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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> this victory is the beginning of the end for donald trump. we are taking on billionaires and candidates funded by billionaires. >> the state goes by the motto live free or die. you decided a middle-class that are in from the industrial
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midwest, to take on this president. >> thank you, new hampshire. hello, america. i am amy klobuchar and i will meet donald trump. heather: a live shot from washington dc. a lot of hopefuls, you are watching "fox and friends first" on the post primary wednesday. new hampshire has spoken. bernie sanders pouring gold in the granite state. pete buttigieg up a close second. amy klobuchar surprising many with a surge to round out the top three as joe bolden -- oh biden heading for south carolina. team coverage live with expert
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analysis, todd pyro with reaction from donald trump on his overwhelming primary win. here is a breakdown of all the results. >> reporter: the picture emerging is a fierce two man battle, the greatest state delivering results. i one minus the election results headaches, and one% you have bernie sanders and pete buttigieg claiming a form of victory. >> let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> a campaign some said shouldn't be here at all has shown that we are here to stay.
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[applause] >> let's look at those numbers. sanders on top 25, buttigieg 24.44, klobuchar 19.78, warren 9.29, biden rounding out 8.42. nine delegates, 0 for warren, biden, two big surprises, how well amy klobuchar did, she surged, the moderate voice, she told reporters on the way out of town. >> i am so happy. i have beaten the odds more than that. i'm not bolted to my senate desk anymore and i got to new hampshire and made a difference. >> of course the other surprise how bad joe biden did. he fled the state conceding defeat. in south carolina he had this to say.
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>> where i come from, that is "the opening bell," not the closing bell. >> reporter: we had two drop out. andrew yang, michael bennett dropping as well. now we head to nevada on february 20 second. then we head to south carolina. >> griff jenkins live for us, always appreciate it. drop outs and surprise result out of new hampshire overnight. who had momentum moving forward? social justice director figaro said last might was an embarrassment for joe biden and she joins us now with more. thank you for joining us, we love having you with us. why do you think it was an embarrassment? headed to south carolina, to the next race anyway. do you believe that? >> let's just be honest.
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remember when joe biden told iowa voters to vote for someone else? they took his advice in iowa and new hampshire. for months we were told this race was between joe biden and bernie sanders, we had no idea it would be between mayor pete and senator sanders. even obama won iowa. they said joe biden could get the white and black voters in rural and urban communities to switch it up at the end to change the game, all about south carolina. he would not win the democratic nomination on both sides and won't be able to beat trump. it is on a downward spiral. >> when you look at the new hampshire result, you see one 234 and he is in fifth place. a number of delegates won. bernie sanders with 9, pete buttigieg with 9, talk about amy
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klobuchar and her movement. >> she is benefiting from joe biden's failure. nothing against her, she is a great senator. we have done debate recaps, on a number of occasions but because it is clear she is not left-wing, she is a moderate people had to choose from, he is a moderate as well, we will see about that but amy says she is a moderate to make a choice, has the experience mayor pete does not. a lot of her success has to do with the fact that joe biden is calling people dogface ponies. that has a lot to do with amy's success. shannon: a pony soldier is the exact quote. >> she is saying a lot of dogface going on. shannon: regardless it is bizarre.
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look at these two graphics we have in terms of numbers and what do you think this means in terms of amy klobuchar, the 25% went for her, 25% for buttigieg but only 17% for sanders and 11 for warren and if you take a look at the number of people who would be satisfied if their candidate wins the nomination according to fox news voter analysis 74% would be satisfied if it is buttigieg, klobuchar and sanders come in at 67%. then you have biden with 48%. >> fox news analysis or polls, most are bernie or bust folks. no one wants to talk about that. they like to say we will come together but bernie supporters are crystal-clear. they are not just looking for beating trump.
