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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 20, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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in first, it might be over. nyquil severe. >> what about the general election because we have this the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. poll from nbc talking about moving forward to the general election, a matchup between biden and donald trump with biden at 52%. >> washington democrats keep on after last night's performance and the performance before that and before that? >> i don't like these head to losing their minds and they head matchups because campaigns are about contrast. haven't a member of the trump hasn't made the argument committee, i hear he is getting pounded tonight. against democrats. last night the democrats were >> one thing i'm embarrassed all arguing about who wanted to about is how it turns out with stop and frisk. >> billionaire who calls women tax people more, kill more industries, bloomberg this week insulted the gray matter of farmers and young people. horse faced lesbians. i'm not talking donald trump but mayor bloomberg. >> socialist democrats are that hypothetical is just that. i think trump was the winner trying to destroy american last night. healthcare and social security. >> who has the best shot in the nevada caucuses? that is coming up next. my administration is protecting >> bernie is going to dominate in nevada. the question is who comes in your social security, your second place, biden needs to
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medicare and fighting to give come in second but i don't know you great healthcare. last night if he does. we will find out if ads can buy >> pete buttigieg really has a a presidential nomination. slogan thought up by his consultants and amy's plan is even less, like a post it note, insert plan here. bernie has a good start. heather: if he can spend he can stay in it. >> i more a microsoft word guy. >> we found out what happens >> the dnc is going to take away with people not on your payroll. heather: we will be right back. from bernie and that is okay because we don't care who it is. male voice: what did i tell you, boys? tonight we eat like kings! (chuckling) you're a genius, gordon! brake! hit the brake! >> we are not going to throw out uh, which one's the brake? capitalism. we tried that. (crash, bottles smashing) other countries tried that. stop! stop! it was called communism it didn't work. sto-o-op! (brakes squealing) >> i believe in democratic socialism for working people, what's happening? what? not billionaires. >> the us mca is a gigantic there's a half of cheesesteak back there. victory for farmers and ranchers with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more and manufacturers. >> specifically asked if you on car insurance. could name the president of raccoon: i got the cheesesteak! mexico. >> literally part of the committee that is overseeing these things. >> are you trying to say i am done?
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are you mocking me? >> i am running because so many are left behind. >> we added 220,000 new jobs listed below. we are winning big. america is thriving like never before. ladies and gentlemen of arizona, the best is yet to come. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox and
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friends first" on thursday morning. don't know if anyone would describe it as fun but a lot of folks would describe it as a fight, five nights in vegas, jabs flying on the debate stage, presidential hopefuls duke it out ahead of saturday's nevada caucuses and taking them on in primetime donald trump rallying an overflow crowd in phoenix even landing punches of his own. we have live team coverage, todd pyro in phoenix or he talked with trump supporters, we get expert 2020 analysis from desmond figaro. it was certainly a busy night. what a debate. >> what a debate. this is where the big prizefight happened. there was a heavyweight boxing, i'm not sure that will deliver the punches.
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they didn't handle it so well. >> mister bloomberg had policies of stop and frisk which went after african-american and latino people in an outrageous way. >> a billionaire who calls women fat broad and horse faced lesbians. i'm not talking about donald from. i'm talking mayor bloomberg. >> in my foundation the person that runs is a woman 70% of the people are women. >> all the mayor has to do is say you are released from the nondisclosure agreement. >> i have been nice to some women. >> welcome back to "fox and friends first," two passengers [applause] >> >> from start to finish it was political battle but one stood out as the fiercest, that is elizabeth lauren. after poor showings and i went on a quarantined cruise ship in japan have died from corona virus. the elderly man and woman both had preexisting medical conditions. the 14 day quarantine coming to and new hampshire she proved she was going to be the elizabeth a end with hundreds more passengers today. for and her supporters wanted to the americans on board cannot see. come home.
