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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 20, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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her window to raise her spirits. and she did. thanks for inviting us into your home, that's it for this special report, fair, balanced, and unafraid, th "the story" starts right now. >> geraldo: any moment now president trump will take the stage in colorado springs, vice president mike pence already started the rally. some camped out since yesterday braving the colorado coal 12 days ahead of super tuesday when voters in the centennial state and 13 others could seal the deal for who will get the democratic nomination for president. this is "the story." we'll take you live to the president as soon as he hits the stage in colorado, one of several he's holding out west in the span of a few days making sure his presence looms large over the 2020 democrats who are struggling at the same time the
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president hits the highest approval numbers of his presidency post impeachment. how the democrats last night in las vegas were engaged in what you might call a circular firing squad that may make it harder to beat the president in november. let's bring in mercedes schlapp. on the fact that the president may have a lot to say about michael bloomberg's struggles, good to see you. what is the response tonight to michael bloomberg stadia? >> it was a disaster for michael bloomberg, i think even michael bloomberg himself has said that president trump was the winner of the debate last night. i think it shows that bloomberg is untested. he has -- one of the best lines i've read so far as he is a bubble boy. he has not done any major television interviews, he wasn't prepared for this debate. we knew exactly where they were
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going to go and hit him but it really was elizabeth warren and the other candidates on stage that were able to take him on and i think you saw michael bloomberg in a very weakened position. you can spend millions of dollars in ads but that doesn't make you a strong politician or a retail politician that can connect to the american people. >> ed: he didn't seem inviting shape but as you know, and took the president time to get through the debates, but, politician, something he hadn't done before and there were a lot of pundits on the right bemoaning the fact in 2016 that the republicans seemed hopelessly divided. what is going to be different this time about the democrats being divided, what makes you think they want to be able to come together? >> president donald trump never left center stage when it came to the debate and secondly bloomberg has been a politician for a long time. he just seems in his comments that he has made, he's been extremely disconnected and
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almost coming across as an elitist, whether it be the racist comments are demeaning comments he's made about women. i think for the democrats, they are going down a very problematic path because by the end of march, 65% of the delegates are going to be allocated. they still have the six or seven candidates on stage, no one seems to be wanting to leave the stage yet because money is pouring into these candidates and it is looking like there is a path toward a brokered convention because they might not have -- one candidate might not have enough votes to carry the majority and secure the nomination. >> ed: this may be aware occasion where you agree with pete buttigieg, he made a case for why he takes democrats could be hopelessly divided, take a listen. apparently we don't have that but he basically said that at the end of this process, somehow
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he said democrats have two people almost 80 years old, a socialist and a billionaire and neither one of them are democrats. you have a socialist as i noted and michael bloomberg who has been a republican, independent, and democrat. >> that is the identity problem the democrats are having. the democrat party is no longer your grandfather's democratic party, it's not jfk's party anymore. it is shifting towards the left, it's the aoc party, it's where the base -- that's why you are seeing sanders really resonates because their base is that of these very expansive government programs of the great new deal. extreme new positions on abortion, willingness to raise taxes, more government involvement when it comes to medicare for all where it would basically got our health care system as we know it. these democrats are no longer what you would call in the moderate area, they have moved far to the left and that's why
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you're receiving such a search with bernie sanders and that is why he has such a good chance to win in nevada on saturday. >> ed: foreign policy did not come up somehow over the course of two hours at all. the president has been aggressive in the last couple of days accusing not just the former secretary of state john kerry but democratic senator chris murphy of engaging in negotiations with iranian officials. he's fired up about it, he thinks they violated the logan act by negotiating with some of our enemies. here's john kerry when i pressed him on it today. >> i did what every senator and secretaries of state in history have done which is continue to go to conferences abroad or have meetings in order to be well-informed. what he ought to do is focus on somebody called rudy giuliani who has been out there engaged in very direct negotiations in an effort to try to do a subterfuge foreign policy. >> ed: your reaction.
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>> about the obama administration they engage in conferences and moved forward on jcpoa which we know was a huge problem and something that did not work. the iran nuclear deal. that is why you have seen president trump change the strategy on iran and put pressure on the regime by making sure there were sanctions in place and putting them in a tough position and really working with these other governments to say we can't have the status quo. we know they provide funding for terrorists, we aren't going to want them to take those assets and give them to terrorists like hezbollah and hamas and that is why president trump's foreign policy has worked. it is continual maximum pressure on the regime. >> ed: we appreciate you coming into night. also here tammy bruce, president of independent women's voice and robert zimmer democratic strategist and democratic national committee member.
