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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 25, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that is it for the "final exam" special. tune in at 8:00 p.m. for the enemy of lying pomposity and smugness of groupthink. have a great memorial day evening. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity" and tonight for the hour we will highlight some of the most memorable moments from the past few weeks on the show. first of, the best of my opening monologues highlighting the latest bombshell developments that have now rocketed the deep state. let's take a look. speak of the corrupt, the compromise, congenital liar, adam schiff. he is a national disgrace and even worse than i thought. thanks to acting national intel director ric grenell. thanks to the attorney general of the united states, bill barr. we have definitive proof of schiff's malicious dishonesty in the form of roughly 6,000 pages,
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newly released, sworn testimony, he's been hiding from the american people, this comes from the intel committee's 2017 russia investigation. these are the interviews that were taken under oath. we have a complete timeline of schiff's unethical behavior. lying on all of the media and we begin, let's start with today, july 17th, 2017. it is on the day that adam schiff listened to obama's director of national intelligence. that guy in the middle, james clapper. he testified under oath saying "i never saw any direct empirical evidence that the trump campaign was plotting or conspiring to metal an election." on october 13th, sr., adam schiff heard from obama, official samantha power, who testified she has no evidence of collusion. "i'm not in possession of anything." on september 8th 2017,
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susan rice telling adam schiff, "to the best of my recollection, there wasn't anything smoking, and i don't recall intelligence that i would consider evidence to that effect." on november 3rd, 2017, sally gates concluding to adam schiff, there was no evidence of collusion, but on march 13th, 2018, just four months after those four officials and others testified, there was zero evidence of any trump-russia collusion, the congenital liar schiff got in front of a camera and of course not question, he was held up at some kind of hero by the mob and the media, the socialist -- of our day and said there was significant evidence of trump-russia collusion. he knew it was a lie, he had all the testimony proving it was a lie, but this is what he told the american people, take a look. speak of the american people need to know whether the russians still have something they can hold over the president's head. the president of the
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united states. so our work is far from done. i can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and russia. >> sean: let's not forget, there was only one guy who thought he was talking to a russian and that was schiff. and you have a guy that was breaking -- that's right, adam schiff. we have compromising material and donald trump. what's the nature of the compromise? naked pictures. does vladimir know? vladimir [inaudible] that's him on tape. he thought he was -- he was colluding with a russian thought. a year later, by the way, march 24th, 2019, there is schiff repeating his lies, as he had all throughout this time period, all over the media, they never, ever challenged him. they were giddy with -- welcome back, congressman, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate you trashing trump,
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what news do you have today? what lies did you tell us and they let him get away with it. this time, abc news, take a look. >> you have said that when the past there is significant evidence of collusion. how do you square that with robert mueller's decision not to indict anyone? >> and there is significant evidence of collusion and we've set that out time and time again. >> sean: hey, george, you're going to call him out for the light? you're going to invite him back and say why did you like to us? get this, and april 7th, 2019, after the mueller report found no evidence of trump-russia collusion, that was the fourth investigation, schiff continued to lie. four investigations, he's still lying. he goes on fake news jake tapper's sunday show that nobody watches and says there was ample evidence of collusion. this is why cnn fake news and white people chant "cnn socks." take a look. >> it's it on your show and others, jay, yes there, it ample evidence of collusion in plain
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sight but that is not the same thing as perfect liminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. >> sean: that is the guy that represented the entire democratic party in the house intel committee. russia, russia, russia, ukraine, ukraine, ukraine. the proven liar, a disgusting sociopath in the congenital liar schiff, he damaged this country with all of these lies. one hoax after another. all his conspiracy theories, the mob in the media, you people in the mob, you are his willing accomplices. you've been duped the whole way. it lie after lie, russian lies, ukrainian lies, schiff show eyes and he's leaving his party and the mob into what are uncharted waters that literally threaten the constitutional order of this country. why in the hell did the obama administration's unmasking requests jump threefold from 9500 in 2013, 2:30 thousand 355
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in 2016? a nearly 300% increase. we started reporting on this, spying on americans, unmasking americans, leaking raw intelligence. oh, in march of 2017. we've been over three years, with an all over this. here's some of the evidence. >> the increase in surveillance that you saw in this election cycle. i first interviewed the cpac -- this was march of 2015, this presidential election cycle, recent one, started and what you saw in terms of surveillance, unmasking, the percentage of increase -- >> you set a couple weeks ago that he felt like we were peeling back and onion and that's exactly what was done. we started by saying obama loose into the role to allow the espionage community to look more at americans data. then we reported that they look at donald trump's associates to unmask them and it's all just -- reported that they unmasked members of congress. then we reported that the number of unmaskings tripled.
