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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  May 23, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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your local listings for the time it runs on the fox broadcast station near you. and that's how fox reports this saturday may 23rd, 2020 i'm jon scott thanks for watching. we'll see you again, tomorrow. ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin this is a special edition of life, liberty and levin if you care about your country, your liberty, and nature of your government, you'll watch this program throughout the full course of the hour. it is very, very important. i want to go back to the beginning. on march 2nd, 2017, i got behind the microphone on my radio show, after spending an hour pulling together various article and something occurred to me. the obama h administration in subsequently fbi t and other
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entities in the federal government were sabotaging new president of the united states and then as i look further i realize they have been sabotaging candidate trump and the president elect trump. and i went through it on march 2nd all hell broke loose. and then on march 5th, i appeared on fox and friends sunday with pete, and i went through the various exhibits that i had found and there were more. filling out case further of the cue, with the massive spying and leaking that had taken place in the obama administration against trump world. and we shouldn't be surprised by this. we have since learned that the obama administration puts spies in the trump campaign. leak to the press, unmasking which we'll get to later 39 individuals, involved it in unmasking. mikech flynn unbelievable, the fraud committed against the fisa court, falsified documents and on and on and on. but the mind as the of the obama
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administration was always about using clandestine and other activities to legal activities against their perceived opponents. there's a great piece of national view last week by david hairsani poings out by 2016 obama administration intelligence committee normalized domestic spying. obama director of national intelligence james clapper, famously lied about snooping on american citizens to congress. his cia director john brennan oversaw agency that felt comfortable spying on united states senate at least five of us breaking into congressional computer file and attorney general eric holder invoked the espionage act with james rosen and until he found one who let him name reporter as coconspirator and obama also spied on the associated press thero reporters. with the news organization called a massive unprecedented
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intrusion and i might add they also spied on james rise and a "new york times" reporter. and though it has been long forgotten, obama officials were caught monitoring the conversation to members of congress posed iran nuclear deal. and i would add that use of the irs against the tea party and conservative organization of the list goes t on and on and on. the most lawless administration in modern history was the obama, biden administration with that context i want to remind you of what took place here on fox news, march 5th, 2017 sunday on fox and friends as 5 we go throh the context of what's happening today. go. >> you laid out a devastating case about executive overreach of the obama administration which many believed itself to tweets that president trump sent out on saturday morning accusing potential wiretapping and trump tower. we want to give you a case here this morning to lay out what you know what you know about it. the evidence you have for the
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potential executive overreach of the obama administration. >> well, pleasure to be here. the evidence is overwhelming. this is not about president trump's tweeting. this is about the obama administration's spying. and the question isn't where it is spied we know they went to fisa court twice. the question is, who did they spyiv on, the extent of the spying. all right let's stop here. i want to remind you folks all i had was public reports that i had pulled together. no inside information whatsoever. go. >> that is the trump campaign, the trump transition, trump surrogates and toipght walk you through this. the american people exhibit one, exhibit one. this is all public. head street two separate sources with links to the counterintelligence committee have confirmed that the fbi sought and granted a foreign intenls surveillance act court. this is fine. in october, encounter intelligence permission to exam
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the activity of, quote, u.s. persons in donald trump's campaign with ties to russia. let me go on. they say that first fisa request sources saysn name trump. was denied back in june denied by the court. but the second was drawn more narrowly and graduated in october after evidence was presented of a server possibly related it to the trump campaign and its allege links to two banks. now, sources suggest that a fisa warrant was graduated to look at the full content of e-mails and other related documents that may persons now i know people are hunged up with wiretapping but t access to this server information does it matter wiretapping, electronic surveillance or whatever it was. now remember, ladies and gentlemen, remember -- i'm just basing it on the information that is in the public record. but i knew as a former chief of staff to the attorney general of the united states and the reagan administrationw, ed, these leaks were serious.
