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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 22, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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started a political movement among his fellow canines, make america bark again. kristin fisher, take it from here. heather: 9 this is a fox news election alert. we are just hours from the nevada caucuses. bernie sanders is campaigning right now. democrats are promising it will be nothing like what happened in iowa and tonight there are several developments that may tip the scale in a tight race that has been disrupted by another new york billionaire. just one day after democrats feasted on reports that the russians are trying to help donald trump get reelected, team
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putin is interfering to help bernie sanders win. >> reporter: us officials notified bernie sanders the russian government was interfering in the 2020 election and trying to boost his campaign. he was not happy. he questioned the timing pointing out the story broke one day before the nevada caucuses lose than before campaign event in california sanders said let me say a word about russia. mister putin is a thug, and autocrat. he may be a friend of donald trump, he's not a friend of mine. the reports about russia boosting bernie after us intelligence officials briefed congress that russia was again meddling in favor of donald trump and the white house had a statement indicating the president has it handled, donald trump made clear any efforts or attempts by russia or any other nation to influence or interfere with our elections or undermine us democracy will not be
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tolerated and will be met with sharp consequences. when the president learned about the russian meddling into a briefing to congress he was furious mostly because he believes democrats would weapon ice it and sure enough, the president chastised his acting director of national intelligence, and polishing couple talking points. we count on the intelligence community to inform contest of any threat of foreign interference in our election. if reports are true and the president is interfering with that, and as he warned he would. in no way did the president admonish or berate joseph maguire.
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and hearing that brunel was prepped, it has partisan sounding the alarm. >> the intelligence community going in there, someone who has no experience or credentials, they can only see this as one more example they are not being allowed to do their job. >> stands to be a short one. the president is expected to name a permanent until director in the near future. >> sanders is hadn't broken when donald trump call the intelligence reports that russia is trying to help get reelected a disinformation campaign. >> p wants to be sure, wouldn't he rather face bernie, wouldn't he rather have bernie who
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honeymooned in moscow? >> for analysis we have assistant attorney general john you. let's start with this bernie sanders, we know intelligence officials do believe russia is trying to interferon bernie sanders's behalf in the campaign confirmed as much today. how big of a threat do you think this is? >> we shouldn't be surprised russia is trying to interfere in our campaign in 2020. think about how much they cause in terms of disruption and chaos in our system. with a little bit they did in 2016, even showing there is no change the outcome the election, a 2 and a half year investigation. the steel dossier to pursue all kinds about the present. this would be moscow's dream
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come true, the real socialist would become president of the united states, i'm not surprised they would want bernie sanders to win even more than they would want donald trump or any other candidate, not a surprise there after this again. >> there are reports the russians are trying to interfere with donald trump's reelection campaign. back to bernie sanders, they say, quote, in 2016 russia used internet propaganda to so division in my country and they are doing it again in 2020. some of the ugly stuff on the internet attributed to our campaign may well not be coming from real supporters. bernie sanders said something similar on the debate stage. what is the likelihood some of the bad bernie bros online are russian bots? >> democrats are contradicting themselves. on the one hand they claim the
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administration is politicizing intelligence. there are wild accusations the russians are behind the bernie bros, no hard evidence or intelligence at all that lens any support to the idea that the russians are engaged in supporting -- the sanders campaign by impersonating bernie bros. there is no evidence of it at all. >> let's talk about other reports about donald trump's reelection campaign that us officials briefed members of the house and saying the same thing they were saying about bernie sanders, that russia is trying to interfere to help donald trump win reelection. >> i don't blame donald trump for being upset with the intelligence community. a lot of the fury is over ambassador grenell's appointment, because of this
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briefing but if you look in the longer lens donald trump has reason to be upset with the intelligence community. and people who are acting anomalously, you can't blame him for putting people in charge intelligence to have a good relationship with the president, and for the intelligence agencies is not necessarily true. do we want clapper and brennan back who were duped by the russians that he was -- and comey and mccabe, seriously can give information about law enforcement investigations. it is time we tried people coming from a career in civil service or the cia.