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>> sean: that was in march, 2017. now, we know one part of the massive increase was targeted at donald trump's senior campaign advisor and incoming national security advisor, manu has served this country honorably for 33 years in combat zones and that's general michael flynn. we now know he was unmasked a whopping 48 times by roughly two dozen obama officials between election day, november 8th, 2016, and the president's inauguration, that's january 20th, 2017. clearly as flynn spoke with his future counterparts from all over the world like samantha power and susan rice admitted they did before they joined the obama administration, the trump transition team, the obama administration was listening. now look at this, obama's u.n. ambassador, samantha power is submitted -- well, actually seven unmasking requests.
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why would a u.n. ambassador ever need to unmask anybody? then of course the dni head james clapper, he made three requests. john brennan, cia director. i've been telling about brennan and clapper, to keep an eye on them, for three years. now we are beginning to understand why. why would the secretary of the treasury have to go unmasking requests? then we have super patriot jim comey, higher calling, higher honor. he submitted a request after of course he signed the first fisa warrant based on information he never had because it's unverifiable. tick tock, jim. january 5th, 2017, been talking an awful lot about that date, that was the day obama's chief of staff, dennis mcdonough, he submitted an unmasking request. january 5th, the very same day that obama held that infamous intel meeting at the white house. let's see, clapper, brennan, rice, yates and jim comey were
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there. the end of the meeting -- oh, and biden was there. comey and yates stayed behind, that's where sally yates said under oath we discovered last week that she was shocked that obama know every intimate detail of general flynn's communications, unmasking, in other words. the coincidence? oh, i'm sure. obama's vp, the ever clueless, forgetful joe biden was present at the meeting. it's interesting on january 12th, 8 days before his leaving, vice president, trumpets coming to be inaugurated, joe biden himself directly submitted his own request to unmask animal flynn. it just so happens yesterday biden was on with george stephanopoulos. you know, clinton sycophant, obama sycophant. even george asked what did you know, when did you know it? he said he knew nothing about any investigation. either he forgot or he's lying. we will let you decide. >> so what did you know about those moves to investigate michael flynn and was there
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anything improper done? >> i know nothing about those moves to investigate michael flynn. >> i do want to press that, you didn't know anything about it but you were reported to be in a january 5th 2017 meeting were you in the president were briefed on the fbi's plan to question michael flynn over those conversations he had with the russian ambassador sergey kislyak. >> i thought you asked me whether or not i had anything to do with him being prosecuted. i'm sorry. i was aware that there was -- they had asked for an investigation, but that's all i know about it. >> sean: that's all i know? joe is lying. why? because joe unmasked flynn himself and might want to start thinking about getting his story straight if he is capable. in an interview with maria bartiromo that will air, a good interview, i saw parts of it, tomorrow morning on the fox business channel. president trump excoriated biden over this very issue and rightfully so. take a look.
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>> they went after general flynn. they wanted him to lie about me. make up a story and with few exceptions, nobody did that. there were many people -- i watched kt mcfarland the other day. i watched where she was knock knock, fbi. fbi, okay? this was all obama. this was all biden. these people were corrupt. the whole thing was corrupt, and we caught them. we caught them. and what you saw just now, i watched biden yesterday, could barely speak, he was on "good morning america," right? and he said he didn't know anything about it and now it just gets released right after he said that. it gets released that he was one of the unmaskers, meaning he knew everything about it, so he lied to your friend george stephanopoulos. >> sean: the president is 1000% correct. joe biden is lying. by the way, he's kind of always been a liar and a guy that plagiarize us. he'll always be a liar. the only difference now is he's
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having a real hard time keeping his lies straight. if you want to be a good liar, it usually takes a good memory and a certain level of alertness that joe seems to be lacking. is not the only obama alumni who's been caught in a lie. let's take a look at samantha power. she submitted to in one day, seven total, flynn unmasking requests. u.n. ambassador? not according to samantha power in 2019. she says she didn't. somebody is lying. take a look. >> why did you decide to unmask so many individuals in 2016? i wanted you to clear the reco record. >> excuse me, trying to talk t to -- completely false. >> sean: as it turns out, probably wasn't false at all. in the testimony before the house intelligence committee she says i don't know who unmasked 300 people in my name, why would any u.n. ambassador be unmasking anybody, never mind a 33 year war hero? seem a little strange to you? because it showed.