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they believe in these policies. if they agree they can happen or not his supporters are much in line with him and his ideas and not just beat trump. all of these candidates should have brought more people out to vote. voter turnout was higher than last time but should have been much higher considering 20 people running at the beginning of the end of last year. >> that leads to the final question. who doear what you're saying, bernie sanders supporters believe in his core beliefs which are socialism. >> yang voters have a common ground with the bernie supporters. but i don't know if that will make a difference because yang, great to say yang yang and hashtag all day long but it is about who comes to the polls and he did not have a good showing
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in iowa or new hampshire but there seems to be commonality. we will see if it makes a difference. it did not matter with castro supporting warren. it is not just something he can bank on. >> maybe bernie sanders can start crowd surfing and that could make a difference. thanks. great having you with us. donald trump celebrated a record-breaking victory ident running for reelection ie for the past 40 years. todd pyro is here to break that down for us. had a feeling this might happen. some people predicted. >> the results of the republican primary, never really in doubt. donald trump with more than 85% of primary votes, bill wells, 13,000 votes. trump 2020 campaign manager's statement reading and part, quote, his vote percentage will also show historic strength when the numbers are final, likely
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beating the last three incumbent presidents, clinton, bush and obama who were successfully reelected. donald trump will crush over the democratic nominee is. trump taking aim at the democrat field tweeting barbs including this shot at michael bloomberg. a very bad night for many mike and not a great day from warmer new york city mayor after this video about stop and frisk see her first. >> murderers and murder victims, to tap it up all the time. >> reporter: bloomberg apologizing for overusing his words stop and frisk someone should have cut it back sooner. the president attacking his backtrack. >> when he is with stop and frisk his whole life and decides to go democrat and goes to a
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church and is practically crying, that is so disingenuous, apologize for everything he ever did practically and looked pathetic. our country doesn't need that kind of leadership. >> reporter: the president saying he would rather run against bloomberg than bernie sanders because sanders has real followers and bloomberg is just buying his way. >> a lot of people saying he is lying his way in. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar finishing one 23 in new hampshire. john thomas says the men that -- moment of israel. he says it is nothing but bad news for joe biden and elizabeth warren when he joins us live next. ♪
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>> thank the people of new hampshire for a great victory tonight. >> we are here to stay. the era that began with you in new hampshire. >> i came back and we delivered. >> 2020 hopefuls taking a victory lap after new hampshire's tight race land bernie sanders on top with pete buttigieg on his coattails but the biggest surprise is amy klobuchar with a strong third-place showing. did the polls get it right? john thomas, always love having him with us. as we begin just comment on the primary results. 25.73% with sanders, buttigieg, klobuchar moving up to third,
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biden not even on the screen. >> the polling is pretty accurate this cycle. it predicted sanders in first place, buttigieg in second place. it shows klobuchar on the move but didn't really show the momentum expected to take her into the third-place finish. some say because pete buttigieg lost by less than one% that it was moment in that stole the finish from him so what does this mean? a surge in amy means the death of joe biden. so far behind, amy is going to be here through supertuesday, joe needs to count the moments until he dropped out of this race. >> he has moved on to south carolina. he says we have the rest of the
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country to deal with and putting a positive face upfront. you mentioned the polls, talk about the latest polls you were referencing, suffolk university, boston globe, sanders leading with 27% in this poll, buttigieg and klobuchar in third-place, not as close between sanders and buttigieg evidence that being and the second poll from emerson college predicted the same top-5 but with different percentages biden not faring well in the paul either. >> the polling predicted perhaps not the top person, within the margin a but the losers, what we are seeing nationally in the quinnipiac is bernie sanders has eclipsed joe biden is the front runner and bernie sanders is the
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democratic front runner nationally. he is leading in every front and it shows joe biden's firewall of not just south carolina but african-americans needs to be carrying 50% of the african-american voting block, that has fallen to 25%. african-americans are abandoning joe biden. what the left with? >> like everyone else in the country they are looking at the first 2 races, the caucus in iowa, the primary in new hampshire and they want to pick a winner. we will see what happens. talk about the independent voters, 14% were independents. what role will independent voters or rolled did they play in the new hampshire primary? >> they are largely responsible for amy klobuchar's surge to third-place and the largest block of undecideds going into
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election they were independents who broke with amy. it is interesting these independents didn't shoes far left candidates, they chose candidates that most closely aligned with the center but it is giving amy her boost of momentum. she's not going anywhere but the problem is going into supertuesday, put together a national campaign operation and ground games, it is very difficult even if she is doing well with independents. >> we will see where they go after her good showing here. thank you, appreciate you joining us as always, have a great day. 19 minutes after the top of the hour, a rerun for former empire actor jussie smollett, the disgraced star got indicted again over his alleged hate crime hoax, aishah hasnie with
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the new hate crime charges he is facing.
