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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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acquitted and this impeachment trial will end. possibly in our hour. great way to start the weekend. good night from washington. sean hannity next. >> sean: any hour will do. whatever hour it is. it'll be good for the country. we begin with a fox news alert. we are tracking multiple breaking stories. the president holding a rally, pretty raucous, in iowa tonight. oh, and joe only got 75 people. quid pro quo joe. we will take you there live in a moment. we are continuing to monitor the question and answer phase of the impeachment charade, yes, that's going on as we speak. we will dip in and out. first tonight, the president has every reason to be glad and happy. it's about to be game over. what is the democrats' latest scheme? by all accounts, chuck schumer, the democrats, do not have the votes to keep it going any longer. today he said it would be an uphill fight.
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keep in mind, this is very important. the mob and the media won't tell you. during clinton's senate trial, there were no new witnesses called, none. jay sekulow pointed out all the witnesses called in the senate were previously deposed in the house proceedings or grand jury proceedings. still, you have the compromised, corrupt congenital liar adam schiff desperate. he is begging and pleading for just a few days of new witness testimony which, again, like everything else he's done is unprecedented. look at your screen. in the opening week on the senate floor, schiff stated the charges "had been proved." in fact, here's the exact phrase. "that have been proved" over and over again. his colleague jerrold nadler said "rock-solid case" they have now for impeachment. so if they proved their rock-solid case, why couldn't they get a single republican in the house, and why are they now begging senate republicans to
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literally take over what is the constitutional role, the sole power, of the house of representatives to impeach? why would they give that to them? even quid pro quo joe biden, he got it right and he argued this in 1999 in a trial memo that "no additional witnesses or evidence were needed in order to acquit." wow. hypocrisy abounds. abc reporting the witch hunt trial could be over by either tomorrow or saturday. what a week it's been. for the past four days and nights, the president's legal team has absolutely obliterated and destroyed the democrats' bogus case, including one particular moment, and actually there were many where they corrupt congenital liar adam schiff was ripped to shreds by the president's personal attorney, jay sekulow. watch this. >> we are talking about now additional witnesses that the managers have put forward and that democratic leader schumer
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has discussed. he has discussed four witnesses in particular, as if of this body -- if it were to grant witnesses, would say yes, you get those four witnesses and the white house and the president's counsel gets what? whatever i want. that's what he said. whatever i want. here's what i want. i want adam schiff. i want hunter biden. i want joe biden. i want the whistle-blower. they put this forward in an aggressive and fast-paced way, and now they are saying now we need witnesses. after 31 or 32 times you said you proved every aspect of your case. that's what you said. just said he did. then i don't think we need any witnesses. >> sean: check, game over. the democrats' argument is almost now too insane to be true. claiming their rock-solid case
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is totally proven but we want you to bring in about half a dozen new people, more witnesses, people we didn't call or subpoena to prove our case, in addition to the 18 previous witnesses spouting hearsay and opinion. there was only one fact witness of all their witnesses. do you remember what he said? what do you want, mr. president? nothing. no quid or pro or quo, like joe. have you heard any thing so stupid in your entire life? even nancy pelosi is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall and she is apoplectic and furious and even beginning a meltdown. take a look. >> the president's team is there to dismantle the constitution of the united states and some are even lawyers. he will not be acquitted. you cannot be acquitted if you don't have a trial. you don't have a trial if you don't have witnesses and documentation and that. i don't think they made the case. i think they disgraced themselves terribly in terms of their violation of what our constitution is about and what a
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president's behavior should be. >> sean: detached from reality again, pretty scary, rage filled fantasyland. the president will never be acquitted. well, this is why voters, well, they see through the charade. all of this is but the culmination of a three year long nonstop never-ending temper tantrum by democrats who still cannot accept the will of the american people from 2016. it's only the latest redundant chapter, sad chapter, in the never-ending smear campaign against the president as they do nothing for the american people. we have witnessed phony, selective, outrage hypocrisy every second minute, hour of every 24 a day. it's never been a fact-finding mission or about the truth at all. it's been run by somebody who has lied to the country for three consecutive years, a fact witness in this case himself. he's compromised. the congenital liar.
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we have all the proof we need on russia, russia. no, we don't. today like every day pretty much they spewed more lies, including a brand-new totally insane conspiracy theory. let's take a look at the latest one. >> lets say rudy giuliani does another errand for the president, this time an errand in china. he says to the chinese, we will give you a favorable deal with respect to chinese farmers as opposed to american farmers. we will betray the american farmer in the trade deal. but here's what we want. the quid pro quo is we want you to do an investigation of the bidens. you know the one, the one the president has been calling for. they would say that's okay. they would say that's a quid pro quo to help his reelection. he can betray the american farmer. that's okay. >> sean: he is a guy who said quid pro quo joe who said you're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my zero experienced son being paid millions.
