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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 21, 2020 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> good morning. it is friday february 21st. happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert. doomsday called mother waking up behind bars. she was arrested in hawaii after months of evading police and questions about her two missing children. the joyful reaction as family members pray they can finally get some answers. >> anybody was last night's debate? many mike didn't do well last night. i was going to send him a note
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saying it is not easy doing what i do, is it? >> donald trump taking shots at 2020 democrats while rallying his base as his rally tour continues. some lucky voters are already lined up to hear his message ahead of tomorrow's nevada caucuses. how much would you pay to satisfy your sweet tooth? the supreme cash customers are putting down for this designer cookie. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, it is friday. tgif wherever you are.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. thank you for starting your day are into get with us. we begin with a fox news alert. doomsday called mother lori fallow hours from facing a judge after finally being arrested in the disappearance of her children. joshua and kylie have not been seen since september. aishah hasnie with breaking developments as the family speaks out. >> this morning we will see lori in the flesh for the first time in months when she appears in a hawaiian courtroom was the 46-year-old idaho mom was arrested in hawaii late thursday, she's facing extradition back to idaho where the madison county prosecutor hit her with multiple felonys for abandoning her kids and encouraging another person to delay law enforcement efforts to
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find them. joshua fellow in 17-year-old kylie ryan have not been seen since september. i hope police believe their lives are in danger. she and her husband have been on the run since november. relative say she joined the doomsday called believing she was a god. both unexpectedly died. security footage out of idaho shows fellow visiting multiple times, photos and belongings. her family hoping to get answers out of her now that police attract her down. >> very very very happy. we knew it was coming. we just didn't know when. they put so much work into this. >> fallow is being held on $5 million bond, she faces 28 years in prison.
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>> lots of people have been waiting for this. the police offering an $8,000 reward for missing baby in florida. andrew vanish last month after his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were found murdered in miami. a day later the child's father was found dead from apparent suicide. investigators believe he killed the woman before kidnapping andrew who would be a month old now. if you have any information on andrew's whereabouts please call police. the stroke of midnight in afghanistan the us will monitor the truth and could lead to an american troop reduction. the trump administration is pushing for permanent peace deal with the taliban to end the 18 year war in afghanistan, the longest in american history. the reduction of violence comes
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is lose cheney slams the new york times for publishing an op-ed by a taliban leader. it describes what the terror group wants in return for peace, cheney tweeting response, quote, i have some questions for the new york times since they decided to give the taliban a for him with garbage like we do not use our war, we were forced to defend ourselves, remember 9/11? the author is a designated global terrorist. did you pay him for this piece? the time senior correspondent in afghanistan did not answer cheney's questions directly but admits the author is now taliban peacemaker as he paints himself. donald trump is considering congressman doug collins to be the director of national intelligence was the georgia lawmaker would permanently fill the position, the president named us ambassador to germany richard brunel as acting director replacing joseph maguire who was acting director
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since august with dan coats stepping down. donald trump blasts the roger stone case was handled in court and now he says his former advisor could be exonerated. >> i want to see it play out to its fullest because roger has a good chance of exoneration in my opinion. he was treated very unfairly. jillian: in las vegas he highlighted the importance of criminal justice reform. roger stone was sentenced to three years behind bars for lying to congress. legal team is calling for a new trial claiming juror bias. donald trump firing up his base in the centennial state slamming the democrats debate performance at his colorado springs rally. >> with your help this november we are going to defeat the
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radical democrats and when colorado in a landslide. don't know if anybody watched last night's debate, many mike didn't do well last night. i was going to send him a note saying it is not easy doing what i do, is it? how about klobuchar. alfred e newman looked at her and said something slightly derogatory and she said are you accusing me of being dumb? would make a statement like that? that was the end of her campaign. how about sleepy joe's performance. he was sleepy a long time ago but that was sleepy. a truly incredible time for america. we have the best economy in our history. we have rebuilt our military over the last three years. the space force. i will be making a big decision for the space force as to where it is going to be located and i know you want it. >> the president saluted three
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veterans who fought at iwo jima. this is the 70 fifth anniversary of that battle. the president's supporters lining up in las vegas for his rally tonight. democrats place their final bit ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. they are hoping for any moment after he wednesday's fiery debate. griff jenkins live at the las vegas convention center with the wild west show down. >> reporter: good morning. at high noon donald trump will be there. a few hundred supporters lining up. all the candidates are making closing arguments to the voters after that dominating performance with elizabeth warren we had the campaign trail with her to see if she can form a come back. we talk to her supporters and
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they are behind her. watch this. >> i think it is time for a female president and i think we are going to have one, she is the perfect candidate. >> we said we would join her in that effort to become president of the united states. we will see her go against trump. >> i think she will be the one. >> reporter: interesting development, with reporters at an earlier stop warren is reversing her position on taking super pac money. he is not want to take it but now she says if everyone is not going to take it then she's not either. >> every presidential candidate, no super pac for any of them. here's where i stand. if the candidates get rid of super pacs i will lead the charge.