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i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. bill: former empire actor jussie smollett indicted on new charges alleged hate crime hoax. prosecutors say he knowingly lied to police to gain attention and advances acting career. aishah hasnie live in studio. some call the move a political stunt. >> reporter: the empire is actor facing 60 charges, special prosecutors don't think they were given a good enough explanation why the original case would drop.
1:24 am
it revealed jussie smollett planned and participated in a staged hate crime attack. numerous statements to chicago police department officers on multiple occasions. the legal team questioning the charges were appropriately dismissed the first time because they were not supported by the evidence. the attempt teresa bree prosecutor jussie smollett one year later on the eve of the state attorney election is clearly all about politics, not just us. it was a year ago jussie smollett told police he was attacked by two masked men who taunted him with homophobic and racial slurs and beat him. police determined he faked the entire thing. >> i have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one. one of the worst of my entire life. >> reporter: prosecutors dropped
1:25 am
the case. whether kim fox influenced the decision or not, fox's reelection campaign suspicious of the new charges saying timing so close to the election was james comey like. >> donald trump taunting prosecutors who stepped down over recommendations roger stone get reduced prison sentence. the former trump advisor was convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering stemming from the mueller probe. he faced up to nine years but when senior doj leaders said they would seek a lesser sentence four people quit. the president tweeting and part who are the four prosecutors? mueller people who cut and ran after being exposed for recommending ridiculous 9 year prison sentence? democrats calling for a doj investigation. the man who intentionally ran
1:26 am
down attentive republican volunteers inside that tend was motivated by anti-trump feelings was a police report revealing the suspect reported himself driving towards the tent in jacksonville florida and the video cut out before he hit anything which he described as the good part. he is charged with aggravated assault, no one was injured. kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter have been laid to rest. into entertainment tonight up your -- private funeral was held friday. the indian legend, his daughter and 7 others were killed in a helicopter crash in california. a public memorial is scheduled 20 fourth at the staples center in la. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump won 2016 by rallying voters as an outsider candidate. sanders and michael bloomberg
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>> this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> thanks to you a campaign some said shouldn't be here at all has shown we are here to stay. >> we have beaten the odds every step of the way. the best is yet to come. let's get to work, everyone. >> new hampshire has spoken. bernie sanders scoring golden the granite state. mayor pete, amy klobuchar with a surprising surge to third-place.
1:32 am
ted harvey, chairman of the committee to defend donald trump but first we begin with caroline shively with the results. great to have you with us. >> reporter: bernie sanders taking the win in new hampshire. he is looking down the road to november. >> let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> reporter: former mayor pete buttigieg trail sanders by two points and is coming out of the state with the same number of delegates after what looks to be a narrow win in iowa, buttigieg with two delegates overall, says the newcomer is what the party needs.
1:33 am
>> election after election has shown us that putting forward a new perspective is how democrats win the white house and we will win the white house. >> amy klobuchar beating expectations, she spent the last few weeks off the campaign trail for the impeachment trial. the minnesota senator winning over and decided after a strong debate performance over the weekend. >> i have beaten the odds more than that. i am not bolted to my senate desk anymore. it has made a big difference. >> know that is up next ten days from now on february 2, '02, south carolina on the 20 ninth. both states have substantial minority population. and joe biden is plotting a comeback after a devastating fifth-place finish in new hampshire.
1:34 am
>> >> we haven't heard from, >> new hampshire, the campaign killer did that overnight. andrew yang and michael bennett both dropping out. >> donald trump, bernie sanders and michael bloomberg rallying big bases by building movement instead of campaigns. in 2016, trump revolutionized the reporting party is an outsider candidate, bernie could do the same for the democrats but will they unite behind him. the chairman of the committee to defend the president ted harvey, thank you for joining us. another outsider, does another outsider stand the best chance against donald trump?
