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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 13, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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malignant dictatorships we have hated in our foreign policy since world war ii. unfortunately, you're insane, alec. we will always seek the truth. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham is here. hi. >> laura: i'm always glad when that dry eyes special effect comes up and i'm not the villain of the day. >> sean: come on, really? >> laura: i'm happy, yeah. >> sean: you really think one am going to choose you? >> laura: yeah. >> sean: you believe that? >> laura: yeah, let's coordinate with my staff and everything. >> sean: if you do something that deserves that, that's it, you're going to be villain of the day. you have to deserve it. alec baldwin is tough to beat. >> laura: i want to give real dry ice for your studio. you've got a fancy set up over there. i want the flames, i want the whole deal. okay? >> sean: you don't have -- you have a fancier set up than i do.
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>> laura: are you kidding me? i love our site, i'm not going to say anything else. you know the people, when you go skiing -- >> sean: it costs millions of dollars to build these things. >> laura: listen, when someone has the $1,000 pair of skis, it's fun to be on a pair of really old dogs on your feet and you go whizzing right by because the people who have really nice studios, many have a rudimentary studio and you are number one. your number one. speed is something like that, whatever you say. i don't care. >> laura: have a great night. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. tonight. the left is so overcome with their zeal to reject trump from office that they are abandoning all their supposed principles to back perhaps a plutocrat like mike bloomberg? no. but will he sell out america to china? my angle explains how he might have already done it. and speaking of many mind, despite his old thoughts on stop
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and frisk resurfacing, and the mayor made a pitch to black voters in houston tonight. did it work? we send a special guest inside and he went into the event. you know who it is. i'm not going to tell you who it is. oh, you see him on the screen. shocked. a little trick there. the exclusive video we've got a head. plus, we were the only show to report on that deranged leftist who drove a van into a trump voter registration tent in florida and we have an important update on that story for you tonight. but first, the big news today was bill barr defending decisions to scale back roger stone's outrageous sentencing recommendation. earlier today, the attorney general told abc news this. >> when i first on the news reports i thought, gee, the news is spinning this, this is not what we were going to do. >> you were surprised? >> i was very surprised. i said that night to my staff that we had to get ready because
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we had to do something in the morning to amend that and clarify what our position was. i had made a decision that i thought was fair and reasonable in this particular case. >> laura: barr's right of course. whatever your feelings about roger stone, he doesn't deserve nearly a decade in jail about lying about activities that are not even illegal. roger stone is 67 years old, has no criminal history, but the media is not interested in that part of the interview, no. facts and details bore the chattering class. they unsurprisingly found this to be the big take away. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the departme department, about people in the department, men and women here, about cases pending in the department, and about judges before whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job. >> laura: a comment that almost everyone in trump's
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orbit has said before. it is suddenly the new bombshe bombshell. >> news as well could be described as a besieged attorney general of the united states. in his warped imagination this is a terrible, disloyal thing to do when these people must be punished. >> does bill barr have enough goodwill with the president and political capital that he can do something like this and get away with? >> he fired sessions after almost two full years of simmering. we might get barr leaving on his own. >> laura: she always looks happy. but like some of the others, they misread what is really going on here the white has released a statement shortly after the interview reading in part, the president wasn't bothered by the comment at all. and he has the right just like any other american citizen to publicly offer his opinions. the president has full faith and confidence in attorney general barr to do his job and uphold the law. the white house to niles not going to matter to democrats. they are still going to try to use the stone case to make up for their embarrassing impeachment failure. something egregious like ths
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demands that the inspector general investigate. >> what barr has done means we are demanding a resignation, and then the house should start impeachment proceedings against him. >> attorney general william barr ought to be ashamed and embarrassed, and resign. >> laura: and the media playing right along. >> almost every big decision that is coming to the justice department now has to be sent to the white house and checked out with the president, and then do the president's bidding. we didn't see that in watergate. this is why this is more sinister. >> laura: it always goes back to being more sinister than watergate. they just have stock phrases they pull off-the-shelf and spit them out on tv. joining me now, john eastman, senior fellow, constitutional scholar and darrell issa, former chair of the house oversight committee that oversees the doj. all right, the media sees a
