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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 17, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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new so go to fox for the app store and download now. you can watch on your phone, tablet, computer or your smart tv. thank you so much. we will see you in fox nation. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello america i'm mark levin. this is a special edition of life, liberty and levin. if you care about your country, your liberty and the nature of your government, you will watch this program throughout the full course of the hour. it's very, very important. i want to go back to the beginning. our march 2, 2017 i got behind the microphone on my radio show after spending an hour pulling together various articles and something had occurred to me, the obama
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administration and subsequently the fbi and other entities in the federal government were sabotaging the new resident of the united states and as i looked further i realized they had been sabotaging candidate trump and then president-elect trump. i went through it on march 2 and all hell broke loose. then on march 5 i appeared on fox and friends sunday i went through the various exhibits i had found and there were more to layout the case further of the coup, the massive spying and leaking that had taken place in the obama administration against trump world, and we shouldn't be surprised by this. we have since learned that the obama administration could put spies in the trump campaign, leaked to the press, the unmasking which we will get to later, 3 3039 individuals, unbelievable. the fraud committed against the court falsified documents and on and on and on.
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but the mindset of the obama administration was always about using illegal activities against the perceived opponents. there's a great piece in nashville you by david r sahni and he points out among other things by 2016 the obama administration intelligence community had normalized domestic spying. james klapper famously lied about snooping on american citizens. his cia director oversaw an agency gutfeld comfortable spying on the united states senate with at least five of his underlings breaking into congressional files. eric holder invoked the espionage act to spy on the fox news journalist james rosen shopping his taste of judges until he found one as a co-conspirator. the obama administration also spied on the associated press reporters with the news
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organization called the massive and unprecedented intrusion and may also spied on a new york times reporter and though it's been long reported they were caught monitoring conversations of congress who oppose the iran nuclear deal. i will also add the use of the irs against the tea party and conservative organization and the list goes on and on and on. the most lawless administration was the obama biden administration. with that context, i want to remind you of what took place here on fox news march 5, 2017 sunday on fox and friends as we go through the context of what's happening today. go. >> you laid out a devastating case about overreach of the obama administration which many believe metamorphic sized to the potential buyer tapping in trump tower.
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we want you to lay out what you know about it and the evidence you have for the potential executive overreach of the obama administration. >> the evidence is overwhelming. this is not about president trump, this is about the obama administration spying and the question is whether it's five, we know they went to the pfizer court twice. the question is who did they spy on. >> i want to remind you all i had was public reports that i had pulled together. no inside information whatsoever. go. >> that is the trump campaign, the trump transition, trump sarah gets and i want to walk you through the scum of the american people. exhibit one head street, two separate sources with links to the counterintelligence community had confirmed that the fbi sought and was granted a foreign intelligence surveillance act. this is spying. this was in october.
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giving intelligence to examine u.s. persons in donald trump's campaign with ties to russia. let me go on. this isn't me, they say the first request name trump and was denied back in june, denied by the court but the second was drawn more narrowly if evidence was presented as a server possibly related to the trump campaign and alleged link to two banks. sources suggest the warrant was granted to look at the full content of e-mails and other related documents that made. [inaudible] i know people are hung up with his wiretapping but how did he get information to this or didn't really matter. now remember ladies and gentlemen, remember i'm just basing it on the information that's in the public record. but i knew, as a former chief of staff to the attorney general of the united states and the reagan administration,
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these leaks were serious, they were close enough to the target, obviously i couldn't verify but the reporters went with it and i knew they had to be coming out of the fbi or some intelligence agency. exhibit two, the guardian, a well-known dish paper, here it is, the guardian has learned the fbi applied for warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance court over the summer in order to monitor for members of the trump team suspected of your regular contact with russian officials. this is during a presidential election. the sitting president is now investigating the nominee and his campaign. they turned down the nomination asking counterintelligence investigation to narrow its focus. the fbi was finally granted a warrant in october. you can see right here at the beginning i'm laying out the information that i found, some
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of it is right on, some of it's a little sketchy, but most of it is right on. they went to the court and they got a warrant. we now know they went there four times to get a warrant. we also now know that they lied. inspector general's reporting the case, the document was falsified by an fbi lawyer, leaks about it were throughout the media and i was attacked after this. the point of this and the point of the program this evening is to show you the full extent of the obama administration activity and this is not just a few one-off rogue fbi agents, this is a ubiquitous activity throughout the government and furthermore ubiquitous activity aid and comfort given by the media to promote this life about the russia collusion issue.