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they were totally innocent. he is fantasizing about his favorite anti-trump analogy on the senate floor, as he refuses to even discuss the origins of the witch trial, the fake whistle-blower that he lied about in that case, in case you forgot, this whole ordeal allegedly starting because a stunning and brave deep state bureaucrat came forward with an urgent warning about president trump. we would love to hear from the whistle-blower, he said. this individual files a complaint with the intel communities. inspector general. in the subsequent weeks, schiff vowed to bring this person in for important testimony and he said we have not spoken directly to the whistle-blower. we would like to speak to this person. and then everything changed because he got exposed, the lie, well, was revealed. it surfaced in reports that the so-called hearsay whistle-blower was in direct contact with his office from the get-go. even before the complaint was filed. then all of a sudden, yes, the congenital liar refuses to allow
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this individual to testify the house. even more importantly, he is stopping and refusing, you want documentation? he won't release the inspector general's report surrounding this individual's complaint. and now he refuses to address any questions about another report claiming that the whistle-blower, oh, he was actually overheard as an obama hold over two weeks into the trump administration, early 2017, discussing with another fellow deep state obama hold over get rid of trump. despite a mountain of evidence about the fake hearsay whistle-blower and political bias and seedy connections and connections to the congenital liar's office, apparently is a delicate flower. he who must not ever be named. lord voldemort, the whistle-blower. he shall never be named. he shall never face any questions about his motives. even chief justice roberts, well, he did the democrats' bidding today. pretty shameful in my view, and refused to read a question, well, that possibly contained
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the alleged identity of the hearsay nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower who was in contact with schiff's office. as the president's attorneys pointed out, this hearsay whistle-blower has a lot to answer for. we will get answers one day. take a listen. >> if the whistle-blower, as is alleged in some public reports, actually did work for then vice president biden on ukraine issues, exactly what was his role? did he have some reason to want to put the deep six on any question, raising any issue about what went on with the bidens and burisma and firing shokin and withholding a billion dollars in loan guarantees and forcing a very explicit quid pro quo. you won't get this billion dollars until you fire him. >> sean: what company would ever pay millions and millions for somebody with no experience? what vice president whatever demand and use our tax dollars, a billion of them, and shake
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down the company to fire a prosecutor and you've only got six hours and son of a b, they did it. be careful what you wish for. adam schiff, if additional witnesses are called, well, not only will your precious hearsay whistle-blower get named, but you will be called in to testify. by the way, either way, quid pro quo joe, zero experienced hunter being paid millions with no experience, and this little dog and pony show will end with even further embarrassment. either way, those things must be investigated. they must be at this point. no matter what, the president will be vindicated. we are now just 278 days until the ultimate jury, you, the american people, yep, you get to have an opportunity. you can shock the world again. the president is picking up momentum. moments ago we had this to say about the entire impeachment charade. let's take a look. >> president trump: you know, we are having probably the best years we've ever had in the history of our country --
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and i just got impeached. probably the best years we've ever had in the history of our country. and i just got impeached. can you believe these people? i got impeached. poisoning our democracy, they want to over throw the entire system of government. that's not happening. i can tell you that. >> sean: it's only a matter of time before the schumer-schiff sham show is over and the president is already winning. in a great new article, mollie hemingway at "the federalist" identified eight key reasons why the schumer-schiff sham show is a big win for the president and a big loser for democrats. one, it's clear he did not commit any impeachable offense. none were even identified. the articles don't list an impeachable offense. second, democrats have botched this charade from the beginning. weird soviet style top-secret investigation in the basement of the house of representatives. no due process for the president and his lawyers. weak, pathetic evidence. hearsay witnesses, opinion witnesses, second, third hand account witnesses. a series of accusations that were difficult to understand. first quid pro quo.
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no, we will call it bribery. we won't mention any of these things in the actual articles. the democrats got zero republican support, none whatsoever. remember nancy pelosi said it had to be bipartisan. not bipartisan. four, we have the inexplicable one-month delay sending impeachment to the senate. a word of advice for nancy pelosi. if you're going to ram through because it's so urgent, two b.s. articles of impeachment, record time. not subpoena the witnesses that you now think maybe you should've subpoenaed all in the name of urgency, you might not want to procrastinate transmitting the articles to the senate because it kind of makes it look like you're lying because he did it just before christmas because it was urgent. so you could go on vacation. and then you go on vacation and then you still don't want to hand them over. how urgent was it? five, the president's defense team, all credit be due. they have done a spectacular and amazing job top to bottom.
