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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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- hi! - hi. hey! - that's totally him. - it's him! that's totally the guy. safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. may 19, 2020. we will be back tomorrow night. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have a newlyy released document, classified just a few hours ago. it was written during the final few moments, literally of the obama administrationif on inauguration day. the national security advisor. it reveals what you may have suspected. jim comey considered himself as more powerful than any elected president. defending democracy and he rejected the main tenant including himself completely in charge. no election necessary. it is the chilling things of how things work in washington. the details just ahead. but first, three years, the over
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weaning threats we supposedly face, russia, that somehow hacked american democracy during 2016 presidential campaign. but infiltrated the government at the highest level. honor formal naval officers like carter page were, in fact, secret stooges of vladimir putin and they were working towards diabolical ends with the political consultants like roger stone. it was all hiding in plain sight, forget mexico, saudi arabia, or many other countries. it was russia more than any other place that threatened americans sovereignty that was actually in control of foreign policy. that is the story they told tugnus. none of it was ever plausible. in fact, it was completely absurd. there was no evidence that it was true.
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but they kept saying it, day after tiresome day after stuck after every single cnn viewer, every pbs viewer, every subscriber to the "new york magazine" with a matter of religious fate. russia hacked our democracy. it was their mantra. m>> the russians exploded a massive back door into the foundation of our democracy. >> moscow's attack on american democracy. >> everything you need to know about the threat to our democracy. >> you have republicans silent and seemingly okay with this kind of attack on our democracy. >> there's no question that russia attacked us. >> attacks on the integrity of our elections. >> attack on our democracy. >> the first time we had our adversary attack us, that we have not responded.
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>> tucker: these people, brandishing their silly credentials but we have a moral obligation to listen to them because they know what they are talking about. they are fools reading they are stupid talking points again and again, but they were doing it for a reason. the beauty of the russian fable was these people a ruling class to ignore the huge number of actual problems the united states face. problems that they caused or at the very least failed to solve. the drug addiction crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands over time. the border that is essentially open, the disappearing middle class, the core of the country. the rise of china. and then, of course, any number of counterproductive foreign wars that should have ended long ago. for three years nobody in washington talked about any of this. in fact, failing to worry about russia exclusively invited suspicion on you. if you wanted american troops on the homes in the middle east, or wondered why nobody cared when you're 23-year-old niece died oe a fat noel o.d., that might've
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been that you were colluding with russia. that's not an exaggeration. susan rice who seem smart, she went to stamford, admitted that she decided michael flynn was a russian spy because he talked too much about china. and that's what russian spies do. donald trump was elected, nobody thought that he would be, precisely because he talked about issues like these. the ones that mattered. that was a massive l threat. so they derailed to a large extent his first term agenda using a hoax concocted by the administration he replaced. who benefited from this? the people who thought it up, but nobody benefited more than the chinese government. our leaders in washington wasted literally years accusing each other of working for putin, china grew more powerful. it grew closer to replacing the united states is the world's dominant nation. by the time this version of coronavirus spread west from wuhan, china was calling many of the shots internationally. we did not even know it until
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the crisis hit. for example, the u.s. has given far more money than any nation to the world health organization, and yet strangely the ally taiwan is still not a member of the w.h.o. why is that? only one reason, china does not want them to be. so they are not. china is effectively in control of the w.h.o. you want proof? watch the director of the world health.o organization repeat the most ridiculous chinese propaganda as if it were all completely true. with an utterly straight-faced, yes, that's right. as always, if you want to know who is really in charge, watch the lies they tell. speak of the chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak. china is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response. and it is not an exaggeration. t>> tucker: the new standard,
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the fake doctor you saw is promoting, creating the worst economic calamity since the great depression, saying that china benefited immensely. and the only country on thein globe that has become stronger in the face of this. no doubt, the chinese government was pleased with the puppets of the w.h.o. and what they accomplish. last night the president of the united states released a letter to the world health organization warning that the u.s. will suspend funding prominently if the organization does not reform itself right away and wean itself from china. we will see if thatig happens. either way, the problem is much bigger than the world health organization. china's tentacles extend almost everywhere in our society. the chinese government is deeply enmeshed in higher education in the country. it's not an overstatement. a number of university professors, including one today have been arrested for spying on behalf of beijing. literally spies on campus. tenured spies. china has profound influence in hollywood. you know that and professional sports, was held at last year.
