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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 8, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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don't want to miss this because you will see my exclusive interview with william barr, a lot to ask him about, concerns about law and order amid the covid-19 chaos, civil liberties, you will not want to miss any of it. shannon bream in the fox news at night team have all the latest and have a great show on tap and i can't wait to watch, got my slippers on but i'm not going to show them. >> i might have flip-flops on myself, thanks so much. the city where it all started, wuhan, officially reopening at midnight local time, the city lifting outbound travel restrictions for the first time since january 20 third. of the night light show, honoring the heroes in the battle against coronavirus. beijing information regarding the outbreak including the relationship with the world health organization. we investigate the ties tonight as a growing number of lawmakers
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say it is time to stop sending us dollars to the who until it's leader is fired. new reports on how the trump administration plans to undertake a medically healthy economic recovery. we will hear from kevin mccarthy on that and plans for billions more in small business. what steps is the white house mapping out right now to eventually reopen the us economy? kevin cork is digging into that tonight. >> reporter: i want you to think of this as a 3-step process, you want to slow the virus while keeping americans healthy and safe and get money into the hands of the consumers to keep everybody afloat during the downturn and if all goes well
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you unleash the full power of the american economy. for days we had a similar refrain, things are tough, will get tougher, painful even, and the highest single day death toll, cautious optimism at the white house. >> during this painful week we see glimmers of strong hope. signs are that our strategy is totally working. >> reporter: working to flatten the curve of new cases which the thinking goes will open the door for an economic restart for the country. >> the best minds at the white house i thinking about what recommendations will look like that we give businesses, states, it will all be informed on putting the health and well-being of the american people first. >> that includes america's economic health which means helping big banks for government-backed funds to small businesses which was the subject of the white house teleconference with the biggest lenders in the us including bank of america, citigroup and goldman sachs, some expressed
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frustration over the byzantine federal process to go from process to checks being cut, white house officials insist money is on the way. >> we working on making sure small business has all the money they need. >> reporter: a new round of stimulus, another $250 billion set aside for small business could soon get the blue ribbon treatment on capitol hill and make its way to the president's desk, all this on a day that saw the president replace the inspector general who has been charged with monitoring the $2 trillion pandemic stimulus, the second ig dismissal in days following the ouster of the intelligence community's ig michael atkinson. as you can imagine democrats sharply criticized the president's decision to 86 mister fine. chuck schumer accused the president of being afraid of, quote, strong oversight adding democrats would hold the administration accountable and enforce multiple strict oversight provisions of the
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cares act, something to keep a close watch on. shannon: we will, thank you. how quickly, those are the questions being asked about plans to reopen the us economy. official that the federal, state and local levels look for answers they say in the near future. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. >> reporter: let's hope the road isn't as bumpy as the road to shut it down. we are still debating some of the stay-at-home mandates. in los angeles is currently okay to buy a gun, bottle of food and marijuana but on the open ocean you will be arrested. in the neck of time two former fda commissioners, marco:and
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scott gottlieb are working bipartisan way with lawmakers on a framework to gradually reboot the economy which begins with widespread coronavirus testing and data sharing to track and monitor a small outbreak and implement a robust system for treating and isolating those who test positive. scott gottlieb recommends testing everyone who visited doctor which comes out to just 4 million people a week. none of this comes cheap and before fda chief say congress would need to rapidly reimburse the program. an epidemiologist at the university of hong kong makes a similar argument that governments need to relax and apply restrictions based on science, writing in the new york times the ultimate objective of bringing the epidemic to a slowburn so as to buy time for the world population to acquire one way or another immunity to covid-19 but the liberal think tanks and for american progress blames the trump administration for not developing a coherent plan to reopen the economy, the group is calling for a minimum 45 stay-at-home mandate while the ramp up testing, isolate
