving a lot to watch. meanwhile, communist coronavirus. china's political system is eventually going to damage the world by accident or by intent." what did you write in your piece? >> i rode in my piece that one of those things that we are seeing here is this is a communist country, communist china, it's been communist since 1949. trying to deal with a virus. the way they deal with it is trying to suppress information. xi jinping has ordered his internet centers to sort of manipulate the news. the mayor of wuhan apologize to the people there after that said he was put on lockdown, saying, "i wasn't able to say anything
6:21 am
until i heard from central authorities." i'm arguing here what is called a communist coronavirus saying this is a sort of inefficiency that a communist regime produces. and that this is also the communist regime which is suppressing hong kong, pushing out into the south china sea. we worry about the hallway 5g technology. and the country, the world cannot hide from the things that china is doing. they present a danger either accidentally, through something like the coronavirus, or by intent through their military operations. >> sandra: that piece in "the wall street journal" this morning. a thousand americans living in the epicenter of that virus, wuhan, china. they've got more than 200 out yesterday, we saw that plane land. we will see if any more able to get home in the coming days. dan henninger, thank you. ed? >> ed: thanks, sandra. connecticut police searching the home of fotis dulos one day after he try to commit suicide. an update on the murder case against him. plus, kobe bryant's grieving
6:22 am
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>> ed: a lawyer for fotis dulos says his client is in "dire condition" after a suicide attempt. this as investigators executed a
6:26 am
warrant to search his connecticut home. dulos of course is charged with murder in the disappearance of his estranged wife, jennifer. our correspondent, laura ingle, joins and more on the story. >> good morning, ed. it's been a busy week of major developers in this case. we learned that the search warrant served at the home of dulos' house was executed and completed late last night. police still cannot tell us if they found a note following dulos' suicide attempt tuesday. they spent over five hours, we've been told, in his home. all this happening after an emergency bond hearing took place without dulos, which was rescheduled after he didn't appear in court tuesday. at a hearing moving forward, as dulos remained inside an oxygen chamber 25 miles away at a new york city hospital, as he was being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. dulos has not regained consciousness after he was found unresponsive in his running suv inside his garage, shortly before he was supposed to appear in court, after issues arose about the validity of his
6:27 am
current bond. >> i can't speculate on what led him to do what he apparently did. we had no indication that this was possible, and we are as shocked as you are by this. >> dulos killed his estranged wife, jennifer dulos, and her garage last may and was caught on surveillance cameras throwing out bags of evidence, including bloodied clothes, cleaning supplies, and zip ties. after medics got a boat down my poles on dulos, he was transferred by helicopter to the jacoby medical center in the bronx where he remains because of the hospital's unique hyperbaric chamber, used to deliver more oxygen to the blood patients who have vibrant, carbon monoxide poisoning. his lawyer says he has a sister with him. >> sandra: the president appointing a task force to leave the u.s. response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak, as more countries report cases of it. our next guest weeding that text
6:28 am
worse, health and human services secretary alex azar will be joining us live, next. ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls starting at $7.99 for a limited time.
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>> ed: this fox news alert, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus not reaching nearly 8,000 worldwide. president trump appointing a coronavirus task force to help lead the u.s. response to this outbreak. you see some photos from the meetings last night. the president meeting with his team and health and human services ech secretary alex azar heads that group. good to be with you. a growing number of experts around the world are saying the world health organization should step in here and declare this a world health emergency. do you agree? >> they are actually meeting as we speak to determine whether this constitutes a public health emergency of international consequence. i just want everyone to know that doesn't really change anything about what we do here in the united states. this virus, while it doesn't pose a threat to everyday americans at this time, the president is ensuring that we are proactively preparing and also taking the necessary steps to prevent or mitigate any
6:33 am
potential for the spread of that virus here in the united states. one aspect of that is yesterday he announced that we have formalized a task force that i am leading across the entire government. >> ed: please tell us then, what did you brief the president on? what is the president being told? maybe more importantly, what is he saying behind closed doors about the threat to americans, what is being done to protect americans? >> the nice thing is what he is being briefed on is exactly what i'm telling you and the american people. we are being completely transparent about our actions here. which is that, while this is a potentially serious public health threat, it is not at this time pose a risk the american public. they have to be balanced in our approach. we will take all public health measures necessary to protect the american public, so we brief the president as we do ourselves on the current epidemiological information on the spread of the virus. these steps happening internationally, and our preventive preparedness steps we're taking in the united states. >> ed: you seem very confident we are getting a handle on this. that's good news.
6:34 am
"the new york times," though, has an editorial this morning that you probably saw sang a lot of experts around the world don't know yet how contagious this is, how deadly the new virus is. that they are experts at every global industry now fretting over supply chains, new economic impacts. in the headline is, "is the world ready for the coronavirus?" how do you answer that question? >> we've been very transparent about what we don't know yet about this virus, which is we don't know full information about its contagiousness, about its severity profile, which is why i am delighted at the invitation of the chinese government. we will accept the invitation to participate as part of the world health organization's team of experts that will deploy to china to assist chinese experts on the ground to actually get ground troops study this virus, get all the information to both prevent the spread further and china but also global spread of this virus. >> ed: i want to ask you directly, the separate fact
6:35 am
fiction. this says they have a limited's office of pandemic response that was are dome i created over the ebola epidemic and that you've drastically scaled back the cdc's overseas outbreak preventn efforts. the times claiming this may hamper the u.s. response. what do you say? >> that is just pathological, that they have to attack the president even when he is showing this type of determined leadership to protect the american public. last year, if they would read their own paper they would see that we changed our biohazard preparedness and response doctrine to actually have me, as secretary of health and human services, leave those efforts. that's why the task force has me coordinating the approach for any type of biohazard. with regard to the cdc, we have a huge global health security agenda and what we've actually done is focus into the highest risk areas, including china. >> ed: just to button up another thing about the world health organization where i started, as you noted, they are
6:36 am
meeting now. we should get word shortly on whether they will say it's specifically a public health emergency. i know you said that doesn't really impact with the u.s. is doing, but just to be clear, a declaration like that would lead to a boost in public health measures, more funding and resources to help prevent it from spreading much wider. would that be important to the u.s. efforts if, in fact, the world health organization makes that designation? >> again, he really doesn't change our efforts at all. it's a declaration just of status. it's very important in these situations. one of the most important things we can do is ensure the public, and particular our health care providers, are knowledgeable. would you be due within infectious disease outbreak? blocking and attacking diagnosing, treating, and tracing the people that the contacts they have been in touch with and perhaps the contacts of those contacts and taking appropriate steps. any type of public education is
6:37 am
important. >> ed: less question then, we had this plane arriving yesterday, mostly diplomats and other americans on the ground and wuhan. they are now in america being checked out. it seems like the important measures are being taken. there's important stories about other americans still around wuhan. others obviously around china. talk broadly about what you and the president are doing to make sure americans not just here at home but around the world are safe >> we have additional americans in that hubei province of china, the epicenter of the outbreak. we will work with the state governmendepartment to ensure tf they want to they can come home. we will take all steps necessary to protect the public health in connection with any type of transportation like that, as routed with the flight of over 200 american diplomats, family members, and american citizens who came back yesterday. we want them to receive a warm welcome. we are going to treat them well but take all appropriate public health measures to protect the american people.
6:38 am
>> ed: secretary alex azar has a big job right now leading the president's efforts to stay on top of this public health emergency. mr. secretary, we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you, ed. >> sandra: kobe bryant's widow, vanessa, making out public statement after the death put less of her husband on the 14-year-old daughter, gianna, lest we can. her instagram post reads this in part. "there aren't enough words to describe our pain right now. i take comfort in knowing that kobe and gigi both know knew they were so deep you love." jeff paul live in los angeles with more." >> vanessa bryant thanking the people who show their support, but pledging to help the other victims ' spam links, setting up a fund to support them through the mamba foundation. "it's impossible to imagine life without them. but we wake up each day pushing, because kobe and our baby girl, gigi, are shining on us like the
6:39 am
way. our love for them is endless." the out outpouring of support was on full display lesson at the staples center. the l.a. hockey team, the kings, honored bryant before the game. the first sporting event at the staples center since the crash. they held a moment of silence and players had heart shaped stickers on their helmets with the number 24. the lakers are set to hold their first home game at the staples center tomorrow, where head coach frank vogel says the team is very much still grieving. >> it's been very emotional and something that brings us together. i am around the people that were closest to kobe throughout his time here, and it has been a deeply saddening time for all of us. >> wreckage from the crash is now at a secure location in phoenix, arizona, where the ntsb will continue its investigation. the medical examiner officially
6:40 am
identifying all nine victims who were on board. bryant and three others were identified from their fingerprints. the remaining five were i deed through dna testing they're saying the causes of death were blunt trauma. sandra? >> sandra: jeff paul in los angeles, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren trying to raise the stakes on election disinformation. what senator warren is proposing and why critics say her efforts might be a little bit ironic. the a-team weighing in. >> sandra: looking forward to that. plus, president trump's attorney saying his push to investigate the bidens is not impeachable. we will learn from a former justice department prosecutor on that, next. >> it cannot be a corrupt motive, if you have a mixed motive that partially involves the national interests and partially involves electoral, and does not involve personal pecuniary interest.
