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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 9, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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joining us. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: that is the story of thursday july 9th 2020 but as always, "the story" continues and i will see you right back here tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson tonight right now. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." usually by this point in a presidential cycle, we've got a pretty good idea of what the candidates believe and you think i'll be especially true this year, joe biden has been in politics for more than half a century. this is his third run for president. since 1969, the year of the moon landing, joe biden has been yammering in public virtually without stopping. until this year. this year, the famously chatty joe biden has had almost nothing. his advisors claim that's because of covid-19 but nobody believes that. everybody knows why biden won't appear in public. when he does emerge, things tend
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to get strained. biden's words take on a kind of psychedelic quality, the sentences that seem to be connected yet at the same time they are strange and disjointed. newspaper taxis appear on the shore, rocking horse people eat marshmallow pie, it's mesmerizing to watch, you can almost make out the tangerine trees and the marmalade sky. >> we saw it in our administration, lower the taxes, to 28%. lower to 21. i'm going to raise it back up to 28. not sufficient to build back, we have to build back better. that's what my plan is, to build back better. >> these on somebody else's children, their all our children, the children, those children are the kite strings that hold our national ambitions. the only entity, the only thing that can tear america apart is america itself period.
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>> tucker: why does any of that mean? we don't know, joe biden doesn't either. it's all good, man. this is not a candidate who could soon be president of the united states. don't tell him that, it will only make him anxious. the people around biden, in contrast, are not anxious, they are completely in control and yesterday they gave the rest of us a glimpse of what that is, the biden campaign released a long document outlining its goals, written by eric holder, alexandria ocasio-cortez, among others. these are the people who will run the country if joe biden is elected in november, so what's their plan? in a sentence, they'd like to make the rest of america very much like our biggest cities have become. squalid, dangerous, chaotic and unhappy. they'd like to do to your neighborhood what they have done to new york city. the main thing they've done to new york is make it scary. violent crime is surging dramatically there as we have told you night after night and one of the main reasons for that is the elimination of cash bail,
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the city no longer holds of the people that arrests, criminals are in and out of custody immediately. it'the biden campaign plans to abolish cash bail everywhere. no bail for any crime nationwide. think about what that would mean. americans are fleeing urban areas in huge numbers. big cities are to mismanage, they're too dangerous. unless you are very rich are very poor, you're getting out. new york city lost 53,000 people in 2019, they will lose more far more than that this year. most of these refugees have relocated to the suburbs. they are not. democrats want to abolish the suburbs, they are to clean and nice and therefore by definition they are racist. the biden campaign has highly specific plans on how to do this. it's called affirmatively furthering fair housing, the hud regulation written during the obama administration.
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biden's advisors claim to enforce it, will cut off critical federal funds for municipalities unless they submit to federal control of urban planning. towns will be ordered to abolish zoning for single-family housing because single-family homes, needless to say, are racist. low income federally subsidized apartments will go up in the suburbs. it's a good bet you won't see any of this, you won't c projects built in aspen or martha's vineyard or anywhere else eric holder vacations but in your neighborhood? your kids schools will change, the biden campaign has vowed to bring back title ix rules, colleges will once again ignored due process and the presumption of innocence and instead use kangaroo courts to assess sexual assault allegations on campus. the country's k-12 schools effectively will abandon classroom discipline, schools will suspend students based on their behavior rather than according to a strict racial quota system and will be punished for that.
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you will have no choice but to keep your kids enrolled anyway because biden's campaign pledge is to abolish all programs that provide parents vouchers or tax breaks to send their kids somewhere else and then the biden plan gets really ambitio ambitious. it would use the federal reserve to fix the "racial wage gap." central bankers will be encouraged to decide if you are being paid too much based on your skin color. sounds like a great way to unite the country. one thing the biden administration won't enforce is immigration law, the plan promises to end workplace emigration rates, that would mean corporations could bring in a effectively unlimited amounts of low-wage illegal foreign labor, good luck finding your son a job once he's bounced out of college by those kangaroo courts. you may think this all sounds too crazy to be real. politicians make a lot of promises right before elections and biden would never actually do any of this because democrats would be worried about losing the next election if they did.