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covid-19 patients restrict mass transit. all of this is moot for states like iowa that have yet to issue stay-at-home guidelines. >> much like iowa, is not new york, california or new jersey, different areas of the state are experiencing different outbreaks so it would be irresponsible for me to just do a statewide one according to anthony fauci many of the results are aligned with what they are trying to get. >> in california smoking marijuana, surfing, not so much. >> sometimes the two things go together. we will see. . the burdens being unloaded on the us healthcare system could test its limits but tonight some of the left say socialized medicine is the answer. >> our public health system
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should be free as a point of service for every single person in this country. there are folks saying you will get paid sick leave if it is covid-19 related as we are seeing with amazon they will take your fever. if you don't have a test you will not receive paid sick leave. we should have universal system where every person can see the doctor free of charge when they need to so they can get the care they need. we need to live in advanced and modern and humane society. >> here to talk about reopening the economy and another round of billions of dollars, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, welcome back to the show. good to see you. shannon: we are hearing talk between the treasury secretary and leaders in the senate, mcconnell and she were about adding another thing done as quickly as this week at least on the senate side. what is being teed up, how quickly can the house act on
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that? >> i talked to the secretary of treasury, steve mnuchin. we are finding what takes care of small businesses, those businesses with 500 employees, you can get a loan from your local bank and the loan you use to pay your employee, pay your rent and your utilities becomes a grand, you don't pay that back. it is an effective plan to keep small businesses afloat. they've been able to do almost $70 billion in two days, twice as much as the fda has done the entire last year. this is very successful. the secretary would like to increase that funding, that $350 billion by 250. the senate is looking at a pro forma session to be able to pass that on thursday and move it to the house. i would like to move it from the house on friday if they are able
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to pass it and send it to the president so there is no stoppage of keeping people employed, keeping small businesses afloat, given that liquidity is a grant to keep us stronger when we come out of this and get the economy moving again. shannon: for washington that speed would be lightning like, to see something that quick. a lot of people think there's a lot of bipartisan goodwill, everyone is united about these small businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. there are concerns that in the rush to implement the cares act bailout, the ones getting accepted and processed, small businesses that have never been vetted with a loan, and fda approved lender will face long delays. what do you say to folks who are afraid it will get caught up in the paperwork and not have the liquidity talked about? >> we are adding $250 billion so people don't have the rest.
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3000 banks of qualified. i had another community bank in my district. think about how fast we are moving. this could have been done last week if nancy pelosi had not held the bill up but we are getting the money out. we have twice as many out the fda did in the last year in two days and the fda is guaranteeing your local community bank is working on it. there are some that have to apply to become part of the lending program and that may take a day or so but we are working through that. we know there's a great need which is why we want to put more money into this. this is been a successful program when you look at every angle and this is where we can show bipartisanship. let's put america first, make sure small businesses are employing more people than large business, able to stay afloat in the next two months to keep us moving in a stronger economy. when we got into this we had the strongest economy in the world and we could have a stronger one
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when we get out of it. shannon: the president has expressed concern talking about that you are not being worse than the problem the critics say what is happening to the economy, the president bears in part some of the blame. they might give him more of that. david for announcing the severity of the economic crisis is trump's fault, things would have been less bad if he had acted faster instead of sending out his chief economic advisor and his son eric to assure americans the first stock market dips were buying opportunities. how the response critics who say the mess we are in is the president's fault? >> i would say stop playing politics. what the president did early on was stoplights from china. what china did was lie to the world. looking at southhampton, 95% of
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this would never have happened of china opened up when donald trump want to send our scientists and best doctors in. the world health organization in january saying it wasn't contained. that is a real problem where thousands of people died across the world. the action of the president early on though people on the other side criticized him has saved a lot of lives, the president is smart about what he's doing right now trying to contain it in certain parts of america at the same time, putting the health of americans first but planning in the future we will open back up. we are americans, the virus is here, we didn't invite it but we will fight together to make it happen. when those people want to play politics this is not the time to do that. let's work together as one to make sure we solve this problem and come back stronger. shannon: i think the american people seem bipartisan action are inspired and encouraged by that.
