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tv   Witch Hunt The Flynn Vindication  FOX News  May 24, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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salute you. thanks for watching and remember if you sign up this weekend your subscription will include a five-dollar donation to folds of honor. we hope to see you at fox nation. god bless you and good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello, thank you for tuning into witchhunt, the flynn indication where we build upon the evidence presented in my book witchhunt, the story of the greatest mast jim masked illusion in political history. the bob mueller investigation was illegitimate from the outset and eventually found new evidence of collusion conspiracy. trump allies are still suffering the effects of the politically driven russia hoax three years later in the current victim of the illicit scheme to destroy the
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president three-star general michael flynn. first, take a look listen to what attorney general william barr had to say last week about the fbi investigation that started it all. >> what happened to the president in the 2016 election and throughout the first two years of his administration was a grave injustice and unprecedented in american history. the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of this country were involved in advancing a false and utterly baseless russian collusion narrative against the president. >> by the way that narrative was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign and democrats. the attorney general confirmed that increasingly attempts were made to use the criminal justice system as a political weapon and in no case demonstrate this more than
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what happened the president trump's former national security advisor michael flynn. flynn made headlines when it was revealed that dozens of obama administration officials were involved in the rampant unmasking of flynn during the 2016 transition. showing a concerted effort, a conspiracy if you will to take down the national security advisor. and also this month, the department of justice moved to drop its case entirely against michael flynn after he was deviously set up and framed by james comey fbi for a crime he never committed. evidence of his innocence hidden for three long years. while now the presiding federal judge in the case is refusing to dismiss it, determined to carry out the sentencing to satisfy democrats and of course the partisan media mob who for
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years mocked flynn and the witchhunt conspiracy theories. >> they are lies, conspiracy theories about michael flynn have blown up. poor michael flynn, he was duped. president trump and his top aides have been routinely ignoring the truth and pushing phony conspiracy theories. that doesn't seem to matter to the trump administration at all. they been throwing out these conspiracy theories from day one. every conspiracy theory they get thrown out and they've embarrassed themselves. they make fools of themselves over the past several years. trump talking points and right wing media conspiracies demolished. >> while they were all wrong of course, and tragically, innocent people like michael flynn became collateral damage amid the carnage of corruption, dishonesty, abuse and injustice. and these bombshell developments show the fallouts in the greatest political hoax
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in american history is far from over. we we'll break it all down over the next hour when all star lineup sydney powell, lead attorney for michael flynn will be here to respond to the judges stall tactics. on what obama gate really means. first we begin with devin nunes, house intelligent ranking member. thanks for being with us. in setting up and framing michael flynn for a crime he didn't commit, is this an andrew mccabe operation, james comey's right-hand man, both their fingerprints are all over this. >> when you go back and look at what happened in late 2015 and all through 2016, and you said it in your opening, this started as a dirty campaign operation run by the clinton
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campaign. at some point they got dirty operatives involved including the dirty cops. remember those cops are involved, so much impossible to believe it didn't reach the highest levels of the department of justice when they open crossfire hurricane but what still left out there greg, and i think this is one of the unknowns that's very important, we know this investigation did not begin on july 30, 2016. this was, the question is at what time did the clinton operation merged with the dirty cops. that's really at what's left out there for the u.s. attorney out of connecticut to figure out anything is what the u.s. people want to know. so they say hey, flynn didn't do anything wrong, he's not a
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russian asset, he didn't collude with anyone, we are shutting down the investigation and suddenly peter struck, that nefarious fbi agent puts a halt to that and says no, keep it open. the very next day, january 5, 2017 at the white house meeting between obama, biden and the group of comey, klapper, brenna brennan, sally yates is there, susan rice, was at the moment the decision was made, let's target michael flynn. >> while, let me unpack this. so you have whatever happened in early 2016 that were talking about when these investigations become parallel. then they go get a fisa warrant on carter page and they are spying on the campaign. there running informants into the campaign at all levels.