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these are not popular programs but the biden people have thought this through and their plan answers that question and solves the problem. it includes citizenship and voting rights for all illegal immigrants currently living in this country. that's at least 22 million people, that means 22 million brand-new voters spread out across 50 states. the vast majority of them will faithfully vote for the democratic party. by the way, that's not even including all the new illegal immigration we will doubtless get with new border controls, biden campaign also promises a moratorium on deportation. so there it is, that's the biden plan. it's not really a blueprint to govern the country, it is a promise to utterly remake the country and more to the point, never surrender control of it again. brit hume is our senior political analyst here at fox, he joins us tonight, thanks so much for coming on. if you added 22 million new
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voters, the overwhelming majority of whom and there is research on this, faithfully vote democrat, is it fair to say no republican could ever win our national election at least for the foreseeable future? >> i think that's a reasonable assumption in the foreseeable future and it wouldn't take 22 million, let's say the number were half that. 11 million new voters, the overwhelming majority of whom would vote for the democrats, would keep the democrats in power in the white house for sure for several election cycles at least and would also, mean that around the country many races that might be close or toss up to go republican would not so i think that's a fair assumption of what the consequence is of that would be. i might say, tucker, that while biden in his remarks today on the economy through a few things in the direction of trump voters, talked about, you know, how much money the government was going to spend to revive and direct the economy, this agenda
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that you laid out here is not the agenda of a man who is trying to reach out beyond his own party for support, this is a man who is simply trying to solidify support within his own party believing that that's all he needs and he might be right about that but this has taken the democratic party farther to left than it's ever been is even bernie sanders was saying today about this compromised agenda that's been reached with him and aoc and rashida tlaib and others. that is where we are, this is a man who simply thinks that the nomination is all he needs, that is basically guaranteed the election and he might be right. >> tucker: if democrats retake the white house and the senate and i could absently happen and if they abolish the filibuster, and that could happen, too, would there be any way to stop giving citizenship to 22 million
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or whatever the actual number is of foreign nationals living here illegally? >> not that i can see, other things it would be hard to stop if they wanted to give statehood to the district of columbia, there are arguments made by some scholars that say no, you need a constitutional amendment to do that but congress does have the power to add states and whether that runs into constitutional prohibitions as a matter for a judge to decide but it's something that i think would be attempted and that of course would add two more seats in the senate which would be guaranteed to be democratic in perpetuity. so that would be one more restraint on their agenda that would break down if they got control of both houses of congress. it would be quite -- this would be the liberals wish list put into action, you can guarantee it. >> tucker: i wonder if your average republican voter, there are so many things going on right now, understands that we are headed and who knows where we will wind up but at this point we are headed up very high speeds toward a effectively one-party state at least for the foreseeable future, do people
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understand that? >> they might. for example, think about what happened over the holiday weekend. the president came out and made a speech which as you pointed out was basically a full throated defense of american history and its heroes, in no sense a bigoted speech, certainly it wasn't to glorify confederates, none of whom is mentioned. it was quite a strong speech and a lot of people thought it was the best speech he'd ever given but it was grossly may characterize in the prospect that shouldn't be a barrier to a campaign with as much money as the trump campaign has to get the word out and then two days later the president picks a fight with a nascar driver instead of counting on the message that had been handed to him basically on a platter by the democrats attacks on his speech. so he has opportunities here, he has chances, this year leftward drift of this party and the outright leftism of its agenda seems to present opportunities if the trump campaign and from
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himself can capitalize on them. it remains to be seen if he can or will and can stop talking about himself long enough to talk about something else and talk about their agenda and his message. >> tucker: yeah, there is an awful lot at stake, an awful lot and i know people always say that before elections, people get all in flames, the most important election ever. you've seen a lot of elections, does this seem a significant one do you? >> tucker, i've been in the habit for many election cycles for telling people when they asked me how important the election was, i would always say it's the most important election since the last one and will be the most important one until the next one, i think this may be a little different here because trump was elected and an overwhelming response from people who said "i've had enough, i don't want any more of this" and he's governed as a disruptor. and if this swings back this
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quickly it is a little hard for me to see it swinging back and the other direction for quite some time so i think this election is different, this is big, no doubt. >> tucker: i think that's a wise assessment. brit hume, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> tucker: well, authorities in new york are taking drastic steps to make sure ghislaine maxwell's stint in jail ends differently from jeffrey epstein's. we'll tell you what they're doing. a very strange story, by the way, i want to pause to know there's more going on with the maxwell arrest then i think we understand at this point, i just want to get that on the record. plus, seattle is pushing antiracism training on city employees that consists of screaming at them for how they were born. does that sound antiracists do you? we will explain this ahead. when you say what you're in the mood for,
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♪ >> tucker: jeffrey epstein's death, his convenient death last year cap the rest of us from knowing anything at all, really, about what he did, who helped him do it and where all the money came from. authority authorities tonight are taking radical steps to make certain nothing like that happens to his former fixer, ghislaine maxwell.