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we will get through this together, thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. shannon: boris johnson battling covid-19 spending a second night in intensive care, the british prime minister is getting oxygen but is stable, breathing without assistance, no ventilator, in good spirits on tuesday. new video from oregon where national guard in public health workers are packing ventilators at hospitals they don't need, they are sending them to new york, some of them are from washington state where the first case in the us was documented on january 19th. officials have marveled at how washington managed over what is happening in new york where there are massive efforts underway to bend the curve. rick leventhal continues to track it in joins us by phone. what is the latest? >> reporter: new york and new jersey hope the worst of the pandemic is over. hospitalization dropped for three days, the number of deaths
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went up again, 731 in new york in 24 hours, the state's highest 1-day total. new jersey set a record too with 232 sets combined the two states see more than half of all covid-19 definition why. and new jersey, the governor taking action to limit the spread and insure social distance and by closing all state parks and forests until further notice. in new york the governor ordered fines double for violating those social distancing orders. he also extended closure to the end of the month but the sound optimistic. >> we have seen too many instances where people are gathering in groups in our parks, erroneously thinking since they are outside, social distancing doesn't matter. nothing could be further from the truth. >> if we do a better job at social distancing the number
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comes down. if we get complacent, with the weather starts to turn warm in the northeast and people start to go out you will see the number go up so none of this is predetermined. >> the hospitals will be getting more help for medical students allowed to graduate a couple months early from schools including nyu school of medicine. it was a virtual graduation on webcam because they can't be close to each other. they would get to work right away spending 30 days in a new york hospital with an optional 2 week extension. all of them will have to quarantine for two weeks when they are done. >> you possess those factors that are far more important. you possess the characteristics of compassion, empathy, professionalism and determination that will shape you for the rest of your careers. >> you guys are brilliant, you are kind and you are compassionate and today, you are the most dedicated and exceptional physicians we will ever know.
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>> shannon, we saw >> reporter: we saw another 7:00 pm celebration on first avenue, the new york fire department and a lot of people from the neighborhood coming out with signs, banging on pots and pans, firefighters applauding and everyone saluting the frontline healthcare workers, doctors and nurses who come outside, new york's governor sank the state will invest in private companies to boost the rapid covid-19 testing, the goal is to get the city back on its feet as quickly as possible once the apex is reached in this thing starts to subside. shannon: incredible heroes and we appreciate your frontline reporting, thank you. tonight america's deadliest day has the president calling out an organization he says. it.
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robert spalding on the president putting the world health organization in china on notice live next. ♪
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>> we will look at ending funding because they called it wrong and if you look back over the years they are very much everything seems to be very biased toward china. >> the president promising to take a long hard look at us funding for the world health organization. the who coming over claims shielded china from criticism of its early handling of the coronavirus outbreak. jillian turner reports from outside the who offices in london. >> reporter: the world health
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organization under fire not just from the us but much of the international community over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, donald trump tweeted he may consider defunding the organization. the who really blue it. 's for some reason funded largely by the united states but very china sensitive. we will give that a good look. i rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to china early on. the director general and the travel ban back in february and he is now facing mounting pressure from lawmakers to step down over his alleged role helping the chinese cummings party don't play china's responsible for the pandemic. >> they need to come clean and another piece of it is the who needs to stop covering for them. >> reporter: former michigan rep, scissors craft beyond repair and calls to defend it yesterday on fox news.
