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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 7, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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big brother we are told. congratulations to kim and her family. carley: look at those little rolls. so cute. congratulations, kim. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on over ♪ come on in. steve: live from new york city, it is 6:00 on, this the 7th day of the 7th month of 2020. look up 6th avenue we have a little more traffic than that, it is an early morning here in new york city, which still a lot of people aren't at work but here we are live from the big room at the fox news world headquarters. ainsley and brian, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning to you, steve. good morning to you, brian. thanks so much for all of you for watching at home. brian?
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brian: i would say this, shania twain i have never heard that song from her before but i would know she would sing. i'm convinced it is her. where are the people on 6th avenue. that's light. i thought we were supposed to be getting more people back to work? what's going on? did everyone hit snooze today? steve: maybe. brian: we are up early today. let's talk about what's happening in georgia because the governor is taking action. steve: he is. after a lawless weekend of 30 shootings down in the atlanta area and five people killed and the ransacking of the highway patrol, the headquarters of the georgia state patrol, they called out the national guard. yesterday, governor brian kemp, a republican, put out this particular statement, and he said this: peaceful protests hijacked by criminals with a dangerous destructive agenda. now innocent georgians are being targeted, shot and left for dead. this lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city.
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i have called a state of emergency and called up the georgia national guard because of the safety of our citizens always comes first. this measure will allow troops to protect state property and dispatch state law enforcement officers to patrol our streets. enough with the tough talk. we must protect the lives and livelihoods of all of georgians. so, he has dispatched the troops to the capital building. the governor's mansion and department of public safety, which on sunday, several dozen people armed with rocks, spray paint and fireworks broke windows and tried to set the building on fire. ainsley. ainsley: he ordered the occupied wendy's where rayshard brooks was killed cleared out. the 8-year-old little girl was killed right across the street from that wendy's. >> enough is enough. 31 shootings, five killed over the fourth of july weekend. not just in the atlanta area and georgia area. up here in the bronx a man was shot dead. did y'all see that video.
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guy crossing the street holding his 6-year-old daughter's hand. a man comes up in a car a passenger rolls down the window and shoots the guy dead in front of his 6-year-old. in queens a 4-year-old boy hit several times by bullets. in new york city we are seeing our crime is just skyrocketing. fourth of july weekend 40 shot, 10 killed. d.c., 11-year-old boy was leaving a cookout his mom as organized. left to get his ear buds and phone charger. five guys firing shots at each other. one of them hits him. he was a star football player. he wanted to go pro. and he is dead. six kids ages 6 to 14 years old, brian killed the fourth of july weekend. brian: situation where atlanta they are taking action. new york, you have a governor who is above it all and mayor not qualified to do his job or he is enjoying. this when asked about the rise in violence, when you have burglary up 51%. when you have 130% increase in
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shootings, when you have a murder rate that's up 35%. when asked about it, he said it's pretty muchs pandemic. are you kidding me? it's your redick columbus bail policy which makes it impossible to hold people. ainsley: and defunding. brian: compassionate release from rikers island prison where people don't deserve to be out of prison. protests go crazy and you diminish the cops. in terms of what mayor lightfoot is doing in chicago with the numbers an embarrassment to the country that's been the case for the last 10 years, especially now, she claims to think it is more sexism from the president and healthcare. listen to these mayors trying to explain themselves out of this. >> we also saw too much violence this weekend. and this is something that we have a lot of work to do to address. and it's directly related to all the dislocation that's happened over these last four months with the coronavirus. getting moo warmer and warmer
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weather and feeling the effects of people being couped up for months and the economy, obviously, has not re-started to anywhere the extent we need it to. there is a lot less for people to do. we have a real problem here. >> all these forces are coming together at the same time and making it very difficult. the ecosystem of public safety that isn't just law enforcement but is local, community based, they too have really been hit hard by covid. brian: are you killed me? please don't tell me you buy that here is the editorial from the "new york post." it's on the cover and essentially says bill do something. smaller it says dave do something. david continue constituency was overwhelmed by the position and unable to get crime under control. they had to combine people like rudy giuliani with commissioner bratton. kerik. they drove down and made this one of the safest cities in the world. now everything has turned on its
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head. you have a situation where new york is going up in flames. and the mayor expects us to buy the fact that it's because of the pandemic while the governor hesitate yeah, that mayor is really bad. will the governor take responsibility for anything? not for the nursing home situation? he did an investigation on himself. it turns out that he blame-free not for what's going on in the city. he takes a step back from everything. steve: it is interesting though. and, brian, in the flashback, bill do something, they do something, when you look at history, crime was completely out of control when david continue constituency was elected. ainsley: 30 years ago. steve: yeah. 30 years ago. he ran on i'm going to be the toughest mayor in new york. things spiraled out of control. commission and took recommendations. he took a year to institute hiring an additional 6,000 cops and also starting the safe
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cities program. ultimately he lost his re-election. we wound up with ray kelly and all sorts of, you know, the they instituted all sorts of things to make the streets safer. so now, fast forward to 2020, the 7th day of the 7th month and things are spiraling out of control. one of the problems was just in the last month or so what they did was got rid of the anticrime unit, so the ne "new york post" makes a bunch of suggestions you have got to reverse that you have got to end the covid compassionate jail releases. you have got to fix the no bail law. community leaders and politicians need to be clear that resisting arrest, taunting police is unacceptable. they say the defund movement has become a bi word for delegitimizing. it's commission for people to ignore antagonize entice police. that's where we're on this tuesday morning. here is the commissioner of new york city police department der
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mitt shay and and he is slamming new york city policies for the shooting. just exactly what we were talking about saddest part this has been predictable. you heard me say a storm was coming. pat. we are in the middle of it right now and perfect storm of sorts with the liker's population about half. where is the other half. we transferred them to the streets of new york city. and it's extremely frustrating. what we need is support and that's in short supply. we need tools, we need laws that make sense. and then we need resource. those three things and we can turn this around quickly. steve: clearly he is frustrated. you were watching the white house press briefing yesterday, kayleigh mcenany was
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frustrated as well. at one point at the conclusion she said -- i'm going to paraphrase. i cannot believe of all the reporters in this room you asked me a dozen questions about the confederate flag and nobody asked me a single question about these weekend shootings. crime shut off control in certain sectors, ainsley, and for some reason, a lot of people are not talking about it. ainsley: well, people asked for this. this is what they wanted. they wanted chop zones police-free zones. if you got arrested. you don't have to pay bail. go out on the street and commit more crimes. if you had covid in the jail or they were worried about covid in the jail so they let plirchs out. they were pouring water on the cops right out on the street. steve: buckets. ainsley: police officers turning their backs on bill de blasio not too long ago and we this situation. and bill de blasio blossomgameing it all on covid. there are consequences to. this little kids are dying on our streets.
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because they are getting caught in the crosshairs of these bullets. >> the grandfather of that devon in d.c. we need police. crime is getting worse. you have less police officers, who is going to come when there is a need for police services? brian: i would like to add, too. steve: what did donald trump too? he offered the services of the national guard to anybody who needed them to feel safe. ainsley: they make it political. this is not a time for politics. this is the time for the president. he is offering extra help. these mayors need to take the extra help. brian kemp says because the narrowing is come in. now my police officers can go out on the roads and communities. they don't have to guard of the capitol. they don't have to guard police. steve: it's about priorities. ainsley: exactly. brian: just to add the key is the democratic mayor is getting along with the republican governor. you have a democratic mayor in new york and a governor that refuses to take any action at all and a mayor and governor who don't get along even though they are in the same party. that's why people are dying,
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shootings are going up. ainsley: you are talking about georgia and atlanta area? brian: you have a republican governor getting along with a democratic mayor who happens to test positive with the coronavirus. here you have two democrats who don't speak to each other and speak to each other and we are in the crosshairs. steve: so anyway, a lot going on on this tuesday morning it. is 6:11 now and carley shimkus has got the headline duties and she starts down in texas. carley: that's right. we will start here with a fox news alert. a texas deputy constable recovering in the hospital this morning after he was shot near houston. harris county constable mark herman says deputy christopher henriks was shot with a suspect by a rifle. that suspect is dead. posted this photo hendrix family at the hospitals as he underwent surgery. is he now in stable condition and will make a full recovery. coronavirus caves are on the rise and now 32 states but now one doctor is trying to reassure
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the country about the spike. >> it's not a time to panic. it's not a high risk disease for people under 70. it is certainly not a high risk for disease for people under 30 or 40 who almost all recover. we have to look at that. carley: as just mentioned atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms posted positive on twitter saying she had know symptoms. tate reeves is isolating at home as he awaits test results. the governor says he came into contact with a state lawmaker who tested positive for the virus. lawmakers in new jersey will divide which democrat are l. take on jack van drew this fall. the democrat turned republican is one of two items to break ranks and vote against articles of impeachment for president trump. five democrats are vying for the nomination. it's also primary day in delaware. voters in joe biden's home state will decide whether or not they back the former vice president.