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story of trump versus barr but barr was basically telling trump, don't worry, i got this. >> the executive power is invested in the president. if he wants to counteract decisions of the prosecutor, that is his dang job. there's nothing wrong with it. what was wrong with it is the egregious, predawn raid on roger stone and throwing the book on this guy because they don't like his politics. >> laura: i have to say this, congressman, that tweeting about a pending case, john and i know this, you know this, it is going to be a problematic thing because it's not necessarily going to affect any outcome, nor should it, however it does but the attorney general in a bit of a pickle, does it not? because then, wait a second, pressure, pressure. he wasn't pressured, he was doing what he thought was right, but the tweet hangs out over his shoulder and it makes it a
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little trickier for him. so i do get that point. >> you know, there's been no communicator in our history like donald trump and president tru president trump's in need and desire and effectiveness to say what people are thinking, including the unfair treatment of roger stone. trumps all these other things. i understand how every member of the cabinet would prefer to have the chief executive just say you've got this but in some cases like eddie gallagher, who is unfairly treated, the navy seal, or in the case of roger stone, the president using his ability to give clemency or pardoning, those are his rights. i don't think there's any question and i don't think there's a rift between the attorney general and the president. i see the attorney general doing what he needs to do and not being afraid to say the line attorneys -- by the way, very
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questionable federal judge. you might remember, she's the one that gave eric holder an extra two years to slow walk fast and furious. i don't blame the president for doing what he's doing, which is communicate them to the american people because they want to hear it now. >> laura: john, again, just so you remind everyone what happened here, roger stone, the jury foreman, to make, who is in the roger stone jury called roger stone racist pretrial, called trump supporters racist, likened trump to the kkk, person on the jury, praised the mueller investigation and ran unsuccessfully for congress. is there reason the president should be unhappy about that? >> secretary grisham: are in fact, she lied to the judge when she said she hadn't been following the mueller investigation. she had been tweeting about it the whole time. it is another aspect of this and that is a gross double standard. president obama gives a speech
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exonerating hillary clinton before her department of justice lawyers do anything about hillary clinton and nobody is talking about that. trump tweet out something on a decision that is already going to be made and all of a sudden it is and it would be triple offense? i mean, this is laughable. >> laura: i don't remember the media getting all bent out of shape when obama weighed in on a myriad of legal cases. >> at least acted stupidly. >> if i had a son, he would look like trey von. >> did you know about hillary's use of private email server while she was secretary of state customer did you think it posed a national security problem? >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. >> with a double standard, for eric holder, they clearly got away with this. clapper and comey and plenty of people had lied to congress and have not been held accountable. i was on the campaign trail and every day people asked me one
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thing, which is, you were an effective chairman, you held these people accountable but nothing happened. the fact is under the last administration, they made sure that none of the people who lied to congress, none of the people who did much worse things were actually prosecuted. even eric holder, who was referred for criminal contempt, the president bailed him out by claiming executive privilege, only to later admit that those documents were never privileged documents. but that is forgotten by the so-called mainstream media, and president trump is not going to fail to state in real time because the american people need to hear it in real time. >> laura: you were talking about eric holder, former ag for obama. this is what he had to say about barr in a tweet. he said, do not underestimate the danger of the situation. the political appointees and doj are involving themselves in an inappropriate way involving cases involving allies to the president.
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this affects the rule of law and respect for appeared unprecedented. >> except for what he did, he launched the most political department of justice in our nation's history appeared he was cited for contempt of congress. >> laura: fast and furious. >> for lying to congress, for withholding documents and he politicized every aspect of the department of justice. >> laura: remember his first speech to the employees of the department of justice? you know what his first speech was to the employees? we are a nation of cowards on the issue of race. it was all about race and how the country -- that is how he introduced himself to the department. it's bigger and worse, they got a lot of those guys in as political appointees and then converted them into career appointees who are still there in the deep state working against the elected president. >> laura: congressman, how concerned are you that some of these same people are burrowed in at doj and agencies like the national security council?