6:41 am
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6:44 am
>> every public official that i know believes that his election is in the public interest. and if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment. >> sandra: that was president trump's attorney, alan dershowitz, yesterday arguing quid pro quos to win elections are not impeachable, even if the president stood to benefit on the political front. jim trusty is a former justice department prosecutor, and during this now. good morning to you. is that type of quid pro quo impeachable or not? >> well, we will find out if it's removable. i think it's a very nuanced argument. it's a very good argument and it really goes to the point that mixed motivation shouldn't be criminalized. if you've got a situation where an executive is doing what's right for the country, but also
6:45 am
knows the stand to benefit by something working out politically, that shouldn't be the stuff of criminal intent or of impeachment. i think it's a pretty persuasive argument, actually. a very nuanced one and one that "wall street journal" was kind of picking up on in an editorial before that. >> sandra: we were reminded of that. meanwhile i want to ask you about this justice roberts blocking senator rand paul's attempt to out the whistle-blower, name the whistle-blower in his questioning. we are learning that he may try to force the issue. the senator may try to force the issue and questioning this afternoon. what did you make of that? was that the right role of the justice to step in? >> whether it's right or not, it's a huge issue. it's really fascinating on a number of fronts. the whistle-blower, first of all, is not really whistle-blower. this is somebody wrote a term paper with annotations to media, who have an obvious argument to make more than just reporting a crime taking place around them. so the identity of that whistle-blower would be
6:46 am
interesting to the president, to see how strong the bias was. the secondary part, whether or not that person was having some kind of contact with adam schiff or his staffers, which schiff has tried to dig in on and say it never happen. if that happened, it's explosive. the interesting thing is if it's true that roberts is weighing in, he's becoming more like a traditional chil trial judge. that could bode very poorly for the republicans if you will start excusing potential testimony mike hunter biden reducible her because they are legally irrelevant. a lot of see when it comes to justice rober justice roberts. >> sandra: so much changed when he saw the leaked portion of the manuscript of john bolton's book. now we know that the white house is trying to block the publishing of that duty what they see has classified information in that book. john bolton's attorney has written a letter to the white house saying this. "we do not believe any of the information could reasonably be considered classified, but given
6:47 am
that ambassador bolton could be called to testify as early as next week, it is imperative that we have the results of your review of that chapter as soon as possible. please do give me a call to let me know how we can work together toward that end." so who is in the right, here? does the white house have the right to stop this book from being published? >> they may not have the right to stop it from being published, but they have a right to contest if there's classified information. that's a very typical process, and it goes through a scrubbing to make sure there's not state secrets being divulged. but also there is still executive privilege and play. so no matter what bolton puts in his book, it doesn't directly say what's going to happen in terms of any live testimony he would try to give in this proceeding. it goes to a point that i think the white house team she really emphasized, which is that at some point evidence has to stop flowing in. we are on a trajectory where he might have heard from lev parnas, we might hear from john bolton. i don't know if that means we will hear from michael avenatti
6:48 am
next week. it's not fair from any defendant to keep having mid-trial surprises about what you have the trend knockdown. >> sandra: but if there is relevant evidence or relevant witnesses, aren't democrats to the end of the day going to make the case that we need to hear from them or see that evidence? final thoughts? >> absolutely, they will push hard and they will scream like scalded cats if they don't get witnesses before this tribunal before, obviously, the american public. i think the republicans need to point back to what happened at the house. "you had your chance, you didn't enforce a, he didn't even issue subpoenas in some cases. he built a record have to live with." >> sandra: do you think they will bring the articles of impeachment up for a vote tomorrow? >> i think we will have to much procedural chaos to get to that point i tomorrow, but we'll see. >> sandra: jim trusty, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, anything for a good parking space. how this suv got pinned somehow between the building at a parking garage. >> sandra: oh! >> ed: plus, counting down to
6:49 am
the kickoff of super bowl liv. i heard that it's in miami and sandra is going! >> sandra: my bags are packed, ed! >> ed: how much a ticket to the big game will set you back. that is next. ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at leanfire supplements from force factor contain ingredients clinically shown to help increase energy, burn fat, and double your weight loss. don't struggle to fit in. unleash your potential, with leanfire. available at retailers nationwide. as parents of six, this network is one less thing i have to worry about. (vo) why the aceves family chose verizon. we all use our phones very differently. these two are always gaming and this one is always on facetime. and my oldest is learning to be a pilot.
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6:53 am
>> sandra: an suv in atlanta crashing off a parking deck, right into the side of a building where it then became pinned. crews were able to rescue the driver, thankfully, and she was not injured. it is still unclear what caused that accident. >> ed: just three days away from super bowl liv, on the hot ticket is, well, super hot super expensive, with the average price topping $8500. carley shimkus is here with fox news headlines 24/7, channel 11590 sirius xm device. they're always expensive, but it seems like this year people are expecting a big game. >> super bowl tickets this year are staggering. the cheapest ticket is around $5,500. if you have monies to burn, the most expensive singlet
6:54 am
is $42,259. that's a private back seat. >> ed: for one seat? 's >> but you get a meet and greet after the game. $42,291 per that's corporate money, baby. if you want tickets, they are still available but they are going fast. >> ed: wow, just over 3,000 tickets currently available. in the meantime, kanye west will be there. he's been doing sunday services around the country and maybe he will have a captive audience out of a florida. >> i just announce he will do one of his sunday services the morning of the super bowl, around 11:00 in the morning, in miami. if you don't know what they are, they are these gospel music experiences hosted by him. i've talked to several people who have gone and they say it's not about kanye west. they are really incredible, it's all about the music and it's a really neat experience. so miami is going to be hopping for a variety of reasons this weekend. >> ed: the latest album all about god and the bible. you have a lot of people who had sort of moved away from religion back now to find their
6:55 am
faith, because of kanye and has music. >> he recently said he wasn't going to be singing secular music anymore. so he is making a huge transition. he usually holds these things in los angeles, but he did perform once in dayton, ohio to support the community after the shooting. now he's taking it down to miami to inspire some people for the big came dumb again. >> ed: if tickets are too expensive to go to the game, you can check out the service. i'm betting it's probably because the chiefs and the 49ers have big offense. people are hoping for a lot of scoring. lester you had a defensive battle, some people were bored. >> also its miami, who doesn't want to go there? in the stadium a smaller period last year was a totally different experience. also people were sort of sick of seeing the patriots in the super bowl. >> ed: a couple of last-minute tickets, just go down to a restaurant and watch the game on fox. >> i'm a big into just watching it at home.
6:56 am
>> sandra: come on! >> i'm a homebody! >> ed: and in case you haven't told you enough, "america's newsroom" is heading the road tomorrow. sandra will be in, yes, miami. it's all about sandra, everybody's excited to b see he. i will be in iowa for the caucus. on location, as well. stay right here for complete super weekend coverage. it's not just about -- >> sandra: i will be on a plane to iowa after the game. meanwhile, the coronavirus operate, including the condition of those 200 plus americans who arrived back home yesterday. we will have an update on them. brand-new hour, coming up. stay with us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now, the deadly coronavirus spreading fast. nearly 8,000 cases no confirmed worldwide. at least 170 dead. the white house launching now a task force to track, to contain, andreat the fast-spreading disease. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." it's thursday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: good to be with you. i ed henry. and americans in isolation on military base after landing in california above an emergency activation flight from wuhan, china. health and human services secretary alex azar leading a new task force for the president, discussing efforts to protect americans still in china come earlier right here on "america's newsroom." >> we've got some additional
7:01 am
american citizens who were in that hubei province of china, the epicenter of the operate, and we will work with the state department to ensure that if they want to they can come home. you want them to receive a warm welcome, we are going to treat them well, but we are going to take all appropriate public health measures to protect the american public. >> sandra: the national correspondent william la jeunesse's live in riverside, california, where those more than 200 americans were welcomed yesterday. william? because sandra, this is not a forced government quarantine in the military gyn. the cdc says the 100 95 evacuees have all agreed to be here and receive medical care. after arriving yesterday, they will be here at least 72 hours. their temperature taken every 12 hours for any sign of contracting the virus. all blood samples go to the cdc for testing, and if negative, they will be allowed to leave provided they arrange position n monitoring in their home state. unlike evacuees in the u.k., they will not be forced to stay
7:02 am
for 14 days of testing negative. >> we want to do active monitoring for 14 days, in order to be able to determine if they may become ill at sometime during that period of time. that's what we intend to do for the entire 14 days, no matter where they are. >> this couple from colorado, teachers in china, got on the first light out. the state department says they are planning more as early as monday. >> upon arrival at the air force base in california, another intensive screening, and now they are in quarantine. which is -- you know, i'm fine. i'm just happy their home. >> six confirmed cases in the u.s., but none originated here through person-to-person contact. experts say corona appears to spread more easily than sars, but is not as deadly. about 2% of that contract it will eventually die.
