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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 27, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> it's time for costumes. >> how my doing, raymond? >> you are good. >> laura: from "the passion of the christ" to mardi gras. it's all on fox nation tomorrow. check it out. all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team taken off from here. >> shannon: looks like what we need right about now. >> laura: go have fun during lenz, shannon. >> shannon: countries continue to battle the threat of coronavirus, the impact is rattling wall street. the dow jones industrial suffering its worst one day drop ever. we've got fresh news, numbers tell the story of the recent surge of bernie sanders and what
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voters really think about president trump's reelection chances. he's also getting good news tonight from gallup. plus groups saying students visiting a group legislator violated because they were there during a prayer. is there a legal case? we'll debate it. welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. a coronavirus update, our chief correspondent trace gallagher tracking this news all week. >> we are learning more about the health and human services whistle-blower complaint that hhs has confirmed and nobody is disputing. when evacuees were brought back from wuhan, china, to an air reserve base in southern california, more than a dozen workers were sent to receive the evacuees but did not have proper training or protective gear. tonight, the cdc said none of the evacuees had coronavirus, therefore nothing was transmitted to the workers. of course, that doesn't excuse the potential risk to the workers which is why hhs is now looking into the matter.
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the whistle-blower are also seeking federal protection, saying that after she raised concerns, she was unfairly reassigned. we've got new information on the northern california woman who tested positive for coronavirus. turns out, she lives in the same county as travis air force base where hundreds of other americans landed after being evacuated from china and japan. tonight from the california health officials said the woman had no connection to travis air force base at all. but because she hasn't recently traveled outside the u.s. and has not been in contact with anyone known to be infected, she could be the first case in the u.s. of community spread, meaning undiagnosed carriers transmitting the disease. since the beginning of the month, more than 8400 travelers from china have entered california, so it's always possible she came in contact with one of them. we are also learning the woman was admitted to a hospital back in february 15th, but because
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she didn't fit the cdc criteria for coronavirus, she wasn't tested until just days ago. all medical staff at the hospital where she was treated are now being monitored for symptoms. california governor gavin newsom says the state is actively addressing all concerns. watch. >> we are not overreacting nor are we under reacting to the understandable anxiety many people have as it relates to this novel virus. >> the cdc warns that because coronavirus symptoms can be very mild, people who might be infected won't seek medical help. therefore won't be tested. in the meantime, here's where we stand right now. in the u.s., they are 60 cases. globally, more than 82,000 cases in 47 countries, and more than 2800 people have died. outside of china, there have been 67 deaths, most of those in the middle east. right now, the kronos virus
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coronavirus hot spots are iran, south korea, and italy. >> shannon: if you've been monitoring your 401(k) recently, you know that coronavirus worries are already having an impact. fears have led to wall street's worst week since the financial crisis of 2008. the dow lost 1191 points, almost 4.5%. the s&p 500 dropped 438, 12% below the all-time high set a week ago. nasdaq plunged for 14, more than good evening, jackie. >> good evening, shannon. closing and correction, which means down more than 10% from record highs all on the coronavirus. it took six down days to get here. the dow losing more than a thousand points today and all three indices suffering the worst point declines ever. even more of a warning, the yields on the 10-year
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u.s. treasury note syncing to a new all-time low, under 1.3% for the first time ever. investors flocking to the bond market where they seek safety and when money pours in, that yield falls, which is what we are seeing now. a warning coming from goldman sachs as well, and a note of client sending to coronavirus could indicate earnings growth for the entire year. the chief u.s. equity a severe decline in china's economic activity in the first quarter, lower end demand for u.s. importers, lower supply chain for many u.s. firms, slow down u.s. economic activity, and elevated business and certainty. a whole host of sectors see their share prices to climb. airlines, casinos, technology, but there are some bright spots in the market related to the virus itself. surgical mask makers, people have already been stocking up on
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masks, that's expected to continue. companies working on vaccines for the viruslike tonics, pharmaceuticals, and even clorox on sales of disaffected whites. video indication also, expected surge in working from home and videoconferencing. but it's still a leg lower since monday. shannon, more than 3,000 points wiped off the books for the dow jones industrial average. >> shannon: thank you so much. okay, so how to put all the economic upheaval into perspective from the king college and manhattan, we got professor brian bradberry who is the executive vice president and chair of the business and finance. good to see you, brian. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to say play something the president had to say. >> i think the stock market will recover. the economy is very strong. our consumers are incredible. they are incredible. that's why we are doing well and other countries have not even before the virus.