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former federal attorney and host of "crimes that changed america" on fox nation, were happy to have her on tonight. emily? >> hi, tucker. as you know, ghislaine maxwell has been charged with 6-federal crimes. after being booked into brooklyn's federal metropolitan detention center, the bureau of prisons has now taken away her bed sheets and given her paper clothes out of fear she may die by suicide. the justice department has implement it additional and tasked with injuring her safety both from herself and others, including other protocols like assigning her a roommate, consistently monitoring her and making sure she is accompanied behind bars at all times. a storm of controversy follow jeffrey epstein's rule death by suicide on august 10th of last year while in a different new york city federal detention center and the events leading up to his suspicious death were a "perfect storm of screw ups." according to u.s. attorney general william barr william barr and began weeks before his actual death, involving what authorities
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called then a failed suicide attempt, failure at suicide watch protocol, failure at inmate hound protocol, guards fell asleep on the job, submission to the court of the wrong video footage and ultimately a second autopsy report that contradicted the official declaration of suicide death by hanging. his death came less than one day after part of the 2,000 documents containing shocking testimony from his victims was unsealed from a case also against ghislaine maxwell. during epstein's federal prosecution, law enforcement discovered in his $77 million mansion that contained videos of young girls, including minors, all meticulously labeled, which prosecutors described as a devastating evidence against him. ghislaine maxwell, reports are she has "copies of everything epstein had." she has hired the former federal prosecutor who helped bring down
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a drug kingpin as her attorney who after that successful prosecution was awarded the true american hero award by the federal drug agent foundation. she faces up to 35 years in federal prison if convicted. >> tucker: interesting. emily, thanks so much for that report. it's a weird story. why did she come back to this country, she had to know it have known she would be arrested, she was living abroad, she had foreign passports, probably more going on here than we know so here's a thought experiment. oklahoma city is one of the most conservative metro areas in the united states, donald trump won almost 50% of the vote there. imagine if the conservatives who presumably run the local government in the city sent an email to every african-american municipal employee telling them to report to a special meeting. imagine that when those employees arrived, black employees only, nobody else allowed, they were informed that the fact they were black was
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deeply offensive. in fact it was a kind of crime, the only way to atone for the sin of their blackness was to apologize for it, apologize for being born black and work to shut all traces of your black identity. stop spending so much time around your black friends, stop repeating things your black parents told you growing up, started bidding out loud that you hate yourself for having black skin. imagine if that actually happened in this country, what would you think of it? you be horrified, obviously, it's clearly disgusting. it is immoral to attack people for how they were born, it's always immoral. it's also illegal. the justice department would never tolerate something like that. the civil rights division would shutdown the program tonight and would bring criminal charges against the people who ran it and you would applaud them as they did that and we would, too. so with that in mind, consider what is happening right now and one of america's most liberal cities, seattle. four years ago, hillary clinton got 80% of the vote in seattle, there are many places more loyal to the democratic party.