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just watch as obama cia director, been talking a lot about brennan, i sent one or brennan and clapper going to come into the equation? they are now right in the middle of the picture. you see brennan's gourmet ses asked about the very topic in front of congress. let's take a look. >> do you recall any u.s. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked? >> i don't. i don't know. maybe it's ringing a vague bell but i'm not -- i could not answer with any confidence. >> sean: he asked for an unmasking of flynn himself. all told, five u.s. investors submitted requests to unmask lieutenant general flynn in the months after the election. now, did the head of the caa really not have any idea that this was going on? or did he just lied to congress? that happens, maybe what happened to roger stone, 29 guys in tactical gear, predawn raid, cnn fake news cameras will be there to capture it all for process crime.
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just like the ig recommended comey and, oh, that's right, mccabe, and peter strzok and lisa page and others. what happened to general flynn, here's the worst part, it's only the tip of the iceberg. remember, a 300% increase in unmasking requests in the obama administration in their second term. kind of hard to believe anyone in the incoming administration wasn't spied on. what did barack know, what did joe know and when did they know it? because on january 20th, 2017, donald trump was being inaugurated as the 45th president of the united states. on the very same day in the final hours of the obama administration, susan rice, remember her? she was the white house -- in the white house crafting an email from susan rice to susan rice, herself. and a very unusual writer, rice is memorializing a meeting that took place 15 days earlier when her former boss barack gathered
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all of his top intel law enforcement officials together in the oval office. in that meeting, brennan, clapper, comey, biden, yates, rice, all there, all present in the oval office and they were discussing a russian collusion in the 2016 election. too bad they didn't know about and talk about hillary clinton's bought and paid for russian disinformation dossier. that was used. the real russia interference and according to rice's email, "president obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book." she continued, he reiterated our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would, by the book. and in a paragraph just declassified by acting dni
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director ric grenell, susan rice wrote, "director comey affirmed that he is proceeding by the book." why would susan rice -- we know what a pathological liar she has, why did she feel the need to write "by the book" three times on the last day there in the white house in relation to a 15-day-old meeting? why did she do it on the final day? let me go back, i forgot to memorialize that meeting from 15 days ago. according to the same email, rice wrote that comey had no indication that incoming security advisor general flynn had passed on any classified material to his future russian counterparts. as a matter fact, we now know that they had no evidence at all as of january 4th. it was peter strzok and comey that reopened it. by the way, the level of communication comey said was unusual. in reality, what was particularly unusual was comey's aggressive persecution of general flynn.
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after that so-called "by the book" meeting, obama pulled sally yates and james comey aside. why? to discuss plan. according to the recently released testimony from sally yates, this is from the house until committee that the corrupt congenital cowardly, you know, adam schiff, was hiding. the former deputy ag, she admits she was shocked to learn on january 5th that barack hussein obama, the president, had intimate details of flynn's wiretapped phone calls. does that seem by the book to you? what about fbi leadership demanding that the flynn case be reopened just a day before january 4th, 2020 after its investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing? one other fact about januar january 5th, the chief of staff of barack obama, that guy was unmasking flynn, dennis mcdonough. coincidence? in eight days before they left the oval office and donald trump was inaugurated, then joe biden,
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who said on day one of this last week, he didn't know anything about unmasking, we found out he was one of the unmaskers. what about comey sending one of the agents that he admits and brags about on your tape to ambush general flynn, a 33 year veteran four days into the trump administration, something he would never do or get away with in any other administration? and what about before meeting with those fbi agents, well, general flynn called andrew mccabe, deputy fbi guy, and ask him, do i need my lawyer? and what about the agent who asked "what is our goal with general flynn? isn't to get him to tell the truth, and admission? or to get him to lie"? so we can prosecute him or get him fired. is that policy by the book for the fbi, get somebody to lie? set a perjury trap, ambush a 33 year veteran, tell him he doesn't need an attorney when he damn well needed one. yet, none of that is by the