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meantime the country world is mourning the loss of the legendary charlie daniels ♪ ♪ rising sun ♪ will. carley: the grand ole opry member died from a stroke in tennessee. fans lining the streets as police escorted his body to a funeral home. tributes from fellow artists have been pouring. in dolly parton tweeting the devil went down to georgia but charlie went straight to heaven. luke colmes hosting the flag is flying at half mast today. rest in peace, charlie daniels. he was 83 years old and a regular member of our summer con sitter series and will be so missed. brian: just a guest, too. he was on all the time as a guest because one of his main
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passion was celebrities -- excuse me were soldiers. ainsley: he performed at the white house super bowl. went to the middle east, performed for our troops. he was such a rock star and this is old, old traditional country music. he is so loved, especially all around the world but down in the south they love him because it's old school country music. he was so nice to us. every time he was here he was basically part of the family. watch this. >> it's so cool ton standing next to this famous, famous celebrity. steve: he is a legend. pete: can't get better. steve: ladies and gentlemen, charlie daniels today. brian: pouring rain you packed the place anyway. steve: charlie have you been one of the best friends to "fox & friends." >> retire sit around in the living room and play guitar. >> god blessed me for almost 60 years to let me do what i want to do for a living. steve: you are somebody who loves politics. you are a businessman advocating for our veterans for years. >> trying to help our vets as
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much as we can the need is incredibly large right now. two things protect the united states. it's the grace of god and the united states military. steve: charlie daniels is our all-american summer concert series performer with southern boy. brian: you were a redneck. >> i will be bare your tonight. steve: kissing my baby goodbye. ainsley: the devil went down to georgia. i understand it's the 40th anniversary of that song. ♪ thought devil went down to georgia ♪ seeking for a soul to kill ♪ looking for a deal ♪ my name is johnny ♪ and it might be a sin ♪ i'm going to take that ♪ i'm the best there's ever been ♪ mountain run boy run ♪ devil rising sun ♪ chicken picking out dough. ♪
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steve: that is something. before i came down, i looked on my shelves in my office, and there is a hat, a charlie daniels hat that he gave me years ago. he has been coming on the show for over 20 years. a member of the hall of fame, country hall of fame. he was the son of a lumberjack who actually played the fiddle and the guitar. but you didn't realize this charlie daniels played on three of bob dylan's albums. ringo starr and leonard cohen. in 1977 jimmy carter invited the charlie daniels band to perform at his inaugural. over the years he became a little more political and more conservative. he wrote in america which was in response to the iran hostage crisis. and in 2003, he published an open letter to the hollywood bunch in defense of george w. bush's iraq policy. brian: one thing about him, he was all about the men and women who fight. he was still fighting for them until his last day. i asked him, too.
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about the coronavirus are you worried? he said no. i never leave my farm i have nothing to worry about. i also asked him what do you think about new country? he said i don't like it at all. he liked the old country best. charlie daniels passed away at the age of 83. we're back in a moment. i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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apes ainsley another deadly weekend in chicago. police say 87 shot and 17 killed. 12 shooting victims were minors. two of the children 7-year-old natalia wallace and 14-year-old vernando jones died from injuries. next guest went to the scene victim's advocate and founder of
3:22 am
resources. pastor donovan pryce. he joins us now. good morning, dr. pryce. >> good morning. ainsley: what did you find when you went to the scene that little girl was at her grandmother's house playing on the sidewalk. it was a 4th of july celebration and she was killed. >> absolutely. and that's something that, you know, we can all relate to is plays at grandma's house. fourth of july holiday from what i understand there were lots of kids out there playing the yard was packed with kids and gunfire unfortunately erupted. ainsley: i know on june 27th you were on our show after june 27th. i remember steve interviewed you because you talked about going to visit with the gaston family they lost 20-month-old child. mom in the car driving with her little child. look how precious he is sitting in his car seat and shots fire out at the laundry matt while leaving. little one will never graduate or have a wedding. generations are affected.
3:23 am
what was that like when you visit with that mom and what are some solutions? >> utter chaos, of course. and sadness, grief beyond grief. some of the worst things you could ever imagine a mother losing her child. blood all other the mother. got blood on me. she herself had a graze wound to her head. since then a 3-year-old i worked with who was shot as well. solutions are many. perhaps as many solutions are needed as there are people with problems, which is the entire city. so, i think the solutions not addressed yet because they are too ugly and scary for people to look in the face and address even. ainsley: i know in new york city we are seeing crime go up. crime was -- we had different leaders in office here in new york and crime went down. now we are back where we were 30 years ago and people are outraged. we have reasons for it. because i live here.
3:24 am
i know what those reasons are what are the reasons in chicago? we continuously report on crime there. >> well, you can say that there are a million reasons and there surely are a million reasons from poverty, from hopelessness, from lack of love. it could be parenting. from agendas. on the political level. things of that nature from guns running rampant on the streets drugs, gangs. ainsley: from a christian perspective as a pastor what do we do? i remember when jesus was on the cross he said god why have you forsaken me. many people feel like i know god is still there what's a christian perspective? what's a message for our country. >> message for our country if you are a praying person now is the time to pray. prayer always comes with action. churches getting out of the walls. realizing that you still got --
3:25 am
you still got the to reach the lost. the original message just like in basketball they say sometimes have you got to go back to the basics. now we have got to pray and hit the streets. we have got to care for each other realizing that these children that die are our children. surely they maybe somebody else's child but they are our children. they are -- it's our block. every block. we have to take back our cities. ainsley: that's right. thank you so much, pastor, for being with us. solutions and if you want more information it's a wonderful organization. god bless you. thank you for being with us. >> god bless you, thank you. ainsley: florida's governor ron desantis pushing back on calls reopening. >> you can have society function in a way that keeps people safe. still want people going to work but do it in a way that you take basic precautions. ainsley: what's the right balance? dr. marc siegel is on deck.
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steve: it is exactly 6:30 here in no new york city on tuesday d headlines now. the department of homeland security is considering its options after appeals court ruling the court blocking a trump administration policy denying asylum to refugees. it would not allow asylum-seeking -- rather, asylum seekers coming to the country to enter the united states. the supreme court could take up the case next year. we will keep you posted. house democrats unveiled two bills aimed at stopping the border wall. the first would prevent any military money from being used to pay for construction other would block dhs funding for the law. brian: nonstarter. florida governor ron desantis insisting he will not roll back
3:31 am
measures to reopen. >> the legislative is you can -- we have to have society function. you can have society function in a way that keeps people safe. we still want people going to work but do it in a way that you take some basic precautions to keep people working. keep society functioning and combat it that way. brian: so what is the right balance? here to weigh in is fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel doctor siegel, does governor desantis have it right? >> yes. brian. i think he does. i think it's inspiring. it's what i call laser or a surgical approach to this problem. what is the problem? we are seeing a lot of younger people congregating together at beaches and bars. what is governor desantis and governor abbott of texas? they close the bars. they limit indoor dining. do you know what's happening? too early to be sure that i'm right, yesterday the number of new cases in florida was down to 6,000 which is dropping. the case numbers have doubled over the past few weeks.
3:32 am
i'm seeing a decreasing in trends yesterday. 47 deaths. that's -- deaths are extremely low. in the state of florida and around the country. i think his main point here, brian, is if he doesn't take that approach and ends up rolling everything back, then the collateral damage is enormous there is a reason people are trying to break the bonds of the lockdowns because of all the economic psychological and emotional and physical effects of this. medical and depression. all of these things and economic. huge costs. brian: i'm looking at dr. scott atlas of the hoover institute. he says the chances of people over 70 years old of surviving the i fatality rate is .04%. 99.6% chance you will survive. stop focusing on the cases. >> i agree with that completely brian. let's also point out according to recent statistics out of cdc,
3:33 am
if you are under 44 years old, your chances of 3.9% of all the deaths are under the age of 44. so we are talking about protecting people in nursing homes, which governor desantis has been thinking about. protecting people with pre-existing conditions. people who are obese. people who have chronic problems. lung and heart problems. we need to protect those people. but the spread among the young is not what is reading to the deaths or the hospitalizations. brian: so we have about four months or three months to get ready for school depending on the state you are in. new york, cases plummeting and things reopen. we cannot get a commitment to open up schools from the governor. listen. >> there has been no decision yet as to whether or not we are reopening schools. we want kids back in school for a number of reasons. but, we are not going to say children should go back to school until we know it's safe. in the meantime, i'm telling all school districts to come up with
3:34 am
a reopening plan. brian: good, come up with a reopening plan. doctor, from what you know about the coronavirus with the right consultation, should every school be able to open? >> yes, brian. absolutely. it shouldn't even be a question at this point. brian: yes. >> look, as a physician, i'm on the front lines, what about teachers? the risk to teachers is so much lower than it is to doctors. this is a service pro-possession. most of them if they were asked would say i want to teach. it's so limited online teaches. there is so much loss especially among our young. we need the schools to open. the risks will be very low in new york. elsewhere as well. mild cases among the very young. very few in new york. and the teachers can be protected and they want to teach. we must reopen schools. brian: you cannot put a second and first grader on a laptop for a year and not see huge decline. it's impossible for the parents to go back to work. it's impossible for the kids to make progress.
3:35 am
this is what these people are in power for. make it work. use health professionals. get it done. not getting it done is not an answer. >> there's no question about that. there this is not a question mark. the amount of destruction to society if we continue to do this to our children is devastating. as you said, online learning, you need to get together and learn. let's teach children in schools about social distancing, about taking precautions. that's what they should be teaching in schools. brian: yep. >> that's hugely important. take to have the table, open new york schools. brian: not against opening up schools. you will offer your services to consult with anybody. because you have so much free time. dr. siegel, thank you so much. coming up straight ahead. the supreme court ruling states must back the popular winner their elections. so what does that mean for november?
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judge napolitano is on the case but not wearing a tie. ♪ bum-bum ♪
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for over 100 years, realtors® have been providing expert guidance, helping people find new places to dream and thrive. when you're ready... look for the r. brian: welcome back. another landmark ruling on the supreme court. justices upholding state laws requiring electorrers to back the winning candidate in the state's race. why is this a thing? steve: there is going to be an election in the first tuesday of november, brian. this was a bone of contention for some. we call in judge andrew napolitano. in the past, lower courts have split on their and, in fact, one had said the constitution envisioned electricitiers shoule
3:41 am
able to vote their conscious. it's a victory that the rule of law all the justices said electors cannot go rogue. >> electors cannot go rogue in states that prohibit them from going rogue. where the states are silent the electors can vote for whoever they want. i know this sounds a little confusing. as we all know from 2016 and even in 2,000, the american public does not directly elect the president. the voters choose electors from the states. each state has the same number of electors as it does members of congress. so, if you have 35 members of congress, you have 37 elect torres, 35 members not house plus two in the senate. we know from bush vs. gore the dispute between then vice president gore and texas governor george bush in 2,000 that the states can decide how
3:42 am
they want their electors to be chosen. stated differently, and brian knows this from his work on american history. for the first 40 years of the country there were no popular elections. the state chose their electors through various means of smaller conventions and input by the state legislature. so if a state says to electors you shall vote the way the popular vote goes in our state. they must do it. if the state says to electors you shall vote the way the popular vote goes in the nation, they must do it. the latter is what some of the states are going to try and pull off this next time it remains to be seen if they do it. ainsley: kids are being killed all over the country on the fourth of july weekend. and our mayor here in new york mayor de blasio says the coronavirus is the reason for a lot of the violence going on answered also is blaming the
3:43 am
court system. listen to what he said. >> over my point of view the most central issue that happened over the weekend is the fact that the court system is not functioning. when our police effectuate an arrest, they don't have the same follow through they are used to seeing from the court system. ainsley: well, the court system spokesman was upset about that and basically said to the mayor you need to look in the mirror. he released in statement the mayor is blaming the courts for the recent spike in violence in new york city is absurd. pa tently false and ridiculous. the courts have operated continuously operating throughout the pandemic. arraigning defendants, holding hundreds of hearings and conferencing thousands of cases. he should be looking in the mirror not gazing out a window. what do you think as a judge? >> i think it would be better if de blasio remain silent.