7:03 am
>> coronavirus' are typically spread much like influenza, and they are droplets. somebody coughs, sneezes, or they rub their nose or eyes or have secretions like runny nose and touch a doorknob and somebody picks it up that way. >> to clarify, again, sandra and ed, they will be allowed to leave but that physician monitoring in their home seems critical. the wild card here is no one knows how far this will spread and how long it could last. back to you. >> sandra: a lot we still don't know about all of it. william la jeunesse, thank you. meanwhile, using digital dna technology. we will speak to one of the key leaders leading that effort. that is just moments from now. stay tuned. >> i am no fan of john bolton, although i like him a little more than i used to. but you should hear from him. he should want to. don't take general kelly's view
7:04 am
for it. make up your own mind. >> ed: lead house impeachment manager adam schiff making the case that lawmakers should call john bolton as a witness to the center trial. but that line of argument could backfire. president trump and his supporters pointing to newly resurfaced videos that they say raise some serious credibility questions about the former national security advisor, as well as maybe schiff himself. >> sandra: it's that time to bring in our a-team. brian brenberg is here from the king's college manhattan. maria divine,: this for their post. and michael gordon from the clinton justice department. welcome to you, a first time a-teamer here. welcome. your thoughts on these newly resurfaced videos connect the different takes we are seeing today, compared to what we saw years ago. >> this is one of the things you can't make up. you've got to hear from john bolton, and are you get these videos coming out saying, "you can listen to john bolton,
7:05 am
he's not credible. he's a conspiracy theorist. he is brash, he doesn't think critically." republicans don't have to question bolton's credibility because their counterparts on the other side are doing such an effective job. >> ed: plenty of republicans use to love john bolton, and i'm not so much. let's play one of those videotapes. adam schiff in march of 2015 talking about john bolton. >> i think he's not only a bad choice, it's honestly difficult to consider a worse choice. this is somebody who is likely to exaggerate the dangerous impulses of the president towards belligerence. >> ed: that's when he was going to the national security advisor. adam schiff thought he was a terrible guide. >> my enemy's enemy is my friend. so they all love john bolton. the president tweeted last night, "game over, close it with the video. that the zelensky call was warm and cordial and nothing to say.
7:06 am
no mention of quid pro quo. it rather blows up his credibility in terms of these book leaks and has manuscript, which in any case has blown up his credibility. because what on earth is a man i used to be the national security advisor now pursuing some petty vengeance against the president by releasing a book damaging in the middle of an election campaign? >> sandra: plus, there were these words from john bolton, august of 2019, talking about warm and cordial phone calls. >> i will be meeting he and president zelensky. he and president trump have already spoken twice. the president called to congratulate president zelensky on his election and on his success in the parliamentary election. they were very warm and cordial calls. we are hoping they will be able to meet in warsaw and have a few minutes together. >> sandra: what do you think? >> both and was in the tent then. with any employer, when you are in the tent you're less comfortable saying things then maybe when you are outside the
7:07 am
tent. listen, this is politics. we can find hypocrisy with anybody. you can see it with adam schiff, lindsey graham, you can see with jerry nadler, the stevens he's making now compared to 20 years ago. there's a lot of hypocrisy on both sides but it's all distracting from the main issue. as with the president did wrong, and is impeachable? >> ed: a couple nights ago it seemed like, "whoa, hang on a second, mitch called saying he doesn't have the votes to block witnesses." a lot of people mistakenly thought this was a big, bad development for the president." now it turns out he might've been a strategy by mcconnell to get the troops in line and say, "we might not have the vot" now they momentum paid they skated to the idea of a long trial, and now some republicans are falling in line. >> it seems like the air is coming out of the balloon when it comes to bolton. it takes the pressure of the moderate republicans because they can go back to their constituents. democrats are saying they need to hear from this guy, but they
7:08 am
themselves didn't want to hear from them when it was inconvenient for them. it seems like it's off. i would be surprised if we hear witnesses or just bolton. the likel like to have this goes to vote quickly has risen. >> i think what the republicans are doing is very cluttered. "if you want witnesses, fine, but we will have our own witnesses. front and center will be the whistle-blower and joe biden." joe biden, it'll be so damaging to him if he has to come and testify. you've already seen democrats like joe manchin saying, "i would be happy to hear joe biden." it's opening a can of worms. it means the proceedings drag on for months at a time when the democratic presidential candidates who are senators, who are the front runners, people like bernie sanders, are going to be tied up when they want to be out in the flesh. >> i'm not sure it'll drag out for months. i think that's a threat, they
7:09 am
are trying to scare a lot of the very few senators who are on the fence, away from witnesses. they are also saying they will call vis-a-vis people. if we go for witnesses, mcconnell is going to control it. it's going be very narrow. the amount of time each witness has. he will control what both sides say. they want to get out of this as quickly as possible. i don't believe the threats, i think it's a bluff. bigger picture, we're not going to have witnesses. >> sandra: how does that not take time? if the president claims executive privilege when they call john bolton, there's quite a battle that would ensue. it would be tied up in court. >> with mcconnell in charge of the senate he will say, "mr. president, we can't take time. let's get this over as quickly as possible. it's not in your interest to take this to the court." >> ed: let's shift gears. elizabeth warren, she's got a new plan. now this one to criminalize disinformation. watch. oh, it's a quote, i'm sorry. "i will push for new laws that impose tough sibling criminal
7:10 am
penalties with ."that if you lie about somethig it can become criminal. in political context. hasn't she had some questions raised about her? >> this is so funny coming from elizabeth warren. have you been on the right side of these issues? i don't think so, but now you want to give us the truth police. this is one of those where there's hypocrisy everywhere. but it's something that happens when you're feeling desperate. i think elizabeth warren is starting to feel desperate, and she is reaching for something to give her headlines. the truth police thing can do that for her. i think a lot of people look at that and say if anyone is going to bring some something like this, and nobody should, it definitely shouldn't be you. >> that's right, she is the purveyor of fake news herself. that's why donald trump calls or pocahontas. so i think it's a bit she shouldn'tmention anything a. >> the democrats are unhappy with facebook, and their
7:11 am
position on advertising. twitter got rid of advertising altogether, and i think that was a good move for them. so she's trying to tap into those voters who are angry with facebook. with that said, her campaign is going nowhere slow. she is not going to get the nomination, and the real question is, is she going to get out before after super tuesday? >> ed>> they don't like alternae channels, that's what she's concerned about. it doesn't start with whether it impedes people voting. i think it actually ends with much more than that. that's what's scary about these policies. we joke about who it's coming from. what is scary is what it could ultimately mean. it's the suppression of voices that should be heard and/or heard through traditional media. >> ed: there have been polls suggesting bernie sanders was pulling away a little bit and i will, but now there's a monmouth poll that says, "hang on a second, it is still biden and burning at the top." what are you seeing that of iowa? >> bernie has momentum, doesn't he? and biden has momentum going giveaway. it's been quite extraordinary,
7:12 am
it's been stuck in the senate. he has had his surrogates like aoc, who has electrified in iowa. he has pulled away from the pack. he has done well. it's something he's got going around him that has just made people excited in the same way donald trump makes people excited when he goes out to his rallies. you don't see that with joe biden or any of the others, frankly. >> sandra: lets and on one final subject. we are following the story with tulsi gabbard trying to issue a lawsuit to hillary clinton over defamation. hillary clinton calling her a russian asset in an interview, you will remember. now tulsi gabbard's attorney is claiming they can't get the papers t delivered daily clinto. "i find it rather unbelievable that hurley clinton is so intimidated by tulsi gabbard that she won't accept service of process. but i guess here we are." miranda? >> are be surprised?
7:13 am
hillary clinton has shown herself to be a grifter, unfortunately. since she lost the election, all she does is talk about herself, and her sour grapes. >> there's a lot of goodwill for hillary clinton in the democratic party. she did win the popular vote. >> she lost the election. >> of course she lost the election. but she did win the popular vote. some people are listening to her still. but the bigger issue is, where is this loss going? tulsi gabbard is running for president. she's a public figure. hillary didn't even mention her by name. it's not really a great defamation claim. >> it's a push back on the clintons. it's a change in regime. at the change from the old gua guard. this lawsuit won't go anywhere but it's clear hillary clinton has lost this way she had, and she's feeling it now from newcomers and the party. >> sandra: to be clear, she was asked about in later interviews and she didn't deny she was talking about tulsi gabbard. it's because she didn't deny it, but part of the claim is using
7:14 am
somebody by name. >> but she still feels the urge to get back in the race, so who knows? [laughter] >> she's not getting in. >> sandra: a thank you. >> ed: good to have the state government expected to announce new sanctions on iran. our correspondent, rich edson, is following these villains from the white house. good morning. >> good morning, ed and center. this is coming in about 45 minutes or so. they will announce, according to officials, that they are going to allow waivers to work on nuclear projects within iran. even according to u.s. officials from secretary of state mike pompeo. we want these ultimately scrapped, and the officials involved in this decision are saying they are looking strongly at ways to illuminate them. the problem, they say, is ending these waivers would expose a russian nuclear company to
7:15 am
american sanctions. it's the same russian company that supplies 20% of the enriched uranium the united states uses in its nuclear power reactors. though there are congressional republicans opposed to extending these waivers now, especially as iran is openly violating the 2015 iran nuclear deal. they say they "call on the administration to rescind the remaining waivers in light of iranian officials' definitive statements abandoning the deal. enough is enough." senior u.s. officials say the united states is also sanctioning the chief of iran's atomic energy agency. iranian leaders say that it has punted to humanitarian crisis there. he officials say the admin's ration will announce it will hep coordinate the first seal cancer drugs to iran through a new humanitarian channel. they will sell the medicine in the way that avoids filing sanctions. u.s. officials also say other running government statements that the iranian government
7:16 am
should stop funding militias across the middle east and spend their money on those who mentoring goods. back to you. >> sandra: thank you, rich. will you and health officials declare the coronavirus a global emergency? that is a big question today. we could learn that as soon as new cases are reported throughout china, and in other countries around the world. >> ed: what about the efforts to find a vaccine? a major push underway here in america as scientists race to contain that disease. a top doctor heading the effort joins us next. >> the whole world needs to be on alert now. the whole world needs to take action and be ready for any cases that come. either from the original epicenter, or from other epicenters that become established. dropped to near 50 year lows. call newday usa. one call can save you $2000 a year. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs.
