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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 28, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> it is friday february 20 eighth. a fox news alert, some shocking numbers you need to hear about out of california, 8000 people being monitored for coronavirus as we learn the state's homegrown patient wasn't tested for four days. no whistleblower emerges claiming those on the front lines rescuing americans have not been properly protected. we are live with breaking development. >> the establishment didn't turn out like this. >> this nation isn't looking for revolution, it is looking for results.
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>> a biden bernie battle, the former vp poised for victory in the south carolina primary but the democratic socialist is climbing it is lead. is the bickering working in the president's favor? disney lovers no one to the sea but this isn't what they had in mind, the magic and malfunctions. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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heather: not exactly sailing away, that story coming up later. there's a lot happening, live shot in new york city, you're watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning, you made it through the week, thanks for starting your day or renting it with us. fox news alert, 33 people testing positive for coronavirus in california while thousands of others are being monitored for the illness. the whistleblowers has broken safety protocols may have put people at risk. what do we know about this? >> reporter: all live in california. there is a whopping 8400 people being monitored for the coronavirus, the one patient who mysteriously got the virus without going to china turns out wasn't tested for four whole
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days despite requests from hospitals, the state only has 200 test kits left. the cdc is stepping in to help. >> testing protocols will be advanced with urgency. we have a few hundred testing kits in california, surveillance testing and diagnostic testing that is simply inadequate to do justice. >> reporter: it was the blower claims health and human services sent employees to evaluate hundreds of americans rescued from china without the proper protective gear. the department says it is looking into this complaint and takes it seriously, donald trump heading back democrats complaining the white house isn't prepared for this, so the coronavirus which started in china and spread to various countries throughout the world but very slowly in the us
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because donald trump close the borders and ended flights very early is not being blamed by the do-nothing democrats to be the fault of trump. mike pence also facing critics as he heads the country's responsible as lady is short sean hannity the threat is low at home thanks to the president. >> the reality is that because of the actions donald trump took last month, ending travel, closing our borders, people coming in from china, establishing quarantine process, sitting up a task force, if the president hadn't taken those unprecedented steps we would be in a different place today. >> at last check there are 60 confirmed coronavirus cases in the us, the majority of those from that cruise liner that was stuck in japan. >> we need to not make it political. a foxbusiness alert, stock
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futures are down this morning as the coronavirus fears gripped world markets, the dow reporting at 60 day of losses plunging 1200 points, the biggest 1-day drop in history. this will likely be the worst trading week since the financial crisis. major stocks are in correction territory meaning the index is down by more than 10%. we will have more coming up with doctor mark siegel shortly. it is crunch time in south carolina, democrats making last-ditch efforts to break down biden's lead as donald trump appears to rally his base in the palmetto state. griff jenkins is live in north charleston this morning. one day away from the primary how are you doing? >> reporter: the final push and what a battle it is, between biden in south carolina and bernie who leads nationally
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after a tremendous showing in the first weekly states, yesterday both candidates were going after each other, take a listen. >> senator sanders's medicare for all will be a long expensive slog, cost $35 trillion and patients can't afford to wait. >> when we first started this campaign we were 30 points behind, closing that gap every day. we can win in south carolina which i think we will do well on supertuesday and we are going to defeat donald trump. >> let me show you the latest polls. in the emerson hall biden has a 16 point lead over sanders, biden 41, sanders 45, tom styron buttigieg at 11, klobuchar 6. biden 20%, sanders 24 followed by tom's tire 16, warren 12, buttigieg, we are in the parking
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lot of the north charleston arena. you can see some of the sanders supporters started to wake up at miller around waiting for the president speaking at 7:00 tonight. we asked these folks whether they think these democrats can beat donald trump. >> no chance in the world, he is going to win the election, democrats don't have a chance. >> i watched the last debate and a lot of them were echoing a lot of his policies, things your he accomplished. >> trump is going to be a winner again. >> doing a fantastic job and i think he will get reelected. >> reporter: trying not to wake folks up a milling about another starting to arrive. they expect a big rally in the voting for it begins tomorrow, already absentee ballots exceeded the 2016 level so it will be a big night tonight and
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a big day tomorrow. shannon: people would love to wake up and talk with you. wake them up. c? thank you, we appreciate it and we have the governor of south carolina on later. in the meantime some updates. police calling off their search for missing 11-year-old boy. investigators planned to look for gannon in colorado today but they postponed their search a day after crime lab investigators removed several items from gannon's home. the 11-year-old was last seen a month ago on a home surveillance camera getting into a pickup truck with his stepmother, police have not said whether foul play is suspected in his disappearance. overnight friends, family and coworkers hold a prayer vigil for the 5 workers murdered at that milwaukee brewery. police say the suspects worked
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as an electrician at the molson coors facility, he shot and killed 5 of his coworkers before killing himself. police have not released a motive, neighbors say the suspect, the shooter, enjoyed building his own gun is. a man who has been deported twice before is under arrest and a triple murder. josé luis torres garcia accused of killing 3 men execution style in a targeted attack in california. he was arraigned -- arrested 16 hours away during a traffic stop in wyoming. he had 15 pounds of marijuana in his car. it is unclear if garcia is in the country illegally. illegal immigrants could soon pay more to appeal deportation. the department of justice wants to raise the fee from $110 to $975, that is a nearly 800% increase.
