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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 6, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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disrespectful and rude group of democrats, palacios facial distortions and glaring hatred of donald trump and legal american citizens, democrats are pathetic and hopefully voters will make them pay. since me your thoughts, comments and video questions. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here. shannon: are they need to know what to do now. we can go to bed on time. we begin with a fox news alert, the impeachment trial is over, the president acquitted on both charges, democrats depressed after the victory and on top of the chaos in iowa. mitt romney brace ranks in voting to convict, wall street journal editorial board asks if democrats just handed donald trump reelection. mike lee is here live to weigh in. impeachment is over but some top republican still interested in hunter biden's business dealings
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and formally asking for answers to get them. reality sitting in for joe biden as he admits he took a good punch and iowa landing in fourth place. we havupdate, growing concern among democrats that biden doesn't have what it takes and worries the far left contenders could be held in the general election by their progressive socialist policies, we are digging in. we start with richardson to break down the acquittal of the president and the fallout. >> democrats needed 2 thirds of the senate to remove donald trump from office, they failed to even hit 50 is impeachment ends on an almost partyline vote to acquit the president. with that, more than 5 months of an impeachment inquiry and trial concludes, the senate acquitted donald trump on house approved impeachment charges of abuse of
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power and obstruction of congress. >> it is in the rearview mirror and i think what is appropriate now -- for political reasons. >> democrats voted on to complete the president. republicans nearly offered donald trump unanimous support. >> is a senator juror i swore an oath before god to exercise impartial justice. i'm profoundly religious. my faith is at the heart of who i am. >> mitt romney, republican nominee for president less than eight years ago voted to remove donald trump for abuse of power. >> i believe the act he took, and effort to corrupt and election is as destructive an attack on the oath of office and our constitution is i can imagine. >> you realize this is war, donald trump will never forgive you for this. >> i understand there will be enormous consequence and i don't have a choice in that regard.
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>> the president's son suggested mitch should be expelled from the synergy of the conference, romney's nice tweeted this is not the first time i've disagreed with met and i imagine it will not be the last, the bottom line is donald trump did nothing wrong and the republican party is more united than ever behind him. moderate republican senator says romney made the wrong choice. >> i respect it but reached a different conclusion. >> democrats are touting at least one republican voting to convict the president. >> we made the fight for truth and facts and created a bipartisan impeachment. that can never be erased from history. >> as to the suggestions that republicans should remove mitt romney from their caucus majority leader mcconnell has
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noted romney has hardly been supportive of republican leadership and there are no dog houses in the senate. the most important vote, he says, is the next one. >> richardson live on the top story, thank you. the mood was somber on the hill tonight. capitol hill correspondent chad program finding overall democrats are feeling defeated tonight because of the president's acquittal coupled with the iowa caucus chaos. one democratic source saying we all knew how this was going but everyone is depressed especially because of iowa but americans are optimistic the measure private-sector job growth coming in far stronger than expected, gallup says more americans report feeling better off financially than they were europe before at the highest rate on record, 6 in 10 say they are feeling financially optimistic of the trade deficit narrowed in 2019 for the first time in six years, china and other countries with imports and exports. senator romney's decision to break ranks using lavish praise from the left. how to the republicans feel about it.
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mike lee from utah, good to have you with us. how is mitt romney playing in utah? >> not well. some people might be happy with it who might be called democrats. for the most part republicans are very upset about it. i disagree with it. shannon: a lot of people who never would have voted for him in 2012 are fans of his tonight, various democrats having a number of things to say and the washington post opinion piece jennifer ruben says this was under the headline mitt romney shows us all is not lost. his vote and his speech matter greatly a fully as reminders that every american has the capacity for greatness, the ability to stand on principle and the spine to refuse the entreaties of the mob which would imply you did not.
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>> i resent the suggestion as i resented many suggestions in general ruben over the years, don't regard her as a conservative or republican. i know she calls herself both at times but her actions and words - in any event her suggestion this was anything but a careful analysis and legal conclusion to reach that donald trump didn't do anything criminal or remotely impeachable she is mistaken. shannon: this is what richard blumenthal has to say about how it went down today. >> others on our side and mitt romney give me hope for the future and i think americans, as cynical and distrustful as they may be take heart from stories of heroes and profiles in courage they have seen today.
