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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 9, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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loss of life. we can't do that, we have to get back now. we did it right, we save millions of lives by what we d did. >> laura: liberty liberty versus lockdown. the choice is going to be clear in november. looks like someone's been watching "the ingraham angle" this week. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here, shannon. spoon all right, laura, thank you so much. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. took a major supreme court opinion city regarding the president 'has ran natural records neither side got exactly what they wanted, but they're both still claiming victory. the president's reaction exclusive to fox news is coming up. and with the 3 million mark in the rearview mirror, cases of covid-19 continue to climb across the u.s. and citizens in hard-hit states are waiting in long lines to get tested. reaction from the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany is just minutes away. despite a justice department motion and a higher court ordering him to drop the charges against michael flynn, the judge
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in that case is refusing to do so. what he just did, we will explain and debate with our legal panel coming up. of hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with what us corresponding kevin corke covering the president's response to today's landmark supreme court decisions. hey, kevin. >> evening, shannon, couple of cases to actually review tonig tonight. and one, the justices, as you know, love their prosecutors continue their pursuit of the president's financials sending it back to a lower court. the chief justice john roberts said the president had absolutely no right to block the release of those papers so that fight will be as they continue. about which the president said this in his exclusive interview with fox news. >> i was disappointed and at the same time it was because i think we -- our president should get protection from thousands of prosecutors out there. thousands all over the country. they could go after you and you're supposed to be running the country. it basically says don't make
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sense at all back and we started over again. i guess that's what it means. >> yes indeed that is what it means. here's the chief justice, no citizen, not even a president is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding. in a separate decision, the court ruled that congress could not, at least for now, seek many of those very same records. its advocates also should be returned to the lower courts to examine whether congress should narrow the parameters of the information sought, meaning that the practical effect of the two decisions shannon is that the records will not be made public before the elections this fall. here's what we learn from the president's attorney, jay sekulow. he said we are pleased that in the decisions issued today that the supreme court has temporarily blocked both congress and new york prosecutors from obtaining the president's tax records. we will now proceed to raise additional constitutional and legal issues in the lower courts. which is why some are saying this is far from a slam-dunk for the manhattan's d.a. office
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because the fight does continue. meanwhile, reaction from democrats as you can well imagine, it was swift and pointed. this from the former vice president joe biden. the perceptive nominee of their party for the 2020 election. he said the american people deserve to know, what donald trump is hiding in his tax returns and then of course there was this from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> the supreme court, including the president's appointees have declared that he is not above the law. the path that the supreme court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path. >> okay, so in summation, i want to offer a tweet from somebody we all know and love. bottom line, scotus decisions have and have been to. first, presidents are not absolutely immune from criminal subpoena. second, congressional subpoenas
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can be legit against the president, but lower courts did not do enough. or did not do full enough consideration. the sense both cases back down. i don't know who wrote that. i think it's -- oh it's you, or somebody. >> shannon: you know -- you know, kevin, listen, people should know bill mirrors, our producer handles this -- we could not this without him. sometimes trying to boil down a scotus decision that could be 100 pages into 140 characters is a little tricky, we try to get it right. >> you did a great job today. i know the folks at home -- you were stellar, have a great night and have a great show. >> shannon: thank you. you too, my friend. >> thank you. >> shannon: another landmark decision from the supreme court this week, presumptive democratic nominee joe biden says he looks forward to undoing the trump administration's regulations giving the little sisters of the poor and exemption from being forced to provide contraceptive -- costly contraceptive to employees. the supreme part about that regulation is weak.