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>> exhibit three, another right wing newspaper, the agency headline fbi five other agencie agencies, five other obama administration agencies are possible covert kremlin aid to trump the fbi and five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation to russian attempts to influence the november election including whether money from kremlin covertly aided presidential elect donald trump. two people familiar with the matter said the agencies involved in the inquiry are the fbi, the cia, nsa, the justice department, the treasury department enforcement, and representatives of the director of the national intelligence. >> are you telling me barack obama didn't know what was going on in the agency. >> hold on, hold on. >> i need to make the case because the media seems to be
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confused about their own reporting. new york times, another well-known liberal outlet intercepted russian communication january 19. the fbi is leaving the investigations aided by the nsa, the cia, treasury department, the investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence. listen to this. one official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications have been provided to the white house. >> so the leak before obama leaves office is enormous to the new york times or the washington post, the british newspaper, websites and so forth. word has gone out. push out this narrative of russian collusion. create a cloud over his head so when he comes into office he will be viewed as a russian puppet and we now know of
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course as a result of the mother investigation as well as release of information the other week from the director of the national intelligence, none of them believed it for a minute that there was any russia collusion. looks look what's taking place. the lime talking about this march 5, 2017, the first one to go on national tv and lay all this out, we already know they had spies in the trump campaign. they've gone to the pfizer court and the dossier had been paid for by the democratic national committee in the hillary clinton campaign. we already know that all these activities were taking place before this january 5 meeting which i will get to in a moment. >> new york times again, nsa gets more latitude to share intercepted communication in the final days of the obama administration. the administration has expanded the power of the nsa to share globally intercepted personal communications hub with the government 16
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agencies before applying privacy protections. now why would they do this on the way out the door. march 1, exhibit six, obama administration rush to preserve intelligence of russian election packing. in the obama administration's last day, some white house official, listen to this, scramble to spread information about russian efforts to undermine the presidential election and about possible contacts between associates and president-elect trump and russia across the government. >> now let's stop there. that's two major stories. from two major news outlets that point the finger at the white house. information going to the white house, information coming from the white house. two major stories. you see ladies and gentlemen come up rock obama not only knew about this, he obviously
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gave the go-ahead even in general terms. you don't have the fbi, the cia, the dnc, the state department, the treasury department, the nsa and all the rest of it, you don't have such a full administration wide activity to destroy a candidate, destroy president-elect, and then to destroy a president, all donald trump and everybody around him without the president of the united states not only knowing about it at least in general terms even the go-ahead. the go-ahead. more when i come back. hey it's me, lily from at&t. i'm back working from home and here to help. hey lily, i'm hearing a lot about 5g. should i be getting excited? depends. are you gonna want faster speeds? i will. more reliability? oh, also yes. better response times? definitely. are you gonna be making sourdough bread? oh, is that 5g related? no, just like why is everyone making sourdough now... but yes, you're gonna want 5g. at&t is building 5g on america's best network.