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>> shannon: what do you make about his optimism of the u.s. economy's ability to weather this? >> you can hear the president really leaning on the consumer. the u.s. consumer has been very strong and one of the drivers of a lot of the success that we have seen. i think the reason that stocks have wavered quite a bit this week is because there is some question about the u.s. consumer. as we see the virus spreading in the u.s. as that threat rises, companies and investors are starting to worry that that might make consumers a little bit skittish, which means they stop spending and that could put a real dent in the economy, so the president has a lot of optimism around the consumer. i do too. we have a strong consumer here. that's really the threat when you talk about a potential spread of the virus here at ho home. >> shannon: so much of this is about messaging and communicating for the administration says it's going to be aggressively transparent with people and sometimes that's, you know, a tough thing to swallow if the news isn't exactly good. the presidents job is to go out
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there communicate stability and things are going to be okay, but will debate this later in the show plenty of democrats on the left ripping at the president saying he's not doing a good job. how does that affect the impression, the maker markets, the financial world if there is no unity in washington? >> markets and investors can do a pretty good job of tuning out all of the discord and all of the inviting on issues like this, investors and markets really want to see people come together. they want to see their elected leaders get things done when it comes to public safety. that's one of the big problems right now. the markets are looking to washington, looking to the state and local governments and saying, show us that you can contain this. show us that you got your hands around this. right now, what they are hearing in d.c. is that they are seeing finger-pointing and hearing blame shifting, that's exactly what investors don't want to hear. if we keep getting that out in d.c., i can tell you that this
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market is not going to bounce back because it's dependent right now i'm getting confidence that we have containment. if d.c. is fighting, you know that containment is not happening. you know there is not coordination between state, local, federal governments. that's going to be very bad for markets. >> shannon: the former fed chair janet yellen quoted that we have a pretty solid outlook for this happen and there is some risk, but i think the u.s. outlook looks pretty good. the fed chairs know that when they talk, even if they are former, people are listening but how do you think that may impact things? >> you know, fed chairs are some of the worst people to listen to in situations like this because they are so careful with their words. i do agree that we should be looking at rebound for the u.s. economy and for the markets later this year, but again i want to go back to the big x factor and that is how federal, state, local governments going to handle this. how will d.c. respond, shannon? i'm not optimistic watching what was happening today, watching
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the infighting between senator schumer, pelosi, going after the president. that is not confidence inspiring for markets. when markets see that, they say the safest move is to sit still and to sal and that's a recipe of what we've seen. this is not a time for politics as usual. unfortunately that's what we are seeing right now. >> shannon: thank you for being up late with us. good to see you. >> you bet. >> shannon: countries around the world canceling events, enforcing strict rules about isolation in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading. corresponding benjamin hall takes a look at the global impact from london. >> the streets and squares of italy lie empty. japanese schools shut until the end of march, pilgrims being turned away from saudi arabia. 47 countries have reported cases, taking the total number up to 82,000 and the death toll to over 2800. the world health organization today urge countries to act now
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or risk of death. >> if you act aggressively now, you can contain this virus. you can prevent people getting sick. you can save lives. >> lives are already being lost. italy, which is ground zero in europe, 12 people have died and 447 are ill. the country insist it's still open for tourists, but churches and museums are closing. there's even some concern from pope francis who skipped a planned mass today after he was seen coughing and sneezing. the vatican saying the 83-year-old had a slight in disposition. in france, two people are dead as president macron warned the country that it has to brace itself what's ahead. >> in the epidemic is coming. >> across the middle east, shrines are being disinfected and saudi arabia closed its borders to foreign pilgrims, putting islam's holiest sight off limits. 20 people have died in >> dagen: three, the highest
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number outside of china. the former displaying symptoms live on tv. in brazil, there's been a run of face masks after the first case announced in south america, meaning coronavirus is not present in every continent except antarctica. there is some good news out of china were the number of new cases has declined recently. the hope is there containment effort can be used in the future as a model for others. the fear however is that outside china, this is going to get worse before it gets better. >> shannon: benjamin hall, thank you. despite that news, china being called out by the world health organization tonight for not being forthcoming enough about the virus that has now become a global threat. let's bring in an expert on this topic, the director for the center of training strategy for michael to his burial. also referred to one of the president's closest trusted boards involving china, thank you for being with us tonight. i want to play something senator ben sasse as he sat where you were a couple of
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nights on the show. >> it's not a bug of the chinese system, it's a feature of the chinese system. surveillance of the people is not a bug, it's a feature of the system. you can believe what he says because his interest are in the chinese communist party. >> shannon: what do we make of the information coming out of china. they say they peaked there in the cases are tapering off. >> i'm not sure if it's true. we have another few days to see if the cases are really tapering off. what's really happening is president trump is leveraging the competencies built up with presidency president xi the past three years per they have ups and downs in the trade talks. a lot of the fighting, reneging, but ultimately they have a good deal. they have been on the phone three times now to talk about the virus. i think president trump has been successful in getting the chinese to open up with information. for the w.h.o. team to get in there at all wasn't easy.