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six, house managers have done nothing but insult senators and we, the american people. never ending, nonstop lying outright, innuendo. by the way, pretty much everything we've gotten for three long years as they have done nothing but hate this president and not serve the american people or do anything for peace, prosperity, job creation. nothing. and the safety of the american people. seven, the kavanaugh style last-minute coordinated smear tactics that they thought work, they have not been successful. eight, this entire charade cemented we have already known about the mob and the media. they are deranged. they're nothing but an extension of the radical extreme democratic party, socialists. they have been rooting against this president every step of the way. this is almost impossible. news busters has reported their study. pretty breathtaking.
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network evening news, get this, gave 100% negative spin coverage of all the president's defense that's winning the day. and a 95% positive spin on, oh, you know, the congenital liar and the democrats' arguments. do you want to know why i call the media the mob? there you go. without a doubt, one of the mob's favorite targets has been harvard constitutional law professor scholar alan dershowitz. it's been brutal. it's been vicious. he is a democrat. he is quite knowledgeable about our constitution. he's been a professor at harvard for a long time. listen to what, because he dare have a different opinion, listen to what they say. >> we have the new catechism of the new legal oracle, dershowitz. a legal catechism that nobody has ever embraced of stature. >> i don't think harvard is
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happy tonight. >> the only thing that alan loves more than the law is the tv camera. >> it's amazing when you lose your hair what happens. [laughter] >> this is un-american. this is what you hear from stalin. this is what you hear from mussolini. hitler. all the authoritarian people who rationalized and in some cases genocide based on what was in the public interest. >> sean: mussolini, hitler, genocide? alan dershowitz is driving the mob off a cliff because of facts, reason, intellect, and something called the constitution. he is here to respond. he is the author of "guilt by association." harvard law professor alan dershowitz. these are people that perhaps over the years have liked you and respected you. this crosses a line. lockhart in particular crosses a line. really? they're going to compare you to hitler?
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they are going to go that far because you dared to have a different opinion based on really sound knowledge, the constitution, our founders, or framers. you laid it out and they hate the fact that you disagree with them and you are so effective. >> i think the reason they really came after me is they saw after i made my talk and answered those questions, many senators gathered around me, including democrats. they all said how they were impressed by my constitutional presentation. the point i was making was about the senators. what i said as if you have mixed motives, if you are in the public interest and you're trying to help the public but you're also trying to get reelected, according to schiff and nadler, that's a crime. if you have any inkling of motive to help yourself get reelected, they call it corrupt and they say even a tiny amount of motive to help yourself makes you into a criminal and makes
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you impeachable. i turned to all the senators and i said, everybody in this room, every senator, every politician everywhere always has one eye toward reelection and another eye toward the public interest. they almost always think it's the same. they also think their own election is in the public interest. you can't make that an impeachable offense. i never, ever said or suggested or implied that a president can do anything he wants if he thinks his election will help the public interest. that was just a lie, a distortion. and it was stated by schiff. it was stated by nadler. it was stated by schumer. it was stated by virtually everybody on cnn and msnbc and it was categorically false. >> sean: aid was never discussed at all in the phone call but corruption was discussed. ukraine, the only fact witness said i want nothing. no quid pro quo. ukraine got all of their money. they did nothing. they promised to do nothing.
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even if the president said, i would like to punch this guy in the face and not give him a penny unless he does a, b, or c. didn't work out that way. people can't be punished for their thoughts, i don't think, can they? >> what i worry about is the same theory could put joe biden in jail. if somebody could claim that 99% of biden's motivation in getting prosecutor fired was the public interest in preventing corruption, 1%, in the back of his mind, he was thinking maybe this could help my son a little bit because he works for the company that's being investigated, according to nadler and schiff, that would be enough. >> sean: let me appeal to your common sense. a vice president of the united states -- vice president of the united states has to a country fire the prosecutor or you are not getting a billion dollars in aid. you've got six hours. son of a b, they did.