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>> democrats like you said are concerned about donald trump's pick of joseph maguire, rick grenell doesn't have a lot of experience. i will get your reaction on the other side. >> what he's doing in terms of sending me in for brain surgery, what? just doesn't know the territory and it is important territory. >> based on your previous answers you do not think that. >> i don't want nancy pelosi doing brain surgery on me or anybody else. ambassador grenell is an ambassador and the first was john negroponte who was an ambassador, not unusual to have to put get involved in
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intelligence agencies. he is the ambassador of germany, one of the most important countries. he is a consumer of intelligence. he may not be an intelligence professional but at the same time of the record that has been produced by the intelligence professionals, not the men and women working there but the leadership has done a pretty good job the last few years. >> the president naming a permanent replacement sometime soon. thank you so much. the woman accusing former new york city mayor michael bloomberg of telling her to kill it when he found out she was pregnant might be able to tell her story if reports are accurate but she's one of the women who agreed to release from a nondisclosure agreement. what do we know?
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>> reporter: we don't know the names of the three women michael bloomberg says he will release. this is one of the quickest political reversals of the 2020 cycle. bloomberg says he will release women who accused him specifically of wrongdoing from the nondisclosure agreements. on wednesday he said no dice, wanted to keep things quiet. >> we have a very few nondisclosure agreements. >> how many? >> none of them accused me of doing anything other than they took like a joke i told. >> less than 48 hours after his disastrous debate performance michael bloomberg said three women who may direct allegations against him as ceo of bloomberg news to tell their story saying if any of them want to be released from their mba to talk about those allegations they should contact the company and
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be given a release. bloomberg's reversal will include the case involving explosive quote cited in the washington post where bloomberg allegedly asked the plaintiff how is married life? are you married? the plaintiff responded she was pregnant, she responded to her, quote, kill it. bloomberg also faces attacks from a bloomberg reporter who tweeted the company didn't do enough to protect her and her family against the chinese government. bloomberg's lawyers tweeted me as though i were a piece of company property using intimidation and threats to try and bully me into submission. >> michael bloomberg needs to do a blanket release so that all women who have been muzzled by nondisclosure agreements can step up and tell their side of the story. >> bloomberg's statement today is rather sharon asked that he will only release those people who accused him of wrongdoing
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directly from mba not as was before and wanted, people who just accuse somebody from the bloomberg company, you might remember he was equally sherman ask about not releasing anyone from their mbas and that changed in less than two days. who knows what tomorrow brings. >> the democratic primary for president in case you haven't noticed has taken an ugly turn tonight. michael bloomberg, for vandalizing his knoxville tennessee campaign office and littering it with expletives. that is far from the action in vegas, and how ugly the race has become and that is where we find jackie heinrich at the scene of tonight's bernie sanders rally. >> reporter: tomorrow is make or break especially for candidates who underperformed in the first two voting states, joe biden and
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elizabeth warren, neither of them at the threshold for delegates in new hampshire. biden depending on long-standing support for black voters especially in south carolina to act as a firewall for his campaign but it could shake that support. nearly a third of nevada's population is latino and a diverse electorate will do different results. >> finally the place where there are folks that represent the country, look like the country, the good folks in iowa and new hampshire but this looks like america. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg pitched himself as a moderate biden alternative and surging in the polls before shaking the debate performance. bernie sanders didn't waste a chance to put a spotlight on that in a 60 minutes interview on sunday. >> what happened in a democratic debate it is quite likely trump
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will show up. >> reporter: sanders on the defense of after bloomberg tried to side sanders supporters to vandalism at bloomberg's campaign, the front doors inside the building were spray-painted with expert a the words racist and oligarch. sent bloomberg writing we don't know who is responsible for the vandalism but we know it echoes language from sanders's campaign but sanders is getting an assist slamming bloomberg from fellow progressive elizabeth warren over leaks audio from last year where bloomberg can be heard referring to transgender people if he, she or it. and some guy in address who enters locker rooms. the comments were called horrifying. this was a few days after she called to many a maniac billionaire on twitter. >> reporter: senator warren expressed concern the caucuses