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then there is a split within the fbi because clearly there are high-level leaks that come out from atop the fbi that say hey look at the term campaign investigation but there's nothing here, we are washing our hands of it. would be fascinating to know who leaked that information at the end of october just before the election. i've always been fascinated by that, but then this is when the really bad characters get involved flynn for sure the obama administration is o involved because they unleash what is called the community intelligence assessment in december 2016 during the trump transition. this is at the same time you talk about flynn. every report he's in, he's being unmasked. then what happens is clearly the people who are running this investigation, the person in charge of the fbi is basically doing everything he or she can to get rid of this, and in fact they write a closing communication to close
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out the investigation on january 4, 2017, and that's when what you bring up, this is when the higher outcome of the dirty cops get involved in say hey, lose that, thrown away and thank god that document still exist because we know that flynn, the investigation was over. it was over january 4 and it should've never began, but it was over for sure, even their corrupt investigation was finished on january 4, 2017. >> all right, so fast forward a couple months in may 2017, bob moeller is appointed, they have no evidence of any trump rush occlusion, the dossier had been debunked as a fabrication and mueller is nevertheless appointed. he receives the fbi file. when he read those shouldn't he have walked over to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's office and say
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wait a minute you got new evidence, my appointment is illegitimate and in violation of special counsel regulation. shouldn't he have done that. >> well it's even way worse than that. mother walked in the door and says hey, where are the russians. where are all these russians that were communicating and correlating with the term campaign. there are no russians. there is nothing. they don't have jack. in fact, all the documentation that's now come forward is clear they didn't have anything from the january 4 that the didn't have anything from flynn to all 17 agencies that gave all their information up, they had zero, zip, nothing so what the hell was moeller doing. then if you look at it, they didn't even properly open up the special counsel so then you have to move all the way to august of 2017, a clear
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three or four months after the investigation is fraudulently being conducted and then they write an opening, scope memo of what he supposed to be looking at, and guess what it is, in august of 17 it's none other than the fusion gps clinton campaign dirt, the whole investigation is based on that dirt that has been debunked multiple times at every level by everyone and rosenstein is still using it, and look, this is where our investigation currently is. we are looking into everything that happened with moeller. we already know what happened with general flynn, clearly corruption at the highest level. there is a exculpatory evidence against him that wasn't presented to the court but also we were running investigations, the house investigations were running the only legitimate investigation let's ever be run to this point, and guess
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what, at the highest level we were blocked. we weren't allowed to see the memo now, somebody has to answer to that. we were conducting an investigation. we want to know what is it that moeller's looking out and why don't we get that information. we know why, because they would've gotten blown out of the water because at that point that we discover the clinton campaign had paid for this dirt that rod rosenstein, the fbi come the dirty copper all using this dirt to investigate the trump campaign. you have told me that you are making criminal referrals to the department of justice with regard to what and whom so we've already made many referrals based on conspiracy on the entire, how did the start, how did they get the fisa warrant, how did they do the illegal spying and lying to congress, obstructing
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congress, those referrals have already been made we continue to update the information as we get more people who come forward and bring us information we can analyze so we continue to update that but we've also expanded our investigation into the moeller team and everything that would happen with him and d.o.j. and fbi that were above him so we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the moeller team. we are just now putting that together and of course always, waiting on more documents that we really need to come out, and thankfully investor good outcome of the acting director of national intelligence, thank god that a lot of this information out because the public really needed transparency. >> congressman dennis, many thanks, we appreciate it. coming up next on witchhunt, the flynn vindication, michael flynn's attorney will be joining me as she calls for
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the release of the russia transcripts to free her client from these charges
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>> president trump standing by his former national security advisor this week in the wake of bombshell developments in the obama administration's efforts to try to destroy the trump presidency. my next guest has been fighting for justice for michael flynn for a long time and is now demanding more from that the federal judge assigned to the case be dismissed or be ordered to follow along. joining me now is sidney powell, lead attorney for general michael flynn's. >> so sidney, thanks for being with us, you filed this, kick sullivan off the case, tell him to file follow the law.