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we gave mercedes a fair shot at the top to explain what the president is going to say, maybe give us a preview -- your reaction to a night in las vegas that didn't look good for the democrats. >> every time democrats take this stage and they don't discuss donald trump's budget which is designed to make cuts in medicare and social security or the fact that he has brought his federal government to court to block pre-existing insurance coverage, insurance coverage for people for pre-existing conditions commence a missed opportunity. >> ed: he had rested at the state of the unit set in his going to happen. >> if you look at his 2021 budget he's made cuts to social security and medicare and he's in court. >> ed: why is your party not making his case? >> they have to get their act together into it. it's also important to remember if you look at "the wall street journal" poll that came out february 17th, every leading democrat is beating donald trump in the country, and the quinnipiac
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poll, every democrat again is being donald trump in the country and he's a president with an average of 44% approval rating. >> when you see those democrats onstage i know what some of the polls say in a head-to-head matchup but can any of those democrats beat president trump? >> i think it's clear, no, donald trump won the debate last night, bloomberg said donald trump won the debate last night and bill maher is saying he doesn't think any of the democrats can beat donald trump, he's having his best week ever post impeachment. a lot of people are scrambling wondering what is going on. if the number of people during the republican primary that donald trump versus now -- donald trump spoke about the issues and he was definitely sparring with all of the other guys there but that was an issues-based primary framework. >> ed: there were a lot of personal attacks. >> but not only. what people heard was both, they heard about things that matter
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to them. what they also saw was a man who was the same guy throughout and he was consistent. he had a history of being able to do what he said he was going to do. >> ed: the present lead -- he said he was good to take on china and negotiate new trade deals. he promised on issues. >> former chief of staff said that donald trump got played in north korea, he'd withdrew from northern sierra and south and of isis were released. now iran is moving forward developing nuclear weapons. >> they were doing it under the obama administration. >> he made it easier by unilaterally withdrawing. my point is when you look at donald trump's record and the republicans in 2016, when donald trump was attacking gold star families and people with disabilities and war heroes. >> ed: you're throwing out all kinds of stuff.
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>> one of the reasons why the democrats are doing badly because of filibustering on making statements that have nothing to do with what it is at hand here. i will finish this now. >> it's a real housewives episode. >> this is another reason why the democrats are doing well, this is a dynamic where people want to hear about the issues, they want to know where people want to stand instead you get this kind of petty bickering that happens not just with democrats who are the pundits who are the candidates themselves. knowing people leave the debate without knowing where the democrats stand, they leave a debate watching people snipe at each other and that kind of regard, they listen to people when it comes to issues of sexism and racism. >> ed: you had a cheap shot on housewives i'm not sure you did that.
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>> all these things about gold star families. and were talking about the economy. >> and social security and medicare. the next debate they have to focus on it but let's not disguise donald trump's record. which has been to dismantle social security and medicare. >> ed: how ac dismantled social security? >> the radical cuts he is made the programs. look at what he is trying to do with people with pre-existing conditions. he is trying abolish that. >> ed: how does your part to get of this? >> let's also be clear, we just saw today it was reported that one of the administration officials from national security testified that once again russia is trying to help donald trump win the election and of course we saw the director of national intelligence removed for saying that.