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might not go according to plan tomorrow. i can't imagine why after iowa. what are you hearing on the ground after vegas? >> reporter: warren hopes there are no technical glitches. she's one of a few candidates expressing concern after nevada democrats and memo to campaign saying they are ditching the google forum they planned to use to report the results saying instead they will be using a traditional phone-based system, the second time they shifted gears after the iowa caucuses who voted when their apps malfunctioned and the head of tomorrow's caucuses, to sign nondisclosure agreements. fascinating to see how this plays out tomorrow. thanks so much. >> democrats are going out to stop michael bloomberg in nevada. our power panel on deck. begins ♪ ♪ time for reflectin' on family and friends ♪
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♪ >> kristin: digital ants are blanketing las vegas and >> digital ads blanketing las vegas slamming bernie sanders. you might think they are coming from republicans that they are orchestrated by group by one a next guest, executive director of the big tent project which aims to boost moderate democrats. kaylee mcinerney is trump national press secretary and we are joined by beverly hallberg, president of district media group. the big tent project is spending $1 million in south carolina and nevada, with attacks against bernie sanders. i remember when $1 million under the law when it comes to political advertising but when
12:21 am
you compare that to what mike bloomberg is sending how confident are you these ads will make a dent? >> we are hoping to show democratic voters what bernie sanders's views are. it is telling he has gone this far in the race and we haven't looked at his radical policy positions. senator warren put out a plan for how she would pay for her version of healthcare and the media toward apart. bernie sanders says medicare for all and union members won't lose your healthcare. jillian: could you be hurting the eventual nominee? >> the eventual nominee isn't close to being determined. we had 2% of the country vote. we have a lot of races ahead of us, two races in the next we 10 days. voters need to know what his positions will do to their daily lives. our goal is to make sure people have the fact in front of them.
12:22 am
it is just to let them know he support the medicare for all plan. he has no way to pay for it. union workers in nevada are upset that they will lose the healthcare they negotiated for. >> the trump campaign is happy about's like this being put out by democrats. >> i certainly agree bernie is a crazy radical psychotic socialist who believes the american dream is more apt to be realized in venezuela but what i also see a play is the democrat establishment trying to rob the election from bernie. there is the article that bloomberg is trying to rack up superdelegates, he was robbed of his victory night in iowa. the democrat establishment will never let him win, they don't care what their voters say. this is all about power. that is what the democrat party is about, the crazy socialist off of the establishment. >> just to be clear. i'm in no way part of any democratic establishment. i have been a staff ronil
12:23 am
working 20 hours a day the last we 10 years. this is group of people -- >> that is the establishment. >> those are hard-working staffers who believe facts need to get out there. >> with you stand on this? >> this is showing how much of a fracture you see in the democrat party because they are trying to find a candidate with one goal, to defeat donald trump and they are finding a candidate that are able to do that. you do see this division. i understand why this ad is going against bernie sanders. i'm glad it is getting out there because these are not the right views for people in america. at the same time who is going to be the replacement? michael bloomberg, a millionaire, something people in the democrat party demonize somebody who is wealthy, is that going to be there candidate? tomorrow in nevada it will be interesting to see if biden is able to make any traction because bloomberg may be the moderate they are hoping for and
12:24 am
i don't see how bloomberg will beat trump. >> things about an ugly in the democratic race. let's talk about the latest accusation between the bloomberg campaign and the bernie sanders campaign, bloomberg campaign accusing sanders supporters of vandalizing one of their campaign offices in knoxville, tennessee. there hasn't been a ton of hard evidence that the bernie brokes were behind it. have you seen any evidence? >> know. i don't think there's any evidence. one person decided to spray-painted office building. our political rhetoric needs to be toned down. everybody including kaylee joins me to turn down his rhetoric. he went on stage and lied to everybody in the audience about his own intelligence agency's assessment. let's not forget some of trump's supporters of stormed into a pizza restaurant in dc with an ar 15, mailed pipe bombs to democrats, that is the rhetoric
12:25 am
i am more concerned about. >> that is completely absurd. the only person who lied was the new york times, widely acknowledged by jake tapper. it is not our supporters engaging in violence. they are recipients of it. the reason you are hearing this rhetoric from democrats, they are running scared. the fact that 32% of people in las vegas did not vote in 2016, 27% were latino or black americans, we have a big trump coalition that is the heck out of democrats. >> donald trump did get on stage and say democrats were lying about russian interference. >> you lied about russian collusion from the beginning, the mother reported moderating the president. >> the mueller report indicted multiple -- >> you have a minute left.