8:19 pm
tell us why you did that. >> the constitution requires the separation of powers applies here. he went completely off the rails and issued an order, appointing what essentially amounts to a special prosecutor on the case instead of granting the motion to dismiss the case upon finding evidence like he did in the ted stevens case. he has violated long-standing decision from the d.c. circuit and the services case and the court has pointed that out to him in an order they just issued this week, yesterday i think, demanding more from that he respond himself to our petition and answer that without the assistance of an amicus so the court is taking this very seriously as they should, and it's an extremely important decision for the rule of law and the proper application of the principle
8:20 pm
that the executive branch is the only one who can decide whether or when to prosecute a case. >> isn't the law abundantly clear, well established that the decision to bring a case or drop a case against the defendant is solely in the unfettered discretion of prosecutors. judges on the other hand, a different branch of government, are supposed to be neutral, disinterested arbiters. isn't it true that this judge has demonstrated time and again he is anything but that? >> exactly. from the time he railed against general flynn, essentially calling him a traitor and causing an international uproar over those comments to his decision to appoint his own amicus or friend of the court to act in the place of the department of justice and look for crime
8:21 pm
that general flynn allegedly committed, it's just been a persecution, it's continuation of the persecution of general flynn with no basis whatsoever and appalling to the rule of law. >> sidney, i devote an entire chapter of my book witchhunt to the case of michael flynn and i opened by literally reprinting the fbi summary of the interview with flynn, and will put it up on the screen, here it is, throughout the interview flynn had a very short demeanor and did not give any indicators of deception. struck and redacted agent, both had the impression at the time that flynn was not lying and did not think he was lying. how in the world is it possible sidney for the government to prosecute someone for lying to the fbi when the only two witnesses the fbi agents put in their own handwriting that flynn did not lie.
8:22 pm
>> they said there was no need to reinterview him because they believed him, and that's why it wasn't prosecuted at the time and comey even said it wouldn't be prosecuted and it shouldn't of been, it should have never been prosecuted. it was simply the pressure in the imaginations of the special counsel operation that insisted on prosecuting general flynn because they needed to keep the obstruction post alive against the president. if you'll remember back on february 14, the day after flynn left the white house, mr. comey ran over to the white house and had a meeting with president trump in which president trump set i hope you can see to let this flynn thing go, he's a good man, well it had already been let go. the department of justice has a memo dated january 30 that flynn had been cleared of absolutely everything and comey knew that, plus the january 4 memo that we had just gotten that he should've never been investigated past january 4 and never should've been investigated at all, frankly, but they had to
8:23 pm
prosecute him to keep the obstruction hoax going. they knew that it was blown to bits. they only that. they knew the fusion gps dossier, all of it was a hoax so the only way they could keep the moeller investigation going was to create the obstruction hoax. >> yes, sidney powell, great work, intrepid, skillful legal actions on behalf of your client, well done. thanks for being with us. coming up next, my all-star panel standing by to weigh-in on obama gait and what happens next
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live from america's news headquarters. summer is unofficially underway with americans celebrating outdoors despite the coronavirus crisis that has claimed nearly 100,000 lives. crowds were jamming beaches coast-to-coast. the court nadir of the white house coronavirus task force remind americans that if you cannot social distance you have to wear a mask. churches are opening after president trump declared houses of worship essential.
8:29 pm
the governor has repeatedly urged state residents to cover their faces in public. he says he will announce a policy for face coverings on tuesday. >> back in 2017 we had james comey and rogers before the intel committee and the republicans were ridiculed for asking about leaks and unmasking. there calling on the leakers and liars finally unmasked themselves in the michael flynn investigation. make no mistake about it, this was a correlated effort by the obama administration to derail the trump white house, in fact as i wrote in my book,
8:30 pm
witchhun witchhunt, comey and mccabe had a scheme in mind laying a trap for the retired general. they wanted to disrupt the new administration, get revenge on a man who had been a thorn in obama's side and supercharge the trump russia collusion investigation. joining me now is josie, former u.s. attorney john sullivan u.s. reporter and fox news contributor and robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. let me begin with you. was that the motive, will sabotage the trump presidency by going after flynn? >> i don't think there's any doubt that was part of it, they needed to get general flynn removed because once he was installed as the national security advisor, within a short period of time, he would know everything that had gone on and he would know about the illegal basis for everything that had transpired before it.
8:31 pm
we know now by the way, that president obama is the only president to have multiple opinions by the fisa court, chief judges, accusing him and his fbi and d.o.j. of illegally accessing nsa databases, and that is one of the things they were really afraid of flynn finding out about. >> john solomon, would you agree without that inevitably the obama administration feared that a guy like flynn, steeped in intelligence and experienced in that with unrivaled the intelligence community at the hands of people like klapper, comey and brennan. >> no doubt, that's one of their big motives, remember they never thought for a second that donald trump is going to win so there in shock in november and december and trying to figure out how do we keep the russia collusion hoax going, and i think there's a second element. remember there is significant evidence already in the public
8:32 pm
record that obama was deeply worried about what flynn and president trump are going to do to the obama foreign policy legacy particularly related to the iran nuclear deal, and i think part of the motive to hoist this investigation forward was to try to throw the trump administration off the path to keep it from immediately cutting the iran deal which was really obama's sole legacy informed policy. i think as more evidence comes out we will find that you ran factored into that equation. >> robert, we now know thanks to the inspector general report that they actually debunked the dossier and have no evidence of collusion. in early 2017, and yeah, here is andrew mccabe just last year talking about how donald trump might still be a russian asset. take a listen.