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in a statement, biden called the supreme courts ruling in favor of the little sister's "disappointing" and pledged that if he is elected he will restore the regulations to where they originally existed with some exceptions. another day of record-setting covid strikes across the country as lines waiting for testing grow ever longer in hard-hit states like arizona, california and texas. jonathan serrie has the latest tonight from atlanta. >> with nearly 9,000 new cases in 24 hours, florida confirmed 120 new debts, its highest total yet. the surge across the sun belt casts doubt on earlier speculation it would act as a seasonal illness like the flu. >> for the people who expected to see a sharp decline in the number of cases as the weather became warm and moist, i think we're seeing that that's absolutely not the case. >> today texas governor greg abbott order hospitals and more than 100 counties to postpone elective surgeries. the medical director of the
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houston hospital predicts his city will soon resemble new york during its peak because people got careless during the fourth of july. >> people did not listen. a lot of people went out and more likely than not we are going to see those patients come into the hospital in the next two weeks. >> is federal health officials grapple to mitigate the outbreak, the trump administration is pushing states to reopen school in the fall. the cdc is expected to issue more information for teachers and parents. >> children really need to be coming to the degree that we can, in a classroom, physically present to learn. if we follow the cdc guidelines, if we follow our personal responsibility, we can get them back in the classroom and be safe at the same time. >> in hard-hit areas, lines of testing centers are getting longer and the results more concerning. >> we were previously seeing about one in ten or even one in eight of our tests that we were doing in the community, they were coming back positive. now we are seeing one in four. >> many people are waiting longer to find out the results. atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms tweeted it took family
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eight days. if we had known sooner, we would have immediately quarantined. >> although the mayor is infected, she is a symptom attic. yesterday she issued an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings. that of course is within the city limits of atlanta but here's something that will affect people all over the entire country. starbucks announced today that starting july 15th, they will require customers to wear face coverings when they come inside for coffee. shannon. >> shannon: all right, jonathan jonathan, thank you. between battling the coronavirus and pushing to open schools on time, plus a slew of major supreme court rulings in recent days, plenty on the trump administration's plate right now. let's talk about all of it and more with white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany, who joins us now on "fox news @ night," qaddafi. >> good to join you, shannon. speeone's are two rulings today and getting access to the president's financial records, a fight that a near prosecutor three house committees have been after these documents.
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here is all commerce and eric swalwell, he is a democrat, frequent critic of the president, also happens to be a lawyer, here's how he read those decisions. >> this is an overwhelming win. the court, including two people that he thought would be loyal to him, i think the law is so clear that no one is above it and that the president too has to follow it. >> shannon: you and i are both lawyers as well and in writing the opinion i thought clearly the support said the president does not have absolute immunity against a state criminal subpoena, but that's not the end of the story. how do you see these cases? speak of its right, while congressmen swallow perhaps needs to go back and read the opinions as first it's worth noting that he had his democratic colleagues were rebuked. they were basically engaging in a political witch hunt trying to get these documents and they were rebuked by the court, they couldn't get access to those documents but on the second case you mentioned there and he referenced, as kavanaugh pointed out, this is a 9-0, unanimous ruling in the sense of this
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needs to go back to the lower court, be remanded to the lower court and the majority opinion from roberts actually laid out several ways for the president to proceed in court by making a bad faith argument with state law or by going on the constitutional right and making a constitutional argument that the subpoena specifically is wrong, so i would point that out to the congressman. >> shannon: yeah, and the president's attorney jay sekulow, you know well interviewers do as well, that he has said they will continue to litigate these cases both on the house committees in both on this issue of the prosecutor in new york. harvard professor, don't know if you had him while you are there, but he's been tweeting on this. specifically about the vance case, he things listen this thing can be sped up. he said the vance case should be expedited in the lower courts. if the nixons tape case could be decided in three months and bush versus gore could be decided in one month, this really should not strike out the november election. we know there's more legal wrangling to be done at the lower courts. it sounds like he hopes these documents are settled once and