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they must be symptom free for two weeks before flying to the states. the coronavirus is linked to 2000 deaths worldwide, 76,000 have gotten sick including 29 >> mayor buttigieg really has a americans. slogan. it's not a plan, it is a power a community will give their point and amy's plan is even less. it is like a post it note, insert plan here. bernie -- instead of expanding final goodbyes to face faye swetlik, a public memorial is and bringing in more people to help his campaign religiously attacks everyone. being held in her hometown, children are invited and her family is encouraging everyone to wear pink and purple in honor of her bright spirit. >> we also saw an interesting she was getting from her front yard and killed by her neighbor development, perhaps a new rift between pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar, the moderate lane fighting each other, getting who then killed himself. police questioned the suspect personal over whether -- prior to that who had no remember the name of the criminal history. faye swetlik's body was found in president of mexico. watch this. nearby woods. >> you are sticking your candidacy on your was an to florida florida cannot bar felons from voting over fees and court fines. that is a ruling from an appeals court but governor desantis is vowing to fight. what could this mean for the
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experience, we are not talking about politics itself. >> are you trying to say i am coming election? done? are you mocking me? i wish everyone was as perfect as you. you have not been in the arena doing that work. you've memorized a bunch of talking points. >> we will see how things turn out saturday in the caucus but >> reporter: a big win for 1.6 million ask felons in florida. a federal appeals court giving the green light to vote without having to pay their fines and fees first. a 3-judge panel wrote this. it is undeniable that the requirement punishes those who cannot pay more harshly than those who can and thus by continuing to deny access to the ballot box. back in 2018 florida voters certainly the most exciting and fierce debate, michael bloomberg's campaign put out a statement about the lackluster overwhelmingly passed an night and here's what they said, amendment to allow felons who quote, you know you are a winner when you're trying attacks from already served their time to be all the candidates. able to vote. everyone came to destroy mike tonight. it didn't happen, not everyone john legend showed up to support agrees about that. the next debate happens in south carolina next week. >> we will see how it goes, not a lot of folks sharing that opinion, much more on that coming up. appreciate it, democrats took the debate stage, donald trump those ex-felons but last summer rallied thousands of supporters in phoenix. the republican-led legislature passed an amendment that ordered those felons to pay off any >> democrats keep on losing court fines or fees before they their minds, they hate the fact went to vote. in november 17th plaintiffs sued that we are winning, we are winning big, we are winning, in federal court to overturn winning, winning. that amendment equating those fines and fees to basically an unfair poll tax. >> todd pyro was there and joins governor rhonda santos failing
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to fight, the spokeswoman tweeting we disagree and will us live from the diner in phoenix without voters are appeal. reacting, good morning. >> good morning. what happens here could greatly impact florida's role in the upcoming election, university of florida study found 80% of combine a rowdy crowd with democrats cannibalizing themselves at the debate of released felons have outstanding yours of the road and you get a rally filled with comments like this. fees. >> now they have a new member, i >> live this morning, thank you. hear he is getting pounded tonight. they are pounding him. 2020 hopeful inadvertently giving mayor pete a new washington democrats have never nickname. been more extreme, taking cues from crazy bernie sanders. >> but when he wasn't calling out the dems the president was pounding his own achievements including on the economy and the military. >> i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete. >> amy klobuchar not trying to >> this is truly an incredible pay a compliment so is it time for america. perfect pete or pandering pete? we have the best economy, the most prosperous country we have carly shimkus is here with social media reaction coming up. ever had and the most powerful military anywhere in the world by far.
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>> >> it would not be complete without a discussion about immigration. >> we have done more to secure the border than any administration in history. we are building the wall as i said faster than ever and will soon be almost 1 new mile a day. >> reporter: that wall welcome by many of the latinos we spoke to inside the rally. >> we supportive and loving a lot of people are waiting in line to immigrate, they have to go through the process of integrating the way our parents did and many others are waiting to immigrate. >> reporter: of course the fight night in vegas between the dems wasn't far from the minds of rally goers.