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president xi seems to be telling president trump about how they are handling the situation, what they like to do cooperatively. the problem is chinese nationalism and hard-liners in china, when i see a lot in their press and talking to them by phone, they want to be the ones who have the vaccine themselves. they want to be the ones to control the information of the nature of the virus. they will not let the american cdc office in beijing, which has a staff of three, visit will wilwill being done now by dr. tony fauci right now in his laboratory, using glass or stainless steel or wood, how long does the virus live? it's a factor in how you protect yourself. we don't have a possibly mutating virus, the ones that we've got from the guy in
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seattle. president trump succeeding, but it's against this hard-line nationalism in china that's not really helping other than in these direct phone calls with president trump. >> shannon: charlie kirk tweeting this, if russia or sp 23 where spreading the coronavirus, we would put sanctions on them like we've already had. the pathological sinister regime down they fact the entire world and we treat them as an ally? china must be treated as an enemy. >> that's overstating it because we don't know who in china are the good guys and the bad guys on this virus. where did it come from? didn't really escape from a laboratory? is it from the lack of hygiene? they announced a couple of days ago front page news story, eating wild animals is now illegal. it looks like eating wild animals is part of the chain that this virus jumped into humans, but nobody knows for sure. except possibly the chinese. it's not clear to me who the bad
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guys are. he wants to make all of china the enemy? i think that's too much. there is clearly people who don't like america and are not helping us with the virus. but there's also people on our side. in fact, our cdc created the chinese cdc 30 years ago. a lot of the cooperation it has been happening has been inspired by president trump but it's dr dr. fauci talking on the phone with people he's trained in china. again, i cannot stress this enough, they are not cooperating fully with us. they think they can solve the problem of the vaccine. >> shannon: we can hope the relationships pay dividends now. thank you for coming back. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: tonight, police identifying the shooter who killed five coworkers at one of the nation the part of his large breweries. the 51-year-old gunman was an electrician. he opened fire on his coworkers
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before turning the gun on himself. police have yet to release a motive. brand-new fox news poll showing a massive surge by bernie sanders and some news to make the white house happy. next. ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. there he is. oh, wow. you're doing, uh, you're doing really great with the twirling. dad, if you want to talk, i have a break at 3:00.