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and corporate america up and down the chain. they own huge amounts of real estate throughout the country, one of the reasons that your kids cannot afford to live in our city. all of this has changed our lives in profound ways, but all of it happened with very little public notice. why? because the people making it possible did not want to advertise it. they were getting very rich froh it. every ambitious climber and corporate america knows the rules now. don't offend beijing, and you can be rewarded. the head of disney streaming service just left to become ceo of tick-tock. that's a chinese company. that may appall you, but in corporate america, many are envious. they wish that they were him. washington has not been immune either. china is everywhere in the capital city. joe lieberman, lobbyist for china now. hard to believe, isn't it? smear jane, top cyber official for the obama administration, and just a couple of the few who have followed the old law and --
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elite mack registered as foreign lobbyists. hunter biden never did that, his father, the vice president chief among them two investors that were getting rich in china. it was never a secret. many people in washington knew exactly what hunter biden was doing, and they did not say anything to anybody, why? because i did not seem weird to them. it was not strange, so many other well-connected people were doing the same thing. selling access to elected officials in washington to the chinese. nancy pelosi still doesn't understand why any of this is a big deal. pelosi has spent decades bowing to the chinese government even as she attacked this country as racist and backward as she goes virtually every day of the week. just the other day, pelosi announced that no conversation about china is legitimate. it's all a distraction. >> let me just say that the president is saying interesting things about china. it is an interesting diversion. let's keep our focus on meeting the needs of the american people.
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opening our economy. >> tucker: , it is a diversion. how many antibiotics do we make in this country in the middle of the pandemic? zero, none. all in china. just a diversion. when you watch something like pelosi statement, the terrifying thought creeps up from the back of your mind, it's china now too strong to criticize? is there only one option to submit to, maybe we will find out. even now there are downsides for anybody who says a negative word about beijing. they are punishing to elect american officials who dared to criticize the chinese response to coronavirus. hard to believe that they are saying that out loud. to his credit, josh hawley, he is one of those who have been threatened by the chinese government, and we are happy to have him on tonight. senator, thank you for joining us. if you can be specific about the threat that china has made against you.. >> well, china has said that they are going to sing to me personally, whatever that means, and they are going
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distinction -- sanction mize state, the state of missouri,he because we have the ability to stand up. the state of missouri is suing the chinese government, and would allow every american who has been hurt by the covid ryndemic that beijing unleashed on the world, to allow every american to go to court and hold them accountable and freeze chinese assets. i guess that makes me a target. i don't care. we are going to keep speaking the truth and hold china accountable. and this is the time. we have to change our relationship with china. it is now or never. >> tucker: it is not just a question of trade, it's what kind of world our grandchildren will live in. it's not a mistake to say that the future of the world hangs in the balance right now. so i fervently hope that this is going to be a pipe artisan at. have you had any luck getting democrats in the senate on your side to push back against chinese dominance? >> i'm afraid that so far, the democrat friends, they will talk and game about china, that is a
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problem, but when it comes time to rubber to road, what are we going to do about it? are we going to let americans go to court to have their day? are we going to change or trade agreements with china? are we going to reform the w.h.o. or just get out of it? or reform the world trade organization where we are just getting absolutely robbed blind by china, are we going to do something about this? these are arguments that i make. and it's time right now to stand up and do about -- something about it. >> tucker: it should not be partisan. it's a reason of national security. we are spending trillions of dollars to the part where it is not even real, of course. but it is that the chinese will largely buy and have greater control. are you worried that in effect the chinese will bail out our country after a pandemic they unleashed on the world? >> yes. this is one of the reasons why china needs to be forced to pay damages. they are the ones who unleash list on the world. let's be clear.
