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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 20, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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on top of these other stories. the pandemic is front and center, we have to make sure we're on top of that. it's a huge crisis but there are other issues around this country and it's good for mike to be on top of it. >> sandra: we are past halfway through the week, ed. >> ed: getting over the hump. good to see you as always. >> sandra: will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new fully declassified email raising more questions for the obama administration. then outgoing national security advisor susan rice sending an email to herself just hours after president trump's inauguration, describing a white house meeting earlier in january 2017. then fbi director james comey suggested to then president obama that officials may not want to pass sensitive russian information to incoming national security advisor michael flynn, over the number of interactions flynn was having with a russian and basset are
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but woodhouse weighing in. >> susan rice suggested director comey didn't see anything thus far that would be reason to hold information. michael flynn is taking susan rice's job, to give him information about it? it suggests will keep digging until we find evidence. as a disgrace. every american should have a chill and a pit in their stomach. >> harris: gillian turner is live in washington with more details. gillian? >> hi, melissa. yesterday the acting director of national intelligence, ric grenell, declassified a top-secret email written by president obama's national security advisor, susan rice. he also forwarded that email over to the justice department. in this email, which fox news obtained yesterday, rice describes what happened during a 2016 oval office meeting where they discussed russian
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interference into the 2016 presidential election. rice writes, "director comey affirms he is proceeding by the book as it relates to law enforcement, but that he does have some concerns that incoming nsa flynn is speaking frequently with russian ambassador kislyak. he also adds he has no indication thus far that flynn has past classified information to kislyak." senator brown johnson out of the republicans are questioning why the email was classified as top-secret in the first place. take a listen. >> i have to admit, the first thought when i read that classified email was, "why in the world was that ever declassified?" this needs to be dug into further. we need to do further investigation. >> familiar with the classification practices, they say it reveals that russian investor sergey kislyak was
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under surveillance by the obama administration. a fact the u.s. intelligence community always keeps under wraps in the interest of national security. we are learning the reason susan rice wrote this email to herself and emailed it to herself was because the white house counsel's office at that time asked her to do so. we dug in, we've looked at this. fox news confirms this is actually the case. the white house counsel at that time, eggleston, and all the editorial question for us becomes wide of the white house counsel office direct susan rice to document what happened in this meeting? melissa? >> melissa: interesting stuff. great reporting as always, gillian. thank you. you're watching "outnumbered," i'm melissa francis. here today is harris faulkner. "town hall" editor on fox news contributor, katie pavlich. syndicated radio host on fox news contributor, leslie marshall. joining us today,
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"fox & friends"fox & friends we, petpete hegseth. he is the author of "american crusade: our fight to say free," which is now out on shelves. he is "outnumbered." pete, when i listen to this story, the question that comes front and center to my mind is, is susan rice susan rice rice is handing over the reins to her job to someonee suspects is in league with the russians, any of those things, s metal in the election, hacking to the dnc, in what world do you not tell his boss, president trump? i think you are ushering a russian spy into the white house, into my job." >> pete: because i don't believe she actually believed that, and the evidence is there that they knew he wasn't passing information and knew he wasn't a russian agent. you know what i'm going to do on
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my last day on the job as the nsa advisor? i think i'll write a big old email of my office and make sure it stays classified as long as possible. because i never thought i would be in this position, because hillary clinton had a 99% chance of winning. don't worry, none of this would have been found out anyway. now that donald trump has one in his national security advisor will be a guy who knows how the intelligence apparatus operates, i better send this email that says, "we're doing it by the book, we are really concerned michael flynn might be too close to the russians." what about in michael flynn and donald trump have a different view about our relationship with russia? mike flynn is going know the investors being surveilled, he will know that information is out there. this stinks at every level and we need to learn a lot more about it. thankfully we are learning. they didn't believe there was collusion. there was no evidence of collusion. if they did think it was there, what they what the intel they got shows that it wasn't. this is more evidence of how far
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they went to cover their tracks. >> melissa: leslie, i will ask you the same question. if i'm susan rice and i'm handing over my job, my office, everything, to someone i think could be a compromise russian agent, how in the world do you not go tell that person's boss and warn the new president of the united states, "i think you're putting a russian agent did my job?" >> leslie: because at that point that wasn't the conclusion. if you look at all the declassified information thus far, they basically say, "look, we need to be cautious. he's having a lot more conversations with ambassador kislyak, and we don't want sensitive information shared. we want to go by the book on this. "when the president specifically asks comey if there is any evidence thus far, "not yet." right? so she's not in a position to say that, and she's been told by the council to email yourself, so she's doing what she's told.