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the fees of not been raised in 33 years and the doj says they should be adjusted for inflation. critics say the hike would raise due process concerns. plastic bags are getting sacked, a statewide ban goes into effect across new york, this includes some grocery stores and shops the collect sales tax. shoppers can take their own bag or pay the store's $0.05 for a paper sack. the new measure is meant to reduce waste. to this fox news alert coronavirus testing crisis. a four day delay in diagnosing a california woman making containment more urgent. who should be tested and what should you be doing to protect yourself and your family? doctor mark siegel is here to explain everything we need to know. good morning, doctor siegel.
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these when we first received word of the outbreak of the coronavirus the health team came in but the reality is that because of the actions of donald trump, ending travel, closing our borders, people coming in from china, establishing a quarantine process, setting up a task force, we are ready. heather: the trump administration says us agencies are ready to take on the deadly coronavirus spreading across the globe but what about the average american? do you how to protect yourself, your home, your family? doctor mark siegel joins us to break down what you should and shouldn't do to keep safe. thank you for joining us. the latest news coming out of california, this person diagnosed with coronavirus, tell me if i'm using the correct terminology it has not come into
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contact with anyone from china. >> as far as we know. we are concerned where she might have gotten it from, that she didn't test positive, she didn't get the test initially. heather: she was admitted on february 15th, was not tested for coronavirus until a few days ago and she lives in this area where travis air force base is located. >> what is the connection? on travis air force base people were quarantined. what happens when they left quarantine? could that have been a factor? the testing issue is a huge issue because we don't have enough test kit and cdc working on a new way to test that is more rapid, more prominent around the country. we are not there yet. we need test kit in every major medical center doing it rapidly for people that we think could be -
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>> what happens if you go to a medical facility, you think you have symptoms, they don't have a testing kit, is that what would happen? in california you get tested, they don't have a testing kit and they send you home? >> i am afraid so right now. these symptoms are common from respiratory elicits, cough, short of breath, fever. it is a big flu season. with flu we see more fatigue and muscle aches and high favor. with coronavirus we see cough, shortness of breath and fever but that could be a lot of respiratory viruses. that is what we need test kits for. heather: we were showing a map of the number of deaths we have but also a number of deaths from the flu we are not reporting as well. >> we have had 25 million cases in the united states at this point but the question is do we know when a person has the flu?
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not every case of the fluid i even test for the loan report to the state health authorities. we estimate something like that. the concerned with coronavirus is it could spread insidiously throughout the community to people with no symptoms or mild symptoms, like a brush fire like it was in south korea or italy. heather: how do we prepare our home for coronavirus? >> first thing we do, we talked about the test kits, we need more testing. we should already be doing this. of people have a contagious infection or symptoms they should be isolated. everybody is going to work all the time sick. this is not the time to be doing that. you should be washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, shouldn't be coughing and sneezing on each other. heather: should you stock up on
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food and medicine? >> we've had enough disasters in the last couple decades that everybody should have emergency supplies of food, water. where will you go if something happened that you got cut off from the rest of the community? how will you take care of your kids? if you don't know where they are. heather: what about special cleaning supplies? will anything kill the coronavirus? >> great point. all this stuff kills the coronavirus, lysol does, all disinfectants do, clorox does. it is one of the easiest viruses to kill. disinfecting surfaces with what you already have in your house is the way to do it. heather: that is a common sense thing you can do. what about these masks. >> masks are problematic. something you never heard, masks are great if you have the virus, if you have a respiratory virus, put a mask on carefully, has to have a seal to it, but if you
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are just walking down the street with a mask you know what happens? you are not wearing it right, it is hanging off, somebody sneezes on you you think your protector you touch your eye, your ear and it gets into your eyes, the mask is not protecting you from someone else but if you're sick it is protecting the people around you. that is how i want people to use them. on the plane which is a close compartment i'm okay with masks. and disinfecting surfaces. heather: thank you, appreciate it. it is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. senator elizabeth warren wants to reverse the border policies and i for billions away from the border wall. what she wants to do with the money instead. $93 trillion, that is how much the green new deal could cost
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julie: 2020 hopeful amy klobuchar takes the stage at a fox news townhall as she trails in the polls. the minnesota democrat pointing out she has an advantage over another moderate. >> i push to have michael bloomberg on the debate stage. i pushed for that because i think you can't just have money determine politics.