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it can't be the case that only one or 2 don't. >> reporter: if she were to lead a come back she would have a long way to go. sanders way out in front. most of the polling biden ahead of them as well but people to judge who had strong showings in iowa and new hampshire says you are stuck with the democratic socialist and billionaire from new york we are in trouble. listen. >> in a couple weeks we could wake up the day after super tuesday and the options in our party have been narrowed to bernie sanders and michael bloomberg. if that is the only two options we have heading into this contest against donald trump we are in trouble. >> reporter: all the candidates and the president right here in vegas. a very interesting day before voting and caucusing starts tomorrow.
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>> have you taken a shot at slot machines or anything like that? >> reporter: i haven't had time. i never do well in casinos. made the before i go i will try one. heather: thank you so much. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. is there a presidential pardon in the works for roger stone? >> i'm not going to do anything in terms of the great powers bestowed upon a president of the united states. i want to play out. heather: he got three years. is that fair? afford trump adviser said yes but also said you can't ignore the hypocrisy and joins us to explain. >> i'm the only one here that ever started a business. is that fair?
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bill: donald trump says he will not grant clemency to roger stone for now. >> i'm not going to do anything in terms of the great powers bestowed upon a president of the united states. i want the process to play out. i would love to see roger exonerated. i think he was treated very unfairly. >> the mueller probe claimed another victim. trump's former advisor getting 40 months in prison for lying to
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congress and here to weigh in, francey hakes. thank you for joining us. what is your take on this? did he get what he deserved? >> interesting question. with respect to the sentencing guidelines themselves it seems like a fair sentence. it is a normal guideline range the discounts that absurd sentence the mueller prosecution team asked for and the enhancement they thought applied that would made him looking at 7 to 9 years instead of 3 to 4 but when you look at the case of selective prosecution that is where it is difficult to say he was treated fairly. it is clear to me he did what he is accused him. he lied to congress. when you look at other people similarly situated people who lied to congress and lied to the fbi when they have a democrat next to their name or affiliated with the democrats it doesn't seem as though they are prosecuted where is everyone
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associated with trump or republicans who do the same thing are prosecuted and that is what i am concerned about with respect to the department. >> komi, mccabe, brennan, how do you think it is possible for that situation to be rectified? >> i hope william barr will clean house but i'm worried because director ray at the fbi does not seem to think there was any systemic problem it the fbi. he said, quote, most of the people who conducted this, these offenses against the president lying to the fisa court are gone but they are not all wrong and you have prosecutors who seem to be making decisions only one side of the aisle. it is going to take a very sweeping action by the attorney general to put a stop to what looks to me to be partisan actions bipartisan prosecutors.
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heather: was there one thing that happened recently that led you to believe these prosecutors are not in fact nonpartisan? >> it was the letter they signed, a very clear illustration that the department is full of political lawyers and lawyers on the left and the right but two -- you have 2000 former department of justice employees sign a letter demanding that william barr resign when all he did was recommend the same sentence the obama appointed judge found to be entirely reasonable. these 2000 former lawyers from doj insisted attorney general william barr is acting as the president's personal lawyer and it is so egregious that he must resign, that shows more clearly than anything else that the department of justice is full of people who are perfectly willing to play politics instead of be the neutral prosecutors justice demands.