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i apologize, i was wrong to make that reference to real housewives. >> ed: your response. >> this is the problem the democrats have come a word salads that do not address any of the issues, turning to sniping sexism and get caught, it's not what the american people want, we are all better than this, we deserve more than this, whether it's this one from last week or the one that's coming up, if the american people watch the democrats as a present will point out are only gazing at their own navel and only focused on condemning people who are successful, condemning farmers, condemning people who might have to take a shower at the end of each day because of the work they do, it moves through identity politics. >> why don't you talk about social security? >> one second, my goodness. this is what we've got to be dealing with, the nature of the
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issues. >> you talked a lot about addressing the issues that you don't talk about donald trump's plan to cut social security or medicare, you don't discuss -- >> none of that is true. you bring up things that are not true. >> ed: you've talked about social security three or four times, you bring up russia, we've dealt it for three or four years. >> the trump administration testified in congress. they said it's happening in the intelligence officials were removed for bringing it up. if you talk a lot about issues but you don't specify where donald trump stands on them. >> ed: appreciate you come again. we are moments away from president trump's keep america great rally, we will take you there live as it comes away. president trump blasting roger stone's sentence saying he's a good man who stands a
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good chance of exoneration. >> they say he lied, but other people might too. just to mention, me lied. mccabe lied, lisa page lied, her lover peter strzok lied. you don't know who these people are? trust me, they all lied. i would love to see roger exonerated and i'd love to see it happen because i personally think he was treated unfairly. >> ed: joining me now is trey gowdy, the former chair of the house oversight committee, noah fox news contributor. i suspect the president may have something to say about roger stone and peter strzok but i think what he's getting at is his anger about the fact that he believes there are two tears of justice in this country. >> i would be angry about that
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too, if you like small government, there is nothing smaller than a jury trial. i have a lot of respect for juries, he lost and much more on the line with what i thought was fair, his frustration is that the origins of this -- peter strzok's who started the investigation. i think that is his frustration. i don't think it's with the jury verdict. >> ed: after all the controversy, isn't it interesting that the federal judge ends up coming up with a sentence, judge amy berman jackson, that is closer to what bill barr was saying that the prosecutors who stepped down wanted. they wanted 7 to 9 years, this is just over three years. >> i can't wait to read the headlines of "the washington post" tomorrow. "obama appointed federal judge sides with bill barr on sentencing." that's what she did and that's why they get life tenure, so
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they can be oblivious to the political vicissitudes. >> ed: what about what judge jackson -- you just praised her -- but she also said in her remarks to the court room, stone was not prosecuted for standing up for the president, he was prosecuted for covering up for the president. >> that is my criticism of the adam schiff tweet. he tweeted roger stone lied to cover up for donald trump. i was as close to roger stone as adam schiff was, unless he is a palm reader, how does he know what roger stone lied to? i don't know why he lied, most people lied to protect themselves, not others. i know a jury found him guilty on seven different counts including lying to congress, there has to be a consequence for lying but nine years is too much. >> ed: what do you make about what robert zimmerman was breakinbringing up?
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house intel officials were briefed in the last few days of acting director of national intelligence that russia was trying to interfere in a 2020 campaign? >> i don't know anyone who really thinks that russia prefers donald trump to win over comrade sanders, i don't know a soul that really thinks russia wants donald trump to be the president instead of the guy that honeymooned in russia. number 2, is this the same intelligence community that told us it was a spontaneous reaction to a video in libya and promised us weapons of mass destruction and the same intelligence community that relied on the dossier? i have respect for them but they aren't machines. they gather information and make assessments. unfortunately you give them to people like adam schiff who leak like sibs. this never should have been made public in the absence by the president is upset. not and what the intelligence community found with the fact
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that adam shift has a beeline to "the new york times." >> ed: got about 30 seconds. ric grenell, add him to the mix. our ambassador to germany is now the acting director of national intelligence, the times suggesting he didn't like joseph maguire who was the acting dni. he briefed adam schiff and others, the president allegedly angry about that, now he has a loyalist in ric grenell. >> i wanted johnny radcliffe to get it in july. i hope that the senate and the media treats ambassador grenell more fairly than they did johnny radcliffe. my sources on the hill told me he was not upset with maguire, this was a move that was coming anyway, he happened to go with ambassador grenell instead of chris stewart and other qualified candidates. >> ed: you can only be acting for a couple hundred days, it was coming up in march anyway.
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last point on this. you say your sources on the hill say that in fact the president was not angry at joseph maguire, that seems to be the crux of "the new york times" report that has folks on the left spun up tonight, the idea that the president allegedly prorated joseph maguire, why did you go briefed adam schiff and the rest? they were going to use this politically against me. we had gotten guidance a short time ago about this idea of the present rating mcguire was overstated, your hearing simil similar? >> i'm hearing similar reporting from my buddies that have been with the president very recently. i think the president has a right to be upset when the intelligence community shares information with adam schiff for years, even when i was in congress, he makes a beeline for "the washington post," "new york times," and cnn. i am sure he is upset, why would you trust adam schiff for the 100th time but my sources tell
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me that is not why he got rid of mcguire and it was coming anyway. >> ed: trey gowdy, we appreciate you coming in and giving us the download on all of that. as we continue to wait for the president, he's going to hit the stage in colorado in a few moments, some of the democratic rivals engaging in an all-out class warfare in a battle against the billionaire among them. charlie kirk and richard fowler of next map. t's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. >> ed: we are moments away from president trump taking the stage in colorado, and tonight and some of the democrats trying to take him on our waging war against michael bloomberg's billionaire status, here's elizabeth warren today.