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>> klobuchar using a townhall to reinforce her pro-choice stance, martha maccallum asking about the senate vote on a 20 week abortion ban. >> i would have voted with the democrats on that because roe v wade is the law of the land. a lot of these bills are attempts to change that.preside finesfy roe versus wade into law. one of klobuchar's competitors, elizabeth warren wants to use border wall funding, $10 billion from homeland security, the health and human services department. warren says rather than use taxpayer dollars for money meant to hate and division. the federal government has resources it needs to adequately
1:25 am
respond, pulling troops from the southern border. and the border wall construction. attorney general william barr pushing back against anti-cop attitudes. in miami william barr called on americans to respect officers for putting their lives on the line every day. >> being a police officer is more difficult than it has ever been before. >> far from respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us it is becoming common. they have to look back to the idea that it is completely unexpected but the we have 0 tolerance for resistance for police. heather: it increased 20% in 2018. a teenager under arrest accused of writing anti-police messages in a historic american town.
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the 17-year-old admits to spray painting graffiti on plymouth rock in massachusetts. ten other areas were vandalized was the graffiti, anti-police messages, volunteers cleaned it up. joe biden fighting to hold his lead over bernie sanders heading into tomorrow's south carolina primary. bernie's message might not register with voters in her state and she is live up next. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go?
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well now there's score!, time...from force factor,enin'. to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!. heather: 2020 democrats pounding on donald trump or his response to the deadly coronavirus, bernie sanders criticized the decision to have the vice president lead prevention efforts writing and part trump has not only chosen someone
1:30 am
completely unqualified but the president has made clear he is more concerned about his own politics and health and safety of the country. during fox news townhall amy klobuchar explained how she would handle the outbreak. >> i would not have proposed cutting the centers for disease control which the president did and i would not have proposed cutting out the agency, the group, the coordinating office that coordinates with the rest of the world. heather: the white house he just $2.5 billion go to combat the coronavirus, charles schumer is requesting $8.5 billion. ukraine launches the probe into joe biden ahead of the primary, the washington post reports the investigation centers around allegations biden person ukrainian officials to fire the country's top prosecutor in 2016. the ousted prosecutor says the former vp pushed for his removal
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because that is where biden's son hunter served as a board member. joe biden denied any wrongdoing in ukraine. much more to come on that. democratic socialist bernie sanders touts his progressive agenda in south carolina. >> we will defeat trump. >> we are going to invest in infrastructure and affordable housing. public colleges and universities tuition free. legalize marijuana, end the sale and distribution of assault weapons in this country. >> do these far left ideas lineup with what southern voters have in mind. pamela evans joins me with her take. >> so great being on this morning. heather: you have a long day today and all weekend long.
1:32 am
the latest polls, this is of interest to me because it comes from the post and courier paper. it shows biden leading sanders 28 percent-24%, closer than i would think. >> they have been through the state, everybody has seen from but this is trump country and we are proud to have a president here tonight. we saw the debate and they are out of touch with the people of south carolina, the people of south carolina love the values the president brings to the table. we are living in prosperity, lowest unemployment, 2.3%, that is what people are proud of in south carolina, you will see such a turnout tonight for our president, the debate came and went and all i heard about is donald trump is coming to charleston. we are excited to see him tonight.