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heather: that might be why the white house has a new team of advisors to guide donald trump on clemency as he considers more pardons. is that a good way to cut through the bias that exists in the justice department? >> the office of the department of attorney, doj has been controversial among the defense community and the left, you have prosecutors fitting requests from prisoners that they themselves have imprisoned. it makes sense to me because the president has the responsibility and accountability ultimately for all pardons. i understand why he wants to bring that into the white house especially when you consider it seems to be important to him and there are bureaucrats at doj that he believes acted inappropriately and even illegally in the russia investigation. why would he trust them to do
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anything? heather: we will see what happens moving forward. he did indicate he would not do anything until after the election in terms of roger stone. thank you for joining us, appreciate it, have a great weekend. the time is 19 after the top of the hour. amazon wants to set up shop in a chicago suburb and add 1500 jobs. why the town's mayor is saying thanks but no thanks. a belly busting challenge. the nfl lineman who tackled a 72 hour steak and won. here with social media reaction to the footballer's feast.
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heather: it is being called the
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twitter dunk of the century, steve scalise delivering a fact check to keith ellison after he suggested now ernie sanders supporters are mean. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with the reaction to this one and almost instantly anyone who read that. >> reporter: bernie sanders was forced to defend his supporters after several candidates complain his fans were harassing them online. on wednesday attorney general keith ellison said i have never seen bernie sanders supporters mean or rude. someone send me an example of a bernie bro being bad. are beholding all candidates responsible for the behavior of their supporters? waiting to hear. steve scalise issued a swift response 8 i can think of an example who was shot at congressional baseball practice
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by a sanders supporter in 2017. his response going viral on social media. one twitter user says send keith ellison a copy of your hospital bill. you been twitter today and so glad you are doing well. sanders says 99% of his supporters are good, hard-working people but can't forget. heather: the next one is funny. michael bloomberg facing criticism for this altered debate moment. >> i'm the only one here whoever started a business. is that fair? >> people are complaining the footage was edited to include that lengthy silence. here is the real moment from the debate. >> i'm the only one here whoever started a business. is that fair? okay.
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>> that was funny too. donald trump has been criticized for posting edited footage but a lot of people saying this should promote the debate, just as you lost that debate in horrific fashion, a few hundred million on ads and leave last night behind. another twitter user says he won the debate if we added out actual responses and put in responses that reflect more favorably upon you than reality. heather: move past the debate the next one. let's talk about could you ever eat a 72 ounce steak? carley: i'm up for this challenge. baltimore defensive lineman bradley bozeman crushed a food challenge at a texas steakhouse that included a 72 ounce steak
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mushroom cocktail, baked potato, that is the most difficult part, salad and butter role. he ate all of that in under an hour and won the coveted i ate it all t-shirt, this happening at the big texan state ranch. heather: everything is bigger in texas. thank you so much. democrats can't seem to agree on how to pick the party's nominees. >> that the process work its way out. >> let the process work. >> should become the nominee. heather: dems can't agree on how the winner can be chosen, can they agree on anything? our political panel on deck to debate. >> the hottest celebrity in the world is a legitimate great hero of world war ii. heather: he was honored by the
1:28 am
president that a rally in vegas. talking about the overwhelming experience and the gift that he was given.
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heather: look at our top headline so far this morning. starting with a fox news alert. doomsday called mother lori balogh hours from facing a judge after being arrested in the disappearance of her children. joshua and 17-year-old kiley ryan have not been seen since september. val oh and her husband chad have been on the run since november. more rain in the south on the way, massive storm moving to mississippi, alabama and georgia. jackson, mississippi is on high alert after severe flooding devastated the state capital. donald trump considering doug collins to be the director of
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national intelligence. this week the president in us ambassador to germany richard brunel as acting director. we are one day from the nevada caucuses but after the disaster in iowa they are not promising same day results this time around, talks a brokered convention growing matter. can democratic voters trust their own party to nominate the candidate they vote for? here to debate attorney and former bush administration advisor adultoh franco and kathy carew. bernie sanders on delegates and the vote. listen. >> the process includes 500 superdelegates on the second battle. i think the will of the people, the person with the most votes.