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who was the prosecutor? the prosecutor is investigating his son. his son is no experience in ukraine, oil, gas, or energy but he's being paid millions. 83,000 a month. average american family of four makes less than 56,000 a year. anyone who would pay someone with zero experience millions and millions of dollars, does that pass the smell test? even hunter said i don't know why they paid me. was it because your father is the vice president? probably. >> it's certainly relevant. and if they do get witnesses, i would think as a defense lawyer, the first witness i would want to call would be hunter biden. >> sean: hang on one second. professor, hang on one second. the president is talking about adam schiff. >> president trump: extreme late-term abortion because republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from god. [cheers and applause] democrats are now the party of
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democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. no matter how you cut it, that's what it is. the republican party is the party of the american worker, the american family, the american dream, and the late great abraham lincoln. you know that, right? abraham lincoln. honest abe. remember i always said i could be more presidential than any other past president other than perhaps -- >> sean: we are going to go back to this in a second. professor, i want to ask you that question, though. can you name any company, professor, you're very smart
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man. any company that would ever pay anybody millions and millions, 83,000 a month when they have zero, by their own admission on tape an interview, zero experience. i can't think of any company that would do that unless the vice president was their father. >> to buy access. of course. nobody would doubt that and that's why it's worth investigating, and that's why if there were to be witnesses, he would have to be called because the president was entitled to say on the basis of this information, don't you think this should be an investigation. by the way, even if he did say it on the day that biden announced, when a person announces for president, that subjects them to greater scrutiny by the media, by everybody else. so of course you're going to get greater scrutiny if you're running for president. instead of having been just a has-been former vice president. you don't need scrutiny. if you're running for president,
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you have to have more scrutiny. >> sean: by the way, he didn't mention bernie or elizabeth. professor, i've got to roll. i've got to roll. we have some breaking news. moments ago, one republican senator says he will announce his decision on witnesses after tonight's question and answer is over. joining us now live from capitol hill with this breaking news, fox news congressional correspondent, our all things hitchhikers guide to all things d.c., chad pergram is with us. chad, how are you? >> good evening, sean. lamar alexander, republican senator from tennessee was going to retire at the end of this term indicates once they wrap up tonight, he will announce his position on witnesses. there are three other senators on the republican side of the aisle who are in play. i would look at mitt romney of utah, susan collins of maine, that's an important one. and lisa murkowski of alaska. the reason we talk about this witness vote, that's the key vote tomorrow, a gateway vote that could open the door to witnesses.
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if they slam that gate, they're not going to have witnesses and they will probably wrap up the trial tomorrow night or in the overnight. some people wonder why you would go ahead and vote in the middle the night. the reason is, on capitol hill, you strike when the iron is hot. you don't want to have other variables introduced in. if they were to vote later in the day on saturday or sunday or monday. you want to vote and get it done with. the dirty secret in washington right now is that both sides want to get this over with. republicans want to exonerate the president as quickly as possible. on the democratic side of the aisle, chuck schumer, he has senators carping at him. they want to get to iowa to campaign. you know, i should note that in december, mitch mcconnell, he put out an 11 month calendar. an 11 month schedule for 2020. he completely left january off. the reason is he didn't know what would happen with the senate trial. if they wrap this up late tomorrow night, sean, might've nailed that to the minute. we'll find out probably the next 24 hours. however, if they do have the
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votes to open the door to witnesses, it could be an extremely long night tomorrow night or possibly stretch the trial out maybe a week or two down the road. they would have to bring in the witnesses separately to depose them in private. and then the senate will vote to actually potentially have them on the floor. shawn. >> sean: the 30-second hitchhike -- hitchhikers guide, if you will, to okay, soon lamar alexander is no witnesses, and then you've got mitt romney, susan collins, lisa murkowski. what if it ends 50/50? >> you could have a tie vote, and tie votes by rule lose in the senate. some viewers may, say where's the vice president? can't he break ties in the senate? under normal circumstances, that would be the case but with senate impeachment rules, they say that the vice president's role as president of the senate, the term that's used, is devolved. that's why you have the chief justice presiding. and there is precedent for chief justices to break ties.
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that happened twice in the impeachment trial of president andrew johnson in 1868. there were three ties. salmon p. chase, chief justice, wrote two of those and this is why democrats are pushing chief justice roberts with to insert himself in the trial and perhaps decide or even break a tie. compared to the conduct of william rehnquist, who presided over president clinton's trial, roberts has already been a little more activist from the bench. perhaps by necessity because things were more subtle in the clinton trial and a lot of people didn't want to get into some of the salacious material there, including rehnquist. you might remember a week ago he inserted himself to say look, to both counsels, calm down. you're using some language that's not very pleasant on the senate floor. today he blocked question from rand paul. >> sean: chad, we -- thank you. on capitol hill. also tonight, before his rally, president trump caught up with
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our own peter doocy, well, for a pretty wide-ranging interview and peter joins us live from des moines, iowa. let's see. i see you running into quid pro quo joe. you're a news person. joe biden a lot. now you're getting interviews with the president. joe got hostile with you. i hope it didn't happen with president trump. >> no, but we did want to check in with the president because we've been hearing democrats talk about him here in iowa for the last couple months. we spoke for a few minutes here in des moines. the president, in between other things he's got going on, has been paying attention and checking in with his republican allies on capitol hill. he told me tonight that he thinks there's going to be bipartisan support for him, as both come up on things like witnesses, acquittal, or removal. listen to this. >> i got to watch a little bit. it's very boring to watch.