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>> >> they have no plans, no agenda except to impeach him. >> i was a democrat. we left it because it never did anything for us. >> when you look at democratic field, anybody that stands out you think of threaten the president? >> no, not at all. now i don't think that. >> this is just one of three rallies on this west coast swing, colorado springs, tomorrow afternoon, las vegas where the democratic debate was being held. we are going to democratic debate field area, las vegas visitors call later on today but the important thing to remember is in a few hours we will be here at the diner talking to the voters about what they thought about everything from the debate to the rally and all good things in between. >> really was a stark difference, the crowd there at the rally in phoenix and the crowd that was very fired up at
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the debate as well. thank you so much. the president landed his jabs from phoenix, the top democratic contenders came out swinging as you saw, unleashing nonstop attacks so his gamble paid off and who didn't measure up. former social justice director for bernie sanders's 2016 campaign desmond figaro joins us with her take. always enjoy having you with us. i was following you on twitter last night. a lot of people fired up including you. let's go right ahead, who was your winner last night? >> right out the gate, sincere doing boxing analogy, she was a hollow hollywood say my name over and over, senator warren was without a doubt. republicans, democrats, independents and boxing fans all agree she won this debate, she hit bloomberg, beat them into a polyp and went in on me or pete,
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she also didn't touch bernie, anytime of the question about bernie she pivoted to bloomberg so i guess once again still afraid to tackle that and it is a fight you can't win but she was absolutely the winner. that was obvious. >> you mention bloomberg. how did you think he did? >> it is clear that he has not debated within 10 years. it has been a decade since he has debated. they clearly had a meeting to say we are going to go after bloomberg, he was an easy target. a billionaire they talk about consistently, he got in the race late and these candidates had an >> i make a lot of money and we do business all around the world opportunity to feel each other out, they know each other's play, they not arrival each and we are preparing, the number of pages will probably be thousands of pages which i can't go to turbotax. >> michael bloomberg getting slammed by social media after other's feathers, may or pete and amy klobuchar completely saying he has too much money to came unhinged several times. get his text turns on quickly he wasn't strong. if i was him i wouldn't let joe online. biden it away with the crime bill. i would make him wish he would
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never bring up crime or stop and frisk, gave him a pass on that. a lot he needs to talk about she could talk about how he raised billions, given billions of dollars to inner cities, he carly shimkus has reaction to could talk about the 200 cities the billionaire's claims and there was a lot to talk about. he has given grants to, he can >> michael bloomberg spent the entire night defending himself and a lot of people feel he did himself no favors with the way talk about is black america plan and he didn't do that. he left a lot of car doors. >> striking how unprepared he he handles this question. this one in particular because seemed to be and let's talk people feel he came across as elitist and gave amy klobuchar an opportunity to say i can file my taxes using turbotax. a lot of discussion on that front bloogeis my biggest take away, i use the paid version of about what you were talking turbotax to report my taxes so that puts me in a social class about. >> are you willing to release those women from those nondisclosure agreements? >> not of them accused me of doing anything other than they lightly beneath michael bloomberg but way above the didn't like a joke i told. peasants. he didn't get a lot done. twitter user little more he has stop and frisk. >> i apologized and asked forgiveness. understanding saying the guy is worth $88 billion do you think he gets on turbotax not his actual estimated net worth, this twitter user says doesn't he own turbotax. bloomberg owns more wealth, 25 million americans. >> give it all away. >> your campaign has said you would eventually reach your tax records.
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watch democratic voters weight. >> i can't go to turbotax. >> everybody was saying they i think turbotax missed their opportunity here to respond in a funny way. they did not. he definitely wasn't prepared for a lot of the things he knew would come swinging at him in this debate. this is his first debate he has participated in and clearly he he would be hit with. very rough on the debate stage. >> somebody might get fired over that. let's talk about pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar, hasn't had a moment where one of the candidates spoke spanish in a while and pete buttigieg fill that void. was not prepared. this is what donald trump had to say. he said many mike bloomberg's debate performance was the worst in the history of debates and there have been some bad ones, stumbling, bumbling, grossly incompetent. of this doesn't knock them out of the race nothing will, not >> i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete but let me tell you what it is like to be in the arena. >> now his been labeled hashtag easy to do what i did. that i want to bring up someone we just saw in that montage, joe biden because joe biden does need to do well in south perfect pete. carolina, he needed to have a data already tried that and lost. good performance last night which right now if you look at the south carolina polling is coming in at 24.7% above try something new. siding with pete saying i would sanders. did he do enough to at least hold steady going into south rather listen to pete than the chip on amy's shoulder but there you go.