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this vote is no vindication, no real acquittal. >> a couple things, not surprising he would say this doesn't count as a victory although the white house and president celebrating this, he's been cleared, not convicted, he is acquitted but also praising mitt romney, don't often see those 2 joining on anything. >> rolled back the clock to 2012, you want to richard blumenthal praising mitt romney, you won't see any of the people who were praising him today praising him then. it is every person's right to decide how they are going to approach any given situation. let's not pretend there were any valid bases for impeaching donald trump here, this simply were not, regardless of how you feel about mitt romney or donald trump or anybody else involved, these were deeply flawed, fatally flawed and effective impeachment trials not backed by a scintilla of credible evidence and they should be ashamed of themselves for supporting it. >> a lot going on on the hill.
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we've seen a moment that has gone viral with the speaker who ripped up a copy of the president's speech. arabic small well set about that. >> i don't think i would have had the same restraint that she did. >> you think it was restraint? >> i think she was saying thank god there weren't matches around. >> >> do you think it was for a moment frustration or emotion or planned? >> i don't know. i had the sense it was spur of the moment. the way it doesn't reflect well on her or the chamber. feelings get tightened in that sort of circumstance but i find it distressing eric's wall will said it was restraint it would have been much worse had it been him and thank heaven there were no matches around. i don't know what that is supposed to mean but this is our political discourse, doesn't need to come to that. >> there's a letter tonight from senators grassley and johnson, the head of secret service saying they have questions about hunter biden and his business
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dealings and more, the committee on finance and homeland security and governmental affairs review potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of hunter biden and his associates during the obama administration particularly respect to his business activities in ukraine and china. we have seen the american people are tired of all of these, they have scandal fatigue, don't know where one starts the other begins and if it didn't play out the way the democrats hoped it would does the gop now risk stirring up the same i if they go after hunter biden miller is a legitimate investigation? >> i don't think any of that would have been on the forefront but for the fact the democrats focused so intently on this issue during the impeachment proceedings in the senate so intently and saying this was all trumped up argument that all these allegations have been debunked, that is utter nonsense and i think in many ways it almost forced the hand of republicans to look into it because they open the windows
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into this world that is not great. >> we will see what senators grassley and johnson did in response to that letter. in the meantime you might want to take a break, you and all your colleagues. you might need it, you don't know what is coming next. nancy pelosi's tarrying up of the state of the union address on national television, republicans and democrats arguing whether she committed a felony by ripping up the property of the united states congress which is protected under federal law. here is how it went down. >> he had no right to destroy this document especially one filled with such impactful stories. >> i suggest to you that when i took this card and tore it up because i didn't like what was on the card i am protected by the first amendment in doing that. that is a form of speech. >> reporter: steny hoyer arguing a copy of the speech in question
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might not be the specific archival document that would be protected for house records. despite reaction to the state of the union address it turns out not everybody from the left hand the president's speech, trace gallagher has positive reaction from some unlikely sources tonight. >> as we now know house speaker nancy pelosi ripped up a copy of the president's speech and chuck schumer called the speech demagogic, partisan and untruthful and naturally cnn's chris cuomo said the speech contained some poignant moments. >> the president in that speech tonight celebrated what this country is about for one set of moments, are divers, how we overcome, how we come together. >> cuomo's response surprised a lot of people led to the
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response of his him calling john king who said the president was at the strongest political place of his presidency. cbs added to the surprising the president looked in bold and and cbs anchor nora o'donnell said this. >> this was a speech unlike any i have witnessed from donald trump where the reality tv president took on the state of the union. a master showman at his best. >> even nbc news the speech. actually i'm kidding, they hated it. top to bottom hated it beginning with there is supposed to be impartial congressional reporter casey hunt who said i cannot understand the score how poisonous the atmosphere in here felt throughout the speech and meet the press moderator chuck todd did not surprise anybody with his reaction. >> it is so far removed from a traditional state of the union i don't think -- this was a conservative checklist of making sure you had every special-interest group.