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they were close enough to the target. obviously, i couldn't verify it but the reporters went with it. and if i knew they had to be coming out of the fbi, ore some intelligence agency or all of them. go. >> exhibit two, the guardian a well known right wing british paper here it is, quote, guardian learned they had a surveillance court over the summer in order to monitor four members ofof the trump. suspectedrv of irregular contacs with russian officials keep in mind this is during a presidential election. the sitting president, the incumbent party is now investigating the presidential candidate of the republican party and his campaign to some extent. the fisa court turned down the application asking fbi counterintelligence investigators to narrow focus according to one report, the fbi was finally granted a warrant in october. folks you can see right here at the beginning, i'm laying out the information that i found. some of it is right on some of
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it is sketchy and they went to fisa court and we know they went there four times got a warrant. we know that they lied. inspector generals report indicatesw that, the document ws falsified by an fbi lawyer. leaks about this fisa application were throughout the media, and i was attacked after this. do i have any proof that they actually went to fisa court and so forth? the point of this and the point of this program this evening is to show you the full extent of the obama administration's activity in this these aren't one off rogge but a ubiquitous activity throughout the government and further more it is a ubiquitous aid and comfort girch by the media to promote this lie about the russian collusion issue.. go. >> exhibit three, another well
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known right wing newspaper, here they have the agency headline, fbi five other agencies, five other obama administration agencies propossible covert kremlin aid to trump. the the fbi and five other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into russian attempts to influence the the november election includes whether money from kremlin covertly aided the presidential elect donald trump two people familiar with matter said, the agencies involved in the inquiry are the fbi, the cia, the nsa, justice dpght, the uitreasury department financial crime enforcement l that work andea representatives of the director of the national intelligence is. are you telling me barack obama didn't know it was going on six agencies? hold on. >> hold on -- keep going. i'm not done. i need to make the case. because the media seems to be confused about their own reporting.
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"new york times" another well known liberal outlet, intercepted russian communications part of inquiry into trump association january, 19, the fbiun leaning the investigation aided by the nsa, cia, treasury department financial crime unit the investigators have scraitd their effort in recent weeks but have found no exclusive conclusive evidence or wrong doing listen to this. one official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretap communications have been provided to the white house. >> january 19th so the leaking before obama leaves office is enormous to "the new york times" to "the washington post," to british newspapers. to websites and so forth. the word has gone out. push out this narrative of russia collusion. push it out cripple the incoming president of the united states create this cloud over his head. so when he come into office he'll be viewed as a russian puppet and we now know, of course, as a result of the
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mueller investigation as well as the release of information the other week, out of the director of the national intelligence, none of them believed it. for a minute that there was any russian collusion but look what's taking place here. while i'm talking about this, on march 5th, 2017, the first one to go on national tv and lay all of this out we already know they have put spies in trump campaign we already know they've gone to fisa court in october. we already know that the dossier paid by the hillary clinton campaign, about we already know today we know that all of the thesear activities were taking place before this january 5 ath meeting i'll get to in a moment. go. mark: "new york times" again nsa gets more latitude to share intercepted communications in final days of the obama administration. the administration is expanded power of the nsa, to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government's 16 other intenls
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agencies before applying privacy protection. now why qowld they do this on the way out the door? well march 1, exhibit 6, obama administration rush to preserve intelligence of russian election tacking in the obama administration last day, listen to this. some white house officials scramble to spread information about russian efforts to undermine the presidential election, and about possible contacts between associates of president-elect trump and russians across the government. let's stop there two major stories. from two major news outlets that point finger at the white house. two -- t information going to the white house, information coming from the white house. two major stories. youor see, ladies and gentlemen, barack obama not only knew about this. he, obviously, gave the go ahead. even in general terms you don't have the fbi, the cia, the dnc,
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the state department, the treasury department, the nsa, andbi all of the rest of it, you don't have such a full administration wide activity to destroy a candidate, destroy a president-elect and then to destroy a president all donald trump and everybody around him without the president of the united states nota only knowing about it but at least in general terms getting the go ahead. more when i come back. back. is mealtime a struggle? introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this. when kids won't eat dinner, potato pay them to. ore-ida. win at mealtime.
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mark: welcome back, let's continue where i left off. march 5, 2017, fox and friends sunday pete and i going through the evidence that is publicly available about the cue efforts of the obama administration which should underscore another point. if i could find them in the media, surely obama was well aware what his administration was doing from the fisa is a court all of the rest of it, right? i was pulling from the new york time, washington post, the president at least when i served president reagan, hits a whole list of the clip technician that involve his administration or his name at least twice a day.