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at that point, she doesn't have information to pass onto the new administration, to the new president, at that time. >> melissa: i've got to ask you again. okay? this guy is doing anything nefarious that all, you're putting a person in my job who we think there is some evidence that he might be doing something wrong with the russians. you don't have to be convinced he's a spy. if you are suspicious enough that you think he has to be surveilled further into the administration, into your job, that's not enough. >> leslie: i don't feel it susan rice's position to do that in that type of situation. that would be a comey situation. that would be somebody in the fbi, or perhaps president obama himself. at that time, if you look at the declassified information, what they had is not enough for susan rice, and that would not be in a position to do that with the new president forthcoming.
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>> melissa: okay, katie. we've cleared susan rice of this. as you've just heard leslie say, that would be enough for james comey or for president obama himself to say, "hey, buddy, as you're coming into the white house and taking my office, i just want to let you know, i don't think you should have this guy is your nsa advisor. i think he's a russian spy. there is at least enough evidence that we are following him around and we think he might be." >> katie: susan rice said during an interview that she didn't know anything about what was going on with michael flynn. we now know she lied about that, because she wrote this email to herself. if you look at the details of the email, it's very telling. leslie keeps talking about what we knew at the time. what the fbi knew at the time of this email is that the fbi had been listening in on conversations between michael flynn and ambassador kislyak you, and they found no derogatory information by the end of december. agents below james comey said they should close the case, and
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then peter strzok says, "no, james comey is involved, we can't close the case." and comey goes to the white house and president obama has this january 5th meeting, and asks to be apprised of ongoing situations and development that they have with michael flynn moving forward. this proves, to answer your question, melissa, why we do not tell the incoming national security advisor about this? because as susan rice and james comey and barack obama have tried to claim at this point now that they've been caught. this is about politics, withholding information from one incoming administration. it's the job of the incoming national security advisor to be calling ambassadors from all over the world, including russia. if you want to talk about the information they had, the reason why the case has been closed by the justice department on this is because they didn't have a case and they didn't have any information. and yet they kept it open and interviewed flynn anyway in the
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white house. and barack obama was involved, susan rice lied about it, and james comey also lied about it. that's where we are with the information we have. >> melissa: you're talking about susan rice lying, and the sound bite from 2017 they were going to play that seems to directly contradict this declassified email that we finally saw today. let's play that sound bite. harris, tell me your thoughts on the other side. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports from the chairman on that count today. >> melissa: harris? >> harris: you know, i think the line of "i know nothing about this, i don't remember," is something leadership should maybe not reflexively say. i don't know if that's what happened with susan rice, but we've heard a lot from that administration and from others across the board. it's one of those things that leaves the american people saying, "well, whose job position of these things?"
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and i think it's a fair question. susan rice is being asked about -- and that was an older situation there, but i think you start to re-ask some of the questions now. i think you take another bite at the apple. i do think the american public has the palate and the patients to be able to watch the situation play out. we talk a lot about investigations that maybe can wait or should or should not happen. melissa, your point is -- and i think it's a fine one -- if somebody incoming in an administration is such that you don't want to share all the information about a photo with, what does that say about that individual in your concern? you want to flag some people. as pete suggests, they didn't believe that. or they believed it but there was bias. there are really not a lot of options here. it is time to start re-asking some questions and not accepting, "i don't remember, i didn't know, it wasn't my job." >> melissa: yeah.