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7:21 am
>> ed: of fast-moving fire tearing through a 25 story apartment tower in west l.a. firefighters responding to that scene yesterday morning. look at these pictures, rescuing people stranded on ledges. this, as you learned the building did not have sprinkler. >> one fire alarm. no spengler's in the building. there wasn't a single noise. glad to run down the hallway. if you hadn't heard that, everybody would have still been asleep. >> ed: wow, scary. 11 people treated for injuries, mostly smoke inhalation. >> the disease is obviously mainly passing via droplets from one person to another, and mostly still through close contact. the source, as we've said before, is still unclear. investigations continue in that regard. >> sandra: the world health organization meeting today to see if the decision will be made to declare the coronavirus a
7:22 am
public health emergency. the agency is reporting more than 6,000 confirmed cases worldwide. a majority of those are still coming from china. health officials racing to develop a vaccine, including dr. david wiener and his team. doctor, good morning to you. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra: how close are we to seeing a vaccine for the coronavirus? >> i think this is really a new territory for us, and there has been funding put in place by organizations to rapidly move forward in just a few weeks. first attempts at vaccines, three groups were funded for the rapid development of vaccines for this emerging coronavirus. the first attempt at vaccines. and the challenge is to build on the history that we've been developing with these synthetic techniques over the last few years. there has been previous
7:23 am
experience we've had with ebola outbreak, where our group at a team from a move forward and ju8 months. and to follow up with mers, which was 11 months. that was another coronavirus with walter reed. and then with zeke, which move forward in seven months. we will try to significantly close that gap even shorter. >> ed: doctor, while we await the vaccine, what are your thoughts about our overall preparedness? we spoke to the president's health and human services secretary, secretary lazar, a short time ago. he said there are five cases here in america, they are staying on top of it. they are not overly concerned. are you as confident as he is? >> i think he's a very competent individual and it's wonderful to see the interest that the united states, going all the way up to the president's office, and connections to the mobilization from the cdc and
7:24 am
the nih. also working globally and coordinating with researchers such as myself and companies. so it's a very important linkage. >> sandra: where do you fall on whether or not they should be declared a public health emergency by the world health organization? is it? >> i'm going to let the world health organization and dr. lazar participate in making those decisions. our focus is going to be on rapidly developing to the clinic a safe and as targeted a simple vaccine as possible to play a role in combating this outbreak and really spend our time focusing in that direction. >> ed: doctor, while you talk about the big picture and the heroic efforts you and others are undergoing right now to get a handle on all of this, what is your best advice to people watching this morning about protecting their families? i've been doing a lot of reading about it and sometimes it sounds like it's as simple as making sure you are washing your hands. is that true? what else would you recommend? >> i think right now the
7:25 am
guidelines coming out is to take regular precautions from infectious disease, there's also very few cases documented in the united states. there is also very good monitoring going on, excluding dominic including expanded monitoring at airports those normal efforts in taking care, and for any infectious condition, are perfectly appropriate. >> sandra: what do you say to those, doctor, who say there is the spread of other diseases much more widespread than the coronavirus? and that the intention this is being given -- is that deserving of the attention it's getting today, or you know to even more so? >> this is a condition rapidly expanding every day. we have seen increases in the last few days, 1,000 more every day. in that situation, just like any new sort of situation where
7:26 am
there is a fire, it is really important to get in early and control it and contain it, and try to extinguish it. i think that is only prudent. it is much harder to deal with when it gets larger. so i would say that this is a perfect time to jump in. i think the response to jump in early and try to move forward with new approaches that can be deployed faster are really in everyone's best interest. >> sandra: dr. weiner, we appreciate your time this morning. keep us updated. >> thank you so much. >> ed: in the meantime, the deadly epidemic sparking global concern. the white house taking steps to protect the public in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus right here in america. >> sandra: plus, the impeachment trial raising questions about john bolton's current ability, as the white house fights to protect executive privilege. deputy assisted to the president hoping don't like hogan gidley is our headliner today. we will ask him about that next. >> you go down that road, you
7:27 am
open a pandora's box. every president from now on will have to look over their shoulder to wonder when that trigger we polled. the bar is now set so low.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> to suggest that the national security advisor will, "we will subpoena him, he will come in, that'll be easy, it won't be a problem," that's not the way it would work if there's a vital constitutional privilege at stake there. it's important for the institution of the office of the
7:32 am
presidency, for every president to protect that privilege. >> sandra: able defense of presidential powers and executive privilege during yesterday's queue and a in the impeachment trial. >> ed: the defense pushing back on calls to hear testimony from john bolton, the president's former national security advisor, as recently resurfaced videos raise questions about bolton's credibility on ukraine. let's bring in today's headliner, hogan gidley, principal deputy white house press secretary. how are you feeling this morning about the possibility of witnesses? there are now some predictions from republican senators that there will not be any witnesses, number one. number two, this whole thing could be wrapped up tomorrow. are you that confidence? >> i want to make one thing very clear. there already have been 17 witnesses. remember, house democrats put them forward when it was in their court. in fact, we got no witnesses. we didn't get to release any evidence, we didn't get to cross examine. so this whole notion that somehow, will there or won't be
7:33 am
there any witnesses? we've already had 17. the white house on our side have had none. i want that very clear. as far as moving forward and whether senators will vote for that or not, again, that's up to them. we laid out a pretty clear case. the president not only has done nothing wrong, but everything he did do was constitutional, it was legal, it was lawful, quite frankly was on behalf of the american people. the process was a sham, we can all admit that at this point. >> ed: are you confident this will wrap up, or will this drag on for a while? >> i'm confident the present will be acquitted because there is no evidence of wrongdoing at all. but it remains to be seen with the senate will do. they wanted this process to play out over there. where i think what they've given us, quite frankly, a fair trial where the house decided to make it all political, partisan. try and attack this president, not giving him any due process whatsoever. but it remains to be seen. i don't want to get too much into hypotheticals because we are going to try and wrap up the q&a session late this evening
7:34 am
depending on whether they use all eight hours. we'll see what would they do moving forward. >> sandra: so much seemed to change with the release of that portion, there was the leak, i should say, of that portion of john bolton's manuscript from his book that has not yet been published. as the white house trying to stop that book from publishing? >> absolutely not. in fact, the last sentence of the letter that the nsc sent to ambassador bolton's attorney said we are happy to work together so the book can we publish according to that letter, the nsc has found top-secret information that book. we don't want to risk the lives of american citizens. our assets overseas. not to mention put our brave men and women in harm's way by getting out information that would reveal sources and methods, for example. so these types of things are monitored at the career level. this isn't a political decision. it's very commonplace. >> sandra: there is multiple
7:35 am
reports out there about the white house believes there is classified information in that book, and therefore the president doesn't want it published. is there an effort to stop it from being published by the white house? >> i'm not aware of any effort for it to stop being published. i can't tell you -- if the investor wants to write a book, we have a responsibility, quite frankly, to the american people and our citizens abroad to protect them in every way possible. we can't have classified information being published. there are serious questions around the information in this book. it's obvious that the national security council has deemed a lot of it something that should not be released to the public. we will see what happens moving forward. but the conversation has been open, it has been started. i can give you to you this, the president will make sure the american people and our soldiers, both men and women who are fighting to keep our freedoms every day, are safe and protected. on this information, if top-secret, if classified, does not make it into the public sphere. >> ed: we play the clip a short time ago of adam schiff
7:36 am
questioning the credibility of john bolton. there's also this video that you know has surfaced of john bolton, august 2019, saying this about the president's contacts with ukraine. >> i will be meeting president zelensky, he and president trump have already spoken twice. the president called to congratulate president zelensky on his election and on his success in the in the parliamentary election. they were very warm and cordial calls. we are hoping they will be able to meet in warsaw and have a few minutes together. >> ed: "cordial," everything was fine. might it turn out if john bolton does testify that he might actually say some things that are good for the president? >> look, it's interesting, he is another person in a long line of people who went into the president's orbit are treated like trash from the mainstream media and mocked and derided. but when they get out and say a word or two against the president, they are the toast of the town. in this clip, for instance, you cut it a little bit short. he went on to say there is no