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i have to say that. it's very boring. i call it the impeachment hoax. that's what it is. it's a hoax. should've never taken place. should have never been allowed to happen. i have great confidence in republican senators and probably some democrats from what i understand, peter. >> the president also told me he thinks the republican senate will be fair to him, as he tries to get iowans focused on other stuff like the usmca and potential benefits to farmers. those are farmers who have been hearing a lot from democratic candidates in the last few months. now on the eve of the caucuses, they are hearing from the president. sean. >> sean: peter doocy, great job as always. peter's full interview with the president will air at 11:00 eastern. hope you'll tune in. joining us with reaction, dan bongino, ari fleischer. ari, let's start with you. i would expect, i am leaning, believing that i don't think
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they certainly don't get the four votes, republican votes for witnesses, it will be interesting if any democrats go along with the republicans. i -- if i had to guess, the republicans will get the 51st vote. >> i hesitate to guess about the vote count. you never know when he gets this close. i will say if there are no witnesses, it's very logical, good reason. this is an impeachment case that never should've been brought to the first place. there was no crime. there's been no compelling evidence brought to the senate to make senators think there was a crime. so if you know you're going to lose in the jury, it's basically dismissing the case outright and letting the jury go home. no need to hear the witnesses. i would not be surprised if that's the case because that's the outcome. >> sean: i agree. dan bongino. >> i think ari is right. i would like to double down on that. witnesses to what? there is no crime here. you've already heard jim jordan's four immutable facts. i will narrow down to three. the aid was delivered on time.
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there is no victim in the case. they can find any ukrainians claimed they were actually pressured. three, the democratic corruption in ukraine was very real. it's already been reported on by a number of left-leaning media outlets who claim to be doing journalism and now have the mysterious case of retrograde amnesia about the extensive involvement with ukrainians and the democrats, yes, the democrats to interfere in the 2016 election. witness to what? what is their witness going to say? it's like a witness to a bank robbery without a bank admitting it was actually robbed. >> sean: let's go back to john bolton yesterday. the tape we found, and john bolton's description of the two phone calls with ukraine. i can play it again, ari, if you need a refresher. >> no, i remember. >> sean: to me, it was, you know, amazingly similar almost in tone is what the president had said. perfect call, calm, congratulatory. he talked about we need to fix
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corruption. looking forward to meeting zelensky. i don't know what's in the manuscript, but i don't really think it matters after watching the tape. >> certainly doesn't matter for the purposes of the senate or for the purposes of whether there was a crime committed. i would caution it's not unusual for white house aides to say one thing on the air and there's deeper meaning and other factors that they just don't get into in the public. the two are not necessarily incompatible. for the purposes of the trial, it really doesn't matter. i don't think this is relevant to the facts. him if the president had multiple reasons for doing what he did, i think that is sufficient. i still think he shouldn't have used joe biden's name. he should've just had corruption and he would have been on far higher ground. doesn't change the fact there's not a crime. >> sean: it goes back to jim jordan's four facts never change. let's say, for example, somebody said i'm going to punch this guy in the face. you know what, i'm sick of this. they better do this, this, and this.
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at the end of the day, ukraine got their money. they never did anything. they never promised to do anything. they never made an announcement they would do anything, and they got all the money anyway. the other guy that asked the direct question, in spite of whatever venting happened or didn't happen, it will be contradicted apparently, dan bongino. they got all their money early evening. they got all of it. they promised nothing. they did nothing. they announce nothing. and if the president was venting at some point, it wouldn't matter because he had every reason to faithfully execute the laws of the land, didn't he? what we see with joe biden, you're not getting the billion, zero experience hunter. i think the president was faithfully executing what appears to be and what we have identified should be investigated as a lot of felonies. >> sean, the hunter biden thing is scary enough. the layers of misfeasance and potential malfeasance there are obvious.