3:44 am
this is absurd. he is the fault for many of these problems. his anti-police attitude, his defunding not totally but substantially defunding the police department, his pushing for this horrific absurd bail system that we have in new york. these are all typical left wing liberal mantras that have resulted in the horrific spike in crime over the weekend. i have been complaining for two weeks and we -- go ahead, brian. brian: judge, if you are the police commissioner iewnsd know everything you just said is true, how do you keep your job and restore order? is it possible? >> i don't think it is. when you have a mayor like bill de blasio in new york and the mayor forgive me i'm forgetting her name in seattle. the police have a moral obligation to do their jobs even if the politicians that are their bosses tell them not to.
3:45 am
i have said this before i will say it again. the police in seattle should have defied the mayor and protected life and protected property in that six square block area of seattle. and the police commissioner in the city of new york will probably lose his job but he will do the right thing and he will save life and save property and go down in history as the person that did the right thing he might spark a public movement for the police to do the right thing when mayors find political support amongst the class of people who want to get rid of police. then they handcuff the police. the police should be immune from that kind of handcuffing. otherwise, you will call 911 and no one will answer. brian: which is exactly the add donald trump is running. steve: should not be politics in policing just shouldn't because look what happened. judge, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> all the best, guys. brian: without a tie.
3:46 am
steve: 14 minutes now. carley shimkus is with us and she has news from maryland. carley: illegal immigrants accuse of rape is released from custody in maryland despite a detain from her ice. police arrested the el salvador national june 19th. county officials to hold him when he is released until they can pick him up. but the montgomery county detention center only alerted ice as they released him. the county passed a policy last year predicting ice from accessing its jails. new york officials admitting they release more than 6,000 covid-19 fashts into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. it was part of governor andrew cuomo's policy requiring the homes to accept them. that policy has since been scrapped. cuomo's administration is still denying responsibility. they are blaming staffers that kept working without knowing they were infected more than
3:47 am
6400 people have died from the virus in state nursing homes. garth brooks and trisha yearwood are in quarantine after possibly be exposed to covid-19. the couple says someone in their camp came into contact with the virus. they will be isolating two weeks as a precaution. they are postponing tonight's facebook live concert. those concerts are so popular. >> both country stars are said to be doing just fine. a huge fish pulls two men off a boat in what they are calling the unforgettable fishing miracle. watch this. the fishermen reigle in the 450 grouper suddenly pulled over the boat's side losing rod. they were able to get it back but the fish kept fighting.
3:48 am
that's the real moment there this time another fisherman gets pulled in. he managed to hang on. they eventually brought the fish up and later released it. >> who knew grouper were that big. brian: you released it? carley: so tasty. that's 450 pounds of yum. steve: that's a lot of grouper. ainsley: hand it over to janis she is back. hey, j.d. >> good morning. feels like summertime for those enjoying a week off. '70s across the east coast. we have a couple of 80's it. is cool over the northwest as we have an area of low pressure and potential for showers and thunderstorms. some of those storms could turn severe. so we in this warning area across the northern rockies and in towards the northern plains where we could see the potential for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. an area of low pressure acontrols southeast is going to bring widely scattered thunderstorms and the potential
3:49 am
as it moves eastward offshore to develop over the next couple of days, perhaps into something tropical. so we'll keep you posted regardless if it develops or gets a name. we are going to see heavy rainfall along the southeast coast line in towards the southeast as well. all right. steve, ainsley, and brian. back to you. brian: all right. janis. we will talk to you soon. meanwhile joe biden's campaign has a new strategy to connect with voters. holding live chats with celebrities on instagram. but, will this work? we will discuss it next. the music will come up and we will go to break. ♪ i need you to need me ♪ i love you to love me ♪ i beg of you to beg me ♪ the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together.
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because missing menb vaccination could mean missing out on a whole lot more. ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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>> go out and vote for hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. >> i'm with her. >> i'm with her because she is the most qualified person to hear all of our needs. >> i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states miss hillary clinton. steve: there you have a bunch of celebrities back in 2016 talking about how hillary clinton should be the president of the united states. didn't work out so well for hillary clinton. meanwhile, joe biden now launching the #team joe talks initiative on instagram. enlisting more hollywood celebrities to hold live chats
3:54 am
on instagram. will this work this time? here to react keith ellison bolar senior policy analyst for the independent women's forum. chelsea, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what do you think? it didn't work for hillary last time will it work for joe this time? >> i highly doubt it. look, celebrities were working hard to get the first female president elected in 2016 and americans rejected the idea that they need hollywood elites to tell them how to think how to think and who to vote for makes me wonder why things would be different this time around when democrats are working to elect an old white man that really doesn't fit the identity politics agenda that democrats are peddling, so i would actually expect this initiative not to go far particularly because joe biden is not participating in any of these interviews with friendly
3:55 am
celebrities. he can't face the media, it seems he can't even face friendly celebrities who are trying to get him elected? steve: kelsey, it is brilliant strategy because joe biden is letting somebody else do the talking because as we know over the last year otwo joe has made a lot of gaffes. we all do the one a week or two about about 120 million people i doing of covid, those are embarrassing things that you don't want out there. being. >> we know democrats from the top have wanted to keep joe biden in his basement not facing the media. not even facing the friendly media and now not facing celebrities. might be a good campaign strategy to keep him in the basement i'm not sure what that says for the democratic nominee for president of the united states that he can't even have a conversation with celebrities
3:56 am
trying to lecture the american public how to think and who to vote for. steve: result mastly the question becomes then as joe biden rolls this out do people who want to know who to vote for president actually listen to brits to them them what's best for the country. kelsey bolar, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you. steve: all right. well, we're coming up on 7:00 here in the east. and, look in the next hour or so we have dan bongino, joey jones and you, you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ ♪ should i stay or should guy now. you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: well, good morning to you. if you are just waking up. steve is drinking his coffee. it's 7:00. steve you have got two more hours to go. >> it is 7:00 on the 7th day in the 7th month of 2020. ainsley: i love it. steve: that's a lot of sevens. brian: every time i hear cold play decoupling gwyneth paltrow had with the lead singer. i can't believe he married him. is he like my brother. steve: that's what you think of? brian: i do. i have a music background
4:01 am
because i was old junior high clarinet player i feel like i have something in common with musicians. steve: i'm sure you have a lovely okaloveombisher a. ainsley: soak. brian: they wanted me to bring it home: the president really wants schools to open up in the fall as all moms and dads would like that, too. we want to do it safely. also, down in georgia, you have the president has said i will send in troops. i will send in the national guard. i will help you any way i can. but i'm not going in unless you ask me to come in. so, down in georgia, the governor sea republican. brian: kemp. he has accepted that offer and signed executive order saying there is an emergency and deploying national guard troops.
4:02 am
peaceful hijacked by dangerousive agenda. now georgians are being targeted, shot, and left for dead. this lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city. i have declared a safety emergency and called up the national guard because the safety of our citizens comes first. this measure will allow troops to protect state property and dispatch state law enforcement officers to patrol our streets. enough with the tough talk. we must protect the lives and livelihoods of all georgians. keep in mind in atlanta fourth of july weekend 31 shot, five were killed and, steve, that little 8-year-old girl was killed when she is with her mom and mom's friend. the governor saying enough is enough. steve: ever since rayshard brooks was killed in that police-involved shooting a couple of weeks ago, the wendy's has become the epicenter of protest. and for the most part they have
4:03 am
allowed the protesters to take over wengsdy's that was burned out. that's how that little baby's life ended. the mayor bottoms down there asked the residents to stop the violence think about this since may 31st down there 93 have been shot since the protests first started. the mayor ses said this random wild, wild west shoot them up because you can has got to stop, it has to stop, she said. no one knows that better than the families impacted by these gun violence tragedies. the grandfather of 11-year-old killed by a stray bullet in washington, d.c. in the last week or so he appeared on "the story" last night right here on the channel and had this to say about the gun violence that is sweeping the nation. >> you have a lot of people that
4:04 am
just do not value life at this time. we still need more organizations, more of us when i say us. people in the black community to start going in to the communities and talking to people people feel if they have a dispute the only way to handle it is with gun violence. we are going to go after the police officers when they hurt someone that look like me, we need to go after the people that look like me that hurt people that look like me. we can't take money from the police department why need the police. you take the police we wind up having less police officers, it's not going to work. the crime is going to get worse. that is the worry. and that little boy died on the fourth of july. brian: push back in minneapolis too about defunding the police that was the pirntsd where it all started george floyd lost his life.
