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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 31, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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innocence but punishment. got a few days off next week. got to get it while you can't drink these covid times, so we will see you very soon. in the meantime, have you seen what apple did today? that company is now worth $1.8 trillion in the market. >> neil: that is some serious change. on top of so many other developments. in florida, where they are preparing right now for a hurricane. we are also on top of the storm. and just exactly how much democrats and republicans will be able to make progress this weekend. we're just in that they now do you plan to meet at the capital. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto, and this is "your world." a great deal of focus right now on a hurricane that is barreling in at florida.
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too soon to say for sure, but we know phil keating has been following it closely. phil joins us now from florida. hey, phil. speak up hey, neil. isaias is now smashing through the bahamas on its way to florida. hurricane hunters say that they are getting more organized. down in miami and fort lauderdale, they are only expecting tropical storm fay impact on there, but strong winds and rain. however, other counties like palm beach county are in fact in a hurricane watch. the impact in south florida right around early tomorrow morning, and then sunday morning early, but i have the storm should be due east behind us on the coast. that is the situation right here in cocoa beach. if isaias is forecast to skim the entire peninsula and mostly remain in the atlantic until making landfall in north carolina next week. they are now under a hurricane
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watch. last night, many coronavirus testing sites broke down and packed up due to the storm threat. today, a fourth straight record breaking for covid-19 fatalities. today's new case numbers show 257 deaths and about 9,000 new cases. that makes it the sixth straight day for a florida reporting fewer than 10,000 new cases, which is possible positive news and that the state may now finally be plateauing. as for the storm, florida's governor addressed it from the emergency operations center. >> very fluid situation. we hope it stays off of our shores. we have to be at prepared to have impacts in the state of florida. >> floridians have begun sandbagging to protect their homes and businesses. everyone is everyone is encouraged to have our weeks worth of food and supplies. just in case the storm wobbles a little bit more westerly, coming closer to the coastline, that is
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when people will really see some increased impacts. the beaches in miami-dade county today, close to the public. they will remain that way tomorrow as well. as for here in cocoa beach, beach is. a lot of people out enjoying the sand in the surf, but tomorrow, likely a lot of rain. back to you. >> neil: thank you very much. he mentioned what the weather will be like if you're looking to sunday. they are supposed to return, wouldn't you know it? just off of the florida coast. we've got no word from nassau over whether they will bump that back or move to another location if they can pinpoint a new location. we have been following the hurricane very closely. what are we looking at? >> well, those guys have a much higher and more important job than i do. where that thing is going to land.
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especially right in the middle of a hurricane right off of the florida coast. this is a 75-mile-an-hour storm here that is not threshold for it to be a hurricane versus a tropical storm fay. it is pulling up towards the northwest. we have a very interesting feature, which is a coastline that kind of mimics the trends. especially as they move off towards the north, they generally deflect towards the east because of the rotation of the earth. has that exact same coastline. the storm takes that path. you see that when you look at all of our tropical models. it's going to be right offshore, so we can't say exactly 10 miles, one way or another, where this goes, and that means very different impacts, especially off of the coast of florida. tomorrow, right off the coast of palm beach. it will have more of an impact. maybe a little bit of a storm surge. now, the right side of that
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storm is always the worst. we see more of the rain, more of that storm surging. hopefully, we will see most of the stay offshore. that said, that is right where we have the area that's up hurricane dorian last year in the bahamas and had all of the problems. we have the storm somewhere off of the south carolina coastline. possibly making a landfall somewhere around the outer ban banks. also very possible it just hugs it and stay as offshore. nonetheless, we are going to see some conditions very unfavorable for being in the water and potentially strong storm surge and some damage here. because the storm is just tracking that exact coastline, we will watch a really closely. anybody in the beach needs to be watching. storm takes a little bit of a left turn. much bigger impacts across florida. it is too close to call.