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>> jonathan alter took a giant step further comparing the president's speech to nazi propagandist joseph goebbels. if you're keeping score, rashida tlaib walked out of the speech when the president touted brett kavanaugh, fellow congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said rush limbaugh cheapened the value of the presidential medal of freedom. aoc marked limbaugh for, quote, pretending to be surprised. kirsten cinema did stand and applaud for tax breaks for investors in impoverished areas while her democratic colleagues remained seated. shannon: to each his own. new tonight a dramatic response to new york state's recently enacted sanctuary law. the homeland security secretary
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is suspending global entry and several other trusted traveler programs for all new york state residents after the controversial greenlight law was enacted, illegal immigrants were allowed to obtain driver's licenses which complicate officials ability to determine if the individual applying for those trusted traveler programs meet the eligibility requirements. nancy pelosi being celebrated as a masterful tactician but will ripping up the president's speech blow up in her face next? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> everything speaker pelosi does is calculated. i think she's a brilliant >> charles: nancy pelosi does is calculated. i think she's a brilliant strategist. >> a master legislator. i am a strategic politically astute leader. >> nancy pelosi's decision to rip up her copy of the
12:19 am
president's state of the union speech was a calculated strategy or a purely emotional response? let's bring in brad wouldhouse, new york times best-selling author from texas. there have been so many finding articles praising the speaker throughout this process and saying even when it looked like she was losing she was really winning and you should know what's going on. is what she says about ripping up the speech, he shredded the truth so i shredded his speech. >> when you liberalize things you take it over the bar. what she did honestly was petulance incarnate. i never really thought that she, who has been in the game for a long time would allow herself to get so rattled that she would do something like that. the whole thing was such political theater, swatches behind him knowing what had
12:20 am
happened was as riveting as anything i have seen, just the way she clenched her teeth and you thought her eyes would pop. it was so bad and that was over and you thought she has gotten through it somehow, amazingly and then she sort has this look on her face like she is totally snapped and she rips it up and i thought to myself this is genuinely beneath her and one of the most bizarre moments i have ever seen. >> a lot of people she gave the president something barrel gave republicans something, a meme to go viral. >> i don't agree with that at all. if you are concerned about what she did at the end of the speech but don't care about what donald trump did at the beginning, refusing to shake her hand and turning his back. and by the way -- >> he didn't shake -- >> i watched the tape 30 times, didn't even look in her eyes. so look. >> so you can excuse his
12:21 am
behavior but -- >> neither one of them -- >> i have worked with nancy pelosi for 15 years, i worked with her on saving social security, i worked with her -- one thing she was not last night, she was not rattled. i think this -- was a calculated? she knew exactly what she was doing. the president lied every 2 and a half minutes in that speech and she wasn't -- >> she looked to me like a fragile crazy old woman. >> he didn't want -- >> misogyny from the republican party. >> a lot of people say it was calculated. some people read it that way. >> you are talking nancy pelosi ripping up the speech instead of anything he said.
12:22 am
>> professor jonathan turley not a conservative but a big constitutional star who testified in the impeachment hearing. the title of this policy does not apologize and agree to honor the principle of neutrality and civility at the state of the union, she should resign as speaker. >> that is insane. if anybody should resign it is donald trump. that is what i think happened is he basically created such political theater. when you give the medal of freedom to rush limbaugh. i had never seen anything as hysterically funny and beautiful at the same time. >> do you know what he said about nancy pelosi over the years? do you not know that was an intentional affront to nancy pelosi and the chamber she provided? shannon: he announced he had advanced lung cancer.
12:23 am
>> assigned to be gracious when the man is on the verge of death. let's be honest, doesn't matter what side you are on. >> hopefully he is not that close to death. the things he says about nancy pelosi over the years and to hijack the house chamber she presides over to give him of all people the presidential medal of freedom. >> trump got under her skin and rattled her. she did not see that coming. he did so many things during the speech i thought her head was going to explode and at the end i don't think she was planning to do that. >> if you look at earlier videos -- shannon: there were earlier attempts at a test run. the brother of one of the men
12:24 am
mentioned in the speech who was killed, shot to death was very upset when she tore up the speech, it fell she ripped our hearts out. couldn't believe it, don't care how you feel about somebody, the most disrespectful thing i have ever seen, his brother's name was in that speech. >> the point is you do not expect that from somebody like nancy pelosi, you expect her to be civil, to do her job. the fact, it struck me that she was furious that aoc and that caucus had lured her into the whole thing, it backfired and she had to sit there. >> i believe there was a vote earlier today. a bipartisan vote for removal. >> and against the impeachment articles. >> not a bipartisan vote. >> there were democrat vote against it in the house. if we want to quibble, bipartisan in both cases. >> he looks humiliated. she had to sit there. her dentures almost correct. >> we are done. >> personal attacks against a woman are not going to bode well
12:25 am
for you. most americans saw what i saw. shannon: goodbye. gentlemen, you are not ready to crack but thank you very much, good to see you both. we are getting major breaking news out of china. you do not want to miss this, new numbers, two time gop senators request records involving hunter biden? will they get what they are asking for? we will tell you next.