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>> and shake his hand at the end, that didn't go unnoticed by carolina? >> he did hold steady. he didn't shine but he didn't completely bomb. he had one job to do, stay focused and continued to push his message and not allow amy folks but something that was klobuchar or me or pete to definitely worth talking about was this world war ii vet who continue to dominate them as was carried down by trump moderate candidates so he did a supporters as part of his rally. listen to that incredible moment. >> folks here tonight have good job being able to maintain it. helped a great world war ii because klobuchar and mayor pete veteran into the arena. i don't know if he knows it but he is right now the hottest celebrity in the world. kept going at each other it benefits joe biden for sure but we have to bear in mind a lot of people didn't watch the debate. they have to be up against those commercials that are airing back to back for next week. certainly for supertuesday. i don't think everyone should >> moments the president's rallies creator nothing short of amazing at times. look at that image. if that doesn't give you chills celebrate too fast. i don't know what will. they have an opponent in that is irvine julian, 100 years bloomberg. old, what a show of support for >> money knocks you out and he him and for the country. will keep spending as long as he wants to. this moment going superviral online. thanks for joining us, everyone is talking about it and appreciate it has always. we will be right back with much more. you will see that video to even more real people repeatedly on social media, the than me: jd power. greatest generation to have his supporters and telling endorsement. 448,134 to be exact. >> regardless of what side of they answered 410 questions in 8 categories
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the aisle you are on for sure about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say and donald trump signing some things for him as well. "thank you, real people." >> amazing moment for him, he deserves it. you're welcome. thank you so much. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you we're gonna need a bigger room. for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. >> washington democrats keep on losing their minds, now they i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. have a new member who is getting pounded tonight. >> one thing that i'm embarrassed about was how it shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, turned out with stop and frisk. slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. >> a billionaire who calls women go to and get 2 months free. fat brides and horse faced lesbians and i'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> he didn't get a lot done. >> socialist democrats trying to destroy american healthcare in your social security. my adminisn
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>> welcome back. we are back with a fox news alert, mass shooting in germany killington people believe to be motivated by extreme right-wing views, nine victims were killed that two bars near frankfurt overnight. authorities finding another body in a nearby home along with the suspects. police are examining a letter reportedly left behind by the accused gunman. sentencing day for roger stone, prosecutors said the former trump advisor should get 7 to 9 years in prison but one day later the doj recommended a lighter sentence setting off a political firestorm we reported on the prosecution team stepped down from the case and democrat leaders called for an investigation. stone was found guilty of lying, obstruction and witness tampering stemming from the mueller probe. there is speculation he could be pardoned by donald trump.
1:19 am
two men granted clemency by the president speaking out. rod blagojevich had his 14 year corruption sentence commuted. he insists he is innocent. >> you have uncontrollable prosecutors with no accountability politics sizing their power and using them against political figures. >> for nypd commissioner bernie character is praising the president after pardoning him and six others. >> this president has done more in the last two years on criminal justice reform than the last four presidents total. >> character serve three years for tax fraud and false statements. did you see this? nascar driver ryan newman walks out of the hospital days after the horrifying crash at the daytona 500. his wife posting of the a showing newman hand-in-hand with his young daughters calling it the best site ever. newman flipped and crashed on
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the last lap of the race and slid over the finish line upside down. newman's racing team said he's making great improvement. it is unclear when he will return to the track. great news for him and his family. the time is 19 minutes, almost 20 minutes after the top of the hour, while democrats were tearing each other apart on the debate stage one moment united the crowd at donald trump's rally. >> folks here tonight have helped a great world war ii veteran into the arena, a legitimate great hero. carried front row by trump supporters and jason meister said it is proof the president is the one who can bring our country together and he is here live, stay with us. ♪
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folks here tonight have helped a great world war ii veteran into the arena. he is a legitimate great hero, irvine julian, irvine, thank you. >> great moment, donald trump praising a world war ii veteran in phoenix who was carried in by fellow rally goers. 2020 democrats spent their night trading blows on the divisive debate stage. was better fit to unite this country? it was two drastically different