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you need to be watching that this weekend. south carolina, north carolina, monday and tuesday, the storm will be on the shore. >> neil: thank you very much. i want to go to bill johnson right now. the emergency management director. bill, thank you for taking the time. i know you're quite a busy fellow right now. what are you preparing for? what do you think things are looking like right now? >> well, we are keeping our fingers crossed. we are under a hurricane watch as well as tropical storm warning. this is another dorian. almost kind of "groundhog's day." we are hoping that the track stays as it is or goes a little bit further east, but we are planning for some shelters. we are getting them ready. we haven't pushed the button yet, but we are in anticipation
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and in caution, we are getting things ready. keeping an eye on the forecast and maybe later this evening, making a final decision in terms of if we will open them up tomorrow or not. tomorrow is the go day, and again, with the conditions deteriorating tomorrow afternoon, we anticipate that hopefully the situation will improve for us a little bit, but that's our story right now. >> neil: you know, i don't envy your job. you got to juggle that if you have to shelter folks, you've got to keep the distancing in the shelters with the coronavirus cases that certainly have spiked in florida. i believe the seven day average as stabilize, but what do you do? >> first of all, our message is that we are trying to have -- we are continuing the message that is safer at home. we are lucky here in south florida, we have a very strong building code.
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and the storm is not providing a lot of storm surge, so we evacuated for storm surge, not so much for wind, so in some ways, things are good along those lines, but if we do have to open up shelters, we have a lot of arrangements to accommodate social distancing. we will have people wear masks. we will do some screening. we will have hand sanitizing stations throughout the shelters. we've done other arrangements to minimize congestion in our congregation, i should say, within the shelters, so a lot of strategy that we have done to really make the shelters as safe as possible. we really don't want to have people decide not to shelter is we do you have to evacuate areas of our county. >> neil: all right, bill, i wish you and your residence the best of to get through it. you have some great folks who have been dealing with a lot of stuff.
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bill johnson, emergency director. the president is keeping an eye on all of this. he will be headed to florida. he's got a busy schedule on monday. looking at how that hurricane preparedness is going and what's happening right now in washington when it comes to coronavirus relief. some news there with talk of a meeting between the principal players. john roberts on all of that. >> "your world," good afternoon. there will be a meeting between the secretary of the treasury, steven mnuchin, mark meadows, nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer. it will be just the four of them up there on capitol hill to see if they can move the needle at all in some type of coronavirus relief bill. there is not a lot of optimism on either side that they will be able to do it. mark meadows singh earlier today that they floated for proposals, including a one-week extension of the current $600 advancement,
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and all of those were rejected. as for the present, he touched down just a short time ago. he's got a number of events there. he has got a fund-raiser with assurance, and then a fund-raiser with other supporters in the evening. and then he's got a roundtable on coronavirus response and storm preparedness. hurricane isaias is not expected to make a direct hit on florida, although it could plow into the carolinas. doubling down on his warnings to extend voting for the november election. mass mail ballots to anyone could lead to inaccuracies and fraud. listen to what he said. >> absentee ballots are secure, and they are very good, but universal male and are a disaster. going to see an election, and we are going to do very well in the election. nobody wants that date more than me. i wish we could move it up, okay? move it up, but they are using
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covid. >> he points to the primary election in new york as an example of what could happen nationally because more than a month later, the ballot count is still far from over. and election officials say as many as 20% of ballots in that election may be thrown out. the democrats say this is simply an attempt to disenfranchise voters. barack obama in his eulogy to john lewis yesterday, going into politics, pointing out that president trump is warning that the u.s. postal service may not be able to handle the volume generated by mass mail and voting. listen here. speak up there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting. even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election. it is going to be dependent on mail-in ballots, so people don't
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get sick. >> the effect would be to cast doubt on the results of the november election if president trump were to not prevail, and remember, in that interview with chris wallace a couple weeks ago, the president did not rule out challenging the results of the election if the early voting showed that he lost. "your world." neil. >> it is up to congress to set the date, and because there was a congressional election and presidential election this year, they have to both occur in 2020, so even if you push it, you wouldn't push it much. >> neil: got it, my friend. thank you very much. john roberts of the white house. we are wrapping up a very strong month for stocks, in case you didn't hear. one of the strongest that we have seen, with the doubt up. the nasdaq surging.