4:05 am
let's defund the political science they are terrible. push back saying excuse me, have you asked us we don't want to defund the police we want it to work for everybody. nowhere is it worse than new york maybe 30r8d where get this they have had 40 state days of unrest. violent protests in portland featured machetes and explosives. what is going on? why is that not a headline? in new york, crime is up -- shootings are up 130%. burglaries are up 51%. you have deaths are up 60%. so, nothing really going well on the crime fronts when you start diminishing police as well as these policemen and women have this thing called pride in their work and they are being told they are doing a terrible job and they're the enemy and they are not getting paid a ton of money and cutting back their overtime and cutting back their numbers. so they are saying maybe, you know, it's time to exercise my sick days. it's time exercise my vacation days and time for me to stop caring as much. i'm not saying it's happenings
4:06 am
but i wouldn't blame them in it is. >> ainsley: not to mention chicago, too, brian president trump's fault. mayor says sexist attack liberal females the president is attacking. no, you happen to be presiding over a city much like the guy you replaced rahm emanuel that is totally out of control and the people of chicago can't live a normal life because you won't crack down on the criminals in their midst. >> there are real life consequences to what is hang. this is leading to lawlessness there are consequences. we need to hold these leaders accountable. we need to do something about this. we need to work together. democrats and republicans because we are all-americans. all right. let's talk about coronavirus. the president wants to open up schools. the president and first lady are going to participate in a national discussion on safely reopening america's schools this fall. steve: not all states are ready to take that plunge reopening in
4:07 am
the fall. brian: including the one we are. in mark meredith joins us from the house with a back-to-school battle plan. mark? >> brian, good morning to you. plenty of kids may not be ready to go back but i'm sure plenty of parents really are the question though that not only the president but the whole country faces with the virus still lingering on whether or not it will be safe for schools to reopen a little bit later on. later today the president and the first lady, they are going to be hosting a dialogue on safely reopening america's schools. the white house has not yet said exactly hot president will be hearing from. but the president has sure made it clear what he wants to see happen as he tweet this weekend in all caps, quote. schools must open in the fall. at least 39 states have started to release some form of guidance for reopening. we heard from new york governor andrew cuomo on monday. >> want kids back in school for a number of reasons. but, we're not going to say children should go back to school until we know it's safe. in the meantime, i'm telling all school districts to come up with
4:08 am
a reopening plan. >> the white house says, of course, it's concerned with the health aspect of all of this. they are also concerned about the social and mental health of kids if they don't go back to school. steve, ainsley and brian, get a much better idea where we stand when we hear from the president and first later on today. back to you guys. steve: we will indeed. mark meredith from the white house. thank you very much. the state of florida is going to reopen their schools in august. i'm sure a lot of people are happy about that. but you hear in the news all these stories about how the coronavirus cases are spiking down in florida. but when you look at the incidence of hospitalizations, and also deaths, that's a different story. ron desantis said yesterday. he also said that the number of people in the hospital with covid is deceptive because apparently a lot of people are going in for a broken leg or they are going in to deliver a baby, and they are tested for
4:09 am
covid and they go oh, have you got covid, we have got to put new isolation. and so they wind up really putting the strain on the healthcare system even though they are asymptomatic. they don't have any symptoms but because they tested positively, they have got it keep them in the hospital. so that's why the numbers are going up there, he said he is asking the feds for help. nonetheless, he says you have got to have society function going forward. we can't shut everything down. he said that in america's friendliest hometown of the villages yesterday. >> we have to have society function. you can have society function in a way that keeps people safe. here's the thing you see where the virus is spreading and the age groups it is spreading. in we need to protect the vulnerable and folks in the at risk age groups. people with co-morbidities, but the broader part of society, you know, doing the moderate social
4:10 am
distancing doing the basic things will go a long way. we need to keep people working. keep society functioning. and combat it that way. seems like a reasonable approach. miami hot bed down in florida. they decided to close the gyms and restaurants again can you go and pick up takeout you can't go sit in the restaurant because the numbers are starting to group. not a blanket statement. people moving out and moving to florida tax reasons the leaders there are a little bit more reasonable there. steve: don't forget the weather. ainsley: that's true. we have someone in my daughter's class already moved. my best friend here in the city moving to connecticut. she just bought a house and enrolled her son in school there i have another friend in our school that moved counsel to florida.
4:11 am
they enrolled their kids down in palm beach. another friend moving to the other coast of florida down in the naples area. steve: are we the only three left in new york. ainsley: i know. it's happening. whether a are the stats on that? how many people? steve: it is substantial. real estate aggregators people are looking at properties out of big places that have been hot beds. ainsley, you were about to cue up dr. siegel. >> dr. siegel was on our show earlier and he said governor desantis is taking the right approach. listen to this. >> if he doesn't take that approach and ends up rolling everything back. the collateral damage is enormous. we are seeing a lot of younger people congregating together at beaches and bars. what is governor desantis and governor abbott doing? they close the bars and limit indoor dining. talking about protecting people in nursing homes. which is governor desantis has been thinking about protecting people with pre-existing conditions. we need to protect those people. the spread among the young is not what is leading to the deaths or hospitalizations.
4:12 am
>> that is what you should be trying to do. trying to open up schools, not sitting back and saying well, we will see what happens. and that's why people need to be proactive in taking responsibility for what they are doing in particular looking at the anybody's going up and getting alarmed by it. the hoover institute says i think we are looking at the wrong number. watch. >> what we are doing wrong is we have the wrong people in charge of our states. because they don't seem to understand it's not the superficial analysis that counts. and we need to communicate to people what the facts are. it's not a time to panic. it's not a high risk disease for people under 70. it certainly is not a high risk disease for people under 30 or 40 who almost all recover. so we have to look at that and what correlates to the new cases if it's from social mingling is the large protests that were in these large cities. somehow that goes unspoken.
4:13 am
it's not the guy getting his hair cut in the barbershop that created all these thousands of cases. that's ridiculous. brian: what drives people nuts is when you tell us the protests weren't a problem. when you tell us you can't get a hair cut or massage at the same time you say i understand why people have to protest and destroy property, that makes no sense. people don't accept it. also, when you look at a situation in new york where things are reopening now. and the numbers are going down. do you know in suffolk county people around the country think about the hamptons and other places that are middle to lower income zero deaths. in analysis saw county, single digits, everything is opening up. there is indoor dining. there might be something to this get this blowing through. maybe there is something going on in europe. >> the numbers are going down right now. they start spiking is it because they are lack of discipline or
4:14 am
does the virus have a say in this? brian: because, brian, i think it's because the media are reporting the number of cases. it's not the number of deaths or hospitalizations there is editorial in the "new york post." the daily number of deaths have actually been declining for the last two months. in april, the 21st day. average death 2225 deaths. 500, which is terrible. about this time of year, 1400 people die in nursing homes every day. according to the post and it says hospitalizations are cause for concern in only a couple of states but other than icus in arizona and small parts of texas, the hospital situation is nowhere near a crisis. there is nowhere where a person cannot get a hop bed the "new york post" is reporting on their op-ed page.
4:15 am
>> they are worried about tampa, florida. steve: where people have been denied beds? brian: no, getting close to capacity in tampa, florida. but thflorida. steve: but the point is nobody has been denied a bed so far not to that point. some of the numbers. brian: we have to shift should e a ship should that happen. steve: we have two of them. carley joins us from the mezzanine level. carley: today the ohio police officer shot and killed in a home depot parking lot will be laid to rest. a private memorial will be held this morning for 26-year-old anthony dia. the community is being asked to line the streets for a procession after the service. dia was killed responding to a call of an intoxicated man on saturday. he leaves behind a wife and two children. ghislaine maxwell epstein's former girlfriend and associate is federal prison set to be
4:16 am
arraigned next tuesday. helping to recruit girls for epstein to abuse. prosecutors urging no bail say she go extreme flight risk. overnight secretary of state mike pompeo hinting the trump administration may soon crack down on tiktok. >> shouldn't would he be considering a ban on chinese social media apps, especially tiktok. >> we are certainly looking at it. we worked on this issue very a very lock time. >> would you recommend people download app. on phone. >> only if you want your information in the chinese communist party? >> accused of propaganda and information directly to china. the developer has denied the allegations. a huge surprise for a korean war veteran on his 90th birthday. [bagpipes]
4:17 am
officers with a dr. ba bagpipes national guard all for dennis ready jr. >> i'm overwhelmed. i really didn't expect this i don't deserve it i just wish my wife was here. >> he joined the army at 15 years old. 15 years old, wow. he was a boston police officer for more than 30 years. that is patriotism like you don't see these days. steve: how do you join the army at 15. brian: you lie about your age. carley: maybe you did. brian: make sure you don't have flat feet. ainsley: and good eyes. he misses his wife. that is so sweet. 17 minutes after the top of the hour. new york city is in phase 3 indoor dining still not allowed. one restaurant on or about who has indoor dining says that's a huge mistake and is going to join us next.
4:18 am
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4:22 am
steve: welcome back to new york city. this is actually the once the epicenter of the pandemic has now moved into phase three of reopening. but it will still not allow indoor dining. our next guest owns a restaurant a number of miles from here on long island in new york and says his business is much better since he was allowed to seat people inside. here is more is owner of borelli's restaurant cafe and pizzeria frank borelli. frank, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: you know, i think your location was closed 110 days and finally they allowed you to have outdoor dining. you got on your feet and now you
4:23 am
are indoor dining. give us a status report of how it is working for you. we never closed. i kept all my chefs and cooks on payroll. they allowed us to open outdoor dining with simple permits. they waived all the fees and we built a beautiful patio outside to seat about 40 people. my restaurant holds 200 three weeks later we were able to open 50%. tables 6 feet apart. wearing a mask with sanitizing and a great response from our patrons. steve: sure. the key is as everybody says, you wear a mask, we can reopen. personal safety. the science has shown it slows the spread as we know. but even though i know this is great news for you that you are open at 50% you are still losing
4:24 am
money. >> absolutely. we are here 65 years. we do high volume. we seat 200 people. we have parties. we have events going on. and we do need 100 percent. but we are open 50%. so it's at least paying the bills. we did get some loans that is helping us out. so, hopefully, the 50% will go to 100 percent shortly. steve: just down the road from where you are is where i'm sitting and new york city will not allow indoor dining. what's your message to the mayor of new york city about how i is, you know, what he has decided here? >> well, the mayor opened up his eyes have to see what is going on. restaurants, we are going by the rules, wearing masks, we are sanitizing. he has to let us open our doors. if someone is breaking those rules and bar that's overcrowded, restaurants that aren't going -- not sanitizes and wearing the mask. then you have the right to go
4:25 am
and shut them down if the numbers are going up and people are signature sick and dying. steve: frank, i have heard the governor and the mayor of new york suggest that, you know, they are slow on reopening things because of mistakes being made in other states. here in the same state, you look at borelli's out there on long island, you guys are having a good outcome. absolutely. patio. last 30 in the front row 30 in the back. we were able to get 80, 90 people at one seating. we are putting a limit to the people sitting like an hour and 15 minutes. and everyone a wait. if not can you sit there as long as you like. when you leave the table put your mask on to use the bathroom or go pay your check. it's been working out great. steve: it's working out at borelli's in long island. check it out.