8:33 pm
>> do you still believe the president could be a russian accent. >> i think it's possible, i think that's why we started our investigation, and i'm really anxious to see where they conclude that. >> how do you account for that. you're still pushing the narrative as recently as last year, either they are incredibly stupid or both. >> it's really shocking, and unexplainable, i don't for the life of me understand how, based on the evidence they had that you could come anywhere close to that conclusion. what we don't know but we do know that it happened in the distance between january 5 of 2017 and when the obama administration left office on january 20 so were talking about 15 days, it's clear that at the highest level that
8:34 pm
includes president obama himself and fbi director comey, they were on a mission to run michael flynn out of government, and they didn't seem to be bothered to check first to decide whether or not he had actually done anything wrong. it's not clear why they came to that conclusion, although obviously we have our suspicion, but that's where an amazing amount of trouble started, and they have the latitude of a counterintelligence investigation to create political mischief. they worry using this into the next administration and able to do it in order to keep the country safe, and they obviously came to the conclusion that the incoming trump administration and michael flynn in particular were a threat to american democracy in terms of what
8:35 pm
they thought were excessive contacts and there really wasn't any proof and they had come to that conclusion themselves and yet this persisted in the fact that it persisted is something that should never happen to a presidency or this country ever again. >> lots more to talk about. panel standby. coming up next, why hasn't anyone been charged in this smear campaign against michael flynn, and why did the fbi cover it up. we will dig into that when we come back. >> now more than ever you have to be grateful for our family and friend and protected. this weekend they protect the men and women protecting that freedom from the real marines to the modern warriors. we are shining a light on the americans that risked their
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look at this white house now in its hard to imagine two fbi agents in the room. how does this happen. >> i sent them.
8:41 pm
>> ass. >> something i probably wouldn't of done or maybe gotten away with in a more organized investigation, a more organized organization. i thought it's organized let's just send a couple guys over. >> unbelievable. james comey actually bragging about breaking rules and protocol setting a perjury trap for michael flynn. let's go back to our panel now and, bragging about setting a perjury trap, and then of course comey and others, not only knowingly participated in the prosecution of an innocent man, but people on bob mahler's team then hid exculpatory evidence, lied to the court claiming it didn't exist when in fact it did. aren't those crimes? >> they absolutely are crimes. let me just add to what robert ray said. there was no good faith belief
8:42 pm
in the bureau of the fbi and the department of justice that there was russian collusion or conspiracy or that the president was cooperating with the russians. what they did, in the fbi and the d.o.j. and along with brennan and klapper was seditious and subversive. this had nothing to do with the judgment counterintelligence and law enforcement. they wanted to take down the president and in order to do that they had a takedown flynn and once they took him down and one smaller was appointed they had one other goal, get the president of the united states to lie in an interview and that would be the impeachment. that would be the impeachment route. this is so disgusting to watch james comey sit there with a smirk on his face and destroy the fbi and it's great legacy. he is an embarrassment to the fbi. >> john solomon, it isn't just the bob mahler team of partisans and jame's comey's fbi and others, but you know,
8:43 pm
there has been a concerte concerted effort to hide this evidence that was supposed to be given to michael flynn finally revealed ten days ago. wasn't that in the possession of the current fbi director, christopher ray's files yet he didn't step forward and say hey, here's this evidence. >> i think that's one of the biggest concerns of people who have spent the most time investigating this is that if were going to change the fbi behavior, the current fbi director has to get right with what happened under his predecessors watch and send a stronger message of what he has done is done the rope a dope. he's kept from congress, kept from the courts, extraordinarily important information, things that would change a judges mind, change a jurors mind and he hasn't been called to account yet. i think now is the first time, i would not be surprised if the congressman's referrals
8:44 pm
include involving the current fbi and its handling of documents because there was a clear pattern of evidence of withholding things until the last possible moment. >> robert ray, comey's fbi had no legitimate legal reason to even interview michael flynn so they invented a phony pretext, the logan act which had never been successfully prosecuted, largely because it's unconstitutional, and they knew that and yet they used it as a pretense to set him up. isn't that exactly what william barr said this week, but there were attempts, increasingly to weaponize law enforcement in a criminal justice system for political reasons. >> will that appears to be exactly what happened, and look greg, even if no felony prosecution is ever brought as a result of this, this is a political scandal of the highest order and the american