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a lot of that activity happened today when apple was soaring. the highest market value of any company on the planet. now well north of one and a half trillion dollars. of 50% in case your accounting. amazon, up 15% this year. up 71%. on the year. facebook with 11% on the month. 23%. those issues are now combined with the likes of microsoft and google. $5 trillion in combined market value that hit five and a half trillion. we are on that. well, right now, it could be a very different story. a political storm over stimulus and what to do about the $600 per week job benefits. markets are watching. no doubt, the people who see those benefits are watching it too.
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$1 is donated to the papa john's foundation lookentertainmentour experience: xfinity x1. it's the easiest way to watch live tv and all your favorite streaming apps. plus, x1 also includes peacock premium at no extra cost. this baby is the total package. it streams exclusive originals, the full peacock movie library, complete collections of iconic tv shows, and more. yup, the best really did get better. magnificent. xfinity x1 just got even better, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. no strings attached. >> politics as usual from democrats. >> clearly -- >> neil: all right. i apologize for that. the president has arrived in
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tampa, florida. he is going to be having a roundtable. a host of issues he's dealing with right now, including category one, maybe category two hurricane. and of course the covid-19 cases that have spikes measurably there. although over the last seven days, which is a good way to sort of average it out, the numbers have been stabilizing somewhat. no doubt something that governor desantis will be talking over with the president and supporters. let's get an idea too of the other storm going on or potentially going on in washington, d.c., where they are trying to carve out some sort of an agreement on stimulus for the coronavirus. the only details we have, what the price will be. is it going to include relief for those who are unemployed right now who will see an end, as of today, for the additional $600, or will it be scaled down?
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chad pergram following it all very closely. >> there is a canon of difference between the white house and democrats on capitol hill and what they want to do here, and what we have learned in the past hour is that there's going to be a big meeting here on capitol hill tomorrow between speaker pelosi, the senate minority leader chuck schumer, the secretary of the treasury, steven mnuchin, and also mark meadows. you don't have a big meeting on saturday morning at 9:00 unless you are trying to get down to brass tacks. that indicates kind of the urgency of the situation here. the house of representatives is done. they are out until sometime in august. not back until monday. mark meadows indicates that he was talking with the speaker until late last night, and democrats have repeatedly rejected a number of the white house proposals. listen. >> they have sent us back not once, not twice, but three different times to try to find some common ground. what we have found from our democrat negotiators is that they are bumping the price high
1:20 pm
areas and the very bill that they passed out of the house -- >> oh weeklong extension, but nancy pelosi rejected that. she said you can only agree on an interim package of a broader deal is within reach. democrats continue to insist on a big deal, but pelosi want to have her hand on what they are willing to concede to get an agreement. >> the point is the person you are negotiating with has to want something. you have to think they might want something for the american people. so far, so bad. the second part is that the people you are negotiating with have to know that you will walk. if it isn't there, it isn't there. >> this is what is interesting. usually on a bill, even a big bill, if negotiations were going this badly, you are at an impasse, you would just call
1:21 pm
things off, and everyone would retreat, but this crisis is so big, this is why they have to at least continue to talk for a couple of days. the house of representatives is not here, and the house majority leader said he would call members to washington within 24 hours if they get a bill. they will not be here for all of august unless there is a deal. nancy pelosi this morning, neil, she did say that she thought that they would be able to get a bill. there are some on the other end of pennsylvania avenue who just don't think that they will be able to get there. they need to get democratic votes, and there's about 20 who think that they are adding too much. back to you. >> neil: yeah. it's a little late for that. better late than never. chad pergram, thank you, very much. always good to have you. thank you for taking the time. i'm wondering, are you among those 20 republican senators?