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>> lie from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie about his in new york. reports of white house and congressional democrats. at this time it's over the administration's new strategy for testing the deadly coronavirus. democratic leaders claim the white house still does not have a serious plan to stop the spread of the virus. the plan, which was delivered to capitol hill yesterday put much of the test burden on states while offering to provide supplies such as swabs. meantime, death toll from the pandemic approaches 100,000. in beginning tomorrow, foreign travelers from brazil were not be allowed here in the u.s. it comes two days earlier than previously planned. that's because there's been a surge of coronavirus cases in that south american nation. brazil is second to the u.s. and the number of confirmed covid-19 cases. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to hannity for all of your headlines. log on to ♪ >> sean: all right, the great one, mark levin, he has been on
6:24 pm
fire on this program in recent weeks. here is one of his epic grants. let's watch. >> i see the attorney general as a straight up "law & order" guy and i don't see him ever having to ask the question what is our goal here? is it to get an admission or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired? mark, your wheelhouse is constitutional law. >> a great man and i was chief of staff to another great attorney general and thank god we have this attorney -- you know what this is? this is barack obama's blue dress. that's what that is without the dna on it. let me explain what i mean. we are supposed to believe that during the obama administration, the fbi went rogue, the department of justice went rogue. the cia went rogue, the dni went rogue, the nfc went rogue. all these leaks in the
6:25 pm
newspapers, "the new york times" and "the washington post," that anybody can read and see and barack obama didn't know anything. for barack obama, poor joe biden. the fact of the matter is they've never been asked. they've never been asked about any role they've had, any knowledge they had come of those presidential briefing documents have never been made public. this is a massive cover-up of the greatest scandal in american history. we expect, and we don't like it, when the russians interfere with our elections for the chinese, the iranians or the north koreans. there the enemy and they ought to pay for it. but we don't expect the obama administration and the democrats to interfere with our election to send spies into the opposition party's campaign. to lie to a federal court, to fix evidence to try and use the 25th amendment to take a president of the united states out. that's why i've been calling this all along a silent coup. here's obama's blue dress. why is her support -- let me take a minute on this. this tells us that obama knew.
6:26 pm
he knew. obama started by saying he had learned of the information about flynn and his conversation with kislyak, the russian ambassador, about sanctions. obama specified he didn't want any additional information on the matter but was seeking information on whether the white house should be treating flynn any differently. so he doesn't want any information but he does want information and what does he mean? we should treat flynn differently. it's been assumed he means don't give them intelligence information. i don't think it means that at all. i think it means take out flynn. why do i say that? because we have, as you know, this january 20th, 2017, memo, self-serving email from susan rice. 12:15 she writes it, for 15 minutes the president of the united states had already been inaugurated, she runs the office and writes this self-serving thing. president obama began the conversation by stressing, listen, his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the
6:27 pm
intelligence by the book, everybody has been focused on by the book. i'm focusing on his continued commitment. you don't have a continued commitment if this is the first time you knew something on january 5th. the fact of the matter is, obama has known all about this. as a former chief of staff when attorney general, i can tell you that you're not going to go to the fisa court going after a trump surrogate without letting the president of the united states know. you're not going to send spies in the opposition campaign without giving the president the heads up. you're not going to mess around with the dose ea like they did without the president of united states knowing what the dossier and the one man who wasr questioned about this by any reporter at any time or any investigative organization is barack obama, and i would tell the president of the united states today, this is why they trash you and attack you. in order to take attention off of obama. donald trump deserves a huge
6:28 pm
apology. a huge apology from the obama administration and from the democrats. he'll never get it, but why? he's the victim! is the victim of the spying! he's the victim of the changing email, he's the victim of what they did with the fisa court. you look at this document, obama's blue dress, as i said. they impeached donald trump over a perfectly fine phone call transcript. look at this! we have the members of the people who sat in on that meeting. we have yates, the acting attorney general is shocked, she doesn't even know what the ??? obama is talking about on the phone call. because obama was working with the fbi them intelligence agencies. go ahead, sean. >> sean: mark, you are found in and i will tell you one other thing, now john durham has all this transcripts, they're all under oath. now that got to get -- now they should be questioned again. you have, as always, you've hit the nail on the head.