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welcome back. let's continue where i left off. march 5, 2017, fox and friends going through the evidence that's publicly available about the coup efforts of the obama administration which should underscore another point, if i could find them in the media, surely obama was aware of what his administration was doing from the pfizer cohorts and all the rest of it.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] they are always monitoring so how do we know that. maybe they are and maybe they're not. >> what we know they were. we know what happened to michael flynn. we were set up in a horrific way. they wanted to take them out. he had to know about what was going on with the cia and the courts and all the rest. they interview him, goes perfectly fine and they go after him again in the
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infamous january 5, 2017 meeting with obama and others which, i will get back to in a minute. go. >> one more, washington post, march 2, u.s. investigates russian officials in a conversation during his campaign. the focus of the counterintelligence investigation has been on trump campaign and russian officials. listen to this. the inquiry in examining his contacts while serving as his foreign policy advisor in the spring and summer of 2016. this has been going on for a year. >> you layout a definite case based on public documents as you point out and not left-wing sources but mainstream sources. how confident are you that this investigation on russian
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hacking but the white house said will be broadened into looking into executive overreach. >> i don't know, i already found something. the issue isn't whether the obama administration spied on the trump campaign or transition of sarah get, the issue is the extent of it. they were so aggressive, they waited for five months, they go back in october before the general election, they narrow the request, all the sudden we have leaks coming out on flynn, then we have a horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth, and i am telling you as a former chief of staff and the attorney general of the united states and the reagan administration, these are police state tactics. now what what did barack obama know. barack obama not only knew this, but he got a daily intelligence briefing, and let me tell you something about daily intelligence briefings, if you are attorney general and your fbi to get a warrant
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to investigate aspects of an opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign, how much you want to bet the president of the united states knew that. >> through all the years of this coup effort, nobody has directly asked barack obama anything. they impeach donald trump, the victim of the russia phony collusion story, the phony ukraine issue over a perfectly fine phone call. they don't even ask barack obama about his rogue fbi, his robe department of justice, his rogue cia, his rogue white house staff. if article after article, and of course the media don't press the case against obama or the obama ministration, why, because they are the ones feeding all this felonious
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information out of the cia and national intelligence and all the rest of it. they are in on it. we know all these things, not because the media has intentionally presented it, in fact we know most of these things subsequent to that show because of conservatives, members of congress, the attorney general and others pushing this, not the new york times, not the washington post, none of them. they are cover-up artists. just as we have this judge now in ed sullivan and washington d.c. is trying to protect the obama administration, but this is very, very serious. go. >> this is the case made by the new york times, the washington post of the rest of them. i just put it together as a form of justice department official, and donald trump here is being attacked. donald trump is the victim.
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his campaign is the victim. his transition team is the victim. his surrogates are the victims. these are police state tactics. i am telling you this is a former chief of staff with the attorney general. if this had been done to barack obama all hell would break loose and it should. rock obama bateman is pathetic. mark: where does it go from here? they ought to release both applications where they sought the warrant. the one in the summer and the one in october so we know exactly what they were doing. that's number one. number two congress needs to see the daily presidential intelligence briefings over the past year or so. those are the beginnings of a serious investigation. number three, the republicans in congress, you control the majority but the democrats do not want to assist and they won't because i'm starting to think chuck schumer and the others are participating in all this cover-up activity then plow ahead without them but this is important to the
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country. we cannot have a sitting presidential administration unleashing six federal agencies, intelligence and law enforcement. i don't mean the president personally sitting there saying valerie let's go get him, stop, i'm not so sure something like that didn't happen right now. i'm not so sure. i want to move on. i'm not so sure something like that didn't happen but before i do that, the next day there is the washington post. this is what the media does, they're trying to protect themselves in the greatest scandal in american history so what are they do they spend the next week trashing me. i'm a big boy, i can handle it and they right here in the washington post on march 6, on thursday my radio show returned to the silent coup theme.
8:24 pm
i didn't coin it, this was the title of a book but i reintroduced it to the public on that day. the silent coup theme arguing that the obama administration had orchestrated a silent coup against president trump, the obama justice department had wiretapped in spied on the trump campaign when it investigated russian interference in the election and had leaked information to the media to undermine the new president. this word wiretapped which the presidency. [inaudible] was in the headline of the new york times article. i didn't make it up, he didn't make it up and then they changed it later so what did the media do, they attacked. the same idiot that knew thing while exactly what was going on. they attacked and acted like this is a right wing conspiracy and as more information comes out three years later we know that's not the case. we also know that the top officials in the obama administration also knew that this was entirely fictional and bogus, a pretext to take
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live from america's news headquarters, a positive message about the future of the u.s. economy from the chairman of the federal reserve. jerome powell said 60 minutes, the economy was fundamentally healthy before the coronavirus
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truck adding that it will be able to rebound substantially once the pandemic is contained. he said you wouldn't want to bet against the american economy but he also cautioned a return to normalcy would take time and could stretch to the end of next year. the coronavirus has now killed nearly 90000 americans. los angeles police and fire investigators want a criminal probe into last nights explosion in the little tokyo district. one dozen firefighters were injured, three critically, all expected to survive. the explosion happened at an oil making business. i marianne, now back to life, liberty and levin. i will prove to you that they knew all along there was no russia collusion and by the way we have the smaller report, thousands of subpoenas, witnesses, hundreds of thousands of documents the president never asserted a single.