1:22 pm
>> i'm definitely concerned about the spending on the deficit. we've got to address it. that's what we are trying to do this bill and a targeted way. we really have trouble negotiating with speaker pelosi on the democrats because they seem stuck on the $3 trillion bill, and we've got to use the funds that we incorporated under the care is asked, and in a targeted way, i am willing to work on it. but they've got to start negotiating with us. >> neil: i'm wondering on the $600 a week unemployment benefit that expires today, senator, what are you looking at? i'm told that some colleagues are kicking around the idea of a reduced benefit. maybe by $100, $200. and then 30 days. look at that again. i believe that was the mitt romney plan. there are others that say just automatically lower it, but don't ended. where are you at?
1:23 pm
>> we are trying to come up with something targeted that provides assistance to people who are unemployed, but at the same time, you don't create an incentive not to go to work. and that is the challenge that we have right now if you want to continue the $600 a month and a whole lot of other things. we are willing to negotiate. we put a bill on the floor that would be $200 a month and then go to approximately two-thirds or 70% of the replacement wage. again, trying to make sure we help people but don't create a disincentive forward, and we just can't seem to get democrats to engage with us on something like that then again would meet the need but get people back to work and get the economy going. >> neil: senator, are you worried -- of so many states, many of them run by republicans, that have had to either slow down or reverse some of their reopening us. it could be complicating this.
1:24 pm
given those unemployment benefits are probably more urgent than they once were. what do you think? >> yeah. and you saw second quarter gdp. 33% down. you've seen unemployment claims continue this week. so you know, clearly, we need to do something, but we need to do it in a way where we recognize the cost, we use the money under the cares act as well as we can. but that we do some things to address those needs, whether it is the unemployment insurance or helping the small businesses, or ppp assistance. back to school, we included funding for back to school. and testing. so let's do it but be mindful of the cost. do the things we need to do but do it in a way where we recognize that these are taxpayer dollars. >> neil: senator, the president raised again today the anxiety he has about the election could be ms in the fa
1:25 pm
fall. 24 hours, a little bit more than that, tweeting about the fears that they are going to be fraudulent. but that there is always the possibility that things could be delayed. how do you feel about that? the delayed election. >> now. we need to go forward with the election. we should do that. we will do that. at the same time, you know, we strongly believe that even with the proper options, voters need to be able to go and vote, and we will have absentee voting, as we always have. but you know, i truly believe that the american people want to be able to go to that ballot box. we will continue with the election as planned. >> neil: all right, senator. thank you very, very much. we will monitor all of this. the president is meeting right now with the sheriffs, outlining his response to what happened in
1:26 pm
portland, oregon. wants to put in the end to what has been 64 straight nights of protests. we are monitoring that. we are also monitoring what he might have to say about the ongoing stimulus regarding the virus. as you just heard, we have some breaking news that the treasury secretary, steven mnuchin, mark meadows, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. they are all going to be speaking tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. it's a good thing we are live shortly thereafter when they come out of those discussions to talk about what, if anything, they've agreed to. so, the fallout from that, the political storm behind closed doors. very real storm it out in florida. after this. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did.
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1:30 pm
with the chinese concerned it is already in their sites. what happens now? after this. what i'm worried about is that if you're not expecting the shock, and the markets fall dramatically, you might panic. and in the midst of that panic, you might sell and run to cash. at the very moment, you shouldn't. at the very moment, prices are at their low. that's my fear. i'm not worried about the country. i'm not worried about the financial markets, because in the long run, i know they'll be fine. i'm worried about you. i'm worried about how you will personally respond to this crisis. and even if you don't panic, you may...