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pete? last word. i heard he pipe up there for a second. >> pete: i was just once again in violent agreement with harris. there is something very much missing in this period to take her at her word, as she writes an email to herself, would be to ignore the blatant reality here. >> melissa: yeah. all right, a big step to a return to normalcy. the significant milestone past saturday as states across the nation put out the "we are open" signs. this, as the doj steps up its protections of religious expression with a warning to california. >> as it relates to congregants coming back into the pews, we are a few weeks away, but we are working overtime with leaders in the community. ♪ veterans, how can one phone call save you $2000 a year? by refinancing your va loan at today's incredibly low rates at newday usa. newday's va streamline refi is the quickest and easiest refi
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>> harris: an important milestone. all 50 states have now eased coronavirus restrictions in some way or another. connecticut, the last to do so. however, it will not reopen all at once. stores and offices have the green light, while restaurants can only serve customers outdoors. jim's, hair salons, and movie theaters will remain closed for now. this, as the doj is warning california and its governor that restrictions their religious services may be discriminatory, as the state gives the go-ahead for offices, malls, and restaurants to reopen. sitting in a letter, "whichever level of restriction to adopt, these civil rights protections mandate equal treatment of persons and activities of a secular and religious nature." former acting attorney general matt whitaker waited del mike
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wade in. >> there is a pandemic exception to the first amendment or constitutional rights. what i would say it is, if people of faith can go to supermarkets or get their hair cut or get a tattoo, they can also worship practicing the same types of things that they would do in their secular life. >> harris: pete, that said it all, didn't it? there's no pandemic exceptions to this constitutionally protected rights. that seems pretty simple. >> pete: that seems very simple, yet we heard from governor murphy here in new jersey who really spoke for a lot of democratic governors. the bill of rights is above my pay grade, i get to arbitrarilyn and who's close." tell her to the small businesses who rely on their job. it's essential to them no matter what. i hear that at the dom asked at the 50 states are moving for it at some level, but it's a bit of a fix that. you overhear can open 25%, but here you can only be open 10%. you can open in a week but you
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can open in three weeks. it ignores what i've seen firsthand, that free people can make responsible choices, and ultimately open smaller stores in a smaller way than big box stores where it's packed and people are waiting in a football field-sized line and going through the same register. it's time to give people that responsibility, and a giant caveat. last thing, that everyone gets to choose. if you don't want to go out, you don't have to put yourself at risk. >> harris: yeah, so, that is true. katie, i would say that religious services and religious freedoms can happen in places that are dying or miss. i just interviewed pastor brian gibson , who compared his megachurch to a kroger grocery store. in some areas they were defiant and opened up this past sunday, because he's got th them acrossa couple states. pete just said about a third of those people decided to go in person. the other two-thirds continue to be online.
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there are some questions though my choices people can make, whether the venue is big or small. >> katie: whether it's a territory business, the church leaders and business owners have an interest in keeping their participants, whether they are clients or customers or worshipers, as safe as possible because they want to continue to be able to open. i think having a little bit of faith in the people who are making these decisions to open up and putting these social distancing guidelines in place in their own communities, we should trust them with that process. i think it's really important that we acknowledge what matthew whitaker said about the bill of rights and the constitution. thank god we have them. if you look across the country and you look at the way that some of these governors and the people in power have taken this over the line multiple times in terms of arbitrary rules for some people and not others, the good thing is that the constitution keeps us all equal and really does protect our civil liberties at a time when
9:21 am
they are most at risk and at danger. >> harris: it's interesting, leslie, to hear katie say, "thank god we have those things in place." because where would we be without them? what are your thoughts? you're in california. let me not skip that point. this really affects you. gavin newsom is your governor. how do you feel about the fact that a mall can open, albeit a mall is a big place, but so are the mega churches. okay? maybe not as big as a mall, but they are huge. how do you feel about that? is >> leslie: we had a legal challenge to that in california. on may 5th a federal court upheld the governor's ban. with a stated was, "this move is in the interest of public health." the reason they said that it secular places in california such as movies, sporting events, concerts, were also shut down. when you talk about malls, you're talking about retail. somebody's going to the curb or going into the store to purchase an item, whereas those other
9:22 am
events, secular and religious, they are communing. interestingly enough, on mother's day, we had not one but two churches that defied that order, and one charge in mendocino, we had a pastor who was positive and now since at least two of his parishioners are also positive with covid-19. and we have a parishioner who was positive, and 180 people were at that church. this isn't something that is going to be forever, and this is because of public health. which the governor is responsible for us here in california and our state. >> harris: gosh, i want to double down with so many things. i understand there's also a galvanizing nation of trying to get all the homeless into places, too. is anybody going to take a look at the spread once one person gets it the way they do introduce? i just want to know what the rules are, so they can be applied fairly. i want to take a look at those retail places, then. has anybody been tested positive there? how many people did they spread it to?