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recently the city of seattle summoned its white employees and only its white employees to a meeting and informed them their skin color is a crime, the city called this antiracism training. events like it are taking place all over the country right now in schools, local governments, corporations, the military. the city of seattle named its training session "interrupting internalized racial superiority and whiteness." city journal wants to know exactly what went on in a meeting like that so he filed a public records request. here's what he found. white employees in seattle were informed that their so-called "white qualities" were offensive and unacceptable. those qualities included perfectionism, objectivity and individualism. the employees were told to stop exhibiting these characteristics and instead they were ordered to undertake "the work of undoing your own whiteness." in order to achieve that, in order to erase the traits they
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were born with, white employees in seattle were ordered to give up the following. they were ordered to give up comfort, they were ordered to give up spending time with their family. they were ordered to give up its guaranteed physical safety, control over other people in the land, relationships with some other white people. niceties from neighbors and colleagues and "the certainty of eardrops." prepare to be unemployed, pale employees of seattle, your color discuss us. all that actually happened in seattle. check out the piece in city journal if you want more details on it but atrocities aren't just happening in seattle, there happening everywhere. some will almost certainly happened in your kids to school this fall, no one will ask your permission before they do it, they will just attack your children for how they were born. the people doing the attacking would tell you how opposed they are to gay conversion therapy
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because of course, it's immoral to try to change people's intrinsic quality. they don't care about irony, this isn't about principles, it's about hate, humiliation, and power. it's about hurting people, it always is. telling people they are inferior because of their skin color was wrong when it happened 60 years ago in alabama, it is every bit as wrong when it happens at yale or google headquarters or your kids elementaries will be eight attacking people on the basis of the race is a sin, there is nothing worse for a country. they can try to disguise it with orwellian terms like "antiracism" but this is the purest kind of race hate, it will destroy america faster than anything else, don't put up with it, resist, speak out, fight back. this is totally wrong. until you stand up, it will continue. well, at some point this country will move past coronavirus of joe biden has elected, it will
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be declared cured in one day. many jobs have disappeared in the meantime. could there be opportunities and blue-collar work. mike rowe has thought more about this than maybe any person in america, he joins us now. ♪
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>> that's a clip from mike rowe's brand-new show, some of you been thinking a lot about recently has millions of americans have lost their jobs, been furloughed and laid off entirely thanks to lockdowns, a child just leaving high school or college right now is entering one of the toughest labor markets in the history of this country but there is still opportunity out there and if anyone knows about it, it's mike
5:31 pm
and we are happy to have them on right now, thanks so much for coming on, you are a master of the good news, tell us the good news. >> i'm a glass half-full kind of guy, for sure. it's a great guy to be alive and we'vtime to be alive and we've t some challenges for sure but if you have a skill that's in demand, you are going to be in demand like never before and i've never been more certain of that than i am right now, my foundation is entering its 13th year, we are giving away a million dollars this month to men and women who want to learn a skill or master or a trade. you know it, i've been pushing this boulder up the hill for a long time and i'm seeing some things i haven't seen before. a reinvigoration, and enthusiasm around the basics of simply learning a skill that's absolutely in demand. being essential, in other words. >> tucker: when we've spoken about this before over the
5:32 pm
years, you have said it, you've had trouble giving away the money because everyone wanted to work in private equity. i wonder if the perspective of people is going to change because of what were going through now. >> well, i think it is. i've been talking a lot about $1.5 trillion in student loans on the books in the very real fact that that's a millstone around the next hundreds of thousands of kids. people are getting that message but there also now seeing, they're seeing that there is a difference between skills that are in demand and education that is not to. and it's not to say one is bad and one is good, these are two sides of the same coin but historically we've tried to separate those two things, "dirty jobs" just got rebooted because the headlines once again caught up to the underlying themes of that show and the country is now having a grown-up
5:33 pm
conversation about the definition of a good job. and so if i seem to press the enter, it's only because i've been sitting here in the same place for the last 12 years and eventually headlines will catch up with you and i'm telling you, right now like never before. if you are a welder with a work ethic, you will be among the dozens of people making six figures that my foundation has helped, hundreds in fact, the stories are everywhere. >> tucker: you are turning out to be vindicated because you've never taken your eyes off the fundamental question which is "who really is a central?" , what's an essential job, someone has to give the power grid going, for example. is there evidence, are you seeing actual numbers to suggest that people really are reorienting their view of these questions? >> well, it's, all things are
5:34 pm
micro/macro, the mike roberts foundation, i can tell you that the changes have been demonstrable over the last decade. i have a sense that that's being echoed in the macroeconomic numbers but i can't prove it, most of my evidence always has been but the enthusiasm for the idea of learning a skill that's in demand is real and i will say with regards to essential, it's been kind of humbling for me because i've always defaulted to people who labor out of sight and out of mind doing things that keep civilized life possible for the rest of us, that's a definition of essential. we've got 40 million people out of work, we've just deemed them de facto nonessential. now, that's crazy. because if you think those people are nonessential, look at the economy, look at the trillions of dollars of bailouts, it's like tugging on string or a piece of yarn on a sweater, right?