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>> i'm not just concerned national security is very clear and people see it, but the doj, i'm very concerned. i talked to border patrol agents, rank and file all the way up to their heads, and they are frustrated they are still being to do their job by those very people that were left embedded. one of the other things that eric holder should be remembered for, he came before congress and asked about being the chief law enforcement. he looked in the eye and said, i wear two hats. and in follow-up it became clear the two hats he wears, one is chief law enforcement and the other is a political an appointe of president obama. that is something bill barr never said and if he had said it, the democrats in the senate would've had a heyday and yet, ultimately, eric holder thought he was a political appointee and acted like one. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you so much. the president today lambasted the leisure in that case, as i mentioned earlier. it looked like she did hide her anti-trump by us during jury
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selection in the roger stone case. but have no fear because the media quickly rode into her defense. >> i was so struck by the president going after the foreperson on the jury today, because this is someone who has done their civic duty. >> you see him interfering today, chastising the jurors in the roger stone case. >> his allies are waging a war against the jury itself, who convicted roger stone. >> trump has also attacked a roger stone juror, who is an american citizen, alleging significant bias. >> we are seeing jury nullification at a presidential level. >> laura: joining me now is former acting attorney general matt whitaker, was trump justified in being outraged about this juror? >> yet, this is an extraordinary moment, and i remember when i was u.s. attorney and we would have trials where there were allegations of jurors. >> laura: people are going to your resume.
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>> qualified to talk about these issues, plus the u.s. attorney, and what i know is once a juror is corrupt or has a bias, the whole system falls apart. really i think we should be concerned about jurors, especially here unfortunately in the district of columbia where they kind of game the system and have biases that they aren't willing to admit. this person clearly had, maybe not prejudged the case but certainly had a preferred outcome and opinions on the ca case. >> laura: is there any way to go back in? is there any way to go back in and try to overturn this case? at this point, just because of the juror itself? >> yeah, once the jury has rendered its decision, obviously there's all sorts of procedural things and undoing a jury verdict is hard but not impossible.
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>> laura: the d.c. circuit, go to the d.c. circuit. >> there's going to have to be showing that it was bias and the outcome. again, it's harder. it's better to win a child and lose a trial and try to appeal on various theories but the system will work and if this person is demonstrated to have had these anti-trump biases, that can be undone. >> laura: going back to the bill barr thing for a moment. you've known bill barr for a long time and i certainly have as well. are you surprised by the way the media is playing this? barr is a no-nonsense guy. he wants to do the job and get the job done but he has been incredibly supportive of the president's agenda and incredibly phenomenal cabinet secretary over at justice but it's like they're trying to put a wedge in the relationship and the president is like, no problem. >> the president should and does have full confidence of bill barr. he is the perfect person to be attorney general at this time and this idea that somehow the
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attorney general is impotent to insert himself and the most important cases, highest profile cases that face the department of justice, it's just not true. >> laura: don't they work under him? they've got to quit, in other words. were they justified? we are quitting because of bill barr. with a political actress? >> in the interview they had told him they were going to do quite the opposite and then did exactly what he said, decision had been made and they went the other direction anyway. this seems to be a little bit of a set up to because of this exact kerfuffle. a very much choreographed. and fundamentally all of their power is driven from the president and attorney general and if the attorney general was led to believe we should make this recommendation and they don't, they shouldn't only resign they should be concerned about being removed because that is an insubordinate act. >> laura: this is article two. the president is the head of the
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executive branch. i mean, this gets lost on a lot of people. it's like these runaway detail leads from the cia or someone in the department or one prosecutor gets to run the show. >> remember, career doesn't mean nonpartisan. we keep using that as interchangeable terms and it just is not true. >> laura: great to see you. thank you. coming outcome of the democrat and media establishment seem to be warming to michael bloomberg, but what did they think about his whole story? up next, my angle exposes how the former new york city mayor has put china's interest perhaps i have hours? i feel like i'm losing my identity.
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that's what we want! that's speed, reliability, and security, all from one provider. touchdown! get started with internet and voice for an amazing price. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ >> laura: in bloomberg's china cabinet, that is the focus of tonight's "angle."