4:26 am
good luck to you. i'm glad you are open. unfortunately for people in new york city restaurants if they don't reopen soon they may not make it to fall. >> no. they may never reopen. if they don't -- if they don't reopen until fall or january, we probably wouldn't be talking right now. my restaurant would be probably closed. steve: cautionary tale. frank borelli thank you for talking via skype today. >> thank you. steve: there we go. 7:26 now in new york city. it is the hottest play on streaming services right now. but there are calls to cancel the musical hamilton because of hamilton's ties to slavery. our next guest says the cancel culture has gone way too far and that is next. ♪ ♪ i'm bad.
4:27 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first 860. that's how many pounds of cocaine believed to be abored that plane that crashed in the highway in mexico. police believe the drug smugglers set the plane on fire before running away. worth $5 million found abandoned nearby. 40 years how long it's been since senator chuck grassley missed a convention. grassley the senate's oldest republican will be skipping the jacksonville event because of coronavirus concerns. the iowa lawmaker is 86 years old. and finally, $503 million, that's how much kansas city chiefs quarterback pat tr. >> patti ann: trick mahomes will get. 10 year deal biggest in sports history. brian? brian: thank you very much.
4:32 am
i know five years going to be saying not enough. meanwhile #cancel hamilton sweeping social media as calls call for disney to pull the broadway hit from their streaming service of slave trade. all the christmas value lived. complexities and failings could not get wrestled with cut. i took six years and fit as much as i could in two and a half hours of that musical. did my best. it's all fair game. stunning. here to react columnist miranda devine "new york post." no one leaves hamilton and says too conservative, i'm sorry. they actually protested mike pence's presence in the audience at one point. what's happening here? brian so right. goes to prove can you never be woke enough. lynn manuel miranda bent over
4:33 am
backwards to be as inclusive as he could be. he cast nonwhite actors to play historically white figures. he celebrated hamilton as being an immigrant. but now it's just not good enough. which proves that you cannot appease these cultural revolutionaries. it's like winston churchill said appeasement is feeding the crocodile in the hope he will eat you last. you have to stand up. brian: it should be a lesson to people out there that even if you think that you are liberal, and you are woke, it's not going to be good enough. this is brilliant. it took him six years to put together and they make jefferson show all of his fallibles. i liked one musical in my life and it is it. instant american history lesson while showing the relate of these characters. and are you disappointed as i am with his tweet?
4:34 am
stockholm syndrome. liberal. you can't believe you are on the wrong side of history. and it's really not about the individual finns or not finns of alexander hamilton. it's really about trying to erase and cancel american history and cast everything in the past as being irredeemably racist and hateful. and you saw it president trump called tout in his speech. the cancel culture is this left wing fascist totalitarian ideology and they want a ground zero. they want to destroy everything about america, everything that is good. and start from the beginning to create god knows what, if anything. i think they are really just all about destruction.
4:35 am
brian: miranda, in your opinion, without looking at gallup or anything else, how many people are in this country, what percentage are proud of our past, proud to be an american as imperfect as our past is. and what percentage agree with the critics of hamilton? >> i think it is a vast majority that are patriotic and believe in this country. they are the silent majority. and, unfortunately, there are some people -- there are the radicals, the small -- a few dissent but then there are these kids that have been brainwashed at school into believing that there is something wrong with america's history. and, of course, they are lied to all the time. "new york times" had that ridiculous 1619 project that no one believes. in so i think the majority of people are still patriotic and still love their country. and i think that will continue no matter what the woke brigade do. americans are stronger than that
4:36 am
i think president trump spoke over the head the media and the wokesters on the weekend and america who still believe in their country. brian: the guy he is running against doesn't answer any questions, never asked any questions never comes up for air. is he never forced to make a decision on the crime, on the chaos in the cities and on things like this. we will see if that changes as we move through the summer. miranda, thank you so much. >> nice to talk to you, brian. brian: all right. straight ahead. violence is surging in new york city and chicago just to name two. why are the mayors blaming the coronavirus? dan bongino says they should look in the mirror. he joins us next. distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. new voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.
4:37 am
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4:41 am
coronavirus. getting into warmer and warmer weather. and we are feeling the evenings of people being cooped up for months and the economy obviously has not re-started to anywhere the extent we need it to. so there is a lot less for people to do. we have a real problem here. >> all of these forces are coming together at the same time and making it very difficult. the ecosystem of public safety that isn't just law enforcement but is local, community-based. they, too, have really been hit hard by covid. >> you just heard from our mayor in new york, the mayor of chicago. let's bring in dan bongino. former fox news contributor. former secret service agent. you used to serve here in our community, dan. do you agree with that? is covid partly to blame for all the violence? >> i mean, this is really pathetic. can we just be honest like with the audience right now? like this is so grotesque and pathetic. mayor lightfoot and mayor de
4:42 am
blasio. i heard mayor lightfoot in chicago also trying to pin this on donald trump somehow. how this was donald trump. again, it was racist, of course, everything is racist. god forbid you call out the fact that young black children are being shot in the head, you call that out. amazingly you are the racist. let me say something here. last night i was going on sean hannity's show. doing homework and going through social media. i'm trying to get the body count for new york this weekend. this is not hyperbole. i'm not exaggerating because i want to be precise. right as i am about to go on the air daily caller another 14-year-old was shot. this is insane, that's not a rounding error. 44 people were shot. it's actually 45. that's not a rounding error. that's a human being who was killed and that's how we have to talk about on television now what's going on in the cities run by these two epic failures of mayors, mayor lightfoot and mayor de blasio that if you go
4:43 am
on and check your twitter feet feed before you come on there may be someone else dead you may have missed. these aren't rounding errors. these are people. brian: recognize what's happening with these mayors though. this mayor knows epic failure. can't crack down on the violence. maybe he thinks his constituencies. and then you have this other mayor who has violence out of control in defense of light foot, rahm emanuel left her an absolute inferno, a mess. a murder capital. and instead of dealing with the issue at hand, they say president trump is the problem. he is going after females in liberal cities. atlanta and chicago. and he is going after de blasio and he writes black lives matter in front of trump tower so that's becomes the story. they actually think this distraction is going to be effective. >> so did continue constituency he thought that too until mayor
4:44 am
giuliani won and won re-election by 17 points. they all make that mistake. they their their constituents are stupid when they are really the morons. i know some people on the other side of the political aisle from me are immune from facts sometimes. not all but some. bass it donald trump who decided to pull the anti-trump plain clothes units. the one that support the most self-absorbed crime. they are in plain clothes people don't know they're cops. they stop criminality in the act. was it trump? i'm just asking for the liberals? oh, no. he didn't do that that's right. or was it president trump who exchanged broken windows policing with a three decade long ear wrath success in crushing criminality and chaos in new york. was it him that threw that out the window and exchanged it for bail reform letting everybody back out of jail, oh, damn it, that's right. that was mayor de blasio. president trump had nothing to do with that so, again, for all the liberals listening, it may be a time to seriously look in the mirror.
4:45 am
i'm not going to stereotype every liberal. i'm just saying. some of you are sick of this, too, and i don't blame you. it's not president trump that did this. it's that guy in city hall, bill de blasio, your communist mayor who has failed you and as i said on this program and others, repeatedly for years now, people will die because of the arguments going on over public safety and tragically i was correct. steve: search for numbers during the commercial. we actually got the number for you right now. take a look at this. the surge in shootings in just the month of june, june 2019 it was 89. now we're at 205 for the month of june. that's 130% increase,darng. when you look at the way the yow
4:46 am
yorker, wound up moving to martin county, florida to get out oout of new york. >> audience watching. if you were trying. listen to this question. i want you to think about this. put horse blinders on for a second and pay close attention. if you were trying to destroy new york city. would you do anything different? brian: no. >> of course you wouldn't. you would dismantle and -- police department and drive businesses out of town and encourage protests and rioting. rip 5th avenue to shreds. attack the cops, law and order. you would do nothing different if you were trying to live out snake escape from new york. you would destroy new york the way you are doing it now.
4:47 am
brian: keep all the restaurants shut. make them sit there and eat in the sidewalk. stop all your gyms from opening up and empty out the prisons. it's a great combination. >> demoralize your population. make thing political leaders are. let criminals out of jail. is this dark night returns? are we waiting for bain to show up? everyone keeps asking me when is enough enough? when people start voting different. that's the only answer to that question. people is saying now is new testament today is enough. no more of this tomorrow. i'm voting for different people. i know we are short on time. i'm not suggesting to you republicans are the answers to all your problems. believe me. we have got enough troubled people in our parties, too. i'm just tell you that there is no question, the cause of your problems in new york city are democrats. because republicans have zero power at all. ainsley: de blasio won't be up for re-election or he still will be in office for another year and a half. brian: term limited out. steve: over and out. >> thank god.
4:48 am
ainsley: he still has another year and four months. thanks, carley. she is upstairs. carley: the government approving the first surface cleaners to fight the coronavirus. the epa says lysol disinfectant spray and lysol disinfectant max cover midst were effective in lab tests. adding five hand sanitizer brands tested positive for meth no or wood alcohol it. can be a toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. international students will have to leave the u.s. if their school only offers online classes this fall because of the pandemic ice endings the policy that originally allowed them to stay for summer classes. under the new rules, those students will have to take some classes in person or risk getting deported. now to trending stories on first up, americans will be wearing face masks for several
4:49 am
years. a senior scholar at johns hopkins saying wearing a mask and social distancing is the only way to slow down the spread as covid-19 cases are resurging. next, a west virginia woman is convicted in a plot to give top secret national security information to russia. prosecutors say elizabeth jo shirley illegally kept nsa documents before fleeing to mexico where she dried to contact the russian government to request resettlement. she now faces up to 10 years in prison. finally, burger king wants you to trade in your passport stamps for a free sandwich. part of the fast food chain's gourmet. only those with swedish passports are eligible. oh, man. to read more of these stories and so much more download the fox news app. guys? steve: i'm 70% swedish if that counts. carley: you get 70% of the
4:50 am
sandwich. ainsley: thank you so much, carley. jones enlisting help from our nation's heroes to get us through this pandemic. last night's sleep, interrupted by pain? tonight, silence it with new zzzquil night pain. because pain should never get in the way of a restful night's sleep. new zzzquil night pain. silence pain, sleep soundly.
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>> as a veteran. >> sur vancouver of war.