1:31 pm
>> neil: all right, pretty much invited the world's rest. i'm talking about the social media giant, tiktok. word now that microsoft is in talks of buying the company. broke it before anyone else on the planet. the best business reporter on the planet. charlie, what are you hearing right now? >> well, these talks began about a month ago, from what i understand. sources are telling the fox business network, when the chinese parent company that the trump administration is worried, we have seen surveillance data from tiktok. it went that approach, from what i understand, the senior executives, it is unclear if this thing is going to happen. they approach microsoft. microsoft was one of the
1:32 pm
companies i was noticeably absent from the tech hearing this week. it is one company that -- it is probably the one company that would be regulatory late allowed to grow and buy tiktok. i didn't know what tiktok was before reporting this whole thing. other than my 1-year-old niece uses it to share videos. music videos. but both sides really believe that it is spreading like wildfire over the last couple years. 80 million u.s. users. that it gives a lot of traction on data for its users. and as you know, every chinese company, as a u.s. subsidiary, every chinese company essentially is owned and
1:33 pm
operated by the chinese government. bipartisan support for clipping its wings because there are people that believe they were using this data -- >> neil: but putting that bill away -- with microsoft potentially buying it, because unless there is a full and complete separation from china, it might have a tough time passing here, right? >> yes, and i will tell you about the trump administration is keenly aware of these talks. i wouldn't say they are in the room, but they have been breached. here's what i know. they will demand, even if microsoft does buy tiktok, and by the way, it is unclear if they are going to buy the whole thing. it is hard to just buy the u.s. portion, because that is just 80 million users, as opposed to 800 million globally. but there is going to have to be -- it is going to have to be
1:34 pm
like a clean break from the chinese. we should point out that the whole thing is valued -- just talking to bankers, something like $120 billion. we should point out, just looking on their balance sheet, they do have about $130 billion of cash and cash equivalents, short-term securities, which they have been diverting to cash to make this purchase, so they could do it. i have the cash on the balance sheet. the real question is do they want to sell at all? do they want to just sell the u.s.? is that enough for microsoft to play in the space? they will still have 720 million users. facebook is getting into the game. they want to go global as well. but does microsoft want to invest to go global as well? there are a lot of questions, including the national security question.
1:35 pm
listening to president trump earlier today, he kind of talked around it. we are talking about a number of options. one of them that they are talking about, this is going to have to pass serious muster with the trump administration. the committee of foreign investments is going to have to sign off on it, and they will have to make sure everything is locked down. no chinese involvement in this company. >> neil: easier said than done, my friend. great job again. i know some people think that, but i don't. great job again. charlie, great story. thank you very much. following that big story, we are going to be pursuing that in the implications of that tomorrow, by the way, on "cavuto live." we also want to update you on what happened to be a very nasty exchange with dr. fauci and the coronavirus commission on the hill. it wasn't coming from democrats.
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>> i am not going to comment on that, i will just say -- >> a lot of things, dr. fauci. this impacts the spread of the virus, and i am asking your position on the protests? >> i am telling you what is the danger, and you can make your own conclusion about that. >> any gathering, whether you are protesting, or whether you are politicking, any gathering would be risky, and that is what the man has said. >> yeah, but that's not what's happening. that's my point. people can't go to church, can't go to work. >> this gentleman is out of order. that goes for the democrats and republicans. i will make the decision as to who is out of order.