7:37 am
corruption in ukraine, one of the core things our defense is talking about, and one of the issues donald trump ran on and try to root out in a lot of countries that we give money to. this is an interesting piece of evidence that is kind of popped up, and it goes to show that the call was cordial, it was warm. they have a good relationship. president zelensky pointed out the fact that other countries don't pay their fair share. that america pays more than most. for this to continue down this road, i think everyone now sees us for what it is. it's purely partisan, purely political. nancy pelosi is putting her own selfish desires above the needs of the american people, and it's time to move on. >> sandra: is the president preparing for those articles of impeachment to come up for a vote as soon as tomorrow, as some republican senators are suggesting? >> as i've said before, if they want a full blown trial for witnesses and that's what they decide to vote for, they better be prepared for it, as sekulow
7:38 am
said, the winte was a blur, hunter biden, joe biden, adam schiff, and others there are no facts that implead the president has done anything wrong. no criminal charges in those articles of impeachment, or something in between. we are ready regardless because the facts are on our side. >> ed: there's a question in the q&a about whether it even mattered if the president had engaged in a quid pro quo. here's what alan dershowitz said. i want you to react. >> every public official that i know believes that his election is in the public interest. and if the president does something which he believes will help them get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment. >> ed: a lot of eyebrows being raised about the idea that one of the president's lawyers is saying, "he can't be impeached for an act he helps them
7:39 am
e-cigs will helpthem get reelected." >> there's a one-two punch there, saying, "listen, you don't want to start impeaching people on what's inside their head." meaning a lot of the senators in that chamber make decisions that would or could benefit them in an upcoming election. but that's not what this was about. this president wasn't thinking about the 2020 election, he was thinking about taxpayer dollars, time, and money spent by the american people. we have outlined that clearly, and alan dershowitz made the point that if any of these allegations are true, that "the new york times" alleges that from john bolton's book, it is still not an impeachable offense. it goes to prove further that the democrats do not have a case. all they want to do is remove a duly elected president, overturned the 2016 election, and just put their hatred of him paramount above all success is that the american people could experience if they just got to work instead of continuing to play politics. >> sandra: hogan, we are out of time, just a couple seconds left. on the coronavirus, the
7:40 am
president has been asked about this. he believes were doing what it takes to contain it. there are reports that the united states might cancel all flights to and from china. is that under consideration? >> i don't have an announcement on that front at this time. the risk remains low. to put out a task force yesterday evening headed by secretaries are and also the nsa robert o'brien. we've been monitoring this on an hourly basis, the president has been getting briefings regularly. we want to make sure all americans are safe and that's what we're doing. as far as to future steps we will see what happens when it relates to the virus and it spreading. we are working at the state and local level as well to make sure that the people in this country remain safe, and also well. >> sandra: how would you describe the president's level of concern to my final thoughts. >> look, the president is always focus on the american people being safe. whether it's a military or some type of pandemic. we are not that level yet, of course come up with the president is always focus on making sure the people i safe
7:41 am
and secure in this country and he is doing it in this case, as well. >> ed: hogan gidley from the white house. we appreciate your comments and coming in today. thank you. >> sandra: thank you, hogan. the federal reserve chairman suggesting the coronavirus outbreak could have big implications for global markets. >> ed: we are on that, and a new analysis of bernie sanders' medicare for all plan, making some dramatic predictions on how it could impact the american economy. moneyman charles payne has some thoughts about that plan, next. you $2,000 every year. e and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now.
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7:45 am
>> there is likely to be some disruption to activity in china and possibly globally, based on the spread of the virus. of course, the situation is really in its early stages, and it's very uncertain about how far it will spread and what the macro economic will be in china and its immediate trading partners. >> sandra: federal reserve chairman jerome powell recent concerns about the coronavirus slowing economic growth, not just here at home but around the world. here to talk about it is
7:46 am
charles payne. is there any plan to cancel flights to and from china to the united states? hogan gidley said he didn't want to get ahead of an announcement, but obviously that's a possibility if this continues to get worse. >> the irony is the fed was not really worried about the virus he had come only because they don't know what it's going to be. their bigger concerns that this inflation in the sling american consumer, he was responding to a question from the audience. that being said, it is interesting that we have canceled a lot of flights. american airlines has canceled a lot of flights. but we are still allowing chinese flights into america. alex azar was on television earlier, and the dow would come back. we were down like 20 points. i think people are worried about the idea that we are allowing flights in from china, not wuhan and not even the province. it is easy for somebody to get a plane or catch a train to beijing and then come here or somewhere else. the white house is going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure, maybe two halt flights
7:47 am
from china. don't forget the world health organization at 1:30, they are going to weigh in on whether or not their latest assessment of this is that it's a global epidemic or a global health risk. that's going to be very critical to not just the markets but everything else. in the meantime, there is a certain amount of fear out there, with the cover of u.s. today is "as the u.s. ready?" 190 americans died from drug overdoses, 80,000 have died from the flu come in zero five died from the coronavirus. we want to get everything in perspective. >> ed: that was a message from the secretary when he was here earlier, he's confident they are on top of it. >> but people are worried that they are allowing flights from china into the united states. there are empty planes going from here to there, so of course the airlines have said, "why should we fly anyway? it's not even a health concern, it's just economics. you don't want to fly and empty plan. >> ed: the price tags and the impact on the economy, there are some studies on this.
7:48 am
>> there was one by sort of what they call the wharton model. essentially, if everybody legally has to have insurance, some form of health insurance, they say the health outcome should be better. of course, there's a $34 trillion in paying for it. i guess utopia looks sort of like fred flintstone flintstone. lift up our and one car because we have no energy. speed liquid wharton put out, budget mel, if you will. this is their own analysis. it could shrink gdp under deficit financing. "they would shrink gdp by 24% by 2060." they are talking about a huge impact. >> is mind-boggling. we are talking about going back would economically come on that's why i brought up the flintstones. we would have no economy.
7:49 am
the free market solutions to these kind of things, we are getting there, we get better and better each time. to the degree that bernie sanders wants, its economic suicide. >> ed: charles says back to the stone age. >> sandra: charles payne! see you this afternoon, thank you. >> ed: law enforcement taking no chances in miami. what's being done to keep super bowl liv safe this a live report from florida next. t t tender wild-caught lobster, dig in to butter-poached, fire-roasted and shrimp & lobster linguini. see? dreams do come true. or if you like a taste of new england without leaving home, try lobster, sautéed with crab, jumbo shrimp and more, or maybe you'd like to experience the ultimate surf and the ultimate turf... with so many lobster dishes, there's something for every lobster fan so hurry in and let's lobsterfest. or get pick up or delivery at
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>> ed: security being ramped up all across miami, of course, to make sure players and fans are kept safe for super bowl weekend. a large and daunting task for law enforcement. phil keating's live outside hard rock stadium in miami. good morning. >> sandra: hey, phil. >> good morning, sandra and ed.
7:54 am
this is the spot for super bowl liv, and the roughly 80,000 lucky fans with tickets who will be inside on sunday. with 100 million people watching the game on television, it is an enormous target for bad actors. as for as norad and the department of homeland security are concerned, the safest place the super bowl sunday will be at around miami. this pilot flew me on board an international guard of 15 warplane, pulling syria's liturgies with every maneuver. the no fly zone on day, priority keeping bad intent away from the game and the huge crowd, and to simulate the intercepted a small cessna, playing the role of a stolen plane full of explosives headed to the super bowl. in this drill, the bad guy refused to land.
7:55 am
that is the biggest fear for edwards. >> never really wanting to have to go that far, but if it ever comes to it, we trained for it. be prepared for it. we have rules of engagement. if it comes to that, to execute. >> customs and border protection is also heavily involved with the armed helicopters, and their boats up and down biscayne bay. thfacing big guns and shut out engines, they give up. pretty fun story to shoot, right, ed and sandra? >> sandra: looking good, phil! >> ed: good job in the flight suit. we appreciate it, enjoy the game. >> sandra: a safe place to be this weekend. we are not slowing down here in "america's newsroom." are you ready for another hour, ed henry? still to come, we will speak to
7:56 am
senators rick scott and bob casey will be joining us. they will weigh in o on the ongoing impeachment proceedings that continue on capitol hill this afternoon. a brand-new hour coming up. proe their fastest and easiest refi ever. one call can save you $2000 a year. 2ap5y$p!ahx m&z,;jl05057,6>(p the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs...