9:23 am
i know the churches get a lot of attention. we are talking about them, because of those legal challenges. but is there also fairness in the secular places such that we are doing the kinds of reporting and tracing on those people, as low? i should say the reporting of it. melissa, you and i have had this conversation about the essential nature for some to have faith in person and their lives, and that we are responsible enough to social distance. what are your top line thoughts? >> melissa: my top line thoughts are my jaw drops when someone puts church or any sort of religious service in the same category with going to a movie. that's not really the same amount of essential for many, many americans. when you see a governor like gavin newsom put those in the same category, which i believe is what leslie just said, anyone who would do that, who had put that in the same category, it says a lot about what you think
9:24 am
about religion and faith and its necessity for the sole. but we all are free to disagree and decide which one of those two things is more important to us. but that's why the government can't be in the business of picking winners and losers, because to me not being able to go where it should be in person and sit in that sanctuary and have that meditation and that chance to collect myself and to be grateful and to count my blessings, and to apologize for the things i've done during the week and get refreshed for the new week, it's very essential and it's right up there tied with first with getting my kids back in school, as the things i would like to see reopen. i would also say my good friend, david asman, sent me this tweet about denmark officials who don't understand why there aren't more covid-19 infections after reopening the country, so they give the green light to go further. i would put that up against what leslie was just saying about somebody showing up at church and having the virus. there are many, many places where we are seeing quite the
9:25 am
opposite, where things are going back to normal, and there's a very good record that is better than expected. >> harris: yeah. right where some people live. it is this idea of personal responsibility. pete, you and i have leaned on that heavily. we will have to lean on it more as we are now at a point where all 50 states, in some way, shape, or form, reopened on this wednesday. president trump has a message for senate republicans. what he says the party needs to get tough on democrats ahead of election season. stay close. ♪ what happened daddy?
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> melissa: president trump are urging senate republicans to ramp up the pressure on democrats as election season kicks into high gear, referencing his claims that there is an effort by obama officials to sabotage his presidency. wyoming senator john barrasso
9:30 am
attended that closed-door meeting where the president made the comments yesterday. >> it was a very positive meeting, focused specifically on the future. he did talk about the upcoming elections and the need for us to be strong and smart and tough in fighting the democrats. >> melissa: this, as g.o.p. senators move forward with the obama-era investigations. aat the senate homeland security committee, led by ron johnson, chairman, voting today to authorize a subpoena related to its probe into hunter biden and ukrainian energy company speefifteen. while judiciary chairman lindsey graham says he wants to release the findings of his investigation into operation crossfire hurricane before the november election. let's take those two pieces separately. pete, let me start with you. the idea of investigating hunter biden, verses maybe talking about it when you're out on the campaign trail as a
9:31 am
politician. is it a good look to be investigating it in congress? or does it look political? what do you think? >> pete: i think you look at it, and if it deserves to be investigated, you investigate it. if you think about the weight of what went against the present. to the first topic, if there is one thing donald trump has taught republicans that they ought to do, it is fight. for so long, republicans expand away or apologized, "why isn't the media for her to me? i wish i could get a better angle." he says you have to go at them harder than they come at you. you've got to give the nicknames, call them out for their godless, borderless socialism. call them out for who they are and let the people decide. otherwise the whole terrain is slanted against you on the campaign trail. if you've -- trust me, if they have something on her republicans, they're going to use it. if joe biden as a liability with hunter, why are we afraid to use it? that's sort of the real politics hauled don't like hard bellevue the trumpets taken. it has served them well so far.