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so there's no way barack obama didn't know about even if he just read newspapers. go. mark: exhibit 7, "new york times" flynn is said to have talked to rawrns about sanctions trump took office where did they get this information? fisa court they're always monitoring russian ambassador and so -- >> how do we know that? >> maybe they are, maybe they're the not. mark: we know they were. and we know what happened to michael flynn he was set up in a horrific way they wanted too tae him out. why because flynn knew where all the of the actor were. flynn could help uncover what have taken place against donald trump and my view. including what was going on with the cia, and national director of intelligence, and the fisa courts all of the rest and they didn't want flynn around because he would be a problem. and so -- the interview of him goes perfectly fine and they go after him again after they now infamous january 5st, 2017
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meeting obama, w biden i'll get back to a moment. go. mark: washington post march 2nd u.s. investigators have examed contacts attorney general sessions add with russian officials during the time he was advising donald trump's campaign. the focus of the u.s. counterintelligence investigation has been on communication between trump campaign officials in russia. listen to this. the inquiry involving sessions of examing his contacts while serving trump foreign policy advisor , in the spring! and summer of 2016, this is going on for a year. now -- >> as you do on your radio program you have a devastating case on public documents and not right c wing source bus mainstrm left sources how confident are you that this investigation which was on russian so-called russian hacking but now the white house says this morning will be broadened to looking into executive overreach. how confident are you to find something there? gleark i don't know.
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but they already found something.l issuelo isn't whether obama administration spied and surrogate but the extent it have. they went into court second time they waited four, five months to go back in october, weeks before the general election, they narrow their request, all of a sudden we have leaks coming out on flynn. then we have a horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth, and i'm telling you as a former chief of staff to attorney general of the united states, and reagan administration these are police state tactics now what did barack obama know? he knew everything i just read to you apart from one or two articles you know how i know, it is in the newspapers. it is right there. so barack obama o not only knew this. but he gets a daily intelligence briefing and let me tell you something about daily intelligence briefings, if you're attorney general, and you're fbi going to the fisa court, to get a warrant to investigate aspects of an
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opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign, how much you want to bet that president of the united states knew that? >> isn't it amazing, ladies and gentlemen, that through all of the years of this, this cue effort, that nobody has directly asked barack obama anything, they impeach donald trump, the victim of the russia phony collusion story. the phony ukraine issue. perfectly fine phone call. they don't even ask barack obama about his rogue fbi, his rogue department of justice. his rogue nsa, his rogue cia, his rogue white house staff, if article after article and, of course, the media don't press the case against obama or the obama d administration because ones who are receiving all of this administration leaks out of the fbi and leaks out of the cia
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and national intelligence and all of the rest of it. they're in on it. they're in on it. went know all of these things nt because the media has intentionally presented it. and fact we know most of the things subsequent to that show because of conservatives, members of congress, the attorney general, and others pushing this not "the new york times" not "the washington post" and nbc, abc cbs, none of them. they're coverup artist a guard, for the obama administration. we have a judge now ms sullivan in washington, d.c. part of the guard to protect the obama administration, obviously, never trumper but this is a very, very serious. go. mark: this is the case made by "the new york times," washington post, and the rest of them. i just put it together. as a former justice department official, and donald trump here is being attacked for what e he tweeted trump is a victim. his campaign is the victim his
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transition team is the victim. his surrogates are the victim. these are police state tactics. i'm telling you this as former state to attorney general all hell would break louis and it should and barack obama statement is pathetic. i -- wet, let me just say this where does it go from here? they ought to release both fisa court applications. where theyot saw one in the summer, and one in october. so we know exactly what they were doing. that's number one. number two, congress needs to see that daily presidential intelligence brief physician over the past year or so. those are the beginnings of a serious investigation. number three, for the republicans in congress you control the majority if the democrats do not want to assist and they won't because i'm starting to think chuck schumer and others are participating inn all of this cover upactivity then plow ahead without them. but this is important to the country. we cannot have a sitting
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presidential administration unleashing six federal agencies, intelligence, with and law enforcement, i don't mean the the president personally sitting there saying you know what had valerie let's go get them. stop. i'm not so sure something didn't happen like that right now. i'm not so sure. i want to move on here. i'm not so sure something like that didn't happen. but before i do that, the next day there's "the washington post." this is what the media do they're trying to protect themselves and their participation in cue effort greatest scandal in american history. so what do they do they spend next week trashing me. i'm a big boy i can handle it. and they write here in "the washington post," on march 6th, 2017 on thursday, my radio show, levin returned to the silent cue theme, i didn't coin it, this was the title of a book that i reintroduced it to the public on that day.