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>> shannon: mike pence says the 2020 election will give voters a choice between freedom and socialism. pence spoke on the second day of the conservative political action conference in maryland. said freedom always wins and how did the administration's economic agenda. >> it's about liberty. it's about our most cherished values. and it's been about three more things. it's been about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> shannon: cpac runs through
8:22 pm
saturday. some polling numbers tonight showing the extent of bernie sanders' recent surge among the democratic primary voters, not only taking a national lead but a full 13 percentage points ahead of joe biden now in second. in terms of whether or not a candidate can defeat donald trump in november, sanders making gains there as well, leading mike bloomberg by eight points and among registered voters, check this out, a full 56% say they believe that the president will be reelected in november. that number is a significant 12-point increase since october. let's look at these numbers a little bit deeper now. correspondingly lynn vetter. are the democrats honing in on what they want? >> joe mine ibiden might be down tobernie sg well in south carolina. a win on saturday would increase the cause for those in the establishment lane to drop out and gave biden a mano e mano
8:23 pm
race against bernie sanders. seeing signs on the left of that. the headlines, to avoid november catastrophe, the democrats have to ko sanders. according to our new poll, democrats want to see how the primary plays out. when asked, should a candidate dropout if they don't finish in the top three of the first four contests, only 34% said yes versus 54% no. >> shannon: are they coalescing over what they want iin a candidate? >> there is reason to believe a single moderate democrat could win. when fox's pollster asked democratic primary voters if the preferred candidate would pursue bold, liberal versus practical centrist policies from a practical centrist by what we talked about, 9%. but with bernie owning the most
8:24 pm
bold liberal lane and the rest competing for the centrist lane, the chances of a contested convention on the multiply. "the new york times" after interviewing many democratic officials including 93 superdelegates, there was "overwhelming opposition to handing mr. sanders the nomination if he fell short of a majority of delegates." one fox news pollster asked how the nominees should be picked at the democratic convention, 38% said, whoever wins the most delicates. but have said that there should be but the ability of nobody has a majority. during our trial in the hall on fox this evening, senator klobuchar echoed that sentiment. >> there are rules about how that works, from ballot to ballot to ballot, that's why you set out rules. you cannot change the rules in the middle of the game. >> speaking of those rules, many of them came after bernie sanders lost the nomination in 2016 and his wing of the party demanded a change. four years later at the nevada debate, he argued just the opposite to essentially change
8:25 pm
the rules again saying that the candidate with the most delicates should be the nominee. even if they don't have a majority. >> shannon: circumstances change how you feel. >> what's good for the goose may not be good for the gander. >> shannon: thank you. good to see you. with two days into the south carolina primaries and five days until super tuesday, there's a growing sense of panic among many democrats in talks of a contested convention. let's talk about it. christopher hanh, the aggressive progressive who is supposed to be with us. if he gets there, we'll have them join us. >> i think he's just scared of me. he knows that team trump is so strong. the democrats aren't doing well. chris, i understand. >> shannon: now that you said that he's going to show up at some point. let's talk about some of the fox news polling that we got. some of the polls that were interesting, democrats think not healthy enough for the presidency, a lot made of the fact that bernie sanders is 78,
8:26 pm
had a heart attack not long ago, they put him at the top of the list, 30%. a third of democrats think he's not healthy enough for the presidency. these are democratic primary voters, yet it looks like at this moment and super tuesday will tell us a lot, he's running away with the thing. >> isn't that scary? when you talk about not being healthy, i think that's referring to his socialist agenda and everything that he wants to do to the health of america that wouldn't be so great. i think the democrats are definitely facing a strong identity crisis and the dnc clearly does not want bernie sanders, but the only alternative, it seems like they are pushing biden and yet he's had so many just negative statements and things that he appears to be confused. that's really where they are going with this? that's not going to be strong. if you look at, shannon, the numbers instead of how strong a president trump is going through iowa, record turnouts in new hampshire and nevada, and we look at the numbers we get from
8:27 pm