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for -- for good in favor of the prosecutor. it supposed to be secret, this is grand jury, but justice alito noted the argument, things to do tend to leak sometimes. >> i point back to what jay sekulow said, several legal and constitutional arguments to be made in the lower court but i would also note what we view as the absolute partisan harassment in which the subpoena was issued. one of the things that i think was pointed out, and of the best points made was in justice alito's dissent or he very clearly talked about how you could see state courts being utilized by elected prosecutors in this case an elected prosecutor registered democrat using a subpoena as a weapon to harass the president, so that's the view here on our end and i'm glad that justice alito at least tentative that in his dissent. >> shannon: yeah, and our people warning across the spectrum, listen, where this goes with this present, it can be used against another
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president and opposing parties, whether it's in the house or an elected prosecutor wants to go after someone. still questions there to be settled in these particular cases. so let's talk about coronavirus. their offense bikes, there have been record days for the u.s. in notching cases. a number of state states either putting their reopening on hold or scaling back. they hope they will just get used to dying of coronavirus, says trump hasn't only failed to take adequate action, he's actually regressed in the approach of the pandemic, reverting to his production that novel coronavirus will magically go away. "i think that at some point that's going to sort of justice appear, i hope" he said last week. is that a fair assessment of where the white house stands tonight? >> i don't think it's a fair assessment at all. where this president stands as he believes that we have done extra ordinary work on therapeutics, extraordinary work at changing the nature of this virus, so now we are testing so much, we are doing more than 40 million tests, so that's means we are identifying more
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cases but the real metric the president looks at is the mortality rate, which has come down. at the height of this virus you had 2,500 dying in a day. now because of the work of this administration, it's 200 over the weekend where the numbers, so that's a tenfold decrease we've seen. we've seen the nature of this has shifted and we believe it's a very unfair assessment just that it's been listed out. >> shannon: we have talked a lot about the push not to get kids back to school. i hear from parents every day that they want to see this happen. any of them think it can be done safely, there are others who have concern. but an economist at brown university says this, when we are told the kids are spread is not it's okay for them to go back. she pushes boxing even if we think kids tend not to get sick and they very much, a lot of adults interacting with each other and they definitely are many teachers given the age of our teaching workforce who are at higher risk for covid so it's not just about whether kids get our spread this, so how do you well account for the rest of that equation, the adults who
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have to be evolved in reopening schools? >> one thing i would notice throughout this pandemic without essential workers. you and the media are an essential worker, our meat-packers are essential workers. people keeping our food supply chain running were essential workers and with the light has believe teachers are essential workers. we believe it's essential when you have kids who we see abuse cases not being reported, falling in some states by as much as 55% because we know abuse cases give a lot of time for identifying school. the american academy of pediatrics and keeping schools permanently shut can lead to morbidity if not mortality among students, not to mention educational deficits that setback on predominately low-income students that are disadvantaged the most. it's paramount, our teachers are essential, our schools are essential and at the position of this president. spirit okay, someone else worried about covid's garage or stone, who may soon have to report dale. his other there talking what his case and the possibility the president may look kindly on him and his situation. here's a bit of what he said
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today, want to get your reaction. >> she could pardon me, then nixon and i would really have something in common. or more likely he could just commute my sentence, which means i would still have to battle it out on appeal, which frankly i want to do, because i want an opportunity to clear my name. >> shannon: to know if there any discussions or considerations by the partisan t to commute? >> he'll be the first to let you know. what i would notice the president does believe this was entirely unfair. he believes the jury for woman in this case that did not act appropriately and moreover he knows often that you have guys like andy mccabe who committed perjury whose out and about, you have people like clapper, james clapper, who committed perjury before congress on the issue of wiretapping and surveillance and is out and about, not to mention comey, who leaked confidential information and even john bolton, who leaked