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scenes, joining me to weigh in from trump's 2020 advisory board, thank you for joining us. what about that. let's talk about donald trump and his high approval ratings which match is february 2017 levels, disapprove but 46% approve of the job donald trump is doing in this is following the impeachment effort and everything else. >> it is a testament to the impeachment, the three impeachment process that ripped this country apart and when we talk about bringing the country together, the love and the patriotism and the energy these rallies bring, it really is a phenomenon of the modern political era. on a wednesday night in phoenix, arizona you have 67,000 americans waiting 48 hours to see the president of the united states speak about all the great result he has delivered for the american people is amazing, look
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at 26% of the people last night at the rally didn't vote in the 2016 election and 18% were registered democrats, this tent is getting really wide. >> 18% were registered democrats, that stood out to me, todd pyro was there in the arena talking to folks and talked with one woman who said very clearly she previously had been a democrat and she was now supporting donald trump. >> this is a common theme we are seeing at these rallies, more and more democrats coming over to the republican party because donald trump is a results. it is not about democrat versus republican anymore and that is what democrats were missing on the debate stage when they were attacking each other and ripping each other apart. >> let's talk about that, michael bloomberg making his stage debut, quickly becoming the main target of the other candidates who say he is the democrats version of donald trump. listen to a little bit of the back and forth on that. >> a billionaire who calls women
1:27 am
fat broad's and horse faced lesbians and i'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg, democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. >> i don't think you look at donald trump and say we need someone richer in the white house. >> what about that? >> mayor bloomberg was stumbling through the night, fumbling, looking for words, he was clearly nervous, his eyes were twitching. i think he was finally getting out from hiding behind these hundreds of millions of dollars a t has been putting out and running for mayor of new york city is not running for president of the united states and he's starting to realize that very quickly but he was always on defense, attacked for his derogatory statements towards women, minorities. >> taxes. >> >> the biggest attack that was the most effective, the other candidates attack on his wealth and capitalism came up as part of the conversation and bloomberg had a real opportunity last night to separate himself
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from the train wreck that is the democrat party and defend capitalism because that's what this country is based upon and the fact that capitalism over the past three years created 7 million more jobs, took 6 million people off of food stamps and brought lower unemployment for blacks, hispanics. >> they can't run against that. one good line of the night, talking about socialism, bernie sanders, the best socialist in the country, the best-known socialist in the country is someone that has three houses and is known for being a millionaire or something along those lines. >> he's right about that. bernie sanders's hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. an exciting night. elizabeth warren taking the gloves off as we told you on the vegas debate stage. >> pete buttigieg has a slogan that was taught by his consultants. amy and joe's hearts are in the
1:29 am
right place but we can't be so eager to be liked by mitch ell. >> was it enough to save a struggling campaign. anthony telling jamie beth martin from tea party debate it up next. ♪
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>> washington democrats keep on losing their minds and they have a new member of the crew, i hear he is getting pounded tonight. >> one thing i'm embarrassed about was how it turned out with stop and frisk. >> a billionaire who calls women fat broad and horse faced lesbians and i'm not talking about donald trump.
1:33 am
i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> he to get a lot done. >> socialist democrats are trying to destroy american healthcare and your social security. my administration is protecting your social security, your medicare and is fighting to give you great healthcare. >> mayor buttigieg has a slogan that was thought up by his consultants and amy's plan is even less. it is like a post-it note. insert plan here. bernie has a good start. >> i more microsoft word guy. >> the dnc will take away from bernie again and that is okay because we don't care who it is, we are going to win. >> a very busy night with dueling messages from democrats in las vegas and the president in phoenix. in sin city no love lost among the top six 2020 democrats as the candidates took shots at one another and especially michael bloomberg, the newcomer to the stage, donald trump assures in
1:34 am
arizona crowd, ready to win in 2020 no matter who comes out on top in the democrats race. one of the most combative candidate of the night in vegas was elizabeth warren, the massachusetts senator holding nothing back. >> pete buttigieg has a slogan that was thought up by his consultants. amy's plan a deal less, it is like a post it note. we are not going to beat donald trump with a man who has knows how many nondisclosure agreements. amy and joe's hearts are in the right place but we can't be so eager to be liked by mitch mcconnell. >> is enough as her poll numbers drop? anthony tall, chairman of tea party patriot fund jamie beth martin, thank you for joining