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>> 3 strikes and you're out. when you look at what they've done to help the chinese communist regime conceal the true extent and nature of the coronavirus outbreak they lost credibility. >> reporter: sources tell fox news the who spent a large part of the last few weeks playing of china's achievements and continuing to look away as the government underreported case numbers, something the government began doing during the earliest days of the virus's outbreak and continues to do today but one key voice, doctor anthony fauci something to his defense. >> is an outstanding person. the one who said the who has not had problems with optimizing the who but under his leadership they have done very well. >> reporter: he gave a press conference yesterday but didn't address calls for his resignation or criticism of the who. jillian turner, fox news. >> reporter: this kind of controversy involving beijing is nothing new to our next guest. the former senior director for strategic planning of the
12:24 am
national security counsel, robert spalding, good to have you back with us. the president put it this way in a tweet in addition to talking in the briefing today, the who really blue it, for some reason funded largely by the united states yet very china centric. we will give that a good look. i rejected their advice on keeping borders open in china early on. why did they give us such a faulty recommendation? what do you make of the relationship between who and china. is a china centric? >> it absolutely is. if you look at the timeline on the seventh of january xi jinping met with the committee, they knew there was human to human transference two weeks later 5 million people left wuhan to spread the disease. on the 20 third of january he convened a meeting in geneva where they talk about human to
12:25 am
human transfer. that he met xi jinping and praised him for how he handled the crisis and on the thirtieth they called an emergency. if that doesn't smell like a cover-up that i don't know what is. the truth of the matter is we should not give one red cent to the who as long as he and a lot of his cronies are still there. shannon: i read interesting pieces about links between him and the chinese government but what is the connection? the us is the largest donor. we make a huge portion of what the who does as we do with many organizations and yet it seems there may be some convection or bias leaning in a different direction, not that it is in the us direction but no direction. >> that is the problem, trying to look at this from a point of
12:26 am
view of transparency and good governance, that's not the way the chinese communist party operates. a lot of these deals are behind the scenes. we don't know what is going on, you don't know why the un no longer works, you don't know why the human rights commission has a bunch of human rights violators and it comes down to payments behind-the-scenes. we don't know what exactly he has gotten from the chinese communist party but we do know that he has acted in a biased way and i think he should step down and we should defund the who until it is cleaned up. shannon: jill lockhart, long time democrat operative and strategist says in a tweet today's new enemy is the world health organization. we pay for a lot of it so they should always agree with us, trump's worldview. they call it wrong. month earlier, unbelievable
12:27 am
projection they raised the alarm, trump chose to belittle them. it is all on tape. he is saying suggesting the president is now laying the blame elsewhere that should lie with the white house. >> i gave you the timeline when the who knew there was human to human transfer they didn't do anything in the president did. the president acted like the who should have in the first place. not sure what he is talking about. shannon: i want to read something from the atlantic, nadia says even if it current emergency proved him right in front of the ways about china specifically and foreign-policy more generally many respectable people in the us are letting their disdain for the president blind them to what is really going on in the world. the wider piece is about international organizations and their inability to rein in bad actors. what do you make of her assessment the people won't give
12:28 am
the president credit? >> you have to take a step back and be objective when talking about a section of the country, the protection of the american people, national security, foreign policy, there is no place for emotion. you really have to weigh the pros and cons and understand your balancing risks, balancing priorities. these are the things people have to make strong decisions about it there is no room for hatred in the decision-making process. it is about the fact and at the end of the day when you look at the policy decisions the president has made they have been the right ones. whether you like them or hate them it doesn't matter. he's doing the right thing for the american people. shannon: always good to have you, thank you.
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shannon: live from america's news headquarters may soon be easier for americans to return to work, the cdc and the white house are expected to release today new guidelines for self isolation. under the proposed guidance people exposed to someone infected will be allowed back on
12:33 am
the job, if they tested temperature twice a day and wear a face mask. this comes in new data into the number of new virus cases in the us might be flattening. have million surgical masks are due to arrive in canada courtesy of the 3m factory in minnesota. the us gravels for masks to protect american healthcare workers. donald trump originally blocked the shipment but he was officially agreed to let it go. prime minister justin trudeau says he will press the us for more supplies. >> a presidential primary and voters in sure whether it was actually sifter flaps the polls in the badgers state. met in as the story from wisconsin where he joins us live. >> today wisconsin became the first state in recent weeks to carry on with its primary and even statewide stay-at-home order here. the polls are officially closed,
12:34 am
but voters have strong opinions about today's election. in milwaukee some voters physically casting a ballot tuesday are standing outside in lines stretching city blocks. >> i think lawmakers care more about their politics than people safety. >> for many voters is not just about safety. many were confused following several last-minute moves in the last week to try to postpone the primary in the midst of a statewide stay-at-home order. >> we don't know anything about online and absentee ballot. we have to show up in person. >> i am a republican and now i am frustrated with everybody. >> voting center volunteers back to, the state had to call in 25 national guard members to man
12:35 am
polling locations were extra precautions are supposed to be in place, voters standing 6 feet apart behind glass fears, handwashing stations, sanitized pens and people showing symptoms are asked to do curbside voting. >> it is that going to the grocery store. >> we assume the election would be postponed, don't tell my daughter i'm out here doing this. >> wisconsin center received 1.3 million absentee ballot requests comparable to the total number of voters in 2012 but some voters tell fox news they didn't get their ballots or worry there is won't be counted. >> i didn't get my absentee ballot. i sent for one and it never came. what else i going to do? i have to come vote. >> tonight wisconsin says it officially recorded just shy of 1 million absentee ballots there will not be results anytime soon federal judge ruled wisconsin must wait until next monday, april 13th until it can be officially tallied, absentee ballots that are out there.