8:30 pm
[inaudible] the grand jury found no collusion, prosecutors, this partisan democrats found none, but it still didn't matter, and now recently released documents that adam schiff did not want to release for months and months, thanks to grinnell, the acting director of national intelligence and the attorney general in the senate and releasing what we know. here's what we know in secret testimony during the unconstitutional impeachment hearings. here's what we know took place in secret. james clapper testified saying i never saw any direct empirical evidence that the trump campaign or someone in it was plotting conspiring with the russians to metal with the election. that's what he said. that's not to say there weren't concerns about the evidence we were seeing, anecdotal evidence, but i don't recall any instance where i had direct evidence. and we have samantha power, the u.s. ambassador to the un,
8:31 pm
according to her, i'm not in possession of anything, i'm not in possession and didn't read or absorb information that came from out of the intelligence community. when asked again she said i am not. okay next, obama national security advisor susan rice, when she was asked the question to the best of my recollection there wasn't anything smoking, but there were some things that gave me pause according to the transcribed interview. i don't recall intelligence that i would consider evidence to that effect that i saw, conspiracy prior to my departure. when asked whether she had any evidence she replied i don't recall any intelligence or evidence to that effect. when asked about collusion rice replied same answer. former deputy of national security advisor and rose was asked the same question, i wouldn't of received any information on any criminal or counterintelligence investigation into what the trump campaign was doing so i would not have seen that information he said.
8:32 pm
when pressed again he said i saw indications of potential coordination but i did not see you know, the specific evidence or the actions of the trump campaign. former attorney general loretta lynch, i can't say it existed or not so she was out of the loop of course. what about former fbi director andrew mckay. he was not asked a specific question but rather as they point out in town hall, questions about the accuracy and legitimacy complied by intelligence officer christopher steele, we've not been able to prove the accuracy of all the information. you don't know if it's true or not. that's correct. we could go on. it's shocking. mueller finds nothing after $40 million, two and half years, thousands of subpoenas, witnesses, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, millions of pages of documents actually, no
8:33 pm
privileges raised, two committees in congress working on a full-time nothing, the phony impeachment hearing, the secret testimony taking not a single official anywhere saw any evidence of collusion whatsoever. michael flynn set up, no evidence of anything wrong with his phone calls with the russian ambassador. no russian collusion whatsoever. so how did they get here? mark: we have an fbi that puts spies in the trump campaign early on. we have an fbi director became who tried to conspire with the deputy attorney general for these purposes the acting general rosenstein now that they've got sessions out of the way on the 20 for the amendment on whether they
8:34 pm
could remove the president of the united states. we had an fbi attorney falsify a document for the fisa court. we had a dossier use that they couldn't verify. mccabe admits they couldn't verify. we now know it was full of trash that was used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies as a pretext to go after the trump administration. then we have this meeting on january 5 that i want to discuss at some length with our guests coming up molly hemingway, that's been released recently, january 5, 2017. it's a meeting in which obama, joe biden, brennan, klapper, comey and yates, perhaps more are in this meeting right before obama leaves office and what are they discussing? michael flynn and russia. here's the document. here's the blue dress. here's the obama blue dress. it says in part obama started by saying he wanted to meeting
8:35 pm
with yates and james comey. he started by saying he had learned the information about flynn and his conversation about sanctions. obama specified he did not want any additional information on the matter but was seeking information on whether the white house would be treating flynn any differently given the information. people have said that means keep information from flynn, i say that means treat the say that means treat the information differently hey it's me, lily from at&t. i'm back working from home and here to help. hey lily, i'm hearing a lot about 5g. should i be getting excited? depends. are you gonna want faster speeds? i will. more reliability? oh, also yes. better response times? definitely. are you gonna be making sourdough bread? oh, is that 5g related? no, just like why is everyone making sourdough now... but yes, you're gonna want 5g. at&t is building 5g on america's best network.