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classified information, so the president sees a two-tier justice system here and think that roger stone was unfair but i will leave any announcements to him. >> shannon: we will stand by for that. kayleigh mcenany, thanks for taking time, good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the federal judge hearing the printed stomach echo flynn defy the justice department's motion to dismiss. now judge emmet sullivan is defying an appeals court decision directing him to dismiss the case. leland vittert takes a look at what happened next for general flynn. good evening. >> good evening to you, shannon. add this move to another one of the unheard-of parts of this case. as you pointed out, the judge lost in front of the appeals court and now his lawyer is appealing again. originally the judge appointed a lawyer to argue over dismissing a case against general michael flynn. all unprecedented news by the judge. quick recap. flynn pleaded guilty twice for lying to the fbi about phone calls with the russian ambassador during the transition
8:16 pm
in late 2016, early 2017. he's also fired as national security advisor from lying. but has recently become the rallying cry for those who accuse the obama administration of using the justice department to go after trump officials, they didn't like. >> want the longest-running soap operas and political history. my plan is not guilty of anything, the phone call he made was fine. this is yet another attempt and the justice department knew from the get-go. there was nothing to this. so what did they do, they prosecuted flynn for years. >> but a few months ago attorney general barr says the charges against flynn should be dismissed despite his guilty plea, mainly that would mean a rubber-stamp from the judge in the case, but judge emmet sullivan said no dice. he hired outside counsel to file their own briefs. flynn's attorney appealed, the circuit court of appeals from a three-judge panel said dismiss the case, but sullivan is now asking the entire appeals court to hear the case, which they could say yes or no to end at
8:17 pm
the end, which are party is unhappy can still go to the supreme court and shannon, you would know better than me, but a judge hiring his own counsel to appeal rolling to the supreme court might take this from unheard-of to just straight up unprecedented. >> shannon: i think and write about now they would like a summer vacation, not for their going to get it because there are a lot of emergency appeals pending with the supreme court right now. we would. all right, thank you so much, good to see you. all right, former presidential lawyer and fixer michael cohen is back in federal custody tonight. after reportedly objecting to a ban on media contact or a ban on writing a book that he was doing as part of terms for him getting home confinement. we are told he was meeting with parole officials when u.s. marshals shackled him and took him away even though his attorneys say he was saying he would drop his objections and sign the agreement. the news comes following reports that he had taken trips into manhattan restaurants picture here, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was let out of prison seven weeks ago where he
8:18 pm
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>> it's a disgrace, what's going on. we caught them 100%. as far as general flynn, he's a great hero, he's a great gentleman. what they're doing to that man, they've destroyed that man, but he'll come back. >> shannon: president trump weighing in tonight on the developments in the michael flynn case during his exclusive interview with fox news on "hannity." as we reported earlier in the hour, the prosecution in the form national security visor took another twist today.
8:23 pm
let's sort it all out with tonight legal panel, harry litman and the center for american liberty founder, attorney harmeet dhillon, good to have you both with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: part of this petition, the judge has been told by the doj to drop the case. he refused to do that, he brought it out to people to argue the case and then they -- you know, the legal team for general flynn went to the next level, that level ended up telling us judge it back to get rid of the case, he says no, so here's what he decides. he says the panel's decision, that panel awarded to get rid of this, threatens to turn ordinary judicial process upside down. it is the district court's job, his job, to consider and rule on pending motions. this court if called upon reviews the decisions, it does not prevent them. he's telling a higher court he wants everyone on the higher court, every judge now to rehear that case.
8:24 pm
why shouldn't they? >> they shouldn't because this case and the ordeal of general flynn is been dragged out long enough and the judge has clearly overstepped his boundaries. there's nothing ordinary about this case. it's an extraordinary case for the government has said it did not have a basis for the prosecution and the government's job is to prosecute or not prosecute and stop the government -- it's not the judge's job to second-guess that and that's a 2016 case out of the d.c. circuit and so when the judge decided he wasn't going to take that simply appoint his own third party argue for the government, that's really when i got crazy. and that's where i think it proper to the d.c. to take extraordinary measure of ordering them in this case paired so that should stand but i would not be surprised given the makeup of the d.c. circuit if they do take it up. >> shannon: writing about this in "the federalist" when that decision came from a higher court telling judge sullivan who got to get rid of this, the headline was d.c. court of appeals blasts george sullivan for michael flynn color guard.