10:32 pm
no sane person in d.c. thinks what hunter biden and joe biden did was aboveboard. nobody. they are lying to you if they said, you get them off the record, put a beer in them, they will tell you it was super shady. people are forgetting what i said before. the president is absolutely right to look into what happened in the 2016 election. i thought the democrats cared about foreign interference. although hakeem jeffries said today on the floor, foreign interference is a-ok, sean, as long as the democrats pay for it. check the tape. they said that, the democrats. the ukrainians were deeply involved in election interference with nellie ohr from fusion gps, hunter biden is an easy one. >> sean: they cared about russian interference until even "the new york times" had to acknowledge that the hillary dirty russian dossier that is unverifiable that was used as the bulk of information to, well, basically take away all carter page's rights and civil liberties but also spy on a
10:33 pm
candidate, transition team, and president. that all happened too, separate and apart, you're right. politico january 11, 2017. alexandra chalupa meeting at the ukrainian embassy in washington. for the purpose as a dnc operative of digging up dirt with ukraine for election interference separate and apart from the russian interference the devin nunes even warned about in 2014. thank you both. all right, joining us now with reaction, steve scalise, jeff van drew. congressman van drew recently left the democratic party in part because of this impeachment witch hunt. how many people total signed up in new jersey, congressman van drew, that wonders and see the president of the other nine? >> it was unbelievable. there was literally and it's just mind-boggling, 175,000 people approximately requested tickets. of course we couldn't hold that
10:34 pm
in the convention center. but we did get everybody we could in the convention center. >> sean: congressman, why didn't you move it to giants stadium? that's the obvious answer. >> because this was a south jersey event in the president kept his word to me. i said a lot of times people forget about south jersey. it doesn't get the recognition it's two and we really wanted to do this in south jersey, and it worked out great in the end because we had thousands of people. it was all most like a football game. having a great time outside. there must have been another 30,000. and then in the streets, i've never seen anything like it. literally our motorcade came across for miles literally for miles, there were people lined up waiting, screaming, so happy. that convention center -- you could have put a match in the air and it would've gone on fire. >> sean: the president is doing what has become a signature wrap in iowa. >> president trump: ladies and gentlemen of iowa, the best is yet to come. because together, we will make
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america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, iowa. thank you. thank you. ♪ >> sean: the president's signature close. one glorious nation under god. will make america, well, wealthy again, strong again, proud again, safe again. and of course the best is yet to come. steve scalise, where does the senate go with the issue of witnesses at this particular
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point? your house of representatives, you, kevin mccarthy, the leadership of the freedom caucus, you all held strong. not one person. there was a defection, congressman jeff van drew was one. but the senate republicans, why would some, especially after the release of the bolton tapes and bolton sounding just like the president and even if the president said, well, i want them to do this and this before i get the money out, he didn't do anything. he gave them the money. >> sean, if you look, and of course that tape that came out from john bolton last year where he literally said in relation to both zelensky phone calls, they were very warm and cordial. those were bolton's words on video. warm and cordial. that's the newest democrat star witness, like every other witness they have. it was pointed out, 18 different witnesses already testified. not one laid out in a crime, not one of them. jay sekulow i thought had the
10:37 pm
mic drop moment. he looked at adam schiff sitting on the senate floor today and he said over 30 times, you said that you made your case. and literally looking over at schiff and schiff said yes. if schiff made his case, why do you need more witnesses, especially when sekulow pointed out, oh, and by the way, we will call the whistle-blower. we will call adam schiff. we'll call joe and hunter biden. his is going to go on and on for months or we all know the president didn't commit a crime. the president did a great job of standing up with ukraine against russia one barack obama wouldn't do that. barack obama never sold them the javelin missiles. anyway, president trump did his job. it was great being with the president yesterday. >> sean: doesn't end tomorrow or saturday? are you convinced this ends quick? >> time. it's time for this to end. it's time for the senate to get back to doing their job. >> sean: will they do their job? will the republicans in the senate get this done? >> i think the senate will get it right, get it done. >> sean: let me ask. congressman van drew, you were
10:38 pm
in the democratic caucus with nancy pelosi. you were there for a lot of this hatred. i don't see that the democratic party lifted a finger to make america more safe or secure, create one job or more prosperity. all they seem to do for three years now is hate this president. i can't think of one accomplishment, as a matter of fact. what was that like? bring us inside that democratic caucus because you were in the room. we weren't there. >> you know, it was sad in a way because the greatness of america is its people and the desire to do well, to create jobs, to enjoy our entrepreneurial spirit, to love our flag, to love our freedoms. so many things i believe in. i was in a blue dog caucus and in all honesty, i thought i would survive in the blue dog caucus, the most conservative democrats. but it didn't work. it didn't work for me and it specially didn't work when i had one of the democratic leaders actually back home said to me
10:39 pm
you're going to vote for impeachment whether you like it or not. i said no way. i said i wasn't doing it. >> sean: who was it that told you that? >> it was a local. it was a nobody, to be honest with you. >> we are really glad to have jeff on our side. >> sean: steve, last word. >> we're really glad to have jeff on our side. the president didn't commit a crime, and he will be acquitted. let's get back to the work of the american people. i'm glad the president is focused on fighting for the men and women of this country. >> sean: more breaking news. carter page announced he will be suing the dnc for defamation. he will join us along with gregg jarrett, congressman lee zeldin, and later, the u.s. just issued a do not travel to china warning over the coronavirus. that and more as we continue. straight ahead. ♪ der?