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beijing knew that theyne had a major health crisis on their hands in wuhan, the origin of the virus. they silenced doctors, they gagged whistle-blowers.-b it allowed it to spread and be a pandemic level. so they need to be forced to pay. beijing does. but beyond that, we need to build new coalitions of other o free nations who are willing to partner together and hold china accountable. we cannot be satisfied and content with the status quo. >> tucker: we should cancel chinese debt. and there's only one president inri america history who would entertain it. and it's this one. i hope he does. thank you for coming on. i hope that you keep us posted on what happens with the sanctions against missouri. >> thank you. >> tucker: as you told your mom moment ago, america's universities have become one of the chinese government's favorite fronts for spying on this country. by the way i'm of the word spying has been devalued over this last presidential term because of the russian nonsense. but we mean actual spies.
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where the justice department arrest people for passing secrets to a foreign government. so that they never happen in the russia, case, but it happens a lot with china. yet another american professor has been arrested for working for beijing. news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest on the story. to speak with the enforcement was in an aggressive plan by agents to keep the chinese from stealing american advances in technology and science. a few days ago professor king wang who worked at both case western reserve university and the renowned cleveland clinic was arrested for secretly giving information to china. turns out purpose or wings research on molecular and genetic science was being funded i am multimillion dollar grant from u.s. taxpayers. earlier this month, university of arkansas electrical engineering professor simon saw ang was indicted for wire fraud. he applied for a research grant from nasa when he was artie receiving payments from the chinese government.
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in march, university professor was also indicted because he too applied for a nasa grant while secretly working for the chinese. also emerge, professor patrick lewis allegedly faked a paternity leave so that he could fly to china and secretly conduct research for a compensation package of about $750,000. in february, emory university neuroscientist was conducting research for the national institute of health, yet allegedly failed to disclose that he was being paid by the chinese. in january, the head of the chemistry department at harvard, charles lieber accused of taking $1.5 million from china to set up a research lab in wuhan. and finally the professor from ucla was convicted of selling u.s. missile secrets to china. now facing two centuries in
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prison. tucker. >> tucker:r: that's a long time. trace gallagher, thank you so much. so michael flynn saw china as america's top international threat to. he said that out loud. so the obama administration framed him as a russian spy and destroyed his lifend in his family. now we have newly revealed information about how and why they did that, and the attitudes that drove them to crush flynn and derail the first term of president trump. that's next. ♪ xfinity watchathon week has come to an end.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: today acting director of national intelligence ric grenell declassified the poll tax of an email susan rice into herself on inauguration day. the final day of the obama administration, in fact, the final minute. the email is weird, and very telling. it consists of her summarizing for herself, apparently, a meeting that she attended two weeks before about the michael flynn investigation. the newly revealed text, the part that was redacted before says this. "director comey affirmed that he
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is proceeding by the book as it relates to law enforcement from a national security perspective, comey said that he does have some concerns that incoming national security advisor flynn is speaking with the russian ambassador kislyak. comey said it could be an issue as it comes to sharing sensitive information. president obama asked if comey was saying that the security n council should not pass sensitive information to flynn, and comey replied potentially. and added that he has no idea thus far that he has passed classified information to kislyak, but he notices that the level of communication is unusual." so that paragraph raises an awful lot of questions. and none of them are good. first and most obvious, in an email to herself, susan rice notes three times that the investigation was being done "by the book," that seems odd. how often do you remind yourself
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to "follow the law" and memos to yourself? could it be that rice was expecting an email to be read later by others? that is a rhetorical question. but for more questions should be asked about jim comey. himself apparently said that there was no evidence that michael flynn had shared anything classified with ambassador kislyak. in other words, flynn had done nothing wrong. but comey didn't care. he said that he had concerns, utterly subjective concerns at the incoming national security adviser of the united states was speaking to the ambassador of ar major power. that was "unusual" according to jim clement jim comey. in other words, a man who was never elected to anything decided that he can withhold information from the new democratically elected he could deny them access to intelligence with no evidence whatsoever of actual crimes.