8:25 pm
unprecedented intrusions on several liberty and executive charging authority. translation, there was no basis for this unconstitutional power grab. so harry, how do you think this plays out? >> it's an extra ordinary case, otherwise i can't really agree that the 2016 cases, you normally shouldn't do accept forex ordinary circumstances. when a guy pleads guilty twice to serious crimes and has never been any suitable explanation of why else he lied about it, then it's never been done, literally never to try to say well we are going to turn around and dismiss it. what happens now? there's no doubt if they take the case they'll reverse. to actually have preempted on mandamus, sullivan from even considering it, that actually is unprecedented and will stand but is not clear to me that that they'll take it. for votes to take it for sure what you need among three judges. they might say it's wrong is the day is long, but we have to pick our shots, we are not going to yank everything and they might
8:26 pm
let it play. >> shannon: so, do you think this has been political for general flynn? because we want to hope that all of our judges, no matter who appoints them, that they aren't political. >> well of course it's political. it's bizarre that judge sullivan would appoint as his friend of the court a judge who has written an op-ed critical of flynn. that's outrageous. there couldn't be a clearer case of bias. by the way, taxpayers paying for all of this shenanigans that judge sullivan is doing here. this is really an example of the four corners offense here. just running out the clock and they're hoping that they'll be able to drag this controversy out past the election. that's a disgrace and that's very political. >> shannon: harry, quick final word to you, do they get ends up -- do you think this ends up with the supreme court? one of the chance? >> i'm sorry, we still talking, go ahead. >> i wasn't. >> i don't think it ends up -- thank you -- i don't think it
8:27 pm
ends up at the supreme court. i think it does stop here. however, the court of appeals, if they take the case will reverse it. as far as appointing someone, happens all the time, including at the supreme court. when the department after two years of litigating says, you know, we are not going to do it anymore, for a judge to appoint someone to give him or her the other side, that's routine. >> someone was not a part of it was writing offense. >> shannon: there was evidence that had been withheld from flynn and his legal team that came forward. that seemed to change the contours of this case and there was a lot more that we got to seattle involving peter strzok and others. now we will see with the court does. thank you both for weighing in. >> thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: don't want to wear a mask? and one u.s. city that could soon cost you 2,000 bucks. details, next. throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there
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if you can't afford your medicine, robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. >> shannon: new video tonight from oklahoma city where woman at a shoe store was apparently unhappy with the requirement
8:32 pm
that she will had to wear a mask all she was shopping so throughout some shoe boxes that the employers had told her to put on a mask and stormed out. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case of its happening in orange county, california. hey, trace. >> no dot coronavirus cases arising in orange county, california, though the death toll remains low and hospitalizations for now are manageable. but despite the uptick, the county does not appear to be in any curry to adopt the statewide mask mandate. for example, some people cheered when a huntington beach italian restaurant declared itself a no mask zone for the "haters" who criticized the gnome escrow, they set up a challenging voice mail -- so their cousin guido could pay them a visit. they have now sent the restaurant a letter requesting it comply with the state mandate. the law enforcement in orange county isn't exactly tracking down violators.