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8:00 am
>> ed: fox news alert, we are awaiting news conferences all over the place, from congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle, as the impeachment trial courses and on the crucial vote on witnesses. are you ready? >> sandra: are you ready? bring it! >> ed: oh, yeah! welcome back, i'm ed henry. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. nancy pelosi should be speaking, senate minority leader chuck schumer will be up next. or possibly have the same time, the way it's working out. then house minority leader kevin mccarthy on saturday lindsey graham will step up to their microphones. we are watching it all for you as senators prepared to question both legal teams at the impeachment trial as it resumes this afternoon. all ahead of a vote on whether or not to call witnesses. >> ed: here's republican
8:01 am
senator david perdue on "america's newsroom" with sandra a little bit earlier. >> right now the democrats have come over to the senate, they have harassed us, calling us coconspirators and a cover up, they called the defense team liars, and what they want us to do now is what they should have done during their investigation. they should have called these witnesses back when they had the responsibility. speed that was the center earlier. now to kristin fisher, live at the white house for us this morning. hey, kristin. >> a, center. the moment of truth in this trial now likely just one day away. the white house is watching very closely to see if senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will be able to keep his caucus in line and block new witnesses from being allowed to testify. yesterday senator cory gardner says he does not think new witnesses are necessary, so that means that the ones to watch our senator susan collins and met romney, who have both signaled they will likely vote yes for more witnesses. it appears senator lisa murkowski is also
8:02 am
leaning that way. but senator lamar alexander, he is the true big wild card here. over the last 24 hours, both republicans and democrats have made remarks that it's looking increasingly likely that new witnesses will not be called. >> i think common sense will prevail. i think they know if you go down that road there is no end to it. it's a serious problem for the old country. it'll drag on for months. >> "if you have the unmitigated temerity to want witnesses in a trial, we will make you pay for it with endless delay. the senate will never be able to go back to its business." that is their argument. "how dare the house assume there will be witnesses in a trial!" >> and of course the biggest winners of all would likely be former national security advisor jumbles and pay the white house as his new book appears to contain significant amounts of classified information. some even top secret information. with the white house denying this morning that it's trying to stop publication of bolton's
8:03 am
book. >> i'm not aware of any effort for it to stop being published. i can't tell you -- if the ambassador wants to write a book, we have to make sure, we have a responsibility to the american people and our citizens abroad to protect them in every way possible. we can't have classified information being published. >> but bolton's attorney says there is zero classified information in bolton's book, and he is now asking the national security council to wrap up its review as fast as possible in case bolton is called to testify. a sandra? >> sandra: kristin fisher at the white house, thank you. >> ed: big stuff. more on this now, florida republican senator rick scott joins us live. senator, good morning. >> good morning. aren't you tired? this has gone on forever. we spent, what, eight hours yesterday doing q&a -- nothing, there is nothing new. we just get to hear adam schiff lie and rant and stuff like
8:04 am
that. ask for more witnesses, when it's actually his job and he decided not to do it. >> ed: senator, when you say there's nothing new, obviously democrats would push back and say, "let's hear from john bolton, let's see if what he said in the videotape last august release of the phone call --" it sounds like he was almost think he was perfect or cordial, that it went very well, as the president has suggested, with the ukrainian president. or what he says in his book is . why not bring him in, i hear something new, and settle this once and for all? >> first of all, it'll never e end. they had their chance. the democrats in the house had a chance to subpoena john bolton. there are the ones who decide not to subpoena john bolton. they are the ones who have decided to rush this case through, and then they said, "we want you to go through the process of calling john bolton." they could have done and they didn't do it. i think we've all heard enough. i believe people are tired. i think both republicans and democrats are tired of this. what they want back home, they want us to get back to work.
8:05 am
they want border security, they want the military budget, they want a balanced budget. they want stuff like that. they don't want to get rid of a president nine months before an election. there's an election coming up, go to the election. >> ed: 's editor, and that point, you're running an ad now in iowa, as i understand it. i've taken a look at it on social media. you add a little humor to this process, perhaps causing even stuck in washington, a choice of either drinking milk or water. it sort of an ad dead and joe biden over all of this, and the ties that his son had to burisma. what is the point of the ad, what are you trying to say? >> i'm sick and tired of what the democrats are saying. they are saying that joe biden, it's okay for him to get a prosecutor fired, hold up federal money, and this prosecutor was investigating the company where hunter biden was getting paid $83,000 a month. that's okay, but there has to be something sinister there. i put the ad up, we've got the
8:06 am
iowa caucuses. i hope everybody starts talking about what joe biden did. there's a cover up here for joe biden, that's what this is. >> ed: on the flip side of that, we played a clip a short time ago from alan dershowitz, who seemed to be saying, "if any president does something in the interest of their reelection, that's okay. it shouldn't be impeachable." he's been trying, alan dershowitz, to sort of clarify what he meant. >> i cannot imagine there will be any republican senator on the intelligence committee that would endorse the president's council's position that foreign interference, as long as it doesn't meet bill barr's contribution definition under this doj, is totally okay. that is not our policy. it is dangerous. >> ed: you made a case a moment ago that you believe the
8:07 am
biden should be investigated. let's turn it around on you and say, when alan dershowitz says the president is doing something in his reelection interest, that it's okay. answer mike warner's question about wha whether you are lettig the president off the hook. >> when you get elected, you say you will do certain things. if you hustle to do all those things, is that impeachable? would you think people are supposed to do? if you are sitting in office you will do what you said you need to do. is it because you did that? is that impeachable? by the way, joe biden, who thinks we are stupid enough to believe that joe biden should be able to get a prosecutor fired, his son gets paid $83,000 a month, and everybody should be okay with that? the thing sinister about this? it's then trying to cover up and help joe biden, that's all this is. this is partisan stuff. adam schiff is a complete liar, by the way. he didn't present all the facts in this case. he should have presented all the facts. >> ed: you been fired up from the beginning of this interview saying you are tired, you want
8:08 am
to move on. you think adam schiff is a liar. so where does this end? are we headed now for no witnesses and a vote as early as tomorrow on acquittal or conviction? >> i think everybody is tired, come to the conclusion that this was the house's job. whoever we pick to come talk, we'll never stop. we'll never get back to doing stuff. we will spend the whole year. there's an election in nine months. remember what they are trying to do, they are trying to impeach a president over what he thought he wanted to do. because he didn't do it. he didn't hold up the money. the money got there on time. they got the meeting. this is a parallel universe, it just doesn't make any sense what they're doing. it's all partisan. >> ed: senator rick scott speaking his mind. we appreciate you coming in, sir. >> have a good day. >> this is a potentially serious
8:09 am
public health threat, but it does not at this time pose a risk to the american public. if you balance in our approach. we'll take all measures necessary to protect the american public. we brief the president, as we do ourselves, on the current epidemiological information on the spread of the virus. >> sandra: that was health and human services secretary alex azar on this program come on the coronavirus, a short time ago with his concerns that the world health organization is now deciding whether or not to declare an international public health emergency. with the number of cases in china still growing dramatically, some 200 americans are being closely monitored in california right now after returning from the epicenter of that outbreak yesterday. jonathan serrie live in atlanta with the latest. hey, jonathan. >> hey, sandra. also as we speak a team from the centers for disease control and prevention is out at march air reserve base in california assisting with the screening of those u.s. passengers who came in on board that flight
8:10 am
yesterday. u.s. diplomats, employees, and family members are voluntarily quarantining themselves in base housing until they get the all clear. as to reduce the chances of spreading virus. the state department is planning additional flights with capacity for private u.s. citizens, willing to reimburse the costs and undergo the voluntary health screenings involved. although 99% of the cases of this new coronavirus remain in china, experts with them are worttheworld health organizatios that is evidence of human to human transitio transmission ouf china. >> jonathan serrie, thank you. as you mentioned, chuck schumer, the minority leader in the senate, holding his own news conference on capitol hill. let's listen to some of that. >> the president's council could not point to anything to answers centered around me. these are crucial points, and they get right out the question of corrupt motive. the simple, factual questions,
8:11 am
and the president's counsel unable to answer them. wow. you know who could help them answer those questions? mick mulvaney. john bolton. and our other two witnesses. so could the documents that we have asked to subpoena. if you ever moments stood out. i asked -- they said they were not demanding absolute immunity. so i asked them to name a single document or a single witness that the house counsel requested as they went through the process that the president said okay. they couldn't name one. mr. philbin had to filibuster -- get it? "philibuster" an answer as to why where they had to call immunity. on monday night, mr. dershowitz
8:12 am
advanced a scarcely believable argument of impeachment. yesterday he went even further, suggesting that because presidents believe their election is in the public interest when they do things to benefit their reelection. it's in the public interest and they can basically do whatever they want. i hear he is correcting it on tv today. that seems to be mr. dershowitz's pattern. he gives a statement on the floor and then spends the next day correcting it. what a load of nonsense. by dershowitz's logic, president nixon did nothing wrong and watergate. he was just breaking into the dnc to help his reelection, which of course is in the public interest. according to dershowitz-ian logic. this would frankly unleash a monster. more aptly, it would unleash a monarch. think about this, according to dershowitz, impeachment is only
8:13 am
for criminal offenses. meanwhile, president trump president trump's justice department argues that a sitting president can't be indicted. can't indict for criminal conduct, can't impeach for noncriminal conduct. the president could blackmail a foreign country into poisoning our elections and get away with murder, literally. so long as he's in office. republicans have gone from denying the president with the president did, to normalizing it by claiming every president does it, to now saying there is nothing wrong it even if he did it. it's incredible. the lengths they will go to justify something most of them -- not all, but most -- and it was wrong. the president's counsel is asking us to confer two new rights on the presidency. the right to ask for in country students get their political opponents, and the right to prevent congress from investigating their opponents.