12:26 am
>> anyone who commits violence or criminal activity, that individual or those individuals should be held responsible on either side whether it is bernie sanders or donald trump, if they are not asking people to incite violence they should not be held responsible for that. we have free-speech in this country and i think there's a double standard in people calling out donald trump for his rhetoric and claiming that leads to violence while not looking at their own party on the democratic side. that people have free-speech and if they are saying things that are inciting violence. >> that is a nice note to leave on. have a good weekend. be sure to tune into fox news tomorrow night for coverage of the nevada caucuses with bret baer and saturday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm eastern time. donald trump is predicting nevada's presidential caucus will end in chaos. we will dig into it next.
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>> i hear their computers are messed up like in iowa. they want be able to count their votes. they will tell you about healthcare and our military and jet fighters and missiles and rockets but they can't count votes. >> we are counting down to the nevada caucuses. lots of coverage on fox to rn donald trump particular other caucus disaster as he want to control democrats this time from las vegas and that is where we find correspondent arc meredith. >> reporter: donald trump told a crowded las vegas he is very confident in his reelection chances but back in 2016 the president lost nevada by 20,000 votes. he he will have better luck this time in november. republicans are not holding a 2020 contest in nevada. the gop cancel their caucus last
12:32 am
september and it is rally the president took shots at most of the democratic feel especially michael bloomberg. >> i spent 70, many mike spent $500 million in order to get embarrassed by pocahontas. can't be buttigieg. bernie is too emotional. biden is dangerous. biden is angry. everything is anger. >> reporter: the president use the rally to attack the media with harsh words for msnbc and cnn and told supporters his policies are doing more to curb illegal immigration and boost nevada's economy. the union vote is a major part of the conversation and today the president tried to go after a group that traditionally targeted by democrats. >> the unions are really with us and the unions have been with us because i am for the working man and woman. >> reporter: during a rally the
12:33 am
president brought to the stage members of the 1980 team usa gold medal winning hockey team. a team referred to as the miracle on ice. the president praised himself with news the olympics will be coming to la in 2028. the president will be heading overseas to india this weekend but already has more campaign rally scheduled for when he gets back, his next stop south carolina ahead of the primary. >> it has been an interesting week for michael bloomberg, he was touted as a potential savior but after the debate in las vegas there has been a period of reassessment in the party and the media. here's the host fox's media buzz. >> reporter: is michael bloomberg poured a fraction of his fortune into an advertising blitz that pushed his own numbers the media kept boosting to new heights. >> it will be a great debate.
12:34 am
michael bloomberg will fit in and be well prepared to take on his challengers. >> i'm happy to see bloomberg on the debate stage. if he is the candidate i hope is the best want to beat trump. >> reporter: even as news outlets were investigating being given research on his record is new york's mayor such as the way he wants described his stop and frisk program. >> when the washington post reported a history of alleged sexism everyone knew that would come up at the msnbc debate. >> several former employees saw your comedy was a hostile workplace for women. >> none of them accused me of doing anything other than they didn't like a joke i was told. >> reporter: the bloomberg stock crashed. the press pounded him agreeing with donald trump for once. one of the worst debate appearances ever. >> rough night for michael bloomberg, it was before and gutted him.
12:35 am
>> reporter: now the media says it helped bernie sanders widen his lead. nbc moderators were aggressive but they didn't ask about the gun issue in las vegas, site of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. the media regularly build up politicians, then tear them down but it rarely happens so fast. in a debate looming, bloomberg hasn't done any tv interviews, the kind that could provide better answers to damaging questions. >> the biden campaign is hemorrhaging support among black voters. a new poll has the former vp in the neck with bernie sanders, that could impact the race to the nomination but first our real news roundup. california democratic governor gavin newsom is being ridiculed for saying doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing like they do insulin and antibiotics which he proposed the idea during his wednesday address.