4:25 pm
>> i have really had it with billionaires regardless of party who think the rules don't apply to them. i've had it with billionaires who think their money buys them something special. >> ed: sanders surrogate alexandria ocasio-cortez weeding at a time when 60% of american workers less than $40,000 of year, billionaires should not exist. there are billionaires because the stock market makes that money for them which relies on profiteering off of insulin, low wages, scrap jobs, et cetera. joining me now charlie kirk and richard fowler. thanks for coming in. as you can see the president took the stage it might take a minute or two ago before he starts speaking, quick thoughts about that aoc tweet. >> my response is how does she
4:26 pm
think people get rich in america? in order to become a billionaire you have to have a really good idea, employ thousands of people, take a risk, probably borrow money and the likelihood is that you're not going to succeed and do that for a repeated period of time. you don't become a billionaire by pillaging or plundering or stealing from other people. this is an important point, she views anyone who has money or resources as if they stole their way to that status. >> ed: i see the president is speaking, i want to be fair for richard, charlie completed his thought there, i know you disagree with republicans on their views of capitalism but was let out warped view of capitalism from aoc? >> i think it was a warped view of capitalism, i have no problem with billionaires but i have a problem with billionaires who try to buy their way into a system. when you say the rules don't apply to me and i can live in the commercial land that not answer real questions about my policies i have a problem with that. i think most americans do.
4:27 pm
americans have problems with folks who don't wait in line and i think that is what this is about. >> ed: what about the fact following that point from alexandria ocasio-cortez, you have one of the moderators asked michael bloomberg should you exist as a billionaire? should you exist and he said i employed a lot of people. >> you can voluntarily trade your way to become a billionaire and i have agreement with richard. i think that money in politics issue is something people have a lot of anxiety about. >> ed: it looks like the president is about to speak, will get you on the other side. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa most court] >> president trump: so where else would you like to be but a trump rally, right?
4:28 pm
hello colorado, we love colorado, beautiful place. i'm thrilled to be back in colorado springs, i've spent a lot of time here over the years. beautiful place, beneath the majestic peaks of the rocky mountains with thousands of terrific hardworking great americans, patriots. [cheers and applause] with your help this november, we are going to defeat the radical democrats and we are going to win colorado in a landslide. [cheers and applause] you are going to help us get cory gardner a cross that line he has been with us 100%, there was no waiver.
4:29 pm
he's been with us, there was no waiver with corey, we appreciate it. this month, we mark a very special anniversary. 75 years ago this week, our brave united states marines landed on the shores of iwo jima and began one of the bloodiest battles of the second world war. it was a rough one. tonight, it's our great privilege to be joined by three of the heroes of the battle of iwo jima. james blaine, donald whipple, and john thurman. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa"]
4:30 pm
great patriots, very brave people and tonight we also honor the life of an extraordinary american hero, one of the last known survivors of the attack on the uss arizona and pearl harb pearl harbor, december 7th, 1941. he was in the oval office recently, a little while ago about a year and a half ago and we just want to pay our respects. you know who what is? donald stratton, well-known, just passed away. he passed away just a few days ago, he was great. i have a beautiful picture of
4:31 pm
him right outside and we are going to honor him and his family. we are going to have four, we have three, i want to thank you all, thank you. because america is truly a land of heroes. on behalf of the grateful nation, i would like to recognize the many veterans of the vietnam war and the iraq and afghanistan wars who are here this evening. brave people, great people. this is a truly incredible time for america, we have the best economy in our history, the most prosperity of any country, we are doing better than any country in the world, it's not even close. we have rebuilt our military over the last three years.