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much you can save. there are auctions going on right now, so what are you waiting for? ♪ >> sean: fox news alert. big developments tonight on the quest for equal justice and application of our laws. carter page has filed an explosive defamation lawsuit against the dnc and the law firm, perkins coie, the law firm hillary, the dnc funneled money through. the hired fusion gps that hired christopher steele that put together the dirty unverifiable dossier that alternately lies but yet was used as the bulk of information to spy on carter page. take away his constitutional rights, to get a backdoor to spy on a candidate, that will be donald trump, then the transition team deep into the presence even of donald trump are joining us that with reaction, trump campaign associate carter page. tell us about the suit.
10:45 pm
especially looking at it through the prism. this is important. of the department of justice, admitting that those last two fisa warrant, they didn't comment yet on the first two and i think will be the same conclusion. yet, they were unlawful and unjustified. >> sean, it's a real shame because a lot of that, all the -- a good chunk of the problems we heard about in the inspector general report were really instigated by this false dossier and the false opposition research approach of the democratic national committee. and their lawyers and their associates. unfortunately all this damage that's been done in our country, to our election integrity and our justice system really stems from that. so this is the very initial stage and some very big things to come. it's a really important next step. >> sean: i don't blame you. one thing i learned, i remember very early when i would interview you. you are very reluctant to answer
10:46 pm
some very significant questions. eventually i began to put it together. i think he works for three letter agency and now we know you work for our cia. that meant you travel to dangerous places with hostile regimes and actors like vladimir putin. then you come back and you'd report on the activities they were engaged in, and you did it on behalf of your country. is that an accurate description, carter page? >> now that it's been disclosed, used to get that quite confidential, sean. but literally and this is part of the dnc's smear campaign, in conjunction with the obama white house, you know the former senator from illinois, taking these drastic steps against our democracy through this fake dossier using foreign agents and made up lies in conjunction with the mainstream media. it's really extraordinary. >> sean: all right, carter page. we are going to follow this lawsuit. thank you for that development. also more developments surrounding quid and pro and quo
10:47 pm
joe, zero experience hunter. in joe's case, new court filing in ukraine, viktor shokin, the guy he demanded be prosecuted or else you're not going to get the billion dollars. you have six hours and son of a b, they did it, that guy, that's the prosecutor. he's now calling to me and for investigators to open probes into joe over what he calls legal influence, as shokin was the one investigating burisma and zero experience hunter who is being paid millions. writing is not for action in the legal side of it, author of the best seller "witch hunt," fox news analyst gregg jarrett. along with lee zeldin. we have put it up on the screen, you have identified specific laws that you believe joe biden is admitting to and hunter biden in the worst interview, 49-year-old kid, not a kid, an adult, admitting he had no explanation. i don't know why they hired me. oh, yeah, probably because it was my father.
10:48 pm
what crimes are we looking at potentially here? >> a lot of different crimes. under the public corruption act, foreign public corruption act, can anybody now, given viktor shokin's official criminal complaint against hunter biden, objectively argue that hunter biden's behavior and joe biden's behavior wasn't suspicious and narrative investigation? it's exactly what president trump asked president zelensky in that brief telephone call, and so you know, when you look back at this new and you see some of the witnesses called by the house managers, the democrats, their own witnesses said that the bidens had serious conflict of interest. clips of reporters who were saying this smacks of potential corruption so the president had a legitimate public interest reason for asking for an investigation of the bidens,
10:49 pm
even if you assume for the sake of argument that it might extend his benefit electorally. as long as there is a legitimate public interest, it's not an abuse of power and an impeachable offense. >> sean: congressman, your reaction. >> the democrats, the house impeachment managers, just want to stamp a big red "debunked" in anything that helps the president's case. the whole burisma, hunter biden story, hakeem jeffries was saying it's debunked. ukrainians interfered in the 2016 election and it's indisputable when you look at the op-eds, statements, alexandra chalupa's work. the black lender to take down a campaign official. it goes on. origins of the steele dossier. again, house impeachment managers just want to stamp it "debunked," and they need to do that emerge go forward with the story that what the president
10:50 pm
was asking for, being concerned about corruption ukraine is just illegitimate, so therefore he needs to be removed from office. but it was 17-0 in the house as far as the witnesses who were called. on the republican witness list, including hunter biden and including nellie ohr and glenn simpson and some of these other individuals that we wanted to call, we would've been that the fundamental ask of this president as relates to ukraine's interference in the election and hunter biden and burisma were legitimate anticorruption efforts the president should be concerned with and the country should be working with them to get to the bottom of it. burisma and the bidens shouldn't be immune from scrutiny just because joe biden is running for president. if is not illegal, then it should be. >> sean: well said. gregg jarrett, thank you. congressman zeldin, thank you. also tonight, trump derangement syndrome, full display. look at this. you can't even believe it. media research center, we told you in the opening monologue tonight, the big three broadcast networks, there impeachment