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heather: in north carolina next week right before supertuesday. let's look at this other poll that shows sanders leading the nation among democratic primary voters, these are the democrat candidates, sanders leading, when you talk about the unemployment rate, the economy it seems to be working using everything that bernie sanders and most of the other democratic candidates are working against. how do you explain that? >> it is the democratic poll but every place i go in south carolina people are happy with their life, they are working, unemployment is low, people feel good, the country is safer and they are happy with their 401(k)s. everybody that has a 401(k), has a dollar in the stock market is really happy what has happened
1:34 am
in this country and it is donald trump's policies that have done that. heather: you broke into politics in an effort to talk about business, you have a pro business agenda, low taxes and the, why do you think these capitalistic values are so important to south carolina and then americans as a whole? >> we can see what happened in south carolina. companies from all over the country are excited about south carolina. the governor has led the charge with cutting taxes, that is something we are proud to champion and we see it, people from all over the world looking to south carolina, quality-of-life, being pro-business, governor and lieutenant governor said believe business and giving people opportunities the way to make the people of south carolina the happiest. heather: i want you to respond what bernie sanders had to say
1:35 am
about donald trump's terrible trade deal, listen to this. >> i don't believe joe can beat trump when people understand he voted for nafta, pnc are with china, terrible trade agreements which cost millions of jobs. >> speaking against joe biden, most folks are saying is do or die time for biden and bernie sanders looping them in with donald trump when it comes to trade agreements which have been positive for americans. >> everybody i have talked to is happy that our president renegotiated. we were very supportive of usmc and we see it in our own ports, record year at south carolina port in charleston. we are not feeling that effect and long-range for our country, renegotiating those tariffs or the right thing to do.
1:36 am
heather: lots of farmers across the country as well as they say the same thing even though you hear from the mainstream media and they say the opposite. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, good luck this weekend with a political action going on. >> reporter: thank you so much. we are excited to see what our president has to say in south carolina. heather: we will all be watching. fox news alert, new destinations off-limits to american travelers as the coronavirus continues to spread, major airlines calling on flights to china and beyond. wild footage of passengers bailing out of the jungle cruise at disney. ♪ when we started our business
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heather: exposing the green new deal, a study on the progressive climate plane revealing that you will have to cough up your own hard-earned dollars if the green new deal becomes a reality. in key swing states, 76,$000 in just the first year. here to sound the alarm on sticker shock, joel griffith, we appreciate it.
1:41 am
we heard these big numbers, the total estimated cost of the green new deal, $93 trillion in the first ten years but when you break it down by the household and what it is going to cost you. ten key swing states from year one to year 6 and onward. let's take year one when we have cost for the family up to 76,$000 a year one. what about that? >> it is astounding. we all want clean and affordable abundant energy but the green new deal, there is nothing audacious about it accepted absolute absurdity. the power grab would devastate the economy and would hurt working families hardest. it shows by the third year of the green new deal the typical family will have an 11,$000
1:42 am
annual income hit and this, if you look at disposable income or typical family earning $7,000 a year this would he wrote all of the money some of these families have full retirement savings, basic entertainment, encroaching on the things they need to live. we are talking electricity costs, triple what you - bill: is just year one, costs continue, year 2, to five. how do you expect this will impact if in any way these candidates as we approach super tuesday. on saturday, how do you expect this to impact these candidates to tout the benefits. >> this all comes down to
1:43 am
whether or not candidates going to the democrat nomination start to explain to the public how this will impact them. if you look at the way the green new deal is marketed, focusing on job creation. if you look at bernie's plan, calls for free, virtually free, those are his words, virtually free energy. if you allow them to make these claims without explaining why does not free they will get away with it. you need to look at how you make this free when talking about nationalizing the energy sector and not charging people for those costs but we know what the cost will be, look at germany, the systems, doesn't just impact your air-conditioning and heating bill, it will impact the other sector as well because one of the advantages, the cheapest in the world. >> let's bring up the things that are being offered, net 0
1:44 am
greenhouse gas emissions in the next we 10 years. insure economic security for all upgrades or replacing infrastructure for energy efficiency, secure clean air, water, healthy food and access to nature for all. >> i don't know what nature for all means. it sounds wonderful. if you look at job losses. when he talks about the plan, he talks about millions of jobs that are created. what is the net impact? our studies show using modest estimates that throughout the implementation of this plan we are looking at 5 million jobs lost. that is a big number. and transportation, truck drivers 800,000 jobs lost in the retail 3 million. heather: someone pushing back on the candidates in terms of the cost.
1:45 am
during these debates, asking for questions, we appreciate you because you and the heritage foundation thank you. have a great day. coronavirus, hotspots outside of china. tracy carrasco is here with how this could impact your travel plans. >> in china. and intel the end of april, we are going to be limiting flights from the us to soul as well and they will do so five flights a week through april 30th from a number of locations, atlanta, seattle and detroit. wine airline, the second us airline through south carolina
1:46 am
from honolulu to south korea. and on the other side singapore airlines, to the united states. singapore to new york, praying for san francisco, all of this, they are traveling, at the coronavirus, shares of the airlines taking a hit during this time. of the 20 testing something to compete with amazon prime. >> amazon reportedly going to start testing a similar surface called walmart -- they have something similar to amazon prime, he would be rebranding more deals, more offers for members. we will see if they do this. amazon prime is a huge giant taking on customer space.