9:32 am
backing down and try to equivocate is not the effective route for republicans at any level right now. >> melissa: leslie, what do you think about that response? >> leslie: [laughs] pete, i didn't hear you say it wasn't political, because it is political. even the attorney general, the department of justice, said is very unlikely there's going to be any investigation to the former president barack obama or the former vice president joe biden. hunter biden is not running, last time i checked, for president. joe biden is the democratic nominee. he wants to take down hunter biden so you can connect the dots and take down joe biden, that's just not going to happen. this is political, it's theater, it's a distraction, and it's typical. both sides do it, sadly, in an election year. especially when you have a country so divided and so tight the race as we are seeing between donald trump and joe biden. >> melissa: katie, what do you think about the point that, for a lot of people, they felt like republicans just took a
9:33 am
hammering and didn't really fight back tough? and this is the first candidate -- is that a playbook for other republicans? or do they does not do it well and they need to develop their own style rather than trying to fight like president trump does? >> katie: john mccain lost the presidency by trying to play nice with barack obama. mitt romney did the same thing and lost, and donald trump one. the president had lunch yesterday on capitol hill, and senate republicans have a tough reelection campaign and a number of states had of them in november. that is one thing. on the issue of investigating hunter biden, i think it just comes down to having the same standard for everybody. if you're going to investigate don jr. and out of the house intelligence committee call him and for testimony, and then selectively leak his testimony to the press, i think it's fair to investigate hunter biden, who we know, who has admitted that he used his last name to gain access to the state department
9:34 am
and to get major jobs like his position on the burisma board. people like to say it's about hunter biden and not joe biden. well, that's not true, because a lot of this continued why h tell mike what he in charge of that's what we saw with hillary clinton and the swamp and corruption. joe biden is running on the idea that he's been washington for 30 years, he knows what he's doing. there's a lot of work to do to get this corruption out of this town. >> melissa: harris, i can see someone feels medication as we do the crossfire hurricane investigation into it, with lindsey graham saying he's going to release his report. you feel like, "okay, putting facts on the table but refute the things that went on earlier." i wonder, do you change any minds? or does everybody already know what they think about these events? >> harris: i think everybody pretty much knows what they think about the events. we may know and think about
9:35 am
different things in our lives, it doesn't mean we don't want all the facts and the origins about those things. i would say this about senator ron johnson of wisconsin, and his committee getting ready to look at this hunter biden thing. i want to weigh in on that. getting a lot of notice today is a democrat led p.r. firm that was doing some consulting work with burisma, by authorizing the subpoena with regard to hunter biden in this whole case senator johnson now will get a bite at the apple to bring in leadership from the p.r. firm and see whether or not there was any indication that they were using leverage with the biden name for any reason. we have senator johnson on at 1:00, and i'll be asking him about that. what are you really looking for? what do you think this blue star strategy may have done? they have turned over some paperwork, they have been compliant, but we'll see what happens next with that democrat-led p.r. firm.
9:36 am
>> melissa: i am hooked, harris. i will be there. that is appointment viewing, and i will be there right with you. it top republican pushing new legislation that would cut federal stimulus aid from states giving payments to illegal immigrants during the pandemic. details, a head. ♪ >> these are individuals who came here to the country illegally, and now are taking advantage of taxpayer-funded resources. i think that, from a law enforcement perspective, is the wrong message to send. family at home or those at work, principal is by your side. we're working hard to answer your questions. like helping you understand what the recently passed economic package can mean for you. we're more than a financial company. we're a "together we can get through anything" company. now, more than ever.