8:33 pm
orange county sheriff don barnes acknowledges that not wearing a mask is a health department violation, but says it's not a "practical application of a criminal law violation. the sheriff does say he might punish egregious violations, but he prefers education and because of noncompliance, governor gavin newsom is threatening to pull state money from orange county, watch. >> they're simply unwilling to do it, then we will redirect those dollars to communities that are in we assume if that's not an incentive enough or rather a disincentive enough, then we will assume more responsibility still. >> that's the same governor who lashed out at president trump are threatening to pull federal dollars when california chose to violate federal laws, but the rise in orange county covid cases is converting some, including a county supervisor who repeatedly questioned the mask mandate, but is now appealing to residents to cover
8:34 pm
their faces number which is a bold move in the oc. one county official who supported the mask mandate ended up resigning after she was threatened and protesters showed up at her house. shannon. >> shannon: the debate is rea real. trace gallagher, thank you very much. in texas, tracking down a coronavirus carrier seeing if you test positive for covid-19 but you refuse to self-quarantine, you could be subjected to arrest and that's not all, so let's talk about how the lone star state is dealing with another day of record high cases and hospitalizations. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick, good to have you back, sir. >> good to be back, shannon. >> shannon: these are the numbers for today. the new 9,782 cases, 105 deaths, a record daily total in texas and 9,689 hospitalizations, also a record high. what do you do now? >> well, going off of your last story, we are asking our people
8:35 pm
in texas to wear a mask and i'm really asking all over the country for those who don't want to wear a mask or a defined order to wear a mask, just put other people first that you could be infecting -- that includes a first responders, doctors and nurses were working to exhaustion all over the country and in texas. the government said today it's really the last line of defense at this point because he doesn't want to shutdown the economy, nor do i, nor does anyone else. anywhere in the country. maybe the democrat states they do, but in texas, we are asking people to wear a mask and to protect others. it's so important at this point, our numbers are high. we have been in the death category, every life is precious, we lost a very precious man as you know, but we have been one of the lowest in the country but the last three days we have a 263 deaths in three days, so we are hit with a pretty strong wave now. i always were main optimistic but we have to take this very seriously and people should be considered -- help slow this
8:36 pm
down. >> shannon: you mentioned this texas county emergency, he summoned to the people said was so well loved, he was out there coordinating these emergency testing sites. he was working night and day trying to protect people from covid, contracted it himself, also finding out that he had leukemia. he's all good, but he didn't make it. is just one story of someone in law enforcement folks who are exposed in our front lines, people in the medical field as well. but law enforcement especially having to deal with protests, threats of defunding. it's got to be a demoralizing time for them facing so many threats from so many different levels. >> shannon, i wore a shirt tonight -- this is one of our dps, department of public safety, our state trooper shirts, because i really want america to understand we have to support our police. when you see a police officer, state trooper, constable, sheriff, whomever it is, go up to them and thank them. you know, the all-time days of maybe going by the police
8:37 pm
station of the substation near you and taking something, thinking them. this is a group of men and women in this country, less than 800,000 protecting 350 million and shannon, i'm very concerned for them. we've had 90 suicides already this year, people in law enforcement. we had nearly 30 killed in the line of duty and shannon, since 2016, we had 717 suicides in law enforcement and 535 killed in the line of duty and there are some different stats, different apartment, but they're all very similar. so when you have this stress on police, and i was out there with them on the front lines have the capital, we had the protesters, standing there in 95 degrees, wearing 40 pounds of gear on their back, being spit out, being yelled at and all across this country, yes, we have these bad actors like happened in minnesota and you've got to remove that because every black life does matter, although black lives matter is a whole different issue, that's a political group that wants to overthrow this country, but
8:38 pm
every black life matters, but so does every police officer's life matter. and we have to support our men and women of law enforcement. they're under so much stress, shannon, for their families to retire, from what they're hearing in the streets to these laws that are, you know, democrats particularly are trying to take away their protection from being held liable on issues. they're cutting funding. i know in seattle tonight they decided to cut the funding by police by 50%. we have to support the police and we need to lead every individual america who understands that we want to get rid of the bad cops, but we love our good cops we have to have them. we need to start standing up having our voice heard for police officers, men and women in this country. >> shannon: just like any group, you cannot lump everyone together. they are good and bad and you said we got to root out the bad ones so the vast majority put on their uniforms risking their lives for strangers and not knowing if l come home and we do have to support the good ones out there. lieutenant governor, good to have it with us, sir.