1:40 pm
i am going to be as gentlemanly as you will allow me to be. >> neil: all right. the gatherings, and how those gatherings can be. i think what the congressman was getting up in terms of rallies and when people are packed together, and beaches, but not much about protests and being packed together. of course, dr. fauci was trying not to distinguish. a crowd is a crowd is a crowd, and whether we kind of pick and choose the crowds that we deem to be dangerous. anyway, mike emanuel following all of that drama on capitol hill. i get a sense every time i see dr. fauci, that he runs into criticism from republicans and democrats, and i saw a little bit of that today. what about you? >> no question about that, neil, good afternoon. and a forward-looking aspect,
1:41 pm
getting millions of american children back in the classroom. >> it's in the public health best interest of k-12 students to get back to face-to-face learning. there is very significant public health consequences of the school closure. >> tenth hearing at times. jim clyburn, former schoolteacher himself, says his focus is on saving lives. >> i know what it is to represent the school district where thousands and thousands of children are not -- do not have the internet and cannot receive online learning. i want them to be educated, but i want them safe. and that's what this is about. speak on another huge topic, of course, a push covid-19 vaccine. >> i believe ultimately over a period of time in 2021, if we have, and i think we will have, a safe and effective vaccine,
1:42 pm
that americans will be able to get it. i don't think that we will have everybody getting it immediate immediately. it will probably be phased in. >> there was some definite tension between democrats and republicans, with this expected to be a huge topic in the campaign. neil. >> neil: to put it mildly. thank you very, very much. i want to go to dr. marty makary on all of this. john hopkins university professor. author of a best seller and so much more. you know, doctor, i saw this. stepping back from the politics of it, maybe, it's a crowd is a crowd it is a crowd, and i'm wondering now if the crowds that people are worrying about, returning to schools, returning to work, whether those are justified concerns right now, that all this could spark again. what do you think? >> absolutely pure dr. fauci has
1:43 pm
navigated working through seven presidents for a reason. he stays away from the really touchy topics but yet can give a strong warning. i think right now the issue is which crowd is an okay want to be in? churches, bars, schools? protest? it's not very productive for us to talk about selectively anointing crowds that are okay. we know that indoor is worse than outdoor. we know that masks are better than not wearing masks, and when you look back at the protest, even though dr. fauci didn't really answer the question, we saw in protest nationally, but we didn't see the spike afterwards nationally. we only saw it in sun belt, meaning that it was not from the protest. some might have been. in minnesota, there might have been a slight increase, but it was the national protest, and we saw steady declines in the month and a half following the protests. >> neil: well, we will never know to your point for sure, but i am wondering with the back and
1:44 pm
forth as to whether schooling will be in person or even start on time. we know that there are going to be spikes when people come together. we've seen it with the return of baseball, with the marlins players that tested positive for the virus. we sought on the st. louis cardinals. as soon as you resume something, this seems to come hand-in-hand with it. what do we do? >> well, first of all, we need to think about anytime there's the settings. the schools may not be the dangerous place where the kids. it may be the bus ride to the school. we need to think about the high-risk individuals. vulnerable populations don't just live in nursing homes. they drive buses, and they teach sometimes, and those other folks we we need to shelter. there's a lot of factors to consider. we need to be thinking about the transmissibility, the object that we are seeing in the midwest. you know, globally, right now, we are seeing a concerning object that may be a function of some recent real things, but it may be a snowflake before the
1:45 pm
blizzard with a potential second wave. japan, israel, hong kong, israel, all sing record numbers of cases reported in the last few days, so that's concerning. we are watching this global potential for a second wave. >> neil: all right, doctor, thank you very, very much. dr. marty makary. we have a lot more following up on the president's address from florida. sort of a round robin down, including that, for the category one. maybe category two hurricane, and the spike in cases in the sunshine state today. we have karl rove here, how this could -- that important battleground state, but in the nation as well. after this. with one protein fee. what getting fueled with three energy packed proteins feels like. meat! cheese! and nuts! p3. because 3 is better than 1
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>> neil: all right, the president in florida right now. first addressing what is going on and how to tackle some of the things, we have seen a number of cities, portland, oregon, 64 straight nights of violence there. dealing with the coronavirus, which is spiking. karl rove says that both issues could culminate in the campaign, in the days that we have.
1:50 pm
always good to have you. ultimately, the president, i would assume, is going to be judged on how the coronavirus is going. in the fall, we will have a lot of kids returning to school. those who will meet in person, and a lot of people returning to work. every time we do resume that sort of stuff, there are predictable spikes. we have to decide what is acceptable, but how do you think the president is faring through this? >> well, today of the last few days, talking about everybody's patriotic duty to wear a mask. from a rhetorical standpoint, i wish that had been there two months ago in three months ago. i did think that the hearing today was very interesting. one of the democratic members of the house oversight committee was present dr. fauci and dr. dr. redfield, the center for disease control on what more should we be doing now? it was very interesting because they said we are doing everything we should be doing now.