1:35 am
us, appreciate it, lots of fireworks on stage last night. poll with elizabeth warner she felt a fourth-place, sanders in the lead followed by biden, bloomberg and warren. i will start with you. in terms of her performance last night do you think she did enough to move herself up a little bit? >> she certainly was on fire and i think it will help her a little bit, the way she called out the other candidates. if it were just elizabeth warren against bloomberg i think she would have gained a lot of grounds but it is not just elizabeth for and against bloomberg. it is a list before and klobuchar and buttigieg and biden and sanders. people pulled away from bloomberg but not just elizabeth for and where they are going to wind up. >> he clearly had a strategy from the get-go last night and that was to go after bloomberg and it at least worked on twitter because we also know she was the most tweeted about
1:36 am
candidate coming in number one with bloomberg number 2 followed by sanders, biden, buttigieg and amy klobuchar coming up at the end. what do you think of the job she did last night going after the other candidates? >> it was very effective against bloomberg. i agree with the other panelists, very effective against bloomberg. don't know how much it will help her in the campaign totally because she is competing, bernie sanders is the leader and you have biden and buttigieg but the strategy considering where the party is right now the best strategy was to go ahead and knock out or try and knock out the billionaire who has been rising in the polls and particularly when you are at this particular point of the campaign where the base is so against billionaires with bernie making billionaires out to be the most evil people in the world, she was very effective in that regard and served her purpose. >> why do you think she did not
1:37 am
go after sanders? we brought this up earlier? do you think she is gunning for some sort of spot in his administration should he win? >> i think her and sanders are so close on a lot of the policies that it is difficult to go after sanders without hurting herself or becoming so much of a hypocrite because they are so close and i also think she may be looking for a cabinet post or something in his administration but because they are so close and both are really wanting to knock out the billionaires i think her strategy was to go ahead and get rid of bloomberg but i do think the fact that sanders considers himself a socialist or democratic socialist and she separated herself in that regard, that is her way to get distance. >> at the same time despite promises to support the eventual nominee whoever that may end up
1:38 am
being how can they unite this party bind folks that are standing up there that have such a wide view into how we need to run this country? >> amy klobuchar sums it up best. she said what unites us is greater than what divides us. every single one of those candidates on stage actually is united and they want the same thing for america. they are radical extreme leftists who want not just to have bigger government and increase taxes increase government spending, they want the green new deal, amnesty for illegal immigrants who want to infringe on second amendment rights, single-payer government-funded healthcare. the list goes on and on. it is very radical and extreme and their united on it. they may not all want it tomorrow but they all eventually
1:39 am
want to get there. >> thank you for joining us, we appreciate the debate this morning. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the are, bernie sanders crushing it in the polls before the showdown in sin city. >> what are movement is about is bringing working-class people together. >> the strongest campaign to defeat donald trump. >> can sanders withstand the heat as rivals hammer his policies. we size up sanders's performance and share his predictions for nevada and south carolina.
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>> what our movement is about is bringing working-class people together around an agenda that works for all of us and not just the billionaire class. we have the strongest campaign to defeat donald trump. >> bernie sanders burning of the debate stage following his surge to a double-digit lead but is it enough to push the democratic socialist all the way to the november election? here with expert analysis, gop pollster john thomas, great to see you. >> nice to be here. >> bernie sanders was leading by double digits, do you think he did enough to maintain or increase? >> bernie did exactly -- defendant his positions, do no harm. he has been waiting for this stack above bernie versus the billionaire his entire life. this is his essence. i think he did what he needed to do. the trouble was none of the centerleft candidates broke out
1:44 am
of the pack, bloomberg kept stumbling. i think bernie's lead continues. bernie has an upset he will do great in nevada which he has an upset in a place like south carolina he might be unstoppable. >> we have this whole from abc where we had sanders coming in at 32% followed by biden with 16% and bloomberg so the question would be following the speaking of south carolina did biden do enough to move himself up in south carolina or did he do himself harm? >> pretty much ignored him. >> with joe on that stage last night he had a couple moments here and there but there was nothing that stood out to me going this is the moment joe resurrected his campaign and he needed that to happen. it didn't happen. he is in a if he gets
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