8:39 pm
>> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: universities going online only, but still charging full tuition is if you were in class, is that fair? phillips at the books, he's investigated, held tell us what he found when he comes back. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them
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>> shannon: on fifth avenue in new york city today, large black lives matter mural painted on the street right in front of trump tower. after the president called a symbol of hate that would further antagonize the nypd. correspondent alex hogan is there tonight and tracking the very latest develops across the country. good evening, alex. speak a good evening, shannon. a fresh galloping marking fifth avenue just outside the door steps of the trump tower and city workers today along with volunteers and new york city mayor bill de blasio were here painting this mural. they say it is a sign and and a symbol to not only to the president, but the country that the fight for racial equality this time will stick. after six weeks of protesting,
8:44 pm
new pulse by monmouth university finding the democrats and independents still back the black lives matter movement but the mind-set of republicans is shifting. according to the ball, only 18% of republicans now feel protesters anger is justified. that number shrinking from 40% last month. in addition, 35% of republicans believe racism is not a big problem in his country, up 20 percentage points from last month compared to 17 percentage points of democrats and independents, that number up from ten percentage points and one expert we talked with said that is probably too many factors, but also because of the president criticizing some of these protests, deepening the political divide. >> we've got to remember that the basis overwhelmingly favorably disposed towards the president so if he's setting up a counter narrative, and he has been very consistently, you can consume the base is likely to move closer to his position. >> most of the country however can agree on one thing.
8:45 pm
78% say that we are fully divided on the most important values in 66% say that that has worsened since the president took office, but most americans do say that they believe that there will be a shift in the right direction, 55% say that there will be better racial equality that will lead to a long-term impact. shannon. >> shannon: all right, alex hogan in new york, thank you so much. in a recent tweet attempting to emphasize inclusion for all different kinds of viewpoints, penn state liberal arts college included a note that conservative students also included there that says your viewpoints are important. while, there was swift backlash and the tweet was taken down. joins us now to talk about cancel culture on campus. always good to have you. >> thanks so much. >> shannon: okay, so people can see that statement and talked about all kinds of things, black lives matter, all kinds of different viewpoints,
8:46 pm
did include conservatives, we care about your viewpoints too. a professor who responded that from another college, this is it with that said this is problematic it as you know conservative people have never been oppressed by the u.s. such a comparison to the everyday oppression of women, immigrants, lgbt, people of color and other minorities experience is dishonest and demeaning, so the statement went away because apparently you can't include conservatives as people who should have the viewpoints included. >> if that professor things they haven't been oppressed that she clearly hasn't gone different campuses around the country. i've seen how conservative ideas are the only real ones that are at risk of being shut down. at the risk of being stifled and harassed and threatened and that's her pen statement came out with the state, kudos to them for doing about what kind of message does it send that they deleted it? we reached out to the school, they remove the message because "the message was not received well." under telling students
8:47 pm
essentially that we will stand up for your free speech rights, in this case conservative students, we will stand with you as long as the outraged mob doesn't get too angry. this is a conditional support of free speech. that's the problem. good on them for actually standing up initially for students that are marginalized and are oppressed on campus, in his case, conservative students, but they made a bad mistake by deleting this and it sends a chilling message for free speech on campus moving forward there at penn state. >> shannon: i want to ask about something else you guys have been investigating, a number of colleges and ultimate only going have virtual classes and digital classes this fall but they're still going to charge the same amount of tuition. in a headline on slate singlet actually set a bad precedent, public precedent, potentially pressuring schools that really can afford to cut the prices to do the same by making itself look scrooge-like, harper, who said they're not going to cut the tuition rates is giving the rest of higher at a little bit more breathing room, but to be found on that? >> this is the great bait and switch. the more we dig into it, the more we see that universities
8:48 pm
appear to be intentionally slow and not forthcoming with information to their students, so that trying to get as many students as possible to sign on the dotted line to pay full tuition for the coming year and then they come out until them later, while actually coming are really getting the full experience, almost all of your classes will be online, that's what we are seeing on the country. this would be like the dallas cowboys dallas cowboys telling season-ticket holders you're going to play dumb i pay full price for tickets but you're going to watch the games on tv in the parking lot and expecting people to still pay the price for that. that's what universities are doing here. the universities know that students would not pay for a full tuition if they were aware at the start that the experience they were getting wasn't real, they were going to be online classes, they were going to be not having access to student facilities, 70% plus of college students right now so they weren't satisfied with their online schooling during the covid shutdown.33 of graduating high school seniors that they would not apply to university if they were going to get the traditional in person campus experience in classes would be online. universities are well aware of that data, they know that students are looking to avoid those situations and that's what they're trying to get as many
8:49 pm
students as possible on the hook for that tuition and then tell them later that it's not going to be the real experience. >> shannon: well, keep us updated on that, and all the other fun things you find on campus, great to see you tonig tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: okay, a statue of the first lady set ablaze. that's not all. the latest round of vandalism is up next.