4:32 pm
don't tell anybody but we spent two and a half trillion dollars. when it comes to our military and safety and security, we don't worry about budgets, right? [cheers and applause] we had to rebuilt it, we have the best people in the world but old equipment, now we have brand-new jets and brand-new missiles and rockets, we have everything. all made in the usa. [crowd chanting "usa"] in my state of the union address i proudly declared that we are in the midst of a great american
4:33 pm
comeback, that's what we are doing. our country is stronger today than ever before. after three years of ridiculous witch hunts and scams and partisan democrat crusades, the radical left's attempt to poison our democracy and overturn the last election have totally failed. they have been a complete flop and we today have the highest poll numbers we have ever had. i don't know if anybody watched last night's debate. it got very big ratings and you know what? mini mike didn't do well last
4:34 pm
night. i was going to send him a note saying "it's not easy doing what i do, is it?" it's not easy, mike. it's not easy. mike didn't do too well, he went way down, it's all right. mini mike. how about club shark? she choked. clklobuchar choked. she couldn't breathe, alfred e. neuman looked at her and said something slightly derogatory and she said are you accusing me of being dumb, who would make a statement like that? that's what he was doing but he doesn't want to say that. how about "are you saying i'm dumb" -- that was the end of
4:35 pm
your campaign. even if it's true, you don't say that. they had a crazy person on today on one of the fox shows, boxes of treatise the way they use to but we have the great sean hannity and we have laura and tucker. and we have in the morning fox & friends and brian has gotten much better, he's moving up. we have the great lou dobbs, lou dobbs says he's the greatest president ever. lou dobbs a year and a half, two years ago he's the greatest since reagan. then six months ago he said he's better than reagan, then he said a few nights ago, he's the greatest we've ever had. i set does that include lincoln and george washington? he said that includes the mall, that's lou dobbs.
4:36 pm
you've got jesse watters, how about jesse? and judge jeanine, and even greg gutfeld. he hated us but now he says whether i like them or not he gets it done, it's all about getting it done. if in the old days it was better for us. but it's okay, will win anyway. they had this woman -- neil kabuto doesn't treat us good, she said i don't like him, nobody likes him. remember in the ratings, remember who was last in the
4:37 pm
ratings? he got fired. you remember? he is gone. and now neil is taking his place but he doesn't like trump too much. he put this woman on today and she said "donald trump didn't do well in the debates" -- she was referring to michael bloomberg cap. i said i won every debate, and we sent them a poll after poll, i won every debate. i'm just saying, every poll, three, four, 500,000 people, i said nobody's allowed to do that, you can do that. we are at enough of a disadvantage with the fake news.
4:38 pm
where is dan's could b -- bringe pages up, see if you can get them. it's such fake news, it's so disgusting. they would do better if they told the truth, do you agree? someday in ten, 14, 18, 22 years when i'm gone, when we leave office in 26 years, they are going to miss us. i told the story that a month before i ran in 2016 i was thinking about it and i said to my wife who has become a great first lady -- [cheers and applause] they said that's one of the
4:39 pm
greatest fields i've ever assembled and i said what should i run for if they are so great? i remember holding up "the new york times" and it was like a leaflet from the supermarket. it was blowing in the wind, it was dead. now it's successful again but when we leave, it's all of us, we leave together, unified -- this is the most unified the republican party has ever been. and when we leave, "the new york times" -- thank you -- the great scavino, the most powerful man in politics. who is the number one in the world on facebook? i'm saying this in front of the fake news. who was number one of the world on facebook? he walked in -- we had dinner
4:40 pm
recently because i want them to pay taxes, i want to find out what's going on. he walked in, he's smart and he said i want to congratulate you, small dinner, a few people. you are number one in the world on facebook. i said whose number two? he said prime minister of india. he's got 1.5 billion people and we have 350, he should be number one but we are never going to give up that position of number one in the world for our country, for facebook, for twitter, for anything and they still haven't figured out about. they have not figured it out. look at all that press, look at all that press. how bad were badly the academy awards this year, did you see it? and the winner is a movie from
4:41 pm
south korea, what was that all about -- we have enough problems with south korea for trade, on top of that they give them the best movie of the year, was it good to? can we get "gone with the wind" back? sunset boulevard, so many great movies. the winner is from south korea, i thought it was the best foreign film. this has never happened before and then you have brad pitt i was never a big fan of his, he's a little wise guy. just showed this real quick. this horrible journalist, she's a trump hater, she's worth zero ratings. nobody is watching her,
4:42 pm
bloomberg made a flood of himself last night, he choked. going i can't breathe, don't ask me the question? please, i look at my wife and i said let's send him a little note, it's not easy to do what i did. not so easy. this woman who was a third rate, she's been with everybody, every year she's with a different group and i won't use her name because we'll make her to fame is, it plays to their advantage but she's third rate and she's on the lowest rated show on fox with neil cavuto, that's why. she said donald trump didn't get good ratings, didn't do well in the polls, didn't do well. i defeated the defeated crooked
4:43 pm
hillary every time. by a lot. [crowd chanting "lock her up"] she's crooked as a $3 bill. i was going whatever happened to the 33,000 emails, she didn't get the shovel -- can you imagine if a republican did th that? they would want to bring back the death penalty. i think things are happening. i said drain the swamp, i never knew how deep it was. we had more garbage in the swamp that you would ever believe and this is part of the swamp.