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after i was counting chaos and slim wins for pete and bernie io nominating contest and after biden's campaign collapsed, you can kind of feel things changing in the democrat party. you can feel it, and you can hear it. i'm talking about the murmurs for mike. the banter for bloomy. speak at the big winner last night could be mayor bloomberg. >> bloomberg looks well-positioned now to swoop in. >> he wasn't given his money like donald trump was. he earned it the old-fashioned way. >> he has done more to reduce violence, and only in his own city but cities across america. more than any single living person. >> michael bloomberg and win the campaign. donald trump knows it, he is afraid. >> laura: bloomberg in a way is everything that they love. where trump is a proud nationalist, bloomberg is a citizen of the world, he is a globalist from manhattan who isn't fazed by mass abortions,
7:23 pm
but agonizes over the climate. >> no matter what you think of climate change, that it really has the potential to destroy our world, which means stopping polluting and all of those kinds of things of things. >> if you want 32 ounces, take two cups. if you want 64, carrie four but our hope is if you only take one, you won't go back. >> laura: this is going to be fun. what's not to like? well, a lot, actually. it's not just that he's bad on guns, immigration, terrible on health care and our food choices, bloomberg is really bad when it comes to our chief economic and military threat. i'm talking about china. in fact, he can't even bring himself to use the correct words to describe their government. speak at the communist party wants to stay in power in china, and they listen to the public. when the public says i can't breathe the air, he is not a dictator, he has to satisfy his constituents. >> he is not a dictator? >> he has a constituency to
7:24 pm
answer to. >> no government survives without the will and majority of its people. >> the idea that the chinese government is responsive to a democratic expression for clean air. >> come on, of course they are. >> laura: that in and of itself should tell us all he should never be president. responsive to the chinese government? not to the people, the dictatorship. oh, that makes it all okay. when he said this china was in the midst of a brutal suppressing of the pro-democracy demonstration in hong kong, and as we are learning at the time, the true extent of china's vast array of concentration camps for muslims. bloomberg has been getting increasingly tight with the chinese for years. he loved the massive marketplace and they love his money, and influence in the united states. >> i first met him 15 years ago at a dinner at my house when he was the mayor of beijing. today, he is the most
7:25 pm
influential political figure in china and in the world. >> please join me in altering te vice president of china. >> laura: his gushing over china's vice president took place at the new economy form that bloomberg's company hold every year. now guess where they hosted this 2019 conference? why, beijing, of course. of course! i'm telling you, keep your eye on bloomberg's business activities in china. they are actually increasing as he is running for president. democrats might not be asking any questions about this, but newt gingrich sure is. >> what percent of his fortune came from cutting deals with the dictatorship in china? what share of the money he's going to spend to try to buy the presidency actually came from china because of his willingness to be cozy with the dictatorship? >> laura: while china was cheating at trade, stealing our intellectual property and
7:26 pm
putting american companies out of business, bloomberg was helping beijing get richer and more powerful. "the washington post" is reporting, bloomberg while showering praise on the communist party leaders, whose goodwill is required to play a role in the fast-growing market, led efforts since 2015 to make it easy for u.s. companies to trade in chinese currency, and expanded one of his company's financial indexes, which could steer $150 billion into china, while earning his firm an undisclosed amount in fees. oh, my friends, we are talking billions and billions of dollars in fees made in communist china. and here's a fun little fact. bloomberg's operations rake in more money each year from china and hong kong than all of the businesses of the trump organization combined, that they made and all of 2018. so, with all of those, who do
7:27 pm
you think china is rooting in november? do they want the current president, who forced him to make concessions on trade, the one whose lab tariffs on them, or would they want the guy who would basically give them everything they want? follow the tweets from the mayor's media company for any length of time and you will see it is constantly pushing a pro china agenda. they've even been called out for spiking stories critical of beijing over at bloomberg. look at this headline about the coronavirus from last week. china sacrifices a province to save the world from coronavirus. in this one, the u.s. charges a leading nano scientist for lying about his work with the thousand talents program. will china's most brilliant minds balk at coming to america? so you get the idea. it will be hilarious but not completely surprising if it ends up being bloomberg versus trump.
7:28 pm
think about it. democrats come of the self-anointed champions of human rights, choosing a pro china guy as their nominee? they are supposed to be pro-american worker, so how would it look to pick a guy who would just end up making it easier for companies here to ship jobs over there? and my goodness, how will it make the squad feel? if their party runs one new york billionaire against another billionaire? the answer, not well. >> it physically impossible. the whole thing is a joke. >> your crazy! >> this is simply a disruption and a distraction. >> laura: you get the point. they're not going to be happy, and that is the "angle." joining me now, richard goodstein, former advisor to bill and hillary clinton along with charlie hurt, pinning editor for "the washington times" and a fox news contributor.