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9:41 am
watch. >> we shouldn't be spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars on illegal immigrants at a time in 35 million americans are out of work. if you're going to be giving relief checks to those people who are out of work, we need to focus on american citizens, not illegal immigrants. >> harris: senator cotton's proposed legislations comes as california's democratic governor, gavin newsom, is reportedly setting aside $70 million in coronavirus relief aid for and are committed immigrants. it's first come first served and pays $500 per person come up to a thousand dollars per household. katie, i will come to you first on this. just your initial reaction to it. >> katie: the initial reaction is this is a nice piece of legislation but it'll never pass the house because the house voted for taxpayer money to go to illegal immigrants. i agree with senator cotton. at a time when the country is $24 trillion plus in debt, when
9:42 am
we have tens of millions of americans out of work, the idea that we are going to spend taxpayer money and give it to people who broke the law to come to this country, it is pretty disappointing and frustrating. california, for example, keeps saying that they maybe want a federal bailout. there have to be strings attached to that, and giving taxpayer money that comes from other states like arizona or texas or colorado, for example, shouldn't be going to pay illegal immigrants. it should be going to pay american citizens. the president has said we are going to talk about bailouts, it has to be for states that have good financial standing before hand. we are not bailing out bad decisions in the past three decades. also, there are going to be strings attached when it comes to century cities and policies that enable illegal behavior. >> harris: leslie, why is this necessary, do you think? to give illegal immigrants cash at this point? $500 come up to $1,000 per
9:43 am
household? >> leslie: harris, thank you for asking. here in california we have the majority of undocumented workers in the united states, first off. second of all, 50% to 75% of the workers pay not only local and state but federal taxes, that's over 6 million people. for the federal government to say, "we're going to punish an entire state for the decision of the governor of that state with regard to one population," the undocumented population, you're punishing i was other taxpayers. here in california, the largest state in this country, we pay more taxes than many states combined. on top of that, if somebody is eating -- >> harris: wait, let me just slide in -- >> leslie: you're eating a salad that was picked, most likely, or any produce, by an undocumented worker. you can't have it both ways. >> harris: i want to slide in. i didn't mean to cut on the diatribe were making their directly to senator cotton, in case he's watching. i'm interested to know how you figured arms harms else who is a
9:44 am
taxpayer to give money to illegal immigrants, because they pay taxes, you say. but how does that harm all you other taxpayers by saying, "we're not going to give money to people who are here illegally?" >> leslie: if you -- for the federal government to say california is not going to get any bailout money, it hurts the people that are not here illegally. that are not undocumented. again, what are we saying? if you're taxpayer, you get this money. if you're undocumented and you are paying taxes, why shouldn't you get that money? that is the argument the government has made and that is what i'm saying and that's what the state of california is saying to the rest of the nation. >> harris: we will do this quickly, because pete, i want to hear from you. melissa? >> melissa: i want to respond to the arguments she made, because that's what nancy pelosi a lot of democrats say. when he say they pay state, local, and federal taxes, you must be referring to that they are using stolen social security numbers.
9:45 am
i mean, that's the way you pay into social security, and you pay federal and you pay payroll taxes if you're here illegally. it's because you've submitted a social security number that belongs to someone else in order to be able to file and to work. if anybody has had their social security number stolen, you know what that means. when you talk about california paying more to the fed then they get back, that's an argument they make about new york, as well. you're talking about the citizens are taxed at such a high rate and they make so much more money, those people are sending tons of money to the government and tons of money to the federal and local governments. that is your wealthiest workers with a giant portion of their paycheck. >> harris: great point. pete, take it away. >> pete: california does not have to give money at illegals, at which point they would qualify for the federal dollars and the citizens will benefit. it's the politicians who are in the way. this contrast is the contrast of america in 2020. are you for taxpaying citizens
9:46 am
of this country, or are you for people who came here illegally and willing to fund that illegal activity? good luck taking that to the american people. >> harris: we will scoot. boy, that such a good discussion, i want to come back to it. mounting privacy concerns now as two-thirds of the states in the nation are sharing personal data of those who have contracted covid-19 with authorities. how do you feel about that? details ahead. ♪ usaa was made for right now. and right now, is a time for action. so, for a second time we're giving members a credit on their auto insurance. because it's the right thing to do. we're also giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can take care of things like groceries