5:35 pm
it bunches up on the other side. essential and nonessential aren't opposites, they are two sides of the same coin but i believe we are entering a phase right now where the undeniable truth is going to land squarely on the side of opportunity as defined by willingness to learn a skill. >> tucker: let me ask you one quick question, you've interviewed countless number of people with essential but low prestige jobs, are they happy, by and large, doing those jobs? >> again, cookie-cutter advice is tricky and i hate generalizations but yeah, there exists in the wide world of work to band of brothers mentality and if i could tell you anything that was generally true about my experience on "dirty jobs" and i've just seen it again, i will be seeing it every tuesday this month, is that they're having a better time than people think, this group of people who understand that they are
5:36 pm
essential, who understand risk in a way that most of us don't, who understand the benefits of showing up early and staying late and this is going to sound. horatio alger but i'm telling you, it's going to come back, attitude, personal responsibility, delay vat ratification, work ethic, it's not what anybody wants to hear but it's for sale and the examples that we've been able to find in my own little foundation that prove those things lead to something that looks a lot like prosperity are undeniable, they are everywhere. >> tucker: you've been right about everything else, i knew you'd make me feel better. thank you for that. >> standing by to fill the glass up whenever you need it, tucker. >> tucker: good to see you. >> be well. >> tucker: while black lives matter is effectively a political party and you thought in this country you are allowed to express your opinions about political parties but in this case, no.
5:37 pm
if you oppose black lives matter, you could be charged with a hate crime. after the break, we will talk to a couple in california who were charged with a hate crime for that. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: harvard university, where did you not go but many highly impressive people did go, announced that classes for at 7,000 undergraduates would be held only online coming this fall. that means those classes will be a joke, people don't learn very well online. if you got kids at home now trying, you know that for a fact. harvard also announced it will not be cutting any of its $50,000 a year tuition, not by a penny. and according to a writer at, that's fine. they because actually, education is not the point of harvard or any school like harvard. earlier this week, "the main benefit of an ivy league education is it really classes. schools like harvard, stanford, yale, and princeton service for your networking events and outsmart outsource hr companies
5:43 pm
for finance and media." actually, that's true but because it is true, it does raise a couple of other questions. if attending harvard or stanford or yale whatever yale gets renamed next year, isn't really about education, then why did these schools get tax-free and dowendowments that are larger tn the gdp of some african countries? wire the loans of people take out to go to the schools guaranteed by taxpayers and nondischargeable in dank bankruy court? why do these schools get billions of dollars of other benefits for you if they are networking and a chart teach opportunities for kids from families that are already well connected? it took months but the people who run the country eventually got bored with jamming the rest of us are trying to go outside or earn a living during covid-19's and i have a new hobby, praising the mostly peaceful protesters who are
5:44 pm
destroying our cities. just today, nancy pelosi explained, statues don't matter. >> i don't care that much about statues. >> shouldn't that be done by a commissioner or the city council, not a mob? >> do what they do. >> tucker: people do what they do, try to take down a statue of somebody nancy pelosi admires and find out what happens. these statues, who cares? they are just dead traders is one of the dumbest members of the u.s. senate recently said. there is one ex-russian people like nancy pelosi can't stand and won't stand for, people who say the united states isn't racist and don't want public spaces filled with left-wing graffiti. activists spray painted "black lives matter" in the middle of a public street which i do not own. in response to this, two taxpayers, residents of the town decided to return their streets
5:45 pm
to normal. >> this is not happening in my town! >> you're not [bleep] from america. here colonizers. >> you want something? come and get it. you're not [bleep] getting this anymore. >> tucker: not happening in my town, she said. it's not your country. not your country. to be clear, the people you just saw on tape hurt nobody, destroying nothing and yet they have been charged with a hate crime by the city of california. nicole anderson and david nelson join us tonight and we are happy to have them, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: tell us if you what i think what we already know, summarized quickly by you did this. >> yeah, so, tucker, i was on my way home on a bike ride and i saw what they were doing downtown there with the graffiti and i grew up in martinez, so it struck a chord with me, i don't