12:36 am
shannon: matt finn in wisconsin, thank you. acting secretary of the navy is out tonight just 5 days after leaving the captain of the uss roosevelt of his command which garrett tenney looking at the developing story. >> good riddance is how one sailor reacted to mostly's resignation. fox news is still be acting maybe secretary decided on his own that he should resign, and for marcus return 1-on-1 meeting. in the final memo to the navy he tried to explain his controversial remarks to the crew the roosevelt claiming it was a lack of situational awareness in his emotions got the better of him. there former captain was said to be too 94 too stupid to leave the ship in his memo he warned
12:37 am
sailors about the dangers, writing people in organizations are resistant to change, change is uncomfortable with the important point is phrases like this is how we do it in the navy or this is how we do it in the marine corps can be do alleged swords. on monday donald trump says he may get involved in mostly's firing but he insisted he has nothing to do with the resignation. >> i heard he did because he didn't want to cause any disturbance for our country so he wouldn't have had to resign. i would not have asked him. i don't know him. i didn't speak to him but he did that just to end that problem and i think in many ways that was a very unselfish thing for him to do. >> the new acting secretary of the navy is james mcpherson who served on the roosevelt for a brief time back in the 1980s.
12:38 am
>> thank you for the update. the coronavirus pandemic sparking new debates about using fetal tissue for research. are panel debates that and whether abortion clinics are essential businesses. there is a new court ruling on that tonight up next. [♪]
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shannon: more than a dozen house democrats demanded the trump administration lift restrictions on fetal tissue research was a scientist at the national institute for health has been thwarted in an attempt to activate the government-funded line of research, the fetal tissue donated by women undergoing elective abortion but critics say it is unethical to use the material and taxpayer money should not be used for research that relies on abortion. let's bring in leslie marshall, and professor john you, good to have you. the argument is that this fetal tissue research could be held in the covid-19 fight.
12:43 am
the trump administration refuses to lift its baseless restrictions on human fetal tissue research which is preventing the nation scientists from advancing study to find treatments and cures for coronavirus, calling on his hhs secretary to lift these restrictions. she says this could be about solving coronavirus. >> on the one hand i don't see a great deal of scientific evidence or news or research reports from other countries indicate fetal tissue is key to finding a cure to the coronavirus. this is just about taxpayer-funded research. of this is so important in this doctor or the researchers can go to another country or private sources of funding to get his research done. we have to balance that against the nation's desire not to have this kind of fetal tissue used for medical research.