8:45 pm
people should be paying attention to this. now, having said that, i echo the sentiments of my colleagues here that that's why there's a john durham investigation and there are affidavits out there, we know there were lies to the court with regard to the delayed delivery, i imagine there are people who are in the know who may well have knowingly withheld information from the court and from defense counsel connection with the michael flynn prosecution, and finally, if it turns out that that can be proved, then there are going to be referrals and potential false statements, and/or perjury prosecutions to hold those, particularly those in positions of authority accountable and it's not safe, i suppose at the moment to make productions but that's what the durham investigation is aimed at doing. it is a criminal investigation with grand jury authority, and i don't think the attorney
8:46 pm
general expects this is going to be just left to the side of history without actual prosecution being brought to hold those responsible accountable. >> coming up next we break down that bombshell susan rice memo that was just declassified. what it means for the flynn vindication. unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you?
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you'd expect an incoming administration to be making a lot of phone calls preparing for an enormous task. what you don't expect is a previous administration spying on them. you don't expect the previous administration sabotaging the incoming a ministration. >> homeland security chair ron johnson talking about that newly declassified susan rice memo, former national security advisor rice for president obama sent herself this note about that infamous january 5 oval office meeting. all it does is raise red flags, more of them in the michael flynn case. back again with me are my experts, and john solomon, let
8:52 pm
me start with you. i've studied this now, declassified memo, it strikes me as to things, it's an attempt by susan rice not to become a scapegoat herself as she did during benghazi when she lied five times in one day. second of all, does it appear to you that she is attempting to cover for barack obama and sort of lay the blame on comey that they were doing everything by the book. >> absolutely. first off, look at the time it sent 15 minutes after president trump has taken office that was designed to be sent into the trump administration record so they would know hey, nothing went wrong here. obviously a lot of things went wrong here, but most important, remember what the declassified paragraph shows. it shows that the president was told there's nothing on flynn, yet they were going to continue watching him. what legal basis do they have to watch them? none. >> we dug it up joe, susan rice appearing on it pbs program, she is utterly denying knowing anything about
8:53 pm
the targeting and unmasking of trump associates. in retrospect, that appears to be a blatant lie, right. >> there's no doubt about it that susan rice lied repeatedly for her boss and the administration, and when you read her inauguration day e-mail, it reads like a confession with footnotes. it's so carefully crafted, and remember she was instructed to do that by neil, the white house counsel. there was plenty of here and it had nothing to do, other than covering their fannie and blame shifting to james comey who i predict will be indicted. >> robert ray, the government operators using the intelligence community, the fbi to spy on the trunk campaign, is that part of what this memo indicates?
8:54 pm
>> i think it does. look, the best that you can say for it is it's the creation of a shadow government that would extend into the next administration, and the worst of it was just what you heard, you just broadcast and that was that it was an effort to sabotage an incoming a ministration and then recognize also the timeline, i'm glad you focused on january 2017 because it's only four days later after the inauguration that he sends through mccabe agents to interview michael flynn so the key thing to focus on is what was happening in january 2017 and what were they up to and it included susan rice and joe biden and barack obama and james comey and brandon and the operative is that the fbi
8:55 pm
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thank you for watching witchhun witchhunt, the flynn vindication. if you want to hear more about the collusion and unmasking and so much more, we have an extended version of tonight show right now on fox nation. sign up at fox to start streaming. you can also pick up a copy of my book witchhunt, the story of the greatest mast collusion
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in history available on, and most bookstores across the country. i'm greg jared, have a great you know how i feel about what's going on, the destruction caused by the fanatics in the dangerous misinformation pushed by the establishment media. we've been through it all and will continue to hold them accountable but i've been thinking we need to look ahead. what's next for america. tonight we will ask how to fuel our economic recovery. next sunday we will look further ahead toward a second trump term. what should the policy priorities be and after that the


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