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the silent cue theme during his evening show arguing that the obama administration had orchestrated a silent cue against president trump obama justice department he claimed had wiretap and spied on trump campaign ab and investigated russian interference in election andum leaked information into media that undermine new president. this war type when presidency known as time was in headline of "the new york times" article. i didn't make it up. he didn't make it up. and then they changed it later. and so what did media do they attacked same media that knew damn well t exactly what was gog on. they attacked they act like well this was a right wing conspiracy and more information comes out three years later, we know that's not the case. we also know that the top officials, the top officials in the obama administration also knew that this was entirely fictional. bogus, a pretext. to take out a sitting president of the united states, and when we come back i'm going to prove it to you.
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restrictions should not single out religious organizations. meanwhile a large fire engulf at san francisco warehouse in early morning hours. look at that. the flames viz isable for miles in every direction. so fire department all day to extinguish flames but thankfully only minor jewishs were reported. it is not clear at the the time what caused the fire local authorities are investigating tonight. i'm jackie ibanez now back to live, liberty and levin where all of your headlines remember to fox on to fox you're watching the most powerful name in news. have a great day. ♪ mark: welcome back, i'm prove to you that they knew there was no russian collusion and by the way we have this mueller report thousands of subpoenas, witnesses, hundreds of thousands of documents the president never asserted aho single privilege ay witness they wanted any document they wanted n they got. no russian collusion. grand jury found none,
4:30 pm
prosecutors as partisan democrats, found none. but it is still didn't matter. and now recently released documents that adam schiff did not want to release thanks to grinnell that acting director of national intention thanks to attorneyif general and senate fr releasing the information here's what we know during the schiff fraudulent hearings james clappinger testified in 2017, quote, i never saw any direct empirical evidence that trump campaign or someone in itt was their plotting, conspiring with the russians to meddle with election what he said that's not to say there weren't concerns about evidence. we were seeing, and i don't recall any instance where i had direct evidence. then we t have samantha power, e u.s. ambassador to the u.n. according to her i'm not a possession of anything i'm not
4:31 pm
in possession and didn't read or absorb information that came from out of the intelligence community. when asked again she said, i'm tynot. okay. next. national security advisor suzanne rice when she was asked question, quote, for the best of my recollection there wasn't anything smoking. but there were some thingses thatat gave me pause she said according to the tribed interview. i don't recall intelligence that i would consider evidence to the effect that i saw conspiracy prior to my departure and when asked whether she had any evidence of coordination she replied i don't recall any intelligence or evidence to that effect. when asked about collusion, rice replied same answer. former deputy national security advisor ben rose was asked the same question. i wouldn't have received any information on any criminal or counter intelligence investigations into what the trump campaign was doing. so i would not have seen that information he said. when pressed again he said i saw indications of potential
4:32 pm
coordination, but i did not see, you know, the specific is evidence of the actions of the trump campaign. former k tone general loretta lynch, i can't say that it existed or not. she was out of the loop, of course. what about former fbi director andrew mccabe he was not asked a specific questions. rather as they point out on town hall questions about the accuracy, and legitimacy of the unfair anti-trump dossier complied by intelligence officer christopher seal, quote, we've not been able to prove the accuracy of all of the information. you don't know if it is true or not she was asked. that's correct. flesh and we can go on. this is shocking. mueller find nothing after 40 million dollars, two and a half years, thousands of subpoenas, witnesses -- hundreds of thousands of pages of documents millions of pages of documents actually. no privileges raised by president of the united states.
4:33 pm
two committees in congress working on a full-time, nothing. the phony impeachment hearing the secret, the secret testimony taking not a single official, anywhere -- anywhere! saw any evidence of collusion whatsoever mirk michael flynn set up no evidence of anything wrong in his phone calls with the russian ambassador, nothing. no russian collusion whatsoever. how did we get here? we have an fbi that puts spies on the trump campaign. early on. we have an fbi deputy director mccabe who tried to conspire with deputy attorney general for these purposes act aing attorney once they got sessions out of the way on on the 25th amendment to remove the president from the united states and falsify a document that the fisa court. we have a dossier used that they admit they couldn't verify
4:34 pm
mccabe admits they couldn't verify we know it was full of trash. that was shopped around the federal governmentt used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies as a pretext to go after the trump administration. then we have the meet thing on january fifth that i want to discuss at some length with our guest coming up molly hemingway that's been released recently. january 5th, 2017 it is a meeting in which obama, joe biden, renen, clapper, comey, and yates perhaps more were in this meeting. right before obama to leave office what are they discussing michael flynn, and russia. here's the document. here's the blue dress. here's the obama blue dress. that says in part obama started by saying as he wanted to meet with yates and comey after the state behind, obama started by
4:35 pm
saying he had learned of the information about flynn quote unquote, c and his conversation with kislyak about sanctions obama spes fid he didn't want additional information on matter but seeking informs whether white house treating flynn any differently girch the information. people haveou said that means kp information from flynn.he ty say that means, treat the information differently. yes. exactly what they did. i'll be right back. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i... let's try again. everybody back to one.