7:29 pm
all right, if it means being trump, will democrats defend bloomberg's remarks and business ties to china? >> the short answer is of course. democrats are so intent on beating donald trump, i think that they would be happy to have michael bloomberg, and indeed, they are probably thrilled to see in this quinnipiac poll, which i've seen cited repeatedly on fox news, michael bloomberg beating donald trump by nine points today. this is after the last few weeks of donald trump's -- >> laura: stay on track with what i'm focused on. the democratic party has prided itself on being invested in human rights. they blast israel with a boycott, divestment deal on college campuses. and yet, there's a thought they may embrace this guy who can't even call the chinese government a chinese dictatorship, a communist government system and is cozying up to the dictators over there the way that he is. i mean, how does that work? how do you square that?
7:30 pm
>> actually agree with something new encourage set on that tape that you ran which is, let's see how much business michael bloomberg made from china and there's a way to get to the bottom of it. the same with donald trump. release your tax returns. that is how we will actually know how much is talk and how much is nonsense. and incidentally, running a trillion dollar deficit is not exactly the way to get leverage over the chinese. >> laura: again, charlie, i'm trying to just get my head wrapped around this. michael bloomberg, who makes a billion dollars in china, is going to be tougher on china thn donald trump has been? are you kidding me? they hated his tariffs, they hated his tariffs. >> that is exactly the point. whatever investment the trump companies have had in china, donald trump has been tougher on china than any president we have had in three decades. and, i'm so grateful to you,
7:31 pm
laura, for running that package right there because it is so important. not only is it a wonderful precursor to what we are going to see in ads from the trump administration against a candidate like bloomberg, but it is also very important -- and you were one of the few people in the media industry who got onto this early. one of the most powerful platforms, donald trump ran on was his opposition to china. he understood what people in regular america thought about china, what they had seen china doing to regular americans' jobs over the past three decades that politicians in both parties had ignored for decades, and donald trump is the first one to call him on it. and in his first term he is willing to confront them on it. >> laura: bernie sanders is pretty good on china. it goes from marco rubio to bernie sanders bernie sanders. republicans and democrats are now waking up to the china threat. i mean, this is not some minor issue. 21st century is either going to be hours or it is going to be
7:32 pm
china's. no doubt about it. and yet bloomberg, he can't bring himself to say communist dictatorship. i don't know what you do. >> donald trump has imposed tens of billions of dollars of taxes, tariffs we will call them, on american consumers. we know that. that is not debatable. and, ostensibly that is opposing some hardship on china and meanwhile, the bailout of our auto industry was a pittance compared to what we have now had to bail out our farmers because donald trump has basically imposed tariffs to make their lives miserable. >> tariffs for selling goods into our country? that is not a tax on american people. that is actually money coming into the government. >> chinese imports. listen, goods coming from china into the united states are being tariffs. >> laura: hold on, let's do a
7:33 pm
little economics. why are we having inflation now? where's our inflation? if what you are saying is true, where are all the inflationary pressures on buying in the united states was wrecked the answer is there is no inflationary tendency in this market right now. speak of the fact of the matter is if the public was so thrilled with the state of the economy, donald trump wouldn't be down 9.2 michael bloomberg, republicans would not be minus t in the generic ballot. donald trump would not be under water. >> laura: hillary was up by 15 points nationally? your people were up 15 points, hillary was up 15 points and that went down in flames. this will as well but michael bloomberg is crafty. he's very smart obviously but this is the quintessential struggle, america versus china. gentlemen, great conversation. speaking of mike bloomberg, fresh off his stop and frisk controversy, he held an event in houston tonight to woo african-american voters. what do they think? we went inside to find out and we have the video next. and then herman cain's response. y
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- do that are degrading?ideo tapes, film reels, or photos, legacybox professionally converts them to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. legacybox is simple and safe, with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off. ♪ >> laura: mike bloomberg is making his pitch to african-americans in houston, texas, tonight, and this comes after years old videos resurfacing showing bloomberg saying un-woke things. bloomberg repudiated these remarks but what people at his campaign event tonight, what did they think?