12:36 am
stephen miller wrote back california is going to get wild when real estate agents start performing surgery. katie hill is speaking with george stephanopoulos for the first time since leaving opera's -- office. >> we haven't seen as many sex scandals with women. bisexuality as part of it. a fantasy element of it. >> the fbi arrested arthur giambi who is accused of packing the campaign website of hill's 2018 competitor. hill won her primary with less than 3000 votes. the jury and harvey weinstein's trial remains deadlocked on two count of predatory sexual assault. the judge ordering further deliberations and the trial set to resume on monday. if convicted weinstein could be facing a lifetime sentence.
12:37 am
finally little league teams across the country are dropping their team name after the texas team was caught in a scandal. coaches were trying to protect their players with insults and embarrassment. one minister says it is only temporary and teams will use the name again once the houston astros reputation is secure. >> different folks have different strokes. [ indistinct talking ] a new kind of investor is changing things up. with an app that's changing the way we do money. download robinhood now.
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>> this audience is hispanic, doing great. asian americans likewise, the lowest ever recorded. the unemployment rate for women reached the lowest rate in 71 years. african-american youth unemployment has reached an all-time historic low. we cannot continue to have an office a president who is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a zeno for and the religious bigot.
12:42 am
>> new nbc news wall street journal poll shows bernie sanders narrowing the gap with joe biden among black voters in the president making a heavy pitch to that constituency. we bring in civil rights attorney robert pattillo and burgess owens. thanks for being with us tonight. let's start with this new poll that shows joe biden is at 31% of african-americans supported bernie sanders right on his heels at 29%. if we head into these diverse states, nevada and south carolina what is happening to joe biden's firewall? >> african-american voters like winners. if you look at the 2008 race, black voters were behind hillary clinton army african-american leadership class but barack
12:43 am
obama won iowa, you saw the flip very quickly, joe biden as to start putting wins on the board, not second place or third place, he has to start winning primaries and winning caucuses to maintain his firewall with black voters. the most important thing in every community is to win. >> this is it for joe biden. if he cannot win south carolina his campaign is in real trouble. what advice would you give biden's campaign? >> black americans like oliver americans have the american dream. were for the democratic candidate is we have a president who is putting up the right numbers. people have an option for their kids to go to school. all those things give people hope.
12:44 am
the biggest problem is their policies have been a mess for the black community. we are finally waking up, big number is this, 34% of black americans approve of donald trump. that is a big change in terms of looking at politics in the future. >> are you worried about the push donald trump and his reelection campaign is making trying to court african-american voters. we have seen donald trump go on the pardon spree and talking about the first step act and his push for criminal justice reform? how worried are you that donald trump is making in roads with this community? >> the wall street journal poll at 14% with black voters but i'm not worried at all. one of my friends was pardoned by donald trump. what is best for the black communities when both parties compete for the black vote, that is when you get the best parties. we have no permanent friends or
12:45 am
enemies just permanent interests. donald trump makes a strong push for the black community, i hope democrats match them for the best outcomes for the black community. we are waiting around for which party does something. >> one more democratic candidate, pete buttigieg has struggled with plaque voters and according to this new poll 28% of the people polled were comfortable or enthusiastic about mayor pete but 41% had reservations or were uncomfortable. if you are advising mayor pete at this point in the game what can he do at this point? he will meet with the congressional black caucus but what else can he say or do? >> keep in mind he is a marxist. he has values that do not bear well with the black community who have been very conservative in the way we view life, very
12:46 am
christian-based, those are things we grew up with and i grew up with and at the end of the day to make in roads to the black community you have to see success, people living the american dream. leftists of not done that. the proven for decades they cannot do that. it is too late for the democratic party to compete, we were taken for granted so long, a president putting in place a platform on october 16th. >> only a few seconds left and i want robert's response. >> what people judge did was hot chicken and hot sauce at silvio after did a webcast drinking out of a brown paper bag he should have entrenched in the black community before that. when you start pandering things we don't have any real black friends, pete needs a real black friend and that is the problem
12:47 am
on the campaign. >> thank you, have a good weekend. our night court convenes next. should you be able to sue if you get hit by a foul ball? we will answer. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow.