1:35 am
>> i would think bernie would have run away with it. >>. and the democrat primary would go to him, but mayor pete is putting on a good show. and and how biden does in nevada and south carolina. if he doesn't do well in south carolina he will have to end his campaign. the impeachment effort is going to backfire on him more than it will on donald trump, it has been an interesting election moving forward. >> given the results, being close with sanders and pete
1:36 am
buttigieg perhaps people don't view sanders as the outsider he claims to be, that is why warren is dropping and biden is dropping and you have klobuchar and buttigieg sticking in. and socialism is what he claims to be, democratic socialist. medicare for all, something he is campaigning on would cost $36 trillion in the first ten years. free public college tuition. $1.25 trillion a ten years. the green new deal should cost $93 trillion over ten years, this is what people will stand behind or get behind. >> certainly not. the democrat party has become a socialist party, the party if i
1:37 am
want free stuff. you watched the debates over the past two month. every candidate out there has been saying, and we will wipe away all their student, and what they believe in working hard, we believe in the free market system. and and work for the american people and, with the bernie sanders of the world are offering, with their trying to sell will go over well with mainstream america. >> >> that is why klobuchar is moving up in the polls and the numbers. we will see what happens moving
1:38 am
forward, nevada caucus and south carolina the primary. we appreciate it. >> 20 minutes until the top of the hour. democrats putting new hampshire in the rearview mirror. >> we are going to south carolina. >> we are going to south carolina. >> >> and political panel on deck whether the dems can battle it out without tearing the party to pieces. ♪
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change we are going to south carolina. we are going to win those states. the campaign moon son to nevada, to communities across the country. >> we are going to south carolina.
1:42 am
>> we need to hear from nevada and south carolina and supertuesday states and beyond. >> the cycle turns on, candidates ready for the south carolina primary moving on to the first southern test for the presidential election so who stands the best chance in the palmetto state? joining me to debate is kathy arrow and forward o'connor. we appreciate it. looking i had the next primary, who has the best chance in south carolina? biden is already there so he is putting the effort in. >> 2020 democrats are tearing each other apart to make a case who who is best to be donald trump and primary voters are less than enthusiastic about their choices. we saw the beginning new hampshire, lower-than-expected turnout as we turn to south carolina. joe biden is on life support. bernie sanders is climbing in
1:43 am
the polls. he is from intent and purposes the front runner in the democratic race. i wouldn't be shocked if bernie won in south carolina. >> reporter: will it be bernie? >> maybe it is bernie but bloomberg, the most we have seen so far in any of these races, this is the most diverse market we have seen. a new poll comes out showing his numbers going up with minorities, the president put out a tweet saying bloomberg is a racist and quickly taken down because he's not a racist, and the name was written in a state where he wasn't even going -- trying to win. eyes were on bloomberg. >> reporter: not sure the president was afraid of
1:44 am
bloomberg, he didn't want to bring the country together, and you have bloomberg on board talking about stop and frisk. let's move on to democrats and nevada. nevada is the next race and it is a caucus like iowa was. i they going to have the same problem this time around in iowa? they are not using the same apps that allegedly caused part of the problems they had. they are using something different, ipad tool? >> testing new voter technology at a time emotions are running high, is never a good idea. if you have a repeat of the iowa fiasco, you could have civil war on the democratic party considering bernie sanders in 2016 felt the primary was rigged against him. a lot of democratic primary voters want confidence in the system but if you have chaos and confusion this could be a game
1:45 am
changer for donald trump. heather: will it be chaos like iowa? >> there are no rules, they have to do things differently. they have cards. it is an embarrassment. the whole world is watching. this is an american thing. if we can show we know how to elect a president without russia interview, without technology scaring us, the -- >> the democrats are running the nevada caucus. they have no one to blame but themselves. >> democrats are americans. it doesn't matter. these are americans and they should know how to run technology. >> you can't run the country. >> we are not arguing whether democrats are americans, we are arguing whether they can win a caucus successfully which they clearly did not do in iowa.