7:39 pm
dinesh d'souza joins us now. here is a conversation you had with two ladies. let's watch. >> you heard about bloomberg and the stop and frisk program. is that something that bothers you about mike or are you okay with his position on stop and frisk? >> you can't implicate policies to ostracize parts of the population. >> i'm a mother of a young black boy. i have an 8-year-old son and ultimately, i don't want him to be judged by what he has on or the color of his skin. stop and frisk, do i agree with it? absolutely not. >> laura: those ladies were not happy about stop and frisk but, he apologized for it. he went to a church and he did the, and was that a common response to nyquist mike this
7:40 pm
was a crowd of democratic activists. there was a kind of skeptical openness to bloomberg, no real enthusiasm but a willingness to hear him out. the issues they are concerned about is hypocrisy because bloomberg saying one thing and doing another. when i interviewed people i realize half the people they worked for bloomberg, one after the other, i work for bloomberg, i work for bloomberg. i wouldn't be surprised if a fourth of the audience worked for bloomberg. it was hard to find people who were not on bloomberg payroll to talk to. the mood was open-minded but a little doubtful. >> laura: is that a bloomberg pain you have on i'm noticing on your lapel? what is that all about? is that how you got in there? >> i don't think i can keep it on much longer because i came here right from the event, but as i walked in they slapped it on may come everyone has to wear one of these to get them here the price of admission. i don't think it's good for my
7:41 pm
career to keep it on too long. >> laura: one more troubling interaction tonight was about black unemployment numbers. i want to play that, watch. >> i don't believe those numbers are reflective of what is actually happening. >> laura: how does the president combat that disinformation? the economy has never been better for black america, and yet, there are people in that audience saying i don't believe those numbers. >> i think it is sheer cognitive dissonance because these are people who have been bombarded with anti-trump propaganda, so them when they see trump at the state of the union recite this litany of great things, one after the other, a strong economy, an economy that is disproportionately benefiting the working class and african-americans and other minorities, it's almost as if, how can that be? so a certain kind of dissonance i think creeps and in which you
7:42 pm
are forced to deny the facts in order to support the hypothesis that you have been force-fed over many, many years. >> laura: the quinnipiac poll market that just came out, black support in the democratic primary, biden is at 27, he's fallen quite a bit. bloomberg is at 22%. sanders, 19, buttigieg is at 4. poor little amy is at 0, not sure what is going on there, but does that comport with what you saw tonight? this is after this tape was played, and trump has been slamming him but he seems pretty popular among african-americans according to that poll. >> the crowd i saw, they were all these local -- houston is a democratic city. people think texas, it's got to be conservative. now, it's a democratic city and all the democratic local officials were there. they had ruffled up their local audiences. there were like 25 speakers before bloomberg got to the podium, so this is one of those
7:43 pm
coming together moments. and bloomberg has got the money. maybe there is a feeling that the cash ultimately will deliver the goods with bloomberg, and i think ultimately bloomberg may just be the beneficiary of biden's rapid political hemorrhaging, which seems to be occurring on all fronts. >> laura: all right, thank you so much for going out tonight. as bloomberg pitches black voters in houston, major african-american donors are airing their grievances about the 2020 field. political reporting that the democratic party's black donor class believes the candidates aren't doing enough to court the black community. i wonder why they are so worried. >> there are things we can and should do right away. it could do with black money. i'm sorry, dark money. >> african-american money. >> i'm always happy to take black many contributions. >> i think we proportionately stop whites too much and minorities to little. >> poor kids are just as great
7:44 pm
and just as talented as white kids. >> laura: oh, my gosh, that is quite a montage. joining me now is herman cain, former chairman of the d.c. democratic party. is this an opening for president trump to woo black voters, given these various missteps? some of what you just saw. >> i don't think it is an opening for president trump to woo black voters because president trump is trying to woo the united states of america. the result that this president has been able to achieve have helped all people. that is the difference. the democrats and the liberals continue to think that there are specific things that they can say or do that are going to woo black voters. the only thing that black voters and brown voters have in common is that they are black and brown. they are not politically aligned, they are not ideologically aligned. to try to put them in a homogeneous group as one group all the time is a mistake, and
7:45 pm
all you have to do is look at the reputable polls and you will see that the support for president trump from black people has grown and grown and grown. >> laura: scott, your response? >> i don't think the polls are very credible just based on not just anecdotal, but the mythology that somehow donald trump, because of the economy and because of black unemployment at its lowest level is going to translate into votes for donald trump. every poll, quinnipiac or otherwise, has him in the single digits and that is not going to change. what's driving black support and black donors not giving isn't because they believe they've been taken for granted. we agree with republicans that the democrats to take black people for granted and our money for granted. but the reason the money is being held right now is because the number one priority is beating donald trump, and none of the democratic candidates at this point, given how early it