8:14 am
that senate republicans vote to endorse these ideas by shutting down a fair trial, they could spell the end of presidential accountability as we know it. today we will finish the question and answer period, then tomorrow we will take a crucial vote on whether or not we will debate having four witnesses, having witnesses and documents in this trial. the fate of much of the future of how this republican is on the shoulders of four republicans. i believe senate republicans and the president's team are worried about the vote. yesterday mr. sekulow said that if the senate elects to subpoena witnesses and documents, the president's team will force all sorts of delay. >> sandra: you've been listening to chuck schumer, minority leader in the senate, head of the impeachment trial resuming this afternoon. making the case that republicans have gone from denying it to normalizing it to.
8:15 am
talking about the presence behavior, take on alan dershowitz's argument on the senate floor yesterday. that was chuck schumer. we do expect to hear from both sides as we go through the hour. ed? >> ed: in the meantime, the president heading two, guess where? iowa. massive rally planned tonight in des moines, taking a little tension done like attention away from democrats gearing up for monday caucuses. is this a sign of things to come back we will take a look at the president's blue guelph. plus this. >> i trust the man behind me to make decisions about whether or not witness is material or not. >> sandra: chief justice john roberts, new efforts to identify the ukraine whistle-blower. >> ed: the battle over witnesses heads for a critical vote. senator bob casey making the case for new testimony, in the democratic case, straight-ahead. great news for my fellow veterans.
8:16 am
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8:20 am
>> ask for more witnesses, when it was actually his job. he decided not to do it. the >> sandra: florida senator rick scott a few moments ago, talking on this program as the impeachment trial enters a critical phase this afternoon. g.o.p. senators increasingly confident that they have the votes to block witnesses from testifying in the trial. let's hear from the other side now, democratic
8:21 am
senator bob casey of pennsylvania joins us. senator, good morning to you. welcome. >> good morning, thank you. >> sandra: are you concerned, what you're hearing from g.o.p. members, that they may have the votes to block witnesses? >> well, we will see what happens tomorrow. but that's going to be a determination that republican senators have to make. i would hope that you have a full and fair trial they would be voting affirmatively for relevant witnesses on relevant documents. i think the trial could proceed from there. i think it would be the right approach for the senate to take. but they have to make that decision. i think it would be a mistake if they vote the other way. i think it would lead to kate -- to me, at least -- of the vote against having witnesses that are relevant, and documents, though the president is dictating the trial and of the senate. speed explained to us why. they say it's out there balking witnesses, this already happened in the house .17 witnesses, hogan gidley pointed out at the
8:22 am
white house earlier. you just heard from rick scott. he said this should have happened in the house. that it was their job to get this done. they chose not to because of the timing of all of it. to all of that, you say what? >> i just don't agree, because the fundamental difference here between the house and the senate is the difference, really, between a grand jury and a trial. nobody would say that in a courtroom in america you can't have witnesses because witnesses weren't called in a particular grand jury proceeding. look, this is a trial. the determination we have to make is a grave matter. it's a determination about whether or not a president should be removed if the charges are true that he solicited the interference of a foreign government and also demanded from that foreign government that they announce an investigation of a political opponent and a debunked theory about the last election. of these are great charges at a
8:23 am
serious determination we have to make. the best way to get to that is put people under oath. i don't know why republicans seem to be afraid of having people put their hand in the air and testify under oath and then be cross-examined. the president's lawyers could have as much time as they need to cross examine bolton or any other witness. but what are they afraid of? they don't seem to want to put anyone under oath who is making the case for the president. >> sandra: so you are clearly making the case that you do not want this child to end without seeing additional witnesses. chris van hollen is taking it a step further, and he is making the case that he wants to force a vote tomorrow to require the chief justice to subpoena impeachment witnesses that he sees relevant and necessary to call up in the trial. he says this. "my motion and interest of justice will serve the same role as a judge in any trial across our country, to allow the senate access to the facts they need to get the truth. no republican can question the
8:24 am
fairness of this approach." the chief justice oversees the highest court in the land, given his authority to rule on questions of privilege, they should not fear a drawn-out process." do you support that call? >> i do, i think it was rather bizarre that republican senators initially -- and i hope they change their mind -- voted against having chief justice john roberts make relevancy determinations. the president can make that determination. i think that people would question one side or the other making it in the senate. why not have the chief justice determine relevance, and then he can also preside over the determination of how you deal with testimony. if someone says, "we have subpoena john bolton, he is testifying." in the course of testifying, he is about to answer a question about something which might have a privilege implicated or an assertion of confidentiality. the chief justice could pull that question and say, "let's set that aside. keep going, as from this question."
8:25 am
in other words, their ways to manage the presentation of this very trial. >> sandra: obviously your colleagues are doubting whether or not that actually happen. i will finish with this quick sound bite from senator perdue. he joined us earlier. we will get quick response. >> we can't go outside the scope of what we've been given. our charge is to rule on the articles that have been brought to us. these articles, as you've heard over and over this week after eight scintillating days here, is that the articles are not impeachable. more than that, the house managers have not proven their case. >> sandra: so he is arguing it's not the senate's job and all of this to expand the impeachment probe in the senate trial. final thoughts, senator? >> first, i think there is a substantial record, the compelling and substantial record, by the house. it was although witness that that testify. i think mr. bolton, now that we know more about what his testimony could be, would provide very relevant information. we should hear from him. we should also hear from
8:26 am
mr. mulvaney. i think if that happens most americans would have said that this is a full and fair trial. senators can deliver it to make. >> sandra: some interviews were dug up of jumbled and talking about that phone call, which we've been playing on this phone calprogram today. he talked about warm and cordial phone calls and in august 2019 interviews. "we hope to meet in warsaw and have a few minutes ago." the president tweeted out after that was dug up and said "game over." final words? >> i'm just saying, put them under oath and allow them to be examined and cross-examined. if something exculpatory in favor of the president comes out, that's the way it would happen. let's put people under oath. >> sandra: got it. senator, thank you. >> thanks. >> ed: joe biden says he wants a vice president who can lead the country if necessary, because he's "an old guy." so did he just remind voters about his age?
8:27 am
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>> sandra: senators lindsey graham speaking a few moments ago on the impeachment trial of the president that is expected to resume hours from now. here's the senator. >> as mr. dershowitz says, this is not a crime. so i think we are nearing the
8:32 am
end here. >> reporter: in october you said it would be very disturbing if somebody could present evidence that showed a quid pro quo. john bolton appears to have first-hand experience with the president discussing what he describes, in effect, as a quid pro quo. why not hear from john bolton? describe that. >> i can assume the following. that the president suspended the aide for a period of time to make sure the bidens were looked at by ukraine. and that the ukrainians would look at allegations of election interference in 2016. what is clear to me in this trial, that there is every reason in the world to want to look at hunter biden's conduct. that the public purpose that we are talking about is that when joe biden, my friend, got up in front of the ukrainian parliament and said, "the time for sweetheart deals is over in the energy sector," his son receiving $3 million for burisma undercut that message that will be pursued outside of impeachment. that, to me, is a legitimate point of inquiry, even if he
8:33 am
assumed the facts most favorable to the government. this is not a crime, this is a partisan impeachment. i am hoping a few democrats will say, "i don't like president trump, i don't agree with his policies, but we should never do this again." because the house in republican hands, trust me, could do the same thing. i may find myself in a position where partisan impeachment comes to the senate involving a democrat, and i hope i would rise to the occasion. >> reporter: sir come on what do you base your increasing optimism that you will block witnesses? >> everybody believes there is a scintilla of evidence, that the bidens were involved, and business practices undercut u.s. foreign policy interest in the ukraine. the manager said this is a hoax, it's been debunked. it hasn't. if there's not a scintilla of evidence, i would argue that if you can find a scintilla of evidence it makes the president's concerns reasonable,
8:34 am
nonpersonal, and all you need to do is show a public motive, not an exclusively, solely personal motive. reported might have you heard there are fewer than four votes >> mr. dish with has convinced people, you can assume the facts most favorable to the government and still find that the evidence would suggest there is a scintilla of reason, evidence why reasonable person would want to ask about the conduct of the bidens. under any statutory construction, this wouldn't be a technical crime. it's not on par with the bribery and treason. i think more and more republicans are feeling that way, and i think there are some democrats who buy into the over argument of impeachment. to remove requires two-thirds, and there was a bipartisan direction of the articles. i think there will be some institutional democrats who don't like what the president
8:35 am
did, who don't like him, but believe we shouldn't go down that road. because actual bipartisanship exists in rejecting the articl articles. >> sandra: that was saturday lindsey graham speaking just a few moments ago at the senate impeachment trial. we will resume this afternoon. lindsey graham talking about every reason of the world to want to look at hunter biden's conduct. obviously giving you some sort of hint at where things go next over the battle with witnesses. he, lindsey graham, making the point, ed, just a short time ago, referring back to alan dershowitz's argument on the senate floor yesterday that we've seen has not been impeachable. >> ed: lindsey graham there, he's been pivotal in all of this. he is saying he's confident we are close to the end. so he's not saying it's quite over yet, but you see this growing confidence amongst senior republicans that maybe they have the votes to block witnesses. they actually have it all counted, but they are feeling a little bit more optimistic