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♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. china struggling with the coronavirus outbreak and economic tariffs appears to be >> fox news alert just in china struggling with the coronavirus outbreak and crushing economic tariffs appears to be sending a signal to washington it is ready to negotiate. china says it is going to have tariffs are reportedly $75 billion worth of goods imported from the united states and cut them in half starting on valentine's day. it can work with the us to eventually scrap all tariffs. markets are taking note.
12:30 am
the official death count approaching 500 with skeptics speculating it could be much higher. the world health organization said the last 24 hours speech at the biggest jump in cases since the start of the epidemic. in the was another case has been confirmed in wisconsin bring our national total to 12. also tonight, 350 more americans evacuated from the epicenter of the outbreak in china. they will be under a 2-week foreign team -- quarantine. christopher ray is cooperating fully with the kernel probe and the russia investigation as they try to recover from the back lash, the critique over fisa application warrants was following the acquittal of donald trump the gop says it has a lot of questions for hunter biden. >> reporter: if they can't ask hunter directly they will ask the secret service. if there were witnesses for impeachment republicans planned
12:31 am
for hunter biden as a star witness for the defense in two republican senators want the secret service to turn over records about the former vp's son writing senator grassley and johnson must request information whether hunter biden used government-sponsored travel to conduct private business to include his work for seneca and related entities in china and ukraine. specifically they want to know about protected details hunter biden received one his father was vice president, travel with a detail including government aircraft. speaking of that hunter was on air force 2 when this video from the 2013 elder biden's trip to china and a question about whether the younger biden traded on his dad's name and influence in scoring major international contracts. >> the problem is his son hunter biden up until 2009 when his father became vice president was a lobbyist for the online gaming industry. he then started a financial
12:32 am
services company called rosemont seneca partners, lined up not only this deal with ukraine but also got a private equity deal with the chinese government for $1 billion, involves china and a host of other foreign money the biden family was getting rich off of while joe biden was america's chief diplomat to those countries. a huge problem for joe biden and a huge vulnerability. >> the increased scrutiny on hunter played out in the house differently with the judiciary chairman in the house grilling the fbi director. >> sorry to have to ask, the president, the attorney general or any other administration official asked the fbi to open an investigation into joe biden, hunter biden, joe bolton remember of congress? >> i can assure congress today the fbi will only open investigations based on the facts and the law and proper
12:33 am
predication. >> ray was equally firm in his condemnation of asians involved in the alleged fisa abuses involving carter page saying they don't reflect to the fbi is and those mistakes cannot be repeated. shannon: that investigation is ongoing. thank you. with the 2020 democratic field in chaos following the iowa caucuses congressman adam schiff's name is floated. our panel tackles that idea next. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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a new kind of investor is changing things up. [ indistinct talking ] with an app that's changing the way we do money. download robinhood now. ♪ >> shannon: time for an election alert with another >> time predilection alert with another round of new numbers from the iowa caucuses. in new hampshire looking over their shoulders at the painstaking, keeps trickling in from iowa. jackie heinrich is live with numbers from the hawkeye state which we would normally have by
12:38 am
now. >> good evening. the iowa democratic party botched this in more ways than one, first, withholding the caucus results after their apps specified coding problem and posting those results in correctly later and having to read act it. we are at 96% of precincts reporting. that error allocated state delegates that should have gone to bernie sanders to governor deval patrick. some support for elizabeth foreign reportedly went to tom stier incorrectly, they pacific rim numbers 45 minutes after the wrong data went out but we do know right now former mayor pete buttigieg is in the lead with sanders trailing him by 7 tenths of one%, 96% of precincts reporting, buttigieg claimed victory before any of the data was released drawing scrutiny after it was revealed that one of his campaign senior strategists is married to the apps founder. other employees have tied hillary clinton's 2016 camping,