1:33 am
heather: what do you think of this? can voters trust the process? >> not after iowa, i don't think anyone trust the process. no one is trusting the government in general these days. trusting anyone at this point, i am sorry, even they know, they are making the standards a really low. heather: they will not use the same apps they did in iowa but they are not making any promises. we have a fox news voter analysis survey, how confident are you democratic party process to select the presidential nominee is fair? this says 60% are confident. does that surprise you? >> 40% that aren't and that number will grow larger. there is 0 confidence. the chairman of the democratic
1:34 am
party said that accuracy is there northstar, they need a new compass because it is not working. the process has failed. it is likely not to work in nevada as well. this coupled with what you have just shown about bernie sanders, there is growing suspicion this thing is cooked. for democratic party it is not democratic when they have a safety valve in their party, 500 delegates to decide the party bosses, who the nominee is. they have a person like bernie sanders who is not their first choice. it is bad for democratic voters. this lack of confidence will only grow in the months ahead. heather: it will be interesting to see what happens. when you look at latino voters in nevada bernie sanders has the edge going into it. >> i run a hispanic magazine for
1:35 am
18 years and none of my readers are behind bernie sanders. when you talk about socialism and communism the reason they are in this country is to avoid socialism and communism from the countries they left. not exactly bernie sanders fans. heather: what do you think of that? >> donald trump won the latino vote in nevada and 2016 caucuses. most of us find socialism and bernie sanders apartment. michael bloomberg called him a communist. there is name recognition. i believe he and biden will do well. i think klobuchar's statement, she doesn't know who the president of mexico is and sits on the foreign relations committee. the democratic party is in disarray. it is name recognition, the
1:36 am
sanders number. i don't think he is strong with voters, he never identified on any issue of significance for latinos. heather: you left out michael bloomberg in the names you were discussing. who do you think will be the next to drop out of the race and what about bloomberg? >> i have to tell you based on the democratic debate performance, donald trump is the clear winner. i think he is that they have all lost in that debate in many ways. i have to think the weakest performance and likeliest person to drop out if you had to single one of them would be amy klobuchar. she is lacking in the polls. her disastrous performance with respect to latino voters particularly on the mexico issue will cost her a significant amount of support. i put my money on klobuchar being the weakest candidate.
1:37 am
heather: they are in vegas. you are shaking your head, clearly you don't agree. >> i don't think anyone is going to drop out. you don't see anyone leave after the primaries and caucuses. it will be down to bloomberg, sanders and trump, those are the ones to watch, they are staying in and the ones to watch. heather: donald trump is staying in. >> they can only stay in so long as they have money and that will dry up quickly. in south carolina next week. heather: bloomberg has a lot of money, he can stay in as long as he wants. >> warren and klobuchar will have a hard time raising funds. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. passengers leave a quarantines cruise ship in japan, will take
1:38 am
into an airport where they will fly to hong kong. this is the final group of passengers to leave the ship after a two week corona virus quarantine. 11 people have now tested positive for that deadly virus. in south korea, 100 new cases of the infection bringing the total number 2204. more than 2000 people have died in mainland china, 76,000 have gotten sick. there could soon be a vaccine for the coronavirus. researchers at an engineering firm in texas, a vaccine to fight the current outbreak. it could now move to animal testing by agencies like the fda. the company plans to give the vaccine away for free to countries hit hardest by the coronavirus like china. one mayor doesn't think his village is a prime location for a giant amazon warehouse. the retailer bought a
1:39 am
$50 million property in illinois, in a chicago suburb that would bring 1500 jobs to the village. paying $15 an hour. the mayor thinks it is no good. >> might be a fit somewhere else but not here. jobs the pay $15 an hour is not even a living wage. the richest man in the world on the worst salaries. heather: amazon has not commented on the mayor's concerns so far. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. leaked intelligence about russian interference in the 2020 election called into question. >> i don't know anyone who thinks russia prefers donald trump to win over comrade sanders. heather: a little far-fetched and no smoking allowed in your own home, the government taking a crackdown on lighting up to an extreme level. ♪
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heather: former congressman trey gowdy sounding off on a report that russia is trying to middle in the 2020 election. >> i don't know anyone who things russia prefers donald trump to win over comrade sanders. they make assessments and give those assessments but give them to people like adam schiff. this never should have been made public. that is why the president is upset. heather: intelligence officials warned lawmakers about russian interference in a closed-door briefing. reports say the news pushed donald trump to replace national intelligence director joseph maguire. the president naming ambassador richard brunel as acting vn i. matt gates taughts of you cohost about the democratic party. watch this.
1:44 am
>> i was wondering if you were wearing black as a consequence of the death of the political left in the debate last night. we have a come back president running against the throwback left. heather: gates responding on fox news. >> with what is happening in the democratic primary right now use your take over from the most radical elements of their left-wing base and that opens up a lot of ground. heather: he doesn't want a president who praises venezuela and cuba like bernie sanders. the trump campaign making a big bet on the internet to win over of votes on election day. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness explains the major ad by.