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sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. mark: welcome back molly you've done oustanding work and i want to is ask you a question, this january 5, 2017 meeting in the oval office led by the president of the united states with all of the top actors there. is it believable?
4:40 pm
with all that was in the press, all that was going on in his administration, really, law enforcement, intelligence, all that was going on with the dnc and hillary clinton campaign. is it really believable that barack obama didn't know anything about any of this? >> it is not believable for multiple reasons what i loved about you taking us through this in the first few segments is that while you're going through this whole russia collusion hoax it is easy to get caught up in weeds when you realize okay so we know that there was no russia collusion. we also know that the people who claim that there was, knew at the time that they were saying it that it wasn't true. so what's beginning on exactly? you know we get more and more information. itit was a counterintelligence investigation thatwe really shod never have started. counterintelligence investigations should be known to the president. they exist so that the the president can know about threats to the country. so it was never believable he didn't know about and a lot of evidence that he did including
4:41 pm
text from lisa paige i believe to peter strzok saying that president wants to know everything about this issue.w but january fifth meeting which we already knew about and got many more details recently, tell us just how involved the, barack obama andnd his administration were in this entire situation. mark: do you think suzanne rice of all of the things to do on january 20th, at 12:15 in the afternoon do you think she just popped in her head, boy i better get back to the white house and get in front of my computer and write a self-serving e-mail that says president obama began the conversationte about the january fifth meeting she writes on january 20th after the president inaugurated trump. stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book number one, the book many people talked about why do you need to write that and number two, what caught me is,
4:42 pm
by stressing his continued commitment to insurance, and continue to tell me wait a minute, how do you know he wupght briefed on aspects of this before january fifth we don't know do we? well certainly the word continued suggest that he has known about it for some period of time prior to january 5th. what i also like is when she says they openly talked with the people who would be continuing on into the trump administration about how to keep information from the trump administration. that is completely inappropriate. and we know that nobody had a legitimate, had legitimate concerns about this russia intelligence because under oath they alls testified to the contrary. so why would they be openly plotting how to keep this information, it becomes much more clear as you see all of the other testimony and 30 2 documents put forward this was about making sure that they could sideline people who would expose what they had been doing throughout the campaign,
4:43 pm
throughout the transition, of course, what they hope to continue doing into the trumped a a administration and mike flynn target number one because he had experience and knowledge of understanding intelligence what he would have seen what they were doing and he would havee known it was fishy and problematic so high priority target in the days that followed. almost immediately after this january fifth meeting, you start seeing a coordinated leak campaign to set a false narrative about, you know, crazy story about russia collusion. but thanks to a very complaint and complicit media part of the effort, they just regurnl at a timed these leaks that were coming to them that put forth this false and damaging story about collusion with russia. that starts within days of this, of this initial meeting at the obama white house on january 5th. >> when we return toipght ask you about the newly released information we have some great
4:44 pm
patriots now in the administration attorney general nf the united states, couple of u.s. attorneys, like jenson, and director of acting national intelligence who are actually looking at this information and trying to inform congress and american people in the media. many congress seem i not to care left, many in the media seem not to care still attacking. but we care the american people, and this list of individuals who were unmasking and had information about the unmasking of general flynn, 39 individuals including ambassador and so forth is astonishing when we return i want to explore this with you. we'll be right back. for over 25 years, home instead has helped seniors stay home. now, staying home isn't just staying in the place they love. it's staying safe. home instead. to us, it's personal.
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mark: welcome back. molly hemingway no thanks to the people that served in the obama administration at the democrat party or t the media. we now have a list of individual from november 2016 through january 2017 were hot on unmasking anything related to michael flynn and by the way for all we know an awful lot of other americans. his name is leaked to david a liberal columnist for washington
4:49 pm
post but all kinds of people are on this list including vice president of the united states on january 12th. what do you say to this? >> well it's interesting. first i think it's important to remember what is happening with masking of american citizens name. we have broad powers given to our federal government to spy on people, and in the course of spying on people they might collect information on american citizens. we have privacy rights we have civil liberties that make sure that our agencies are supposed to mask that information so that we don't have spy against american as thes. sometimes you might have a legitimate reason to unmask the name of a private citizen. but remember their mask precisely because information is so sensitive they don't want it asshared within intelligence community now first p thing is that intelligence officials will frequently say unmasks is rare that's not true. whats all of the time unfortunately. but it is supposed to happen from intelligence officials who are investigating from people whoo have legitimate investigative responsibility.