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how much you can save. roundup for lawns is here to put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. so, draw the line. roundup for lawns is formulated to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming your grass. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. welcome back. mollie hemingway, you've done outstanding work on this subject and so many others. this january 5, 2017 meeting in the oval office led by the president of the united states with all the top actors there,
8:40 pm
is it believable, all that was in the press going on in his administration, law enforcement, intelligence, all that was going on with the dnc in the hillary clinton campaign, is it really believable that barack obama didn't know anything about any of this. >> it's not believable for multiple reasons. what i loved about you taking us through this in the first few segments is that while you're going through this whole russia collusion hoaxes easy to get caught up. when you take a step back and you realize we know there was no russia collusion and we also know that the people who claim there was new at the times they were saying at that it wasn't true so what's going on exactly. we get more information. it was a counterintelligence investigation that really should of never started. counterintelligence
8:41 pm
investigation should be known to the president. they exist so the president can know about threats to the country. it was never believable that he didn't know about it and there was a lot of evidence that he did including texts from lisa paged peter struck thing the president wants to know everything about this issue, but this january 5 meeting which we already knew about but got many more details recently tells us just how involved president obama and his menstruation were in this entire situation. >> do you think susan rice, of all the things to do on january 20 at 1215 in the afternoon, do you think it just popped in her head, boy i better skedaddle back to the white house to get in front of my computer and write a self-serving e-mail that says president obama began the conversation about the january 5 meeting she writes after the president inaugurated president trump. many people have talked about why would you need to write by
8:42 pm
the book. what caught me is by stressing his continued commitment tells me wait a minute were not just talking about january 5, how do we know the president wasn't briefed on so many other aspects long before january 5. >> and certainly the word continued suggest he has known about it for some time prior to january 5. what i also like is when she said they openly talked with the people who would be continuing on into the trump administration about how to keep information from the trump administration. that is completely inappropriate. we know no one had legitimate concerns about this because under oath they all testified to the contrary so why would they be openly plotting how to keep this information. it becomes much more clear as you see all the other testimonium 302 documents that are put forth. this was about making sure
8:43 pm
they could side by people who would expose what they had been doing throughout the campaign, throughout the transition and of course what they hope to continue doing into the trump administration, and michael flynn was target number one on that point because he had the experience and knowledge of understanding and intelligence and he would've seen what they were doing and he would've known that it was fishy and problematic so he was a high priority target in the days that followed. almost immediately after this meeting you start seeing a coordinated leak campaign to set up false narrative about a crazy story of russia collusion, but thanks to a very compliant and complicit media who were part of the effort they just regurgitated these leaks that were coming to them that put forth this false and damaging story about collusion with russia and that starts within days of this initial meeting at the obama white house on january 5.
8:44 pm
>> mollie hemingway, when we return i want to ask about the newly released information. we have some great patriots in the administration. the attorney general of the united states, a couple u.s. attorney like durham and jensen and canal, the acting director of national intelligence are actually looking at this information trying to inform congress and the american people in the media that many seem not to care, but we care, the american people, and this list of individuals who were unmasking and had information about the unmasking of general flynn. 39 individuals, [♪] looking to repair dry, damaged hair without weighing it down? try pantene daily moisture renewal conditioner. its color-safe formula uses smart conditioners to micro-target damage helping to repair hair without weighing it down. try pantene.
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welcome back. mollie hemingway, no thanks to the people who served in the obama administration or the democrat party or the media, we now have this list of individuals from november 26 through january 2017 who are hot on unmasking anything related to michael flynn and by the way for all we know, an awful lot of other american citizens.