8:50 pm
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>> shannon: the nfl's washington redskins are considering changing their name after years of resistance in the team's push for a new stadium could be tied to that name and to lawmakers on capitol hill. congressional correspondent chad program has the story for us to make him a good chad. >> shannon, the fight over the redskins name has been a battle on capitol hill for decades. in fact, congress is one of the reasons the redskins now play in maryland. the redskins were the burgundy and gold standard three decades ago, capturing three super bowl titles. that ignited the push for a bigger, modern stadium. the team wanted a new facility right next to his old arena, venerable rfk stadium. it sits on federal land. a member of the northern cheyenne tribe, then senator ben knight horace campbell of colorado wrote a bill barring the use of the rfk property unless the team changed its name. >> like most native people have a real problem with that name,
8:54 pm
redskins, because i know where it came from. it has a pretty bad history. >> the team refused to change the name. abandoned the nation's capital, exiled to maryland. years later, harry reid used his position to routinely rail against the redskins on the senate floor. >> for far too long annabelle has been sitting on its hands doing nothing while an entire population of americans has been denigrated. >> he said the team would lose every game, although frankly the redskins didn't need intercessions from him. >> one of my disappointment from a senatorial tenure was the fact that we did not get this done during the time i was there. >> the team hopes to return to washington, maybe building the stadium where the rats can choose to play, d.c.'s -- eleanor holmes norton -- repurpose the rfk location but retires team owner dan snyder to change the name. >> the washington football team desperately wants to use that --
8:55 pm
snyder desperately wants to come back to washington. >> campbell says if the name changes his lengthy campaign was worth it. >> in terms of leaders of america, they've been here 20,0020 --they might just say ty outlasted them. >> if the redskins do change the name, the path back to washington, d.c., runs right through the halls of congress. shannon. >> shannon: thank you, chad. finally tonight come our real news rhonda. police in new york searching for vandals responsible for tearing down a flagpole at a memorial honoring firefighters who died in the 9/11 attacks. the town's mayor vowing to replace the ball. vandals setting fire to a statue of first lady melania trump near her hometown in slovenia. showing her in the culture war on inauguration day. the artist saying it was intended to eliminate the first lady's status as an immigrant. the new mississippi state flag under fire for plans to include the words "in god we trust."
8:56 pm
the satanic temple they're planning to sue over it. mississippi lawmakers fast-track legislation to change the flag that made nation might be equality protests. that's it for us here, most-watched, most trusted, most briefly spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. booster. downy unstopables. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. (vo)you start with america's verizmost awarded network, to build unlimited right. the one with unbeatable reliability 13 times in a row. this network is one less thing i have to worry about. (vo) then you give people more plans to mix and match so you only pay for what you need verizon unlimited plan is so reasonable, they can stay on for the rest of their lives. awww...
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whether it's bribes ...or an overdue makeover. get all your pet essentials right when you need them, with curbside pickup at petsmart. just order online, drive up, check-in, and pick up. tucker carlson tonight right ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." usually by this point in the presidential cycle with got a pretty good idea with the candidates believe and you think that would be especially true this year. joe biden has been in politics for more than half a century. this is his third run for president. since 1969, the year of the moon landing, joe biden has been yammering in public virtually without stopping. until this year. this year, the famously chatty joe biden has had almost nothi nothing. his advisors claimed that's because of covid-19 but nobody believes that. everybody knows why biden won't appe


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