4:44 pm
what happens -- she said donald trump didn't do well in the debates, remember my answer? rosie o'donnell. first question and we took down the house. let bear asked me, i'm the only one who raised the hand and the place went crazy. i'm the only one telling the truth. turns out i'm the only one telling the truth and the people get it. she said i didn't do well in the debates but i said i won every single debate, we had 15, 14 and we had the presidential debates with crooked hillary against myself. i'm a little guilty because these are all my friends, a lot of them are my friends now, they want my friends them. it's hard to be friends when you're competing against somebody. donald trump, 67, the next one was 13%, the next one was 5%,
4:45 pm
4%, 2%, 1%, and zero. that's "time" magazine. they don't like me, i don't like them either. i do like the new owner. this year i got beaten out by greta. [boos] last year i won it. when the world evolves around all of us, we should win it every single year. now they call it the person of the year, they call it man of the year but a lot of women out there don't like it. we could have a woman of the year, and a man of the air, i would like that.
4:46 pm
here is a drudge report, they are starting to treat me good again, started to like me again. "trump and ted cruz -- he came in second and marco rubio came in third and a guy who i don't like much and they don't like it much in ohio, john kasich. a different one, "time" magazi magazine. trump 33%, ben carson, good man, marco, ted, carly fiorini a name i haven't heard in a long time, what happened to her? way up, way up, here's another
4:47 pm
one. trump 46%, i didn't make this up, this is a different debate, i won every one of them. trump, i just pick these at random. 46%, 3%, 9%, 5%, 11%, trump 46%. here's another one, cnbc. [boos] the market has been up, they've been not so bad. some of the rest i don't care for too much. he plays it down the middle. which is okay. trump, almost 50%. then they have the rest of them.
4:48 pm
2.54, 1.9, i'm not going to give you the names, i got 48.8 and jeb bush got 1.1. the rest i'm not going to talk about but he hasn't been a great supporter. sort of a never trumper -- trump 48. here's a nice one, here's a nice one, look at this, trump 70%, next one is 18%, next one is seven, four, three, three, three, two, one. trump didn't do well in the
4:49 pm
debates, see? fake news. here's another one, trump kicked ass. trump 48, number two was six. trump 75.6, crooked hillary was 24%. trump was 74.6, crooked hillary clinton was 24.1. trump was 80%, crooked hillary was 18% and i've got this woman, you know who it is? neil cavuto, she has no credibility and neither do you. here's another one, one is a fox poll, one is breitbart, one
4:50 pm
is a drudge report, one is, look at these numbers. trump 92! i'm winning every poll, i beat crooked hillary. trump 61, crooked hillary 39. and then i turn on the show on fox, again it's not the same, it was much better. i turn on fox and i've got this third-rate political journalist if you call her that saying "trump did very poorly in the debates." -- i did great in the debates, i became president because of the debates because unlike mini mike i could answer the questions. i could get you another 15, these are the ones taken right
4:51 pm
after people -- hundreds of thousands of people call him. here is cnbc, crooked hillary clinton 39%, donald trump 61%. then this stupid person said i didn't debate -- i don't mind. you can have bad debates but i won every single debate. then i listen to this, three and a half, four years later i have to listen to a person saying how we didn't do well because these people are among the most dishonest people anywhere in the world. let's get back to business, now i feel good. she's a third-rate journalist, we are standing up in defense of
4:52 pm
our constitution, our freedom and democracy itself. while the extreme left has been wasting america's time and doing all sorts of vile hoaxes. we went through hoaxes, we went through the impeachment scam and by the way, corey was with us all the way, he didn't move or budge. he said it's a lot of bull. while they are doing that stuff and we are working with these people that want to take you out, they want to change the results. they got caught spying. they got caught spying on our election -- hate fake news, take your cameras for a change and show them the room and show behind me. show them the room.
4:53 pm
[cheers and applause] show them the room [crowd chanting "usa"] they never do it, including fox. fox is not much better but we got lucky, all of their high rated shows are the ones that like trump, all of their loser shows are the ones that don't like trump. how is shepard smith doing? he had the lowest ratings and now neil cavuto took his place. my wife, our great first lady, i say "did you watch the debate?