the trump rallies as well. in my home state of colorado just last week that has a completely democrat governor and legislature there, went to hillary clinton in 2016, the numbers they were out sounding. we had over 70,000 ticket requests for a stadium that held on the 8,000. of the registered voters that attended, 94% were colorado registered, and of those, 19 percent did not vote in 2016, and 17% were registered democrats. i think as we see the momentum continued to increase for president trump, the democrats should be running scared because they don't have a candidate that can match trump. >> shannon: chris hahn not running scared because we found them and here he is. good to have you with us. >> i heard every word! >> shannon: we said you were too afraid to face her because her case is too strong. >> glad to see you, chris. >> shannon: the fox news polling also is that regardless of people who they wanted, 56% of them think that president trump will be
8:28 pm
reelected and over at gallup, good news for the campaign and the white house as well, gallup asked about satisfaction with the position of the u.s. in the world today. overall, 53% said they are. that's the highest number since 2003. with independents at 48%, the highest number in more than 15 years. jenna would argue you have an uphill battle. >> you know, i would've agreed with her on monday. i do not know i agree with her today. the president is only as strong as the dow and i didn't know if you've looked at the dow jones futures tonight, but it's not looking good for tomorrow's market either. look, i don't blame them for all of this. even taking credit for the market for three years probably deserves some of it, but not all of it. so he's going to get blamed for this downturn in the market, and i don't think is going to have these numbers a week from now that we see in the poll today. >> shannon: are you blaming the president for the coronavirus? do you think you should get blamed for that? >> i -- i think the american
8:29 pm
people will blame the president because the buck stops with him. he had taken so much credit for the market, the falls in the market the last couple of days, if they continue, will be devastating for this president. >> chris, you've got to agree, we've got to agree that this is just a dip and he has been so strong in responding to this. he's gotten ahead of the coronavirus. all of the things that he did. it was literally everyone on the cnn and stop calling him racists for stopping flights from china, and you are blaming him for the dip? that's ridiculous. >> i don't agree with that. i think the president has not been strong for he put mike pence in charge today. >> hold on. let me just stop you. i'm just saying, our next panel is going to debate this point about how the president's handling the coronavirus reactions i want to keep this to the polls. bernie sanders, he's surging. this is what
8:30 pm
"the new york times" said, and talk to all the superdelegates is that we are necessarily going to give this thing to him. said party leaders worry that mr. sanders will lose to president trump and drag down candidates in the swing states with his left wing agenda. chris come or are you on that? >> look, you need to get 1,991 delegates to be the democratic nominee. we will see how right. he gets to that. i do not think anybody is going to get to that number. if he's close, he'll be the nominee. i think we have a president in the white house that shows that people who are saying someone is unelectable probably shouldn't be listened to. we all thought trump was unelectable. every single one of us, a lot of people who worked for him thought he was unelectable. we were all wrong. when people say that bernie sanders may not be electable, i'm not buying that at all. >> you've got to say, trump is the best candidate and the dnc does not want bernie sanders. >> shannon: if they have fingerprints, the burning
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saving for ava's college. financial security. being able to retire. on our terms. no matter what your goals are, our trusted advisors can help you reach them. ameriprise financial. >> you people in the media ought to be ashamed. all you can see is killing the political fortunes of donald trump! that's all you can see. the american people getting sick, and a pandemic around the world is an opening for the democrats. >> shannon: following months of impeachment, years investigations, washington seems more partisan than ever. was anyone surprised the coronavirus conversation almost instant return political? correspondent david split reports. >> when it comes to talk about pandemics or whatever you want to call it, you've got to get away from politics. >> tonight, president trump called for political civility as the white house battles the
8:36 pm
coronavirus. hours before both sides of the aisle pledge to work together. >> lives are at stake. this is not a time for name-calling or playing politics. >> diseases don't know party lines. >> staying away from politics in doing so are two different things. just a few trips returning from his trip from india, the president blame news outlets for making the coronavirus look as bad as possible, including pennington markets, if possible. later in the morning, speaker nancy pelosi took a direct shot at the president's coronavirus response. >> what he's doing is late, too late, anemic. hopefully we can make up for the loss of time. >> a news conference to brief the american people on the virus, politics crept in. >> i think speaker pelosi is incompetent. she lost the congress once, i think you're losing again. >> proposed two and half billion dollars to fight the virus.