10:51 pm
spent here we have all known they are corrupt. we all know they are abusively biased. we all know they are an extension of all things radical democratic socialist extreme party. but 100% negative coverage of trump's defense team. by the way, and the trump defense team killed it. 95% positive for the congenital liar schiff and the democrats. wow. adding, by the way, to the media circus, well, you have a msdnc, area 51, roswell, rachel maddow's conspiracy channel, one other analysts floating in absolute insane conspiracy theory on top of all the ones they've been pedaling all the lies they told over the last three years, again, with no basis in fact. look for yourself. >> when people spout nonsense, whether it's dershowitz or fox news, donald trump always listens. the scenario he set up yesterday by basically saying the president can do what he wants. imagine donald trump deciding sometime in june, i heard this
10:52 pm
conspiracy theory that a whole lot of illegal immigrants are living in california so i've decided that during the presidential election, california has to undergo extreme vetting because we can't trust their votes. we're going to shut down loading in a state. this is literally the kind of thing he'll do now. we are not talking hypotheticals anymore. that's the part that disturbs me. >> sean: still, three years later, they are still believing the trump-russia conspiracy theory hoax lies that they tell every day. no corrections, no apologies. no "we would like to revise and extend. nothing. here with reaction, lara logan. award-winning journalist, lara logan. fox news contributor charlie hurt. i don't think you would recognize this world. can you fairly say you've watched the coverage of trump russia collusion and now ukraine and they ignore quid pro quo and exonerate him and zero experience hunter. lara logan.
10:53 pm
to me, you can't take it anymore hypocrisy than that. but they do. and they keep on going like the energizer bunny. how do they get away with it? >> that's a good question, sean. how do they get away with it? i think what you're seeing with all the polls th show the people have lost so much faith in the media now, in a sense they are not getting away with it with their audience anymore. people are showing that they are seeing this. too many people in this country been left out of the national media conversation for too long. and what they are calling out really is a press corps that says its objective, doesn't acknowledge how many subjective decisions are made in the process of newsgathering. and doesn't acknowledge the other side. that's not a press corps there were presents all the people in this country and it's not a press corps this being objective.
10:54 pm
in spite of all the -- i've worked with so many great people over the years and have so much respect for them, but i just -- >> sean: 100%. hang on. 100% negative for trump's lawyers. let me go, charlie, 100% negative for trump's lawyers. they did a spectacular job. i don't care whether you like them or don't like that. 95% the congenital liar. this defend the lies. he's lied for three straight years and we have evidence of all is lying. he put up a report that we know he knew was lies. >> yeah. of course i think it's exactly why the press is literally more unpopular than lawyers in congress combined. it's so easy to point out the lies, as you been doing, of adam schiff and jerrold nadler and all these conspiracy theories they float and they are totally politically motivated to attack the president. it's really hard to do all that without a complicit media,
10:55 pm
without an unquestioning complicit media. that's what they have on their side. the problem is, as we sort of, is their story begins to fall apart, it almost doesn't matter what the press coverage is of president's lawyers on the senate floor. the truth is kind of revealed, and i think most americans realize who's lying and who's not. >> sean: breathtaking lies, breathtaking hypocrisy great of these down. down is up. pink is purple and purple is pink. thank you. when we come back, we have breaking news about the deadly coronavirus. the u.s. government has just issued a do not travel warning to china. details next. ♪ pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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♪ >> sean: breaking moments ago, u.s. state department has now raised its china travel advisory to level 4. do not travel, citing the outbreak of the coronavirus. this is important, it got to get this right. we will continue to develop
11:00 pm
follow this developing story. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues, laura ingraham is here to kill it as usual. md. >> laura: hey, hannity. the last desperate ploys of the democrats, at this hour, 400 yards from where we are right now. they are pulling out all of the stops, making up conversations now that trump had with putin. literally, adam schiff just made up a conversation that the president had, unbelievable. >> sean: how do people give them any credit? congenital liar -- three straight years of lying. he lied about the hearsay whistle-blower, lies of everything. >> laura: that's all right, hannity, because pelosi says trump's legal defense team should all be disbarred. that's her answer. >> sean: my favorite was theum opinion witness that saidul previously that trump should be impeached, actually tweeting out the words "fake news."


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