4:54 am
>> and a great american. >> let me tell you this. >> we will get through this. ainsley: we showed you that video nation's hero sharing message getting through this pandemic. and joey jones helped create that video and he joins us next. joey are you there? why did you make this video we played it when we had another veteran on yesterday and it's so touching. why did you do this. >> it was pretty easy for me. i realized all the social distancing march april and may felt like being on dough employment looking for random things as a gym wait. playing cards around the table instead of going out to continuer. i knew if so many american veterans made it through deployment like this with a danger like ieds the similarities with covid, americans might draw snirption from that and it needed to come from more voices than just my own. i wrote an op-ed for and with the help of phillips and ben as our audio editor and
4:55 am
video editor, we put this video together and gave to boot camp campaign nonprofit using it to stir up support spore everything they have going on as well. ainsley: some of the toughest and bravest. when we hear you stay it gives us hope. what was some of the reaction? >> the reaction has been phenomenal. people write me on social media. the video has been out there for a few days now. this makes so much sense. thank you for saying. this unlike some of those celebrity videos that kind of put the spotlight on them, my goal was to use this regular everyday veterans out in life, living life, enjoying life just to say hey i made it through something like this and you can, too. that's all we are trying to say and did a good job. ainsley: how can we help new your organization? >> boot camp pain mental health do a lot to support mental health of veterans during quarantine and locksdown that has gone up while fundraising campaign has not. they can't have their events. go to boot donate
4:56 am
and that would be helpful. that's why we made this video for them. ainsley: boot thank you so much, joey. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 56 mention after the top of the hour. coming up congressman doug collins and charles payne. stay with us. ♪ hold on ♪ ♪ta given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... ... to severe psoriasis,
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ainsley: that is charlie daniels hat, right? steve: he's been coming to the show for over 20 years, and when he died yesterday at the age of 83 i thought about that hat and he gave us all hats. he was here for many many summer concert series. what a loss, but what a guy. he had fun every day. ainsley: we're going to talk about him coming up in the show because he's a dear friend of all of ours. he's been such a support support er of fox news and all of us grew up listening to his music. brian: doug collins is joining us shortly wants to be the next senator from georgia, he's right now a congressman and we'll talk about the violence and what the governor decided to do and the mayor supported it which is a relief by the way the mayor of
5:01 am
atlanta tested positive for the coronavirus. steve: meanwhile 8:00 in new york city and we have a fox news alert. a state of emergency has been declared in georgia after a surge of violence in atlanta. the republican governor there, brian kemp called in the national security to keep the peace in the capitol city, ainsley. ainsley: yeah because at least 30 people shot over the holiday weekend there, five people were killed including that eight- year-old little girl we told you about yesterday. governor kemp slamming the violence in the city. brian: so the governor is saying in a quote here we go, people protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous destructive agenda. we see that in new york. now innocent are being targeted and shot and kill and left for dead. let's bring in georgia congressman doug collins member of the house judiciary committee and u.s. senate candidate. congressman i imagine you support this. it's kind of a relief to see a democratic mayor, republican governor, seemingly on the same page. do you think this will work?
5:02 am
>> i think it will, brian. i'm glad to see that the governor has brought out the national security. its been something we need to see done. we need to give support to our local police down there and i think the governor has done the right thing here. i applaud his actions and i'd hope also if we look at this he would continue enjoying what i've called one of the reasons that started this was the va in fulton county actually charging officers before the investigations were finished which caused the atlanta police department to not believe anybody has their back. they've had to disengage so hopefully i hope the governor will call on him to step aside to get an independent prosecutor there because what we need is the atlanta police department to be able to do their job and clean out these areas without having to fear the not have someone not having their back from higher up. so i'm glad to see this is happening. steve: and in fact you've been calling for that investigation for a number of weeks. it will be interesting but at the same time, congressman, you know that wendy's which is the location where rayshard
5:03 am
brooks was killed in the police- involved shooting a couple weeks ago that has become essentially the center of the protests in atlanta and for the longest time the police were told to back off and the mayor allowed the protesters to take over the burned out wendy's location and they have been putting up the temporary blocks and that is the reason that little eight-year-old girl sekoria turner and her family turned it into a parking lot up against the barricade where people were walking around with long guns and people opened fire on that car. where was the rule of law for that family just a couple of days ago? >> well that's the great question here. look anywhere where you allow lawlessness to exist in a city whether it be in seattle, or in this area, when the police are told to disengage and the mayors office seemingly was letting it happen what we've got to understand is lawlessness and
5:04 am
rule of law will not allow to fester and not be contained is going to cause more and more problems and unfortunately what we've seen and we saw in seattle now we've seen in atlanta, why does it take a death in these communities of someone being shot to know that when you have lawlessness areas and you just assume that everything is going to be okay, it just is sad because these minority community , communities are your hardest hit right now are the ones that blow the brunt of this. why are we doing this? we immediate to stop it now and that's why the governor brought in the national security. we've not only seen it in this area, and the georgia patrol headquarters and all over this is the thing that has to happen because it shouldn't take a tragic death for somebody to say wow we need to enforce the law. ainsley: so many are saying we need to defund police departments. i know you have said no. no to defunding, we need to defend. you have that 11-year-old little boy that was shot and killed in d.c. and his grandfather said we need police. crime is going to get worse, you start having less police officer s, who is going to come when there is a need for police
5:05 am
services? your own father was a police officer. tell us about him and why our law enforcement teams are so important. >> well the law teams are there to protect not only lives and property, they're there to encourage our communities to have the civil discourse, to have the community bonding that we know that we can go out and be safe. we know we can go anywhere in our cities and know the rule of law is being enforced and when you talk about defunding the police or cutting back on the police, simply what you're telling those police officers who put their lives on the line every day for us is we don't value so any of these departments any of the city councils, anybody will say we'll take money, we don't value. you can always give money to mental health and we need those places and addiction centers. we need those places but you can not go away from our police officers because by saying you want to defund them no matter what you're reasoning is you're telling them they don't matter. brian: congressman the mayor, k eisha lance bottoms was on cnn yesterday and said it's a perfect storm pointing to president trump saying his lack of leadership is stirring emotions playing out as violence in our streets. comes back to president trump?
5:06 am
>> no it's coming back to mayor bottoms when she was not forceful in saying let's make sure there is no zone for the rule of law is not enforced we're encouraging and making sure that the atlanta police department felt like they didn't have her support. it's not simply giving them raises. not simply saying you support them. it's actually being there when they need it and that's when they need to do their job and knowing that if they do their job they are going to get justice just like everyone else demands for the other if they are enforcing it. brian: are the atlanta cops standing down right now? >> i think they are doing their job as best they can but they are very discouraged by what is happening here because of the mixed signals being brought from not only the administration but also again it goes back to the fact that when they do their job, if they cannot get a proper investigation, but get charged with felony murder this is a problem and that's why i'm calling governor in other states they've got to get this where the officers get this d. a. out of the way and a proper investigation so the atlanta police department, we've had over 50 o officers who are
5:07 am
applying outside of fulton county because they don't trust being a cop in fulton county. steve: that's going the wrong way. a moment ago i saw on our air, a very young doug collins with his father. can you tell us a little bit about your dad the state trooper >> my dad was a state trooper for 30 something years starred in the early 60s went through the 90s he saw a lot of things and the civil rights unrest, been a part of going to have to go to civil unrest for his career. dad was always one who went out there and tried to treat people with respect. he was firm, and knowing that growing up in the household, but also i watched the other side and what i'd love for all the folks to know is officers come home, they cry when they about things they've seen on-the-job. i remember when my dad would come home and be really quiet i knew something happened at work and also i knew when an officer did something wrong you could tell because dad was furious because he knew people would judge him by what others did as well and so officers have a whole package and their families need to be lifted up in prayer
5:08 am
as well. ainsley: i know you're proud of him and he's proud of you. he was in law enforcement. you were a pastor and now you're a congressman. all three very -- steve: maybe a senator. >> that's what we're working on ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> great to be with you, you all take care. ainsley: today the president and first lady participate in a national discussion unsafely reopening our schools this fall. brian: but not all states are ready to take the plunge. steve: mark meredith joins us now live near the white house with the back-to-school battle and it is a battle isn't it, mark? >> you're right about that one. steve it's the middle of summer but so many people are already looking ahead to fall to try to figure out what the school year is going to look like. the president also weighing in on this. the president putting out a tweet feeling exactly what he thinks should happen, even though the coronavirus pandemic lingers on. the president tweeting schools must open in the fall. now later today the president and the first lady, they are going to be participating in a dialogue unsafely reopening america's schools. the white house has not yet said exactly who the president will
5:09 am
be listening to but at least 39 states they've already come up with their plan about what the school year may or may not look like and medical experts say so many school districts should be able to keep their students an staff safe. >> the risk to teachers is so much lower than it is to doctors this is a service service profession. most of them if they were asked would say i want to teach. it's so limited online teaching, there's so much loss especially among our young teachers can be protected and they want to teach we must reopen schools. >> the president suggested on monday that it's possible that some school districts could be kept closed because of politics but he didn't say which states he was talking about. the white house says of course is concerned about the health with the coronavirus but they are also concerned that kids can lose out on social issues as well as mental health issues if they don't have a chance to go back-to-school. plenty of debates coming up later here at the white house. steve, ainsley brian?