8:49 pm
his name is leaked and all kinds of people are on this list, including the vice president of the united states on january 12. what you say to this? >> well it's interesting. first i think it's important to remember what's happening with masking of american citizens names. we have broad powers given to our federal government to spy on people and in the course of spying on people they might collect information on american citizens. we have privat privacy rights and civil liberties that make sure our agencies mask that information so we don't have spying against american citizens. you might have a legitimate reason to unmask the name of a private citizen but remember they are mast precisely because the information is so sensitive they don't want shared within the intelligence committee. we will frequently say that unmasking is rare. that's not true. it happens all the time unfortunately but it's supposed to happen from intelligence officials who are investigating, from people who
8:50 pm
have legitimate investigative responsibility. no one in the west wing has investigative responsibilities so when we look at this name of some of the people who were unmasking just one individual and we have reason to believe they were unmasking everyone in the trump administration we see that there are high level. there are a lot of concerns not even just because they are unmasking, but because they're sharing that information around and leaking it. they were doing so much leaking in december and january and even into the new administration. that's what set this false narrative and that's why it's interesting. it's also true we have reason to believe based on testimony previously given that mike flynn's name was never mast as it was referred to with the phone call. that means even more people
8:51 pm
had access to it through the fbi and they were sharing it willy-nill willy-nilly. >> and they're spreading this information around, it's quite ubiquitous, i can't understand why the ambassador of turkey needs this information and four or five other ambassadors. why do you think they were doing that? to leak it. >> i think was partly my don't know. we don't actually know what was unmask here. as i mentioned the phone call was never mast to begin with and that's inappropriate. whatever they were unmasking, these high-level officials throughout the obama administration, they could've just been on fishing expeditions forever other things, we also know there were changes to the rear wall sharing this information to a wide variety of people. maybe that was to give cover to people who were leaking or to ensure better leaks or just to help that leaked
8:52 pm
operation. the reason we care about this is an even because of the intelligence itself although clearly we have abuses of that process. it's because the trump administration was the victim of a coordinated leak campaign to set a knowingly false narrative of russia collusion. this could've been horrible in terms of foreign relations and it actually was for domestic policy and it really undermine the healthy governance of the trump administration and it went on for years. it's not just what they did prior to the inauguration, it's what they continue to do, continue to set up with a special counsel investigation, it was completely ridiculous and sidelined so much good work in the administration for a matter of years and it keeps on going. this is unprecedented levels of unmasking and leaking and conspiracy against an incoming administration. this was a willful attempt to undermine that smooth
8:53 pm
transition of power and that's an attack on the american people themselves. mark: >> seems like the greatest administration to interfere was the obama administration. roundup for lawns is here to put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. so, draw the line. .. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla.
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hey it's me, lily from at&t. i'm back working from home and here to help. hey lily, i'm hearing a lot about 5g. should i be getting excited? depends. are you gonna want faster speeds? i will. more reliability? oh, also yes. better response times? definitely. are you gonna be making sourdough bread? oh, is that 5g related? no, just like why is everyone making sourdough now... but yes, you're gonna want 5g. at&t is building 5g on america's best network. visit to learn more. mark: welcome back. mollie hemingway the media has played an enormous role in this, an active role and they
8:58 pm
are not reporting that they are activists. what you make of our media. >> it's an important point because now but so much more information is coming out thanks to attorney general bar and rick grenell and others, we are not going to see good reporting on the actual facts of the matter. from the very beginning they were willful co- partisans in this effort. there was no leak they were too resistant to taking. in the leaks would not have meant anything if reporters have asked tough questions about why they were happening or whether they were fully informative, and from the initial leak of the dossier being briefed to president trump to the leak of ambassador flynn phone call with the ambassador to the leak of jeff sessions having meetings with the ambassador, these were just regurgitated by the media and became a
8:59 pm
really important part of the operation. i just want to point out one in particular. they leaked to the washington post that they had looked over the flynn phone call and found no concern whatsoever. that wasn't because that was true. that was because they wanted to make mike flynn at ease when they ambushed him the next day. in that article that the washington post printed, they said he was not the target of an investigation. that wasn't true. if we had reporters who were more critical, more skeptical, less eager to play along with the dangerous campaign we might've's seen a much different story we saw in the last few years. >> the president of the united states, you now see all these things that took place, you knew it anyway, but now they're all being and there was no russia conclusion. then you have these events where there's the coronavirus and other issues and the same media, pretty much the same political media, the same kamikaze reporters go into those press conferences to try to undermine the president and his handling of the coronavirus and his handling of opening the economy. they don't have expert reporters, seasoned reporters, substantive reporters, it's the same people that push the
9:00 pm
russia collusion narrative and ukraine nonsense from beginning to end. mollie hemingway i want to thank you, please keep up the great work. we much appreciate it. god bless. >> see you next time on life, liberty and levin. >> good evening. welcome to "the next revolution". this is the home of positive populism. with me for the hour, charlie kirk, katie mcfarlane and lisa booth. there they are in here we go. one of the most frightening things about the russia revelations is how the establishment and their media lackeys dismissed them. >> obama gate conspiracy theory that president obama, vice president biden and others were somehow involved in an illegal effort to target flynn or something like that, it is a conspiracy theory. >> they


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