12:39 am
buttigieg brushed of questions that an event yesterday. >> we were able to observe the process and gather our own data. something extraordinary happened. >> reporter: sanders for his parties confident but waiting until the final numbers are in. >> they are still counting votes in iowa. i assume one of these years that vote count will be completed but as of 70% of account we are winning the popular vote. in iowa they have a complicated system. >> the results show warren in third place and joe biden in fourth. it is encouraging news from michael bloomberg who pitched himself as a biden alternative. he has a meet and greet today and announced he is doubling his ad spending. the iowa debacle field surprising calls from the boston globe editorial board to kill
12:40 am
the position of early voting in iowa and new hampshire writings and customs must die and saying it gives outside influence to states that don't demographically represent the rest of america. the boston globe vowed not to endorse any candidate until the new hampshire primary is over next tuesday. >> we hope it will be, see you there on the road. senate impeachment trial is definitely over, lawmakers voting to acquit donald trump on both charges, what are the political ramifications for democrats is push for impeachment from virtually the beginning of the trump administration? wall street journal editorial board writing the irony would be if democrats who so both mister trump helped him win a second term by impeaching him. joining us democratic strategists richard goodstein and founder of turning point usa charlie kirk, his upcoming book is the maga doctrine. what do you make of that, the
12:41 am
fact the editorial board of the wall street journal says you may have helped him with what you did. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that you have seen the latest gallup poll, donald trump has now had a record high in his presidency, had a wonderful speech last night, starting to see incredible economic metrics and results and it would be an incredible ironic twist against democrat to try to use impeachment as a political tool against the president, almost fair to say they wrote these during his inaugural address, 17 minutes after his inauguration the washington post said the impeachment of donald trump begins. he has been acquitted on that after the mueller investigation and after this now 5-month sham impeachment and it seems as if he has only gotten stronger it is in better position than ever before to win reelection this november. >> the gallup polling would point to this moment that things
12:42 am
have improved for him and for the party since the impeachment started. they are looking at favorability of republicans versus democrats, we have the numbers for september versus now, republicans are up 8 points in favorability, their highest since 2005 since this thing started in earnest and democrats down 3 percentage points. that cannot be the outcome the hoped-for. >> when i hear this talk about the gallup poll i'm reminded of donald trump saying in the run up to the 2018 elections we are going to have a red wave. forget this talk about a blue wave, we are going to have a red wave and i hope everybody touting this 49% gallup poll continues to think donald trump is doing that well and here's why i say that. fox's own pole not much more than a week old has joe biden beating him, bernie sanders being him by 6 and bloomberg beating him by 7. the generic ballot has democrats today in congress up by 6 and if you look at the average i would
12:43 am
point to which aggregates polls and it basically has trump 9 points underwater and i will say this. the reason nancy pelosi ripped up that speech was that speech was filled with things like the best economy ever, no, growth is lower under trump and job creation lower than obama's. >> in employment is lowest in 50 years and wage growth is up but let me ask you are people who are looking to positive economic indicators in this gallup poll and that is out there, are they overly confident white house republicans, should a temper their expectations a bit? >> there is some wisdom to that. those of us that support the president have to play like we are 20 points behind, that was part of the magic of the success in 2016 but respectfully in regards to the gallup poll, a new personal high for donald trump, not head-to-head matchups, this poll, gallup polling agency has now hit a new threshold high for donald trump through his presidency.