4:50 pm
no one in the west wing of the white house has legitimate investigative responsibility and so when we look at this name of some of the people who were unmasking just one individual in the trump transition and we have reason to believe h they were unmasking everybody in the trump transition, we see that there are high level officials in the west wing joe biden, i mean, that's interesting chief of staff to barack obama was unmasking mike flynn's name. and there are a lot of concerns not even just because they're unmasking. but because they're sharing that information around, and leaking it. they're doing so much leaking in the december and january, and even into the new administration that's what set this false narrative that's why unmasking is interesting. now it is also true that we have reason to believe based on testimonye previously given tht mike flynn's name was actually never masked as it related to the phone call with ambassador kislyak that would be inappropriate to fail to mask that information initially that means more people had access to it throughout the fbi and they
4:51 pm
were sharing it through willy-nilly at other agencies as well. mark: they're spreading this information around it is quite ubiquitous and i can't understand ambassador to tucky needs this information and four or five other why were they doing that to leak it? >> partly for i don't know and we don't know exactly what was unmasked here. as i mentioned, the phone call with kislyak we're told was never masked to begin with and that's inappropriate. whatever they were unmasking throughout december, and january, these high level officials throughout the obama administration, they could have just been on phishing expedition for other thing we know as you noted that there were changes thee rules producting sharing of this information. that was get shared around to a wide variety of people. maybe that was to give cover to people who were leaking maybe that was to ensure better leaks or just to help that leak operation. again, the reason why we care about this isn't even about the intelligence itself although
4:52 pm
clearly, we have abuses of that process. it's because the trump administration was the victim of a coordinated leak campaign to set a knowingly false narrative of russia collusion. this had foreign, this could have been horrible in term of foreign relations and it was actually quite horrible in term of foreign relations it was horrible for'v domestic policy,t really undermines the healthy governess of the trump administration and went on for year and it wasn't just prior to inauguration but continue to set upn a special counsel investigation, this completely ridiculous, and sidelined so much good work in administration for a matter of years. and it keeps on going, and so these -- t thiso is unprecedented levels of unmasking and leaking and conspiring against an incoming administration. it's always prided ourselfves on having healthy, smooth transitions of power. this was a willful attempt to undermine that smooth transition of power and that's an attack on theo american people themselves.
4:53 pm
>> seems like the greatest entity that interfered in the election wasel was the obama administration. we'll be right back. ♪ administration to interfere was the obama administration. usaa was made for right now. and right now, is a time for action. so, for a second time we're giving members a credit on their auto insurance. because it's the right thing to do. we're also giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can take care of things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. right now is the time to take care of what matters most.
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4:58 pm
today. >> now that so much information is coming out thanks to attorney general barr and others. we won't see good reporting on the actual facts of the matter. from the very beginning they were willful co-partisans in this effort. there was no leak they were too resistant to taking it seemed like. and if the reporters had asked questions about why the leaks were happening or if they were fully informative. from the leak of the dossier to president trump or the leak of michael flynn's phone call to doambassador kissly yak. they were regurgitated by the media and became an important part of the narrative. they wanted to make mike flynn
4:59 pm
at ease when they ambushed him the next day. they said p he was not the targt of an investigation. that wasn't true. if we had reporters who were more critical, less sceptical, less willing to play along with a dangerous campaign, we might have seen a much different story than we have seen in the last few years. mark rrp they are al -- ,mark: there was no russia collusion. then you have the precedence whether it's the coronavirus or the same' liberal media going into the press conferences to undermine the president in his handling of the coronavirus and his opening of the economy. they don't have expert reporters. seasoned reporters. substantive reporters. it's the same people who pushed
5:00 pm
the russia collusion narrative and the ukraine nonsense to the ends. mollmollie hemingway, thank you. keep up the good work and bless you. [♪] jesse: welcome to watters, i'm jesse watters. donald trump revealed he was taking hydroxychloroquine. >> i am taking it, cloarp quinn --hydroxychloroquine every dayi take a pill every day. a lot of our front-line workers take it. plus it doesn't hurt people. it has been out on the market or malaria and lupus and other things. many doctors are in favor of it.


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