4:54 pm
how did the room looked? last night we turned away 21,000 people, the arena held like 12 but we filled up the basketball courts. it was on fire, you also add, it was great. "she said to me darling, how did you do? and i said i did great, did you see the arena? she said they never show the arena. [boos] you know that guy dana white at ufc? i won't tell you about him yet but he's a brilliant guy. you saw his crazy fighters, $4 million he got! you know what? they are always showing it's full. these fakers back there, they
4:55 pm
don't want people but they don't show it. you can't imitate 15,000 people when it comes to the noise. they won't show it, they never show. we have never had an empty seat from the day i came down the escalator, not one. what these guys do, if mr. and mrs. jones sitting right up there -- a beautiful couple. she said darling, i'm sorry, there's nothing i could do about it, i have to go to the bathroom, he said darling i'll walk with you. the cameras clung onto those seats and they said there were two empty seats, trump didn't fill up the room. >> ed: you've been listening to the president having a little fun at this rally in
4:56 pm
colorado springs talking about how the media might like to play up a couple of empty seats. we didn't see a lot of empty seats as the crowd was panned, people waiting for many hours in the cold colorado weather to see him and let's bring our panel as we end the program. he went off on a lot of tensions, what he likes on fox, what he doesn't like on fox, what he thought about the democratic debates, he is firing up a crowd that seems to be eating it up. >> he seems to be in great spirits, not to mention the thousands of people outside of the arena, it's one of the largest overflows i've been told by the campaign that they have ever had. almost twice as many people outside as inside. his commentary on the debate is in good spirits but he was truly the winner of the debate last night. the democrats got very nasty, they are more divided than ever, it seems the entrance of mike bloomberg has taken the gloves off in this fight and the winner
4:57 pm
is president donald trump. you saw a new quinnipiac poll that shows him up big time in wisconsin and if he's doing that well against the democrats in wisconsin, it's a good sign heading into november. >> ed: you heard the case from mercedes schlapp, you are hearing it from charlie kirk as well that last night in las vegas was very good for the president. >> i think they made the case better than the president did, if he wants to run on the economy that's one thing but i think the american people that she needs to win independence, and that requires more leadership. he spent the past 30 or so minutes trashing one of our colleagues neil cavuto for no reason in particular. this speaks to the problem with this presidency. he can run on the good economy and i will give him points for that but to sit on this air and trash a good journalist, it speaks to the problem that we have. we can't tell our kids not to bully, we can't tell our kids to be nice to your neighbors. we can't tell our children to do
4:58 pm
unto others when you have a president attacking a good man for no reason in particular aside from the fact that he criticized the particular policy position he is. >> ed: nei neil cavuto from the first day i walked in to fox news channel has always been an outstanding man and outstanding journalist and i want to stand up for him as we well. in the meantime, how do you respond to that? when you hear richard saying why go off of this tangent for who knows how many minutes? >> a couple quick thoughts. i have two friends and that bouts, neil has always been great to me and the president the same. i'm going to stay out of that and let that happen. i will say a lot of people are attracted to a freewheeling off-the-cuff, candid leader, unscripted, not like the traditional political class of people who are always reading from a teleprompter who say one thing into another. there's a great appeal to it and i know it's different from every other politician we have seen but the results he has delivered
4:59 pm
for the country and you see the crowds there, there is an entertainment faction of this, it's not just politics. >> this is where i'm going to have to stop you, this is the president of the united states. this is not about entertainment. this is about leadership. >> it's a political rally. >> you can't sit here and say. >> rock stars and comedians do the exact same thing. >> he's the leader of the free world, for him to sit here and attack a journalist, multiple journalists for reporting facts on his presidency is not only problematic, it's on presidential it's un-american. our first amendment's freedom of the press. >> ed: very last point. >> i'll defend the president and i'll defend what he's done. >> this is part of the problem. >> ed: appreciate you both
5:00 pm
being here, that is "the story," i'll see you bright and early tomorrow, america's newsroom. 9:00 a.m. eastern time, tucker is coming up next. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we're monitoring the president's remarks. we go there if breaking news occurs. what can you buy with $460 million? you can buy a lot of things. a boeing 747 if you wanted one, an entire nfl stadium. you can get a pack of peanut m m&ms for every person in the country or get that money and get humiliated by elizabeth warren in front of the country.
5:01 pm
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