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how is that for subvertinger democracy? this new document confirms what has been obvious for a very long time. the entire russia collusion story was, perhaps history's largest example of political projection. the trump campaign never sabotaged democracy. they were the result of democracy. a guy running a reality show on nbc in 20 minutes later he is the president. that's democracy. jim comey and the obama administration had no respect for democracy. they were threatened by it. so they tried to subvert it. we should know more about this. because it gets to the heart of everything. in the meantime, brit hume is fox news senior political ad analyst and always great to have them on the show. let me ask you a context question, it does not seem constitutionally permitted to me for an unelected director of the fbi to withhold national security information from an
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incoming newly elected f administration. it does not seem like that is okay. >> well, it does not seem possible when you think about it, tucker, because the incoming national security assistant to the president, national security adviser and the new president himself are going to take possession of all classified information. and the president has ultimate authority over all of it. so those officials are entitled to see whatever theyt. want. and it's not clear to me with the director of the fbi is talking about here. this whole memo is suspicious on many accounts. first of all, it was written 15 days after the events that described had happened. and as you noted, tucker, there are several references of the president saying, iuc want everything done by the book. tand confirming that he is doig everything by the book. mr. "by the book" comey, four days after this was written in the administration was leaving,
9:24 pm
four days later.ra director comey, still in office at the fbi slips around to the white house without the justice department's knowledge or approvals and sends two agents down to the white house, and he has bragged about how he knew that this was not according to protocol where he was supposed to do interviews in the white house through the white house counsel's office, and he avoided all of that. that was not exactly "by the book," was it? and that was an interview from the open case against flynn has proceeded. you add it all up and it looks very suspicious. and now out with a statement tonight saying that she welcomes the release of the additional redacted material that was in the memo, and furthermore, she wishes that all the transcripts of the overheard conversation between kislyak and flynn could be released, implying that there was some really suspicious stuff in there. if there is, i will believe it when i seetu it. >> tucker: the press has treated this like a story coming
9:25 pm
in criticizing thisth channel fr even covering it. i wonder in two administrations down the road if the director of the fbi or cia or nsa, or the head of national intelligence working independently and against the administration, well that seem like a story to them, do you think? >> of course it would. and this is a story. we have been criticized at fox news for covering the story, the new revelations haved been the flynn case. and now we have a motion today just file to have the judge removed from the case and so on. this is a big story. and the irregularities in the handling of the whole entire russia investigation was a big story. it's just that the journalists don't want to hear about the irregularities, because they bought the whole package. they went along and pursued thid and engaged in the headlong pursuit of the russia collusion theory that blew up in their faces, and now they don't want to hear about it. and in a sense, i guess i don't blame them, because it was the worst journalistic fiasco in my
9:26 pm
more than 50 years of journalism, and it continues. >> tucker: i think this is right. this is not just about trump, et cetera to the system that has worked well for 240 years.d we should fix this and clean things up. it's great to see you. thank you so much for that. >> you bet, thank you. >> tucker: here is a scandal, so many right now, but. this one unfolding before us, and should get more attention part of the mother of pennsylvania's health director was saved from her s nursing home, while those homes were flooded with coronavirus things to the directors orders. an amazing story of hypocrisy distilled to its epicenter. more on that after the break. ♪ managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right?
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>> tucker: i want to give you an update on the saga of ian smith, and the new jersey gym owner we have had on a couple of times. reopening his business in defiance of governor philil mu murthy -- murphy's orders.