5:46 pm
agree with blm. don't get me wrong, i have no problem with black people, that's not what this is about. they have a hidden agenda. when i saw that, i went home and let nicole know and she said "i'm going to go down there in pain over it." but when she has her mind made up, she doesn't she's going to do. i went down there just to have her back and somebody got in my face and kind of set me off and i want to be clear that i wish i would've handled it it more diplomatically. but i was angry and we are sick of this, we are sick of the narrative. >> i don't want them to defund our police. thank god we have them in the last couple days. >> tucker: yeah? >> yeah. >> tucker: you are aware. it's your town, you just said you're from there and yeah, the people who painted the stone on the street, i presume you pay taxes. you are aware that in california, rather in
5:47 pm
san francisco, not far from you, blm activists ripped down a statue and spray-painted "kill whitey" on it. why do you think you were charged with a hate crime? >> it's because we decided to stand against an organization that we don't agree with it and that's the issue that we are facing and if an american can't stand up and voice their opinion and we are being silenced, they cancel culture that we are living in it if we don't do something, we need to stand up, everybody needs to get together and band together and take to the streets, i hear a lot of talk but i don't see americans standing up and doing something about it and the reason being is because we are losing jobs when we stand up, you see what happened to kelly loeffler, they want her to stand down. this is what we're facing here in america and it's imperative that we do it quick because we
5:48 pm
are starting to lose ground here. >> tucker: they are trying to make an example out of you. the people who did this, charged with a hate crime should be impeached but i have to wonder about the consequent is to you, there's nothing more shameful than being charged with a hate crime which is of course why they did it, are you worried about losing your job? geico it's up in the air right now as we speak. >> i work for myself. >> she works for herself so she doesn't have to worry about it. >> you think you could be fired, david, because of this? >> i'm actually on a leave type of thing right now until we see what happens. >> tucker: man, you've got a lot of brass. this was a brave thing to do. are you paying a lawyer to defend you? i just want to say, you've been charged with a hate crime for painting over graffiti that wasn't supposed to be there. >> that's right. this is the double standard and hypocrisy of the whole thing, it's okay for blm to go around and burn down the country,
5:49 pm
terrorize america, actually kill people. they've done more harm than they've done good, tucker. when we stand up and give them a little iota, taste of their own medicine, this is the extreme measures that are being taken and we can't let it happen. we need to stand up, we need to get together, all americans in every city and take to the streets. >> tucker: man, i hope someone defends you. conservatives have spent billions of dollars on these nonprofits in d.c., they vote for the republican politicians, i hope one of those people, many of them spring to your aid because this is outrageous. very brave, thanks for coming on tonight. >> thank you. my pleasure. >> tucker: david and nicole, thanks. well, kanye west is running for president. you think it may be a joke but it's not a joke. by the way, in 2020, anything is possible. if west is on the ballot this fall, how many votes could he get and what effect would it have on the race? we are thinking about it, after
5:50 pm
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♪ >> tucker: kanye west says he's running for president and of course if he wants to win he will need votes. he's already taken the first step by registering himself to vote. >> what's up, i'm here and i wanted to show you all how i just registered to vote. i just wanted to show everybody how easy it is to vote here. new voter application. my name, my date of birth, my official wyoming driver's license. >> there is a lot of people who think they can't vote because they're a convicted felon, but they actually can ask for their rights back. why would some other states make it so complicated to vote? speak at the statutes are set up by legislature. >> tucker: that the start. what happens next? if kanye west gets in the race in a meaningful way, what effect will that have?