12:44 am
the country elected donald trump president, iran on a platform about appointing originalist judges and putting in -- bands like this and to place because people are worried about a slippery slope. if we start using fetal tissue here, are we going to start having abortions to liberally to get research material and are going to start cloning fetuses to get fetal tissue material? you can see where people -- we don't want to trigger a chain of events that might go down the slope so better just to have a korean war won't do it at all. >> the slippery slope concerns people have but in this question about whether this particular research could be used for things that would save lives, this is battling, don't to doomsayers on the tissue research band, it was written by scholars and people who work at a pro-life group, none of the vaccines, treatments are fda
12:45 am
approved cellular or gene therapy markets use human field tissue from elective abortions that rely on ongoing abortion, they are much more involved in explaining there are other options in this one doesn't have to be the one. what do you say? >> the coronavirus is new so without the respective and they don't know because our physicians don't know. without respect to john no other country has come up with a true cure, vaccine or treatment which is our goal, isn't it coming going forward with coronavirus, we have 12,000 people today that i lost their lives, how many more tomorrow or next week. with regard to the slippery slope i totally agree, a very uncomfortable subject matter and tax dollars going toward this but you are talking about fetuses that have already been
12:46 am
aborted. that is certainly not based on research. secondly the president has the power to draw that line in the sand and make it specific and finite to the situation especially because this is an emergency and you know it is an act of god so right now what we need to do as a nation, we are at the forefront of medical technology often when it comes to things like this, we need to lead and if that can lead to what your, vaccine or even a treatment going forward and down the road i think it is something that should be looked into. >> i want to make sure you both get to weigh in on whether abortion clinics are essential businesses, the fifth circuit today has ruled governor abbott in texas can say we need the ppe here, all doctors available, abortion clinics are elective, if there's an emergency there are exceptions but we are not going to say abortion clinics are essential businesses at this point. clan parents a medicine
12:47 am
constable, people playing politics with covid-19 when it comes to abortion. >> these kind of abortion absolutist to think abortion is more important than everything on the ones playing politics. the texas policy different single abortion out. quite wisely the governor of texas, single medical resources are to be devoted to fighting the coronavirus pandemic so all elective surgeries have to take a second seat to that site. that seems very reasonable and logical. it is not actively to abortion. all elective surgeries are being delayed. this kind of lawsuits wants to make a special exception for abortion. the second point is i think actually the pro-abortion groups are making a mistake because if there's ever going to be a case where the supreme court which just had a change in membership with brett kavanaugh joining majority, replacing justice kennedy might overall role it will be a case like this where public health needs are going the other direction and representing casey and throw.
12:48 am
>> with the case in quickly before we go. >> bottom line is in texas there are women, especially women of lower income and might already lower income women who have to travel hundreds of miles to healthcare in the majority of these clinics abortion is not the majority of their business. these women are going for other health services. when you are limiting not elected surgeries but other health services especially to women and especially women of lower income in the state of texas. shannon: it is he elective surgeries and procedures. appreciate the conversation. we have the good news you need before we say good night the first images of acquired los angeles. from a very quiet los angeles metro stop. ♪
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>> joining us to share good news self-made businesswoman and former reality star betsy frankel was her be strong
12:53 am
initiative working in partnership with the global empower mission, great to have you with us. i see the sweets about masks, lunch for kids, things you're trying to put together. we see leveraging these things for good, it inspires all of a sudden tell us what you are doing. >> the most important thing is sourcing, vetting, buying, and distributing for healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, $16 million worth of aid, we have over 16 states and we are working day and night to secure the proper masks, hazmat suits, over millions governor cuomo, 2000 masks to diblasio and we are working on a nationwide to healthcare workers, hospitals and clinics
12:54 am
that are desperate for this equipment, people risking their lives to save hours. shannon: how are you able to do this when there has been such a conversation about getting these masks and ppe routed to people in the amount they need. >> for every nine warehouses always one is accurate information so we are going around the country to warehouses distributing it and we are not stopping and it is working and we are moving quickly. billy joe donate half $1 million in aid. matthew mcconaughey devoted a big amount, they will be out the next day. we are moving very quickly, working with ten state governments and also raising money from the public for
12:55 am
hospitals that can't afford even if it were available. >> tell us about the people, you are taking $10 donations, those add up. how can people get involved? >> donate to bethany/bestrong. the donations that up. the media, the connectivity, look at my instagram and you can see where every dollar goes to the effort. my partners and i, be strong and local power are looking for those who are working to save our lives. shannon: we love watching you in puerto rico and other hard-hit areas. call celebrity friends or anybody who can help. all of us can weigh in and help as well. thank you for what you are doing. we wish you all the best in this effort. >> thank you. the american public are not average at all. they are aware of it.
12:56 am
shannon: they are the stars. thank you. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, see you tomorrow at 11:00 pm eastern. i am shannon bream.
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>> our future is in our hands, put into practice the guidance you are receiving from state and local authorities, now that you're making a difference because you truly are. jillian: this is a fox news alert. a glimpse of hope. even is vaping 4 claims hundreds of lives in a single day hospitals in america's epicenter could get a much needed reprieve. rob: facemasks becoming the new normal, local governments ramping up protections to flatten the curve. >> the world health organization


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