9:31 pm
today and smith once again opened his gym. and there was a big crowd of people. and they decided that they knew the risks and wanted to get some exercise. about two hours after opening the business, police arrived and delivered another summons to ian smith. and also ordered people to leave the gym, even though patrons were not forced out. later on in the afternoon, police issued citations to people working out as they left the building for defying governor murphy's orders. one man refused to give his name, and he was handcuffed and arrested. still, so for the business hass not been closed. the owner say they will keep it open as long as they remain free, not in prison and unable to lock the doors. obviously we will keep you updated on how that goes. police in new jersey, clearly don't want to, but they are being forced to harass people working out in the gym, handcuff them and threaten them with jail, far less attention has been paid to the people who have
9:32 pm
actually died from the coronavirus, because they are vulnerable. to the government has done so little to protect them even as it prevents you from playing doubles tennis or swimming. in pennsylvania and new york, possibly in other states, nursing homes were told that theyss were required to admit patients infected with the coronavirus. outbreaks inevitably resulted, thousands died. leaders did not care. in pennsylvania, and perhaps the most shocking and offensive example of all, illustrating just how little government cares about you, the health commissioner of the commonwealth rachel levine moved her own mother out of a nursing home before she could fall victim to the resulting deathh trap. a pennsylvania senator, watching this with his jaw open. joining us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. as many times as we tell the story, it's hard to believe that it is true. that your state health director moved her own mother out of a
9:33 pm
nursing home and forced nursingm homes to admit infected patients. but that's true, is it not? >> it is. you can't make this up. last monday i called for levine's resignation, and the next day we find out that the secretary of the shenanigans with the secretary's own mom, evacuating her to a secure location what about the rest of the parents, aunts, uncles. you can ever imagine that it will happen in america, especially pennsylvania. but it did. and action needs to be taken. this is a bad movie. everyd day we wake up and it is still being played on a b roll. and if you like the keystone cops are running the keystone state. >> tucker: got help the people trapped in nursing homes. they can have people visit them, they are alone. many are dying. i don't hear the leaders talk to them at all. we heard andrew cuomo say that every life is precious, and many forces people in nursing homes. thousands dying. and he says, more people died.
9:34 pm
does anybody care? >> does not seem like it. and the sad thing is that they rightly predicted this. a lot of things i got wrong with the modeling and how catastrophic it would be, but we heard over and over again from governor wolf and secretary levine that the most vulnerable we'd be the elderly and those with health conditions paid why on 18th of march with the secretary of health issued the memorandum to take covid patients back to free hospital bed spread it's and two-thirds are coming out of this, and there needs to be accountability. >> tucker: tell me that democrats and the state legislator are not defending your health director? >> they are, and i retired from the army two years ago, maybe roi'm off my rocker, but at some point i thought that we would come together and agree, and the secretary has been delivering nothing but medical malpractice. this is something we can definitely come together on. instead they are circling the wagons, it is utter madness. >> tucker: has she apologize
9:35 pm
for moving her own mother out of a nursinghe home and then doomig the people stuck there to death? >> obviously she knew that the secretary would be asked this question and had a prepared statement that was absurd, ridiculous, you can't make this stuff up. no apology but it would've been one thing, tucker, if she came out two months ago and said, i'm not sure that we can save your loved ones, so maybe if you can come and take them out of the home for a couple of months. but instead, special treatment. >> tucker: it would be like liquidating your stock portfolio and telling the country that everything would be fine. it tells you that they don't care at all about you. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: speaking of the dangers in nursing homes, amy glenn, the widow of astronaut john glenn died today of the coronavirus at a nursing home in st. paul, minnesota. she was 100 years old, they were
9:36 pm
married an astonishing 73 years. what a life. planned parenthood to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to pose as a small business and shake down for millions more. they are to get hundreds of millions from taxpayers, they want to more, and they got it. we will tell you how. t♪
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♪ >> tucker: when you hear the phrase "small business," what comes to mind? probably are favorite local diner, the roofing company that your neighbor runs. a dog walking business. here's an example that probably did not come to mind, planned parenthood. not a small business, it's a national brand. the dirtiest national brand. planned parenthood openly boasts about how much of a nonsmall business they are in the 2019 annual report, they bragged about performing 345,000 abortions in an exchange taking
9:41 pm
in $1.6 billion in revenue. that's in addition to the hundreds of millionsin you send them every year in tax dollars. you think that would be enough to support their affiliated abortion clinics throughout a crisis like this. just repurpose some of the, i don't know, $150 million that they spent lobbying every year. or the untold money they spend promoting the democratic party. planned parenthood is the single most effective lobbying for democratic candidates, but they turned to taxpayers for a bailout. at 37 separate planned parenthood affiliates, abortion clinics, applied for and got loans from the federal government paycheck protection program. meant to help small businesses, and their workers survive the shutdown. in no place was planned parenthood shut down, really.