5:56 pm
we take more votes from biden or from trump? we are happy to have you on tonight, professor, thanks for coming on. so what do you imagine the effect of kanye west getting in the race will be? >> first of all, let's make it clear that it's pretty much mathematically impossible that he would win. he's already ineligible and about four states, one of them being texas, so that's impossible, but i think that he could play spoiler. the question is to whom. he could take you through both away from biden, and he could tm trump based on the fact that he claimed he had covid-19 and he will highlight the fact that trump has failed in many ways on the covid-19 crisis, so i think it's a chance that he could take from either pool of voters. i think that one of the things that really hurts trump also is that of course he's married to
5:57 pm
kim kardashian west, and the whole alice johnson talking point was a big thing for the trump campaign. and she kind of steels that away and says no, that was me. that was me that advocated for alice johnson. it was me that hi had to come to your office and talk to criminal justice reform. then he starts to perhaps lose some of the few black votes that he has. this is going to be a razor-thin election when we are talking about, you know, last time it was 77,000 votes in wisconsin. it could be even thinner, and kanye west, if he's able to garner that kind of support somewhere, he could spoil it for either one of these. i'm thinking more he will spoil it for trump but it's possible he could spoil it for biden as well. >> tucker: my view is anything that his associates trump from so-called criminal justice reform would actually help him, at least with me. >> i think you are in the minority there. >> tucker: i don't know that i am considering everything that's happened but we'll see.
5:58 pm
but kanye west is a self-described christian, he's been pretty assertive in bringing the christian message and i wonder if you could see christians vote for kanye west. >> well, i mean, i think that that's possible. he certainly come of course there are a lot of christians who have issues with joe biden based on perhaps the fact that he is pro-choice. there are lots of christians who have issues, particularly in the evangelical communities that have issues with trump and the way he behaves and contorts himself. so i think there is a lane for someone like kanye west actually slide in and get some christian votes with his gospel albums and some of the messages that he's going to bring forth. >> sean: why is he doing this, do you know? >> some people say it's to promote his records, to promote himself. i think he's just somebody who thinks big and looks for big challenges, so i think that that's one of the reasons that
5:59 pm
kanye west is going after the presidency, there is nothing bigger. i think it was the same thing with donald trump. also people said he couldn't do it and i think ambitious people, when you tell them that they can't do something, that is when they get motivated and they take action and i think that is what kanye west is doing. he's somebody who's actually self-made, he didn't get a $400 million start the way donald trump did. he's actually self-made billionaire and i think that he thinks he can conquer anything, so he's going to give it a shot. >> tucker: i would say announcing for president in july of a presidential year, that's an ambitious program. you know, i stand unconvinced either way, but we'll see. jason nichols, one of our favorites, thanks so much. >> tucker: great to see you. we are out of time, amazingly. remarkable how fast an hour goes. we hope you have a great night. hopefully with the ones you love. will be back tomorrow, which is friday, but in the meantime, we have good news for you.
6:00 pm
were going to play a quick quiz game in our remaining ten seconds. who do you think is taking over? who's grabbing the baton? the great sean hannity from new york. >> sean: i guess i called that game. the great thing, i don't know about that. of the great one is on tonight, by the way. great show, tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert, live excus exclusive interview a moment. we will discuss the chaos in liberal studies, law and order, safety, security, the coronavirus, the economy and of course joe biden. of course, the president is also, his opponent actually steps foot outside the house today, the basement, that's the second time in two weeks, that's a record. way to go, joe. the corrupt, ever confused, ever frail joe biden actually left his home. he traveled all the way from delaware to pennsylvania to his trusty teleprompter where he delivered a painfully awkward speech in a


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