5:10 am
ainsley: thank you so much mark. down in florida they are saying we're going to reopen the schools, in new york the governor wants to but he hasn't made a decision so the parents here are waiting to find out what he's going to decide. scott atlas is with the hoover institution, and he was on earlier on fox and he just said you know what? this is not a time to panic. the kids will be okay if they do get it listen to this. >> what we're doing wrong is we have the wrong people in charge of our state, because they don't seem to understand it's not the superficial analysis that comes and we need to communicate to people what the facts are. it's not a time to panic. it's not a high risk disease for people under 70. it's certainly not a high risk disease for people under 30 or 40 who almost all recover. so we have to look at that and what correlates to the new cases , if it's from social mingling, is the large protests that were in these large cities. some of that goes unspoken. it's not the guy getting his hair cut in the barber shop that created all of these thousands
5:11 am
of cases. that's ridiculous. brian: so question and i think that makes a lot of sense. look at the survival rates look at the death rates. sometimes they say it's a lagging indicator but we'll see if it is a lagging indicator because right now the cases are going up. i don't think people can quite figure it out even in europe the cases are going down, but they can't quite figure it out and in israel, it's going up and then we know it was in beijing started coming up out of nowhere two weeks ago. so the virus has a vote in this and we still haven't figured out exactly everything there is to know about it. steve: right and you know the big headline every day is the spike in states that for the most part were not hit by the first wave when we were here in new york and new jersey and connecticut and things like that and when you look at the total number of cases, it is a jaw dropping number. and the number of deaths at approaching 150,000. there's an item in the new york post today that talks about one of the lead researchers at johns
5:12 am
hopkins says that we will be wearing masks perhaps for years because right now, the science shows that that is the best way to slow down the spread and the delivery date for the vaccination, who knows when that's going to be. brian: for years. it's still out in the fall. steve: the big question is how effective is it? because there are some questions about that. chuck grassley, the senior senator from the great state of iowa announced yesterday he will not be going to the rnc after having gone for 40 years because of the coronavirus worries and it is a real worry to people who are over 65. ainsley: absolutely, yeah. i think the number of total deaths, 130,000 in the united states, almost 3 million total cases here. the point is you got to stay safe, use your sanitizer, wear your masks and just social distance. some of these schools that are reopening are talking about different plans parents aren't
5:13 am
allowed inside of the classroom and aren't allowed in the front door, drop your children off with the teacher out on the sidewalk, teachers take them in, kids are six feet apart, they're continuously washing their hands everything is washed down at the end of class for the next class to come in there are ways to do this safely and hopefully we can do that because all the parents i've talked to the zooming thing is really difficult. really difficult to do every single day. so we'll see. brian: meanwhile, they're keeping carlie shimkus away from us for sanitary reasons. she's upstairs. reporter: thank you, brian we'll begin your headlines with this very important update. three children are killed after two planes collide over an idaho lake. there are at least eight other victims police say they have recovered three bodies and are working to recover two others from the wreckage. police now identifying some of those victims including a father from oregon, his son, and his two-step-children. still no word on what caused that crash.
5:14 am
>> overnight roger stone asking a federal court to delay the start of his prison sentence due to the coronavirus. president trump's former advisor is scheduled to report next tuesday and he wants that pushed back until september 3. stone was convicted in november on seven counts including lying to congress and witness tamper ing. he was sentenced to 40 months in prison. >> defense secretary mark esper is weighing whether to ban confederal at flags on department properties. a pentagon proposal still being worked on would reportedly ban public displays of the flag in places under control of the defense department, but would not apply to license plate s or monuments. the marine corps banned confederal rat flags last month. >> the country music world is mourning the loss of the legendary charlie daniels. >> ♪ ♪
5:15 am
>> the grand ole opry member and country hall of famer died from a stroke in tennessee. fans lining the streets as police escorted his body from a funeral home. tributes from his fellow artists have been pouring in. dolly partonon tweeting well the devil went down to georgia but charlie went straight to heaven. luke bryan posting a true patriot, christian and country music icon. prayers to his family, thank you for all your contributions on and off the stage. god bless you, charlie daniels. he was 83 years old. steve: charlie daniels, after one of his appearances on fox & friends sent me this hat and i don't think you could see it, but right in there. look at what it says. it says to steve doocy from charlie daniels. he was a great friend of this show, and he was on a lot. he did some singing and on this day, we want to remember
5:16 am
our friend. >> ♪ ♪ >> stands next to this famous famous celebrity and been listen ing to your music for years. >> ladies and gentlemen, charlie daniels! >> it's just pouring rain and you packed the place anywhere. >> you've been one of the best friends to fox & friends. >> when are you going to retire >> sit around the living room and play guitar. >> god has blessed me for 60 years to do what i want to do for a living. steve: one of the things about charlie daniels you're somebody who loves politics. >> you're a businessman advocating for our veterans for years. >> we try to help them out as much as we can and the need is incredibly large right now. >> two things to protect the united states and it's the grace of god and the united states military. steve: charlie daniels is our all-american summer concert series performer with -- brian: you were a redneck. steve: my baby goodbye. ainsley: the devil went down to
5:17 am
georgia. it's the 40th anniversary of that song. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ it might be a sin, i'm the best that its ever been ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> [applause] brian: and he was saying through the coronavirus i was trying to remember when i talked to him last it was a month ago on radio i asked him how he was doing and he said well, i'm in my farm by myself. i have no idea there's a coronavirus thing happening, and my son will come by every once in a while and i'll say hello and that's about it so he's kept himself somewhat isolated because of the nature of where he was located but i also know
5:18 am
he was not a fan of the new country. i even know luke bryan saluted him. he likes the old-type country. steve: and you know what, brian? you say that he was isolated but you know what? he had his friends, because he was a daily viewer of fox & friends. we were there for him every morning. ainsley: yes, he performed at the white house, super bowl, in europe, middle east performed for the troops he loves our military. he was in the movie "urban cowboys" playing himself, he loved hunting and fishing and outdoor activities, and loved the tennessee volunteers, he had prostate cancer in 2001 and then a stroke in 2010 a mild one, while he was snowmobiling in colorado. also had a pacemaker put in and then he had this stroke where he died at the hospital. charlie daniels, we love you. we miss you. our prayers are with your son and the rest of your family. he was 83 years old, rest in peace, our friend. we'll be back in just a moment. from prom dresses... soccer practices...
5:19 am
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brian: it's back to work as business reopens across the country but some employers are struggling to fill open positions despite the unemployment rate in double figures. steve: christina partsinevelos from our sister network fox business joins us live with the new push to get americans working again, but christina they've got jobs but no people to take them? kristina: yeah, this seems to be the case, especially here in new york. you have after months of lockdown, businesses facing a new predicament the struggles to find workers which is why i'm standing in front of morton williams, many of the workers are taking advantage of the system so they have 16 locations in the city, and he said over 150 former employees who were let go for other reasons pre-pandemic or for other reasons he said they are still trying to get
5:24 am
unemployment benefits. he also said that some employees , two in particular, are trying to get unemployment benefits while still on the payroll while still working at the store, so he says he's still struggling to find workers and this comes at a time when we know a lot of americans are staying home either because of health concerns, care taking, or because they're making more money with the benefits from both the federal level at $600 a week, and at the state level where the minimum here is $172 in new york. economists at the university of chicago say that roughly 70% of eligible workers are making more money so that's a combined income from all of the benefits post-pandemic than they were previously which could be part of the reason that's why many are not choosing to go back to work. here at this store we reached out to the new york state to find out if they've heard anything about this and they said "unemployment benefits are a lifeline for new yorkers who lose their jobs and it is unacceptable that dishonest individuals would seek to defraud the system for their own
5:25 am
gain, make no mistake attempting cheat the unemployment system is a crime and we investigate all reports of fraud to hold perpetrators accountable. " we have a situation overall where workers or owners are trying to find those workers, they are trying to deal with the paperwork of unemployment claims, and then they possibly could face increases in unemployment insurance rates in the near future. all the time, when business door s are open so businesses far from those pre-covid levels back to you guys. ainsley: thank you christina. coming up, it has been just over three years since nypd detective was murdered in the line of duty and her daughter joins us live with a message about respecting police and remembering their families. next.
5:26 am
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ainsley: some quick 2020 headlines today voters in new jersey are going to decide which democrat will take on the congressman this fall. five candidates are vying for a chance to take on the democrat- turned republican. it's also primary day in delaware. voters in joe biden's home state will decide whether or not they back the former vice president, and john huntsman conceding the race for his former job as a state lt. governor, beating the former ambassador to russia, by less than 10,000 votes. and cox will face democrat chris peterson in november. brian? brian: wow that's a stunner. meanwhile 30 minutes until the top of the hour, three years ago this independence day weekend tragedy striking the family of a hero in new york city police detective. 12 year veteran of the force and mom of three, miosotis familia, was ambushed while sitting in a mobile command unit with her partner. the tunnels to towers foundation rallies to support her daughter,
5:31 am
who was given a mortgage-free home and now their organization mobilizing yet again to help the family of a fallen officer in toledo, ohio shot and kills this past weekend joining us now to discuss tunnel to towers and more, is the ceo of that organization, frank siller, and the daughter of miosotis familia , genesis villev a. thanks so much for joining us and frank, always great to see you. genesis i know the tragedy seems like yesterday in some respects and years ago in others, but what did it do knowing that the mortgage be paid off? >> well the tunnel to towers foundation has given me and my brother and sister who i raised as my own children now after my mother was murdered they've given us the gift of a home, and the tunnel to towers foundation and frank has checked their promise of never forgetting the sacrifice that my mother made, and also never forgetting
5:32 am
us, the surviving family. it still effects us by this tragic loss. brian: what do you think about, genesis, when you see how cops are being treated right now in the streets across this country? >> it's truly disheartening. having a mother as a police officer, i just want americans to remember that police officers have families too and they have children abdomen loved ones that need them to come home unharmed and i just want everyone to know that police officers are humans too. they have fears, they have people that they love, and they bleed just like the rest of us and people like my mom, who was the most amazing person in my
5:33 am
life, you know, deserves to not be just because of what it was. brian: absolutely and i know it turns out and you know this number, 23 officers, phone in july have already been killed in the line of duty. frank siller, frank it's like yesterday obviously, for genesis, and for you and your brother, when your brother, you don't really get over it you learn to deal with it but you're in action again, because a 26-year-old was gunned down when this 26-year-old, anthony dia, he was told to go to a call there was an intoxicated man in the store's parking lot and when he approached that man the guy turned around and shot him dead. now he's 26 and he leaves two children and a wife behind. two sons. >> no, brian, it's very sad that this is happening, but there's 116 police officers that died in the line of duty either
5:34 am
being shot or otherwise so far this year, and tunnel to towers foundation, we want to make sure that we're there for the young families that are left behind when they're taken from their families in such a way like anthony dia was just this past saturday and like miosotis familia was three years ago and genesis is correct the tunnel to towers foundation will never forget the sacrifices that are made every single day for our country, or for our communities and we want to be there for the families. we're asking everybody because i want to pay this mortgage off as soon as possible, for anthony dia and his family, go to and donate a minimum of $11 a month and we'll pay every police officer, america listen, let's tell everyone that if a police officer gets killed in the line of duty we're going to take care of the young family left behind and we will at tunnel 2 towers
5:35 am
but i need your viewers to help us like they have been. brian: right and on the radio too just to add a human being to a 26-year-old man with two sons, eight and six and his last words into the radio on july 4 were " tell my family i love them" so he knew he was bleeding out on some level and that be it and frank, you have his back. frank what is it like hearing genesis talk about her mom? >> well i talk to genesis all the time and she's been part of the tunnel 2 towers family and part of me for the last three years along with peter and delil ah, her siblings. listen, she is a remarkable young lady, genesis. remarkable. she has a message, a strong message. please, please, they have families. police officers have families and she had a great mom that taught her, go out and get an education, work hard, respect human beings at all
5:36 am
levels. whether in blue uniforms or whatever, and we have to make sure that we do that as americans, but the tunnel to towers foundation we'll be there for all of these families, and the new genesis, you know i love you. brian: and genesis, you became the mom, right? >> yes. i've had to take the role of mom and i've been raising my brother and sister on my own. and it's obviously, it's very hard and i think about my mom every day. but the trauma has settled in me , and i'm so grateful to frank siller, he's truly a god send, and an amazing blessing in our lives. brian: right. thanks so much foretelling your story and we're going to continue to keep your mom's name alive and you'll always have a
5:37 am
place here and frank, thanks for taking care of families like this. to help out. frank, genesis thanks. we move ahead the nasdac closing at a record high the 24th time this year as the markets make big gains, charles payne on what this means as the economy recovers from coronavirus restrictions. that story, next. >> ♪ ♪ your cells. trillions of them. that's why centrum contains 24 key nutrients to support your energy. so you can take care of what matters most. and try new centrum minis today.