1:51 pm
these are not easy situations. there is no simple formula, but we are doing everything that we should be done is being done n now. that is a strong defense of the administration's perspective. this is a difficult time for the president, but he's got to continue say this is what i haven't done, these are the challenges that i have faced in all of this, but not every day, but at an appropriate time, say, and here's the contrast with mike opponent. he's got two lines of attack on biden. got rid of the pandemic office, they left the cover to bear for ppe and the national strategic stockpile. their own director of the h1n1 response so that they bungled it. good thing it wasn't more of a dangerous disease and more widespread because they bungled the response. so there is outline of attack, and that the line of attack that was made available to them by biden himself. he was asked by joy reid on her
1:52 pm
new msnbc program, he trashes the president. if you get elected, what would you do differently? he listed six things, every one of which is being done, everything from using the defense production act to appointing a commissioner to be in charge of production and distribution of vaccines. all six items that he talked about were already being done, so he doesn't have a clue as to what additional he would do. >> neil: karl rove, thank you very much. i wish we had more time. and to karl's point, we are doing a heck of a lot better. ♪
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>> neil: it was by and large people in portland, oregon. there were some desktops. the 64th night in a row. today they are planning another what they call peaceful, come together rally. the president wants to make sure it stays that way and of any federal buildings or structures are compromised, those agents or soldiers or guards or whatever you want call them will be called in. the mayor, the governor of that state, not big fans of the moves but they have a cause i agreement to handle it.
1:57 pm
andy mccarthy can help me with this, fox news contributor and former assistant attorney. they say in the city that their local authorities or police can handle it. what do you think? >> it's exactly what the attorney general said in his testimony when they let him speak the other day, neil. if the locals do their job, they'd rather not beef up the federal force that they are but they are keeping the federal force they are at least in the areas they can respond if things get out of hand again. >> neil: when they argue, this is coming from them, the federal entities, the agents, whatever you want to call them, that precipitated this violence, to my memory they've only come when the last week or two. it's been going on as i said for two months. what did you make of that argument? >> i guess number one they were committing violence before the e
1:58 pm
presidents got beefed up but i will say the same thing i said to juries in terrorism cases, you're upset at the federal government so you firebomb the courthouse? really? >> neil: i'm wondering where any of this goes. if the president is sending a clear message right now that you can't keep the peace, i will. it is a law and order argument that this is ultimate responsibility to protect the american people. some like that. some do not like it. is he right? if the peace can't be maintained, the president has the authority to intervene and force it to be maintained? >> he is right in particular when a federal installation is at risk. he has not only a constitutional obligation but a statutory obligation. congress has enacted law that says the department of homeland security as opposed to protect federal installations.
1:59 pm
he's completely in the right in that regard. >> neil: where do you see all this going, andy? every time there is a dustup or it gets hot and heavy, but the people are going to be fighting over protests. i think what they are fighting over is how far the protests go. peaceful demonstration is fine. they get out of control, not so fine. >> i think there is a political context of this that we can't avoid. we have an election that's going to already be very contentious and it's coming up in less than 100 days and i think it would be naive on our part to think that things are going to abate before then. if anything, i am worried they will get worse. >> neil: all right, watching closely. andy mccarthy, thank you very much. former assistant u.s. attorney. monitoring other developments. we will keep track of it.
2:00 pm
also want to let you know we are monitoring these ongoing coronavirus stimulus talks. they are planned for tomorrow morning. we will be live with you at 10:00 a.m. eastern time to get the fallout from it and whether we are any closer to a deal. here comes "the five." ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone. i am juan williams with jesse watters, dana perino, greg gutfeld, and emily compagno. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." a big hour of news coming your way today. president trump in another key swing state. he just wrapped up a meeting with florida police and touted his long order message. the president also expected to give an update on the federal response to the coronavirus in the hurricane that is bearin


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