8:36 am
today. we will discuss this and more with leslie marshall and matt schlapp. they are coming up to talk about impeachment. their mortgage at these near record low rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. it's timcan it helpltimate sleep nukeep me asleep?he sleep number 360 smart bed. absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time
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>> ed: let's bring in matt schlapp, former white house political director, chairman of the american conservative union. leslie marshall, progressive radio talk show host and the fox news contributor. matt, it sounds like your party is growing more confident. if you listen to lindsey graham and others, that you may have the votes now to block witnesses. is this trial about to wrap up? >> i think there is a decent chance that's the case, ed. with the republicans that people are worried about potentially going for more witnesses, therey are the same republicans we always worry about because they're not exactly people who have strong opinions about everything. the kind of go with the flow. so when you're dealing with mitt romney, it's kind of like pinning jell-o to the wall. it's going to be a hard thing to do. so we will have to see this play out and see where they end up. i think the best thing for the republicans is that the democrats have failed to make a
8:41 am
compelling case. while impeachment has gone on, terms numbers have never been so high, both in the gallup polls and real clear politics average. i think a lot of republican's are feeling more confident about saying with this truly is, which is a distraction from getting the real things done. >> ed: "go with the flow" sounds like a diplomatic way of putting it for someone from the american conservative union. >> [laughs] fair enough. >> ed: leslie, your party seemed confident a couple days ago when the bolton story first emerged. we heard "bombshell," as you've heard so many times before. is this fizzled out? >> i don't think it's fizzled out. i have to say, matt, i agree with a few things you are saying. then it went back on track that we would disagree. [laughter] >> sorry about that! >> the bottom line here is -- and i think the reason the president is doing well, and quite frankly there are democratic candidates out there doing well in the polling -- is the american voters don't care about this. the country is very split on this. but we do see an overwhelming majority of americans who do
8:42 am
want witnesses. and republicans can't ignore that. neither can democrats, by the way. it actually could behoove republicans to have witnesses because you just heard lindsey graham talking about joe and hunter biden. joe and hunter biden. the republicans could even call joe and hunter biden as witnesses. >> can i agree with you and say i ruth you completely? i think it's a little bit of a mistake for republicans to act like more witnesses are bad for them. if there is no case here, it really doesn't matter how many witnesses they have. >> look, matt, if bolton, period, is going to exonerate the president and i'm the president, i would say bring it on. put him out there and that it would be a done deal. >> bret: seven meanwhile, getting ready for caucuses in iowa. here's his campaign manager in iowa. oh, it's a quote, i'm sorry. "a preview of what is to come. this will be the strongest, best-funded, most organized president to campaign in history. we are putting the democrats on notice. good luck trying to keep up with
8:43 am
this formidable reelection machine." leslie, we seen video already of people waiting out in 20-degree weather for the president. we see this wherever he goes. his base is fired up. >> so is bernie sanders', and some of the other democrats out there waiting in that long line in that weather. if you want to talk about money, if you take the money of all the democratic candidates together, it's three times what president trump has now. and hopefully the democratic nominee would have that. but it takes more than money. honestly, i think this is a smart strategy from trump and his campaign. the reason i say this is the president knows that one of those people in iowa is going to be his opponent. he wants to distract, but in addition to that, ed, there are a lot of people on the democratic side and certainly independent voters who are undecided about who they want as their nominee among the democrats. maybe he is hoping to appeal to some of those, if not even a handful. >> ed: matt, i want you to
8:44 am
react to joe biden. he was at an event in iowa earlier this week. he brought up the issue of age. watch. >> for me, it has to be demonstrated that whomever i pick is two things. one, is capable of immediately being president, because i'm an old guy. okay? [laughter] no, but i'm serious. thank god i'm in great health, i work out. i'm serious, i work out every morning. i'm in good shape, knock on wood, as my mother would say. >> ed: "knock on wood" he says. is it a good idea for him to talk about age and needing a young vice president? >> his campaign hasn't been the most well disciplined on message. but i do think that is joe biden's way of saying, "sorry, mayor pete. being mayor of south bend and being a loser in all these political contests really doesn't qualify you. sorry, bernie sanders. you might be actually leading me and most of these polls, but if i bestie you in this competition, you are older than me so you're not going to get picked." this was a little bit of a --
8:45 am
it's like julian castro, cory booker, kamala harris prayed like "you are in the mix, strong." so i thought it was interesting. >> ed: leslie, "i'm an old guy" is not something you want to put on a bulbar sticker >> not just in the polls, but with the check-writing. joe biden was being joe come and he's being honest. there's an elephant in the room. you can do one of two things. you can ignore it or talk about it. i think he's doing a little self-deprecation there. "look, i'm an old guy." i think he was being honest. i've said before, i think he is looking at one term in who he selects as vice president is very important. >> he's not looking at one term! one term is with the insurance tables tell you you have. for somebody almost 80 years old to talk about whether or not he will have four or eight years as president, i don't know. >> ed: to be clear, we wish them a long, happy life. >> of course, does not is our president. >> ed: although the president
8:46 am
doesn't want him to become president. we appreciate you both. >> sandra: fox news alert now on the deadly coronavirus, more than 6,000 people. we are now hearing, a cruise ship has been quarantined at sea. passengers are being isolated right now over concerns about the spreading coronavirus. we will have the details on that developing situation next. nly dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now.
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8:51 am
the last few days. about a thousand new cases a day over that period. it has led president xi jinping to call this "the devil's virus." he has vowed to try to eradicate and contain it as soon as he possibly can. china as a result is almost under complete lockdown with many places looking like ghost towns, around 60 million chinese now under some kind of lockdown and travel severely restricted. although questions have been raised about the transparency, the chinese for example refused u.s. assistance on the number of occasions -- the world health organization has been praising china's handling of this outbreak. the viruses note effecting china's economy, with supply chains being severely disrupted. tiny markets down about 3.5%, hong kong almost 5%. and now companies like google, ikea, starbucks, and tesla closing their shops or stopping operations completely while locals who have been in the epicenter have been told to work from home. international travel is also effected. american airlines has suspended flights to and from shanghai and
8:52 am
beijing. british airways, germany's lufthansa, swiss, india, asian carriers, all following suit. russia has closed its entire land border with china. about that cruise ship in italy -- 7,000 people were quarantined on board and forbidden from getting off when a couple from china developed a fever and breathing problems. those are typical symptoms of the virus. they have had, however, announced they have tested negative and they will be allowed to disembark. but it is a reminder of just how on edge everybody is. all of this being said, u.s. officials dealing with the say it is very low risk for americans. 90% of the cases are in china and cdc and hhs working very hard. since december, when they identified this, to make sure their containment plans in place and trying to avoid any kind of panic in the states. >> sandra: a quickly changing situation all over the world. benjamin hall, thank you. >> ed: a very serious situation there.
8:53 am
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: time to go beyond the headline where we take a break from the fast-moving new cycle as it has been each and every day. groundhog day is sunday, and now peta wants punxsutawney phil to retire and be replaced -- wait for it -- with a robot. we have some thoughts on that, radio talk show host. think about that. >> a robot is not too bad. think robo-hog. a spring is that forever appear that could be good.
8:58 am
and then you get politicians like mayor de blasio who drops our groundhog in staten island. remember that? whoops. boom. if you had a robot, you wouldn't have those problems. >> sandra: how would we know when spring is coming? this dates back to the late 1800s. >> i don't mind the robo thing. i think it's pretty funny. groundhog day, starring r2-d2. that could be pretty funny. >> sandra: okay, so he's a big fan of that. meanwhile, for those of us who are on twitter, we are very well aware when somebody decides to block you. well, this comedian has this idea. it's a game where now you publicly advertise what famous celebrity block to you on twitter, and why. so his original tweet on getting blocked by gene simmons. this is a fun game. who is the most famous person to block you. i will rate of one.
8:59 am
he was blocked by iced tea. i pointed out one of his typos, and when he deleted the tweet and responded, i said don't think i didn't see that. so he was blocked by ice-t. i blocked bert. everybody has got to relax. everybody gets excited about that, but my news guy, my news guy, right? i don't follow him because it's the middle of the show, and i love the guy. he's my brother, but he does these incoherent tweets throughout the whole day. i don't follow him. it's just you have to keep a cohesive kind of line, so don't get offended if someone blocks you. to >> sandra: you don't follow him, but did you block him? we may have to follow up on that. [laughs] >> everybody relax. there is a small twitter army, but it is always positive.
9:00 am
>> sandra: i have seen it, and i agree with it. follow it bad on twitter, by the way. watch out for ed. that is it for us. ed, i will see you later, buddy. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, and we are awaiting the final round of questioning. ahead of of a showdown expected whether to call impeachment witnesses for the vote expected tomorrow. republicans have reportedly become more confident that they do in fact have enough votes to block democrats push for witness testimony as senate republicans say, it is time to put the trial behind them. >> i am increasingly optimistic that republicans will move to a final verdict before tuesday. we are not blocking


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