6:29 pm
all right, the great one, mark levin, warning back in february, democrats destructive impeachment witch hunt would harm america's coronavirus response. great one? yet, it hurts. nancy pelosi saying on february 24th, to chinatown. donald trump had implement to the travel ban that was racist a month ago. >> yeah, and now she's apparently a nonessential employee, because she hasn't showed up for work which is the number three in mind to be president of the united states. as for her ice cream, i'm lactose intolerant, so i would never touch it. i want to address an issue. i want to think the president and the vice president. they are the ones that have been pushing to open up the economy. the governors have shut down the economy, not the president. the governors have put people out of work, not the president. the governors have shot business, not the president, and several of them are dragging their feet. you can see is the president, a month ago and now trying to press to open up the economy. i just wanted to point something out. these states do not have police
6:30 pm
power when they affect interstate commerce, $2.2 trillion in federal spending to deal with what they've done. 22 million people filing for unemployment compensation. this is a national interstate effect. the debate about federalism was a fake debate. i've given this a lot of thought. this has nothing to do with federalism. the president has more power to order governors, if he chooses, to open up their economies than people think. states have the power to regulate within their boundaries but the congress under the federal constitution is the only body that has the power to regulate interstate commerce. governors, through their dictates and their fiats of what's essential and nonessential, shutting down businesses, that the ultimate regulation. if it affects interstate commerce in a very negative way, the president can in fact enforce the interstate commerce clause of the constitution were governors do not have the power
6:31 pm
to control interstate commerce. the state's police powers do not extend to interfering with interstate commerce. the clause was explicitly put in a federal constitution to promote commerce, to promote commerce. nationwide. it was put in there by the framers, not me. it follows that when a governor, by unilateral action, i don't even know where they get the power from and some of these cases, but order businesses close that affect, particularly in a negative way come interstate commerce, it is the governor that may be violating the federal constitution and of course if the president's job is the head of the executive branch with his justice department and so forth, to protect the constitution, so it's absurd to say the president has no power. it's not a federalism issue, it's in interstate commerce issue. i'll give you an example, if the governor of kansas decided to close all the wheat farms in kansas or to prevent those
6:32 pm
farmers from exporting wheat to other states for any reason, including a virus, that's not constitutional, why? because of its impact on interstate commerce. two -- 22 million people unemployed, it's actually more. those are the ones signed up for unemployment, and 30 days, trillions of dollars more in debt by the federal government. you can't tell me that this is a state only issue. this is in interstate commerce issue and i will back it up even further. these governors don't believe in federalism, they hear cuomo talk about federalism. if you believed in federalism there would be no new deal for god's sakes. it's the supreme court and fdr and the new deal that even expanded the idea of interstate commerce. again, going to the president's powers. in 1937 -- i know, i know, this isn't hot stuff, but stick with me. in 1937, what does the court say? interstate activity, activities in the state that have such a close and substantial relationship to interstate
6:33 pm
commerce, that their control is essential is essential to protem burdens of obstructions are witn congress' power to regulate. so it for state even within the state congress is regulated that it harms or affects interstate commerce, only congress has the power to regulate that according to the supreme court in 1937, the new deal and fdr, i'm not seeing the president is regulating it, and saying the president as the head of the executive has the power to enforce that. the big daddy decision was in 1942. you know what they said there? it was such an outrageous decision. a farmer grew wheat on his own farm, consumed it on his own farm, it never touched interstate commerce and here's what the court said. that still can be regulated by congress because " -- this is important "the stimulation of commerce is a use of the regulatory function is definitely as
6:34 pm
definitions or restrictions thereon. in other words, congress has the power to stimulate commerce and therefore if actions are taken in a state that prevents the stimulation of commerce, well, congress can regulate it. so what i'm saying here is the president of the united states is the head of the executive branch, certainly has tools and powers, this isn't a federalism argument and finally, sean, if i may -- >> sean: quickly. quick varied >> they think federalism means they have all the power and no accountability, that they can make whatever decisions they want and the rest of us have to pay for it. that's one way federalism. no such thing exists. that's it. >> sean: coming up, the very best of dennis miller, put a smile on your face, when we come back. ♪ we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today,