1:46 am
we appreciate it. we will see what happens. 15 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump launched a nailbiter in new hampshire in 2016. he is stronger than ever as republican voter enthusiasm in the granite state is on the rise. coming up next the rnc says the president is in a perfect position to turn the blue state solid red coming up. ♪ it's nice to finally meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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and watch all the shows you love.
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>> donald trump sailing to victory in a state he narrowly dropped in the general election. that follows in overflow crowd,
1:50 am
new hampshire's enthusiasm should not be ignored come november. kathy medley, thank you for joining us. let's begin with donald trump's tweet, the fake news media looking hard for the big democrat story but with the big story be we have gotten more new hampshire primary votes than any incumbent president and neither party in the history of the great state, not an insignificant fact. if you compare numbers between donald trump who garnered
1:51 am
118,774 votes in 2012 where a significant win for donald trump. >> he not only outdid obama's vote total but outdid bush 41 and clinton and bumping up towards president reagan. this is to show new hampshire voters have something to prove, he narrowly lost the state in 2016, we are not going to let that happen again and they were out there to show a message last night, they came out in droves, a sign that all democrats should be wary of as we head towards november. heather: what is happening in new hampshire significantly? >> we heard in the rally promises made promises kept. the president has a long list of results for the state in the i was talking to a guy in the rally, why are you here? i want to send a message to democrats and the country that we like what we see from this president and want to four more years. heather: there is a town in new hampshire called hudson, new hampshire. every past election they have correctly predicted who the democratic nominee will be and this time around at least so far
1:52 am
hudson has buttigieg in the lead. how do you think it would shape of if you have donald trump against buttigieg in the end? >> the president taking on whoever they can get to be there candidate because of the record of results. we have a great thing going and the best is yet to come. the problem for any one of these democrats is not only are they up against the strong record of results, what they are touting is so wildly to the left and so wildly out of touch with every day hard-working blue-collar americans that is a real problem this november but an issue i know the president decided to be on the campaign trail touting every day until election day. heather: at the same time you have bernie sanders coming out with a significant lead, not entirely unexpected in new hampshire but moving forward. what about bernie sanders? pete buttigieg's plans are very similar and the moderates,
1:53 am
klobuchar moving up. >> the president said we will never be a socialist country and when you talk about what they are offering, more taxpayer dollars to create more government programs with more control over your life the people will say no especially with the president has been doing. something none of these democrats have, when you are in the campaign trail and policies are not resonating or not build infrastructure to get you over the finish line. donald trump has brought in a record number of new donors and dollars and we are using that to get our grassroots army trained and ready to go. something democrats continuing to battle it out to contend with as well. >> reporter: nevada coming up quickly, great to have you with us this morning, we will be right back. to even more rea
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>> donald trump demonstrated the last guy he wants to run against is me. >> we could run mickey mouse against this president and have a shot. heather: joe biden couldn't stay in new hampshire long enough to face the blood of his campaign
1:58 am
was that with but somebody can do pete donald trump, even mickey mouse could do it. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with a reaction online. carley: we love mickey. after a dismal showing in iowa and new hampshire a lot of people say he is no longer in any position to talk about electability. that was his thing, the one who could most easily beat donald trump. tucker says an empty suit could beat biden. on twitter, mickey mouse placed better than him in new hampshire. joe biden says he is just getting started in iowa and new hampshire. >> the yang gang, he is officially dropping out. >> i am suspending my campaign for president. thank you so much.
1:59 am
>> a disappointing night for social media savvy, the hashtag yang, after he made this announcement, he tweeted in part andrew, i will miss you on the campaign trail, you inspired so many new people to join politics, andrew will miss you and the yang gang, can't wait to work together across the challenges ahead. look at this tweet. jerry says i am in tears over that. what a cruel world. one andrew yang supporter, andrew yang tweeted up he will be back. in terms of a political future for him. >> thank you so much.
2:00 am
that wraps up this hour on "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues up next. >> this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. we are taking on billionaires and candidates funded by billionaires. >> the state that goes by the motto live free or die. plenty of you decided a middle-class mayor and a veteran from the industrial midwest was the right choice to take on this president. >> thank you, ne


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