8:37 pm
pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer 18.5 billion. both criticize the $2.5 billion white house offering. >> he shouldn't be making statements like that because it's so bad for the country and the nancy pelosi should go back to her district and clean it up. >> president trump did extend an olive branch telling the american people if congress needs more than $2.5 billion to fight, so be it. as of now, the number on both sides of the aisle are discussing to combat coronavirus, $7 billion. this could change, but republicans and democrats at this point are working together to get this funded and it could hit the president's desk early next week. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. let's unpack this topic with ethan bearman and stephanie hamel. great to have you back with us tonight. >> hello, shannon. >> shannon: okay. hello. ten donna chuck schumer who is the top democrat over in the senate said this, president trump needs to get his
8:38 pm
act together, stop belittling it, unite america and start proposing real solutions. stephanie? >> it's truly sickening to see people trying to point fingers at the other side to try to blame this on president trump. right now is not the time for partisan politics. president trump, the administration, the white house have been handling us quite well. it was a month ago that they stop these flights from china. president trump was criticized for that. it was an unpopular move. he was accused of being a racist. we know that he asked congress for $2.5 billion in extra funding to combat the virus. that was met with quick resistance from the democrats. he's also being criticized by the media right now. right now we saw a "new york times" opinion columnist trying to dub this the trump virus. this is not the trump virus, this is the china virus. the cdc offered to come in and help and contain and do the research, china didn't want the
8:39 pm
help. china had punished generalists who are sounding the alarm, the list goes on. >> shannon: you mentioned the piece in "the new york times," we call it the "trump virus," if you feel awful you know who to blame. ben shapiro tweeted this, china unleashes a highly viral and deadly virus and actively shuts down information about it. the virus is on every populated continent and you're calling a trump virus? is that fair? >> no, it's not trump virus and van is also wrong blaming china for unleashing it. this is a natural problem that happens which is why it starts in china and africa in these regions, humans are too close to animals. nobody unleashed this, so let's stop with those conspiracies at all. the republicans are no better at this either. so president trump was tweeting at president obama during the ebola crisis as was representatives scalise and tom
8:40 pm
cotton. we need leadership to come forward and say that this is a serious problem, we are going to take it seriously. not say, oh, it's nothing, it's under control, it's going to go away in a couple of months. that's not true either. let's take it seriously, commit the resources, listen to the scientists, and let's commit the funding necessarily to solve the problem and protect not only the american people and people around the world because that also affect our economy as well. >> shannon: the associated press had a bit of a fact-check on some of the information flying around on all sides, some is correct and some is not. about the issue of funding, it says the national institute of health and the centers for disease control and prevention are not suffering from budget cuts that never took effect, in fact they apparently have better funding than they did before because congress decided that they did not want to go along with what the president suggested which happens in every presidential administration. congress decides, but stephanie, are you worried there's information out there that's not
8:41 pm
accurate? >> there's a lot of misinformation going around that we need to be concerned about. there is a lot -- i just want everyone to be careful. we don't want to downplay what's happening but also do not want to overstate what's happening and it's obviously confusing time and there is a lot of fear out there because there's so many things that we don't know right now. i want to put this in perspective because in flu season, 2019-2020, 14,000 people died of the affluent america. 250,000 people were hospitaliz hospitalized. obviously these are very different. the flu versus the coronavirus, but we are not even talking about that. >> shannon: let me bring in ethan for the final word here. >> is important to note that the flu we have drugs for, coronavirus we don't yet. 2.5% mortality rate? that's what the spanish flu had that killed 50 million people around the world. we need to be careful about this but this has changed in the way that scientists had predicted was going to happen. we don't have the technology to
8:42 pm
stop this yet. we need to be concerned, stay focused on finding solutions and working together to find them. >> shannon: i think that's the best advice that we all need to be unified and hoping and working for the very best in the situation. thank you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: all right. outrage at a prayer at the west virginia state house. west they'll mak make 80 is our condition saying that a group of students who witnessed a prayer were violated. we debate next. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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♪ ♪ hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office. download audible and start every day off right. >> shannon: the attorney general of the united states sounding the alarm of the diminishing role of religion in america. bill barr warning the religious broadcasters actually undermines democracy. the ag said almost everyone agrees on a separation of church and state, but that does not mean banishing religion from the public square. takes us to our next story, a wisconsin based advocacy group,
8:47 pm