9:42 pm
maybe three or four, but really almost every planned parenthood was open because every democratic-controlled state gave a carve out planned parenthood. so they could not come your doctor cannot do knee replacements, but planned parenthood could perform as many abortions as they wanted.s but they still applied. and in total, planned parenthood got $80 million in federal loans. a single affiliate in california got $7.5 million. they got that money even though the national headquarters has close to 700 employees just by itself. they should not be eligible. this is a scam. in fact, they aren't eligible under the rules. the administration has noticed that they walked off with all the money. and today the small business association sent letters to the affiliates demanding the money back so they could give it to real small businesses instead. we will be following this to make sure that that happens. and we hope that it does soon. it should not surprise you that planned parenthood swooped in to take your money during this crisis appeared to just following the lead of democratic officeholders who have admitted leveraging your fear was their
9:43 pm
plan from day one. trace gallagher returns with more tonight. >> former chicago mayor and chief of staff rahm emanuel who said he would never want a serious crisis to go to waste. he said a few weeks ago that he still believes that, and apparently so do a lot of other democrats like washington state governor jay inslee, who thinks now is the time to push green tactics. watch. >> we should not be intuitive when people say, oh, you can't use this covid crisis to paddle a solution on climate change, no, we have to recognize the necessity of this moment. >> even seattle media criticizet the comment as tone-deaf and disgusting saying instead of focusing on his environmental agenda, he needs to focus on the states collapsing economy. democratic socialist senator labernie sanders also believes e pandemic has a "silver lining," and he thinks that it's time to rethink the way society works. >> we should ask ourselves among
9:44 pm
other things, is health care aca human right that all of us deserve? >> and don't forget late last month when she endorsed joe biden for president, hillary clinton also indicated that some benefit could come out of the coronavirus crisis, albeit a political benefit, lo look. >> every form of health care should continue to be available, including reproductive health care. eventually and quickly, i hope, get us to universal health care. this would be a terrible crisis to waste, as the old saying goes. to >> the old saying with a new following. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, remarkable, thank you. well, it is clearer than ever looking at the data that mass quarantines are no longer justified in this country. it's possible that they never were justified. but you will have a hard time hearing scientists say that outg loud, because big tech is working with the government to
9:45 pm
silence them. censorship is everywhere all of a sudden. we will show you the most ominous new example after the break. ♪ want to stream thousands of movies and tv shows for free? okay, showtime! ♪ turn it up tubi has you covered. ♪ we're gonna celebrate ♪ yes! ♪ tubi. watch now.
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♪ >> tucker: the right to have your own opinion, to think for yourself, to disagree with your
9:49 pm
elected leaders and politicians was the most basic right that every american enjoyed for 240 years. it was the signature right of this country. and then came coronavirus and big tech, and it was all swept away. dr. newton was kotowski, the head of biomechanical design at rockefeller university. not a light to resume pretty believes that massive quarantines b were a mistake. and hes expressed this view online. here is part of it. >> what do you think are the possible health risks of the policy that we are following now of the shelter in place? >> we will see may be a total of fewer cases. that is possible. however, we will see more cases among the elderly,e because we have prevented schoolchildren from creating herd immunity. so in the end, we will see more
9:50 pm
deaths, because the school children don't to die. it's elderly people who died. we will see more deaths, because of the social distancing. >> tucker: keep in mind that no one in history has attempted mass quarantines. we had no idea what would happen once we did. so what we really needed was a vigorous and important debate about potential outcomes. imagine if the political leaders follow the advice you saw instead of tony fauci, we might not be facing a global depression. it's a point of view that we should have heard. whether we followed it or not. but we did not hear it. that video was deleted by google off of its youtube platform. it was censored. like many other videos in which doctors dared to criticize the lockdown. why is that? there's only one reason. google decided disagree with tho government is forbidden. what will happen when that standard is applied to other issues? how long before the show is censored? before you are censored?