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♪ >> sean: comedian dennis miller is back and he has been stopping by the show to rant on the important issues of the day, like only he can. take out your dictionary and thesaurus, you're going to need it. here are some of the funny takes on pelosi's luxurious freezer filled with expensive designer
6:39 pm
ice cream and biden campaigning from his basement and much more. dennis miller, sir! how are you? >> sean, wade, one second. crossed the wire right now. i'm sorry, this isn't really a wire, it's a tape measure, but you have a much limited process here as far as props go. this just coming across the wire, bernie sanders -- bernie sanders has announced he's running in 2024, so that's pretty exciting. he says that he wants to come back then, he's going to drop out again because he wants to get paid again and he needs a ski chalet and that will give him property ownership yacht see. so bernie will be back. got to b beware of the socialist does the long form taxes. beware of the socialist doing the long form taxes. >> sean: oh, man, all right. can hardly wait. all right, so we've been watching nancy pelosi, she is
6:40 pm
hold up in her gated community mansion. some very bizarre footage of her on a comedy show showing of offe $24,000 freezer stocked with expensive gourmet ice creams. i'm dying for your thoughts. >> well, i always wonder what's wrong with her. now i think it might be brain freeze. i think she is eating that fast. she never shuts up. occasionally you have to hood her like the falcon see you can get some sleep at night and sean, do you want to know the difference between pelosi and that freezer? >> sean: yeah. >> when pelosi opens her mouth, the light doesn't go off. >> sean: oh. that made my day. you've got bernie, you've got elizabeth warren, pocahontas. and even got a lukewarm
6:41 pm
enthusiastic support of obama. 202 days. >> i can't believe that people are endorsing the sky. you know, i know he lost his fastball but i've been watching him lately, i think he's lost his curve, he lost his slider and i think he's wearing his cop as an n95 mask. >> sean: oh! speak of the guy be in the backs seat of a sonic commercial. the planet for dealing with covid-19 is to step it outside, but whoever is working the over there inviting ivan phil, i think they made it controversial problem in his campaign. he said if trump wants advice on the virus, i'll talk to him. he should have just shut up. he should have just stayed out of the way up because when trump takes him up on that, when trump and he talk and trump goes up in front of a press conference with and establishes some sort of collegial interchange it humanized him.
6:42 pm
i think if it gets into a debate with trump, it's over. he can't do that and he had a way to not do that playing that game where he would say i'd never step on a debate stage with donald trump, i would not normalize, i would not legitimize him. now that they've had that interchange brought about by biden, sad like to talk to him, i don't think you can dodge the first debate. i think he has to do it or he looks like he's a little afraid of him. and i'm telling you, if he steps out on the debate stage with donald trump on live television, they might as well send him out carrying and acme firecracker crate, because it's over, i don't care who is endorsing him at this point. >> sean: did you see biden in one of his basement disaster podcasts where he orchestrates the taking off of the aviators? am i on? let me take them off again. am i on? >> [laughs] listen, the problem was in the basement, the problem was they let him up on the porch and can i say something? that wasn't a -- that was not a
6:43 pm
streaming error there, that was actual real-time footage depicting how in ant is the basement, which is where you put all major appliances. his pilot light has gone on. i love the image of his wife going to the top of the basement steps and looking down and just seeing those two eyes down there and she says, "come on, joe, we are going to go run for leader of the free world." what's with the wife all the time? is she a spotter in case he has to pronounce hydroxychloroquine or something? i want to drop the pipe on his breathe hole or something? biden is -- listen, i know he's going to be their candidate for the president, but he's not all there. everybody knows it. they told him to wear a mask in public -- the guy is wearing an eye mask. that's how out of it he is, nothing down here. >> sean: when we come back, my exclusive and every with dallas hair salon owner who was briefly jailed for opening up our
6:44 pm
businesses, well, during the coronavirus lockdown. that's next, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> good evening and live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez in new york. the coronavirus death toll in the u.s. now nearing 100,000. according to johns hopkins coronavirus resource center, more than 90,000 americans have lost their lives to covid-19. another 1.6 million have tested positive. this memorial day we, authorities warn people to keep social distancing roles to avoid a resurgence. and while law-enforcement in several states spending their memorial day hunting a suspected killer. police a 23-year-old peter, university of connecticut sr. killed two men then abducted one of the victim's girlfriends. she was later found safe in new jersey. he was last spotted in pennsylvania. his family is now pleading for him to turn himself in tonight. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines, log on to ♪ >> sean: texas salon owner