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>> melissa: two-thirds of u.s. states are reportedly providing addresses of people who have contracted the coronavirus with first responders, and the associated press finding at least ten of those are going as far as to share people's names. supporters argued that data is necessary is necessary in order to keep front-line workers they've helped them do their jot it's barking major concerns among activists. the tennessee black caucus saying in a statement, "the information could actually have a chilling effect that keeps those already distrustful of the government from taking the covid-19 test and possibly accelerate the spread of the disease." katie, i guess they think that people might -- first responders might be slow to respond if you
9:51 am
and household the neighborhood has a number of cases. first responders usually, i think, assume anybody to come into contact with could have the virus. what do you think about this? >> katie: yeah, the first responders i've talked to, and the nurses and doctors working in hospitals on this, see the assume everyone has that and they proceed accordingly. i agree that this will backfire, because people don't want their information shared. especially health information. they don't know who else it's being shared with and they don't want to be stigmatized for getting help with this virus. i understand that maybe they wanted to do some contact tracing and all that kind of thing, but given the number of people have the virus now, that doesn't make much sense. the idea they are sharing names of people i think will backfire against them, and will cause fewer people to actually go in and get help for this disease? >> melissa: leslie, doesn't make sense to you? >> leslie: katie, we agree on
9:52 am
this predemocrats and a republican agree on this. if more than people have been tested in the united states. when they're tested, they want the assurance they have privacy in their information is not going to be shared. any first responder, anybody in the medical community, on the front or even second line, my husband and others in the health care community, like katie said, i agree have to go under the assumption that everybody is positive and suit up, if you will, to be protected. quite frankly, this is worrisome because there are those communities out there that are very vulnerable and -- african markets, hispanics, muslims, minority communities -- concerned that it will be shared with federal entities. just like a scarlet letter. it shouldn't be, if somebody has covid-19. >> melissa: harris? >> harris: you know, i liken this to area where they are talking about restaurants keeping a log of who comes in and if there's a covert spread they want to be able to contact
9:53 am
them. i want professionals to be doing the contact tracing. reporting them in places where that information is secure. as you say, a scarlet letter if you have covid-19, we don't know how many people have it. it could be far, far many more than we know that have recovered or never had symptoms. it's about keeping us safe. i do want that information to have protection and to be used only when necessary. i don't know how we can assure that, but as a former stalking victim, i'm concerned that it's wider than just our authorities. having our information out there to bear. it's something we ought to have a conversation about openly as a nation. >> melissa: all right. when we come back, we will talk to pete about this. his new book. more "outnumbered" adjustment. ♪ limu emu & doug
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9:58 am
pete, give us the pitch. >> pete: melissa, thank you so much. "american crusade: our fight to stay free," written before covid-19, but just as applicable today as we are battling for freedom and states across the country. i choose the name intentionally. i think it's a holy war and a righteous fight for human freedom. ultimately, if we want to stay free, we got to fight for it. our crusader in chief, donald trump, has charted the way through taking on political correctness and exposing the news media and teaching conservatives and patriots and freedom lovers how to fight. now we have to expose the left even further for who they are. a friend called this the decoder ring for the left. i don't know if you're going to agree necessarily, but from a right of center pro-trump conservative point of view, here's what the left is trying to do our culture and education institutions. here's how we fight back. i think, humbly, if you've got kids coming home from college or kids about to go to college, maybe you can give them a little fortification on the basic ingredients of our american
9:59 am
experiment. it came out yesterday. you can get it out, if you want a year subscription is there. and a signed copy. i hope you check it out. >> melissa: i forgot to ask, i'm showing her audience right now, the blurb at the very top is from the commander in chief. it contains, it appears, so don't mock some profanity. how did you get this blurb and? to the say, "you are a blank warrior, pete?" c6 he sure did. i wouldn't put it on there if it doesn't know mike wasn't true. it's for the things of been fighting for, and, frankly, he's been fighting for. he taught us how to fight and that's a credit to donald trump. >> melissa: well, i'm blessed already have my copy and i can't recommend it highly enough. thanks to pete hegseth and the rest of our virtual couch. thanks to everyone at home on their couch for joining us, that doesn't trust. we will be back noon eastern tomorrow. now, here's harris. ♪
10:00 am
>> harris: there are new revelations this hour in the investigation into former trump national security advisor michael flynn. you're watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. fox news has obtained a fully declassified email which national security advisor susan rice sent to herself. she was leaving. it was on president trump's inauguration day. now we know susan rice wrote that email to herself because obama white house counsel told her to do it. the email shows that then fbi director james comey was concerned about sharing classified information with michael flynn. rice was summing up what happened in a meeting by writing it. here's the email. "president obama asked if comey was saying the nsc should not pass sensitive information related to russia to flynn. comey replied, "potentially." he added that he has no indication


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