freedom from religion foundation says the west virginia house of delegates crossed a line when it opened a session with prayer all while a group of young public school students watched. did they cross a legal line? let's bring in council at tristan liberty, jeremy dies. >> thanks for having me, shannon. >> shannon: they actually went on to perform three songs but while they were standing there, there was a prayer and i'm going to read some of it. "god, our father, i ask your blessings for the house the house of the people, ask a blessing of all those gathered here in your presence today perform in a manner that will give you honor and glory. these things i ask in your precious and holy name, amen." the freedom from religion foundation wrote a letter saying that these kids a possum's rights were totally violated because they were forced to stand there and it looked like virginia is enjoy endorsing christianity with his. >> not at all. it sounds like to me that the prayer the founding fathers would've listened to read before
8:48 pm
they debated, road, and passed and adopted the first amendment itself. as the court said in 1983, this is something that's part of our 200 year unbroken and are the biggest commitment to open up public meetings with prayer. they said at that time, chief justice burger said that this is part of the fabric of our society. what we have now is these groups intent of ripping that fabric apart and ending what has been a lovely tradition in our country. that's just simply not necessary anymore. >> shannon: here's what the letter says, freedom from religion foundation. they say a captive audience of young, impressionable, and obviously nervous public school students will interpret these rituals demonstrating the statehouse's preference for christianity. they do not think these prayer should happen at all. >> they've got a long uphill -- you'll note something, obviously lacking in the first couple of pages and that's case law. that's probably because there aren't any cases that support
8:49 pm
their position. in fact, there are two cases the last 35 years from the supreme court of united states that make it explicit that you can pray before public meetings, as part of the way that we solemnize our public meetings and help our lawmakers get down to business in the fractious business of government. just last year, first liberty in to institute, we won the case, american legion versus the aha case, that change the game on this entire thing. what the legislation would have to prove that if they were doing the right thing. the court has said that that is now presumed to be constitutional and it is on the other side to prove that it is otherwise. of course, they are going to have a really hard time doing that, these same students if they went to the speaker of the house in pennsylvania to watch that, a recent case in the third circuit citing the american legion case saying that's perfectly consistent as well. these ne'er-do-wells simply want
8:50 pm
to silence religion wherever it appears in public. they aren't going to be able to get their way, not now and not in the future, not as long as we have some thing to say about it. >> shannon: you've handled a lot of these cases and was in 2014 the last big case with scotus, people were having these before the town meetings, it's legit. we all follow the case and see if there's any legal action involving the west virginia house. thank you for bringing this to our attention. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: coming up, the second amendment finds a new sanctuary and a germanic ratio caught on camera. it's our midnight hero next. feel the clarity of new non-drowsy claritin cool mint chewables. the only allergy product with relief of your worst symptoms, including itchy throat. plus an immediate blast of cooling sensation.
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voas the republicansupported mayor of new york city. bloomberg: they are male, minorities, 16 to 25, you can just take the description xerox it and pass it out to all the cops, throw them against the wall and frisk them. vo: and he blamed the end of discriminatory mortgage practices for the financial crisis. bloomberg: redlining if you remember was the term and don't go into those areas and then congress got involved and local elections were as well and congress said it was not fair, people should be allowed to get credit. vo: those policies were racist,
8:53 pm
and mike bloomberg was wrong to support them. but, thankfully, there is a better way tom steyer will be a president for all of america. tom will use his experience starting a non-profit bank for underserved communities and fighting for clean air and water in black and brown communities across the country to put social, economic, and climate justice at the heart of his presidency. that's how we make real change. steyer: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
8:54 pm
the board of supervisors debacle control policies. follow doesn't nationwide critics argue that it's unconstitutional. in utah, an average of the wiccan eyes look me past the statehou , the measure would reduce the penalty to infractions like getting a traffic ticket. in an email to the salt lake city tribune,
8:55 pm
governor herbert is reviewing the bill closely. voted to ban transgender women who were born biologically male to compete in women's sports. hope to protect sponsorship opportunities the biological females, that'll had to the state senate. now to our midnight hero, check out this incredible body cam footage, blinding smoke billowing out of this california house fire, police struggling to rescue a man who was trapped inside until grass valley officer johnathan brown stepped in. he said he was relying on his instincts when he broke down the side door. he pummeled through this swell of black smoke of victims lying unconscious on the floor. it's amazing watching him be pulled out of there by this officer. we are told he got there just in time for paramedics as they began treating him for smoke exposure and severe burns. to jonathan and all the officers there who responded, the video is amazing. you are our midnight heroes.
8:56 pm
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." looks like bernie sanders may well be the democratic nominee. not a lot of people saw that coming, but it is coming. what would it mean for the country? the first part of our special series on bernie sanders' america errors in just a minute, you're going to want to watch that. but first night, the coronavirus epidemic continues to cause chaos around the world, not least in the financial market. the dow jones average dropped by 1,193 points today. if that's single biggest drop in a day i in the history of amerin markets. this week has been the market's worst since the financial crisis. friday could add to the damage.


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