7:46 pm
is, no one is convinced as to who that nominee is going to be who is going to get donald trump one-on-one. so you're going to have a lot of money held up. i'm a black donor, i sit on the democratic business council. i have been given to a democratic presidential candidate yet because ultimately beating donald trump and who is that nominee going to be -- we are way early on this. >> laura: i want to play something that elizabeth warren had said going back to this bloomberg issue, where he does this, standing up for stop and frisk, makes comments about disproportionate crime. then he walks them back and he's just throwing money into this race. $150 million already spent, going to spend half a billion dollars on this race. this is what she said about bloomberg. watch. >> michael bloomberg is saying, in effect, that the 2008 financial crash was caused because the banks weren't
7:47 pm
permitted to discriminate against black and brown people. >> laura: i mean, it is getting ugly out there, herman cain. warren doesn't have much of a chance at this point but she is staying in and she is going to make up bloomberg quite a bit on this race run. does he have enough money to overcome it? >> no, he does not have enough money to overcome it. i have said this before and on your show, many black people have left the democrat plantation and they are not going back. they are not going to be swayed by michael bloomberg having a lot of money to go up against donald trump. and i agree with your guest on one thing, beat trump. that is not a strategy. the reason that joe biden is falling and falling and falling in favor with the base is because they don't have an alternative to the politics that have proven to work so well, and i happen to believe that some of the black people who don't believe the low black unemployment numbers are simply
7:48 pm
victims of brainwashing by the news and the cable outlets that they watch. so no, i don't buy it. and there are some credible polls out there. gallup is a credible poll, and they both came up with the same results. >> may become a maybe not. but the bottom line is black people are voting for donald trump and if we get a democratic nominee, black people are not going to leave bloomberg or any of the other potential nominees because there is no litmus test on race or stop and frisk. there are no perfect white candidates who address all african-american issues. they are all flawed. >> laura: they dress the american issues, which is everybody's issues. health, security, the border, and economic concerns. herman and scott, great to see you both tonight. coming up, last weekend, radical left plowed his van into supporters for trump tent registering to vote. this was in florida over the weekend so why isn't the media
7:49 pm
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♪ >> laura: now the latest on that disturbing van attack on a g.o.p. voter registration tent in jacksonville, florida, over the weekend. as i predicted, the driver, a man named gregory tim admitted he was motivated by his hatred for president trump. joining me now is the county g.o.p. chair, dean, after was confirmed this was politically motivated there hasn't been any media follow-ups by the victory network, msnbc and cnn as well. why do you think that is? >> we know exactly why that is. dinesh d'souza said a few moments ago, we will call it cognitive dissonance.
7:54 pm
clearly, they are biased. clearly, the mainstream media isn't interested in doing the job of journalism in this country. it would rather point the finger at us when it's their own house that's on fire and this violence is actually occurring all over the country. this is not just a jacksonville thing, it's happened up in maine, there was another incident down south. it happens all the time. and they refused to acknowledge it acknowledge it. >> laura: it was actually another act of political violence in new hampshire. i don't know if it's being tolerated, okay, nothing is going to happen to me, or is it because the media doesn't cover it? but this is going to keep happening. >> if they don't, like i said the other night, we are nine months away from the election. people are going to get more and more excited and right now they have a duty to their profession and to the country to call this out because this has no place in
7:55 pm
our electoral system. you know, no one, thankfully, was injured in jacksonville. >> laura: could've been. we've got to roll but unbelievable story. media very dishonest about it. when we come back, the return of this twitter smacked down. boom! get free business day shipping... office depot, officemax and
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>> the american constitution is sexist by its very design. the country's laws have treated us like second class citizens. we still face barriers to our full participation in society. >> laura: i had to bring back
8:00 pm
the twitter smackdown after seeing that atrocity being treated out by presley. women have never done better, never had more opportunities and they dominate college enrollment. men are the minority on campus and have higher addiction rates and suicide rates. that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. take it from here. >> shannon: thanks, laura. we start with a fox news alert. new reaction to bill barr asking the president to knock it off with the tweeting about doj criminal cases. bar says he already decided the sentence recommended for stone was too harsh, but the president's decision to weigh-in made his job harder. the attacks coming at barr from both sides but notably tonight not from the president. some are calling it damage control for another


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