1:47 am
heather: not to be confused with prime, disney plus. thank you so much. adam schiff is in charge of america's intelligence oversight and is suspected of leaking classified information to the press. >> shouldn't be leaking things like that, that is a terrible thing to do. heather: how do we plug the leaks once and for all? our next guest says he knows what to do, former cia analyst fred fleet live. ♪
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heather: "fox and friends
1:51 am
first," congress's own intelligence committee, the fourth of classified leaks to media, donald trump thinks adam schiff is to blame for reports of russian election interference that popped up after a classified congressional briefing. adam schiff denies this but the next guest says it is time to take reaction. he joins us with his keys to plugging the leak, thank you for joining us, great to have you on with us. what do you think of this, do you think adam schiff is responsible? >> everybody think that in schiff is responsible. he is leaking intelligence. i was on the house intelligence committee staff for five years. it is supposed to keep the committee honest, to make sure spying on the american people, to make sure money is well spent. we have to face the reality, this committee is no longer doing intelligence oversight. this has been turned into a weapon by adam schiff to destroy this president. it is so bad that there is an
1:52 am
assumption in this administration that anything provided to this committee that can hurt donald trump will be leaked immediately. that is what we saw in the briefing about russian meddling in the 2020 election. sharing all sensitive intelligence for this committee until adam schiff is removed. heather: here is what donald trump had to say about adam schiff and the leaks. >> it is disgraceful and with leaks from the intelligence committee, house version, adam schiff leaked it. it is a terrible thing to do. heather: you have adam schiff's response to accusations. the biggest danger to our democracy is a president who lies constantly. i don't discuss classified briefings but you don't need a clearance to see how trump
1:53 am
endangers everything we hold dear. what are your recommendations? how do we handle adam schiff and others like him? >> we have to have the administration cooperate with congressional oversight, cooperation with the senate, nancy pelosi, and the top republican in the house, the house intelligence committee has to be cut off. it is endangering national security that the taxpayer is paying at great expense. i would punish the committee by not cooperating with committee travel. we spent millions of dollars a year for intelligence tourism. in small air force jets for shopping trips. i don't think adam schiff is abusing this committee for political purposes. heather: you outline all of this
1:54 am
in an op-ed on what would be your final word on it? >> you have to have accountability. not only billions of dollars spent to collect intelligence, lives are put at risk. to protect freedom and security. when we set up intelligence agencies after world war ii there was concern they could be used to spy on the american people, no one thought they could influence the outcome of an election and that is what adam schiff is doing, trying to destroy the president, middle himself in the 2020 election by abusing intelligence. we need to cut him off from offensive intelligence as soon as possible. heather: when you are abusing intelligence, who wins? russia. thank you for joining us, have a great weekend.
1:55 am
you can read this op-ed yourself on 6 minutes until the top of the hour. hollywood leftist trying to think the american economy out of spite for donald trump, patricia arquette is calling for this weekend. dump truck doozy, landed this big rig up right. ♪
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heather: anti-trump actress calling for an economic shutdown, patricia arquette begging people not to spend money on monday writing on his to graham our goal is to cause a $238.2 billion blitz on the federal government's record. describing donald trump as a threat to mankind. nevermind what that would mean for everyone else. the good, the bad and the ugly, the good donald trump surprises an eagle scout with a patriotic present. >> alfonso decided to build a flagpole for his church. i would like to give alfonso a special gift, the flag flown on board marine one. heather: alfonso shocked by the gift at the white house. will find on top of honoring the military north carolina. a dump truck crashed in an
2:00 am
indian overpass, the trailer standing up after slamming the side of the bridge, the driver mistakenly activated the dump control. a nightmare in disney's magic kingdom, the jungle cruise ride fool of people taking on water thinking everyone, got out safely. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," busy weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: friday february 28th, fox news alert, california becoming a hotbed for coronavirus, dozens of confirmed cases, 8000 people under watch. jillian: critics view the outbreak as an excuse to trash the president, imagine if the do-nothing democrats were in charge, the latest on the white house response. >> bernie can beat trump in.


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