6:50 pm
shelley luther gained national attention when she opened the doors to her business in spite of a local coronavirus lockdown order. she was given a seven day jail sentence, called selfish and find $7,000. she stood up to the judge and said, no, feeding my family is not selfish. here's my exclusive interview with shelley just hours after her release from jail. >> sean: shelley luther, thank god you're free, how are you doing? >> i'm doing a lot better now, thank you so much. >> sean: when the judge said to apologize, we had your boyfriend on last night, said it reminded me of william wallace in "braveheart." the prisoner would like to speak a word. you need to apologize -- what were you thinking when he said you need to apologize to the politicians? i was like, what! >> i don't -- i think he was referring to clay jenkins, you know, the county commissioner. if that was the last thing i was
6:51 pm
going to do, honestly, because the way that he has acted during this entire thing is just ridiculous, so i just couldn't. i couldn't bring myself to apologize. >> sean: i admire your courage, how is jail? i'm sure it wasn't pleasant. i heard this coronavirus in that jail. >> it's definitely not pleasant. but fortunately, i had a cell by myself. it had a recreation area that had under vegetables in there, t the worst thing was that i didn't get to call anybody when i got there the first night, been that's kind of scary because i have, you know, daughter that just turned 17 at home and if my boyfriend wasn't there too, you know, talk to her anything, i wouldn't have come home and she wouldn't have known where i was. >> sean: that's pretty scary. tell us why you decided to open and what measures for safety did
6:52 pm
you take? >> well, it wasn't -- we were shut down march 22nd, so it had been several weeks that, you know, the government was kind of telling us the money was coming and actually the dallas county judge -- clay jenkins kept pushing back the date of when we would open weeks out in advance before even hearing any new cummings of what was going on with masks or whatever and when he finally pushed back a final time, i just woke up one day and i said, i have to open, my stylists are calling me, they're not making their mortgage. i was -- right now i still not caught up, i'm two months behind on my mortgage. and my stylists were telling me that they wanted to -- you know, what you think if i go underground and go to people's houses and i just said that's not a good idea because we can't control the environment there. we don't know if it's been disinfected or anything like that and i just decided i would
6:53 pm
open to create a safe place for the stylists and to make sure that i wasn't the reason they weren't making money. >> sean: which i had heard you did. this thing is real, i'm in new york. i see this from a different perspective. when you open, where you all wearing masks, are you planning to wear masks? how do you plan on doing it? i was actually impressed, the nail salons, they have the plexiglas, everyone is in masks and gloves. you were using all of that i heard? >> we weren't using -- tried to use the gloves at first, that's kind of hard for the hairstylists. the male techs of course did. i had no plans waiting at all. i had chairs 6 feet apart outside of the salon so we had no one waiting and when a stylus was ready, wearing a mask course, we didn't let any
6:54 pm
clients come in without a mask. they instantly sanitized their hands. hairstylists sanitized their hands and they came in, they did the got that person left. >> sean: with a mask on. i understand. >> everybody had to wear a mask to come in. >> sean: how many people work for you? >> they don't work for me, but i usually have about 19 stylists in the time. >> sean: i'm going to make a donation to your shop. i want you and your workers to at least get over the hump, you can pass it on to our producers, i'm sorry you had to go through that. i'm glad you're free. and we are praying that everything can open safely soon and you showed a lot of courage. you're an inspiration. >> thank you so much. >> sean: we will have more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. ♪ too early... or too late.
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♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have for tonight. and before we go, i'd like to take a moment and remember all those brave men and women, we don't think enough about them. they fought, they bled, they died while serving this great country so we could all live free. we owe them a debt of gratitude we can never repay. that's all the time we have left this evening, we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode and let not your heart be troubled.
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the news continues right here on the fox news channel. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle." shutdown lockdown and onto recovery. we are approaching summer, so we wanted to use tonight to take a look back and find out how we got here. of course they're my commentary week after week during the initial shutdown on to where we are today. the virus started spreading in america primarily in new york and a stark warning followed, flawed models about how many are going to get sick how many would become hospitalized, even how many would die from covid-19. along the way, i questioned the conventional wisdom surrounding the numbers driving the very draconian policies that would come