12:44 am
that is significant especially during the impeachment and dollars hostility against him, something worth noting that despite the opposition he has been able to succeed and as far as what you are challenging, the unemployment rate for latino, black americans, young americans in the late 60 years, we are in energy independence, wages going up, the bottom 50% is outpacing the top 50%. you can challenge it but they know their lives are getting better. >> can i get one moment. we were energy independent when barack obama left office. barack obama lowered and implemented by 2%, donald trump lowered it by one point. barack obama created jobs at a higher rate in his last 3 is than trump had in his first 3. the gdp growth is appreciably lower. with tax cuts donald trump said
12:45 am
we would get 4, 5 or six. we were 2.3. >> president obama, the manufacturing jobs were never going to come back, no one has a magic wand, and yet there are positive economic indicators including people who don't like the president, many have be grudgingly admitted things are positive and not just people at home and how they feel, people feel optimistic about their financial future. that is there feeling and feelings drive people to polls. >> that is right and last night donald trump communicated directly to part of the american population republicans don't always try to win votes, the black community, van jones admitted that last night, donald trump, just certain, opportunity, lowest a black unemployment, lowest ever black poverty rate, there's real results, school choice, howard democrats but by the american federation of teachers and national education association did not applaud when that young
12:46 am
girl had an opportunity scholarship, good luck trying to win pennsylvania with that message. >> you have much more to say so please come back very soon. thank you. fox news at night exclusive with richard brunel telling us what world leaders are saying about donald trump next. into a smaller life? are your asthma treatments just not enough? then see what could open up for you with fasenra. it is not a steroid or inhaler. it is not a rescue medicine
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>> if yours donald trump will address the nation from the white house following his acquittal in the senate. donald trump's acquittal in the senate impeachment trial won't serve as an indictment of the american political system. it will also deal a body blow to us foreign-policy efforts to curb global corruption and promote the rule of law. let's turn to the us ambassador to germany for a fox news at night exclusive, good to have you back with us. what do you make of that assessment that by allowing the president according to fox to get off on these charges we no longer have the moral authority to go after corruption on a global scale? >> i would love to know who wrote that and guarantee the person hasn't lived overseas or traveled much. let me give you a little stat. i speak multiple times a week in front of crowds in germany. i take questions sometimes for
12:51 am
an hour and just do any question and answer. i have never once been asked about impeachment or anything to do with impeachment, not a single question. people don't care. they want to know about trade policy, germans are really interested what happened to the us-mexico canada trade deal because donald trump keeps saying the us eu trade deal could be similar or we will use the same tactics. i constantly get asked about tariffs and trade and defense spending, substantive issues, none of the impeachment stuff. >> the president talked about the fact that the us is respected around the world and our job is to put america first, he said that more than once. congressman mike meadows said put america first got little to no applause on the democrat side but slate writing about it said
12:52 am
none of his rival politicians believe in putting america's second. where they differ is trump's concept of america first which has left america alone. what do you think? >> i spent eight years at the un and out of 193 members at the un where there is only one country that gets in trouble for putting itself first are trying to aggressively protect itself and that is the united states. every country does this. everyone does it except when we do it we get in trouble for it. we have a good president playing a great game at keeping the american people first and foremost and is challenging the system. i love to talk about the president's style because the fact of the matter is when you look at the president's tile you will judge the results and if you look at past administrations who have had different styles,
12:53 am
let's take defense spending. the europeans and nato members have largely ignored the styles of george w. bush and barack obama. they did not raise defense spending but the fact of the matter is we have seen $100 billion increase since 2016 and they have pledged to go to $400 billion in new spending for nato members because of donald trump's style so i will take this argument about style all day long because we have a president whose style is working for us, directly impacts the american people and very helpful to the bottom line. shannon: know you spent all those years at the un, what do you make about what is being circulated that will be a condemnation about the middle
12:54 am
east peace plan rolled out days ago, the palestinians hoping to get a lot of folks on board with that resolution. what do you think will happen? >> doesn't surprise me. it will happen in the general assembly which is largely irrelevant. the un does not work without us leadership. one quarter of the spending plus the majority of the money for unicef, the reality is when you look at the middle east peace plan what is missing from the narrative is abbas is in his fifteenth year of his four year term. the reality is he loves the status quo. it is working for him. why would he and all of his supporters want to change anything? they like this. the palestinian people, however are the ones who are really suffering. they need better leadership, a leader who is going to make tough decisions. i have written on this subject and kind of made a parallel to
12:55 am
what happened to the germans after world war ii when they had a leader, conrad adenauer who stepped out and said we lost the war, we need to make tough decisions for the future, we need to join the west. this is what needs to happen with the palestinians. shannon: we will track what happens with the un and your problems around the world as well. you have many things on the front burner so thank you for making time for us, great to see you. kansas city chiefs player derek not a fresh off the super bowl celebrating victory, 100 dogs in local shelters, partnered with k c pet project donating adoption, every time the chief scored a win, he said he always wanted a
12:56 am
dog growing up and he hates to think about dogs that are scared and alone in shelters. thank you for all you do for our furry friends, you are tonight's midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. he's a systems quarterback. where's the truck? what? parked it right there. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon! brake! hit the brake! uh, which one's the brake? (crash, bottles smashing) stop! stop! sto-o-op! (brakes squealing) what's happening? what? there's a half of cheesesteak back there.
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