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brian: all right the start up of major league baseball season now just over two weeks away, but ainsley? ainsley: but, hurdles still remain for many teams as they scramble to be ready by opening day, steve. steve: so what's going to happen hillary vaughn from our sister
5:42 am
network fox business is live outside nats park in d.c. where practice has been put on pause. hillary? reporter: good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian that's right. some of maiming or league baseball's biggest players are stuck in the dug out after several had to cancel their practice because they did not get their covid-19 test results back in time. the houston astros, st. louis cardinals and the washington nationals all had to postpone their workouts yesterday. the nats general manager mike r izzo telling the mlb, without accurate and timely testing it's not safe for us to continue with summer camp, major league baseball needs to work quickly to resolve issues with their process and lab, otherwise summer camp and the 2020 season are at risk. opening day is a little over two weeks away but the nats are headed into the shortened season with a shrinking roster. two players tested positive for covid-19 but both had not returned to home base yet. three nats players are also opt
5:43 am
ing out of the seasonal together, over safety concerns, ryan zimmerman, joe ross and mlb admits there were delays in getting results to the teams because of the 4th of july weekend and by sunday night they completed 98% of tests but by monday morning 86 were still pending. the washington nationals are the reigning world series champs and the mlb is hosting the yankees at nationals park on opening day but fans who want to root them on will not be let in. steve, ainsley and brian? brian: hopefully that'll change gradually as the season takes place. thank, hillary. all right let's bring in charles payne, he's the same guy who hosts "making money" at 2:00 on fox business. charles what struck us yesterday was nasdac 24th record. why is that? why was it up on monday, the market, and why was nasdac hitting another high? charles: well, the market has actually done remarkably well. if you go back we had a big
5:44 am
sell-off on june 11. since then the s&p has been up 11 of the 16 sessions and nasdac has been up almost every single day to your point. the market has been telegraphing since the march 23 low that the stock market was oversold that had built in the most pessimistic views of where the u.s. economy is going to be so we've had this interesting position where the markets telegraphed one thing and more recently, the evidence has been coming in, pouring in. now we had a great jobs report on thursday, but a lot of folks didn't want to buy this market ahead of a three day weekend. light volume or whatever came in yesterday, started buying up the market and remember 4.8 million jobs in one month by far shattering all the records out there. as far as nasdac is concerned those are your biggest winners. those are the momentum names. let me give you an example brian this morning alone let me show you how far behind wall street has been on this rally on this economy. amazon got an upgrade this morning. new target 3,300 from a company firm called robert baird.
5:45 am
nvidia got an upgrade. apple got an up upgrade this morning from 400 prior target was 340. that's how far behind wall street has been so the stock market has been the real gauge of where we could be in the months from now, certainly by next year. and its been working. steve: sure and right now, at this point, at 8:45 eastern time the dow futures are down a couple hundred, but this is a time of year, charles when the stock market kind of goes up and down during the summer dol drums but the white house is banking on that v-shaped recovery. so the higher that number get , the closer to november 3rd i think the geniuses at the white house think that's better for us charles: there's going to be two october surprises. there will be the economy, and covid-19 deaths. i don't think it's going to be about the cases because if we have a lot more cases and mortality goes down that's actually going to be a positive
5:46 am
story. a lot of the third quarter the quarter we're in now, all of that data will pore in in october right before the election. everything from president trump will be riding on that number. that's why he's pushing hard for more stinks in this economy. that's why today this morning the government announced they are going to pour $2 billion in just two companies to help them speed up covid-19 vaccines and have doses prepared for americans, so they're pushing hard so those are your two areas that will decide this election. where we are with covid-19, i don't think it's going to be about cases i think it's about mortality and potentially where we are with a vaccine and more importantly as important perhaps, the economy. if we can see what we saw just in the last couple of months with jobs coming in significantly better than when any expert in the world thought it could be, this morning, i think it was one of these big international organizations said our unemployment rates going to be 11.5%. we're under that already for the year. so we keep this momentum going,
5:47 am
americans will feel it and we want to feel it. we want great news. forgetting about what side of the aisle you're on we want great news. unfortunately it doesn't get out there from the financial media. it doesn't get out there from the media. i'm still hearing people saying that the thursday jobs report was good. no it was wasn't good. find better superlatives for 4.8 million jobs recovered in one month. it wasn't good but it was better than that. ainsley: charles real quickly what are people buying now? were you able to see specifics at the beginning of coronavirus like were people buying pajamas or workout clothes and what are they buying now? brian: they are still in pajamas. charles: [laughter] definitely pajamas but we're getting back to some of the work clothes stuff, and we're starting to broaden out to buying but it's a lot of technology stuff. that's why that nasdac keeps going up. we're buying laptops, we're doing things to work from home, software from businesses. that's your big investments. you know, we don't build smoke
5:48 am
stacks or see a lot of buildings bovates in technology to make our lives easier and simpler are through the roof. ainsley: friends in the clothing business they say they have seen an up-tick people are buying clothes again. thank you, charles. brian: people are tired of sitting at home naked. charles: [laughter] brian: there's charles "making money" when he had a mustache it'll be at 2:00. maybe it'll start sooner. let's see there's oh, he's gone. all right let me tell you what's coming up next an 11-year-old girl is on a mission to help workers on the frontline to the pandemic. she's collecting hundreds of toy s for those hero kids, you're going to meet her, next but first let's check in with sandra smith whose somewhere in the building for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> sandra: studio j brian come on visit. good morning, everyone the georgia governor declaring a state of emergency after 30 people were shot over the holiday weekend the latest on the violence in major u.s. cities. >> plus dr. fauci now warning the coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near over as cases rise in at least 32 states. what does that mean for the reopening of this
5:49 am
country? and the trump campaign firing back at joe biden's camp claiming president trump's continued attacks on the former vp are only working against him, on that top of the hour, and we've got the dhs secretary chad wolf joining us moments from now on the border wall and more joining us live from america's news room on this tuesday morning, see you then. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it.
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steve: one little girl from houston making a big impact on kids all across the country. two years ago, then 9-year-old l illy debose started the non-profit lilly's toy box donating toys to children who lost their homes during hurricane harvey and today, while the country continues to fight the coronavirus, lilly is bringing joy to the kids of front line workers. lilly joins us right now, along with her mom, jessica, from houston. good morning, to both of you. >> good morning. steve: so lilly, a couple of years ago after hurricane harvey had struck houston, you came up with this idea and what was the idea? >> it was to give away toys and i knew that i had to give them something so they could have joy in their hearts. steve: i understand completely. so fast forward a little while after that. jessica one of the families that
5:54 am
you donated toys to was a lawyer , and what did the lawyer tell you? >> well the lawyer reached out to us after we gave toys to his three kids and said i'd like to turn it into a non-profit for l ily, would that be okay so i had to think about it for a minute but i decided she wanted to keep going so that was the best way for us to grow this steve: and since then, you have been able to donate, i understand, more than 5,000 toys to kids all across the country and the good thing during covid is you don't actually, nobody actually touches the toys you order them online, they are delivered to the various people. who, lily, are you looking in getting toys to now? >> i'm getting them to the front line workers and their kids are having new toys that we are delivering toys to them and they are very happy and we just want to make them smile. steve: absolutely. so if people would like to
5:55 am
donate toys or apply for a toy , request for a toy, go to li ly's we thank you both for joining us from houston, texas. >> thank you. steve: that's great. all right, we're going to step aside for "fox & friends" coming up in a couple moments. >> ♪ ♪
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>> we have a new member of the fox & friends family. congratulations to kim hagerty. at >> his name is james william haggerty, born at 11:45 p.m. on sunday weighing 9 pounds, good girl, kim. she also has another son and his name is landon. the little one, congratulations. >> by the way, if you want to entertain your infants, infants love my radio show. the brian kilmeade radio show from line until noon. among our guests will be at
6:00 am
dana perino, congressman lee zeldin in the interview we did five weeks ago with charlie daniels. i will be there with stuart varney unless he changes his mind. >> that's on some plastic. we'll see you back here on the virtual couch tomorrow. >> sandra: fox news alert, a state of emergency as the national guard is activated in georgia after violence in the streets of atlanta left five people dead over the weekend. one of those killed, an 8-year-old girl. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm eric shawn. brian kemp activating hundreds of national guard troops to protect property and patrolled the streets there. meanwhile in chicago, the carnage continues. police condemning the violence that took place over the fourth of july holiday. >> sandra: and horrific new video showing a man killed in the bronx while crossing his


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