9:51 pm
before freedom of thought and expression disappear in this country? do you wantt to live in a place like that? that's where we are going. a civil rights attorney at the forefront of the fight against censorship. we are always happy to have you on their show. i know you're not surprised by this. but give us a sense of the scope of censorship in progress. >> well, the word orwellian is sometimes overused in this space, but it is truly chilling, the way that they are working with the big tech overlords to silence the speech on issues. any when and i talked about this before, we said that if they were allowed to do this in china and america turned a blind eye, they would do it in it happened much sooner than i thought. and what you are seeing here is not -- it is very odd. i've gone to court for the center of american liberty to get the right to protest against some of these orders in the california capital, when they ban all outdoor protests.
9:52 pm
they say, don't worry, judge. it's okay to be in that protest, because people can protest online. which is silly, because it can only communicate online to people that you already know and are friends with. that's where the other she was dropping now, you can't even communicate a protest online. and people will die because of this, and more importantly the civil rights are being ratcheted down in one direction. in the government does not get off scot-free. when people do, like universities have sued youtube for taking down their videos. they are a private company. by the government is actually instructing and conspiring, which is happening with some of the states contacting and working with google, facebook, twitter, and others to say take down the misinformation. that is the government using the tech companies as their tool. and now it is a different f scenario in terms of legal liability as well as the horrible impact on americans, tucker. >> tucker: it's the most un-american thing i can imagine, and the direct threat to our liberties that i've seen in my
9:53 pm
51 years. very quickly, why aren't the media outraged by this? >> the media is left for the most part, tucker, and they got a free pass out of this lockdown, so churches know, protest, no, media, yes. so there are different rights under the first amendment. you will never say -- they like people put in their place. we see this every day on the new screen. >> tucker: they will try to censor fox news next. save the tape if you can. great to see you. >> you, tucker. >> tucker: nancy pelosi is mad about the medicine the president's doctor prescribed him, and she is attacking the way he looks. he's fat, says nancy pelosi. should she be saying that? we'll explore explore that question next. ♪
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>> tucker: nancy pelosi believes in abortion can make a medical decision and it is a
9:58 pm
choice between a woman and her doctor and that is it. everybody else and shut up and applaud but the question how to treat the coronavirus, she is happy to judge. actually the president announced his position gave him a drug drlled hydroxychloroquine's protection against a virus. pelosi exploded. this is one medical position that nancy does not believe should remain between a patient and a >> he is our president and i would rather he not take something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and his, shall we say wait group, morbidly obese. >> tucker: got that? not only is trump taking an immoral pharmaceutical, but he ise fat, morbidly obese is how close he put it. we make on this show a real effort not to knock people for how they look. it is not always easy but we really do try. nancy pelosi should try too.
9:59 pm
why? here is a recent picture of nancy pelosi. she turned 80 years old in march but does she look a d, no, more like 37. how is that possible. if you guessed diet and exercise we don't know for sure. and we don't really want to know, but we would remind the speaker of the house that people with glass vases should not throw stones. that is a lesson that she potting correspondent should learn as well. and also after the president a r daring to take hydroxychloroquine come he said it was not supported by science, but it turns out when thert cnn anchor with coronavirus himself, he took another version of the same drug, which was apparently supported by science. there is a point where hypocrisy becomes so intense, so overwhelming that you feel dizzy in the face of this. and that is where we are now, and unfortunately. try to stay amused but
10:00 pm
nevertheless pair that is about it for us tonight. we are completely out of time and we hope in the face of it all you have a great night too. speaking of great, the great sean hannity from new york. >> sean: did i just hear you say people with glass faces? it reminds me when i say the schiff show. >> tucker: i'm just trying to dispense useful advice. >> sean: maybe someone is morbidly dumb and kind of confused as joe at this point but why would we ever talk about that. tucker, great show, thank you. welcome to "hannity" buckle up, multiple stories breaking at this hour that we are tracking. and acting dna director ric grenell has done it again, another huge massive declassification, now we have the full unredacted, highly suspicious cya email that susan rice sent to susan rice on


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