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the mother of two missing idaho children is >> the mother of two missing idaho children bail set at $5 million.
12:51 am
police arrested lori vallow after failing to comply with a court order to prove her children are alive. police believe vallow and her husband were lying about the children's whereabouts. kiley ryan and joshua vallow have been missing from their idaho home since september. it is time for night court. baseball spring training is in full swing and a court in california is jeopardizing a cherished legal protection in america's pastime. the court -- the baseball room where fans are expected to understand they assume the risk of injury. if they get hit by a foul ball. it was challenged over and over. there was in new york case a few years ago and a fan was seriously injured in yankee stadium. >> i never saw the pitch, never saw the swing, never saw the
12:52 am
ball flying through the air. it just hit me right inside the head. >> is the california court striking are getting a home run by saying they could be liable for foul ball injuries? we have criminal defense attorneys alex lytle and david bruno. let me talk about exhibit a from a 1997 appellate court ruling that reads if such foul balls were illuminated it would be impossible to play the game. foul balls represented inherent risk to spectators attending baseball games. >> that is the general, the baseball rule. it makes sense. when you buy a ticket you assume that risk that when you go into the venue this is a possibility. if everybody looks at their ticket and looks it over that is exactly what it says. there are limitations to this rule.
12:53 am
the stadium doesn't put a net behind home plate, that would be liable so it is not every injury but the ones they did not protect. when you walk into the stadium you have to ready for those balls. >> they make me nervous. every time i go to a baseball game i am thinking about it. the law review says, quote, courts continue to rely on a 100-year-old legal doctrine when determining whether to hold teams liable for spectator injuries resulting inerrant balls or leaving the play. although the baseball will may have been justified at the time its subsequent legal development as well as recent changes in the law and the game of professional baseball itself is undermined the alliance on this antiquated doctrine. >> the courts got lazy and rely on this rule from 100 years ago when you played in an open-air stadium and there wasn't much to protect the folks in the stand but these days we have netting.
12:54 am
it doesn't just go behind home plate but on the sides, it can protect people. you can try to dodge a ball if you are an able-bodied adult but if you're a child or elderly individual who wants to watch the game it is not so easy. then owners have an obligation to protect you. >> quickly to our next case that involves a former pennsylvania mail carrier accusing the social service of violating his rights by requiring him to work on sundays. >> i am for the employee here. title vii of the civil rights act requires employers to accommodate. they can't discriminate based on religion and have to accommodate. this individual believes sunday is a holy day, a rest day. when he make the employer aware of that, they have to do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't work. this is a 7-day week. if you don't work on sunday get
12:55 am
someone else to do it and they failed to do it. not only did they fail to do it but suspended him and ultimately terminated him for not showing up on sunday. >> you have 30 seconds. >> the bogeyman is amazon. this started because amazon convince the postal service to start delivering on sunday. a guy who is able to not work on sunday now had to. the postal service couldn't find anyone else. there are only three rural merry carolers in the region. if you can do the job you're hired to do they can fire you and that happened here. >> thank you for being our legal eagles on friday evening. thank you for staying up late for us. for all of you at home don't forget tomorrow, nevada caucuses, we have a ton of live programming on fox news. bret baer will be hosting a special from tomorrow, 4:00 to 6:00 pm. we will see what happens in las vegas before the democratic rate tends to south carolina.
12:56 am
it is going to be a fascinating few days to watch the democratic race. i am kristin fisher. good night from washington. sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. our gummies contain a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. tit's great actually, i've been listening to audible. it's audiobooks, news, meditations... gotta go! ♪ ♪ hey!
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or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through march 2nd. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. him off of the stage. >> tucker: thank you. that's it for us tonight. have the best weekend. we'll see you next time. >> special to this special edition of hannity, trump versus the left, tonight 256 days away from the presidential election and the presidential party is going broke. the dnc is less than $10 million cash on hand. in contrast, the rnc has nearly $80 million, the 2020 candidates aren't faring much better. prfrpt builds a massive war chest, the opponents are hemorrhaging money on the campaign trail. none of this matters to mike bloomberg who is trying to buy the


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