1:45 am
>> reporter: leading up to the presidential election and on election day the trump reelection campaign has made a major purchase to purchase the homepage video of youtube. he will only see one candidate advertise on youtube and that is donald trump. this is highly coveted like a super bowl ad. we don't how long it will run or the exact financial terms but there are reports it could run up to $1 million was a very big ad purchase by the trump campaign. heather: let's stick to online, twitter experimenting with colorful labels for lies and disinformation. heather: a huge effort by twitter as we lead to the presidential election but twitter is experiment with colorful labels to respond to misinformation. by political figures and other
1:46 am
public people. you might see an orange or red label under a tweet you can see on screen, prominently displayed below the tweet. one possible version twitter is looking at maybe adding corrected information from fact checkers or journalists verified by twitter. another idea is community reports feature where people like wikipedia could weigh in but this is something they want to address this critical information. we have seen misleading tweets from politicians, bernie sanders, kevin mccarthy, don't know the exact rollout of when they plan to do this but this is an idea they are looking at. heather: almost 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a war hero getting a shout out from the commander-in-chief. >> irvine julian, thank you. >> a special moment for a
1:47 am
100-year-old member of the greatest generation, irvine julian and his son join us to talk about that special moment. ♪
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>> i don't know if he knows it but he is the hottest celebrity in the world. a legitimate hero of world war ii, irvine julian. thank you. heather: a true american hero becomes a social media star after his shout out, donald
1:51 am
trump's keep america great rally and the video of the 100-year-old world war ii veteran irvine julian receiving 5 million views online. joining the online is irvine and his friend stephen. we appreciate it. we are having a little bit of trouble with the technology this morning, help us out. let us know what that moment meant to both of you. >> it was incredible. it all started with the video that got all the views. when it went viral, the guys who helped my dad, carrying him down had twitter on their phones and the next minute donald trump junior retweeted it out and that was a big thing. what is going on in the next
1:52 am
thing, potus tweeting out, coming in on air force one and saw what was going on and it was incredible. heather: everybody read tweeting it and shouting go usa thanking your dad for his service. how do you end up there to begin with? how did this happen? >> i have been to trump rallies before and i knew a few people. i wanted to do this for my father not like this but i wanted to do something. how would he like to be on stage with trump and he said sure. i made a few phone calls and the last phone call i made was to republican headquarters in dc, she mailed it to the campaign and i had given up.
1:53 am
it was the night before. i got a phone call on the freeway at 7:30, from the trump campaign, she told me she was going to email me where to go, who to contact when i got there. i said okay, that is what i did. heather: aren't you glad you didn't give up? i know you talked about signing some things. he signed a hat for you and he received a gold medallion from the president. >> right here. gave this to my dad. heather: you have them with you? got it. >> he actually presented it to my father through june year, gave it to him under the direction of his father.
1:54 am
heather: i know your dad served in the naval air force from 1941-1944, 100 years old, what a great moment. you are great son. we appreciate it. we will be right back, stay with us. (beep)
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people from smoking in their own homes. two bills proposed on long island, one included total smoking ban for people living apartment and condos, the others would limit smoking in balconies and patios. legislators say the goal is to prevent incidents of secondhand smoke was a hearing is set for both proposals later this month. a popular history where brand turning to food, a partnership with nabisco to create limited-edition oreos as part of the spring and summer collection. the double stuff oreo features the supreme logo on a bright red cookie, it is $8 at supreme stores and the internet goes wild over this. $4,000 for three.
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another person clearly 15,$000. we will let you know if they get it. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. football players trying new skills on the basketball court but not what you might think. watch. the university of iowa football team showing off their dance moves at a school basketball game. now the bad. flames shooting out as a private plane skids to a stop with no landing gear. no one was hurt. this happened at the daytona beach airport in florida. not clear why the landing gear failed. burger king is remolding its famous whopper with the new ad campaign. the ad shows the new preservative free whopper growing mold. is meant to appeal to customers
2:00 am
who want healthier food. that is really gross. thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. the woman known as the doomsday called mom trading her hawaiian holiday for a jail cell. >> she faces in a case of her missing children. a letter to the editor from the taliban. >> the new york times defend against decision to publish an op-ed from one of the world's deadliest terrorists. >> with your help this november we are going to defeat the radical democrats. jillian: from rocky mountains to las vegas donald trump taking his campaign into high gear. rob: democrats trying to keep their party nomination from going to a soc


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